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Yasin Ghani 10K

Humanities Formative Assesment: Questionnaire

Thursday, 5th September

What is the attitude of the AKA,M community (Students and Teachers) towards pollution of beaches in Mombasa, are they aware of the consequences of littering beaches and are they willing to change the state of the beaches? (Please be as honest as possible when answering this survey, to tick a checkbox double click on it and select checked under default value) Q1. Please select what age bracket you fit into: 10-19 40-49 20-29 50-59 30-39 60-70 Q8. Do you know of the dangers littered beaches can present? Yes No

Q2. What is your gender? Male Female

Q9. Have you done any of the following? Statement: Picked up litter at the beach Condemned someone youve seen throw rubbish at the beach Created awareness about beach littering Participated in a beach-clean up event Talked to a beach-conservationist about current issues in Mombasa. Yes/No

Q3. How often do you go to the beach in a month?

Q4. When was the last time you went to the beach?

Q5. Please check how much litter you saw at the beach. (Very Little) (Little) (High) (Very High)

Q6. Please highlight the statement that most accurately describes your opinion about litter on the beach. A) I feel that polluted beaches are completely intolerable and that citizens of Mombasa should take an initiative to clean all beaches on a regular basis. B) I feel that polluted beaches are unacceptable however I do not feel that I am responsible and that the municipal council is. C) I do not really feel anything/care about beach pollution and hold no one responsible for the cleanliness of beaches. Q7. Please list all types of rubbish you have seen at the beach. ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________

Q10. If your answer in Q8 was Yes, please specify the dangers litter can present on beaches. If it was No, please explain why.

Q11. How do you think YOU can help reduce the amount of litter on beaches?

Q12. How do you think the municipal council of Mombasa should address this issue?

Thank-you for taking your time to answer this survey. If you have any queries feel free to contact me at

Mrs Joanne Gogelescu

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