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Most schools have students who have been elected by their peers to be school leaders, such as captains for

athletic teams, club officers, or student council representatives. These student leaders are often asked their opinion by school officials regarding decisions that will affect the rest of the team, club, or school. Write an expository essay to inform an interested adult about the qualities that make a student a good leader. Be sure to include reasons and/or examples that explain why these qualities are important. Support your ideas with specific details. Communities across the state are considering establishing a curfew for teenagers under the age of eighteen. Think about whether or not establishing a curfew is a good decision. Take a position. Write an essay for an interested adult to explain and provide support for your decision. Use reasons and/or examples with specific details to justify your position.

Writers Checklist
Content/Organization Did I write about the topic selected? Did I write a thesis statement that clearly focuses on the topic? Did I use multiple paragraphs to create an introduction, body, and conclusion? Did I include relevant supporting details to develop my topic or position? Did I use purposeful transitions within and between paragraphs? Did I organize my response in a manner that is appropriate for the topic? Did I address the appropriate audience and purpose in my response? Sentence Structure Did I vary the structure and length of my sentences in a meaningful way? Did I use sentence variety to create an effective flow of ideas? Language Did I consistently use language that is precise, powerful, and appropriate? Did I use language to enhance the development and the clarity of my ideas?

Writing Conventions Did I correct any errors in spelling, usage, punctuation, and capitalization? Did I print or write clearly?
Use this checklist to review your response. Turn