Baroness Thompson

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The research method used would be a nonexperimental quasi- experimental method. That research method is applicable to investigate differences between genders. This method will have little validity, because there is no control over the research variable, (Argosy unversity 2010). Male and

female communication styles in e-mail messages vary, in regards to the individual’s relationship.

In a professional work setting, males contacting women are blunt, and tot he point. Open- ended conversations are not usual. Nevertheless, women in higher positions follow the same email format. Women that may know the individual on a personal level, give more information in emails. There's definably room left for a casual conversation. I find this very confusing, but necessary. A male may receive an email in the home, and the wife may read it. If the wife can see, the email is professional and to the point, there is no room for confusion. On the other hand, women may receive an email in the home and concern is not raised. Email communication creates a different set of expectations, (Argosy unversity 2010 lecture notes).

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