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Dr. Shanker Adawal

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Preface I nlroduction What are Transits?
Transiting Configurations and their Applications

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lining Transits Astrological Transit A Psychological Approach to Transits and Progressions The Astrological House. Planets & Aspect Prediction Based on Transit (Go char) Ashtakavarga Calculations Planets In Various Houses and their Remedies Understanding Your Transits & Transiting Planets Planets Transiting Houses Retrograde Planets Inner Planet Transits Aspect Details Transits and 111e Path of Transfonnatlon The Astrology of Transformation and an Astrological Perspective Understanding & Evaluating Transits (Gochar) A Life Pattern In the Ught of Major Planets TranSits



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/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of P lanets

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Research on T ransits

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Role ol Planets and Dashas in T ransit Marriage and Navamsa Go char (Transit) Tirring ol Events Through Dash a and Transit of Planets Must you be the Victim of Your Stars ? Astrological Remedies (Upaye) for Transiting Planets

A person's mind is always in a sense of dilemma to do, or not to do, Ill at is the question. He or she runs and consults the astrologer to learn the correct answer to the concerned question, the transitory behaviour of the planets on a personS fate. urges him or her to consult the astrologer tor solution. Due to the mysterious string playing of the heavehly bodies, causes Imbalance to a person~ mind and fate. the fear psychosis of future adversity urges him or her to consult or study astrology. In tills regard, 1 have confidently shown the correct path and warns people of lllelr adverse periods of life tlvough astrologically defining the behaviour of planets. The interpretation of a natal horoscope is an art, that requires considerable skill. To interpret that horoscope, as it moves and unfolds lllrough time, calls for even more skill. This is why a good book that rakes up the subject of astrological timing Is so valuable to all of us. The main problem In mode<n astrology, however. Is not the quantitative but qualitative. Astrology is highly popular. and an enonmous amount of material Is surfacing In books, magazines, classes and lectures. Unfortunately, much of this material Is Inferior, for the<e Is still only a small number of experienced. top-lllght astrologers. Broadly speaking, there are four methods of astrological timing: progressions and directions, postnatal epochs, solar and lunar returns, and transits. Progressions and directions are SJXIradic but discontinuous. They do not occur at regular intervals, and there are times when the bodies are not In orb of aspect. The postnatal epochs that I have discovered Is also sponui'IC because they are timed by progressions or directions, but their effects continue until deatll. Continuity of effect is also apparent In solar and lunar ll!turns, whether In tile tropical or slde<eal 2odlac. They occur pe<iodlcally, however. not sporadically as pMtnatal epochs do. Each solar rewrn Is effective for a year. The fourth and mMt
basic form ol timing is Transits, which are periodic and discontinuous in nature. The ability to interpret a planetary combination, whether statically in a radical chart or dynamically by transit or progresslol\ depends on


/Cft(}w about TriJ/Ist of Planets

two things. 1 t depends first on knowledge of the contribution made by llle best of one~ predecessors and colleagues and second on extensive personal empirical observation ol the many combinations. If a author relies solely on other people's experience, his book will be derivatilll!. as are the majority of books now being published. The experienced astrologer will recognize that this book is based on personal obse<Vation and that it is also in consonant with the main findings of the majority of astrologers concerning transits. One very good reason for tlis is that 1 llalll! been doing astrology since many years and so far written a series of Astrological books on different subjects. This book contains valuable material for both the astrological beginner and the professional astrologer The contents have grown out of many years of study. research and experience on the part of the author. All the materials presented here are based on the fundamental principles and sign~icance of the planets. signs. aspetts and houses. Pethaps the main challenge in the art of interpretation is integrating a number ol factors. Olll!r emphasis on any one factor gives a lopsided picture. as is the case w~h simultaneous or nearly simultaneous transits. It is noteworthy that this book deals w~h this problem very thoroughly and dearly. 1 ndeed. it is suggested that the reader shoukl study this book very carefully, for It deals with may essential matter that are skipped in most books on transits. The following example shows a basic phase of transits that is seldom Let us say that you were born wah Saturn square your Sun and Ill at transiting Saturn comes to the trine of that Sun. How do we Interpret lllls 7 Does that natal square affect the meaning of the transitl It does. of course. although too many astrologers seem not to realize tlis. In lllis book notes that a natal or radical aspect is of primary importance and can seriously modify any aspect by transit or progression.
COlli! red.

Planets In Transit teaches you not to fear some oncoming transa, llut rather to think of It as an opportunity for more growth and seasoning. During the transiting planets. it does not >uffice to apprehend, what kind of adversity one Is going to face In life. An experienced astrologer can advise suitable measures for sp~lc problem. The Astrological R emedies and Preventing Measures have been exhaustively discussed In the book. which are largely divided Into many parts. Last but not the least. this book does not pretend to be complete In any sense of the term. 1tIs none but an attempt to serve the Interest of llle common man. We are more than anybody else conscious of many defects and blemishes • which would halll! Inadvertently crept In this



book. For this, 1 shall be extremely grateful to accept any suggestion from the valued readers. The Book is a collection ol material composed by various authors who have worked in this field and I have tried to built ~ up gradually, so

lllat the compilation can be 1.11derstood for a complexed subject hke
Transits. Any errors and omissions are my own despite the barrage or corrections carried out and Ed~ing done by Col. Dee Baswani (Retd.). Thanlcs to other Reviewers who contributed the volumes orreedback It! at made my writing and examples more readable and correct
I wish to express my thanks to my friends Pinku and Tinku lor being a source of motivation as well as Shri Narender Sagar who stimulates me for writing.

My special thanks to my mother Or. Krishna, as without her blessings it would have not possible to write on this topic. My gratitude to my wile Renu and daughter Gudiya Vrlnda lor providing me with the aim and purpose.
I would also like to thank Mr. Bhupender Singh Negi lor typing,

and r..Jmerous other activiUes associated with the publicaUon or lllls Book. This eighth Book, like the previous seven. Is dedicated to my lather Late Shri Kallash Chander who taught me this Science as a cl>ld and was himself a great devotee or this subject in the days when there were no computers. 1 would like to end this with the thought or Vrindavan and Banke Blharl whose blessings have been with me and 1always look upon him In all my endeavours.


Dr. Shanker Adawal

A transit occurs whe<>ever a plane~ moving in its orb ~ during your lifetime, forms an aspect to a plane~ the Sun, Moon or any of the house cusps in your natal horoscope. Also, whenever a planet passes through llle part of the zodiac occupied by a house in your natal chart. we say Ill at the planet is transiting the house. The study of transits is one of the most fundamental techniques In astrology. That transits indicate important tre<>ds and issues in your life is one of tile few points upon which all astrologers agree. Along with directions and progressions. they are bask to tile astrologer's predictive methodology. Yet there is not a single, detailed one-volume text that gives you an idea of what to expect from each transit Nor is there must literature on how to integrate transits into a larger view of the development Clf your life as a whole. n os text is designed to fill that gap. While these descriptions are not totally complete - that would be an impossible goal to realize - they do provide an In-depth account of the significance of each transit. You will learn what you are most likely lo experience, emotionally, psychologically and drcumstantially, under each transit. The dellneaUons differ from those In eartler texts because IIley are writte<> primarily in psychological terms ratller than In terms of events. In the pas~ most texts have been oriented primarily to predict llle events that will happen to you. This te<>ds to support the older view of astrology as a fortune-telling system. which almost everyone now agrees is at best a debased form of the art. The purpose of astrology really should be to give you an understanding ol your place In the universe and the kinds ol energies !hat are flowing through you and through the physical universe. Astrology should not try to make up your mind but Instead provide lnformDtlon upon which you can make an Intelligent decision. Obviously, transits i ndicate times that are appropriate for certain kinds of actions and i nappropriate for otllers, as certain kinds of events often do occur with particular transits. But transits should never be viewed as signifying events that will Inevitably come to pass. with you as a helpless observer.



A vl!f)l corrtnon theory about the ciflerentroles ortransits, directions and progressions is that transits indicate circumstances that you must face in the outer wor1d. while directions and progressions indicate your inner psychological evolution. 1n this tlleory, transits tell what you must face and directions and progressions tell what IMe< resources you have to race it with. However. I do not support this idea lor several reasons. First of all, this system does not accord with my experience as an astrologer. I have found both transits and directions indicating both events and psychologkal changes, and 1 cannot find any clear set or (riteria to distinguish between the roles of these two major predictive systems. The only real distinction is that by their very nature progressions indicate longer-term elfects than transits. It has been my elq)efience that the<e are two distinct types of people. One type experiences ~ansits and dirl!ctions primarily as major emotional and psychological changes, which may or may not be accompanied by a <:lear pattern of events. At best, it is very unclear whether events cause psychological change, 0< vke versa. The other type of person elq)efiences both transits and progressions as events that seem to come out or the blue and happen to him. It Is my opinion that this type of person Is simply less aware of the dynamics of his IWe than the first type.

Transits as Symbols of I ntentlons
I believe that the conventional view Is based upon a false distinction shared by many astrologers as well as many scientists . In thelrvlew the universe consists of Individual subJects, who are clearly distinct and separate from the outer. physkal universe. The lndlllldual endS at the periphery, and the physical universe begins there. This view also holds Ill at events in the physical universe are absolutely real and independent or any observer. whereas events or changes that take place w~hin oneseW exist on a lesser order of reality, because only the individual can experience Ill em. But what really happens! Let us suppose that an event occ..-s In the physical universe that many people can perceive or experience. We know very well lhat each person who pen:elves that event will have a somewhat different experience or it. If we get together to discuss our experiences, we may try to elitrinate those elements that not everyone experienced, in order to arrive at a compromise that we can all agrees upon witllout violating our Integrity. usually alter going through this process, we quite effectively censor our memory to eliminate the purely


/Cft(}w about TriJ/Ist of Planets

personal elemerls of our experience. or we relegate tnem to the status <>f subjective or imaginary. Now if another observer of the event comes along, and his experience isn't too differert from oi.I'S, we accept his experience. again subject to certain compromises, and modify our view slighUy. If his experience is too different. we reject it entirely, classifying it as totally subjective or imaginary. 1 n extreme cases we declare him

The point is that what we call an objective description is nothing more tnan a collective subjective experience. There may be an absolute reality outside ol anyone's experience, but It is quite Irrelevant to our daily life. We act upon our universe. and we receive reactions from it in a contiruous f.eld of consciouSlless. There is no clear booodary line between ourselves and the wOtld, and the observe< always play a creative role in the observation. We do not live in the physical universe so much as in a universe of agreements. conventions and concepts that we create with others. And because of the limitations of language, each of us lives i n a much more private universe than we realize. Most events have no signnicance beyond what we have agreed upon or been trained to give to them. Very litUe really happens to you, with yourself as only a passive <lbserver.

What are TrMsitsl


Cliapter 1

tWiiat are f!'ransitsi'
Transits are the real-time physical asb'ologicallnfluences arising from llle connections made between the present placements by zodiacal sign and degree of the planets, luminaries and nodes at the time under ~onsideration, and the placements of all the planets, luminaries, nodes, angles and houses In the birth chart for the Individual or entity being studied.
At any one period of time, transits from each of the luminaries and planets, to at least one or another of the houses (ideally. two, since both ascendant and solar houses should be separately traded) in the bhth (hart will be active: and from time to time each luminary and planet will form different transits by aspect to planets. luminaries and other individual points in the birth chart.

Since the planets. luminaries and nodes each move through the entire zodiac In a fairly regular period of time speclfk to the planet, luminary or node concerned. all transits are cyclical In nat\Jre: and the (ydes of the luminaries, ~loon~ Nodes and planets from Me<cury to Satum are repeated in their entirety on multiple occasions in the average lifetime of a human being. The period ol Uranus is about 84 years, so orly those who live to this age or greater willelCJletience its complete cycle of transits 10 the factors in their birth charts. The periods of Neptune and Pluto extend to approximately twice and three times (respectively) the average life span of a fortunate human being: and therefore each of us will only ever experience a certain portion or the full cycle of Neptune and Pluto llanslts to our birth charts. The mean geocentric periods ol the different luminaries and planets are approximately: Moon· 29.6 days: Sun. Mercury and Venus · 365.24 days (since Mercury and Venus are within the Earth~ orbit they always appear to circuit the zodiac at the same average rate as the Sun): Mars • 686.98 days; J upite< • 11.68 years; Sat\Jrn • 29.46 years; Uranus • 84.01 years: Neprune • 164.8 years: Pluto · 247.7 years. These periods


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

divided by twelve give lhe average amount of time lhat each lurrinary or planet takes to transit each sign, and therefore on average (allowing for
different house sizes} each natal house. However. because of eccentricities

to lheir ol'bits and factors connected with the movement of the Earth relative to the Sun, the planets do not all move through each sign in the same amount of time. The apparent speed of motion of the Moon changes considerably; it takes sometimes as litUe as just over 48 hours to transit a sign; other times well over 60 ho...s. Pluto takes over twice as many years to transit some signs as it takes to transit ones on the opposite side of the zodiac. and has been in the fastest·moving part of its cycle in our lifetimes.
Transits to the planets, luminaries, nodes and angles operate by means of aspects, in exactly the same manner as aspects in the birth chart, except that they are transient (temporary) rather than radical (lifelong) influences. However. whereas in natal astrology quite large allowances are made for the orbs of influence of the different types of aspects, where a.spects by transit are under consideration the orbs allowed are very much smalle<. Opinions vary as to the size of allowable orbs for transiting aspects, but llleir effects will be felt most strongly when they are exact to within just one degree, and are very unlikely to be felt at all outside a distance of lllree degrees. This applies right ocross lhe board for alllhe major aspect types. It is perhaps advisable to allow three degrees for conjunctions and oppositions; two degrees for squares and trines, and no more than one degree for sextiles, semlsquares, sesqulquadrates, quincunxes, semisextiles. qulntiles and blquintiles. All olher type of aspects are best disregarded as immaterial. While a luminary or planet is aspecting by transit a celestial body, angle or node in the birth char~ lhe transit will be experienced as lhe transiting body exerts a temporary Influence, corresponding to Its general nature and lhe type of aspect formed, upon lhe features of the personality, body and psychology governed by the aspected point in lhe birth chart. Whatever the nature of the lntluence, It will adjust lhe condition of the aspected point In the birth chart while It lasts. and may variously offset, clash with, harmonise wi th or occentuate the effects of lhe natal aspects and sign and house position ol tl"ls point. Transits by the planets lrom Mercury to Pluto are more complex events lhan the straight direct passes through lhe zodiac evidenced by 1M Sun and Moon, Involving repeated periods of slower retrograde motion i n the reverse direction through the signs and degrees of the zodiac, i nterspersed wl lh the more rapid direct motion In the normal direction

What are TtMsitsl


lllrough the zodiac. Whenever one of these planets ceases to move in direct motion and turns retrograde, it appears to come to a halt, and is
said to station retrograde. Wilen rt: ceases to move in retrograde motion,

it comes to a halt again, and is said to station direct When a planet is dose to one of Its stations, it moves very slowly, and any aspect it forms by transit to a point in the birth chart will last much Ionge< than it does on average. When a planet stations within aspeding orb (especially within one degree} of a point in the birth chart, the effect of the aspect by transit will be not only much longe<-lasting but also more strongly and keenly lett than a regular passing-by transiting aspect of the same type between the same bodies.
When transiting planets turn retrograde. they very commonty form

in retrograde motion the same transiting aspect they rece<1Uy made in direct motion to a particular point In the birth chart. At this point. the same issues highlighted in the life of the individual affected during the first direct motion pass will be brought into focus again, but usually with a sense that there Is more still to be done to resolve them. Then when llle transiUng planet Involved turns direct once more and forms the same
aspect in direct motion for a second and final time. the issues concerned

will meet with their final outcome as affected by the transit that has been ongoing. Occasionally the oute< planets such as Neptune and Pluto Ill en turn retrograde again and move far enough back through thedegrees of the zodiac to form the same aspect by transit In retrograde motion for a second ume. When this happens. It will be experiE!<lced as a 1\Jrther recurrence of the Issues highlighted by the particular transit concerned being brought Into focus In a manner suggestive of slight backtracking or a lack of complete resoluUon. And then on the third direct pass of the transit the Issues or activities will finally be deflnldvely resolved as far as IIley are going to be by the transit that has been In progress. Transits to the houses exactly resemble natal chart placements of planets and luminaries In the houses. WhE!<l a real-time planet or luminary <>Ccupies a zodiacal sign and degree placement that falls within the area of the zodiac spanned by a particular house In the birth chart, then the transit of that planet or luminary to that house Is effective. Within three degrees of the cusp of the next house, the planet or luminary concerned
will exhibit some influence in the next house. While a luminary or planet is transiting a particular house, the transit

will be experienced as pe< the principles governed by the particular transiting luminary or planet exerting a temporary influence upon the area of lffe corresponding to the transited house. Whatever the nature of
lhe influence, it will adjust the condition of the transited house in the

/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

birth chart while a lasts; and its impact should be considered In the context of how the principles governed by the ttansiting body as expressed Ill rough the transited house sit w~h those gov...ned by any natal planets i n the house, as well as in the context of conjunctions it forms to thl!(n and aspects it forms to planets in othl!( natal houses during ~ passage lllrough the house. What is a transit? Transit means the passage of a heavenly body a planet tlv-ough the zodiac. We prepare the birth chart on the basis of lime, that is, the date and year of birth. To judge the transits, we need an Ephemeris for !he year for which !he good or bad effects by transits are to be judged.
The tra nsit system consists of appraising the positions of the nine planets at a particular time for whid1 the good or bad effects are to be ascertained together wilh the planetary position and the rising sign in llle birth chart.

One of the basic theories of Hindu astrology is !hat all influences of planets fructify lhrough the M oon, i.e., the Moon being the heavenly llody nearest the earth, the influences rill e< lhrough the ~loon . Besides, all happiness and unhappiness Is experienced by the mind or the heart. In Western astrology transits of planets are judged vls·a-vls the radical longitudes of !he planets and the ascending degree; but In Hindu astrology the poplAar and the most widely ptacticed method is to judge llle transiiS from the natal M oon. The sign in which the Moon is at birth i s popularty called the Rashl of the naUve. Rash! literally means a cluster or a heap. But since the signs in Hindu aslrology are identified with constellations (which contain a heaporclustl!( of stars. forrring a particular geometric pattern); the work Rashl has, by extended meaning, come to mean a sign and when only !he Rashl ol a particular native Is referred to. it means the Moon·Sign. for purposes of judging !he transil influences so much importance i s given to the J anma-R ashi, that if the date or time of birth of the native Is not known and his birth chart caooot be erected and the position of llle Moon cannot be ascenalned, it l s fixed according to lhe Initial syllable of !he name of !he Individual. It Is an accepted principle of Hindu astrology Ill at the first syllable of a person's name vibrales wllh certain Influences and lhese correspond to certain positions of the Moon In particular signs. We give below a table showing the correspondence between the initial syllable of me name and the particular Moon sign.

What are TtMsitsl



Chu, (choo), che (e as in they) cho (as in chosen) Ia, a (as in woman or rather) li, Ie. lu, loo. Ia (a as in late) lo.
I, e. u (as in put}, a (as in aid}, va, wa, vi, wi, ve, we (as in we). wu (u as in put) woo. ve or we as in (weight), w or wo (as in woe). Ka, ki, ke ku, koo. ka (a as in kate) ko - also all syllables beginning with c having the sound of k as in catherine, carol, Ql\. chha. ha (a as in harm). Hi, he (as in he) hu, hoo, he (e as in henry) ho, da, di de, du doo. de (e as In devil) do (o as in so). (The sound or d in this para is as in deed, door etc.) Ma. ni, me (as in me), ll'IJ, moo. me (e as in menlllol) ma (as in Mary), mo (o as in so), ta, ti, te, ru, too, ta (as In tail). (The sound ol tIn this para Is asln tea or total).




To (to as in token) pa, pi, pe (as in peter) pu, poo, tha (hard sound as in Thomas) pa (a as in rain), po ( o as in so) Ubra Ra. rl. re, ru roo. ra (a as In rain). ro (o as In rover) ta. tl. tee, tu, too, te 1as In Telangana). (the sound or "t "Is sort as In Frene h). Scorpio To (t sort as In French, o as In so), na nl, nee, nu, noo. va, vi, ve. vu, voo Sagittarius ve (as In yes) ya (as In yale) yo, bha, bhl. bhe bhu, bhoo. dha (dh sort as In French) dhe (e as In they), pha orr. phe or re, phe or ri, any word beginning with ph or r, bhe. capricorn Bho, ja, jl, je, kha, kti, khe, khu, khoo, khe ( e as In they), kho (o as In so), ga (sound orgas In gun) gl, ge.


