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Manage Audit Activities [ADT A]

Reporting Audit
Plan Audit Conduct Audit [ADT B3]
[ADT B1] [ADT B2]
Conduct Interviews Prepare Audit
[ADT 2.2] Report Follow UP
[ADT 3.1] [ADT B4]
Identify Processes
[ADT 1.1] Schedule Audit
Perform Audit Activities [ADT B]

Activities Close Audit

[ADT 1.4] [ADT 4.1]

Meeting with Check Evidences Generate NCR

Identify Projects Project Manager [ADT 2.3]activities. [ADT 3.2]
[ADT 1.2] Note: Shaded areas indicate major Check Actions
[ADT 2.1]
Task packages are shown within major activities. and Close NCR
[ADT 4.2]

Finalize Checklist
[ADT 1.5]
Record Suggest Corrective
Observations Actions
Select Audit Team
[ADT 2.4] [ADT 3.3]
[ADT 1.3]

Note: Shaded areas indicate major activities

Task packages are shown with major activities
Dotted area indicates optional tasks