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Manual Autodesk Revit Ingles

Manual Autodesk Revit Ingles


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Occasionally you may need to schedule parameters of objects that Revit did not anticipate. In
the examples provided in the proceeding tutorial we solved this need with the use of Shared
Parameters. In this lesson we will provide for project specific parameters only using Project

Project Parameters are those parameters (either instance or type) which are used within a
single project for the purposes of scheduling information specific to that project. They cannot
be shared with other projects and they cannot be used to tag objects with (as Shared

In this exercise, you will learn how to:

Creating Project Parameters

Assign Shared Parameters to a Project

Add Project Parameters to a Schedule

Creating Project Parameters

Project Parameters are defined within a project In this example, we will create an "Occupant"
property for rooms to allow us to schedule rooms with their occupant listing.

1. Choose and select the Training Files icon from the left side of the dialog.

From the Metric folder, select Office_2.rvt.

Click Open.

2. From the Settings menu, choose Project Parameters. The Project Parameters
dialog box appears.

3. Click Add to create a project parameter.


Select the Project Parameter button and choose the Category, Rooms.

4. Then type "Occupant" for the name of the project parameter. Select the
categories you wish to associate with this new parameter in the categories list, and
in this case, check that it will be an instance parameter. Then click OK to close
the Parameter properties dialog box.

5. The project Parameters box now shows that you have created a new Parameter
called "Occupant". If you need to modify or remove this parameter, select the
appropriate buttons from this dialog box. Select OK to close the Project parameter
dialog box.

Assigning Project Parameters to Projects

Once a Project Parameter has been created and associated to one or more categories within
your project, you are ready to use them.


1. Select Room Tag from the Drafting menu, and tag several rooms in the project
as shown.

2. From the View tab of the Design Bar, choose Schedule/Quantities or from the
View menu, click New and then Schedule/Quantities.

3. Select Rooms for the type of schedule and select OK to continue with the
Schedule Properties dialog.


4. As you can see, we now have the Project Parameter "Occupant" available in the
Available Fields box for adding to our schedule.

5. Add Occupant now to the Schedule fields, and Select OK to close the Schedule
Properties dialog box, and create the new schedule.

6. As you can see from the new schedule, we now have Occupant as an available
parameter on which to Schedule.

7. You may add names to the Occupant parameter either directly in the Room
Schedule or by editing the properties of the rooms.

Remember, Project Parameters are project specific parameters used only

for scheduling. If you want to tag, or share these parameters in other projects,

you would need use Shared Parameters as outlined in the tutorial "Shared

Parameters and Multi-Category Schedules".


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