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Vedanta Aluminium Limited, Lanjigarh Work Instruction For 415v Air Circuit Breaker.

Version No. Department: Power plant WI No. CPP/ ELEC / 14 Page No. Rev No.

Input Output

Star screwdriver set, box spanner sets and oil cane, Megger (1KV/5KV), Multi meter, Breaker trolley and Rack out handle, Petroleum jelly. Daily Maintenance report

Responsibility For Operation / Recording Supervision Activities

Sl.No. Activity

: Electrician / Maintenance report : Electrical Manager.

Monitoring / Recording : Electrical engineer / Daily Maintenance report

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Open the breaker front covers. Clean the breaker thoroughly by brush and blower. Check the tightness of nuts, bolts with torque wrench and top the machine oil at the joints. Check the resistance of closing coil and tripping coil. Check the healthiness of aux. limit switches. Check and clean the breaker auxiliary contacts. Measure the resistance of spring charging motor and Check the spring charging mechanism. Check and clean the arc chutes. Check and clean the fixed and moving contacts. Inspect finger contacts for overheating, looseness and replace if any. Put petroleum jelly over the male and female contacts. Perform breaker manual closing and tripping operation. After complete servicing, fitting of the breaker cover to be done Measure the IR value of the breaker before inserting it in the breaker chamber. Insert the breaker (in the spring discharged condition) in the

breaker chamber and place it in the TEST position. 17. Make DC supply off and return the PTW.


: Daily Maintenance Report.

Reference Document : Self prepared

Prepared by: Satrughna Das

Approved & Issued by: Niranjan Das

Date of Issue: 25.10.2008