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Lesson 7 Children's Literature

Lesson 7 Children's Literature

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Published by Kinsley Ng Sen Fa
Lesson 7 Children's Literature prepared by Kinsley Ng Sen Fa
Lesson 7 Children's Literature prepared by Kinsley Ng Sen Fa

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Published by: Kinsley Ng Sen Fa on Jun 22, 2009
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Lesson 7: Children’s literature

prepared by Kinsley Ng Sen Fa, Segi College Penang, Program DECE

Reading books to children daily – set routines

Repeated reading of new and old books –
children expecting their favorite characters / plot

Some ideas for children’s literature …… Listen to children’s “reading”

Deviate from the story and encourage creativity / imagination

Illustrated with simple, familiar, easy to identify objects Colorful! With few words on each page

Rhythmical Repetitive and predictable When selecting story books for toddlers
Relatively short, concise story-lines about common, everyday life and environmental experience

Filled with multisensorial experiences

Illustrations matched to the text

Sturdy, with easy to turn pages

Promotes diversity –
ethnic-cultural backgrounds, special needs, nonstereotype

How to arouse their interest? – not every child is
interested in books, your interest matters too!

Characters with realistic protraction
so that children can identify with them easily

When selecting story books (preschooler) Educational values – expanding
children’s knowledge? Offer new vocabulary? Enhance understanding?

Styles involved rhythm, repetition, sound pattern and careful choice of words – too many words?
Length? Too abstract or symbolic?

The chronological order should unfold sequentially

No caricatures of an ethnic physical features

Include the range of character types of people in real setting Screen fir stereotypical characteristics

Promoting diversity and cultural consciousness Speech of the characters should be realistic

Portray group members with positive virtues

Listening skills

Choose books with repetitive and predictable story-line


Sharing books with two and three year olds Making noise

Imitative body actions

Repeating dialogue

Suspense Non-sense Humor or wit Listening pleasure Word play Aesthetic appeal colorful

Fantasy Realistic dialogue

Surprise Qualities of children’s book – for memorable
reading experience

Cultural insights Repetition

Character development

Sensitivity Hope


Nourishment of imagination Provision of pleasure

Promotion of creative expression

Development of imagery Presentation and exploration of various styles and forms for the communication of ideas

Helps give words reality

Illustration benefits

Acquisition of metalinguistic awareness (a sense of what printed language is all about)

Awareness of the functions of languages

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