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I would love to express my gratitude to all the people in helping me in the completion of the final project and coaching me throughout my days in college. First and foremost, I would love to thank my parents in their unconditional care and efforts in supporting me in pursuing my studies in Architecture Technology in Equator Academy of Art. Next, my appreciations will go to both of my lecturers, Mr. Tan Chin Ling & Mr. Sharyzee. Their guidance and patience are the catalyst for my completion of the final project. As the matter of fact, their correction and coaching have helped me in mastering the art of architecture and further prepare me in the years to come when I am about to enter the workforce in the architecture industry. I thank them for the knowledge they pass on to me. Furthermore, I express my thankfulness to my friends who show supports and always watching my back for me throughout the college life. Our bond gets stronger through teamwork. Although theres time when misunderstanding kicks in and trying to ruin our relationships, but through trust we are able to stood the ground and make up for good. I love them all and they are priceless to me. Finally, the applause goes to Mr. Jon Kuiter for his professional comments on my project report. Besides, his sharing of experiences has broadened my perspectives towards the views on foreign countries compare to Malaysia. This has prepared my readiness mentally and physically for furthering my studies in overseas.




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1.1 OUTLINE To design a Research Innovation & Incubator centre to PDC ( Penang Development Corporation ) The proposed site is located at Lot 12170, Daerah Barat Daya, Mukim 12, Pulau Pinang. In acknowledgement, the land is a reclaim land. 1.2 RESTRICTIONS The building must adhere the building laws according to the local authoritys guideline. The guidelines include height control, setback line, fire fighting access, access for disable person ,ramps standard ratio and more. It is of our concern about the allocation of emergency staircase, distance, thickness of the wall, opening, water sprinklers and etc. The nature of the surrounding buildings such as residential, industrial, commercial must be put under consideration as well. The building design must consider about whether the surrounding building are able to mix up and to take note that there will be not unwanted clash. The parking place and circulation must be strategic yet adhere to guideline and proven logic. The building materials must be eco-friendly to the surrounding habitat and shall not occur any damage or harm to the ecosystem. The project is not constrict by budget. 1.3 SERVICES / OPERATIONS The research agency is in need of a few services in order to operate flawlessly. The services needed would be TNB substation, Gen-set power bank, pump room, VRV air conditioning ( with opening ), server room, versatile loading bay, security room, switch room, disposal room, maintenance room and utility room. 1.4 STAFFING / VISITOR The research agency has three labs which are of equal surface area. One lab is cozy enough to fit in 20 30 staff members. It is estimated that there will be around 100-150 staff members in this agency. The staffs are made up of researchers, computer technician, waiter/waitress, kitchen helpers, security personals, receptionist, cleaners, resource centre manager and research agency department. The research centre is capable to accommodate visitor traffic of 500-800 peoples.



1.5 NEEDS A research agency needs a space to carry out their works at ease. The space will serve as the avenue to carry out exhibition of the researchers final works to amaze the public. Furthermore, the space will be so versatile that it serves not only for exhibitional purpose. It can be set up with lots of comfortable yet fashionable utilities and furniture for the agency users to relax themselves. Before design and set up multiple open space balconies, it is best advice to put agency users comfort level under consideration. The considened matters would be the temperature and direct sunlight. The design of the building can be utilized in producing shades as well as allowing air flows to act as cooling agent to bring down the heat inside the building. Meanwhile, the balconies view of Penang second bridge and coastal area. Besides, the exhibition hall must limit the people traffic so that it wont be much queezed up and create noise. In the end, the specially designed passage for the disabled such as ramps, staircase, drop off area and washrooms will play an important part too. 1.6 WANTS The natural green color of the vegetation is best known for its benefits to the eyes of the viewers. The landscape design shall be creative and able to emit a harmony sense. This will definitely help to light up the mood of visitors. Furthermore, then indoor ventilation and light penetration must be moderate so that the visitors will not feel uncomfortable. 1.7 TIME MANAGEMENT Time for visit shall be set from 9am to 4pm to the public, this is to synchronize with the workers time. After all the visitors left, there will be some time for the workers to conduct the end of the day. For most of the time, there will be just a few workers left after 4pm and the amount of security personnels can also be reduced to watch guard. This will help in agency costing too.



2.1 HISTORY & PURPOSE ( written by Yeoh Jing Yee & Joey Ho )

(Figure 2.1.1) Corporate identity of Penang Development Corporation


The Penang Development Centre is known as Perbadanan Pembangunan Pulau Pinang in its native language. It is also known as PDC in short and is established in 1971 by the late Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu. It is a self-funding statutory body that is set up by the Penang State Government to serve as the driving force for socioeconomy development of the state itself. Not only that, it also functions as to eliminate poverty while providing employment opportunity and improve the living quality of the Penangnites as a whole. Socio economy development refers to the improvement of both social and economy factors. PDC functions as a medium to drive Malaysias socioeconomic development towards achieving a developed-nation status by the year 2020 and cultivate the development of a fair and just community. PDC also coordinated the states socio-economic evolution and has played a vital role in shaping the states progress as a centre for excellence in property, construction, tourism, services, education and skills development. Since its establishment, PDC has been dutifully assist in the growth of the Penang state especially in contributory of new township developments such as Bayan Baru in 1975, Seberang Jaya in 1976 and Bandar Cassia Batu Kawan in 1994. Besides that, PDC also successfully developed numerous industrial estates namely Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone (1972, 970 acres, 200 factories), Mak Mandin Industrial Estate (251 acres, 54 factories), Seberang Jaya Industrial Estate (1972, 79 acres, 32 factories), Prai Industrial Park (1971, 2,308 acres, 243 factories), Bukit Tengah Industrial Park (1990, 793 acres, 74 factories) and Bukit Minyak Industrial Park (1988, 1,489 acres, 83 factories).

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1 Malaysia

Property Inc, PDC [online] [cited 4th February 2013] <>



(Figure 2.1.2) One of the projects governed by PDC [2]

Initially PDC focused on residential and industrial properties. As PDC expand, they began to venture into the construction of commercial properties. Penangs icon and tallest building, the Komtar Tower is one of the most ambitious urban renewal project undertaken by PDC. The Komtar Tower was envisioned by the Chief Minister of Penang Dr Lim Chong Eu of that time to revitalize George Town as the urban centre. To date, Komtar is more focused as the centre for the state municipal, Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang (MPPP) operations and related function. Other notable projects include Mayang Mall in Bayan Baru. PDC is also heavily involved in tourism-related projects, such as being a shareholder in Vistana Hotel.

(Figure 2.1.3) PDC commercial project, Mayang Mall in Bayan Baru



Htgoon, Komtar [online] [cited 20th June 2006] <> 3 Timothy Tye, Mayang Mall [cited 17th October 2008] <>



However, due to economic downturn, PDC have a record of abandoned projects, which is Penang Jaya. Now, the site is taken over by The One Penang Cybercity, undertaken by the Ideal Group. Despite its aim of advancement of the state, I feel PDC is more interested in building expensive houses which are out of reach of the average income earner in Penang in addition to the already high cost of limited land and high property rate. Throughout the years, PDC is very committed in developing industrial parks has remarkably transform Penang state in terms of infrastructure and provision of residential development. With this, the standard of living for the nation is greatly improved. Up to date, PDC has further diversified its projects and actively involved in the fields of technical consultancy, construction, information technology, telecommunications, agriculture and aquaculture.

Penang Development Corporation (PDC) was established under the PDC Enactment 1971 with the objective to spearhead Penangs socio-economic development. It is also to assist in eradicating poverty and creating employment opportunities, and to improve the quality of life for the people of Penang.

Core activities of PDC

a) For the Land Development Industrial park development New township development Housing development Urban renewal Land acquisition and reclamation Tourism product development

b) For the Investment Education Hotel / Recreation Consultancy Services Healthcare Property Development Construction Aquaculture / Agrotech Events & Advertising Management of high rise buildings Telecommunication facilities provider 8|Page


c) For the Entrepreneur Development Support Services Product Promotion and Marketing Business Premises Homegrown Training Program Ministry-driven training Program Business Development

Mission and Vision

Mission To satisfy customer needs, PDC provides quality products and services through positive work values Vision To be the premier State agency in making Penang a better place for all through sustainable socio-economic development

The Penang Development Corporation is located opposite the road of the Penang International Sports Arena (PISA). The building address is, Penang Development Corporation, Bangunan Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu, No. 1 Pesiaran Mahsuri, 11909 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.

