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Members Of The Crimson Court

The Duke The Grand Duke of Ravenstone The Grand Duchess of Ravenstone The Ducal Heir (Heiress) The Counts The Count Of Oakhill The Count Of Oakhills Seneschal The Count Of Oakhills Personal Guardsman The Count Of Bearhead The Count Of Bearheads Seneschal The Count Of Bearheads Personal Guardsman Advisors The Vizier The Court Warlock & His Chaotic Lord The Governor Of The University Of Ravenstone The The The The The The The The Staff Exchequer Seneschal Chaplain Dukes Messenger Dukes Special Messenger To Dwarves Ducal Librarian Ducal Bard

The Dwarven Ambassador The Dwarven Ambassadors Aide The Halfling Ambassador The Halfling Ambassadors Aide The Halfling Ambassadors Sheriff The North Mannish Ambassador The North Mannish Ambassadors Seneschal The North Mannish Ambassadors Personal Guardsman The Eastron Ambassador The Eastron Ambassadors Seneschal The Eastron Ambassadors Personal Guardsman The Dark Tribesman Ambassador The Dark Tribesman Ambassadors Seneschal The Dark Tribesman Ambassadors Guardsman The High Elvan Ambassador The High Elvan Ambassadors Aide The High Elvan Ambassadors Personal Guardsman The Wood Elvan Ambassador The Wood Elvan Ambassadors Aide The Wood Elvan Ambassadors Personal Guardsman Religious Representatives The High Cleric Of Dethrora The Bishop Of Ravenstone The Order Of The Wind The Chapter Marshal Of The Paladins Of Nasra The Arch-Muse Of The Healers Of zmri The Bishop Of Ravenstone The Priests Of The Earth The High Priestess Of 1Lyshveri

Military Commanders The Captain Of The Ducal Guard The Primate Of The Crimson Knights The General Of Ravenstones Army The Admiral Of Ravenstones Navy The Chief Ranger The Lieutenant Of The Chaotic Lotuses The Sheriff Of Drake The Constable Of Ravenstone The Ducal Spy Master Emissaries From Other Nations