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Problem Set 1 1.


Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering University of Wisconsin-Madison CBE 311 Thermodynamics of Mixtures Fall 2013 Review of CBE 310 in terms of measurable quantities P , T , and/or C p

Due 9/12/13

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2. (From EL 7.2) A rigid container having a volume of 40 liters contains methane at T i=300 K and P i = 100 bar. After a leak, the temperature and pressure are remeasured and they are T f=300 K and P f = 0.9 bar. Determine the amount in kilograms of methane lost during the leak, using: (a) Compressibility factor charts (b) The Peng-Robinson Equation. Suggestion: Use the Matlab script (preos.m) or Excel spreadsheet (preos.xlsx) available at the textbook website. 3. (8.14 EL) A 1 m3 isolated chamber with rigid walls is divided into two compartments of equal volume. One side contains a nonideal gas at 5 MPa and 300 K and the other side is a perfect vacuum. The partition is ruptured and the system eventually reaches a equilibrium at a uniform temperature and pressure. P-V-T behavior of the fluid obeys the following equation of state: PV a P =1+ b RT T RT
J cm 3 cm3 K where b =20 ; a = 40,000 ; and C p =41.84 + 0.084 T (K) molK mole mole

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(a) Derive the formulas for the departure enthalpy and entropy . (b) Set up and simplify the energy balance and entropy balance equations for this system (c) Determine the final temperature and pressure