Image Google Map location of Penang Development Corporation (PDC)



2.2 INTERESTS AND REPUTATION ( written by Lai Chai Pin & Yeoh Sin Yun )
The interests of Penang Development Corporation (PDC) are divided into three parts, which are property, entrepreneur and tourism. The duties of the property are planning, development and management of land, management of property and industrial development. The scopes of the Estate Management Division include the management of sale and rental of units which are under PDC projects of housing projects, commercial projects and high-rise buildings which have not been handed over to the Management Corporation. Bayan Baru Township and Seberang Jaya Township was developed by PDC. Recently they are more focus to the development of Batu Kawan Township. Till 2005, PDC also involve in construction of housing and commercial units. However, after 2005, they transfer the focus to infrastructure and social projects, while the task of development of housing and shoplots was taken over by PDCs whollyowned subsibiary PDC Properties Sdn Bhd and PDC Homes Sdn Bhd. Besides that, PDC has urban renwal project which focus on KOMTAR and also some housing projects of lebuh Macallum, Sungai Pinang and Jalan Kedah. Nowadays Penangs economy has become better and better and structure transformation as a results of the promotion and development of the manufacturing sector. The export-oriented multinational companies (MNCs) are located in PDC industrial parks. The image below show the processing of sale of industrial land and rental of space at Penang SME center as well as the management of existing PDC SME projects, which includes sale and rental of ready built factory units.

(Figure 2.2.1) Industrial Land of PDC in Penang area



Penang Development Corporation, Marketing Department (7th January 2013) Industrial Land [online]. Penang : Penang Development Corporation [cited 31 st January 2013]. <>

10 | P a g e


The PDC employs Young Entrepreneur Program and Entrepreneur Pioneer Program for students who chosen from the Education Department of Penang. The aim of Young Entrepreneur Program is to cultivating the secondary school students to have the culture of entrepreneur and have interest on entrepreneurship as a career through business hands-on activities. The activities of the program includes courses, entrepreneur camps, YEP convention and trading activities at school kiosks. Implemented since 1998, Education Department of Penang has chosen 45 schools of students to join this program. The aim of Entrepreneur Pioneer Program is to cultivating primary school students has the culture of entrepreneur. The activities of Entrepreneur Pioneer Program include courses, entrepreneur quiz, business games, entrepreneur day and study tour to chosen business premises. This Program was implemented since 2007 and just 11 schools can be joining.

Besides that, the interests of PDC are also includes tourism. To increase the growth of tourism industry, PDC continuously creating and promoting on the marketing and product development as well as existing tourism. There are some tourism related projects of PDC such as Vistana hotel Penang, Jerejak Resort and Spa, Bukit Jambul Country Club, Hotel Seri Malaysia Penang, Hotel 1926 and Batu Musang Jetty.

(Figure 2.2.2) The Vistana Hotel is a testimony of PDCs commitment towards the promotion of the local tourism industry, particularly in respect of tourism product development [5

Penang Development Corporation, Marketing Department (4th May 2012) Tourism Related Project [online]. Penang : Penang Development Corporation [cited 31st January 2013]. <>

11 | P a g e


(Figure 2.2.3) The development of Pulau Jerejak as an eco-tourism centre is being undertaken by Tropical Island Resort Sdn Bhd, a joint venture company between PDC and UDA Holdings Bhd [6]

(Figure 2.2.4) In line with PDCs objective to nurture and create Bumiputera entrepreneurs in the tourism industry, the management of Hotel 1926 was leased to a Bumiputera company [7]

(Figure 2.2.5) The project is an attraction and impetus to the development of Batu Kawan as a new satellite township [8]


Penang Development Corporation, Marketing Department (4th May 2012) Tourism Related Project [online]. Penang : Penang Development Corporation [cited 31st January 2013]. <>

12 | P a g e


*Award of Landscape PDC had participated some competition about landscaping and also won some prizes. Those prizes had won by PDC are Institutions Ranked Guild / State / Regional Penang State Ranked Matches Landscape under First class Royal Officials and Fellowship Institution / State / Local Events Landscape, First match Beautiful Page and Landscape Nationality Day blessing under Sijil Empire Award Category Officers in 1996. In 1997, the PDC had also participated in the Second Category Officers Guild Royal Institution / State / Regional competition Nationality Day blessing and won the prizes.

*Award of 4 Star Rating In December 2005, the Government suggests measuring system based on a "star rating" to evaluate the performance of government agencies. The main purpose of measuring system is to improve the excellence of public services to citizens, customers and stakeholders. This also ensures all our work also based on Best Pratices. This award helps PDC in the financial management performance to make it more improve, enhance and strengthen. There have eight main control aspects such as the control of Management, Budget Control, Control Receipts, Expenditure Control, Management Trust Fund / Trust Accounts and Deposit, Asset and Inventory Management, Investment Management and Loan Management and Financial Statements. The financial management of PDC is good so that it also awarded the 4 star rating by Audit Department in 2008 and remained PDC achieve 4 stars in auditing accountability index 3 consecutive years until 2010. PDC won this limit FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT EXCELLENCE AWARD BASED INDEX OF ACCOUNTABILITY for three years until the year of 2010.

*Award ICT PDC won the prize of the limit Third Place Award for Best Website Quality Information Technology Quality Award winner in 2003. Besides that, in 2010 and 2011, participated in the PDC also rates limit Excellent Performance Management Portal / Website & Website Five Star Rating and won it.

13 | P a g e


2.3 BRANDING ( written by Khor Yu Hong ) PDC Company logo

(Figure 2.3.1) PDC logo [9]

PDC is Penang Development Corporation. The company logo referrers to figure 1.the yellow colour is represent Penang state logo and prosperity. Besides that, blue colour also represent Penang a island Surround is sea. The logo of the figure 1 of five sharp angle are represent the 5 element of this fire, wood , earth, water and metal. The first element Fire has been an important part of all cultures and religions from pre-history to modern day and was vital to the development of civilization. The second Wood is the originator of the Five Element cycle and represents the beginning of new life. By the ways, the energy of the Earth is reliable, dependable, calm and centering. The planet Saturn rules Earth and is represented by solidity and security. The Water element is represented by communication, the transmission of ideas, wisdom, and social interaction. Lastly, Metal represents morals, ethics, righteousness, and precise thinking. Individuals ruled by Metal are able to communicate well and can speak up or be silent when appropriate.

(Figure 2.3.2) Penang State colour

(Figure 2.3.3) 5 element [11]

____________________________________________________________________________________ 9 Penang Development Corporation ( no date ), Publications, Company logo [ online ]. Penang : Equator Academy of Art [ cited 4th Dec 2011 ] < >

14 | P a g e


Penang Development Corporation (PDC) usually will launch the open tender project through the internet like PDC Main Web, Beside, the project also will be market in newspapers such as Nan Yang Siang Pao, the Star, Kwang Wah Jit Poh, Sinar Harian, the Sun and the Star Metro. Those are the common newspapers will getting project announcement.

(Figure 2.3.4) Show the project was marketing by PDC with latest period.


PDC has developed the Bayan Baru Township and Seberang Jaya Township. Presently emphasis is given to the development of Batu Kawan Township. Till 2005, PDC's involvement include the construction of housing and commercial units. However, after 2005, PDC's focus is on infrastructure and social projects, while the task of development of housing and shoplots / offices was taken over by PDC's wholly-owned subsidiary PDC Properties Sdn Bhd and PDC Homes Sdn Bhd.

_____________________________________________________________________________________ 10 11 12

15 | P a g e


2.4 EXISTING PROJECTS ( written by Eng Chee Kuan & Ooi Zhen Ning ) Penang Developer Corporation Main Brunch


This is the Penang Developer Corporation's office which is situated in Bayan Lepas and it is just behind the Penang International Sports Arena. The assessment on the building is believed that the building is painted in white in order to make the logo much provocative. Furthermore, the building is able to shield against the exposure of direct sunlight and heat due to the combination of its built. Zig-Zag facade, black window insulation and white painting are the perks that help the building to achieve such ability. Meanwhile, there is one disadvantage of this building which can be seen in the drop off area. The drop off area is designed in which the height of the ceiling and the ground are too close. This may cause some big sized vehicles such as SUVs to have problem to proceed into it. Besides, the painting of white color makes the building seems too humble and it is totally unable to bring out the identity of the Penang Developer Corporation.

