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Questions to ask when looking at Source Evaluation Rubric:

Is there an author? What is that authors background, experience, knowledge on the topic? Does the source cite where its information is from? Are there links or citations to other sources with similar info or quoted information?

Educational Value:
Does this source fit the research you are doing? Is this source filled with educational information?

Is this published by a reliable, well-known publisher? Who is the audience to which this article is written? Is there bias in the article? Is it recognized by the author or is it minimal? Is it supported in fact? o Hints to help with bias: Loaded, persuasive language Misquoting a source Selective facts Distorting or stretching the facts Flawed research Is the source written to inform, persuade, or sell?

Does the author cite his sources? Is their plagiarism? Does the author express his/her own viewpoint?

Is the article current? Updated recently/ published recently? Did the author do their research on the topic? Is the article one-sided? (Lots of bias)