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Corporate Structure of Tudung Group (holding company) Corporate Milestone GarudaFood Group Strategic Intent Basic Mentality and Leader Traits Board of Commissioners and Directors Our Business Manufacturing Network and Facilities Distribution Network International Operations Achievements Noble People Corporate Social Responsibility

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LOB AGRIBUSINESS which consists of PT Bumi Mekar Tani (Peanut plantation) and PT Garuda Bumi Perkasa (CPO mill). 3. coffee-based and fruit flavor drink categories 3 of 25 . to achieve the Vision and Goal To Become “Indonesia’s Leading Food and Beverage Company”. to strengthen GarudaFood Group position in beverage business. Forming a JV is one of GarudaFood Group growth strategy through Strategic Partnership. LOB BEVERAGE (under Suntory Garuda Beverage*) that focuses on the manufacturing and marketing of non-alcoholic beverages. 2. confectioneries. Suntory Garuda Beverage currently has tea-based. biscuits.Corporate Structure of Tudung Group Tudung Group is a holding company that has 4 Lines of Business (LoB): 1. basic food and dairy. * Suntory Garuda Beverage is a Joint Venture Company (JV) which was formed by GarudaFood Group with Suntory Beverage & Food on July 14th . 2011 in non-alcoholic beverage industry. LOB DISTRIBUTION (Sinar Niaga Sejahtera) that distributes food and beverage products of GarudaFood Group throughout Indonesia. 4. LOB FOOD (GarudaFood) that focuses on the manufacturing and marketing of snacks.

Corporate Structure of Tudung Group (cont’d) PT Tudung Putra Putri Jaya PT GarudaFood Beverage Jaya LoB Food LoB Beverage LoB Distribution LoB Agribusiness PT GarudaFood Putra Putri Jaya PT Suntory Garuda Beverage PT Sinar Niaga Sejahtera PT Garuda Bumi Perkasa PT Bumi Mekar Tani 4 of 25 .

which one later changed to Okky Jelly •SNS established new area of distribution in Java island SNS continued to widely expand to other new areas of distribution outside Java island (both Western and Eastern part of Indonesia) by establishing 11 legal entities This year marked the beginning of GarudaFood’s entry into beverage business. (Gery brand was launched in 2001 and became the market leader for wafer stick category) •At the height of the Asian Financial Crisis. Start our Garuda Coated Peanuts Entered the biscuit business.Corporate Milestone (1979 – 2013) 1979 1987 1994 1995 Began its unbranded roasted peanut business Started to use Garuda for the brand of our roasted peanuts Established our own distribution network. by introducing the successful and lucrative Okky Jelly Drinks Entered the basic food under Enerfill brand & Confectionery Business under Ting Ting brand • Entered tea based beverage business by launching Mountea • Entered into non-peanuts Snacks market under Leo brand 1997 1998 1999 2002 2004 2005 5 of 25 . with Danza as the first brand continued with Salma as the next brand. entered the jelly business under Kiki Jelly brand.

confectionery manufacturing (in China) • Entered dairy business by launching Clevo liquid milk. The first Oolong Tea in the bottle in Indonesia • Launched Mountea Sparkling. GarudaFood Group GarudaFood Group maintained the leading position in sweet and savory snacks with 26 % (2009) and 22% (2010) share of retail sales value The Group dominated nuts market with a 52% retail value share and was a strong leader in other sweet and savory snacks. The first Fruit Tea Carbonated drink 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 6 of 25 . PT Tudung Putra Putri Jaya (Tudung Group) was established as the holding company Launched the new logo of GarudaFood. • According to Euro Monitor. Ltd to serve China market Launched the first doughnut biscuit in Indonesia. the premium jelly juice drink in tetra pack • Launched MYTEA. Jell-O Blast (jelly-milk product) and Berrygood (first berry jam & wafer stick) • Launched Nachi as a premium rice product • Go Live ERP (Project 1) Established JV company with Polyflex India. named PT Suntory Garuda Beverage • Launched Kopyes (coffee based beverage). Gery O’Donut • Established a JV company with Suntory Japan. Chocolatos for wafer stick and Wafelatos for wafer cream categories • Entered functional drink under SuperO2 brand\ • Acquired Fuhua Jinjiang Yonghe. • Established Xiamen GarudaFood Co. first ocha (Japanese tea) in the bottle in Indonesia • Go Live ERP (Project 2) Launched Okky Jell-O Juice. named Garuda Polyflex Foods Private Limited by launched Gone Mad chocó stick to serve Indian Market • Launched fruit flavored drink in PET Bottle. • Launched new premium products.Corporate Milestone (1979 – 2013) (cont’d) 2006 2007 In the beginning of 2006. under the brand Okky Koko Cool & Go • Launched Mirai.