Gu. goo (as in goose), ge (as in get). ga, go (as in go) sa, sl, see se (as in sentry), sa (as in said). so, da (sound or d sort as In French). 01, dee, due, doo, de (sound or de as Is they or that), do (o as in so), (sound old in this para is sofi as in French), cha (as in chunk orchart), chi, chee.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Transit of Sl.W'I:

The effea ol the Sun's transit through each of the houses as counted from the Moon-sign at birth is as follows: 1. Loss of house or position, travelling; 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Loss, fear; Gain of money, happiness; Fear of ailments, loss of respect Humility, poverty, loss of money. expenditure: Happiness, annihilation of enen>es; Travelling, loss of money; Sickness, fear; Loss of lustre, ioclination to indulge in evil acts;

10. Success in undertaking happiness: 11. Gain of money, happiness: 12. Loss of money, apprehension of siCkness or trouble. Sun transit in 3", 6 ~. IO"' and II"' sign w.r.t. (i.e. with respect to) Moon is auspkious but its Transit in s"' from Moon is very bad.
Transit of Moon:

The Moon completes one cycle of the zodiac in about 27 days. He is in one slgl\ for about two days and a QUalter. Suppose the Moon at birth i s In Scorpio; then the ~loon by transit in Scorpio will be In the first house; ttle Moon by transit in Sagittarius in the second house. and so on. The effects of the transiting Moon as counted from the )anma·Rashi (sign occupied by Moon at birth) will be as follows: 1. Good health, increase, gain : 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Ordinary gain of money: Good Income. happiness: Sickness, loss of money, loss of respect: Happiness but lack of success: Gain of money: Happiness, good Income: Fear of trouble, an bad time;

What are TrMsitsl



Respect, lear from the government;

10. Auspicious time, happiness;

11. Gain from various sources;

Sickness, loss of money. heavy expendib. Jre.

Thus it will be observed that the transiting Moon is auspidous in the third, sixth. seventh. tenth and eleventll houses as counted from ll>e radical Moon. But Moon transit in B"' house gives very bad results
and its transit in 9~ and 12~ House ts also not good.

Transit of Mars: Mars bestows good effects when he transits tile third, sixth or the eleventll house as courled from the J anma-Rashi. The ellects or Mars. by transit through various houses as counted from the radical Moon are as lollows:1. Fear. trouble-physical or mental; 2. Eye troubles; loss of money; 3.

Happiness. gain of wealth;
Trouble, fear from enemies;

5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

Apprehension of sld<ness. loss of money; Happiness, gain of wealth; Poor health, heavy expenditure or loss of money; Fear. Inclination to Indulge In sinful acts; Apprehension of ill· health; Happiness, also distress; Gain of money and happiness; Mars gives maximum bad results only In 7"' place w.r.t. natal Moon.

12. Sickness. distress.

Transit of Mercury: The effects of Mercury during transit. as counted from the radical Moon are as follows:

1. 2. 3.

Fear of being confined; Gain of money; Fear from opponents or enemies;


Know about Transt of Plantts


Gain of money and happiness;
Sickness, distress;


No gain. status quo;
Apprehension of trouble, quarrels;

8. 9. 10. 11.

Gain of money and commodities; Apprehension or ill·health. loss of money; Happiness. good enjoyment; Good time. gain of money;

12. Sorrow, loss ol money. heavy expenditure. Merrory gives auspicious result in its transit on 2. 4, 6. 8, 10. n" place w.r.t natal Moon and very bad result is experienced in 2"' house w.r.t. Moon.

Transit of Juplter:
Juplter stays In one sign for about a year. Jupiter Is a heavy planet and while tile transits of Mercury. Venus or the Sun. being about a month in each sign. are flecting. Jupiter's stays for a long period in each sign and tills entitled him to greater Importance and weightage. When Juplter during his transit aspects any planet he excites the good Influences of lllat planet which he aspects from his transldng position. For example suppose the natives ascendant Is Scorpio and the Sun Is the lord of the tenth house In Pisces. Then when Jupiter transits cancer or Scorpio. he will be fully aspectlng the radical Sun; or when Juplter attually transits Pisces he will pass over tile radical Sun and excite the solar Influences and the native wo<Ad benefit In respect ol all matters governed by the sun .. I.e.. the tenth heuse affairs. bocause the sun In our example Is the lord of the tenth house and all matters for which the Sun Is a Karaka. So judge Jupiter's transit in relation to other planets atso. The effetts of Jupiter'S transltthrough the various houses as counted from the Janma·Rashi will be as follows: 1. Fear of unfavourable circumstances. In Western astrology Juplter by transit over the radical Moon isconsidered good. Not so in Hindu astrology; 2. Gain of money and commodities; 3. 4. Fear. sickness; Loss of money. fear;

What are TrMsitsl



Gain, happiness;
Sickness, distress

7. 8.

Respect. happiness; Adversity, troubles, both physical and mental;

9. Happiness. enhanced prestige. respect from others; 10. Humility, i.e. loss of respect; 11. Happiness. gain of money; 12. Sickness, fear. Jupiter gives auspicious res<Jit in 2, s. 7, 9, 11~ f laces w.r.t. to natal Moon and maximum bad res<Jit is experienced In 3' w.r.t. Moon.

Transit of Venus :
When Venus by transit occupies various houses as counted from 111e ~loon· Sign ol birth. the effects are as follows: 1. Happiness. annihilation of enemes; 2. Gain of money; 3. Happiness. gain of wealth; 4. Gain of money and con"lorts; 5. 6. 7. Gain, happiness in respect of child or children: Trouble, Increase In the number of enell'les or adverse effects caused by opponents; Distress. great apprehension, adversity, loss ol money;

6. Gain of money: 9. Happiness, gain 10. Loss of religious merit·the native may indulge in irreligious acts, want of happiness; 11. ~lental distress but gain of money: 12. lncrea~ In wealth. Venus olves auspicious results In 1 , 2, 3, 4, S. 8. 9, 11. 12" hou~ w.r.t. natal Moon and very bad result Is experienced In 6" Hou~ w.r.t. Moon.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

Transit of Satum:
The transit of Saturn is ge<Je<ally unfavourable in respect of the house (from the radical asce<Jdanl) he transits unless he be transiting his Clwn house or unless he be the lo<d ofllle ascendant. (i.e.. unless capricorn or AQuarius Is the rising sign). then he does not damage the affairs of the house he transits. For example, if Scorpio is the ascendant and Saturn by transit is in the first house, he will be inclined to cause ill·health. When he transits. Sagittarius he will have a tendency to adlle<sely affect finances. In capricorn, he will not during his transit, damage the third house because capricorn is his own sign. Similarly when he transits the fourth house Aquarius is his own sign. When he transits Pisces, the fifth house, he will spoil the fifth house affairs of the native. The native may have stomach troubles due to sluggish digestion or formation of gases (traits of Saturnine diseases). or llle native's children may suffer in health Clr career. and so on. Sai.IJrn also has a depressing influence on the radical planet whom during the course of his transit he aspects. For example, suppose Scorpio i s llle ascendant and the Sun. the lo<d of llle tenlll, is in Pisces. Now whe<1 Saturn during his transit, stays In Gemini, he will be fully aspecting the radical Sun (the Sun occupying Pisces in the birth chart), with the result that affairs portainlng to the Sun may suffer or have a setback. The Sun Is the lo<d of the tenth house. so the native~ career may have a setback or advancement may be thwarted. Saturn is the planet of death and delay and so he spoils matters by prolonging Issues or keeping the<n pending and by procrastination. He also causes harm from low people, aged persons, labour, servants, enemies and opponents. 1n the above example, the Sun Is the lord ol the te<1th and we have explained how his lransit would adversely etfect the native's career. But the Sun Is also Karaka for health, vigour. personal push, respect, father, government, persons in authority and so, Saturn during !"is transit through Gemini will also spoil or damage one or more affairs over which the Sun presides. In this way Saturn by transit spoils the affairs pertaining to the planet he aspects. But If he be the lord of the asce<ldant, he will nO! do so, or If he does any harm it will not be in such great measure. Now we shall revert to our original line of delineating the effects of planets: The elfects, ol Saturn in the twelve houses as counted from the Moon-sign are:
1. 2.

Great distress and destruction; Sorrow, loss ol wealth;
Happiness, gain of money:

What are TrMsitsl


5. 6. 7.

Apprehension of trouble, physical and mental ailments. fear;
l oss of wealth, distress to sons or children; Happiness. gain of money; Infirmities, physical sickness Of mental ailments;


Increase ol enelries or added onslaught by enemies. illness or distress: 9. Indulgence in sinful actions. loss of wealth. ret~ rded income: 10. Increase or enmity; 11. Gain of money. happiness 12. Trouble all round, upsetting ol status quo • a very unfavourable time. Saturn gives auspicious results in 3, 6, u"' House w. r.t. Natal Moon 51 and very bad resutt in 1 house w.r.t Moon. Saturn stays for two and a half years in one sign; so his transits are very important. When Saturn transits the twelfth, the first and the second !louse as counted from the radical Moon the period comes to seven and a half years (two and a half years In each of the three signs) and the (Ombined period of seven and half years is generally referred to In 1ndia as the Sade Saati (the phrase literally means seven and a half years). This is generally considered a period during which the native does not !lave peace of mind. one thing after another crops up to keep the native worried. Few indeed are ludcy who do not have a death in the family during these seven and a ha~ years.
Here again persons in whose nativity the Moon is in Taurus (because Saturn would be the lord of the ninth and the tenth, both good houses from the Moon sign) or Libra (because Saturn would be the lord of the fourth and the fifth. both good houses as CO Lilted from the radical Moon) or capricorn or Aquarius (because Saturn wotAd be the lord of the Moon Sign radically) do not fare so bodly as natives In whose nativities Saturn is the lord of an evil house as counted from the natal ~loon.

Transit of Rahu:
The effect ol Rahu's transit through the twelve house as counted from the j anma·Rashlls as follows: 1. 2. 3. Loss. trouble both physical or mental: Loss of wealth. heavy expenditure; Good health. gain of money;


/Cft(}w about TriJ/Ist of Planets

5. 6.

Enmity, sorrow;
loss, sorrow; Happiness. gain of wealth; loss quarrels;


8. 9.

Illness. rear; Inclination to indulge in sinful acts;

10. Enmity, happiness; 11. Happiness. gain of money; 12. Loss. illness.
Rahu gives auspicious results in 3. 6, 1111\ place w.r.t. Natal Moon and very bad result is experienced in gmHouse w .r.t. Moon.

Transit at Ketu:
f rom 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. The effect of l<elu~ transit through the twelve houses as counted the radical Moon are as follows: Loss. ill· health or disease; Loss of money; Happiness, gain, increase, Fear. trouble both physical or mental: Sorrow,loss ol money; Happiness. gain of money: Evil state or affairs, Illness:


8. Loss. tl1reatened trouble: 9. Sinful actions. hillllllty: 10. Fear. sorrow: 11. Good name and fame. gain of money; 12. Physicalill·health or mental distress. enmity. Same as Rahu·effects.

Steps In Transit Analysis
Transits are determined by comparing the positions of the planets in the heavens on a given dale to those ol the natal horoscope.

What are TtMsitsl


The transits til at have tile most dramatic and marked influences are ll10se which reinforce natal aspects and in1101ve the same planets. For example, a natal square between Mars and Mercury indicates a tendency toward irritability and mental vehemence; thus, wheneve< transiting Mars or Mercul'f makes a square, conjunction, or opposition to natal Mars or Mercury. the indNidual expefiences unusual irritation and mental annoyance. This is because transiting Mercl.V'y or Mars is reinforcing a natal stress aspect involving these two planets. The meaning of a transit depends upon the positioo of the transiting planet In relation to the natal horoscope, the aspects it makes to the natal planets, and rts posrtion in the natal houses. To interpret a transit, first look to the sign and house position the planetis transiting. These indicate the practkal affairs ollife to be directly activated by the transiting planet. The natal houses ruled by the transiting planet shoold also be considered, as well as the hoose or houses of which the planet is the exaned ruler. Next, consider the aspects made by the transiting planet to any natal planet during its transit through a house. The affairs ruled by the natal planet receiving the transit will influence the affairs of that house. The type of aspect being made, the sign and houses ruled by the uansitlng planet. and the natal planet that Is being aspected, along with the signs and hooses the natal planet rules, must be considered In determining the effects of a transit. The exalted rulershlps of the transiting and natal planets and the !louses holding the signs of these exalted rutershlps must also be considered. Exaned rulcrshlps Indicate where the power behind an event or acdon signified by the transit originates or is generated. For example, it Venus is transiting the natal Fifth House, the indiviOOal will experience pleasurable soda!, romantic, and esthedc activities. To determine the source of these romantic or social stimulations, look to tile houses whe<e Taurus, Libra and Pisces are found In the natal horoscope. (Venus rules Taurus and Ubra and is exalted in Pisces).
Furthermore. if Venus is making a trine aspect to natal Mars while ltansiting the natal Fifth House, consider the sign and house position of natal Mars and tile houses where Aries, Scorpio, and capricorn are placed, for Mars rules Aries and Scorpio and is exalted in Capricorn. Thus, the following factors all reqlire consideration in this single example of transiting Venus in the natal Fifth House, trine natal ~iars.


/Cft(}w about TriJ/Ist of Planets


v~us -

the transiting planet

The house being transited and the sign on the Fifth House cusp.


The Seventh House. natural house ruled by Venus.
The second House, natural house ruled

by Venus.


The Twelfth House. the natural house of Venus's exaltation. Libra, sign rtAed by Venus. Pisces. llle sign where V~us is exalted. The house where Taurus is placed. The house where Libra is placed. The house where Pisces Is placed. The Sun, natural ruler ol the F ifth House. Leo, sign ruled by the Sun. The house where leo is placed.

7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.

14. Mars- llle natal planet being aspected by transiting Venus. 15. Mars's house position.
16. Mars's sign position.

17. Aries, sign ruled by Mars.
18. Scorpio. sign nAed by Mars. 19. Capricorn, the sign where Mares Is exalted. 20. 21. 22 . 23. 24. The First House. natural house ruled by Mars. The Eighth House. natural house ruled by Mars. The nature of the trine aspect - FWIJ1 and Ninth House connotatiofl. Natal aspects of Venus. Natal aspects of Mars.

25. Planets natally dlsposlted by Venus. 26. Planets natally dlsposlted by Mars. 27. The sign positions of these dlsposlted planets. 28. The house positions of these dlsposlted planets. 29. The decanate and dual placements of transiting Venus and natal Mars.

What are TtMsitsl


The synthesis of this information compromise tile skill and art of Astrology: These factors could be overwhelmingly contusing unless their relative importance is considered.
The most important consideration is that Venus is transiting the

natal Fifth House and is making a trine to natal Mars.
Next in importance is the nature ol the trine aspect which has a harmonious, creative, expansive quality derived from Leo and the Sun and from Sagittarius, Jup~er and Neptune in the natural ZOdiac. The trine is based on the signs and houses that correspood to the trine aspect in the natural Zodiac. beginning with Aries.
The next consideration is the sign that Venus ls in. while transiting 111e natal Fifth House and trlnlng natal Mars. This may or may not be the same sign as that on the cusp of the natal Fifth House.

Next, consider the natal sign and house position ol Mars, the planet receiving the trine aspect from transiting Venus.
Then. determine if there is a natal aspect between Mars and Venus Ill at would indicate a similar potential for actualization by this transit.

These are the primary factors to be coosidered, the factors that will have the most obvious Impact on the lndlvl<lual. The olller polniS listed provide background data for unde<standlng 111e relationships of this lnftuence as It Is Integrated Into the overall life of 111e Individual. This background Information provl<les an unde<standlng of the psychology of llle Individual with respect to romantic, social and pleasurable activities, as represented by the planet maki ng the tranSit. This background Information also provides an understanding ol the fundamental nature of Venus, Mars and llle Fifth House as it functions on a universal scale, as well as how it is integrated into the psychology of 111e Individual~ character. Now, let us analyze these data. First, Venus represents the principle of attraction, beaU(y, harmony and grace. Through Venus's rulershlp of Libra and the Seventh House In the natural Zodiac, she is also concerned with relationships and harmonious cooperation. In addidoo, through Venus~ rulershlp of Taurus and the Second House In the nat~al Zodiac, the lndlv'odual attracts possessions and people who can be instrumental in providing material security. beauty. and comfort. venus's exaltation in Pisces. the position of Pisces in the natal chart, and the Twelfth House all show the


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

und~tanding that may be gained through the experiences that make such refinements and cooperation possible.

The houses where Libra, Taurus and Pisces are placed in the natal
horoscope and the activities assigned to these houses show the specific

areas where the individual's ease cooperation, refinl!lllent and ability to attract the things represented by Venus are expressed. These houses provide both the content and the means of contacting the romantic, social, and pleasurable activities indicated byVenus's lransit of the natal Fifth House. Secondly, the Fifth House is the nai.\Jral house of Leo and the Sun and has a harmonic relationship with Leo and the house where Leo Is placed, as well as with arry planets placed in Leo. It is well to remember when considering this relationship that the Fifth House and the house ~arrying the sign Leo are places of power and creative self-expression. The trine aspect itself is related to Leo and the Fifth House in the nai.\Jral Zodiac. and, thus, there would be a reinforcement of the Fifth House c:haracteristics in this transiting trine situation.
Third. in this particular situation, another factor is added .. Mars, as ruler ol Aries, and the First House's natural trine-aspect affinity for Leo and the Fifth House.


Since Mars Is the planet receiving the transiting trine aspect from Venus on the natal FW th House, the nature of the F ifth House and the !tine aspect is amplified. This is because the transiting planet is the activating prlndple; the natal planet receiving the transit experiences, llle effects of this action. In the case of transiting Venus through the natal Fifth House and lrine natal Mars, Venus, as the activating planet instigates sodal overtures to the individual through the signs ruled by Mars in the horoscope. Because Mars Is basically an actlon·orlented planet the individUal responds instinctively to these overtures. Let us examine the background Information on ~tars. Mars rules the principle of energy expanded In action and motivated by desire. Mars, as ruler of Aries and the First House in the natural Zodiac, deals with ~ompctitlve, self·lnltlated action and seU·expression based on the need to sutvive as an Individual. The house where Aries Is found In the natal horoscope shows the affairs that are of Immediate concern to personal survival. These are the affairs In which the Individual must personally Initiate action and creadve self·expresslon without waiting for encouragement from others.

What are TrMsitsl


Mars. as ruler of Scorpio and the natural Eigl'ih House. is concerned the use of collective resources. represented by the Eighth House. and the destruction and ~imination of that which no longer serves a useful purpose. all in preparation for new creative efforts. Mars has much to do with the sex drive through~ rulership of Scorpio. This is of particular interest in the case of this transiting aspect because. Venus is also related to sex. Venus corresponds to the receptive, feminine sex principle. This ~omb ination. when related to the F ifth House ol romance. strongly suggests sexual attraction. The invitation on the part of transiting Venus to start a relationship will meet with a quick, aggressive response on the part of Mars. Transits involving these partirular planets are usually objectively realized as romantic attractions.

Because Mars is exalted in Capricorl\ such a relationship could be sought as a means of achieving status. professional opportun~ies, or security. This is also indicated by Mars's accidental exa~ation in the Tenth House of the natural ZOdiac. Fourth. planets disposited by Mars and venus, and the houses and signs in which they fall, will show the affairs of life that are related to the activities associated with this transit of Venus. further insights will be pmvided thmugh study of the decanate and dual positions of both transiting Venus and natal Mars. All of this information is pertinent to an accurate description of the significance and probable result of this trans~. Similar methods should be used In studying all transits, as well as In the Interpretation of the natal horoscope.
The delineation of this sample transit, points out why a understanding of the basks of Astrology is necessary to achieve accurate and worthwhile results. The use of these bask techniques should become so thoroughly Ingrained In the practitioner as to become almost instinctive.

