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F-4b, Oral Qstions Last Four Months

F-4b, Oral Qstions Last Four Months

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Published by Vijay Prakash
meo class 4 orals
meo class 4 orals

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Published by: Vijay Prakash on Sep 09, 2013
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BOILER SAFETY V/V ALL TYPES AND DIAG...SEAT FULL EXPLAINATIPON.... .WHERE DOES THE OUTET GO.SAFETY V/V RELIEF V/V DIFF.......WHY SAFETY V/V NOT ON MAIN ENGINE........WANTED PRECISE ANSWER TO THIS.... 3. FLASH BACK ARRESTOR HOW DOES IT WORK FULL...EXPLAINATION OF GAS WELDING...... 4.HOW DOES L.O. LOW PR. ALARM IN GEN.WORK.......FRM WHERE DOES LINE FOR ACTIVATING IT COMES............ Biswas and tat motors 1 purifier desludging whole mechanism 2 why 4 stroke engine con rod and piston lighter weight( told him to reduce inertial forces but said some other reason) 3 tev 4 how to pump down ( wanted to listen about by pass the lp cut out and how much suction p should come) 5 in multi stage why lp side draws more power as compared to hp sidefn4b Sm and ganguly; 6s50mc, what is cam controlled boiler water treatment why boiler water is treated for hardness how water, which chem added for the same aux eng liner lubtication steaming boiler from cold, why steam drum filled 2/3rd only piston ring calibration, imp of butt clearance,why would same increase what will you check in m/e jacket water during watch? expansion tnk,pressure shud be stable nt fluctuate,temp, and pump .........same question was asked by me also nd i tld all dese nd he was satisfied after listening expansion tank jacket water temp and pressure, expansion tank level, pump suction n discharge pressure....and also that the valve/cock connecting the expansion tank and the outlet side of the M/E Jacket cooling water pipe is open. internal Das exernal Ganguly fn 4b boiler test Palkalinity and T alklanity difference boiler water level controller type Q from MAC unloader..mechanism and uses Q from purifier,nomogram chart Why temperature more before turbocharger compare to exhaust outlet temoeratures slowdown and shutdown alarms and trips OMD time delay for activating slowdown alarm

Difference between conventional boiler.diff methods of defrosting.nd all.overlap y given.... 5.... Gusset stay.K.. Internal Mr. M/E reversing n reversing requirements 5.. Indicator diagram.. 1. 2. 5 0ct 2012 Fx-4b Motor INTERNAL Mr.thnks a million to all of u.3) depend on engn..ozee ring.d Fn 4 1. that fr an a/e is mostly 720 . Function of back press. 3. its simple.30 oct 2012 ext :.pipe special quality..... 2.S TAT .. S.. Deciding. DAS EXTERNAL MR. 4.Das.detailed diff. so the "residence time" for the air-fuel mixture is around 10x greater 4 a m/e when compared 2 an a/e .. Sinuflous tubes.....piston ring breaking reason.(tier-1. and thrie uptake system.....k.ext r. that is why they quote 3 range of rpm values and set the largest emmission value for the lowest rpm range. whr n y bursting disc s fitted??material?? 2.2.cop.. composite boiler & double evaporator boiler... External: Mr. 4. Function of laberinth seal. rpm?? rpm fr a m/e is around 70 .ganguly int :-mukhopadhyay func 4b what is caustic embrittlement ?? how wil you measure crankpin bearing clearnce???? at what postions?? why there is no crankcase releif door in domestic fridge ?? what is pv valve and pv breaker ??? what is the difference ???? and what is high pressure vent valve ??? hw many types of indicator diagrams?? explain all fun 4: MMD kolkata... how many & function of seal at each end? 18-10-12 Biswas n some old guy wit specs Fn 4b 1.. Loop scavenging nd uniflow scavenging. 5. A/E crankpin lubrication 3.nd few cross qn..timing diag. Wear ring use??hw 'l u kno if it worn out r broken?? 6. you can also find it here 4/10/2012 Int biswas. E/R crane safties. 3.2 stroke vs 4 stroke. I G gas composition in %age... why spherical chamber is dere. Ganguly.. Func of tev. Y do the NOx lts. by god's grace cleared class iv..complete 4. valve in refrigeration system and some cross questions. What is clover leafing? and some cross questions.hw drain...

