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987: The Viking Leift Erickson reached North America 1073: beginning of the construction of pueblos at mesa verde

in southwest Colorado. 1100: mesa verde at is height. The settlement in southern colorado reached its largest population. Tula was overrun by invaders, probably Chichimecs raiders from the north, and its temples and places burned to the ground. 1120: chaco canyon people built and elaborated road system. Over 500 miles of road carved into rock in order to link outlying communities to the central side of pueblo bonito, new mexico 1125:Hohokam culture built hundred miles of canals to irrigate their fields of maize, beans, squash and cotton. 1200: construction of the Great house at casa grande, Arizona. 1300: the populatin of native american indians reached its peak, between 12 and 15 millions. The delaware migrated from east to west. The Mississippians withdrew southward. Onondaga culture in what now upstate New York. Apachean people began break into separate tribes of Navajo and Apache. 1390: traditional founding date of the league of Haudenosaunee, known as the Iroquois Confederacy. The league was formed by the Seneca, Omeida, Onondaga, Mohawk, and Cayuga. 1400: the population of the mississippi River system began to decline. 1492: The arrival of Columbus in 1492 is a disaster for the original inhabitants of the American continent. The chief agent of their downfall is disease. With no resistance to new germs, tribes rapidly succumb to unfamiliar illnesses on their first brief contact with Europeans - in many cases vastly reducing the number of the Americans without anyone even firing a shot. 1513: Pone de Leon encountered Calusa Indians while exploring the gulf coast of florida near charlotte harbor. In a fight with the Calusa, de Leon captures four warriors.