FUN COMPUTING WITH RASPBERRY PI Teacher Professional Learning Workshop
Friday 27 September 2013, 9am-3pm Macquarie University

Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre (MacICT) presents

From around the age of 10, James Zaki began tinkering with programmable lego, and later the BASIC programming language. His degrees in Mechatronic Engineering (Hon I) and Computer Science (Adv) from the University of Sydney were not surprising extensions of these interests. Throughout university he gave one-on-one tuition of high-school maths and physics, then was later employed as a tutor for the department of Computer Science and Technology. Now, 10 years after graduating and with range of engineering experience from industrial automation to smart-phone application development, James is looking to apply his skills towards making teaching of tech easier. Having begun leaning towards open source solutions in his employment from as early as 2006, James is a firm believer in the empowerment of communities through sharing and collaboration with open-source tools.

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer that plugs into your TV & keyboard. When used in teaching and learning, it has the potential to provide students with authentic learning challenges that foster curiosity, confidence, persistence, innovation, creativity, respect and cooperation. Participants will set up and learn to program with a Raspberry Pi using Scratch and Minecraft and get to take their own Raspberry Pi home with them. Suitable for teachers of students from Stage 2 – 5 or those who simply want to tinker and learn for themselves!
“We don’t claim to have all the answers. We don’t think that the Raspberry Pi is a fix to all of the world’s computing issues; we do believe that we can be a catalyst. We want to see cheap, accessible, programmable computers everywhere; we actively encourage other companies to clone what we’re doing. We want to break the paradigm where without spending hundreds of pounds on a PC, families can’t use the internet. We want owning a truly personal computer to be normal for children. We think that 2012 is going to be a very exciting year.” The Raspberry Pi Foundation

Enrol online through MyPL@DET https://www.det.nsw.edu.au/docprs

Course Code: NR05480

WHEN Friday 27 September 2013 TIME 9am-3pm LOCATION COST
Macquarie University North Ryde, NSW $200 (exGST) includes Raspberry Pi!

ENQUIRIES macictsupport@det.nsw.edu.au

Alexander is a 15 year old privacy advocate and opensource software contributor who loves communities dedicated to learning and new innovations. Alexander has participated and triumphed in numerous coding competitions in Australia, but his largest achievement has been his never-ending commitment to helping others achieve the common goal of knowledge. Alexander also owns his own hobby business, Castle Servers Australia.

Our workshops are available to NSW DEC and nonGovernment school teachers. Registration is via the My PL@Edu website. Non-DEC teachers will need to sign up for a username to enrol via MyPL and your school will be invoiced.

www.macict.edu.au macictsupport@det.nsw.edu.au twitter @macict

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