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Liam Finnegan Professor Bain-Conkin Writing and Rhetoric13100-17 8 September 2013 Three Introductions Descartes Meditation I The introduction in Descartes Meditation I pulled me in instantly. Descartes introduces what his goal is in the writing of his meditations, which he says is to discern if the things he has learned are true or not. I have never been more interested and excited to read something than I was after reading Descartes intro to Mediation I. Eminem- Stan In this song, Eminem jumps right into telling a story. He begins with someone who is writing a letter. As the song progresses you begin to learn more and more about the writer, Stan, and the person that he is writing too. When ever I hear this song the beat pulls me initially and afterward its the story that keeps me listening. Eminem right away gives you the feeling that you are right there watching Stan write the letter and even adds sound effects of a pencil scratching paper. Braveheart Freedom Speech William Wallace (Mel Gibson) in this speech is appealing a group of Scottish fighters who he needs to convince to fight the British. His challenge is to appeal to the Scottish people and make

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them realize that Freedom is more important than life. This task is difficult and yet he accomplishes it successfully. It is his introduction that pulls everyone in. He makes them question themselves to decided what they care about more and then ends with inspiring words.