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Manual Autodesk Revit Ingles

Manual Autodesk Revit Ingles


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Published by: lrfi on Jun 22, 2009
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You can edit the boundary between two faces. In this example, you will add a footing
underneath the foundation wall and then edit the boundary between the two faces.

Note: This exercise was created with an imperial template and components.

Whenever units of measurement are necessary, both the imperial and metric units

are supplied with the imperial unit followed by the metric in parenthesis. Units may

not be the result of a direct conversion.

For example, 30' 0" (10meters). You can set your units preference by selecting

Units from the Settings menu.

1. Choose and select the Training Files icon from the left side of the dialog.

From the Common folder, select Office Building.rvt.

Click Open.

Note: This file is used with several tutorials. If you wish to save your work, click

File, Save As, and save the file with a unique file name.

2. Open the Floor Plan: T.O. Footing.

3. From the Basics tab of the Design Bar, select Wall.

From the Type Selector, choose Basic Wall: Foundation - 24" Concrete.

From the Options Bar:

4. Set the Height to Explicit and 1' 0"

5. Select Chain.

4. Starting at the upper left corner, sketch the chain of walls along the entire
perimeter of the building.

Tip: Make sure you snap to the Endpoint and the wall centerline. As you

circle the model adding the chain of walls, make sure each click is to the wall


Sketching the Footing


Completed Footing

5. From the Basics tab of the Design Bar, select Section and add a section to the
West wall.

Use the image below for guidance; do not be overly concerned with exact

Adding a Section View

6. Click Modify after adding the section.

7. Open the section view you added in the previous step by double-clicking the blue
section head.

8. From the Toolbar, select

and use Zoom in Region to zoom in on the footing

that you added in previous steps.

Section View of Footing

9. From the Toolbar, click or from the Tools menu, select Edit Cut Profile.

From the Option Bar, select Boundary between faces.

10. Next, select the boundary between the footing and the foundation wall. It should
prehighlight before you select it.


Selecting a Boundary to Edit

11. Using the sketching tools, draw the 3 lines in the image below. When drawing,
make sure the lines snap to each other and the boundary line.

Sketching the New Boundary

12. From the Design Bar, click Finish Sketch.

Note: The Level Line may still cross the old boundary line. If that is the case, use
the Hide/Isolate tool to hide the Level line.

Modified Cut Profile


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