______________________________________________________________________________________ 13 PDC Properties Sdn Bhd, All project [ online ] [ cited 2th February 2013 ] < >

16 | P a g e


Pinggiran Damai , Seberang Jaya



2 storey terrace 26 units only Built-up 1,475 sq.ft. Plot size 20 x 65 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms Spacious family area on upper floor Strategically located in a fully-developed neighborhood and near shopping centres like Tesco Ekstra, Carefour and Sunway Carnival.

In contemporary style, the house is designed and built without fencing the house's perimeter. Such design is gaining popularity especially in the local residential housing. The design is full of foreign country's flavors, better be the English garden. Furthermore, the rooftop design is suitable for Malaysia's tropical weather. The rooftop is designed in a way that it allows the rain to slide away and not to cause any unwanted load due to accumulation of rain on the rooftop. From my personal opinions, orange color makes the best color for the roof tiles as it can shield against the direct heat up from the sunlight. However, the heat from the sunlight can be easily absorbed and retained in the house if darker color roof tiles where chosen as the roofing materials. To further comfort the temperature in the house, the ceiling height is adjusted to a much higher position as it encourages good ventilation. Besides, coping is often found built on the rooftop to help prevent accumulation of rain water and presenting an aesthetic value to the house. As in terms of color, the use of two different colors as the paint of the house are much desirable.

17 | P a g e


Quatermile, Bayan Baru



Bayan Baru Type of House: Commercial The fusion of modernism and contemporary style design is used mainly in designing shophouses. The aggressive use of glasses have caused the temperature inside the building to maintain a certain degree of warmness. But the modern design of such building has given the public mass avenue to socialize and hanging out with each others. From my opinions, the structure on the rooftop can be used as shading and further beautify the building. the installation of reflective heat glass window has its perks but it comes with some disadvantages too. It can easily absorb heat and sunlight, making the interior temperature rising. Furthermore, the reflection of sunlight from the window can cause temporarily blindness and irritation to the passing by drivers thus increasing the rate of road accident. 18 | P a g e


Lot 28, Sungai Nibong


Sg Nibong

Type of House : commercial Built up Area : (RM Min-Max) : 1,300,000 1,500,000 No. of Total Units : 6 No. of Available unit : Sold out

The building is built according to modernization, it is the most easiest and fastest way of built yet cost saving. Besides, the rooftop of the building is designed in a unique way and glasses are used in a bevy amount in the process of building in order to make the building looks stylish and modern. Even though the glasses make the building looks gorgeous, but in Malaysia the weather is warm along the seasons and the glasses allow direct penetration of sunlight into the building. This has made the temperature inside the building heated up. From my opinions, the structure on the rooftop can be used as shading and to beautify the whole building. It makes the building looks great and artistic. Furthermore, the building can be felt technology-savvy with the installation of led signboard as it helps to promote overall good look on the building

______________________________________________________________________________________ 14,15,16,17 PDC Properties Sdn Bhd, All project [ online ] [ cited 2 th February 2013 ] < >

19 | P a g e


2.5 COMPANY TARGET AUDIENCE ( written by Queck Jie Sun )

Penang Development Corporation (PDC) is one of the project development which is under the government develop department. The target audience are mainly have relationship with some company like NEPCON-Showcase of innovative and effective automation technology which is the single largest sourcing ground for PCB / SMT, components, testing & measurement, semiconductor and support services sectors in Malaysia, The Free Industrial Zone, Penang, Companies' Association, Penang Skills Development Centre, Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Pulau Pinang, Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce (PCCC), Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (ACCCIM), Malaysian Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers and Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. These are the partnership which have the business between the PDC. Beside, PDC also play the important role of targeting the investor to the land investment.

20 | P a g e


In the mid 1970's, the new township of Bayan Lepas was created. Bayan Lepas literally means "the parakeet has flown away" in Malay. Legend has it that, in the late 19th century, a wealthy Sumatran family had arrived by boat at the coast of Bayan Lepas. However, during the commotion of coming to shore, their pet, parakeet, medium-sized parrot, escaped. and this incident became the basis for the name of the place, Bayan Lepas. The name, Bayan Lepas is also suitable as there has been an airstrip for Penang since the 20th century. The airstrip has been expended several times and now it is known as the Penang International Airport.

figure 3.1.1 The bird-eye view of Penang airport perspective after renovation will be completed on January 2013. [18]

The old town of Bayan Lepas has remained unchanged as century shop houses still lined the streets, resulting in traffic jams at peak hours. It is also a site for famous tourist attraction such as the world famous Snake temple and War Museum. The Snake Temple at Sungai Kluang allows the visitors to take pictures with its reptiles.

____________________________________________________________________________________ 18 [online] [cited 23th January 2013]

21 | P a g e


figure 3.1.2 The Snake Temple was built circa 1850. [19]

Penang War Museum in Bukit Batu Maung was a fort built by the British in the 1930s. In 1941 it gained fame when it became the site where the battle for Penang against the invading Japanese army was lost. These days it is a museum open to the public and is billed as Southeast Asias largest war museum.

figure 3.1.3 The War Museum, which is on top of Bukit Maung gives a glimpse of the nation's bloody past with its well-preserved fortress and historical relics. [20]


[online] [cited 23th January 2013] 20 [online] [cited 23th January 2013]

22 | P a g e


figure 3.2.1 On the left side is Penang island and there have a bridge connect to the other side which is called Seberang Jaya. [21]

Lying within the Malaysian state of Penang and next to the Malay Peninsula, Penang Island is to be found alongside Seberang Perai. Malaysia's fourth island, Penang is currently called home by almost 700,000 people and roughly divided into two main areas, South-West and North-East. The island is actually linked to the mainland Malay Peninsula by the very important Penang Bridge (Jambatan Pulau Pinang), a busy dual-carriageway toll bridge (E36), which runs between Gelugor and Seberang Perai. At just over 13 km / 8 miles in length, the bridge is actually amongst the world's longest and transformed transport connections when it opened in 1985, providing a popular alternative to the ferry services to Butterworth.


[online] [cited 23th January 2013]


23 | P a g e



The capital of Penang, Georgetown is located on the north-easterly shore of the island, alongside the narrowest stretch of the adjacent channel. Georgetown is a fairly compact city and most visitors will be able to easily find their way around on foot. Prominent areas of Georgetown include that colonial neighbourhood around Fort Cornwallis, and the financial district surrounding the street of Lebuhrhaya Pantai. Maps of Penang are always useful if you intend to stray outside of Georgetown, having chosen to rent a car. Close to Georgetown on the northerly coastline, the sandy beaches of Batu Ferringhi are a must. To the far south and within Bayan Lepas, the Penang International Airport ensures that this is another busy part of the island.

24 | P a g e


Bayan Lepas is a district located on the southeast of Penang island. Located within the South West District or Daerah Barat Daya, it is named after the Bayan Lepas town situated at the southern region and it includes other towns such as Batu Maung, Kampung Seronok, Kampung Binjai and Permatang Damar Laut. It is connected to Georgetown via the Bayan Lepas Expressway which takes approximately half an hour travelling time, which is about 16km travelling distance. The proposed site is directly opposite Motorola Technology Penang Malaysia. Besides facing the Malacca Strait on the east, Pulau Aman and Pulau Gedung can also be seen along the shoreline of the proposed site.

Figure 3.3.1 Key plan of Bayan Lepas in Penang Island.

Figure 3.3.2 Location plan of proposed site at Bayan Lepas.

25 | P a g e


Besides having a population of 141,000 people, Bayan Lepas serves not only for its own residents but also all of its neighbouring towns as it the most developed. Being the main industrial hub of Penang, Bayan Lepas is also the Free Industrial Zone where factories of many multinational companies are located namely Intel, Motorola, Aglient Technologies, Dell, Jabil Circuit, Flextronics, BBraun, Avago Technologies, Seagates, AMD, Fairchild etc.

