Pembukaan: Good morning my honorable teacher and my beloved friends, my name is Nanda surya and I would like to present

my presentation about my last holiday.

Gambar 1. This is the first pricture. On Sunday morning, My Cousins and I went to the Singaraja Hotel for swimming. My cousins are Dedy and Koming. We went there by car. We arrived there at 7 o’clock. Singaraja Hotel has two swimming pool, the big one and the small one. We were very happy at that time. We changed our clothes to the swim suit and directly went to the pool.We played in the water. I splashed the water to Dedy and Koming and they did the same thing too. That was very exciting. Actually, I could not swim well, but I tried to learn. Luckily, My cousin, Dedy wanted to teach me how to swam well.

Gambar 2 This is the other activity that I did in swimming pool. I was taught to arrange my breath in the water. And then, I was taught how to move my hand and foot while swimming. Not long after that, I could swim, although the distance was not very far. That was very interesting for me. My cousin, Dedy and Koming were good swimmer. I was very lucky could swim with them together and got some fast training from them. Next week, we planned for swimming again together in the same place

Gambar 3 This is the third picture. On last Wednesday, I went to my friend house named Riki. In Riki house, I repaired my helmet which is broken because It was falled from my cupboard. Riki helped me to tight the bolt. He was very kind to me.

Gambar 4 This is the fourth picture. At that time, I was on Dreamland Beach. I went there with my cousins. I saw a beautiful white sand and big wave. I was very happy. In this picture, I wore black t-shirt. I played water and sand with my cousin.

Gambar 5. This is the last pucture. I played futsall on Singaraja Futsal. I played futsal with my friends like: adit, ------------. I played as a striker. I worked very hard in order to protect my Goal Post. And Finally, my team could defeat the enemy team. I was very happy.

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