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Agust 28th 2013 Tehuacn, Puebla

Teacher Brenda:

Hello: I in the firts weeks helpt to my mother in the house in the firt weekend I went with my brother to the cinema we saw the supermans film the day was great. In the third week we went to Orizaba, this travel was fast and sad becouse my brother had a problema. We went to dine many times, and we dine tacos and tortas, after we went back to the cinema and saw the Turbos film . One Saturday, i remember this day my final Saturday of my vacations, and we went a party, my niece fulfilled 15 years. This party was great, I was had fun.

I hope you receive this letter with love as always, a hug.

____________________________ Atte: Itzel Blanco Cruz

Av. Profa. Ma. Antonieta Vzquez Vzquez N 1607. Col. Arcadia Tehuacn, Puebla