Figure 3.4.1 Motorola Branch in Bayan Lepas.

The faade of Motorola building is made of aluminum panel cladding. Furthermore, the grey color themed aluminum panel cladding is making the blue colored Motorola logo appears striking. Besides, the widely improvised use of glasses as the wall at the ground floor entrance allows the absorption of natural lights into the building.

Figure 3.4.2 Intel Penang in Bayan Lepas. [22]

Although the exterior design of Intel building is simple, which is the whole building is painted in white and the use of light reflection glasses. Making the outlook of the building appears to be formal and mean business. However, the whole building is surrounded by vegetation that serves as relaxing views for the workers to rejuvenate their mind and soul after a long tiring day. This effort will certainly help to keep the workers in a happy mood while working. 26 | P a g e


Figure 3.4.3 Bosch Plant in Bayan Lepas. [23]

The factory design of BOSCH PLANT is not just modern and consists of aesthetic value. Moreover, the usage of vertical louvers is not just able to block the direct sunlight, it also enhance the privacy of the user. Being the industrial hub, Bayan Lepas creates jobs and keeps things vibrant in the city itself. After the industrialization of the Bayan Lepas area, there are many housing development mushrooms in the area to cater for the inflow of population, the employee of the multinational companies and factories to the areas. On of the famous and more populated resident area is Taman Sri Nibong. Not only new condominiums and housing estate are developed, shopping malls and complexes also mushroom to cater for the increased population.

Figure 3.4.4 Largest mall in Penang island, Queensbay Mall. [24]

Penang's biggest shopping mall, Queensbay Mall and the Bukit Jambul Complex are located here. There are several markets to choose from within Bayan Lepas, the biggest being the Bayan Baru Market. There are also smaller community markets in Bayan Lepas town and Batu Maung. 27 | P a g e


Figure 3.4.5 Giant Hypermarket, Bayan Market.


The colors mixing of the GIANT HYPERMARKET building (yellow) and the car park sheds (green) are able to create a striking visual upon the logo in order to attract more traffic into the premise.

____________________________________________________________________________________ 22 [online] [cited 23th January 2013] 23 [online] [cited 23th January 2013] 24 [online] [cited 23th January 2013] 25 [online] [cited 23th January 2013]

28 | P a g e



The sun is the main contributor of solar radiation and natural light at site, yet, it may not always be at advantage. Considerations upon designing: a) building's orientation b) building's location c) building's form d) quality and quantity of daylight received in space e) size and orientation of opening East and West facade faces direct sun radiation every morning and evening. While North facade faces sun radiation during May, June, July and August and South facade faces it during November, December, January and February.

Figure 3.5.1 Illustration shows the direction of sun path.

Figure 3.5.2 Shows the sunrise and sunset direction at the Bayan Lepas location on 22/7/11.

29 | P a g e



There are two common monsoon seasons, the Southwest monsoon and the Northeast monsoon as well as two shorter inter-monsoon seasons. The Southwest monsoon begins in the end of May or early June and ends in September and the wind flow is generally from Southwest. The Northeast monsoon typically begins in early November and ends in March and steady winds blow from Northeast and Northwest. The winds during the two inter-monsoon seasons are generally light and variable. The proposed site is situated to coastal region, facing the Malacca Strait. Thus, it is unavoidable that the site experiences macro air movement that is the land breeze and sea breeze. Land breeze can cause showers or even thunderstorms, over the water. Natural air movement can be used to promote natural ventilation by: a) position of outlets has little effect on air flow pattern but it should be install at a higher venue to let rising warm air escape. b) these outlets should be as large as possible or at least larger than the inlet for maximum air flow. c) interiors should be open with minimal partitions to allow good ventilation in the house. d) overhangs on roof and louvers increase incoming flow of air. e) consideration of the directionally effect will help to achieve an economical and safe design of structure. If compared to the wind flow at Batu Ferringhi area, the intensity of wind flow at Bayan Lepas area are significantly lower as the area is protected by the range on the mainland and also blocked by Pulau Aman, Pulau Gedung and Pulau Jerejak.

Figure 3.6.1 Illustration shows the microclimate

Figure 3.6.2 A: sea breeze, B : land breeze at the proposed site

30 | P a g e


Malaysia is a tropical country. The characteristic description of the climate of Malaysia is uniform temperature, high humidity and plenty of rain fall. Since Malaysia is situated in the equator region, it is cloudy and sunny most of the time. It is uncommon to have a stretch of a few days with no sunshine except during northeast monsoon season. Weather station in Bayan Lepas, Penang is at about 5.30N 100.20E with height about 3m ( 9 feet ) above sea level. Average annual rainfall in Bayan Lepas amounts to 2500 mm, about 210 mm per month. There is a dry season during December to February when the monthly average drops to 93mm, but outside this three month period the lowest monthly rainfall is about 150mm, in March. The Wettest season is from Mid-August to mid-November with 40% of annual rainfall, averaging 330 mm per month.

FIgure 3.7.1 Shows the current condition of area of Bayan Lepas.

Figure 3.7.2 Shows the average temperature, average high temperature, average low rtemperature & the average precipitation at the Bayan Lepas location.

31 | P a g e



Bayan Lepas Expressway is a major motorway on Penang Island. It is part of Federal Route 3113 which includes the Jelutong Expressway. Together, the entire 17.84km length of the expressway was renamed the Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway by the Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng, following the demise of the namesake on 24 November 2010. The Bayan Lepas Expressway runs from the Batu Uban Interchange ( Exit 311308 ) of the Penang Bridge, to Batu Maung. The expressway has been constructed in stages. In the early years, it was simply known as the Coastal Road, as the expressway was built entirely on reclaimed land which was mostly mangrove swamp and marshland. The Bayan Lepas Expressway is the main thoroughfare serving the Bayan Lepas Free Industrial Zone. With the construction of this expressway, new townships such as Queensbay was developed. Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway, Federal Route is an expressway in Penang, Malaysia which connects George Town city to Batu Maung. It was erected on 7 December 2010 in honor of the former Penang's second chief minister, Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu who died on 24 November 2010. There are two sections of the expressway, the Jelutong Expressway and Bayan Lepas Expressway.

Figure 3.8.1 Direction of transport to site. [26] ____________________________________________________________________________________ 26 [online] [cited 23th January 2013

32 | P a g e


Figure 3.8.2 Cross section view of road

Tun Lim Chong Eu Highway is one of the longest and busiest express ways in Penang. Starting from Weld Quay, this massive express way is claiming its territory until the Batu Maung area. Meanwhile, it has provided a lot of convenience to the residents in Penang. The current project is situated at the roadside of Tun Lim Chong Eu Highway, near to the exit point of Batu Maung. In conjunction with the completion of the second Penang Bridge which is expected to be in the month of November, 2013, the bridge will promise large amount of traffic flow into the area. From the cross section view, the 12 meters wide road is able to allow two massive lorries to pass through per time. Furthermore, the 3 meters road divider is planted with vegetation and with the traffic lights installed. At the same time, a line of trees can be seen at the roadsides thus providing good scenery to the road users. From my opinion, the traffic flow that the second Penang Bridge could bring is too massive for the 12 meters wide road to handle. So, I suggest the state government can consider in widening up the road and create 3 to 4 lanes so that the traffic can flow smoothly. However, theres a side effect of the development such as when every time the vehicles are going to enter or exit the site, they may face with difficulties in doing so because the vehicles on the road are expected to be going fast. Furthermore, sound pollution and environmental pollution could also be potential problems due to massive traffic flow.

33 | P a g e


No. of Vehicle at 10a.m. to 11a.m. To Batu Maung

No. of Vehicle at 10a.m. to 11a.m. To George town

No. of Vehicle at 5p.m. to 6p.m. To Batu Maung

No. of Vehicle at 5p.m. to 6p.m. To George town

Table 3.8.1 Table of Traffic flow

Peak hour

7a.m. to 9a.m. 12p.m. to 2p.m. 5p.m. to 7p.m. - The Second Penang Bridge is a new bridge under construction in Penang, Malaysia. - The 24km bridge will link Batu Maung on Penang Island with Batu Kawan at mainland. - It will be the longest bridge in Malaysia, it will be open for public use in November 2013. - The new bridge is expected to reduce traffic on the first Penang bridge by 20% and will transfrom Penang into key logistics and transportation hub.

