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Date : Time : Class : Subject Learning Theme Learning Area/ Topic Sub-topic Learning Outcomes

30 March 2008 8.45am 10.15am 5 Ibnu Sina : Science : Investigating Energy and Force. : Energy. : Energy can be transformed from one form to another. : At the end of the lesson, pupils should be able; a) b) To state energy can be transformed. To give examples of appliances that makes use of energy transformed. Pupils have been learnt about energy. Needham Constructivism.

Pre- requisite Knowledge: Model/ Strategy :

Science Process Skills: iObservation iiIdentifying Thinking Skills: iRelating iiDiscussion Science Attitudes and Noble Values: iCollaboration iiThankful to God Teaching Aids and Materials: iManila Card or Mahjong Paper iiMarker Pen and Chalk. iiiLarge Picture. ivCandle, Rubber Band and Lighter.

Phase/ Time Orientation ( 5 Minutes)

Contents Refreshment

Teaching and Learning Activity Teacher asks some questions to pupils about previous lessons learning. Question: a) What have you learnt in the last lesson?

Remarks SANV: - Generating ideas.

Eliciting of Ideas Energy can be ( 30 Minutes) transformed. * All materials will prepared by teacher.

Teacher make a discussion with SPS: pupils by carry out some activities - Identifying using some materials that can show the transformation of energy. TS: - Relating a) Switching on the lights. - Discussion Electrical Energy Light Energy b) Lighting a candle: Chemical Energy Heat + Light Energy c) Torch Light: Chemical Energy Light Energy

Restructuring of Ideas. ( 30 Minutes)

Appliances that make use of energy transformation.

Teacher instructs each group to SANV: give and identify examples of - Collaboration appliances that make use of energy transformation. SPS: - Identifying All examples of appliances will - Observation show by some picture in slide show. TS: - Relating Teacher instructs all pupils to answer all questions in worksheet given by teacher. Teacher ad pupils discuss together to get complete and correct answer. SANV: - Hardworking - Collaboration TS: - Relating - Discussion

Application ( 20 Minutes)

Questioning and Evaluation.

Reflection ( 5 Minutes)

Stimulating of memory.

Teacher asks again about lessons today to pupils. Question: a) Give 3 examples that can show energy can be transformed?

SANV: - Dare to try - Thank to God