Why sulzer require booster p/p for crosshead and man doesnt.constant pressure t/c and pulse t/c 3.... 2.. Wat is this phenomena. 6...1..after taking liner calibration f-a readings are more and p-s readings are less..fridge compressor c/case releif v/v nt fitted .water cooled piston vs oil cooled piston adv & disadv......foaming and priming in boiler.ext. reciprocating p/p piston ring material 3...why? 5.. Which p/p used for lube oil system of main engine.back pressure v/v in refr system why..differences between the crossheads of man and sulzer....material.why fitted on water side. Y not screw p/p can be used 6.explain hunting gear mechanism? 11.wat is equalising pipe and its function for expansion valve 5.. das.. And y does it happen 3. .. what is importance of long stroke.. turbocharger bearing type its lubrication .. 4...... Wat will happen if exhaust v/v opens late and sits at the correct time. underpiston scvanging .. Mitra Fn 4b:(i had mitsubishi uec still he asked) 1.. int.how do u measure rudder drop 4.what is loop scvanging.composition of inert gas.... tat...engine bhp and crosshead lubrication 2.action to be taken in case omd alarm?zero setting?omd checks.function of labrinth seal... 9...ae lubrication line.... & why oil cooled piston were not used earlier if they r hav so many advantages. and finally became 4 sahab... factors affecting purification... function of volute casing & why centrifugal p/p can't handle air whereas air blower can. Y.. Decider by das sir Running direction interlock & bit about crash maneouvering and das sir helped in it R ur all written clear 4 october Mr..test carried out onboard for blr water... 5.force formula..why long skirt is provied in some old engines..why to maintain excess phosphate? 7...when to start ig plant? 4.. mr ganguly and mr viswas fn 4b and fn6 1...where fitted? 8. intercooler & aftcooler 2........ why temperature at the inlet of turbine is more than that at exhaust outlet of main engine & why turbine outlet temp less than its inlet....oral date(5 oct) fn 4b fun of brusting dics.purpose of deck seals and type..what will happen if brusting disc not provided...how cylinder liner lubricated in ur engine? 10.

.draw both indicator &draw card.where fitted.crankcase inspection external skd nd int . f4 bumping clearance follow up/non follow up 1 unit exht temp high .purpus oral 28 sep int-mr.all interlocks of ur engine 2. 3..cross head lubricatn 5..single or assembld strctre.biswas fun 4 & 6 copt pump trips copt starting procedure fresh water gen..how to take be brng clearance?? 13.n from bottom where it is tighten from where can u see that draw card hw u take it n power card hw u take it nd draw both curve in mr. draw card. what takes its axial thrust.wht is 100%retendency.type nd if ejector pump fails what will u do crancase alarm come what will be ur action stud xtractor how it works n what is the lenght of drilled hole when u xtract the broken stud hydrofore tank manual charging piston removal stuffing box removal tie rod func n can u see the tie rod from top .wt happen if this clearance is not provided 5.mitra fn-4 & fn-6 1.shoe.sinha ext. cross head bearing diagram showing pin. not bearing 4.sk daw and mr.significance of it.bumping clernce.vishwas fun 4 which engine and ship type 1.significance. 3.. what protect main engine from getting twisted.overhaul 2. 4. which type of welding done for shell plating of ship during manufacturing and why.constrctn...transverse girder.12.all about thrust block 4.how wear ring looks like.holding down bolt. tie bolt .removl methd..how attached with impeller.mr. multistage centrifugal p/p where used .signifiance of both.hw indicator cards looks like if fuel shut fn 4 1.a frame wagerrah chod ke 2..what is tappet clearences.bearing and both the grooves also bearing in how many parts not 2.what will happen if clearances increases 3.tie rod purpus f fitng.stuffing box fnctn.