The table above shows the traffic flow of Tun Lim Chong Eu highway from the bridge to Georgetown and to Batu Maung. It can be seen that the vehicles travelling to Batu Maung are greater than its counterpart. From my opinion, this is due to unsuccessful practice of car pooling that lead to each individual has to drive his own car to work.

34 | P a g e


- Penang has adopted a town development and town planning system that has been influenced very much by English town planning and development philosophies, laws and procedures, but which was adapted throughout the decades to suit local situations. - It is important to have an urban design plan for an area with carefully implemented into different stages. - Through the planning concepts, a site development planning and implementation can be observed carefully to achieve a sustainable and livable city. - Within a municipality or land-use district, zoning ordinances are intended to : a) manage growth b) regulate land-use patterns c) control building density d) direct development to areas with adequate services and amenities e) protect enviromentally f) conserve open space

Figure 3.9.1 Shows zoning ordinance of area surrounding proposed site.

Figure 3.9.2 Shows site plan with zoning ordinance

35 | P a g e



Figure 3.10.1 show the location of vegetation in the site

36 | P a g e


Figure 3.10.2 show the underground vegetation in the site

37 | P a g e



38 | P a g e



39 | P a g e


Figure 3.10.3 The rear angle panorama view toward the TNB station. From figure 3.10.3, we can see a line of plantation D (pokok Ru). These plantations can be apply to the design as it can bring a lot of benefits to the building surrounding such as provide shades, to shield against sea breezes and so on. However, there are also some side effects that the plantation could bring such as the invasion of crows. Usually, crows love to rest on the Ru tree and this could bring some unpleasant pollution.

Figure 3.10.4

The front angle of panorama view from the site.

The Melaka Straits and Pulau Jerejak can be seen in figure 3.10.4. Besides, the vegetation at the edge of the site can also serve as shielding against the direct sunlight.

40 | P a g e


Figure 3.11.1 the map of the proposed site and view of the building

Figure 3.11.2 View A

The 14 meters tall Motorola Brunch will not bring any effects.

41 | P a g e


Figure 3.11.2 View B

This was a demolished seafood restaurant. The rectangular floor plan is designed base on the site analysis in order to offer the customers beautiful scenery while having their meal at the restaurant.

Figure 3.11.3 View C

Figure 3.11.4 View D

Figure 3.11.5 View E

42 | P a g e


Figure 3.11.6 View F

Table 3.11.1 a table to show the building material used by the surrounding building

43 | P a g e


Table 3.11.2 A table show the height of the surrounding building

Generally, site analysis is compatible to the building design as a good site analysis will promise smooth future operation of the work and more information to be put into consideration. Furthermore, it can also save a lot of time and efforts when it comes to tackle the arising of sites surrounding problem.

44 | P a g e


The concept of the project is called i-CUBE. Cube will be the foundation of the concept as it will totally reflects the outer design of the building. 'I' is chosen as the starting name of the project because the 'i' stands for INNOVATION, INTEGRATED and INSPIRATION. The purpose is to show the world that innovation can be found in i-CUBE. Integrated best to say that this building is built compact yet still be able to present a harmonious atmosphere for the people. Lastly, inspiration from this project is derived from rubik's cube. It is the most fascinating puzzle ever created that can set to entertain yet inspired people of how marvelous this invention is. Besides, the C.U.B.E is actually a combination of four alphabets. C stands for the COMBINATION. As we know, the cube is the combination of six faces and so do the building. Next, U stands for UNIQUE. It is unique as it is, the way it was built will definitely be an eye catcher not just by the locals but the world. It will be the first R&D agency in Malaysia to own such a unique design. Then B goes for BRIDGE, apparently not the real bridge. It is best describe that the bridge is the connection between people to this R&D agency. Those with the thirst for technology can freely get the most brand new technology information from the PRII. Lastly, E stands for EXPLORE which with the gut to explore we will be able to invent and develop a whole new kind of products or services that are ready to present to the world. For my concept, it is titled i-CUBE to show how the cubes of indifferent sizes and irregularly allocated are able to create a building that is aesthetic and able to project the work of art of the cubes. This concept is chosen based on the inspiration derived from the Rubiks cube and to reflect the ever changing of colors and the puzzle nature of the cube. It is also to help to create the revolutionary experience to the visitors when they finally amazed by how the small Rubiks cube they used to know can emerge into something big such as this building. The building design will start off with buildings being built up from the south side and middle of the site. Then the upper floor of the buildings will be connected together thus creating a metaphorical bridge that connect both buildings together. The bridge can be linked to the dispatched cubes that made up the Rubik. When all of the cubes are arranged in line, a bridge is formed connecting both points. Furthermore, several buildings are built in cuboid shape thus similar to the Rubiks cube. Each of the cuboid buildings hold their individual function.

45 | P a g e



The diagrams above shows the key point of research centre are related to general influence. This information will be important to guiding in design work.

CUBE - A cube is the combination of 6 square faces solid object. This is the core idea for the current project. IRREGULAR - The irregular allocation of cubes will form unique zigzag pattern, the building outline is going to built this way as it is much more in5erecting rather than boring. BUMP - The irregular surface of the layout planning will be the key agent in generating shades so that the building will not be exposed to too much direct sunlight. I - I is a new adjective to describe high technology in the building21st century. Furthermore, the main purpose of this research agency to be built is for the research and development of new technology to be carried out.

46 | P a g e


figure TERTIS


Tetris is created with four cubes that is attached together in other to form different designs. Most of the time, players just know how to play according to the game. But with the slightest creativity, the mistaken formation can actually inspire and encourage another built of marvelous buildings.

figure ZIGZAG


The alteration of the side view of a staircase to 45 degree is able to create the pattern of zigzag. Similarly, same boxes which arranged accordingly can also create the pattern of zigzag if they are altered in the same 45 degree. Hence, this can create an optical illusion experience to the eyes of the viewers. 47 | P a g e




The grass in cube is an idea to introduce vegetation into the building, in which the plants will be planted randomly in different cubed pot in aroundvthe building. Vegetation will surely help cooling down the surrounding yet as oxygen providing agent.

figure RUBIKS CUBE [30] Rubiks cube is a toy that made up of six different colors at each surfaces. It is played by which the player must first mix up all the colors of the Rubiks cube and then try to restore them to the original state. It requires a certain formula to put to play in order to complete the puzzle. In the process of solving the puzzle, it requires the player to think of each and every step hes taking whether is going to make an impact in helping him solving the puzzle or not.

48 | P a g e




It is to test the stability of the jenga wood blocks when several pieces of the wood blocks were taken out.

Tertis game [online] [cited 21th November 2012] <> 28 zigzag texture [online] [cited 21th November 2012] <> 29 grass in cube[online] [cited 21th November 2012] <> 30 rubik cube[online] [cited 21th November 2012] <> 31 Jenga[online] [cited 21th November 2012] <>

49 | P a g e



figure Perspective view of concept model

The building was inspired by the cube. When rotating the irregularly stacked cube to get the desire position, it inspires the thinking of how to prevent the direct sunlight and still getting a good view from the building. The stacking up and irregularly arrangement of the cube will form a zigzag pattern. In addition, the grey colored faade symbolized the bare concrete whereas the green colored roof neutralized the concrete roughness and making it more connected to the nature.

50 | P a g e


The building is design based on the combination of Structuralism and Brutalism concept available in the modern architecture. Brutalist architecture designs are very linear, blockish and often with predominance of concrete construction. Usually, the building is left uncolored and with much rougher aspects upon completion. Brutalism is more often regarded as an architectural philosophy rather than a style and much associated with socialist utopian ideology. Although the building emits an unfriendly and cold outlook but it also be seen as protective and straightforward to others. Mostly, Brutalist architecture is built from concrete and remains unpolished. In addition, Brutalist building materials also include brick, glass, steel, rough-hewn stone, and gabions. Structuralism is based on the idea that all things are built from a system of signs and these signs are made up of opposites: male/f emale, hot/cold etc For Structuralists, design is a process of searching for the relationships between elements. Furthermore, Structuralist architecture often emphasis on highly structured framework. Structuralist designs may consist of cell-like honeycomb shapes, intersecting planes, cubeb grids, or densely clustered spaces with connecting courtyards.


