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-- TomatoCart v2.0 Website: License: GNU General Public License v3.0 Forums: .

html Version: v2.0 Alpha4 -- This release is only for developers and users who are participating in its t est and are providing feedback. Other users should wait until v2.0 stable version for a feature complete and production ready release. -- Description The primary goal of TomatoCart v2.0 is to create a simple open source ecomme rce framework with strong extensibility and flexibility; it enables developers and designers to create full-featured ecommerce solution. Developers can override any components without touch any core code. This keeps the framewor k very clean and is very easy for upgrade. TomatoCart is free to use, redistribute and/or modify for any purpose whethe r personal or commercial however the copyright in the source code and in the administration must be r etained. -- Installation 1. Upload file to web server 2. Create an database 2. Go to to do installtion.