. 3. how the cross head is lubricated ? 2. What is Moonje metal? 2.. 1. and so many cross questions .mukherjee (he was not there at the time of my turn) ext. mukherjee and saha (dhariyal) f-4 1-m/e chain drive lubrication system 2-all clearance from top to bottom with procedure in a/e 3-surging?indication ..which engine did u have ? draw the lub oil system line diagram.. 6> exhaust valve opening and closing function and opening pressure . ? what will u do if u are stuck inside the refer room ? .reason..how will you calculate power for a engine??? draw power card and explain....cross head lubrication for your engine in detail??? 6.. Why do we do boiler chemical treatment ? Why do we blow down a boiler ? 3.. 7> centrifugal pump overhaul ....effect on m/e and turbocharger.what is cam? 18 th sep.. 4> tie rod and its function .....explain.routine maintanance 4.what is TEV ?? 4..bronze made up of what? 2.. etcc and many more cross question. 1> full form of MAN B&W .WHat is after burning and why does it happen? 5. 5> change over procedure from boiler to economiser .RKD (i guess..2012.. int.. not sure). result .rest all clear include all writtens..name of sound. 2> stroke bore ratio of long stroke engine . what provisions are there to defrost the evaporator coils inside refer room ? how do we drain that water ? what is the speciality in th design of the pipe (goose neck)...Why rust is not formed on alumunium? 3.all cards.now only left with fn 3. fn4b 1.procedure to get 5-compression ratio.. 5..remedy. fn 4. 3> compression ratio and its value .What is Stroke's law? 4. saha sir . ultimately got 4b.guage glass blow down air in refer fn4B ... 8> air compressor valve overhaul .least ratio INt Biswa External PAUL Func 4 1. PASS 19/9/2012: Biswas and RK PAUL..control air drier.boiler gauge glass blow through..

piston rods.. overlap means a time tenure in which more than one unit is getting cranked with compressed air. 6. r1 radius of flywheel. 2. M\E governor is speed control nd A/E governor load control. high temperature on sensing at sliding surfaces or the diaphragm separating the crank chamber from cylinder may help in locating the heat source.After repairing the defect. 5. between M/E and A/E turbocharger ? a/e pulse type.t2... roller guides. stuffing box. Stop the engine after about 20minutes and continue circulation through the bearings for another 10 minutes. Y OVERLAP IS REQUIRRED. liners. Open sky light .. start blower nd bypas exhaust diff. now as unit 1 tends to pase out unit 3 starts to phase in so at any moment two units are getting cranked phasing out and . in case of turbocharger surging reduce engine speed which in turn decrease the air pressure and there is less tendency of reverse airflow from scavenge manifold to turbocharger diffuser.. 7.. 4.. All sliding surfaces such a s bearings. if air gets first in unit 1 then after the fixed time interval air will get in unit 5...etc. chains or gears. engage the turning gear and try to locate the hot spot.... @shiva suppose n1 rpm of flywheel.r2 of turinig gear respectvly.Moving rudder 4m 35° on one side nd 30° on other side within 28 sec.. Stop lubricating oil pump. ACTION AFTER OMD ALARM………..ventilate the engine room and keep clear of doors of crankcase and relief doors. If it can achived by on signle unit the system is said 100% redundancy. 2. crosshead.. start the lubricating oil pump and check up oil flow through each bearings and splash pipe in crankcase.similary n2. 1. Reduce the engine speed at once. could provide the source of heat.Discolouration at the surface. Any sm is achived by 2 units working togeather the sys is said to 50% redundancy. emergency oil tank for M/E T/c. telescopic pipes. chain or gear housing and thrust housing while the turning the engine at the same time... In case of T\C surgingslow down engine.. 3. Clean the Detector and check for zero and sensitivity test on the instrument.. excessive flow of lubricating oil. Increase cooling of the bearing by increasing the lubrication oil circulation.. say as per firing order 153624 ..M/e--constant pressire type. squeezed out bearing metal.1.. Open all lower most doors on one side. Keep the firefighting equipment in readiness. This action will reduce the generation of heat at the “hot spot”.t1 no of teeth.in trhis way we hav three equatns and accrdly we can find remaining variables wich hav to b find out.. The engine can be started and gradually loaded.whereas np tank as such in A/e As per constructional difference M/E turbocharger is of axial flow type where exhaust flow in and out of turbine blades is along the axis of shaft where as A/E turbochargers are of radial flow type as exhaust gas flows off the trailing edge of blades and outlet is along the axis of the rotor.