The main design inspiration of the Penang Research and Innovative Incubator Center is derived from a well known architectural designer from Switzerland, Mr. Le Corbusier. He was one of the prominent architectures of the 20th century, and also the greatest promoter of Brutalism style designs. His design philosophy is much attributed to the aftermath caused by World War 2, which was the economy duress when nations are trying to recover from the man-made disaster. Saving unwanted costs, minimizing the structures of buildings and gearing towards a building design that is much natural to the environment were all his great ideas. Till now, there are five important characteristics of Le Corbusier designs. First, the uses of columns as the support of the buildings are able to reduce the use of bricks and concretes. Thus making the building cost saving. Second, the applied of rooftop garden into the design is able to save up the space of the compound. Third, the position of the walls of all the level of the building is depends on the space needed. Fourth, the uses of long and horizontally designed windows are able to separate the building levels precisely. Finally, the cinematic scenery provided by having the long and horizontally designed windows is present to the eyes of the viewers. The five characteristics can be found applied in the current project. This shows that the current project design has put his masterwork into good use and further enhancing and recognizing his status and great work of art.

51 | P a g e



figure Fuji Television Building, Tokyo


Big empty void in the middle of building and easily cool down by sea breeze. The spherically designed object of the building has expressed Structuralism style of which showing the relationships between segment.

figure Tietgenkollegiet Student Housing ,Copenhagen [33] Each unit arrange and extrude neatly. Although the building is mainly designed in conspicuous circular shape. However, those small compartments are designed and built in cuboid shape. It resembles the combination of many Rubik's cube stacking up together to form the formation. Furthermore, the rough surfaced concrete facade shows that Brutalism concept has been applied into the design as well.

52 | P a g e


figure Orange County Government Center, Goshen, New York


Huge explore structure and natural sun shading. The exposure of the upper floor's structure is due to the abrupt expansion of the upper level of the building. The expansion of the structure can act as a canopy thus providing natural shading. The concrete surface and bulky natural of the building design is inspired by Brutalism concept. On top of that, glasses are widely use as the building material for the windows show the reduction of cost implied most of the contractors due to economy duress after the World War 2.

figure Millennium Hotel, Kuala Lumpur


Glass panel construct to Zigzag pattern make the faade looks special. The main design of the building is based on the shape of butterfly. Moreover, the building has its own unique windows design. The windows are designed in zigzag shape and it can be a helpful agent in repelling from direct contact of the sunlight.

53 | P a g e


figure Habitat 67,Canada


Pile up with different size of box, cross ventilation and natural sun shading. The building seems like the pile up of indifferent sizes boxes. The structures are built stacked upon each other randomly in order to create spaces between each structures, this is able to provide natural shading and good ventilation. Besides, the practice of the Hanging Garden is making the building greener and appears to be more harmonies.

____________________________________________________________________________________ 32 Fuji Television Building, Tokyo [online] [cited 21th November 2012] <> 33 Tietgenkollegiet Student Housing ,Copenhagen [online] [cited 21th November 2012] <> 34 Orange County Government Center, Goshen, New York [online] [cited 21th November 2012]<> 35 Millennium Hotel, Kuala Lumpur [online] [cited 21th November 2012] <> 36 Habitat 67,Canada [online] [cited 21th November 2012] <>

54 | P a g e



The inspirations come from the randomly stacked up cubes. Each cube represents a specific functioning department from lab, research and development facility to storage room. In the progress of random stack up, some part of the building will be left with spaces thus reflecting the style of Structuralism. Meanwhile, part of the building will be supported by structures in order for the building to remain rigid and firm. Besides, Brutalism style can also be found in the building with a much detailed look. The uses of columns to support the projected portions of the building indicate the special nature of the rooms behind those walls. It could be the meeting room or exhibition room that the building itself aim to make it strikingly different from others. In addition, the rooftop of the projected portions of the building offers the visitors the luxurious and enjoyable view of the surrounding scenery. From sea view to sunset and the cool breeze brewing from the ocean, these are going to create a wonderful moment for the visitors. Next, the windows are built in large segment with glasses as primary ingredient allowing the enjoyment the best cinematic scenery could offer. However, the windows should be built in a strategic place in order to avoid direct sunlight. Finally, the concrete faade of the building is left untrimmed and appears rough and blocky to further emphasis the use of Brutalism style.

55 | P a g e


( figure 5.1.1 ) Zoning diagrams for Ground level

The users can enjoy the beauty of the exterior design of the building and surrounding scenery upon entering the site until reaching the drop off area. Next, ramps are used in drop off area in order to increase the great feeling of the users when entering the zone. When entering the North Wing Lobby, theres a souvenir shop located just in the area. However, the public toilet is located in an isolated place in order to make sure the interior of the building remains pleasant. There is also an entrance located just above the souvenir shop, as well as a drop off area reserved especially just for the scientists and researchers. After entering the building from the reserved entrance, the scientists and researchers can use lifts to proceed to the next level straight into their workplace. On the other side, when entering the South Wing theres a reception counter and lifts located just nearby. The management office is located in a much privately designated area as it is just for authorized personnel only. The toilet besides the lobby is specially design to be much larger in order to support a much larger quantity of users because South Wing generate a much larger traffic than its counterpart. Usually, services kiosk and staircases can be found near toilet because there is the area where less people will travel.

56 | P a g e


( figure 5.1.2 ) Zoning diagrams for First Floor level

There are two staircase and a lift can be use to proceed to the first floor of the North Wing. Usually, this venue is serving for one reason and that is as the resource center. This is because the venue here is more convenient and comfortably quiet, it is suitable for reading activities to be carried out. Public users can proceed to the 1st floor via the staircase besides the lobby. After that, the South Wing serves as kitchen and storage room as it can make working more conveniently. Theres also toilet and services located there but in a much isolated place. If enter from the staircase from the south side, the user will reach coffee Terrance first before reaching the F&B area.

57 | P a g e


( figure 5.1.3 ) Zoning diagrams for Second floor level

The exhibition hall will have a much larger area with toilets built on both sides of the hall in order to allow much larger number of users. Furthermore, cargo lift will also be built next to the exhibition hall in order to allow transferring of goods in and out easier. Theres also an open area that separate both exhibition hall and multimedia room. The open area is used as rest room for user. Besides the exhibition hall, theres R&D area serves as workplace for the authorized personnel. In addition, multiple entrances are located randomly at the third floor in order for the users convenience upon entering and

58 | P a g e


( figure 5.1.4 ) Zoning diagrams for third floor level

The third floor is an absolute fully functioning workplace in which every entrance into the third floor will have to pass through strict security system. It consists of smart card recognition system and single way fold door in order to prevent outsiders from trespassing. Usually, scientists will use the lift in the North Wing to proceed to the third floor because that is the place in which they will park their cars.

59 | P a g e


( figure 5.2.1 ) Zoning diagrams for Ground Floor plan

The ground floor consists of two sectors, which are the north wing and the south wing. In between, there is a vehicular pathway that can be used as a drop off area. There are approximately three entrances available. The entrance of the south wing is located strategically at the north-east side and is made conveniently for the passengers to enter the building via the drop off area. Furthermore, there are also some parking spaces dedicated to the crippled persons as to suit their convenience. On the other hand, the entrance to the north wing is located at the south-west side. Lastly, the last entrance is located at the north side of the building and it is used as parking area for the vehicles which the height is below 4.2m from ground. Big vehicles such as buses and lorry are required to use alternate route to enter the drop off area, after that they must turn right to exit. Meanwhile, the loading bay is located at the south side of the south wing. The path there is wide but lack of scenery.

60 | P a g e


There is a reception counter situated in the middle of the lobby after entering the south wing which is located just beside a lift. Besides, the admin and management room is located at the far left of the lift. The admin and management room is located strategically at a quiet and peaceful area in order to give the workers a comfortable yet free from noise working place to work in. There is also a pathway to the loading bay in the south wing in order to able the workers to carry out their duties more efficiently. Next, washrooms and janitors room can be found on the right hand side of the building. The north wing consists of a stairway which can be used as a direct short-cut to the first floor and the resource center. Visitors can found the souvenir shop located only at the ground floor, this is because ground floor has the most traffic as it will stimulate the business of the souvenir shop. On the north side of the souvenir shop, there is an entrance, a security room, stairway and lifts. The stairway and lifts are situated there in order to convenient the workers to go to their work place from the car park.