We are Transits
The Moon does not orbit the Earth. The Earth and the Moon share a common point ol orbit called the barycenter that Is close to, but Is not exactly, the center of the Earth. Thus. the so·called satellite, the Moon, has Its pull on the larger body, the Earth. The point being even smaller bodies exert their Influence on larger ones.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

The Powerless Center
In astrology we have a strangely schizophrenic view of our relationstip with the Sun, Moon and planets. In one sense we rightly mal<l! ourselves the center of the universe. we place ourselves in the fenter of the birth chart, defying the laws of physks. to renect our personcentered view of reality. We then interpret the chart and the ensuing transits. progressions, etc. in relationship to our own lives. This is all {O~Ietely fair and completely human. But, unlike tile Sun, we occupy llle center without having influence on the planets. It is true that modern humanistic astrology has giwn us with the power of choice so that we are no longer conde~med to suffer under tile ·rays· of Saturn. But the {hoices are about our responses. In no way are we consi<fered to be {apable of affecting tile planets themselves. The logic ol astrology Is that the cosmos Is the grand source of energy and we are the beings who receive ttis energy here on Earth. Inherent in this is tile essentially passive nature of humanity in relationship to the cosmos. How Is it possible for tiny humans to Influence the massive planets, the Sun. the Moon and the starsl But in a post-Newtonian universe all is relative. and there are no forces that do not act upon the other forces of the universe. Just as the uncertainty principle has shown that llle observer affects the observed, It Is Ume, we recognize that the observer (the person) aflects the planets. When one talks of the transit of Saturn to hiS/her Sun, there Is no reciprocity. The personal Sun receives or Is synchronized with tile current forces of Saturn. The Individual experiences the contraction. Clarity and heaviness of Saturn. Nowhere Is there the notion that the natal Sun of the person I.VIuences Saturn. In fact. we are saying that there Is a connection between the pr~nt position of Saturn and the birth position of the natal Sun. The vibratory rate is such that the two are linked by some kind of aspea. The aspect describes the nature of tile link, but It Is viewed as a one-way transmission. If the observer affects the object In a physics lab, why can't the person affect the transiting planet in the l aboratory of real lifel At the heart of the Issue Is tile natt~e of human existence. We perceive ourselves as smaff In relationship to the cosmos. we are temporal beings here for our average three score and ten, while even the puniest planet endures for billions of years. We perceive size (mass) and time as factors that tell us who is going to influence whom (or what). But this is exactly the kind of Capricorn ian logic that we are now on the verge of leaving behind. (Editor's note: Uranus and Neptune were conjunct in

What are TrMsitsl


capricorn when this article was written in 1993.) In a relativistic universe all are connected all the time.
How do we measure influence? We have the sheer mass of the planets weighed against an individual person. If mass Of size implies power. can we say that the Roclcy ~1ountair.s are more Si!1lificalt than ll>e thoughts of Einstein or the love we feel in our hearts? Can we relate ll>e experience of being human to cosmic forces? Well, if the planets inlluence us. we must influence them. Energy flows both ways. The deeper message is that human experience has meaning beyond the personal. life is cosmk. we are cosmk. And we are at a time In our human history when we are preparing to rediscover this. All of the current UFO stories are reminders that we are not really islanders separate from the rest of

ltle universe.
The Planets Have Changed
In fact. we have already changed the planets in our changing consciousness of them. We have brought Uranus, Neptune and Pluto irto ll>e light of our awareness and made them active players in the field of human hls to~ What were before only shadows. now play consciously in <>ur world. We have changed the face of Saturn. He. the devil himself. has been partially tamed as we have reassigned his most infernal qualities to newly discovered Pluto. we have also changed the characteristks of Mars and Juplter by replacing them as rulers of Scorpio and Pisces with Pluto and Neptune. Mars as the ruler of a water sign was still partially feminine. P luto~ displacement of Mars has left us with a less balanced warrior. J upiter·s exile from Pisces leaves him all judgment without compassion. These changes. brought about by astrologers. change the way we see the universe and the way we experience it.
Dane Rudhyar. who was the first to make us conscious of so much II> at is new in astrology, understood the outer planets Uranus. Neptune and Pluto to be transformational. It Is only logical that their positions beyond the pale of Saturn connect us to the galaxy and pull us away from the solar system. Symbolically, tl'ls means bringing the Individual beyond the ego and Into connection with collective. universal forces. With Uranus and Nepwne mating In capricorn. we can expect the birth of a new aspect of humanity. one In whkh Individual Influence on the collective Is more clearly recognized. As astrologers we can then begin to look at our transits as two-way events. Returning to our earlier example, we can ponder how the natal Sun of someone can lnlluence Sot urn. how ll>e will. creativity and life-force of an lndMci\Jal can affect the collective limits that Salllrn represents. Every lransit can be looked at In this way.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

Each of us is a Transit
Ea<:h of us is a transit. The birth chart is a set of transits that resonates within us. We aspect the planets and have our impact oo the universe. we can examine our relationship with the cosmos in a less egocentric

way when we recognize that we all! not separate, not dlsconneW!d from

the big picture, not passive recipients of cosmic forces. We can now look at each transit in a way that enlarges our view of ourselves and reintegrates humanity into the greater whole in which we live.
If Pluto is making a conjunction to your Moon, it is likely that you will experience considerable emotional change. Yet at the same time. you will also have the chance to nurture Pluto, to provide food for collective
purificatjon and transformation. You can bring caring to the death process

so it may evolve just as you evolve as an lndlvkklal. Is the transit of Neptune bringing confusion to your Mercury? Perhaps It also your chance 10 bring clarity to collective dreams. to help Nepwne articulate ideals. to communicate its compassi on. Does the transit of uranus to your Venus brings chaos to your relationships? Perhaps Uranus needs your love, your approval and your artistic touch so that revolutions occur in more harmonious fashion.
We can ree)(3mine every transit as two-way conversation allowin9

us to have real communication with the planets. In this way astrology prepares us for the 21st century and leaves behind the stigma of fatalism til at has kept it from fully contributing to the modern world. Each of us can leave behind the limited lliew of being a mere speck In a vast universe and remember that we are a fully connected node of Information. energy and power. In this way we an use astrology and our lives to Influence tile fuwre rather than to merely report It

What are TrMsitsl


Cliapter 2

rr'ransitino Confinurations arul tlieir.ft.pptications
Transits both to single points in the birth chart and to houses in ~ should be considered not only In Isolation, but In the context or aspects between the transiting body and other real-time bodies. For example, a lransit made by Saturn to a particular house will take on an altered, more awkward and conflicijng reel while real-time Mars rorms a square to real-time (transiting) Saturn, although real-time Mars Is not transiting
the same house or necessarity aspecting any planet within it. Transits

operate both in isolation (where 111e transiting planets are not in aspect to any other real-time planets) and as configurations. A particular case or transiting confJgurations that is very well known is that or transiting New and Full ~loons. When a New Moon rorms a lransit to any point or house in the birth chart. the real-lime SUn is in (Onjunction will1 it and rorming exactly the same type or transit The lransit will be experienced as the combined effects ol the solar and lunar principles synergically activating whichever house they are transiting or point in the natal chart IIley are aspecting. An extreme case or 111is is a lransiting solar eclipse, whereby the Moon partially or completely obscures the Sun, blocking the path ol its radiation to palt or all or the Earth. This will be relt as adiminution or 111e energy orthe solar principle in application to whichever house and 1 or single points In the bllth ch011 are being 1ransited by the edipse. When a Full Moon forms a transit to any point or house In the bllth (hart, the real-time Sun Is In opposition to It and slmuttaneously forming the Oj)posite aspect rrom any aspect made to a point In the birth chalt by the real-time Moon (trine Instead or sextlle and vice versa, conjunction Instead or opposition and vice versa, waxing square Instead or waning square and vice versa). Whatever the nature or the tranSits rormed by


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

111~ Moon and Sun to points in th~ birth chart, th~y will~ condition~ by ll>e clashing energy of the Sun's real-time opposition to the Moon. Full Moons which tie in by aspect (especially conjunction. opposition and square) to th~ lum inari~s and p~rsonal plan~ts in th~ birth chart ar~ f~tt particularly acutely by those subjea~ to them. An extrem~ case of a Full Moon is a lunar eclipse, whereby the Earth partially or completely <>bsc..-es the Moon, blocking the path of the Sun~ radiation to all or part <>f the Moon. This will~ f~lt as a lessening of the lunar pull and of the application or the lunar principle to whichever pair of opposite houses are being transited by the lunar eclipse and to whichever bodies and single points in the birth chart are ~ ing aspected by the real-time Sun and Moon.

One famous AStrologer states that eclipses trans~ing I<minaries and personal planets by conjunction or opposition store up a powerful energy which is released the next t ime that the natal luminary or planet affected is in rec~ipt of a major aspea ovrtr the coming months, usually from the Sun or Mars · and orly at this time Is the energy of the eclipse felt. Prtrhaps the best known application of tran ~lng configurations Is Sun Sign Forecasting, as used by media astrologers all ovrtr the western world.
Arm~ only with the zodiac sign occupied by the Sun, as far as birth (hart information is concern~. Sun Sign Forecasters hav~ to draw as many pr~ktlve Inferences as possible with very litUe know l~ge of the specific conditions of the birth chart to aid Ill em. Their foremost tool is the consideration of transits to the whole·sign solar houses. Strictly speaki ng, th~ true solar houses ~gin with the degree of ~ach sign occupi~ by the Sun In Its sign. sine~ the solar houses are calcu lat~ on an equal 300 house dMsion basis, with the first commencing at the degree and sign occu pi~ by the Sun at birth, and so on around the zodiac in the usual direction. However, Sun sign forecastrtrS do not have this degreespecific Information related to the birth charts for which they are forecasting, and they therefore have to recourse to considering transits to any degree ol the sign In which the true cusp or a particular solar !louse Is round as falling within the solar house concerned. Of course. ~ en Individual's Sun Is at 27• of Aries for example, this will result In transits made by a planet through the first 26 degrees of each sign being interpreted by the forecaster as falling within the solar house alter the true solar house for the Individual atfea~. On average, the solar house placements presumed by the forecaster w1 ll ~accurate for only 5()% of the population of each sign. This technical Inaccuracy In relation to true solar houses notwithstanding, the method or whole-sign solar houses Is

Transiting C,onrlgUratlons Inti their Applkatlolls


in itself the most andent of all the methods for house division with the possible exception of houses based on parts or lots, so ~can reasonably be presumed to have some meaningfully applicable merit in itself. Since the transits of the Sun, Moon and Planets through each whole·

sign solar house in isolation provide only a linited amount of changing
information for Sun Sign Forecasters to use when composing their forecasts for the different Sun signs, it is essential for them to also take into account the collaborations introduced to each of these house transits by the configurations of transiting planets. In other words, they should look at the aspects formed between the different real-time planets, and in~ rpret them as modifying influences upon the impact of each planet transiting each whoJe..sign solar house.

Transient I nftuences
Relationships, like individuals, are not constant, but subject to the ever-changing Influences of passing astrological trends Impacting upon them and upon each individual involved. Difficult transits (connections made by the planets in their current real-time positions in the todiac) to the bllth chalt of either Individual will often alter this Individual's perceptions and outward pmjectlons. the transiting planets linking In to his or her bllth chalt and altering both how he or she comes across to <>lher people and how he or she perceives any emotional situation and life In general. Conjunctions or hard aspects by transit of Satum or Uranus to lor fmm) the Sun, ~loon. Venus or Moon's Nodes, or to the 1st, 5th or 7th houses, can cause for example, depending on the malefic planet implicated, slumps In self-confidence, vitality and personal effectiveness (Saturn-Sun), dampenlngs of emotional connections (Saturn·Moon, Sai.\Jrn-Venus or Satum transiting the 5th house), and separations (Sa tum <>r Uranus in aspect to the Moon or Venus; or Uranus transiting the 5th or 7th house). Hard transits to or from Mars may cause arguments. Neptune~ involvement may cause undear communication, false assurances and promises, and distorted perception leading to regrettable decisions to be made in connection with any relationship sitllation, including its seeking, entry, developmen~ or even abandonment. Ordinary transits made by llle Moon to the birth <halt In everyday life have a very significant passing inftuence on people ~ moods and outward projections, which affect all their interactions at that time. Conversely, other transits can bring joy and harmony and greater confidence and effectiveness when it comes to (Ommunication and approaches made in relationships. Sometimes ~ is said that the transits to one's bilth chart under which a relationship began will affect the entire course of the relationship.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

In addition to transits to the individuals' natal planets and houses. consider the temporary influences of aspects within their progressed
charts, aspects between their progressed and natal planets, and transits

to their progressed planets. using the day-for-a-year substitution technique known as secondary progression. Cak\Jiate the progressed positions of llle planets in each person~ chart by moving them fonvard from their positions at birth to their positions one day later for every completed year of life (using the ephemeris).
Beyond the effects of transient planetary innuences to the birth chart of each Individual, when the Individuals become closer and their energies merge more, their composite field takes stronger fDml, and is more clearly subject to the influences of transits to it. In accordance with llleir particular nature. such transits can variously signify positive and happy ti mes. and more awkward patches in the relationship. They may also coincide variously with times when the relationship forms Of takes a step forward in its development with agreements and binding decisions are made; and during times of temporary separations and even the final dissolution of the association· again. according to the partkular transits ongoing process. Consider also progressed synastry. W<>rk out the aspects and house overlays between the progressed planets in one chart and the radical (natal) placements In the other, and vke versa, and take all these influences into account as an additional set of factors affecting the relationstvp at the current stage of these individuals' lives. Changes in progressed synastry can strengthen or weaken relationships over a time.

Transiting C,onrlgUratlons Inti their Applkatlolls


Cfiapter 3

rrimmo 'l'ransits
One of the most difficult problems in applying the theory of transits i s timing, that Is, finding when the Influences associated with the transit reach a peak. Precisely when will an evl!<lt CIX>Cerning the outside world would happen 1 At first, this might not appear to be a problem, because you would expect the Influence to peak and the event to occur at the precise moment when the transit becomes most exact. But this is seldom ltle case. because each event in your life. whether it inwtves purely internal, psychological changes or external events, is usually related to several factors operating simultaneously. I will discuss those factors In lllis Cllapter.

let us begin with taldng the simplest case, In which only one trnnslt is operative at the time. In such a case. you would rightly expect the occurrl!<lce to coincide with the exact time of the transit, but even he<e you cannot count on~ completely. First of all, If there really Is only one operative transit at a given time, there probably will not be a nO!iceable event: whatever happl!<ls will be too subtle to notice. Very few Important changes In life are ever marked by a single transit tf you pay attention only to the transits of the outer planets, It may seem that they Indicate important events. but in fact you will find that there are simultaneous transits by the inner planets that reinforce the outer planet transits. Or Ill ere are very significant transits to midpoints, which reinforce the outer planet transits. Midpoint transits are very important and will be discussed in detail late< in this section.
You will olten find that the arc of an inner planet transit is closer lllan that of the outer planet transit that it accompanies. But the event cannot be described without reference to the outer planet transit This is quite a common occurrl!<lce and eluddates the first prindple of trnnsit analysis.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Rule l.An ouw planet transit is usually accurately timed by an inner planet transit that approximately coincides with ~and reinforces the nature
of the outer pJanet transit
Often more than one inner planet transit is doing this. which

{Onsideratly complicates tile timing. In this case other melllods have to be incorporated, as witt be discussed late< on in this chapte< However. for tile present we can say that tile event will occur in the space of time between or among the times of the various inner planet transits. The Sun and Mars most often perform t!Os timing flllctiOI\ although sometimes Mercury will be Important In Indicating when an event becomes know n to you consciously. Now we will introduce a second principle that many people witt find somewhat different from what they have been taught
Rule 2.Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as an "orb" of influence concerning a transit

The term orb usually means an area in which events concerning a transit occu< It is measured in space and considered to be so many degrees along the ecliptic. Space can be converted into time, because lhe transiting pJanet is mo\Ang, so an orb of so many deg,rees and minutes indicates the length of time In which a transit Is likely to Indicate an

The problem is that one cannot speak of the length of time, when a single transit witt be in effect without referring to the transits. both of inner and outer planets, that are occurring around it or without referring to the nature of the events and processes symbolized by the transit. Some internal events or psychological changes take a great deal of time 10 build up to a climax and then more time to develop their consequences. The length of time involved is a function of the events, not of tile transits. The best that we can hope to do is locate the center point of the entire process. which witt occur closest to the transits that signify It although other factors described in this chapter may deflect the event from the apparent time of the dosest transit. But again I emphasize that !Ills Is not because of an orb effect. but because the event Is associated with a number of different transiting factors. In my experience, If you take Into consideration all of the various transits that may affect the timing of the process, and combine their effects correctly, you witt get ~e<y ciOS(! to the exact time of the event. It Should be pointed out that llle methods described In this chapter may result In more tllan one possible time for a given event during a larger span ol time, but each of the possible times will be very precisely defined. It Is not til at an event will take place sometime over the courS(! of several days or even months,

1/ming Ttansits


llut that there are certain clearly defined times when tile event may occur. Admittedly, this process is much easier to carry out after an event Ulan before, but the principles are still theoretically correct Whenever an evert has apparently not correspond with the timt!s of maximum planetary influence, I have always found that I have overlooked some factor. The indeterminacy in the timing of a transit results simply from llle difficulty of tal<irv,j into account all of the factors, not from an actual o:>rb or zone of equal probability in the transit
Rule 3. When a number of transits described an event the time of llle event will be closest to the time, when the average orb of all the transiting planets approaches zero.

It is rT'QSt applicable when several planets are transiting one point in the chart. The technique is to find the distance between the transiting planet and the point of exact transit. until the planet reaches the point of transit the angle is considered negative. Mer the planet has reached llle point of transit the arv,jle is positive. 01 course, the signs of the angles can be reversed, as long as the approaching and separaUIV,l arv,jle to a transit are given opposite algebraic signs.

After calculating all of the angles between the transiting planets and the point of transit add them algebraically; in other words, add the positive numbers together and then subtract the negative ones from the sum. If the sum of the negative values is greater than the sum of the positive values, subtract the positive sum from the negative sum and call lhe result negative.
fOI' example, let us suppose that we have a natal Sun at 12' 00'. Uranus, coming to a square from Taurus, has the longitude 11' 15'. The transiUIV,l Jupiter is at 16' oo: and the transiting Mars is at u• 25: we see that each transit has an angle of separation between It and exactitude. Uranus square natal Sun • • 45'. Jupiter square natal Soo • +4'00'. Mars conjunct natal Sun • ·35', We change the 4' 00' figure to the equivalent figure of 240: then add the positive figures to each other and the negatives to each other. The positives add up to 240', since there Is only the one positive angle, while the negatives add up to -80:

240' + (·80') • 240'. 80'. 160' That sum represents the total angle of separation. we divide that sum by the number of transiting planets, which In this case Is three. 160'/3 • 53.33333', which is the average, or mean, angle of the transit at this time. Since the mean Is positive, we can see tllat the combined strength of the three transits Is beyond Its peak.


Know about Transt of P lantts

This computation can be done in another way if all of the transiting angles are muttiples of thirty degrees or if they have the same sign. Here is the calculation for our example. ll' IS' + 16' 00' + ll'25' • 38' 40' We then divide this value by three, the number ol transiting planets,

to get 12' 53.33333'. This method, using the average position of the
transiting planets within their own signs, also shows that the combined i nfluence of the three planets is 53.33333' beyond its peak. The major defect with this method is the diffiCulty of dividing into a number that is made up ol degrees and rrinutes. Here is the method. 1. To divide 38'40' by 3. first divide Into 3 parts. 38' divided by 3 • 12' remaiOOer: 2' 2. Convert the remainder degrees Into minutes by multiplying It by 60. 2' x60 c 120' 3. Add this converted degree remainder with the 40' of the original figure, 38' 40' 120' + 40' • 160' Divide the minutes sum by 3. 160' divided by 3 . 53.33333' Thus we get the final answer of 12' 53.33333'.
R ule 4.1 f two planets that are In aspect to a natal chart are being rtansited, the influence leading up to an event will peak and thereby time the event, when the transiting planet contacts each of the two natal planets exactly and also whon It Is exactly halfway between the two rtansits In arc.


This Is another situation In which the mean orb of the transits approaches zero. but here there are two natal factors and one transiting factor: As an example, let us say that we have a trine from 1' OS' to 4' 56' and a transiting planet In early Gemini. There will be three peaks of i nfluence. The first occurs at the exact transit by sextlle from ! 0 05', and the third is at 4' 56', but there is also a peak at 3' 01', because the angles between the transiting factor and the earlier natal factor are equal but opposite In sign. This peak Is often the strongest of the three! Also note that this point represents the exact transit to the point halfway
between the two natal factors. usually called the midpoint

halfs1.111. In

this case the reader can readily see that the transiting factor is conjunct with the midpoint of the two natal factors.

1/ming Ttansits


In this connection, it is important to note that the transits between llle transiting factor and the first and second natal factors were sextil es. but the transit to the midpoint is a conjooction. and first acts like a ~onjunction rather than a sextile. Similarly, if a transiting factor forms simultaneous trines to planets in a natal trine. it completes a grand trine for the duration of the !tans~. 1n this case the trines do not act like trines; instead, the influence is like that of an opposition. At this poin~ I would like to discuss the method tor calculating midpoints, which is qlite simple. Fi~ of all, convert the longitudes of llle two natal planets in question to 360' notation; that Is, measure their angular position in the zodiac from oo Aries rather than from the beginning <>f the sign. This is done by adding the appropriate values derived from llle following table to the longitudes expressed in terms of the skjn. To convert the value 23' 36' to 360' notation. we add 30'to 23' 36: obtaining 53' 36'. Now let us take another factor at 17' 19' and calculate the mk!point between it and the factor at 23' 36'. we already have tile value for the first position. 0' 30' 60' 90' 120' ISO'

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo VirQO

180' 210' 240' 270' 300' 330'

libra ScOtplo Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces

To calculate the value for the second position. we look up Scorpio in lhe table and find 210'. we add 210' to 17' 19', obtaining 227', and !hen add the two values. 227' 19' +53' 36' = 280' 55'
To get the midpoint we di~de this sum by 2: hence the term halfsum.


ss· divided by 2. 140' 27.5' or 140' 28'.

rounded off to the nearest minute. This Is equal to 20' 28'. SOtnCiimes this tech rique gives an answer that seems to be exactly 180' degrees off. It Is not actually off. It Is the midpoint taken along the longer of the two arcs between the two planets. I n this case, simply substitute the sign opposite the position that you have obtained. The


Koow about Transt of Plantts

midpoint of the shorterarc is usually preferred, although for tne purposes <>f timing ~ makes no difference.
Sometimes an event seems to appear out of thin air with no signfficant: corresponding transits. This is almost atways a mistake resulting from checking the transits carelessly. As I have stated. evl!llls are usually timed broadly by long term oote< planet transits and more predsely by i nne< planet transits. Usually an inner planet tra~ by itself is not sutfident to signify an important even~ except in the following case.

