Casual Sex Agreement

This agreement is provided as a secure and binding agreement which defines in specific terms the relationship and interaction between two individuals. This agreement is legal and binding. This agreement must be entered voluntarily, but cannot be broken except under the conditions stated herein, after which certain precautions shall be taken to protect those involved. Woman’s Role Woman agrees to submit to the Male partner in all ways. She also agrees that once entered into this contract their body no longer remains the total property of themselves. The Male partner will assume most of the control and any decisions made will be made by the Male partner. Woman’s Veto The woman, where appropriate, holds veto power over any command given by the Male, at which time they may rightfully refuse to obey that command. This power may only be invoked under the following circumstances, or where agreed by both master and slave: i. ii. iii. iv. Where said command conflicts with any existing laws and may lead to fines, arrest, or prosecution of the woman. Where said command may cause extreme damage to slave's life, such as losing their job, causing family stress, etc. Where said command may cause permanent bodily harm (see 4.0.0) to the woman. Where said command may cause psychological trauma to the woman, such as a rape scene for a woman that has been raped in the past.

Honesty & Respect The woman agrees to be implicitly honest with the male when asked any question, including but not limited to revealing sexual pleasures, habits, fantasies, desires & history and with other sexual partners when required in order to make the male happy. Rules I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. The slave is not permitted to have orgasms/sexual release without my permission while in the males care. He has total authority over orgasms. Nudity must be maintained at all times, unless expecting to be in the presence of other people causing undue embarrassment to the woman. She must ask specific permission to enter into his bed, nude. During the term she must be open and available at all times. I will worship His cock, its head and its shaft & balls especially when it is hard or when I am given the opportunity to make it hard for Him. If He wishes to use toys on me to provide me pleasure, it is his right & I shall not deny it. She agrees to walk to any public park or school ground to perform sexual activities with Him on the basis that privacy is maintained and she will wear minimal clothing to ensure more time spent with sexual activities. When waking up in the mornings, she must always ask before either fondling or sucking his penis until orgasm and thank Master for such a privilege before leaving. She must always request permission to initially enter his bed nude but wearing only a bra.

IX. X.

Privacy with Digital Media She shall have equal say in what happens to any digital media taken of her such as, photos, video, pxt. She has the right to ensure her personal security of such media and is entitled to ensure that any digital media

taken of her is put into a secured area. If secured area requires a password, slave has a right to private knowledge of half the password chosen by her. Password Security She is free from any control by Master to answer when asked for her part of the password. Without her half of the password, access to such digital media is not possible. She is entitled to ensure the privacy of her password is assured by taking such precautions to ensure her password is not seen by Him. She is also not entitled to know His half of the password. Personal Life She is entitled to her personal life as a mother and family member. This contract will always take second place to any obligations with child or family. Emergency Mobile Contact She is entitled to have her mobile phone turned on for emergency contact. Any activities shall be halted while the phone call is taken and she shall leave early for any urgent reason without fear of punishment. Safe Sex She is entitled to protect herself from pregnancy as pregnancy extends to a period when this contract is not active such as situations stated above. She is entitled to deny full sexual intercourse if no condoms are available for use. She is able to limit sexual play to other safer forms. Menstruation She is entitled to avoid sexual intercourse on the basis that she is menstruating. Other forms of sexual play will be used. Role Play She will participate in Age Play whereas both she and he will take upon roles. Some example roles that maybe used are Mommy, Teacher, Nanny, Principal, Son, Daughter, Doctor, Patient, Student, Brother, Sister, Daddy, Kidnapper, Victim, etc. Other role play scenes where forced sexual acts can be used. Shaving She agrees to shave at his request and shave when required to help accommodate with Him performing oral sex on her. If he wishes, he may perform or watch the shaving if the opportunity presents itself. Privacy Privacy will be considered a privilege and privacy while showering will be decided by Him. He may wish to join her in the shower or watch her and then help her. Showering alone while in his care will be considered a privilege based on her behaviour & performance. Sleeping & Passing out She agrees that the he shall perform sexual acts while she is asleep and/or passed out and understands that he will remain restricted to any limitations stated above. Also agrees to any digital media taken of her to be shown her later in the morning & shall be limited under Personal Privacy with Media. Also agreed is the fact that he shall be woken up and asked before she wishes to perform any sexual acts upon him. Emotional Involvement She agrees to limit emotional involvement to sexual intimacy and bonding also feelings of attachment towards him but agrees that these feelings are for the connection between him & her. She agrees to the fact that He may not have any romantic emotions towards her. Alcohol & Drinking She agrees that at times agreed upon when she gets drunk which may result in passing out, He is given permission by her to take advantage of her sexually. Master will be restricted to any other conditions active at that time that may apply. Pornography