61 | P a g e


( figure 5.2.2 ) Zoning diagrams for First Floor plan

Visitors can move to the first floor via stairway or lifts. Furthermore, there is also a cafeteria for the visitors and workers to take their meal. There are also beautiful sceneries just right outside the windows which allow the users of the cafeteria to enjoy their meal. All of the unload stocks must pass through the security check before allow to proceed to the first floor for security reason. The kitchen is located a distant away from the dining area in order to prevent the smoke from cooking to affect the diners. In advance, there is also washroom and janitors room made available near the kitchen. But both the washroom and janitors room is shielded with door in order to prevent foul smell which can affect the appetite of the diners as well as for hygienic purpose. Meanwhile, there is a roof garden located in south wing to allow the visitors to indulge in man-made beautiful atmosphere. There is a resource center to allow the users to seek out information they desire which located in the north wing. Besides, visitors can also go to the resource center via the escalator or staircase. Surrounding the reading area is the roof garden. This can create a harmony and natural atmosphere to allow the users have a better place to carry out reading activities.
62 | P a g e


( figure 5.2.3 ) Zoning diagrams for Second Floor plan

The second floor is served mainly as a platform for exhibition hall and multimedia room. There is also a private R&D area located in the second floor as well. The exhibition hall has the capacity to allow up to 200 visitors to visit. Its purpose is to present new products developed from the R&D department to the public, or to host event as well as conference. After that, the multimedia room can also be found not far from the exhibition room. The multimedia room has the capacity to withhold up to 50 visitors. It serves as a presentation arena for the presenter to show his work to people of interest. Meanwhile, the R&D department is built for researchers and developers to carry out their work whether to invent a new product or to held a talk.

63 | P a g e


( figure 5.2.4 ) Zoning diagrams for Third Floor plan

Third floor is mainly used as authorized area. It is restricted to public and trespassers will be prosecuted. A person can only enter to the authorized area with the use of identified smart card and to pass through heavy security check. There are three labs located in the authorized area. The labs are fully equipped with materials and equipments for the scientists to carry out their task. Meanwhile, there is also a disposal zone for all the unwanted chemical substances or apparatus to be disposed. The disposal zone is located near the loading bay in order to allow the unwanted disposal to be easily carried away for further process.

64 | P a g e


( figure 5.2.5 ) Zoning diagrams for Roof plan

Roof area can be reached by using the staircases from both the north wing and south wing. This is a place open to public in order for them to enjoy the sceneries and sea breeze.

65 | P a g e



The open area can use to divide the traffic of the exhibition hall and entrances. Besides, the toilets are built far away from public area to prevent the unpleasant smell that could make the people feel uncomfortable. In addition, the balcony and concrete structure can provide natural shading as well as making the interior spacious. Furthermore, it can also draw in natural sunlight and provide good ventilation.


The publics circulation can be made through corridors, lifts and stairs. However, scientists and researchers may use lift from the North Wing to proceed to the third floor. The cargo lift is located at the loading area of each floor in order to make the transferring of goods in and out run smoothly. Lastly, every entrance to the third floor must first pass through the security system either by smart card or security check.

5.3.2 VOIDS
Huge voids will pass right through the middle of the building, thus separating ground floor and first floor into North Wing and South Wing. This has benefited the users of the resource center and F&B to have a much larger views. Furthermore, the cars will have a welcoming feeling due to the ceiling height of the voids have been risen up.

5.3.3 RAMPS
The ramps are use to raised up the drop off area in order to create an elegant status for the users. It can also smooth up the job of loading and unloading of goods in the loading area as well.

The rooftop of the building is full of plantation and it can be said that the building was fully utilized. Furthermore, there are also many areas that have been planted with a wide range of beautify plantation as well. The services surrounding, coffee Terrance and resource center have lots of beautiful yet attractive flowers and small tree planted at the balcony. This can provide a good shading to prevent direct sunlight as well as generating good oxygen for the users.

66 | P a g e



Natural light will be uses extensively used. The big glass window will allow the sunlight to penetrate into the lobby thus providing natural lighting. Meanwhile, workers in the management office will need the application of the natural light too in order to light up their workplace. However, certain area of the lab do not require or need just a little of light in order to prevent the direct exposure of sunlight to interfere the experiment. It is to stress that the location of the window is very important because the rightfully located window will help in avoiding direct sunlight. Above the window, therell be coping or balcony that will help to reduce the amount of direct sunlight as well. Even though some of the windows will be facing a much better view, but the problem of direct sunlight should also be put into consideration in order to prevent the interior of the building from heating up. To counter this problem, opening should be place between windows in order to expel the heat inside the building.

67 | P a g e



The project inspirations and concepts are come from the mood image and other building inspiration. Until the concept is verified, it is further arrange in much detailed information through bubble diagram. The design is further enhanced through sketches, alignment of each sector and research in order to increase the layout and generating more potential ideas into the design. Finally, the building outlook is based on the irregular arrangement of the cube. After the lecturers finalizing and suggestions, the circulation and space planning of the project are able to correct into a much desired outcome yet compromising the interior of the layout. Besides, the elevation and sections are completed as well after the floor plan been verified. After using sketch up to construct the 3D modeling, minor mistake from the design was found and corrected right on spot. My Penang Innovation Incubator and Research Centre was completed at last after the final touch of the landscape.

( figure 6.1.1 ) Ground Floor plan

( figure 6.1.3 ) Second Floor plan

( figure 6.1.2 ) First Floor plan

( figure 6.1.4 ) Third Floor plan

68 | P a g e


north elevation

south elevation

east elevation

west elevation
figure 6.1.5 elevations

69 | P a g e


figure 6.1.6 perspectives

70 | P a g e


After presenting this project to the lecturer and classmates, several feedbacks were received. The feedbacks contain of many kind of suggestions and comments. The building height is too tall that it could cause problem to the flight route. Besides, the width of the main entrance is too narrow. Furthermore, there is also a problem on the turning radius of the bus inside the building but it can be solve by widening the pathway. Next, the faades design is too simple that it doesnt have any concept feeling. So to solve this problem, I have added a few indifferent coping to the wall to bring out the unique element of the cubic. This can also allow the people to differentiate easily the level of the building.


The final outcome of the design is shown in previous page. There are a few elements in the design that show out the concept, iCUBE. The combination of North Wing and South Wing symbolized the bridge between science and the public. Finally, the matching of the outstanding views and concept are able to attract the attention of the people.

71 | P a g e


The following information are names of participants that were interviewed to evaluate my proposed design for a Research incubator and innovation Centre in Penang : 1. 2. 3. 4. Queck Jie Sun - Architectural Student ( Equator academy of art ) Ooi Zhen Ning - Architectural Student ( Equator academy of art ) Sharyzee - Lecturer ( Equator academy of art ) Tan Chin Ling - Lecturer ( Equator academy of art )

1. Why you choose cube/ square as your building design?

Square is looks normal with single pieces but the design was randomly stacked up the cube makes building looks unique compared with the site surrounding and neighbour building.

2. Does the building standup to the concept?

The concept - i-cube, was presented through cubic building facade. And every single word of i-cube also have the meaning to standup with building usefulness.

3. Does the building meet up to the international standard?

Yes. The building provide flexible interior layout. Laboratory was enough privacy and exhibition hall can cantain a lot of visitor. That is what research centre needed. The lobby entrance also have high ceiling and great outdoor view was create a great feeling for visitor when step in inside building.

4. Do you think this building suitable for professional to do research?

Yes. Laboratory have enough big space for professional and any single space/ room in laboratory have their own function. The laboratory compact in third floor with security check to avoid stranger and noise.