Rule S.On a certain date a group ol transtling planets, pethaps all inner planets, may form a complex ol aspects among themsellll!s. If that (Omplex transits a natal planet, an elll!nt will occur In the native's life Ill at bears the symbolism of the natal planet combined with that of the transiting planets.

Even tl1e transiting Moon. whose effects are so fleeing. can enter into such a combination. The important point to note here is that no outer planet transit Is required to bring about the eftec~ and the evoot can be quite signifiCant. One example of this prindple, wNc:h all astrologers are familiar with, is the transiting eclipse, whkh is generally considered quite significant whoo It occurs conjunct Of' opposite a natal factor, elll!n lllough solar and lunar transits by themselves are not usually considered critical. Another related principle can also cause events to happen seemingly <>ut of thin air when there are no apparent corresponding transits.
Rule 6.\f several planets simultaneously transit the natal chart by llle same minor aspec~ an evoot wilt occur that Is appropriate to the nawre of that aspect and to the planets Involved. In this text I have not delineated the meanings of the transits by minor aspects. Such aspects Include the qulntile, 72' ; the semlsquare, 45'; the sesquiduarate, 135'; tl1e semisextite. 30'; the qlincunx. 150'; llle blqulntile. 144' ; the septile. 51'25' 42. 9"; and othe< rrlnor subdivisions of t11e circle. Selll!ral of these are quite signifiCant In natal charts. but do not appear to have much significance In transits. A single aspect by a planet such as the semisquare. even by a slow moving outer planet to a natal planet Of' to the ~tldheaven or Ascoodan~ usually does not signify much and will often go by without any notice. Howelll!r. the exception to this principle occurs whenever several of these transrts happen at the same time. Even rt the transiting planets do not form any aspects among lllemselves. tne<e will be significant occurrences related to the symbolism of tne transiting planets C()(nbined with the symbolism of the natal planets.

1/ming Ttansits


These compound transits can be a soorce of some difficulty to the pra<:ticing astrologe< because they are so ea~ly overlooked, especially ff the planets transit by one of the minor aspects that are not easily recognized, such as the quintile or septile. When looking over an event after the fact the astrologe< can very often find patterns of ttvs type that had been ove~ooked before the evenl However. the<e is a device that can assist in finding these transits in advance. Most astrologers know it as a mechanical aspectarian, or simply as a 360' dial, which is a wheel mar1<ed with the complete 360' of the zodiac. and the aspects, both major and minor indicated at the appropriate spots. In order to use the wheel for our purpose, it is necessary to use it also when drawing the (hart, so that the planets and house cusps are shown In their real angular relationstvp along the ecliptic. This is dffferent from the common English and American practice of simply writing the positions into a schematic (hart in which the twelve houses are represented as equal 30' divisions of the circle. Having e<ected a chart with the aspectarian, you then pla<:e the pointer ol the dial on the degree ol each trans~ing planet and note all llle transiting aspects. If the minor aspects are not indicated on the dial, it is easy enough to put them in. wah the standard chart blank used by most astrologers in this country, It Is hopeless to keep track of these minor transits unless you do a great deal of calculating. The beginning student can ignore these transits for the present, but eventually you will encounter an even that is signified entirely by a complex multiple transit by minor aspects. To help you deal with these. I give here a list of the meanings that are commonly assigned to these aspects.
Semlsexlt~ (30' ) . This aspect seems to create some tension, because it bridges the two adjacent signs, which have no connection with each other symbolkally. Adjacent signs are of different elements, quadNpllcity and polarity. The se<rlsextile generates a sense of discomfort about the issues signified by the planets or houses involved in the transit.

Semlsquare(45' ) and Seoquldllildnmt(l35' ). These aspects are discussed togethe< because they are quite similar In nature, being much like the square but less strong. They represent a dynamic link between the planetary ene<gles that Is likely to produce change and tension, If one Is unable to go along with the changes Involved. ExPerience has shown that these aspects are quite significant In transit but only when several occur at once or when one ocrurs In connection with a major transit. SfJptl/e (51' 25' 42.9"). Also ched< the various ll'IJitlples ol this angle. This aspect relates to hidden Inner changes that often affect one~


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

psychological stat~. Sometimes it also sign ifi~s ev~nts Ill at caus~ radical changes in pe<~ption and consciousness. The s~lil~ is often described as being related to •occult"' phenomena, but this is not a very meaningful charact~rization. This as~ct is most significant in a transit to planets lllat are related to each other by septile.
Qulntile (72' ) and Blqulntile (144' ). These may not be minor so much as misunderstood. They relate to fortes lllat combine to bring about metamorphoses or fundamental changes in one's life. Usually lllese ar~ very creative energies, but they may b~ destructi~ W blocked. Their symbolism has qualities of both Voous and Pluto. In Ill at they can create
new structures and destroy old ones.

Qulnc111x (150•). Many astrologers might object to placing lhe qt.incunx among the minor aspects, but by transit it is usually less significant lllan the asp~ts described at l~ngth in lhis book. Transits by quincunx relate to situations that seem to arise spontaneously in the environment and that force one to make a fateful change that affects <One·s later life. Many investigators have noticed that they coincide with h~lth crises as well as accidents.
Ther~ are other minor asp~s. but they are co~letely beyond lhe scop~ of lhis book. As we come to understand lllem better. 1 ho~ that IIley will b~ome the subj~s of sp~ialized works.

Precession Con'ection
Another issue lhat should be considered in tlying to precict when transit patterns will reach their maximum Influence Is lhe matter of precession. Most astrologers are aware that the vernal equinox, otherwise known as the first point of Aries. does not remain Stations with resp~t to lhe fixed stars but moves backward lhrough them at the rate of approximately SO. 25 second ~r year. This Is b~ause of the effect of lhe gravitational pull olllle Moon and planets upon the rotational cycle of llle Earth on its axis. This movement has caused the signs of the zodiac and the constellations of the same name to slip out ol alignment with each othe< by about 2s•, d~cndlng upon how one measures the constellations. Because of this problem, one group of astrolog~rs has abandoned the signs based on the vernal equinox, called the •tropical" zodiac, and adOPted a zodiac that Is fixed with res~t to the stars, called the "sidereal zodiac.· The problem for us Is not which zodiac to use, but that the timing of ltansits taken In the two zodiacs begins to differ significancy as a person !jets older. This elf~ begins to be noticeable by your late twenties, and

7/mlng Transits


when you are seventy-two years old, there will be a difference of one degree between the two positions. which significantly affect the timing
of outer planet transits. Even more important. this problem almost

immediately begins to affect return charts, that is, charts cast for the moment of the Sun~ or Moon's return to its exact natal position. By the age ol thirty-six, one's tropical solar return differs from one's sidereal solar return by twelve hours, which COIT'jlletely alters the positions of the planets in the houses. 1personally feel thatthe signs of the tropkal zodiac give interpretive results that are more useful than those of the sidereal, but 1 recognize
that it is possible to treat the tropical zodiac as if it were moving. In other words. one shcnAd treat the natal positions of the planets as if they were

fixed stars. Since the vernal equinox moves backward, the positions of 111e fixed s~rs move forward In the tropical zodiac. Opinion differs on Ill is point, but many astrologers agree that at the very least, determining 111e positions of the na~l chart corrected for precession helps significantly in timing events. My own experience has been that In timing an event the corrected position are more accurate than the uncorrected ones. especially If you follow the rules given earli..- in this chapter for transit timing. Sometimes it may appears that uncorrected transits give close results, but that Is only because yoo are not applying the principles explained In this chapter. If an event Is signified by several transits, one of them is very likely to be close using uncorrected positions, but the average orb Is usually greater. Occasionally, no amount of explanation will make the precession-corrected uansits, time an event more closely than the uncorrected positions. but 111is Is not usually the case. And frequently no amount of juggling can make the uncorrected positions, time an event closely.

The Problem of Triple Transits
One complkalion that often makes it difficult to identify the time of rnaldmum stress Indicated by a transit Is that very often an outer planet will cross the same degree three times - forward, then retrograde and once more forward. At which of the three times will the signifkant event occur 1 This Is not an easy question to answer, for ~ sometimes appears Ill at the event can occur at any one olthe three times. Many astrologers have claimed to have exact schemes for how to analyze such situations,
but most of these schemes break down in practice. However. two basic

patterns do seem to apply most of the time.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

The first pattern applies whenever the triple transit seems to relate to a long term process rather than to a single event. 1 n this case tile first
contact indkates the beginning of the process, the second is a culmination

l!lr a crisis. and tile third indicates the concluding evens in the process. Often tl1s effect is quite subtle. but if you look carefully you will usually see events that relate to tile first and last contacts of the transiting planet. It is usually harder to understand the connection of the middle retrograde transit In the second pattern, one of the three transits will skjnify an issue for you to handle, often arising from a single event that is not repeated at the other two transits. If you handle that issue property. the other transits may go by without any notice. If you do not, another issue will arise that attacks the same problem from a different angle, and this will continue to happen until tile problem is taken care of. Favourable or "tenelic" transits. to use the older term, usually seem to conform to the first pattern. But a difficult transa that comes tllree times may present l!lne major event or three, depending upon how you handle the first transit. Needless to say. if you do not handle the issue during the first transit. by the ttinl time you will probably be so tired of the problem that you will do whatever is necessary to take care of it. When a transiting planet goes Stations on a natal planet, it is possible

to have a double transit. Under this condition a ~Iars transit will last an
entire month and thereby become a major transa. A planet that makes a station. direct or retrograde. while transiting a natal planet is very significant and whatever event Is signified by the transa will usually llappen at that time ratlle< tllan during the swifter direct transit that takes place ooher before or after the Stations transit.

I ntl!rpreting Transits
Traditionally there were only two kinds of transits, good ones and bad ones. The bad ones made everytlling go wrong, as if you were a llelpless tool of malevolent fate. The good ones made everything go smoothly and ensured the success of any enterprise begun under their influence. The bad transits were the oppositions, squares and about ha~ l!lf the conjunctions. while the good ones were the trines. sextlles and llle other conjunctions. But In modern astrology this notion has largely been abandoned. 1n theory at least. all transits are strictly neutral and merely represent qualitatively different comblnadons of the planetary influences of the natal and transiting planets.

7/mlng Transits


1say "in theory" because it is still true \hat certain corrbinations of planets are usually experience<! as difficult while other are usually easy. And it is also true that if you are going to exhibit the negative {haracteristics of a transit. it will usually be on the old "bad" aspects, \he oppositions. squares and difficult conjunctions. But some sQuares and oppositions are usually easy and Qu~e pleasant, and it is Quite possible to have negative results with trines and sextiles.. Thus there was some 11\Jth in the traditional view, although the modern view is closer to real~. The so-calle<l bad transits bring difficulties because the particular planets do not combine readily; erther they are contradictory in nature or they are totally unretated to each other. The only reason that the trines and sextiles of these planets are less difficult is that these aspects are Inherently less dynamic than the conjunctions. oppositions and squares. Remembering that none of these are Irrevocably bad. the following corrbinations are usually the most difficult. particularly in the SQuare and opposition aspects. The trine and sextile as well as some of the conjunctions may be handled more easily or may have two decidedly different outcomes. See the Individual entries for more complete information.
Difficult Transits

Sun-Saturn. Sun-Uranus (SQuare and opposition}, Sun-Neptune, Moon· Mars. Moon-Saturn. Moon-Uranus. Moon-Neptune. Moon-Pluto. Mercury-Neptune. Venus-Neptune (SQuare and opposition}, Mars·Sat~Kn, Mars-uranus, Mars-Neptune, Mars-Pluto, Jupiter-Saturn (SQuare and opposition}, Saturn-Uranus. Saturn-Neptune, Saturn-P luto, UranusNeptune (SQuare and opposition}. It must be said, however. that these are not usually destructive uanslts. They do not Indicate sudden spurts of bad luck that will afftlct you from heaven high In ways to \lilly beyond your control. as the older astrologers actually suggeste<l. Most people go through most of these rtanslts without any appreciable trouble. They are destructive to you only If \hey signify an Issue In your life \hat you cannot handle; It Is not the planetary transit that is destructive, but your own weakness. The transits only signifies the moment when you will raise the issues that you {annot handle. In the largest sense, transits do not signify what happens to you, tlley signify either what you do directly or what you unconsciously program your environment to do to you. From the standpoint of higher {Onsciousness. This includes sickness and accid..,ts as well as the actions of other peeple.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

The S<>-called difficult transits are those that test the way your have put your life together. And Ill is is not a wholly negatiYe process; it does not mean that if you have put your l~e together badly in some respect llle transit will cause des.truction. In fact the transit will probably change llle weak area or your life. often through a significant purifying process that leaves you revitalized and renewed, although that may not be immediately obvious. The "difficult" transits clear away the refuse from o:me·s life. The only persons who experience continuous, severe problems from difficult transits are lllose who resolutely continue on the wrong course despite allllle evide<1ce Ill at they should change directioo. These transits are difficult mainly in that they are frequently unpleasant because IIley disrupt our cherished ways of living. we try to cling doggedly to our negatiYe traits. These transits are difficult also in that they usually signify llle expenditure of a great deal of energy. On the other hand, if the part of your life signified by the transit is not in bad shape, the "difficlAt" transit may cataplAt you to new levels of success and fortune. This may seem to be a disruption at first, but you will quickly realize that if has opened the way fO< new opportun~ies. The easy transits · the trines. sextiles and several conjunctions · are easy primarily in that they are not unpleasant and do not require any special outpouring or energy. Also they do not test your weak points. But IIley may reinforce your weak points, simply because they denote periods of equilibrium and ease in whidl you tend to continue in whatever direction you have been taking. To react this way is a waste, however. Although lllese Influences do not Impel you to acdoo. you can act more easily with lllem because the energies of the unlve<se seem to flow with you. The signUicant challenge of these transits is to find your own weak spots and lllen change them voluntarily. But the usual reaction is to do nothing. Because nothing cries out to be done. Some people even become totally lethargic. As a result. these transits can do even more damage than the so-called difficult ones. although that is not usually apparent until the next diffiCult transit ol those two planets. The following Is a list of llle generally easy transits. Those not listed i n this list or the "dlffiOJit"llst should be considered neutral, that Is. hkely to go either way. This list refers to sextiles and trines. except where It Is noted that the other aspects are also easy.
Easy Transits

Sun-Moon, Sun-Mercury, Sun-Venus (all transits), Sun-jupiter (all Transits). Moon-Venus (all transits). Moon-) uplter (all transits). Venus·

1/ming Ttansits


Mars, venus·) up iter (all transits), Mars·) upiter. The trine and Sextile coni>inations not listed he<e are considered neutral. They are Usually quite easy, but not as universally as the ones listed above.
I repeat this point because it cannot be stressed enough the transits in themselves do not cause either good or bad happenings. In fact they do not cause anything; they are just signs that your will have to confroot certain issues in your life at a particular time. The ease or difficulty of a partjcular transit come from your inner makeup. General indications about various activities being favoured or inhibited under a partkular transit are based on the average person. Various persooal strengths may enable you to overcome any negative indication. Similarty. your weaknesses may make a mess out ol the most favourable transit. Watch your reaction to llle transits as a sign of what you need in order to grow as an individual. Also it must be pointed out that your need to have a through understanding of the natal chart in order to get a clear idea of how someone will react to a given transit. For example, a person whose natal chart is filled with trines and has no squares or oppositions may vegetate through transiting trines and sextiles, getting nothing out of them at all.

Models for Transit I ntefJII'etation
In the interpretations of transits, the planets have prelty much the same meaning 111at they have in the natal chart. This is true of the aspects also. but transiting aspects have certain characteristics that make it necessary to discuss the<n at greater length. Because they are moving aspects and in a constant state of change, their character is dynamic or cydlcal. This Is true In the natal char~ but It Is harder to distinguish. Also, most existing textbooks give no detailed descriptions of the bases of aspect delineatioo except for the division into good and bad. The exceptions to this statement are the works of Dane Rudhyar and the other Humanistic astrologers. For this reason 1believe that students will be helped by a detailed explanation of tile bases, philosophical and otherwise, of the aspect intA!rpretations. These bases fall Into three categories, three different ways of looking at the aspects, each of which contributes something to our whole understanding of them. These three ways of iooklng at transits ere the theory of harmoolcs. the dynamic cycle approach and the house relationship approach. Nooe of these approaches Is correct to 111e exclusion of the other. although the harmonics theory Is perhaps the most 1\Jndamental and the basis for the others. We will discuss each theory In detail and then give a synthesis of the three approaches for each aspect.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

This is relatively new way of looking at aspects stems largely from llle work of John Ad dey of Britain and his associates. although the roots Qf his approach go back to Pythagoras of Samos and can also be found more recently in the writings of Johannes Kepler. This tlleory is based on the nature of the aspects themselves, and llle signs and the houses. In factthis type of approach bids fair to become llle basis ol all other systems. for it appears that signs. houses and aspects are all rooted in harmonics. Briefly. tile theory of harmonics comes from the division of the cirtle of 360' by small whole numbers. which given rise to what is called a harmonics series. thus: 360' 360' 360'




360' 4





360' 7



And so forth. When these Indicated divisions are performed. we get the value 360'. 180' . 120'. 90', 72' . 60', 51' 25' 43" and 45'. Except forthe next to last figure, which comes from dMdlno the circle by seven, these numbers Should look familiar. for they are the angles of the aspects • conjunctions. opposition. trine. square. qulntlle, sextde and semlsquare. The division by seven Is often called the septile. I t Is not commonly used, but may be quite significant. The signs and houses are based on the division by twelve. The conjunction Is related to the meaning of unity, the opposition to two. the trine to three and so forth. It Is becoming clear that astrology Is nothlno more than a complex marlfestatlon of the prlndples of number, Ill at it is really a very elaborate form of numerology. This also enables us 10 predict the meanings of aspects based on the division of the zodiac by numbers that have hitherto not been used, such as eleven and tlllrteen. Actually this whole approach has been used Implicitly In our Hindu astrology. which uses aspects based on nine, seven and other divisions that are unusual to West. Their method of hanl:ling aspects is different f rom ours, but the more unusual harmonics are being used. Most of tile smaller aspects generated by harmonic tlleory are not relevant to the basics of transits study. For our purposes at this point ~ will be sufficient to discuss the major aspects only-the conjunction, trine, square and sextile, which arise from the division or the circle by <One. two. three. four and six. respectively.

1/ming Ttansits


One: the conjunction. The first harmonic symbolizes union and perfect togetherness. It is the number of beginnings. There is no
polarization and thert!fore no conflict between the prindples. However, if

a conjunction occurs between two planets that are not basically easy to combine, the result will not be easy. The difficulty does not arise because Qf a conflict between the principles. but because the union is difficult. As all things in metaphysics proceed from the ONE, so the conjunction carries within it the seeds of all other aspects. and therefore one can expect a considerable variation in the effects of conjunctions. Remember that a
conjunction is 2 X 180°, 3 X 120° and SO forth. Thus it is that some conjunction transits are more like trines or sextiles, and others are mOfe

like squares or oppositions. Two: the opposition. This is the number of polarity, of confrontation between two principles. and it is inherently connected w~h conflict. But it is also the symbol of I and Thou. of the interaction between Self and Other. without which there can be no consciousness at all. There can be no awareness prior to the operation of the number two. 1 t Is not more Qbjective than one. it is the actual issue of the subjective versus objective.
Three: the trine. This number symbolizes the resolution of polarity and conflict through an intermediary. It is also a state of equilibrium and

balance. There may be a great deal of activity associated w~ the number lhree, but it always consists of a series of complementary processes that
balance out so that there is no net change. This is a symbol of creative, urv-esisting now with the universal energies.

lhe first number that is a multiple of a number other than one: that is 2 • 2 x 1, 3 • 3 x 1. but 4 • 2 x 2. Because It Is the product of two times two, it shares much of the nature of the oppo~ion. It is a number of dynamic change and instability. But on its own it is associated with egoconsciousness and the notion of material reality. It Is related to Saturn somewhat In this regard. Four symbolizes situations In which there Is
resistance to some force, and the force is challenged to prove itself against lhe demands of the material universe. Five: the qulntlle. This number Is not Important In basic transit study, llut does become very Important In certain situations that will be discussed l ater on.

