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Mathers, MacGregor - The Greater Key of Solomon (Vol. 2)

Mathers, MacGregor - The Greater Key of Solomon (Vol. 2)


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Of The Pen Of The Swallow And Of The Crow.

Take the feather of a Swallow or of a Crow, and before plucking it thou shalt say:
May Holy MICHAEL the Archangel of God, and MIDAEL and MIRAEL, the
Chiefs and Captains of the Celestial Army, be my aid in the operation I am about to
perform, so that I may write herewith all things which are necessary, and that all the
experiments which I commence herewith may through you and through your names
be perfected by the power of the Most High Creator. Amen.
After this thou shalt point and complete the pen with the Knife of the Art, and
with the pen and ink of the art thou shalt write upon its side the Name, ANAIRETON
(see Figure 86), and thou shalt say over it the following Psalms: cxxxiii.; cxvii.

The Key of Solomon

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