72 | P a g e



73 | P a g e



7.2 WEEK 1 WEEKLY REPORT Project title Name Week Date : Penang Research and Innovation Incubator Centre : Eng Chee Kuan : One : 15 October 2012 20 October 2012

For Architectural Design IV As usual Mr.CL Tan keep pushing us to complete our amendment plan before other related subject start. He gived each of us some comment and advice so we can done it before deadline that set by him. The problem we are facing after internship is the setback guideline had minimize the site area after we are inspect by each other company supervisor. But then finally Im following Mr.CL Tan comment but then I still need to changed the whole layout plan even the concept. My new building is inspired by my boss, Mr.Goh Architect. I build up the 3D model first because I more focus on how my building looking. But some comment from others about my project is Im too according to function follow form, I dont know its right or not but then I still remain my design before crit by Mr.CL Tan. For Architectural Computer Visualization Mr. Sharyzee had interview us to make sure what 3D software we use in our final year project. This subject will be link with Architectural Design IV and Architectural Communication 2 so we must complete our Floor plan design as soon as possible. For Architectural Communication II Mr. Nigel Tan urge us to complete our plan before we starting to do the model house. For Project Report Miss Janice was replaced Mr. Jon to teaching us this subject. Gantt chart and weekly report was what we learned that day. Gantt chart is showing and remind us how was the progress going. Weekly report is show the lecturer what you are learned in the whole week. Project Management Class has cancelled because some misunderstanding and arrangement between Miss Nicole and college admin. But we have to replace every week to extend half hour for four times.

74 | P a g e


7.2 WEEK 2 WEEKLY REPORT Project title Name Week Date : Penang Research and Innovation Incubator Centre : Eng Chee Kuan : Two : 22 October 2012 27 October 2012

Apologize for absence whole week.

75 | P a g e


7.2 WEEK 3 WEEKLY REPORT Project title : Penang Research and Innovation Incubator Centre Name : Eng Chee Kuan Week : Three Date : 29 October 2012 3 November 2012 For Architectural Design IV Everything was proceed smoothly on Tuesday afternoon class. While on Thursday Mr.CL Tan was changed all of the design because the building is too high about 5 storey, Mr.CL Tan said 5 storey is not suit for a diploma student and the assessor will ask me a lot of question that out of the level. Mr.CL Tan required to take off two storey so the floor plan can proceed quickly. Finally all the design been changed because the building looks weird after the 3 storey remain. For Architectural Computer Visualization As usual Mr. Sharyzee teaching us some Autodesk 3Dmax skill and asking us to start our 3D as well. For Architectural Communication II The apologize is the must for Mr.Nigel Tan because we keep delay his homework. The progress might be slow after the design changed. For Project Report Good tutorial by Mr. Jon for present different style/period of building. Some idea or concept can be found in his class to strengthen our design. Project Management Miss Nicole was teaching the person who involve in the project on different period and what they do. She also explain about the assignment for those who are dont understand and absent her first lesson.

76 | P a g e


7.2 WEEK 4 WEEKLY REPORT Project title Name Week Date : Penang Research and Innovation Incubator Centre : Eng Chee Kuan : Four : 5 November 2012 10 November 2012

For Architectural Design IV The progress of project is getting faster and faster. Layout plan was waiting Mr.CL Tan to confirm and approve. And the parking lot and site circulation is fulfill to the UBBL guideline. So the section and elevation is going to be the next. But now the difficult part is the roof structure how to related to the concept i-CUBE. Because rare information of the cubic or related shape roof. So the roof was pending now until the inspiration coming in. For Architectural Computer Visualization Apologize for absentce. For Architectural Communication II The project was going on in Mr.Nigel class, if nothing trouble the model house can be start on next week. For Project Report We are required to write down all about the concept in Chapter 4 including brainstorm, mood image, inspiration study, etc. All we need to write down is how the concept come from, who is the architect we inspired, what the concept model bringing to you and shadow studies, of course and some building inspiration. Project Management Miss Nicole was explained the project again for the presentation next week. All of the information was waiting for superimposed after research and double check up, discuss to prevent mistake happen to us.

77 | P a g e


7.2 WEEK 5 WEEKLY REPORT Project title Name Week Date : Penang Research and Innovation Incubator Centre : Eng Chee Kuan : Five : 12 November 2012 17 November 2012

For Architectural Design IV The layout plan was passed up for Mr.CL Tan to approve but until now still havent receive any respond. The section and elevation was going on to confirm all the staircase can be use and of course the loading area. Because the clear floor height between the loading area and second floor was facing some problem so maybe the 2 loading area parking will be changed to one for small, medium size truck; one for large truck because the clear floor height was higher. Another problem will be facing is some of the faade might be looks blank and boring so maybe will apply the thicker coping or some construction work on it. For Architectural Computer Visualization Some ideas was given by Mr.Sharyzee for the project after crited by him. So the floor plan might be amend little bit to make the internal circulation looks good. For Architectural Communication II Waiting the pending from Mr.CL Tan. The project was moving on in Mr.Nigel class. For Project Report Mr.Jon divided our class into 4 group for Chapter two. Each group have their own mission but all is about the client profile. Such as the company profile. We will more understand about our client through this chapter. Mr.Jon also need us to design our own name card for exhibition use. Project Management Group presentation was taking the whole class period. We can learn different company profile, story line, company history, project being done by each company, all presented by lovely classmate.

78 | P a g e


7.2 WEEK 6 WEEKLY REPORT Project title : Penang Research and Innovation Incubator Centre Name : Eng Chee Kuan Week : Six Date : 19 November 2012 24 November 2012 For Architectural Design IV All the layout without specification and D&W schedule is already confirm except the roof plan. Section also complete while the beam issue has been settled. Elevation drawing will be skipped until the 3D sketch up model to confirm the faade design. Detail drawing also will be going through by this week and the project was finally back to the track. For Architectural Computer Visualization Draftly 3D layout has been done for easier to confirm the2D layout and shadow studies. For Architectural Communication II The ground floor plan has been cut out but still need to some amended. For Project Report Been required to complete chapter 4 by this week because the progress was slow. Chapter 1 The brief was the lesson of this week and we need to describe about our project outline, restriction, services and operation, staffing and visitor, need and want, time management. Project Management Miss Nicole was giving a test to us and answer by group. It was take about 30 minutes to complete the open book quiz. After the quiz she continued the giving lesson 6 tutorial.

79 | P a g e


7.2 WEEK 7 WEEKLY REPORT Project title : Penang Research and Innovation Incubator Centre Name : Eng Chee Kuan Week : Seven Date : 26 November 2012 1December2012 For Architectural Design IV All the working drawing has been done except detail drawing still need to amend minor technique problem. The progress was following the gantt chart schedule. For Architectural Computer Visualization 3D completed without render. Although some of minor issue need to change in working drawing such as add coping, drainage and facade design but consider to time management will be delay so the amendment going to complete on coming holiday. For Architectural Communication II Started to cut ground floor's wall. For Project Report Chapter 4 was completed while Chapter 3 - site analysis has required to pass up after holiday. Mr. Jon was agreed us refer to site analysis that done before by group work. Project Management Apologize for absentce.

80 | P a g e


7.2 TERM 2 WEEKLY REPORT Project title Name Week Date : Penang Research and Innovation Incubator Centre : Eng Chee Kuan : Week 9 - 11 : 7 January 2013 22 January 2013

Editing the working and drawing after holiday. Only minor and technical problem encountered. After finish editing, Sketchup has been used to construct 3D modeling. Personal name card has been started designing and presented to Mr. Jon Kuiter. However, architectural communication shows no progress.

Project title Name Week Date

: Penang Research and Innovation Incubator Centre : Eng Chee Kuan : Week 12 - 14 : 25 January 2013 22 February 2013

After the completion of 3D modeling, a few problems regarding the exterior design and structures of the building have been occurred. However, the problems were solved and the work drawing has been completed. All thats left are just rendering part and the stage of architectural communication. In addition, all the information regarding the project report has also been collected. Some of the unedited work will be completed soon in order to present to Mr. Jon Kuiter in week 6 so that the project report can be finished before week 7.

Project title Name Week Date

: Penang Research and Innovation Incubator Centre : EngCheeKuan : Week 15 : 25 February 2013 28 February 2013

3D visual modeling was completed rendered. Project report just left weekly report for this week. And now is the time to put all the attention to focus on architectural communication and presentation board.

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