Four. the square. Four is the first composite number of the series.

Six: the sexdle. Like tour. this Is a composite number. the product of two times three. It can be regarded as the opposition of the trine series. It connotes a state ol balance somewhat like three, but It seNes to sharpon consciousness and heighten awareness. which requires a certain degree of Initiative. It Is not possible to remain passive to a sextlle the


Know about Transt of Plantts

way you often can with a trine. Six is a number or activity within a state <>f balance, so structures can be built relatively easily. From this comes the sextile's traditional association with opportunity.
As mentioned earlier. the higher harmonics are significant, but they oo not usually operate except in association with other, more potent transits. We are concerned here only with those harmonics whose aspects work at least to some extent in single transits. It must be said, howeve<, Ill at a single transit by sexUie will oft£n go by without much notice.

Dynamic cycle Approach
This approach is clearly related to the harmonics, but the cycle as a whole Is taken Into conslde<atlon, with each transit In the S<!rles treated as part of the whole. For some reason, although the cyclical approach must work with all transit cycles. it is more obvious in some than in others. It is particularly worthwhile for the transits or Saturn by the various aspects to the planets and houS<!s. l t Is also qui te evident In the cycles or 111e Sun. The advantage of this approach is that it ooables the chart reader to get an overview of the native's life cydes, and it clarifies the meaning of a long period ol years of the native~ lite taken as a whole. Below Is a description or the archetypal cycle, which pointed out nature of the goneral cycle and the meanings of the Individual aspects within It,
Stage One: the conjunction. With the transit by conjunction ol one planet over another planet or over a house cusp, there Is an event either within yoorS<!If or betwee<l you and the wortd that begins a process or a series of developments. The nature of this process is In accordance with 111e nature of the planets Involved: the transiting planet Imposes its energy expression upon that or the transited planet. Thus Saturn on Voous. for example, woold signify that the reaching oot for love or affection proceeds in a Saturnlan manner. There Is considerable evlde<1ce that If one casts a (hart for the exact moment of the conjunction transit that the chart will describe the whole cycle in a general way. Unfortunately, to do this for 111e outer planets woold require ephemerides that are considerably more accurate than those we OJrre<ltly posS<!Ss. But this Is the rationale tor the already highly developed techniques of solar and lunar returns. The (Onjunctlon transit Is often unconscious In its effects. Yoo know that something Is happening, but yoo often have to walt until later to know exactly what.

Two: the S<!parating sextile. The process that began with the

conjunction is now on a stable path aOO functioning pretty well. Now you

1/ming Ttansits


~an see what happened at the conjunction, and you should exan'ine ~ and see how well it wol1cs. If it is not working well, this is the time to make adjustments. Necessary changes that are lett undone will have an urlortunate effect at the next stage, the transit by square. Success at ll>e time of the sextile does not guarantee anything without this process Qf scMiny.

St•te Three the separating square. It should be noted that this approach to transits makes a distinction between a separating aspect by transit, in which the transiting planet is moving away from the last (Onjur.:Uon toward the opposition, and the approaching aspect by transil in which the transiting planet is moving back toward the next conjooction away from the last opposition. In this texl the <istioctlon is made only when the cyclical narure or the transit is very clear, as with Saturn. To make this distinction consistently would make an already lengthy text too long.
State Four. the separating trine. This trine is like the sextile in that it is a time ol relative ease when you should scan the whole series of events in this cycle. II you have overcome the crisis or the square, you should get everything into shape lor the clAn'ination of the cycle at the <>pposition. On the other hand. if the square showed that your efforts have been poinUess or harmful, you should take this time to think about what has happened and learn as much as you can from It, so that when llle opposition comes you will be able to make a new start. The danger <>I this trine is that Wyou have managed to keep going at something that i s basically not a good Idea, you will persist In it now. convinced that you have managed to save yourself or what you are doing. But the opposition will show you that you have not won by bringing about a more complete downfall.

State Five the opposition. As has been made clear from the foregoing, a number or things can occur dUring this transillf the process has gone well. this is the time when your affairs reach a culmination. and you begin to reap the reward of your efforts. Also you should begin a transition phase In which you gradually begin to adapt and change what you have done so that you can move onto a new level. You should not be ~ontent with staying at this level, even though success makes It tempting to do so. Also be happy to accept tile rewards lor what you have done. The fuMe becl<ons. and a new stage or development is about to begin.

Stage Six: tile approaching trine. We are now In the second half of llle cycle. and usually this Is the second reaping and transf()(mlng stage <>f the cycle. This trans~ is analogous to the separating sexllle rather than the separating trine, because It Is the first easy state of equilibrium


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

after the initial crisis symbolized by the opposition. Now you should look about and see how you can adapt to meet the needs or the changing
future. If everything went well at the last opposition there is a great

temptation to sit on your laurels now, because everything seems to be ruMing very smoothly and nothing needs to be done. That is true. but~ does not mean that you should not provide ror the time when something does need to be done. See what kinds or changing roles you can play in the time to come, and do not be satisfied to go on as you have. If you began a new phase ol activity at the opposition, ttvs Slage is equivalent in every way to the separating se>ctile at stage two.
Stage Seven: the approaching square. The challenge now is quite <lifferent from that of the separating square. You may suddenly be forced to adapt to a new situation, ror nothing is ever so good that it can go on forever, atthough most people try to do just that Even the most successful creation reaches a peak merely to give rise to another phase or activ~. That is what is happening now. If you adapt and change to allow the birth or the next phase in the final stage ol ttvs cycle, events will proceed smoothly. Otherwise you will bring about a crisis that will lead to total collapse at the next conjunction. Then you will truly have to start over again, with nothing. The first square was a crisis in building up some struct\Jre, while ttvs one Is a crisis in letting go of it. 1 r you cannot detach yourself from it or assist creatively in changing it. you will destroy it. For those who began a new cyde at the last opposition. the function or this square Is Identical to that or the separating square.

Stage Eight the approaching sextile. Its runcdon Is related to the separating trine in that it represents a period or equilibrium just after a square. It everything has gone well at the last square. this sextile is a time ror making final preparations ror the changes that wi ll come at the beginning ol the next cycle. You should be making an effort to fit yourseW into the new order that is taking shape now. If you do this well, you will be able to take advantage of the burst of creative energy that will occur at the conjunction transi t

The House Approach
This method of analyzing aspects by transit Is especially popular emong followers of a very traditional Interpretation and Is the main from or aspect analysis used In India. In this scheme the aspect Is discussed In relation to the houses to which Its angle corresponds. The co !'junction Is considered to be a firS!· house aspect the sextlle, a thlrd·house. eleventl> llouse aspect: the square. a fourth· house. tenth-house aspect: the trine.

7/mlng Transits


fifth-house, ninth-house aspec~ and the oppos~ion a seventh-house aspect This mode of description has considerable merit if~ isn't carried too far. Not every seJCtile affects neighbours, friends and communications, tor example, nor does ~ery trine ponend the possibility of a long journey. The opposition. on the other hand, corresponds quite consistently to the symbolism of the s~enth house. This is because the s~enth house contains the symbolism of the number two very thorougtly, as does the <>pposition, which is the second harmonic. The relationship of the houses to the aspects is completely valid as long as one realizes that the houses themselves are merely supelficlal, meanings derived from much more basic principle. The usual assigMlents between the houses and the aspects is at the most profound level of symbolism. because both are based on harmonics. Therefore you can derive valid Insight into the meaning of the aspects by looking at the l'louses to which they correspond. AJso, in most cases a trine. for exal'l"\?le, will be in the fifth or the ninth houses from the house occuj)Oed by the natal planet, which emphasizes the fifth-house, ninth-house flavour of lhe trine. But It is important not to go too far with this method unless the house symbolism of the aspects is reinforced by the planets involved. for example, a trine by transiting. Jupiter may indicate traveling, not only because the trine Is a rlnth-house aspect but also because Juplter has an Inherent connection with tmvel. Below nre the meanings of the aspects In terms of the houses to which they are related. Readers who are familiar with the traditional meanings ol the houses will notice that lhese delineations are not precisely the same as those of the houses but ere derived from the abstract principles upon which the houses are based.

ConJunction:10' apart, I the flrst·house aspect. Beginnings, the way one expresses oneself to others, oneself taken by oneself in one's own terms. Orten rather unconscious in its actions.
Sextile: (60' apart,) the third-house, e l ~enth-house aspect. Relationships with groups, Integration of the self with Immediate surroundings. contacts with those surroundings. Squ/lfe: (90' apart,) the fourth-house, tenth-house aspect. The expression of the ego in the world and w~h in one~ personal sphere. challenges and confrontations in those two woftds.
Trine: 1120' apart,) the fifth-house, ninth-house aspect. C reative flow of the life energies that allow for easy self-expression, the ability to expand one's experience of the world and to grow in knowledge.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Opposieioo: (180' apart,) the seventh-house aspect. Confrontation and partnership, the self as experienced through others. the conflict
between one's personal world and the external wortd.

If you try to expand these definitions to include all of the affairs signified by a particular house, you will create two problems. First. your predictions will probably be inac<Urate except in rare cases. And second. a given transit will signify so many possibilities that it will become <Oilllletely unintelligible to the persoo whose chart you are readi09. Readi09s in which every transit has a million possibilities are not worth much.

At this point it will be helpful to synthesize everything that has been discussed about each aspect so that you can easily find the general signification of each aspect in transits.

Conjuncticn: Beginning of a new cycle; matte<s involving the seW alone or in conjunction w~h ~s most intimate surroundi09s: the birth of a new phase of life; the culmination of the process that began at the last opposition transit involving the same two planets.
SexWe: Matt..-s involving your relationship to groups; interaction with your Immediate surroundl09; a time of balance, when you can and should take the Initiative; a time for re\Oewlng recent events and seeing what needs to be changed; changes invoMng relatively litde effort; a lime when you can act with little resistance from outside circumstances. Square: Challenges from circumstances or othe<s that force you to prove yourseff or to make necessary change; a time when a course of action proves incorrect or, if the challenge is withstood. a time of new initiative and active forward motion: a challenge to your self-exJl<ession. which may force changes in your way of relating to others or may inaugurate a period of new effectiveness. Trine: A period of easy energy flow and relative lack of stress, when you can make creative cha09es but ue tempted to just flow along; a lime when your experience and self-expression expand to make you wiser and more effective: a period of little change, even when there Is considerable activity: little resistance to your efforts, with matte<s often world09 out with little effort on your part

7/mlng Transits


Opposiricn: A time of confrontation w~h others; the culmination of your affairs in some way or the total collapse of some area of your life that has not worked successfully: events that increase self·consciousness Ill rough meetings witll others; interattion between your inne< and outer worlds; a time of dynamic changes.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Astrological transits are one of the main means used In horoscoplc astrology to forecast futl.O'e trends and developments (the other means used is astrological progression, which progresses the hO<oscope forward in time accO<ding to set methods). AS its name implies, astrologkal transits i n1101ve a method of Interpreting the ongoing movement of the planets as they transit the hO<oscope. This is most often done fO< the birth or Natal Chait of a particular individual. Particular attention is paid to changes ;,f sign, or house. and to the aspects or angles the transiting planets make with the natal chart. A partlc!Aarty important transit Is the planetary return. This occurs when a transiting planet returns to the same point in the sky that ~ <>Ccupied at the moment of a person~ birth. What this means is that the planet has completed a whole circuit of the sky. and signifies that a new ()'de in the person's life is beginning. The most significant retums are 111ose of the outer planets Jupiter and Saturn. The Jupiter return occurs approximately every 12 years and heralds a new phase of growth and development The Saturn return occurs approximately e~ry 30 years, and heralds a new phase in the aging process when new realities and responsibil~ies must be faced.

P1 edcttve astrology
Astrological transits are a part of whet Is usually called predictive JJstrology, the dalm of astrology to predict or forecast future trends and developments. ~lost astrologers nowadays regard the term 'prediction' as something of a misnomer, as modern astrology does not claim to directly predict future events as such. Instead It Is claimed that an astrological pattern with regard to the future can correspond with any one ol a variety of possibilities. What Is In fact foretold Is the trend of circumstances and the nature of the Individual's reaction to the situation.

Astrological Transit


In other wO<ds, progressed and transiting movements ol the planets indicate phases in the individual's life when the potential shown in the natal chart will be given opportunities for development whether through favourable or urlavourable drcumstances. all modem astrolog@rs str@SS th@ rol@ of fr@@ will. It is that a.strology does not reveal late or patterns which are 'Written in stone: rather ~ reveals a person~ strengths and weakness, talents and opportunities. The horoscope does not determine the future, but shows the possible paths that lie ahead so that the individual can choo~ between them ~lodern astrologers argue that no planetary aspect brings a fate that cannot be counteracted in some way and some benefit derived from it • what actual events happen are largely dependant upon the freedom of choice of the individual. The role of the astrologer is to create self-knowledge and awareness of the movement of the planets and their meaning, so as to give the individual an improved abil~ to make reasoned and ~nsible life choices. 1n short, no modern astrologer would try to predict actual future events, or claim that the future was mapped out and deterlrined.



Sceptics of astrology argue in respon~ that stressing the role of vague. general trends and developments allows astrologers to avoid making verifiable predictions; and gives them the ability to attach significance to any number ol arbitrary and unrelated events In a way that suits their purpo~.

I nterpretatlon
Interpretation ol transits is usually lairty similar to the interJ)<etation of progressions. In general however, transits primarily Involve developments In the life circumstances outside the individual's control, while progressions involve psychological develoJl<nents from within the individual. The most important point to remember with transits is that the pattern ol the natal chart always determines their value. So, tor example it the Sun and Juplter are In a difficult aspect In the natal chart, a poslbVe or easy aspect between transiting J uplter and the natal Sun wi ll not produce the same expected benefit. Also, II planets are not aspected In the natal chart, transiting aspects will in general not have the same effect. In short each person carries the pattern of the natal chart with them all th!Mr lives, and the progressed and transiting movements of the planets indicate when the potential In the natal chart will be given opportunities for dev!Mopment.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

Transits of the personal planets - Sun, Moon, Merrury, venus and Mars are usually not considered as important because they move so quickly through the zodiac. The transits of the slower moving planets Jupiter, saturn, uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, are more powerful and noticeable, especially when they hit a personal planet or cardinal point.

Transiting planets' aspects
The main significance of transiting planets is when they form aspects with planets in the natal chart. Transiting aspects are usually limited to an orb of one degree either side of the natal planet. The following is a brief description ol the effect of transiting aspects:

I nner planets
Transits of the inne< planets (including Sun and Moonl are generally not considered by astrologers to be of major importance, as they are of such short duration, and so have a limited effect. Most astrologers would not chart these transits on an ongoing basis as they occur so frequently and are so fleeting in their operation. The fat lowing are their main characteristics: • T....,sltl119 Sun lasts about two days and has an effect on health, energy and willpower In the area of life indicated by the natal planet sign and house being transited. Greater creativity, activity and open expression. • T....,sltl119 Moon lasts a few hours at most and effects mainly moods and feelings, not always consciously, &<:cording to the planet, sign and house being transited. • T....,sltlng Mercury lasts only a day or two. A useful time for helping with backlogs of correspondence, making short journeys or visits. A good lime to write letters, e-mail, make phone calls and generally communicate with others. Combined with Venus, a Mercury transit can indicate entertaining, or perhaps giving a talk or lecture. ~lercury transits to natal Sun and ascendant Indicate a good time for making minor changes- buying, selling and exchanging things.
" Transiting Venus lasts about two days, and usually indicates enjoyment in your social life and feelings of love. Sometimes the influence is financial through receiving gifts or money. Transits to the Sun and ascendant indicate a good time to buy new clothes or to beautify yourself, and transits to the ~loon a good time to beautify the home and buy new household goods. Transits to Mercury and

Astrological Transit


Jupiter indicate a good time to entertain, and transits to its own place and to the mid heaven, a good time to be entertained. Transits to Neptune arE a good time to go to the dnema or theater, while uranus transits are favourable fO< taking chances in romance!

Transiting Mlw'5 energizes the areas of life related to the natal planet being effected. The person will be mO<e enl!fgetic and be able to work harder than usual. But Mars can also promote tension and anger. so there is a need to watch the temper during a Mars transit. especially for transits with the Moon. Plan to keep busy during a Mars transit so as to have an outlet for this excessive energy. There Is also a need to take extra precautions against rushing and accidents. Be on especial guard when Mars transits the Sun or the Ascendant

OUter planets
The transits of the outer planets are considered to be the most important by astrologers. as their effects can last for up to several years. The following are their main characteristics. • Transiting) uplter Lasts some months and presents opport..,ities in the area of life involved by the aspected planet. Period of expansion and exceptional opportunrties for achieving success in business. receiving benefits. good favour. Travelling, knowledge and new experiences are possible. Difficult aspects may lead to serious misjudgments. exaggerated. extravagant behaviour and shel!f bad luck. • Transiting Satum Period of limitation, restrlctiOI\ possible Ill· health, depleted enl!fgy, losses. depressive moods, death. general misfortune. Yel can also be a useful time for wise long·term plan ring. consen~lng energy, building up resou rces, study, serious contemplation of life and self. Patience will be needed as this Is not a time to push ahead with plans and affairs. and forcing mattl!fs will not do much good. It Is better to accept that this aspect will Slow down the rh~hm of life In the hOuse or planet Involved. showing which lessons of discipline and structure must be learned. A time to consolidate and prepare fO< more go·ahead Indications In the chart.
• T111nsftlng Uranus Period of unplanned. sudden drastic upheavals and changes can be expected. Dramatic turn to circumstances. with a new way of life opening. Possible pl!fiod of Inspiration. originality. creativeness. unconventional and rebellious behaviour.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

Greater desire for individuality, invention, expression and freedom, and new relationships are possible. Transiting Neptune Peculiar, strange, confusing and chaotic happenings likely, but also great creativity and inspiration. Neptune dissolves ideas and emotions in the house or planet which is
aspected. Diffusion and idealization tends to DCCIX and a tendency

to fall irlo illusions or dreams. Spi~tualization of the arena of life Involved occur5, artistic practices, theater. spiritual or religious
experiences are possible at this time. Difficuttaspects may stimlAate neurotic. escapist. suicidal and meotally disturbed tendencies.

Victimization or savioor roles are possible at tills time, and overinvolvement wit!> akohol. drugs. Transiting Pl.-o Period of major transformation in the life-pattem. Often the end of a 'chapter of experience' for d1e start of anlllher, due to eruptive developments that have been 'brewing up' under the surface for some time. Pluto will transform. renew and revolutionize the ideas or emotions in the house or the planet which Is aspected. Oeep psychological changes occur, cydes ol either symbolic or real death and rebirth. obsessions. fateful encounters,
power urges and conflicts and sexual issues. Old issues from past

come to sulface. Pluto exposes these Issues so mat their nature may be undetstand and the subject wol1c to change them.

Retrograde motion
The rE!Irograde million of a planet Is its apparent backward motion lhrough the sky caused by tho earth travelling past a slower moving <Mer planE!\, or when 111e earth Is itself pused by a faster moving Inner planet. The outer planets are rctroorade for over 40% of the time. In astrology this backward movement was trad~lonally thought to be unlucky or inauspicious, as it went against the 'natural' order of movement (or ·direct movement' as It Is known). Most modern astrologers consider the rE!Irograde movement of a planet to be Indicative of stress or difficulty. For example, the rettoorade movement of Mercury is commonly thought to sign~y difficulties in communication, such as post or emails going astray, verbal misunderstandings, and travel delays and frustrations. Some astrologers however. do not regard the change from direct to rE!Irograde million as
automatically being one to repression and limitation (nor the reverse sudden release). Rather a change in either direction of movement is

regarded by them as simply Indicating a shift in a person~ handling of Ill at part of their life.

Astrological Transit


A transiting planet may pass over a particular spot in a natal chart and then turn retrograde. passing over tile same spot again before it then goes 'direct' again, passing over the spot for a third time. This can bring a prolonged period of change into the person's life.

Planetary retums
The planetary return in astrology is when the transiting planet returns to tile precise position ~ was in at tile moment of a person's birth. Symbolically this means that the planet is beginning a new cycle in a person's life. Returns apply also to the Sun and Moon - an astrologer would say that a person's birthday Is technically their ·solar return'; for It mar1<s the day when the Sun returns to the same position in the zodiac as on a person's original birthday. The most important returns are those <>f the outer planets Jupiter. Saturn and uraoos. HaW-returns (when the planet reaches the halfway point in ~s journey) are also important, especially in tile case of Uranus, as many people may not live long enough to see or get the full benefit of its full return of 84 years.