She agrees to watch at least one porno video each time. Oral Sex She agrees to learn how to give oral sex on His penis. Once oral sex is mastered and accepted, she is to accept his penis in her mouth as part of foreplay or as a sexual act by itself. Man’s Role He accepts responsibility for her body, while she’s in his care. He also accepts to the commitment to treat her properly, if required to train her, punish her & use her as he sees fit. Forced Sexual Acts & Actions He agrees not to forcefully perform sexual acts on her resulting in the action of rape or sexual assault. Privacy with Digital Media He shall have equal say in what happens to any digital media taken such as photos, video, pxt. He also has to ensure that there is a secure area for such media to be stored and to have half the password kept personal to him.

Password Security He shall not force slave to reveal her password to him as with half the password Master is unable to gain access to such media. Tattoo’s & Piercings He shall not force her to receive Tattoos or Piercings. Master may use a pen or other such temporary marker to mark slave but never anything permanent. Safe sex He cannot force full sexual intercourse with her without proper protection such as condoms. Other forms of sexual play will be used. Sleeping & Passing out He agrees that he will remain restricted to any conditions set out in Safe Sex while she is asleep. Also he agrees that he will show her any digital media taken of her while she was sleep which is remains restricted by Personal Privacy with Media. Alcohol & Drinking He accepts when she has been drinking that when he takes sexual advantage of her, he will abide by the contract conditions in place at that time. Safe word The safe word agreed upon by Him & her can be spoken at any time - even when I have been told to be silent. If I am not able to verbalize it - I trust him to show me how I can express it. Safe words are for my protection as well as His. I must be careful not to take more than I can handle, as He will need to know when to stop from getting carried away with His own passions - so that I may be prepared over time to endure more for Him. Safe word: ............................................................................. ............. Non-Verbal: ............................................................................. ............. Permanent Bodily Harm Since her body now belongs to him, it is his responsibility to protect that body from permanent bodily harm. Should the she ever come to permanent bodily harm during the course of punishment or in any other related activity, whether by intention or accident, it will be grounds for immediate termination of this contract, should the she so desire. Permanent bodily harm shall be determined as: i. ii. iii. iv. v. Death Any damage that involves loss of mobility or function, including broken bones. Any permanent marks on the skin, including scars, burns, or tattoos, unless accepted by her. Any loss of hair, unless accepted by her. Any piercing of the flesh which leaves a permanent hole, unless accepted by her.

Any diseases that could result in any of the above results, including sexually transmitted diseases. Others Before other people are invited into our agreement both parties must verbally agree to meet said people before they’re invited into any sexual activities between Master & Slave. Secrecy All physical/digital evidence of the agreement will be kept in secret, except where they both agree. Any violation of this clause shall be cause to terminate this contract, should the injured party wish it. The materials and physical evidence shall be kept under lock and key in a place acceptable to both parties.

Alteration of Agreement This contract may not be altered, except when both he and she agree. If the contract is altered, the new contract shall be printed and signed, and then the old contract must be destroyed. She has a right to ask for an adjustment or modification to the terms of this contract at any time, but only if He agrees. Termination of Agreement This contract may be terminated at any time by the master, but never by her, except under special conditions explained within this contract. Upon termination, all physical evidence of the agreement, including this contract, will be destroyed. The woman, previously submitting ownership of her body to Him shall once again own her body. If the she requires termination of the contract, she is required to request Him for such termination. Contract termination will result in the continuation of the agreement before this or the initial contract was signed. Upon termination of this contract either party has the right to refuse access to the secured digital media by refusing to reveal either His or Her password to open the secured area in which the files have been kept. Woman’s Signature I have read and fully understand this agreement in its entirety. I agree to give myself over to Him and further accept claim of ownership over my physical body. I understand that I will be commanded, trained and treated as property. I promise to be true and to fulfil the pleasures and desires of his to the best of my abilities. I understand that I cannot withdraw from this contract except stated in this contract. An extra copy of this contract must be given to her for reference and security. The signed master copy will remain with Him until such modifications are required or termination. Name: Signature: Male's Signature I have read and fully understand this contract in its entirety. I agree to accept this woman as my property, and to care for her to the best of my ability while she is in my care. I shall provide for their security and well-being and command her, train her, and punish her. I understand the responsibility implicit in this arrangement, and agree that no harm shall come to her as long as she is mine. I further understand that I can withdraw from this contract at any time. Name: Signature: .......................................................... ... .......................................................... ... Date: ........./......../........ .......................................................... ... .......................................................... ... Date: ........./......../........