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Presented by : Garima Rai Poonam Singh 20/072 Mahima Singh 20/118 Monika 20/120 Sarneet Kaur 20/129 Sandeep


History Luxury watches house based in Saint-Imier, Switzerland Founded by Auguste Agassiz in 1832 Owned by the Swatch Group. Known for its 'Aviators' watches.

Suppose you were in charge of recruiting and staffing the Sales Executive for Longines, do you think that a company like Longines should hire the person with skills it needs or train them to develop those skills ?

Who we are looking for Sales Executive As a recruiter we think that for this position, Longines should hire a person who is a fresher and then train him/her. MBA/PGDM in Marketing Possess knowledge of Sales & Marketing Skills

Longines believes in people with personal drives, creativity, enthusiasm and flexibility. As sales executive is not a technical position, training will not be an issue. Fresh Graduates have: Fighting spirit Motivation Are ambitious Have an open mind and can be trained to work as team players

Training and Development Also, Longines believes in further education of its executives and professionals. Therefore, every year a wide range of seminars in the domains of leadership skills, social competencies, professional competencies, methodological competencies and selfcompetencies are held.


Market penetration strategy: entering the market with a high quality product
Sponsorship strategy: Sports events and timekeeping Product dierentiation strategy: Franz Sprecher independent consultant positioned the watch as a lifestyle symbol and fashion acces sory, not as a traditional timekeeping instrument. Cost leadership strategy: oering added value at the lowest competitive price