Juplter Ret..-ns
Juplter retums occur every twelve years or so, and indicate a new phase of growth and development in I ~e. The f irst Jupiter return. at around age twelve, concerns the move irto adolescence and puberty; while the second return at around age 24 concerns the first real moves into the adUlt wol1d. The year ol a Juplter return will usually be a good <>ne. with prizes won and grants awarded. Writers articles are often first published in this year. and sports people achieve tlleir first important goals. Foreign travel and higher study are often indicated. The Jupiter return Is the Ideal time to push forward and be asse<tive, as efforts will usually be well rewarded.

Satum Returns
Saturn returns occur approximately every thirty years and indicate

a phase In the aging process when new realities and responsibilities must
be faced. The first Saturn return occurs at around age thirty and concerns

llle lime when the first real responsibilities are felt. Many people will mala! a serious commitment at this time. perhaps to marriage. starting a family or buying a hOme. It Is also a time when many assess relatlonsl'lps Ill at have failed and realise that it Is time to end til em. As regards work, many will reassess their career and question their progress to date. This can be a good time to change direction and retrain, even at the cost of a lower salary for a while.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

The second return occurs at around age sixty and concerns the lime when people reassess the next phase of their lives. Many people begin to consider retiring from full time work aOO developing interests lllat have been neglected because of career and children. It is also the first time that many have to face the reality of approaching old age. It is i mportant to have a constructive, practical attitude at this time, and not simply regard oneself as being 'on the scrapheap: as for most people Ill ere are still many good years ahead. The saturn return is often a difficu~ and challenging time, but decisions taken and changes made usually work out well in the long term ~ they are sensible and followed thoroughly with hard work.

Uranus Ret~n~s
uranus takes about 84 years to complete a full return. However, Qne of its most important influences is f~ when it reaches the half way stage in its journey, at around age 42. The Uranus half· return is the <>rigin of what for many peaple is the 'mid·l~e aisis'. Women, especially lllose with children growing up and leaving home, may feel that life has passed them by. A lot of women also begin the pre-menstrual stage at this time, and many men experience the 'mate menopause'. Permanent and successflA long·tenm relationships may be unsettled or disrupted by (asual. fl.lrtatlons and affairs. The Uranus half·ret..-n can be stressi\JI and tense, but also is the ideal time for people to break out of routine lifestyles that they have been stuck in for years, and develop

new irterests.
The full uranus return takes place around age 84, and if the person i s reasonably well and fit, It can herald a new and lively Interest in life. For example, many creative people have completed great works after llle age of 84 • Verdi composed his ape<a Falstaff . and Picasso painted many ol his finest paintings late in life.

Asttological Transit


Cfiapter 5

Jl (]'syc/iofoaica!Jlpproacli to
fJ'ransits anaCJlrotjre.ssions
"The Nature cA Preclction
How do we interpret transits and progressions from a psychological per.;pectivell would like to begin by saying tllat, although the internal narure ol our e~ploraUon should be clear to any astrological student with a psychological approach, I am not In any way denying the value and long tradition of predictive work in astrology. But the two are not mutually exclusive. 'Psychological' does not mean only 'Inner: Too many of us 11ave had experience of acwrate prognostications ol a spec~lc and concrete kind to pre lend that the planets are not related lo the outer as well as the Inner world, or that It Is Impossible to predict certain kinds of events In certain siiiJatlons. Many years ago I gave a seminar for the Wrekln Trust, which was II> en transcribed, edited and turned Into a bOok called The Outer Planets and Their Cycles. In passing, while examining the birth chart of the SoiAet Unlol\ 1 made a prediction abOut Its future. It was really a kind of ll>rowaway, as I did not have moch knowledge at the time about the subtleUes ol mundane astrology. My ratller naive prediction was based Qn the fact that Pluto would creep up to conjunct the Soviet Union's natal Sun in seven years' time. I had observed that every time a powerful transit hit tills natal Sun in Scorpio, the Soviet leader<hip changed. In mundane terms, this is a fairly obvious and simple conclusion, since the Sun In a national chart reflects, amongst other things, the nation~ leadership. The reason I el<pected a collapse rather than yet another typical struggle for the leadership was because Pluto is rather more all· encompassing than the other outer planets. 1 t tends to wipe everything dean, and nothing remains of the original form or structure. There wefe


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

l!lther transits- lor exart'j)le, the uranus-Neptune-Saturn conjunction in llle first decanate of Capricorn, approacl>ng the Soviet Union's Venus in
the 4th house · that suggested that this imminent collapse was going to

be like a marriage breakup. 1 t would be a disintegration lrom within rather than lrom without, and all the various satellite countries would start asking for a divorce. This was how 1 read it at the time, and the<e was no indkation in 1982 of the events to come. A new leader was {ertainly on the cards; but a total collapse was unthinkable. 1 n the subsequent seven years, therefore. I didn't think about it. Then everything c:ame to pass as predkted. There are many situations, both mundane and personal, in whkh astrologers can make accurate prognostications.

However. focusing solely on the predictive side of astrology is like a medical doctor focusing solely on a bodily symptom. rathe< than considering the whole individual and the interrelationship of body and psyche. Over the years. I have come to believe that a great deal ol what we assume to be rated, in terms of transits and progressions, is not fate at all - it Is our unconsdous complexes at work. As Individuals and as a c:ollective, we unwittingly contribute to, create, or are drawn into situations which enact internal issues . either because we have been avoiding these issues in the past, or because they are simply ripe and the Kairos, the right moment, has arrived. It would be very foolish to Imagine that all life situations are the individual's creation, because many are not. One cannot say that six million individual Jews had particular transiting or progressed aspects which meant that they would be taken away to the concentration camps. It Is shee< lunacy to suggest such a thing, as well as an avoidance of our unconscious collusion when such acts of brutality occur on a mass level. There are collective movements and upheavals, as well as ·natural' dlsa.sters such as flol!lds and earthquakes, which may supersede Individual choice, complexes. and will. There may be other. deeper spiritual factors as well. about which I am not in any position to comment. Many people in the astrological world believe in karma. I am not a disbeliever. But 1 feel It is a lot more complicated than what someone once called the 'ding-dong theory'- one was nice or naughty In one~ last life and therefore one is rewarded or punished In this one. As morality Is such a deeply subjective and relative llllng, 1 find little value In such simplistic approaChes to the realm of the spirit. But the<e may well be something that continues tlvough and beyond a single mortal incarnation, which accrues 'substance· according to the choices made In each lifetime, and which acts as a magnet for the kind of experiences we attract. This may be a factor above and beyond one lifetime~ effortS at consciousness. There may also be factors In the family Inheritance over which we have

A PsychologicII Approactt to Trat~sts and Progressions


no control. How~e r unfair it may seem, we are the inheritors of family ~onflicts and complexes that have crystallised over many generations,
and these often act as a kind of fate. If such conflicts have remained

largely uiYesolved, we may lade the mobility to choose or avoid certain events, and any Individual undoubtedly possesses greater freedom of choice, WIll ere is not a heavy backlog of accrued psychological inheritance. Thus there are many factors other than individual cons<:iousness which determine how transits and pro91'"essions are going to be expressed. Nevertheless, a great deal of what we ass""e to be predictable may not be predictable at all, once individual cons<:iousness has begun to expand
the levels at which we experience reality. For this reason I believe we need to try to live as though we have the freedom to work with our

transits and progressions on a psychological level. We may then have room to transform or alter f\Jture events. or deal more creatively with
anything that is our own creatton due to the workings of unconscious

complexes. AS for lllose things about which we truly have no choice, we will find out soon enough, and can hopefully learn to accept and live with our necessity in a more tranquil spirit. One ol my main objectives in explOring this theme is to suggest that not Initially be aware. If we can learn to work with the planetary movements with more insight and less of a literal, 'Uranus Is going over whatnot and therefore such·and·such will happen' approach, we might discover what Pico della Mirandola meant when he said Ill at human beings are co·crtators with God. Uteral·mindedness doesn't do us justice as astrologers. It can also be downright destructive. because there is, of course. such a thing as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Because our perceptions ere invariably distorted by our Individual complexes, we are Inclined to
we may have more freedom than we think, on levels of which we might

!interpret transits and progressions not according to what they might

mean, but according to what our complexes tell us llley will 'do' to us. Even llle most orthodox 1raditional' astrologer is not rtally able to be objective, when it comes to predicting events. We cannot even be certain what an 'event' really Is, since so much depends on how and when llle person registers what has happened. Our assumptions about llle Mure are just as heavily coloured by our own psyches as OIK assumptions about the present.
A psychological approach to transits and progressions is more

challenging than a literal one, because it involVes taking responsibility tor what is symbolised by the conf.gurations in one's birth chart It also
necessitates learning to work with traditional predictive techniques on more than one level. It doesn't mean that there is no value in trying to

get a sense of how a planetary movement is likely to come out on a


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

material level. 1t is as foolish to ignore tills dimension of me as it is to ignore the psyche. If one has the progll!ssed Sun square a 2nd hoose Neptune while transiti~ Saturn is conjuncting that natal Neptune, it may not be a good idea to go into a business partnership with someone whose bad<ground and credentials one knows litde about. The concrete application of astrological principles can be of great value to us. But without the backgroond ol psychological t.llderstancling preceding any literal interpretation, 1 think we may, much of the time, create our own fate. manifest our own predictions. and generate considerable suffering, when it may not be at all necessary to do so.

Levels of expression 1. Meaning of teleology
Now 1would like to examine the different levels on which transits and progressions are likely to be eJCpressed. There are three main levels on which planetary movements seem to operate. Some of
you may think of more than three. But as a general overview, I

have found tills division quite useful. The first level is the one which is likely to be ol greatest concern to tile spiritually inclined asuologer
• the deeper meaning of a particular transit or progressed aspect.

By ·meaning', 1am referring to its teleology • its ultimate purpose In terms of the eYOiutlon of the personality, the SOli I, or botll. Those of us who have a religious or spiritual bent assume that the cosmos has some kind of purpose. and that there is meaning in the experiences which occur in an individual life. Events therefore have a hidden design, a teaching function, and If we can grow because of what happens to us. we are fulfilling some greater spiritual or evolutionary design. Whether such a cosmic design really exists Is an arguable Issue. However certain we might be about the objective existence ol such a deeper pattern . which is another way of saying that God, or the gods. exist · none of us Is In a position to prove it We may. In fact. project a highly personal perception of meaning onto an utterly arbitral'( and unconnected universe. But even If this were the case, agreat many people experience life as containing an Imate meaning and purpose, and this conviction, whether projection or not can be life-sustaining. It Is psychologically Md spiritually creative even if It is not 'true' In any scientific sense. When we view transits and plllgresslons from this perspective, we ask ourselves, "What am 1meant to be leamlng flllm this conjunction of transiting Saturn to my Sun? What Is this progression of Venus

A Psychotoglcll ApprOdctt to Trat~sts and Progressions


square natal Pluto meant to be teaching mel What can 1discover while transiting Uranus is opposition my Moon? What is the positive potential of this progressed Mars sextile C hiron ?' This approach is an extremely important dimension ol any transit or progressed aspect. Although 1have used the term 'spiritual: ~ is as psychological as an exploration ol parental complexes. because we are considering the planetary movements in terms or the evolution or the psyche. we might see this view as belonging to transpersonal or archetypal psychology, rather than reductive psychology. But it is psychological nevertheless. Without this perspective we are treating astrology, and ourselves, as merely mechanical. Some astrologers rocus almost entirely on this level. and consider other levels too negative or materialistic. They will look at transiting Pluto over natal Chiron. or progressed venus square Saturl\, and they will talk primarily about what Is on orrer In terms ol growth. Let's say transiting Saturn is coming up to oppose one~ natal Sun in the 5th house. I r we approach this transit rrom a teleological pe~ec tive. we may talk about a developing sense ol who one is as an individUal. Out or this transit one could get a stronger sense of identity, a clearer sense of purpose, and a realisation of one's creative tale<1ts. The challenges or the material world might hurt. but they can ultimately resultln a deeper commitment to a particular vocational direction. Any even~ which occur. however difficult. are 'meant' to make one more aware of oneself. The teleological approach on I~ own Is orten sufficient with rice tran~s and progressions, like transiting Jupiter trine the Moor\, or progressed Sun sextile Uranus. When we experience harmonious planetary movements, we tend to 'plug into' a sense or cosmic purpose and goodness. and such Interpretations rot how we reel at the time. The meaning and the emotional response at the time or the transit 0< progressed aspect seem to be in accord. When less attractive planetary movements come along, one can still lnterp<et them in terms of potential. Often such an approach can be wonderlully healing In the midst or turmoil, stress and pain. we may see a veritable planetary nightmare corrlng along, and we need to ask ourselves what potential ror growth might be hidden beneath all the stress. It Is very important that we keep this In mind. and are able to communicate it. But we may also need to remember that, however proround and positive the meaning, the Individual elq)erlenclng such transits and progressions may not be In any condition to listen to evolutionary possibilities. For many people, particularly those who have been accustomed to viewing


Koow about Transt of Plantts

reality from a purely material or extroverted perspective, the deeper meaning and potential of a difficult transit or progressed aspect may not be accessible until long afte<Wards. While they are going through il they may be aware of, and able to hear about, nothing except their conflict and pain.
Emotional stuff

Transits and progressed aspects also involve an emotional level of expression. This too is psydlological, but it is more concerned with the individual's responses, both on the feeling level and in terms of the unconscious complexes which are being activated. The past as well as the present is uS<Jally involved. Our emotional responses at the lime of a lransit or progressed aspect are extremely complicated, and a lot depends on how much self-understanding we have achieved, how slrong the ego Is, what kind of containment we can bring to the feelings which are activated. and how much we know about our parental complexes. Past experiences are almost Invariably activated by any Important transit or progression, especially if a similar transit or progression has occurred in the past. and we need to consider what sort of memories and associations we have accrued under successive planetary movemeniS to a particular natal placement Also, an experience which may be ultimately positive and producllve In meaning may, by liS very nature, require suffering as part of liS process. All these factors lie on the emotional level, and because of this, the emotional response to a transit may be wildly different from Its teleology. There may appear to be absolutely no relationShip between lhe meaning of a transit or progressed aspect and how one actually feels and behaves at the time. The astrologer, not to mention lhe client, can get extremely confused by this. I have seen wonderful transits ol Jupiter come along which feet anything but wonderful at the time. We tend to sit and walt hopefully for JupIter, thinking, 'Oh, how splendid. something fantastic is going to come my way when) uplter con)uncts my Sun: Something wonderful may Indeed happen from the teleological perspective, but what happens In actual life may be an emollonal nightmare. If one is a very earthy person. for example, with loiS of planets in Taurus and a strong Saturn and a powerful need for strucl\Jre and stability, and one has been faithfully married for twenty-three years and has three dlildren, two cars, a safe job, and a mortgage on a large house, and progressed venus arrives on natal Jupiter In the

A Psychotoglcll ApprOdctt to Trat~sts and Progressions


5th house. what enwes may be anything but wonderlul on the emotional and material level. We astrologers may know that the openi~ up of the heart which such a progression reflects may ultimately be just what the person needs. But meanwhile, what is he going to t~l his wife? And can he afford to pay the court costs?
~luc h depends on how one has been living one's life, and whether one is in touch with all the different confK)urations in one·s birth chart I t is unlikely that any of us can claim we are totally in touch with everything wrthin ourselves, sort is a question of the degree of unconsciousness. If a person has married earfy for security or sodaI reasons, and the potential excesses of a 5th house Juplter have been rothlessly w ppressed. such a progressed aspect may unleash a great deal ol conllict and suffering. The person may fall in love with someone othe< than his or her spouse. and must then face the consequences. Sometimes It Is the spouse who acts out the renegade Jupiter . It is not uncommon to see this kind of apparently vicarious experience in the charts of clierts, or in one's own charts. One sits waiting for Prince or Princess Charrring to arrive when transiting Uranus goes over natal Venus. and one~ partner runs off instead. Why are we so reluctant to understand how powerlully the unconscious psyche affects the mannl!f in which a transit or progression Is expressed? Sometimes there may be an experience of great depression with an apparently happy transit 1 ha.e seen this very often when the so·called Beneflcs are Involved. Jupiter arrives on one~ natal Sill, or progressed Sun co~uncts Venus. and the astrologer assumes that a time of happiness and fulfilment has arrived. Instead. the person plunges into a black hole. Conflicts may be activated by a happy experience, reflecting deep-rooted feelings of guilt linked with the parents. Or " may be that Jupitl!f makes us aware of unlived potentials, which can exacerbate feelings of failure. If we are so cemented Into a rigid structure that we ha.e cut off all the bridges to future pos~bllities, we may ask ourselves, 'What is the point of lifel'J upltercan be connected with deep depression because the gap between our potentials and our present situation may be revealed In a blinding moment of painful truth. and this gap may make us feel ashamed of how we have been wasting our lives. So the em011ona1response to a tran ~t or progressed aspect may be very different from Its meaning. We need to be able to communicate with a client who Is In the throes ol an emotional state which bears liiUe resemblance to what we 111derstand as the teleology of the transit or progression. We may be so full of what a


Know about Transt of Plantts

particular planetary movement means that we forget that the person may not feel that way at all. He or she may be very frightened by what is happening, even if on a teleological level it is going to be transtormative. we may know that the end resu~ will be positive, but the client may not feel It And If we cannot relate to the immediate emotional sit\Jation of the client. and explore any personal psychologkal issues which could help him or her to find a way through to the deeper meaning, then all our enlightened interpretations will wind up sounding like a load of waffle.
One level without the other is inCorllJiete. It is extremety important

to understand how people feel under difficu~ transits. Many transits are very painful. and it is stupid and short-sighted to pretend that they are not, or tllat one 'ought' to feel optirristic. If somebody with progressed venus square natal Chi ron is sitting there saying, 'I 'm miserable!' We cannot very well respond by saying, 'Nonsense, you should be feeling positive and enthusiastic. because this Is a time of healing.' We can certainly talk about healing. but we also need to empati'Ose with the sense of isolation. inferiority and unfair treatment which the person Is likely to be experiencing. so that we can make intelligent comments about why he or she is feeling til is way. We may also need to talk about the past especially those times when Chlron was activated by other Important transits or progressed aspects. The emotions which accompany profound Inner change are often extremely uncomfortable. In some ways Itis the most complex ofthe three levels or exptesslon. because we are confronted with the mystery of Individual consciousness. Emotional reality Is the glue binding the level of meaning with the level of manifestation, and it Is also the area In which we have some opportunity to exercise Individual freedom or choice. By the time a psychological issue Is so solidified that it must be expressed in concrete fonm. we can only plan for the fuMe. but we cannot undo what has been knit into the reality of the present. This Is realty the ground which Jung and HIll man call the soul. and it Is the mediator between spirit and matter.
The person with transiting Saturn opposition natal Sun, who has,

In tenms of teleology, such a supertl opportunity for a greater sense or personal identity, may be deeply depressed and Insecure. He or she may feel like a faiiL<e, and all tile aci'Oevements ol the past may seem worthless. Parental issues may rise to the surface. particula~y those connected with the father and the father-complex. The challenges ol this transit may not be perceived as challenges. but as victimisation. Questions about the basis of personal identity

A Psychotoglcll ApprOdctt to Trat~sts and Progressions



may have to be raised, aoo many attitudes and ass<rnptions aboot life may need to be cleared away before a healthier world-view can grow in their place. The relationship with the masculine · within oneself and with the men in one's life • may have to uooergo a complete re-evaluation. There are a lot of things that people can feel uooer the transit of Saturn opposition the Sun that are not very pleasant, and when people feel bad, they want to know that the astrologer can recognise their unhappiness and help them to understaoo its basis. The more spiritually inclined astrologer may need some experience of psychotherapy to wDfk on this level. Materlallsatlon The third level of tran sits and progressions is the level of materialisation. It is in this sphere that many, although not all, older astrological approaches have their focus. Wor1<1ng on this level, the astrologer is primarily concerned with what will happen in the material workJ under a particular transit or progressed aspect This may seem a simple approach. but it is actually extremely complex. There are many issues, inner and outer. that may affect whether a planetary movement will materialise on a concrete level, and in what way. One iiT'jlortant factor is the indMdiJal's complexes, which have a tendency to materialise if they are highly charged and dissociated from ego-consciousness. If there Is such a thing as karma. that may also be a factor; and the family inheritance, genetic and psychological, is also relevanL And we should not neglect the Importance of the envlronmenL especially the prevailing social attitudes and world·view. because the individual is always circumscribed, to a greater or lesser extent, by the collective of which he or she is a part. There may also be a destiny in every life · something that the soul or Self may wish to accomplish in a particular lifetime. 1 n Greek philosophical thought there were two kinds of fate affecting the Individual, erinyes and dalmon. The former might roughly be equated with ancestral inheritance, and the latter wilh the soul's destiny or purpose. And there may be a collective fate as well · entire nations or peoples may have a specific desdny In terms of human evolution, and a specific ancestral inheritance. As loolvlduals we are sometimes caught In movements that are bigger than we are, because we are part of a larger humanity which Is Itself attuned to planetary cycles. Therefore we share In the vicissitudes of this larger humanity, and may have to cope with the psychological baggage we Inherit from our racial, religious, soda! and national backgrouoo.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

These are philosophical questions about which each of you will have your own individual beliefs and convictions. I am mentioning them because they may be factors in the materialisation of transits and progressions. Of all these areas 1 have touched on. the only one where we can be really effective as incividUals is the sphere of our unconscious complexes. Our ability to recognise. contain, work with and lransform lhese may ultimately affect the collective of which we are a part. I t may even affect our 'karma·. Behind the prediction of any event the<e is always an individual or a group of
individuals. In the end we are forced back into our own gardens to

contemplate what is growing there, if we wish to understand why and what kind of events are likely to happen to us.