GarudaFood Group Strategic Intent Vision – Mission – Values Elaboration Corporate Core Values Mission We are a transformation making company that creates value to society based on interdependent co-arising Corporate Philosophy Human Values Business Ethics Unity Through Harmony Speed and Leading Change Working Smart in Learning Culture Vision Indonesia’s Leading Food and Beverage Company Long Term Key Strategies Founders’ Spirit “Success is born through honesty. persistence and commitment guided by constant prayer” 7 of 25 .

Basic Mentality and Leader Traits Corporate Core Values Founders’ Spirit – “Honesty. Commitment. Persistence. Prayer” Basic Mentality Be Grateful to God Leadership Traits Calling Piety Winning Spirit Corporate Philosophy – “Peaceful and Dynamic” Competence Service to Stakeholders Creativity Creative and Innovative Thinking Continuous Improvement Consistency Concern for People Mission’s Principle – “Interdependent CoArising” Noble people has always be grateful to God and build a winning spirit. acknowledged by the service to the stakeholders with creative and innovative thinking and continuous improvement 8 of 25 .

Board of Commissioners & CEO Sudhamek AWS Commissioner Dorodjatun Kuntjoro-Jakti President Commissioner Hardianto Atmadja CEO 9 of 25 .

Our Business GarudaFood Group consists of 3 (three) divisions: Food division Beverage division Distribution division 10 of 25 .

LoB Food Roasted Peanut Coated Peanut Snacks Confectioneries Milk Drink NPL :Gone Mad Choco Stick in India Biscuits Basic Food Functional Drink .

Fruit flavor drink.LoB Beverage Tea-Based Beverage Juice . jelly cup & Jelly Milk Coffee-Based Beverage 12 of 25 .

Manufacturing Network Location of Production Facilities Sumatera Kalimantan Sulawesi Java 12 Owned Production Plants 16 Beverage Contract Manufacturers 11 Food Contract Manufacturers 13 of 25 .

Cokluut (Wafer Stick) production 14 of 25 .Leo (Snack) production Cooling Process .Our Manufacturing Facilities manufacturing Packaging Process – Garuda (Roasted Peanut) production Seasoning Process .

Clevo (milk drink) production Beverage .Gresik manufacturing Cooling Process .Okky Jelly Drink (jelly drink) production Filling Process .Pasuruan 15 of 25 .Sidoarjo Dairy .Toya-Toya (Extrude) production Filling Process .Our Manufacturing Facilities (cont’d) Biscuit .

Distribution Network SNS National Distribution Coverage – 21 Region covers more than 360.000 Outlets Leg end Sumb agut 1 11 Sum bagut 2 2 Kalim anta n 3 20 Kalima ntan 1 13 Kalima ntan 2 15 Su lawesi 2 12 Papua 19 1 … 20 Regions Sum ba gsel 1 10 3 Sum bag se l 2 9 Jakarta Sula wesi 1 Ba nte n 1 7 7 4 Ja bar 2 Jateng 1 6 1 21 18 Jatim 2 8 Jab ar 1 5 Jabar 3 Jate ng 2 Jatim 1 14 Bali Nusra 16 of 25 .

all of GarudaFood group products were distributed by Sinar Niaga Sejahtera (SNS). SNS Group has 21 regions. an affilitiated company to GarudaFood (engaged in the business of distribution and logistic). 17 of 25 .Indonesia as the world’s largest archipelago drives GARUDAFOOD GROUP to develop its own distribution network. Since 1994. 153 depos and 154 distribution partners throughout Indonesia.

Distribution Network Our warehouse Our fleets GarudaFood product in school traditional stall GarudaFood Product in Modern Market GarudaFood Product in Traditional Market 18 of 25 .

com .berbagibingkisan.snspoint.snspoint. Besides. and www. we also develop www. commonly known as e-commerce or e-comm. GarudaFood also develop marketing and product penetration through e-commerce. www.ultahku. sells a packaged product of GarudaFood in interesting special design packaging and also promotion to enliven a birthday party.com that allows resellers to receive product updates.com for the other special occasion like charity.com www. refers to the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the internet and other computer networks. www.. promotion and conduct transactions easily.ultahku. pricing.com 19 of 25 .GarudaFood E-Commerce Electronic commerce.