Why friction pad coupling is used... 2-Purifier make. overlap helps us in starting the engine from any position i.. 2...Full abbreviation of your engine. 6-Name boiler water test carried out on board ship.phasing in follows the firing order . main LO p/p type.Why exhaust cam is not altered..if considerable overlap is present air starting valves nt reqd in all units . in a 4 stroke engine say where exhaust port opens 138 deg after tdc the compressed air is cranking the engine for 138 degree .for given exhst vlve opening timing over lap is not psbl in 5 units but for a distinct exh vlv opening timing we may get overlap !!!!!!! pls correct me if i am wrong some where . for 7 units 138-102 = 36 degree .Why worm and worm gear arrangement is used.Cause.What is its construction.Size. why screw type. Describe conductivity test and phosphate test.Engine specification. 3... crankcase safeties........ why and removal procedure if broken from bottom..What kind of v/v are used in compressors. 3-Turbocharger surging. what are the chemicals used..KW.What is its advantages.Exhaust cam operation..? . can it be centrifugal p/p? how screw p/p primed? what is short cycling in p/p? where the oil is relieved? 27 AUG 2011 INTERNAL-MUKHOPADHYAY EXTERNAL-TAT FUN-4B Type of vessel . how stator vanes r stopped frm movement.wanna know abt bearing temp alarm.. Purifier safeties. ext. f-4 int.Its construction and working.Why scavenge air temperature and pressure are maintained.. what..no. he wanna listen longitudinal n transverse groves. how sealing is done.problems in starting due to leaky piston rings and choked air distributor cam ports may be over come .mitra mitra1.e firing unit not reqd to be brought to tdc pstn .. mukherji4.mukherji. their purpose and chemical name for each.. where..how mny vanes. now to find degree of over lap follow it ::::::: 138 .What is the function of bursting disc in it. of stroke * 180 / no of units . 1-Compressor make... say for 6 units it come 138-120 = 18 degree of overlap .... 5-Type of reversing method used in your engine. man b&w crosshead lubrication. M/E Tie Rod. how vanes r fitted. rotory vane steering gear..What is its construction and safety.Complete reversing mechanism starting from telegraph order.Why inter coolers are used in multistage compressors..What kind of unloader is used in your compressor. only omd n relief v/v will not work.Why boiler water treatment is done.......

