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Like Barking Hounds

Like Barking Hounds

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Published by Terry Collett
a boy and girl in 1950s London and true friendship.
a boy and girl in 1950s London and true friendship.

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Published by: Terry Collett on Sep 08, 2013
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And Dennis said that girl at front has pissed herself whispering the words into Naaman's ear pointing with his scrawny finger his peppermint breath in the air Naaman looked between the desks in the class where Dennis's finger poked a puddle yellowy white had formed the girl whose hand was raised stood up and ran from the class clutching her dress sobbing ok ok Miss Ashdown said no need for noise or mutterings Marsh go get the school keeper and ask him to bring his mop and bucket and so Marsh ran off to leave the class in stilled silence the teacher's glare scanning the room after lessons after school Naaman waited by the school steps for Shlomit to come down in borrowed dress

and underwear head lowered hands in her raincoat pockets scarf about her head accident she said before Naaman could speak she always makes me wait she must know I can't wait too long Naaman said nothing but walked beside her along St George's Road now I'll have to sneak this dress and underwear in at home without my daddy seeing she added she held up the bag the teacher had given her it happens Naaman said the old bat should let you go when you asked for the bog anyway the dress looks ok maybe your mum won't notice he said o she will Shlomit said but she'll say nothing it's my dad you'll blow off the roof do you want my mum to wash them for you? Naaman said

she'll understand no I couldn't Shlomit said it wouldn't be fair fair? fair's hair Naaman said she won't say a word to anyone be all washed and dried by tomorrow Shlomit looked at him uncertainty in her gaze through her spectacles o come on he said what's in a dress and knickers between friends she smiled maybe if she won't mind hell no Naaman said give them here and she gave him the bag with dress and underwear no one must know she said of course not who'd I tell? blab to the newspapers? Naaman said Shlomit gives wet washing to Naaman's mum read all about it? she laughed he liked it when she laughed dimples formed her eyes lit up her cheeks reddened

ok she said I trust you and they went down the subway under the road and spoke and laughed and listened to their voices echoing along the walls and she held his hand and they ran their footsteps echoed rushing behind them (making sounds) like barking hounds.

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