When does an ewnt occlr?
There is another important issue about the materialisation of transits and progressions and the prediction of events. The moment we consider what is going to 'happen; we enter the fraught area of what constitutes an even~ and we are In very mysterious terrain. 1 will give you an example Qf how complicated it can be. Recently 1had a second session with a client who first came to see me several years ago. 1 had heard nothing from her in lhe intervening years. 1 noticed that transiting Pluto was now approaching her 4th house Chlron InS' Sagittarius. It transpired that. a few years earlier. her father llad died. My client told me lhat when he died. it hadn't meant anything lo her It wasapparently a non· event. She had not had a close relationship with him. She believed lhat she felt little fO< him. and therefore when he died It was as though nolhlng had happened. because he had never been lhere to start with. This is how she put ~- We had discussed her relationship with he< fa the< during our first session, and her perceptions llad not changed since then. I am not Inclined to view Chlron~ placement as an area oll~e whe<e the individual feels nothing. But my client was convinced that this was so, and that was where the discussion about her father ended. The reason sl1e came to see me for a second session was that she llad become very upset about her brother·ln·law. who was Ill. He had been developing small malignant growthS. and although the doctors kept operating and removing these, new ones kept growing, and she feared Ill at he would die. What sl1e couldn't understand was that. although she was not close to this brolhe<·ln·law, the Idea ol his dying filled her with llllnd terror. Contemplating the death of anyone else, Including her

A PsychologicII Approactt to Tra~~sts and Progressions


hllSband (she had married since 1 had last seen he<l. evoked no such drastic response. For some reason the role this brother-in-law played in her IWe was far greater than she had thought. She saw very little of him. They had a

friendly relationship, but she wasnl close to the sister who had married
him, nor had she ever entertained erotlc fantasies about him. She couldnt understand why she was now in a state of el<lreme anxiety about the mere idea that this man might leave her IWe. She called her state 'an i rrational obsession: which indeed it was. we should also note that. along with transiting Pluto conjunct Chiron. transiting Nepwne was crossing and re<:rossing her natal Sun. Gradually ij became apparent that the real event whicll underpinned her anxiety was the death of her father. This may sound strange. because he had already died. but on the inner level he had not died at all. The<e was no grief. no emotional separation. and no sense of loss at the time of the actual death. Yet the presence of Chiron in the 4tl\ combined with a Sun·) upiter trine, suggested to me that there were highly ambivalent feelings about this lathe<, extremely positive as well as extre<nely painful, which had been totally suppressed. This lady was In the hab~ of suppressing virtually all feeling. Although extremely intelligent, she had a curious blanlcness. as though there was no one home. The real death seemed to be coincident with transiting Pluto coming up to natal Chlron. four or five years afle< the father's physical death. My client~ brothe<·ln·law had fu"llled the role of father for her. His Saturn, at 22' Cancer. was exactly opposite her natal Sun at 22' Capricorn. He evidently felt deeply responsible for her. although he saw little of hec and she responded to his Satumlan qualities as a daughte< might She took him for granted: he made he< feel safe. He was always there In the background. He was el<lremely stable. She knew that Wshe ever got into any trouble she colAd go to him, financially and emotionally. She had never exercised this option, but she mew he would be there if she needed him. She had allocated to him unconscious feelings of a childlike kind which were bound up with her actual father. w~h whom she had clearly had a very painful and complicated relationship that she had been denying for most of her adult life.

If we were to try to predict the events suggested by this transit of Pluto over Chiron in the 4th, we might say. 'She is going to move house, or enigrate. Or perhaps she will divorce.' Or, if we are a little braver, we might say, 'Here is the death of a parent. and ~ may raise some ve<y painful and confllSing feelings: The death of the father Is certainly a


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

likely eJCI)ression of lllis transit, especially if we take Into account the conjunction of transiting Neptune to the natal Sun. But how can the father die if he is already dead?
For my client, the event of her father's death is taking place now.

That is her reality, although it may not be ~urs or mine. This death and
all its painful accompanying feelings have nothing to do with the fleshand-blood father being popped into his coffin. Now, for the fi~ time, my client is fadng the fear and panic and grief which she de<1ied whe<1 the actual parent made his exit. She has focused these feelings on a man who Is not really the person she Is feeling the feelings about. Her brother· in-law isa surrogate. a hook for her ooconsdous father-complex. Whether or not the brother-in· law will die is not made clear by the transit. In a sense it is not even relevant. 1t is llle possibility of his death which has invoked such a powerful reaction. We might say that his possible death is synchronous with the ripening of a father-complex which i.s now ready to become conscious. This kind of dislocation of inner and outer events upsets our notions of what we define as reality. An eve<1~ In the sense lllat It reflects a transit or progressed aspec~ may not be quite what we think it is, because the time when concrete things happen to a person may not be a true reflection of when they happen inside. Our emotional recognition ol and involvement with the ocrurre<1ces of our lives are what make an eve<1t real. We remember what has impact on us. and the impact may not come at the time of the physical occurre<1ce. The brief example I have given Is not uncommon. The time that llllngs happetl Is not always the same as the time that they physically occu< This Is why material events may pass with an inexplicable lack of relevant transits and progressions, even if we expect something important to show up in the chart. As another example, let'S consider the end of a relationship. When does this happen? Whetl the two people physically part? This Is obviously not always the case. not even whetl ltls death which has caused the separation. For many people ttl at relationship is still aiNe and powerful years after the physical separation, and one partner may still be angry, grief-stricken. and unable to get over llle loss even thOugh llle other partl1er has long since gone. This Is particularly tragic and poignant when a parent loses a child, and cannot process llle loss. The child's room may be preserved like a kind of museum. with nothing moved 0< changed. as 111ough he or she were expected to return at any moment This can also 1\appen with divorcing couples. The ex-partner~ phOtogmph Is never removed from the mantelpiece, and no new love Is allowed to sitln the old love's favourite chai<

A PsychologicII Approactt to Tra~~sts and Progressions


Often people are qlite unconscious of this, and are then shocked by their own violent reactions when, sometimes many years late<, the
ex-wrte or ex-husband remarries. All hell breaks loose. as though the

vanished partner has been put on ice in a secret compartment of the soul. Even though he or she has gone physically, the beloved J)(esence has still been there internally, and when the ex-partner makes a commitment elsewhere, all the grief and pain are experienced as though l!le separation has only just happened. 1 n fact it has only just happened, although It may have happened on the concrete level years before. And Ill at may be when we see progressed Venus conjunct Pluto, or transiting
Sab.Jrn over Venus, or transiting Uranus opposition the Moon in the 7th

house. Whenretationship5end, they may end for onlyoneofthe two people. Also, relationships sometimes end long before they acl\Jally end. A couple may remain living together all their lives, but thelifeleft the relationship two or ten or thirty years before. This also may be reflected by the relevant transit or progressed aspect, even though there Is no physical event. Movements In the chart may deswbe the end ol something, but progressed aspect may describe the end of something long after everyone else says. 'Oh, It ended years ago: Ell dings, like beginnings, are a highly individual business. Different people take different lengths of time to process events. Some events mean nothing to one person, and a great deal to another. Death ltsell means different tl'lngs to different people, and one person may be full of anger and terror and deny his or her mortal Illness to the very last, while anothe< Is peacefully resf9ned to death as a rite of passage years before the actual passing. The perception of an event - its timing, Its significance, and the
!interpretation we give it · Is described by the synchronous transit or
It! ere may be no visible e-nd. no concrete event Or the relevant transit or

progression, and thus the real ·events' described by planetary movements are those occurring In the psyche. An external event ~.self may or may not be relevant to the individual. If one has a powerf!A transit or progressed aspect, an event may have great significance and can completely overturn cone's life; but If the same event occurs at another time, when there Is not such a powerful concordance of aspects, ~ Is experienced entirely differenUy and may not be felt as 'major'. The event itself is not that important as an objective entity. But what one experiences Internally attaches importance and meaning to the event, according to the transit
or progression coincident with it.

I know this is a difficult thing to grasp, because our habirual way of
interpreting reality is that anything happening 'out there' is objective.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

The physical manifestation may be objective (although that too is open to question), but the way we perceive it is not. It is very disturbing to
explore the ways in which our perceptions colour what is 'out there'. And

l!lur perceptions are what the horoscope describes, including the transits and progressions over natal placemoots. When transiting Saturn is on llle Moon, we are predisposed to perceive and respond to situations in a certain way, which is likely to be more realistic.. and more negative, than whoo transiting Neptune is on the Moon. When transiting uranus is on Mercury we perceive truths different from the ones we perceive when transiting Chiron is on Mercury. When transiting Jupiter is on Venus, we experience people differenUy from when transiting Pluto is on Venus. Is it the people that have changed, or Is it ourselves? And If It is Indeed the people, <right our changing perceptions inlluooce the kind of people we attract as well as the attitudes they show to us?

If a separation occurs during a transit of Uranus trine Venus, it will !lave a completely different feeling from one which occurs under a transit l!lf Pluto opposition Venus. In the eyes of others, the evert may look the same. Joe Bloggs leaves his wife and runs off w~h his eighteen-year-old secretary. But ~ Joe's wife has Uranus trine Venus at the time, she will probably heave a great sigh of relief to be rid of him and free at last. 1 f she has Pluto opposition Venus. the most bitter thing about the whole situation is the betrayal. If progrl!ssed Venus opposes Neptune, she may feel victimised.lf transiting Sa tum squares Venus, she may be preoccupied with material survival and a gnawing sense of Inferiority In the face of a llumlliating rejection.
We should never underestimate the Importance of the subjective dimension of events. How an event feels, how it is understood and perceived, and when it really registers as a reality will be totally differoot according to the prevailing astrological 'weather' as well as the natal chart, because the Individual Is receiving the evert In an Individual way. This complicates our definitions of what constitutes an event. The level can vary enormously, and so can the timing. And the evert rellected by a particular planetary movement may or may not be connected with a physical happoolng. Things become even more complicated when we conslde< the heavy planets. They may hang about lormlng particular aspects to the birth chart for two or tiVee years. or, In the case of Pluto, even longer. moving !lack and forth as they make their stations direct and retrograde. A whole series of apparently unconnected events may occur during the time of lhese outer planet transits, and all these evoots will be perceived through a lens colourl!d by the particular dnt or the transll Thus all the events Ill at occur during such a period seem to carry a similar feeling or meaning.

A PsychologicII ApprOdctt to Trat~sts and Progressions


If those same events happened at any othe< time, they would not be experienced in the same way. They would seem random. We would not say. 'Ah, there is a connection here between my father's death two years ago. the fight 1 had with my employer last year. and the new love affair I have just started this month; it is all part of the same package: It is the transit or progression which reflects this sense of concurrence. not ltle events themsetves. We tend. in the main, to remember periods of o:>ur lives, rather than one specific item afte< another, and this sense of a period, a specific time span coloured by certain kinds of happenings. is deepty subjective and linked wrth the presiding transits and progressions o:>f the time. We have to be extremely careful when we try to define an event because the more closely we look, the more subjective it becomes. An examination of aspects at the time of an individual ~ death is a \Avid example of this. By this I mean not only the aspects occurring in the {hart of the person who dies, but also those occurring in the charts of ll>ose close to the dead pe<son. we might think that death Is such a terribly spetific event which occurs at a particular moment, and we can set up a chart for that precise momenl But no astrologer has successfully {Ome up with a typical'death signature· ·It looks different in every chart. And the aspects which are building up, sometimes for several years. may be as relevant as those occurring at the precise moment It is possible II> at some deaths really occur on the inner level long before the actual death, and reflect something within the Individual that has 'given up'.

Trying to make sense of the materlallsatlon of transits and progressions means that we need to try to keep In mind all three levels of expression. including the emotional and teleological levels. These latter two have a direct bearing on the actuality of events. Not only are all ll>ree levels relevant but it Is also wise to reme<nber all the complexities of each of these levels. Only when we have got a bigger picture of what is going on can we responsibly say. 'The<e is a likelihood that such-and· such will happen: Without this rounded picture, we are throwing darts with a blindfold on. We might get a bulls·eye. but we might also h~ someon~ in th~ ey~.

The Transits cA the Planets While progressions refer primarily to the development of tendencies
of all kinds Inherited from the past - genetic. cultural, spiritual - and all ll>ese lnWnal tendcndes operate mainly through the lunar and soli· lunar {ycles. the Interrelating cycles of the transiting planets should be interpreted specifically as patterns related to pressures and Impacts coning from the outside. The ·outslde"ls the collectivity In relation to ll>e Individual. But. as we have already seen. there are several kinds of


Koow about Transt of Plantts

~ollettivities. M. each level at which a human being operates, his or her activities are influenced by and often have to fit into rigid collective patterns, not only of behaviour, but - tllough the person may not be fully aware of tl"is - of feeling-responses and tllought.

At the biological level. ·collectivity• refers to the whole biosphere. and to human nature's reattlons to changes. Whether they be regular seasonal changes or cataclysms. At the next higher level, collectivity has a sociocultural character; transits refer to the way a natioo and its various institutions - political, religious, and commercial - impress their collective power upon the mel\ women, and children whose lives they control. not only outwardly, but psychologically. Transits then att primarily upon the
psychism that binds people. and as societies become more complex and

more mentally struci\Jred and attive, what was at first only ·psychic· takes Increasingly more Intellectual or mental forms. The psych omental pressures. symbolized by the transits, in turn produce - directly or indirectly - concrete and physical-material results, what we call ·events: When at a certain stage of the process of individualization, the (Onsciousness of a person becomes evolved enough to become aware of 111e possibility- or the actual existence of- a contatt w~h a realm of trans-individual beings. this person can become directly and individually related to some aspect ol the · htgher· colleciMty which encompasses lhe spiritual aspect of mankind. A one-to-one relationship can be established between the human lndMdual and the •star· that symbolizes his or her trans-individual selfhood, or a particular aspect of the •galactic· (Onsciousness operative In this higher collectivity may focus Itself upon 111e mind of the Individual on the transpersonal way. Before such a direct end Individualized relationship Is established. tile higher collectivity can undoubtedly affect human beings, but the connection operates In a psychic and unconscious or seml-consdous manner. rathei than as a direct and individualized line of Influence. Some scientifically-oriented astrologers who dismiss progressions as being "symbolic" and not refenring to actual facts are willing to accept transits as factual because they deal with what is actually happening day-by-day in the sky. But while a transiting planet is concretely observable, to speak of It In the astrologkal sense Implies that one thinks of the natal positions of the planets as having been somehow Indelibly
stamped upon the human being. or of the shape of the universe

surrounding a newborn as a kind of permanent enveloping structure. In 1111s structure the natal planets would be like windows through which the "rays• of transiting planets could pass. When Mars passes ove< the natal
Venus·window a "'transit aspect• occurs; and theoretically the Mars energy

affects and somewhat blends with. whatever tile Venus-type of activity

A PsychologicII ApprOdctt to Trat~sts and Progressions


and consciousness represert in the birth-chart and in the life of the person to whose birth-chart Mars· transit is being referred. Another explanation is that at birth the organism of the baby is, in a sense, programmed to respond in an individual manner to the ever·

changing int@racUon of ten uariabii!S - th@ plan@ts (inciU!i ng th@ Sun
and Moon). A simple illuslration would be found in an ordinary alarm clock: when the moving hand of the clock passes over the alarm indicator set for a selected time of day, a beU rings. Whoever selected the time and set the clock jumps out of bed- or sometimes yawns and fans back to sleep. Each natal planet the Angles of the chart, and other secondary factors could. according to this illustration, be considered indicators set once and for all. at birth. When the day· by· day moving planets in the sky pass over (transit), the positions of these indicators around the face of ltle clock. the perS<lrl can be expected to react. The character of the reaction depends on the nature of lhe planets involved. that is, of both ltle natal planet and the transiting planet. These illustrations, however. leave unanswered the bask question posed by such explanations, which 1ry so hard to appear concrete and factuaL The only satisfactory way to approach the problem. at least in ltle present state of our knowledge, is to think of both the birtl>-chart and the transits as potent symbols. The birth-chart is the fo.-.dation of a person's life, from birth to death; the transiting planets represent the manner in which the solar system- or any "greater whole" within which ltle little whole (the human being) operates - affects this foundation and the development of the lesser whole, the human being. It really does not matter how one tries to explain the way what occurs within a greater whole affects the lesser wholes it contains. At the level of a conscious human being operating in society, the birth-chart is to be considered the archetypal pattern of his or her personality - or we might say "personhood." When the person who has developed under the powerful influence of a partiwlar language, religion, culture, and social way of life succeeds in asserting his or her own Individual center, 1 •, the birth-chart becomes a mandala symbol in which everything Is referred to this autonomous certer. Its consciousness and It s theoretically Independent will-power. At these two levels (sociocultural and Individual), planetary transits refer to what the constantly changing conditions prevailing in the family, social, or business environment can do to the personality and Individuality of a human being operating In that environment, as well as, to his or her physical body and its functions.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

As the individual begins to walk on the transpersonal path, the relation of the individual to his or her collectivity takes on another character. Then, planetary transits may often refer to situations that seem to disturb the process of transformation - as distractions. temptations. or ct>alleNJes to the sincerity and dedicated will of the traveler on the path. The cultvral enjoyments or achievements (for example, wea~h or fame) which society may offer can be deterrents or tests indicated by planetary transits. But at this stage some of the transits may also be interpreted as - and they may actvally be - attempts f rom this "higher collectivity" of spiritual beings (the Pleroma) to intervene in the process of transpersonal overcoming of and detachment from cutt!Xe and social concerns- and also from biological attachments ol various kinds. Such ,nterventions" are especially related to the transits of Uranus. Neptvne. and Pluto. for these planets outside of the Saturnian boundaries of the solar system proper can be symbolically regarded as ·agents" or ambassadors of the galaxy whose function Is to convey messages from llle transindivldual realm to the 1-center of the mandala of personality, and also to serve as guide posts helping to orient the individual on his or her way to the "star:· The study of transits can be a fascinating exercise in intuition, if it is not more or less unconsciously concitioned by the textbook Interpretation of what Is supposed to happen whe<1 transiting planet A crosses over. opposes. or squares (or even forms a trine or sextlle to), the natal position of planet B. 1 n the case of the faster planets - Mercury, Venus. and Mars - with short periods of revolution around the zodiac. the entire repeated cydes of these planets should be studied In relation to a person's life and natal chart. Repetitive patterns may emerge from such a study, and reCIJrrent events or Internal feelings would point to factors In the personality that especially need to be understood and dismissed as irrelevant when one Is engaged In the process of radical transformation. These factors may be strengthened by interpersonal contacts or made a repeated source of confusion and doubts by environmental pressures tor example, the pressures of one·s peer group, or repeated bouts with a chronic Illness. MerCIJry and Venus transiting over natal planets may be related respectively to the passing influence. direct or indirect and insidious, Ill at the cerebro·mental and emotional trends operatiNJ In a CIJiture and its fashions have upon the people living In that society. And Intellectual fashions are as much in evidence as fashions in clothing and groupbehaviour or interpersonal relationships such as marriage aOO love-affairs. we may believe that the way we feet and express ourselves emotionally is stricdy our own, indeed, an absolutely personal matter; but this is a

