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International Islamic University Islamabad

Faculty of management Sciences

Final Exam: Human Resource Management

BBA-ITM 11 Total Marks: 50

Time Allowed: 3 Hours.

Attempt All Questions. Write Briefly.

Question 1

Why it is important for companies today to make their human resources into
competitive advantage? Explain how HR can contribute to do this? (5)

Question 2

There are several methods for collecting job analysis information ---questionnaire,
PAQ and so on. Compare and contrast these methods explaining pros and cons of
each. (10)

Question 3

Sally Hope is a graduate student majoring in human resource. She has just failed
the first HR Course and is understandably upset. Explain how would you use
performance analysis to identify what, if any, sally’s training needs are? (7)

Briefly describe three levels of TNA (3)

Question 4

Explain the Skill Based and Job Based Approach for planning compensation for jobs.

Question 5

Differentiate Following Terms: (4)

1. Employee development vs. career development

2. Proactive vs. strategic HR

What are external sources of recruitment? Explain and exemplify (6)

Question No. 6

Read the case study on the back side of paper. Attempt the questions
comprehensively. Each question of case carries five marks.