Vietnam and Thailand. International Operations • Currently the China market seriously being developed with the establishment of GarudaFood Ltd in Xiamen. with GarudaFood International as the front guard. • Now. Gery Biscuit and Okky Jelly Drink products have penetrated many countries in the world • GarudaFood has pioneered cooperation with distributors in several countries ASEAN countries as the focused target in regional business development. GarudaFood has been exporting some of its products to: Asia Malaysia Thailand Philippines Brunei Darussalam Vietnam Hong Kong Singapore Taiwan South Korea Timor Leste China Pakistan Cambodia Europe Netherlands Middle East Jordan Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Africa Nigeria West Africa South Africa North America USA Australia & Pacific Ocean Australia Pacific Island 20 of 25 . a company that focuses on marketing in China.• International Business Division is an integral part of GarudaFood in expanding to the global market. our Kacang Garuda. namely: Philippines.

International Operations (cont’d) In addition to exporting our products to many foreign markets. we also have a subsidiary in India as the main focus for international investment INDIA • Established Garuda Polyflex Foods Private Limited (GP Foods). a joint venture company with Polyflex India Private Limited in the food and beverage business in 2012 • GP Foods has a manufacturing facility in Bangalore that produces choco stick and jelly drink 21 of 25 .

2009 : Kacang Garuda for snack Gery Chocolatos.Achievements Top Brand For Kids. Mountea. Chocolatos Anugerah Produk Asli Indonesia Indonesia best Brand Award (APAI) (IBBA) Organized by SWA Magazine and An achievement that been given by Harian Bisnis Indonesia MARS survey foundation colaborate with Industrial 2004-2011 : Kacang Garuda Department: 2005-2011: Gery Wafer Coating 2005-2011: Gery. which represent Indonesia to World Entrepreneur of The Year. Okky Jelly 2008 : Gery for snack category. Gery. Organized by Marketing Magazine. Organized by Superbrands Okky Jelly Drink International 2003-2004 : Kacang Garuda Indonesia Most Admired Indonesia Original Brands Company (IMAC) Awarded by SWA magazine Organized by FRONTIER 2011 : Gery GarudaFood has achieved the 2012 : Garuda & Gery top 3 rank in F & B category within 2013 : Gery 2005 – 2011 in a row Mom’s choice brand 2012 . 2007-2011: LEO. Kacang Garuda. Pilus Superbrands Garuda. 2012: Garuda.2011 : Mountea 2011 – 2012 : Chocolatos 2012 : Gery Toya-Toya 2013: Kacang Garuda. Okky Jelly Drink. chocolatos Indonesia Customer Satisfaction Award (ICSA) Organized by SWA Magazine & Frountier survey foundation: 2000-2012 : Kacang Garuda (roasted peanut) 2008-2012 : Okky Jelly Drink 2010-2012: Kacang Garuda (Non roasted) 2010: Okky Jelly. Pilus Garuda. Okky Jelly Drink and food category. Wafer Coating Chocolate. 22 of 25 . Chocolatos. Word of Mouth Marketing Award Awarded by SWA Magazine 2011& 2012 : Mountea Indonesia Entrepreneur of The Year Indonesia 2004 Given by Ernst & Young to GarudaFood CEO’s Sudhamek AWS. Mountea. Gery Toya-Toya. . Pilus. Okky Jelly Drink. 2009: Okky Jelly Drink for jelly drink category. Chocolatos. Okky Jelly. colaborate with Frontier Consulting Group. 2013: Okky Jelly cup. Gery.2013 : 2nd position in Food Category Given by Kartini magazine 2011 & 2012 : Gery Chocolatos Top Brand Given by Marketing Magazine and FRONTIER 2007-2012: Kacang Garuda and Okky Jelly Drink 2009 . Mountea.

they are called Noble People who are main asset in company’s effort to achieve its mission of growing as a transformation-making company that creates value to the society.550 employee of GarudaFood. 23 of 25 .Noble People Being a company with strong character leads GarudaFood Group to achieve success and spectacular business growth Around 18.

Public Health 3. Empowering community 4. Education 2. Humanitarian Aid 5. Corporate Social Responsibility are not merely charity but also instrumental in contributing to sustainable community development Environment GarudaFood established CSR program called GarudaFood SEHATI GarudaFood SEHATI covers five main pillars: 1. Caring the environment Community Empowerment Humanitarian Aid Education Public Health 24 of 25 .Corporate Social Responsibility At GarudaFood.

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