WHERE AS AUX ENGINE MAINTAINS THE SPEED . . IN M/E GOVERNOR THERE IS A PERMANENT OFFSET EVEN AFTER GOVERNOR ACTION WHERE AS AUX GOVERNOR SYSTEM HAS COMPENSATION SYS WHICH MAKES THE OFFSET TEMPORARY ... 5.... Function4B.. OVERS SPEED GOVERNOR MAY BE INERTIA TYPE (OLD ENGINES) ..why centrifugal pump dont require relief valve and why reciprocating pump require it. CENTRIFUGAL TYPE.E SENSITIVITY OF A/E GOVERNOR IS MORE THAN M/E GOVERNOR !!!!!!!! What is fitted bolt and service bolt. how to calculate cy lub oil con? calculate brake power. 4.Which type of purifier u have. 1.why dnt we use push rod and rocker arm for ME exhaust valve.23rd augst Internal: Sinha External: Taat(not sure) 1.and note the reading of cyl consumption for 1-2 hr.screw... M/E GOVERNOR IS MERELY AN OVER SPEED GOVERNOR WITH VARIABLE SPEED SETTINGS . CENTRIFUGAL HYDRAULIC ( WITHOUT COMPENSATION SYSTEM ) . Auxillary engine complete lubrication system.. And divide cyl consumption/brake power.it is placed in the drilled holes from top to bottom of the engine and close to crankshaft . 3..company name and why we generally have reciprocating compressors not rotary one as main air compressors. 5 .why tappet clearance is provided in auxillary engine.M/E GOVERNOR CUTS OFF THE FUEL WHEN SPEED BECOMES MORE THAN 110% OF NORMAL SPEED AND AGAINS CUTS IN WHEN SPEED BECOMES 95% ..and 2nd is jacking the bolt out frm below...AUX ENG GOVERNOR CENTRIFUGAL HYDRAULIC ( WITH COMPENSATION SYSTEM ) ELECTRO HYDRAULIC OR ELECTRICAL SYSTEM ALL HAVING COMPENSATION SYSTEM .Which type of main air compressor u have(either rotary. ME exhaust valve operation. 2.. 3. thr r two methods of removal ..1 is tht passing a wire loop dwn to the tie rod bolt and lifting out the bolt.explain it by drawing the characterstics curve of both the pumps.he asked full working of that. DEAD BAND OF M/E IS BROADER WRT TO A/E GOVERNOR I.. 2.it holds the engine components in compression and transmits the firing load to the bed plate .reciprocating). 4...WHERE AS A A/E GOVERNOR IS AN ISOCHRONOUS GOVERNOR ( WHICH MAINTAINS THE SPEED IN A VERY NARROW BAND ). AFTER DROOP THE GOVERNOR OF M/E BRINGS RPM BACK NEAR TO THE SAME BUT NOT THE SAME SO PERMANENT OFFSET WHERE AS A/E GOVERNOR DUE COMPENSATION SYSTEM RESTRICTS THE OVER CORRECTION OF DROP AND BRINGS RPM NEARLY THE SAME ( OFF SET IS TEMPORARY ) 6.mechanism of that purifier(i told ALCAP)...

Reversing of Main engine... how carried out in M/E system components 3. six methods? Details as how they work? 4. differential pressure transmitter details. Method of measuring temperature.... methods of operating M/E exhaust v/v? INTERNAL : SINHA SIR EXTERNAL : MITRA SIR (as some one told me ) very gentle and supportive gave adequate time to think and answer .used to start topics from very basics then used to put conditions in them . Boiler corrosion and protection. 1. Details of working principle of Viscotherm. types.crankcase safeties in A/E . Mukhopadhyay EXTERNAL: I don’t his name Function 4: 1.cleared the last hurdle.safeties ..fourth now.. centrifugal vs screw p/p wrt to power requirements location and mntnc reqrmnts 5.. Viscosity. details? 5.. what extra in M/E (reason ) 2. how will u show it to psc that u have a reqd steering capacity 4. M/E exhaust valve..thnx to all specially MEO CLASS 4 ORAL page why is stern tube bush made of chromium and not bronze? it is anti corrosive material with high anti wear properties which is desired as seals are fitted on the chorme liners . full process? Different methods of reversing? 2.. values of viscosity before injection? 3. mechanism. 21st August.Scavenging and it's use .. ...... 2012. ATTEMPT: 1ST INTERNAL : Mr. how it is maintained... compressed air related requirements .. where and why provided every question had many cross question mainly asking for purpose of presence or absence .

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