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Our Weekly Update September 8

Spirit Nights
Tues: King Springs Elementary Wed: Campbell Jr. Spartans Thurs: Boy Scouts

and when shes not at CFA she enjoys doing theatre. Febes We have added some favorite restaurant (besides awesome new people to our CFA) is Mexico Lindo and her Chick-fil-A team! Make sure favorite treat is Flan. (yum) you get to know them! Maria enjoys shopping at Target (dont we all) and she This summer we hired loves chocolate! Lavinia Cichi, Gracie Gallegos, Avery Minnick, Febe Miguel, and Maria Elena Rodriguez. Lavinia enjoys reading and her favorite candy is a Hershey Bar! Gracie loves soccer and vanilla milkshakes from CFA! Avery really likes butterfingers Last month Cecilia (Cecy) Vasquez and Vasti Miguel joined our incredible team too! Cecy loves spending time with her husband and son. Her favorite restaurant in Chilis! Vasti enjoys Hershey Bars and is a fan of Coach purses!

Patriot Day Sept 11

In honor of the men and women who lost their lives during the attacks on September 11, 2001 we will be flying our flag at half staff.

BIRTHDAYS this month:

Greer Henderson (3rd) Amanda Potts (4th) Angel Hurtado (5th) Febe Miguel(14th) Maria Garcia (16th) Yesenia Bustos (17th) Miguel Naji (27th)

Monday starts our big breakfast promotion! We are excited to bring more awareness to CFAs amazing breakfast menu! We will be giving away 600 breakfast items each morning next week! We can do it T e