A Psychotoglcll ApprOdctt to Trat~sts and Progressions


fantastic illusion, especially in our modern world where the media spread fast-changing fashions in every field of personal activity. feeling and thinking - witness the results of the movement of youth protest and the "'flower children· of the late SiJC!ies. In principle. Venus and Mars are intimalely connected with personal emotions, and these too are far more determined by collective trends and pressures than we care to admit What psychologists and educators like to call "spontaneity" is, in the great majority of cases, the working o:>ut of unconsciously dMermining images, or of interpersonal influences assimilated by the psyche, but whose SOII'Ce has been forgotten. The transits of Juplter and Saturn are more spec~ically related to the larger aspects of collective living · to religion, the authorities, and 111e law. Jupiter takes about twelve years to circle the zodiac, and its passage through the natal houses at times shows the impact which money, weatth. expanded social contacts. or tile desire to meM and wort< with people have on various fields of experience. Jupiter refers to expansion in general, but the possibility of expanding very olten depends on the general conditions of business, of taxes, or of the way one~ peer group reacts to religiol\ politics. orcommerce. II Jup~e< mooes over a person~ natal Sun or Ascendant. this does not need to mean that greater wealth or prestige is experienced, but ratlle< that the Jupae<ian factors in society will have a more focalized Influence In the person~ life durtng the time of 111e transit The nearly 30·year long cycle of Saturn is particularly important because it may interweave and react upon the also 30·year long progressed lunation cycle. The phases of these cycles do not operate simultaneously unless a person Is born just at New Moon. While the progressed lunation cycles deal with the autonomous internal unfoldment of tile birth-potential of the human being, the Saturn cycle refers primarily to the development of his or he< sense of security and ego. During the first 30 years of life. a person largely depends upon his or her physical· emotional vitality - and in many cases also upon parental support - to gloe him or her a sense of security. In normal times, this sense of security rakes. at the mental and e<notionalleoels. the form of either total reliance upon a tradition and parental way of life. or of a revolt against the family and class environment - this revolt providing the youth wah a negative kind of sustainment Both alternatives. In fact. are USIJally experienced simultaneously. at least after puberty. During the second 30·year cycle, the Satll'nlan sense of security rakes. at least theoretically. an Individualized character which was actually locking before the first "Saturn retll'n". The youth In his or her twenties,


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

llowever, often pretends he or she is already truly an "individual" CO"llletely self-motivated arid secure in his or her identity. Yet he or she is still constantly affected by social and financial pressures which force llle would-be-individual to respond to collective pressures in order to securely maintain this identity. After 30 the problems this poses should be handled more consciously and in terms of an inner sense of security. Alter the age of 60, the more or less ·retired" person may have found o:>uter security in his investments, in the support or his or he< children, or "'social security"- or in some cases in public prestige and lame. Even ~ these social props are missing. an individual may develop a deep and unshakable sense of security on the basis of a philosophical or (more often) religious kind or understanding and acceptance or his or her destiny. This is the wisdom of old age. But n the experiences of the p<eceding Saturn cycles have been frustrating and embittering, and life has seemed dreadfully empty, saturn~ transits may bring rigidity and sclerosis to the organic and Intellectual functions represented by me planets being transited. Yet in most cases. when saturn transits over the zodiacal degree occupied by a natal plane ~ one should not be led to expect some deeply sobering or at least dreary experiences, but rather the probability or some situation impelling the ego to deal more effectively w~h that lifefunction or aspect of the personality which the natal planet symbolizes. When saturn passes over the natal Sun. the vital forces may be negatively affected. and their tone lowered, but the cause or this sho!Ad be round In either a previous weakening of the ego's stability, or In the impact or social·politkal or religious and ethical forces. These forces may operate from the ·outside", as lor exallllle a business failure caused by a national depression or change In fashion, or an encounter with the pollee which either was or was not justffied. There are many Instances of a person assuming a heavy business responsibility or an important and demanding political office when Saturn crossed his or her natal Sun. Saturnian forces may also operate "within" the mind and psyche in terms or what used to be calh:~d "one's conscience" - the product of a collective tradition whk:h one may have refused to follow, yet which has remained entrenched In llle subconscious (the collective psychlsml. Transits of Uranus are likely either to cause sudden changes or to llrlng translormative processes to a IOC\Js In the area of the personality lllese transits affect The B4·year Uranus cycle Is extremely Important In our present lndilliduallstlc and Intellectually-oriented society. I believe lllat. once a human being reaches an lndlllid\Jallzed status through the use of an effective and relatively Independent mind. this 64-year span Is llle archetypal measure or life. This or course does not mean that a

A PsychologicII Approactt to Tra~~sts and Progressions


person cannot live longer; but W he or she does, forces beyond his or her individuality may be operating - some of which. however, may derive from a spedalgenetic background, in turn related to particular biospheric ~onditions. The 90.year period produced by three 30.year long Saturn ~des may have much to do with living a few years beyond the 84 years <>f the Uranus cycle. As to the transit cycles of Neptune and Pluto <espectively 163.74 and 245.33 years- they transcend the field of a normal lifespan at this present time of human evolution. Their transiting squares and semi-squares to their natal places as well as the full range of aspects they can make to other natal planets may symbolize disturbing or cathartic, but also potentially regenerative, crises of growth or identity.
The transits of these trans-Saturnian planets gain a particular importance as an individual walks on the transpersonal Path, because tills Individual has taken a step whidl, ~he Of she Is sincere and persistent brings him or her to the attention of the "higher collectivity" of trans· individual beings. Especially when uranus, Neptune, and Pluto pass over tile Sun, the Moon, and the four Angles of the bllth·chalt, they often <efer to definitely critical turning points In the life of such an Individual, and the astrologer using a transpersonal approach has to be very careful in suggesting what meaning these crises n-Ight have in the process of <epolarlzation of the mind and the activities of his or her client.

It Is never possible, from strkdy astrological data orly, to predict what concrete forms such crises may lake. and the transpersonal astrologer sl>ould certoirly not Indulge in definite predictions. At this uanspersonal level, what exactly will happen Is of no real Interest. The essential requirement Is to be truly open to the posSibility of a radical Ita nsformation of any element within one~ personality. The character of tile !-center of this personality may be paltlcularly affected when Uranus crosses, opposes, or squares the Sun. The coni unction of transiting Uranus with natal Sun almost infallibly cOfrelates with a basic change in the life of an Individual on the transpersonal path, often with what Is called an identity-crisis. Yet the inertia of the Saturn ian insistence on inner or outer security may not allow the crisis to release Its deeper potential of uanstormatlon or reorientation.

If, for example, a person loses his or her job or public position when, let us say, Mars and Uranus pass over his Of her natal Mldheaven, such a person may experience discouragement or bitterness (especially if Pluto is also involved), and fight to be transferred to a similar job or use his Of her knowledge of the job-mall<et fOf the same purpose. The
planetary transits can be considered indicators of an upsetting event, which an astrologer might have expected. But the individual who has his or her mind oriented toward a process of transfom'lation would consider


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

II> is loss of job und~ such aspects as life~ ·revelation· that It was time for him or he< to use this opportunity to transform whatever the Midheaven symbolizes for him or her as an indvid.Jal centerdconsciousness -as an opportunity far deeper than merely passing from one job-situation

to a similar one.
A transit of Neptune may excite and confuse the part of the contacts with glamorous visions or hopes inconsistent with the individual dharma. These often use the material with which the individual~ religious tradition - or some other ·esoteriC" teaching had filled his or her mind. If this happens, a time often comes when Pluto will d.. glamorize that mind and leave ~ erll'ty and bewildered.

It is important to be aware of the rather extraordinary fa<t that the archetypal length of the cycles of these three transformaUve agents of ll>e galaxy as they revolve arol>ld the Sl>l are so interrelated that two Uranus cycles equal one Neptune cycle, and three Neptune cycles, one Pluto cycle. (6) In other words. the operations of these three planets should be studied and understood as constftudng a threefold process. What begins with Uranus, proceeds through Neptl>le and- as far as we are able to comprehend at this time - ends with Pluto. This does not mean that there is no planet beyond Pluto: one may have been discovered. but it may not be a planet in the same sense as the others. Even ~ it is, Pluto may still represent the end of a partlciAar process - the total atorrization of what was once a "solid" structure. This process. symbolized by Uranus, Neptune. and Pluto, if successful should be followed by another phase referring to r ..organlzaUon at a new level. I have symbolized this reorganization process und~ the name Proserpine- but Proserpine may not be a visible planet. It fright r~ain invisible If the collective, planet· wide crisis of transformation now being experienced by mankind is not given a constructive meaning and ends In some kind of catastrophe.

Considered from a holistic point of view, the value of transits Is that

IIley help us divide a human life-span In sev~al ways, and thus enable
the astrologer to watch the unfolding of a complex pattern which can mean not only personal growth, but also transpersonal transformation. Seen from a penon-centered point of view, this pattern Is Itself encompassed by the repetitive circle of birth, death, and new birth: what had been potential "In seed" develops, reaches a degree of fuKillment, II> en disintegrates - leaving some kind of harvest and a definite amount of unspent energy and unfinished business. both of which In turn will condition a new life-cycle. This cyclic sequence constitutes what the Hindus called samsara - the wheel of birthing and dying - the wheel of karma, always revolving, producing new and often repetitive lives, all related to one anoth~ according to a "horizontal" kind of relatlonshlp·ln·tlme.

A PsychologicII Approactt to Tra~~sts and Progressions


The transpersonal approach. espedatly when founded upon the principle of holarchy, evokes for us the possibility of another land of process - a muttitevel process that does not close upon itself. Such an approach postulates the interaction and interdependence of lesser and greater Wholes. I t reveals the relative value and purpose of the "I· realilation· to which our Western world's individualism (or philosophical "1'ersonalism." or occult monadology) has given an absolute character. It attempts to evoke through symbols of universalistic interaction and interdependence the twofold Interrelationships between levels of wholeness - the "descent• of the higher being synchronous with the •ascent" of the &ower - and of their evertual meeting.
What results from this meeting - this "marriage of Heaven and Earth" - is still, for most of us, agreat mystery. Today ~no longer needs to be a mystery; or rather, It can be understood and experienced as a -...tystery" in the ancient sense of the word: a ritual celebration within which action instantly reveals its meaning, and consciousness and activity 1\Jse Into a poem of existence. At this stage of the development of consciousness. human ex istence can be considered and Indeed experienced as a wholeness of being gradually realiled through cyclic and mukilevel processes of change. Each level has its place and function. Each level answers to a basic kind of need: and all needs and all solutions intemct and Interpenetrate.

In the same sense, all approaches to aslrology, whether In the mode of analytical knowledge or of syntheslling wisdom, can be said to Interact and Interpenetrate. Every approach, If sincerely, honestly, and ettectively followed, can meet the need of some kind of human being. Yet because mankind today has reached new levels ol knowledge and should also attain higher levels of understanding, the need for new symbols and new levels or lnterpretatton is a fact that can no longer be dfsmlssed or circumvented. The trans personal approach to astrology presents us with a way of thinking which can help us to bring Into a more ordered and meaningful pattern the increasingly more complex experiences whose Impacts may easily confuse or even bewilder our mind and feelings. Objecdvely and unemotionally watching the unfoldment of this pattern can bring periodic revelations to Individuals Intent on using whatever confronts them in the fullest and mMt transformative way possible.

Secondary or ''Solar" Progressions
According to the prindple of this type of progressions today by the most commonly used - what occurs In the sky during the day following birth gives us symbolic information concerning what can be expected to


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

!Iappen during the first year of actual living. The positions of celestial bodies 48 hours aner the birth·moment thus symbolize the biopsychic condition of the infant as he or she begins a third year of life. The astrologer finds out what the ·progressed" positions of all the planets will be when the client has passed his or her twenty·first birthday by looking for them in the ephemeris for the year of the client's birth, 21 days after lhe actual day of birth. The usually stated formula for such progressions is ·one day in the ephemeris equals one year of actual l iving." The value of such a symbolic procedure is constandy demonstrated. but the character and meaning of the information thus gained are often either exaggerated or wrongly interpreted. Most astrologers do not even (luestion why it is that the technique gives signifiCant results. They simply use the one·daY·for·a-year formula as if there were nothing I)'Jufing about it. Some astrologers with a more inqtiring and philosophical type col mind have tried to find the logic In this correspondence, and the best explanation has been that any whole cyde of moll on can In some wwy be considered analogical to any other cycle. Thus the day <yde produced by a complete rotation of the Earth on its axis is analogical to a year cycle prodUced by the Earth~ revolution around the Sun - or, con a still larger scale, to one Complete gyration of the polar axis in nearly 26,000 years (the cycle usually referred to as the cycle of "precession of tile equinoxes").

In spatial terms this would also mean that the Earth's equator (any point on it accomplishing a complele rotation in one day) symbolically ·corresponds" to the Earth's orbit - that is, in astronomical terms, to the ecliptic, and astrologically speaking, to the (tropical) zodiac. This is one way in which the surface of the globe has oftoo been divided into twelve longitudinal zones. each being made to correspond to (or be ·ruled" by) one siQil of the zodiac. Such a type of justification for the technique of secondary progressions is abstract and symbolic. and 1 had accepted it as valid until some years ago, when 1 realized that today one might consider the Ideal, complete life· cycle of a human being to be about 90 years; and that In order for the prenatal period of gestation of a human being to cover a full yearty cycle of the Sun-to·Earth relationship, It would have to last some 90 more days. One might assume that since the Sun Is the source of all life on Earth, In order for the life-force in a newborn baby to be fully developed, the tonnllllw peo1od of ~tlon Should have to oocompass a whole yearly cycle.


A Psychotoglcll ApprOdctt to Trat~sts and Progressions


The next question to come to mind is this: why should this entire formative period be passed in the dosed f~eld of a physical womb? And the answer is that while the physical body of a human being is nDfmally developed in the mother~ womb in nine months. the part of the total human being that is more than a physical body requires for its development 90 more days (3 months) in a relatively open field- a field in which the organism. by breathing air. is potentially related to all other living organisms in the biosphere (as air circulates around the globe qu~e rapidly) - orgar>sms which also breathe air. 1 n the field represented by the home. the baby comes in contact with people and elCperiences the bask rhythms of life. The baby's senses react to light. heat. moisture. He or she experiences hunger, pain, and we may assume, a sense of isolation in a strange world. Yet the baby is still held within a •psychic womb"- primarily the mother's psyche. especially when he or she is breast·fed. and truly loved. All these primordial and basic experiences and affects are necessa.y for the devl!lopment of the psychic nature of the child. and for the development o1 what I mean by lntelllgenca 1have defined psychism as the power that integrates a human being into his or her community and culture (and first of all his or he< family environment). This power. binding as it Is, Is as necessa.y for the growth of a fully developed personality as the nine months in the physical womb are necessary for the fonmation of the physical body. By "intelligence" 1mean the capacity inherent In a human being to make whatever adjustments are needed to successfully operate In a biological, and, especially, a sociocultural environment. Biological adjustments are at first entirely instinctual and remain so at their deepest level when life·or·death situations suddenly arise; but a person's adjustments to society- to family, religion, school, peer group, and business- require a conscious and deliberate process of adaptatiol\ which is really what is meant by "intelligence". In its more primitive fonm, intelligence is cunning. In school it is the ability to deal not only with the mass ol knowledge one Is supposed to remember and assimilate, but with what toachors and the whole educational system expect of a student What we call"lntelllgence tests• are given to ascertain the ability a person has to function effectively and In a normal way In a .-rtlrular society and cl.lture. Recently publicized data Indicating the crucial Importance of the experiences to whld1 a baby Is subjected during the first weeks of his or her existence may be thought to provide a general. but existential and concrete, support to my Interpretation of the reason why progressions can be exceedingly slgrlflcant used In the proper manner. This, however. does not alter the fact that progressions have a symbolic character. For



Koow about Transt of Plantts

example, it would be rather absurd literally to expect that brin<Jng a baby to a doctor on the third or fifth day after its birth -or a visit by the
grandparents on one of those days - would have definite repercussions

Cln the course of events during the baby~ third or fifth years of life. Yet in some Instances. an apparently routine event !right leave a deep psycnlc impression which could produce a psychosomatic reaction at a later date. Generally speaking, astrological progressions do not refer directly to ~one rete events; they symbolize the particular manner in which the more· II> an-physical, psychic and mental, parts ol the human personality develop. Concrete events evidently affect this process of 9'0wlh; but one might also reverse the sib.Jation and believe that rt is the character of the process which, according to the newborn's karma, precipitates outer events of various types. In the ninety days that follow birth, the SUn moves about 00 degrees, II> us through three zodiacal signs (or possibly four. if one is born with the Sun at the very end of a sign). During that period only the planets closer to the Sun than Jupiter advance far from their natal positions; some may even regress a few degrees after the day of birth. The more distant planets, from Jupiter outwards, move only very short distances, either forward or (during their retrograde periods) backward. The Moon alone (Ompletes not orjy one, but three turns of the zodiac - ~s sidereal period lasting 271/3 days, equivalent In progressions to 271/3 years. The passage of the progressed Moon through each of the twelve houses of the birth-chart has therefore a unique meaning. As it passes II> rough a hOuse. the progressed Moon Indicates the field of experience In which the dtlllelopment of the Intelligence and the psychic nature of ll>e person can be expected most significantly and/or successfully to operate. The first rtlllolution of the progressed Moon Is primarily a period
or formation: the second, one of personal or Individual expression and at

least relative achievement - If all goes well. If the lndivlrual remains solely at the itlllel of Individual consciousness, the third period, after the 56th year. should be one of either personal fulfillment or gradual degeneration or aystalliUtion. If, howtlller, the Individual has deliberately and consciously entered the path of radical transformation and remained Cln it, the last third of the life can be the most lmportan~ as~ may bring
clearer and steadier transpersonal realizations. and the ability to radiate

at least a degree of mature and spiritually lllurrlned wisdom. The passage of the progressed ~loon over eacn of the four Angles elf the natal chart usually coincides with, and helps us lnterpre~ some
important inner or outer changes in a person's life and consciousness. The passage over the Ascendant is particularly important for it often

A Psychotoglcll ApprOdctt to Trat~sts and Progressions


~orrelates with a char<Je in one's environment or In one's psychological '"physical relation to the environment. The change sho!Ad lead to some kind ol personal readjustment. perhaps the readjustment of one's irtuitive feeling of identity in terms of the new environment or of a new realization of the meaning and value of the already familiar life-situation - the sense of individual seHhood beir<J always intimately related to and most

often conditioned by the various kinds of close relationships and

associations one has entered, positive or negative as these may be.

When the progressed Moon crosses the Descendant of the birth(hart, changes In relationships are often expectable. or rather as this progression is about to occur one should try to pay closer attention to
ltle quality of the relationships one is involved in, and to reassess their value.

The crossir<J of the natal Nacir (the cusp of the fourth house) by the progressed Moon may stir the feelings and should impel one to ~ome more objective to what these feelings are and arise from - perhaps the !lome situation. As the progressed Moon crosses the Mid heaven, a new approach to one's mental, social, or professional activities may seem valuable. Wnot imperative. In the first house. a person tends to experience the results of beir<J· an-individual: in the second. that of having to use and manage resources cor possessions - and, more deeply still, the experience of•potency" or l ack ol potency In any field. As the progressed Moon passes through the third house, a person would do well to focus his or her attention on problems dealing with the family environment the neighborhood or matters concerning a learrlr<J situation - and as the progressed Moon (tosses the I.C. Into the fourth house. the locus should shift to defining one's personal space, whether in a physical or psychospiritual sense. This includes matters concernir<J one~ place in one~ home and/or country, and one's relation to the parent who most deeply affects the roots of one's leellr<J nature. The filth house rclers to experiences resulting from desiring to be cor seeing oneself multiplied In a biological or psychological progeny: the sixth house to the realization that It Is necessary, willingly or not. to fit into some kind of sociocultural or Interpersonal pattern of development - and often of "service" at whatever level servke may be asl<ed of the person. The seventh house Is the field of experiences produced by associating with. or merging one's Identity Into, the life of another or several partners lor an Implicit common purpose. In the eljihth house. a person experiences the result s of partnership In terms of set patterns of social or ·occult" activities: this is the house of business (the result of


Koow about Transt of Plantts

~ontracrual agreements). and


r~ligio us).

of communal rituals (wh~ther sociocultural in which a null'ber of p~ple participate.

As the progressed Moon passes through th~ ninth house. a person would do well to locus on the opportun~ies to expand and to fit, mO<e

meaningfully or successfully. into either legalistic. intellectual·academic.
or religious-cosmic patterns. This should lead to a more significant or valuable type ol parti<ipation in one's convnunity or nation - thus to professional or public experiences adding a larger dimension to one's fi~ld of activity; all ol which re lat~ to the t~nth hous~. 1 n the eleventh house, this tenth house type of participation will show Its results- as various kinds of social and cultural enjoyments and entertainment ()(as
frustration and experiences or revolt or transfOfmative a<tivity. In the

the results of an entir~ cyc l~ of experienc~ hav~ to be upon, accounts should be closed. and a person should prepall! to enter a new cycle, perllaps at a higher level of consciousn~s. twelfth


What has just been said refers moll! particliarly to the personal and individuall~~ls of interpretation, but these hav~ to be considered when one deals with progr~slons because It Is very rare for a young per.;on before the age of 28 to definitely commit his or her being to the ideal of radical transformation. What may seem to be such a commitment refers most likely to the process of Individualization and llb~ration from family and/or sociocultural patt~rns of behaviour. feeling, and thinking. In the vast majority of cases, trans personal ll!allzations emerge out or 111~ much-publicized crisis of the forti~ - which 1once called adolescence in reverse. Yet under the pressure of the at l~ast partial breakdown or our traditional Western culture and religion, and often through the acrlon ot psychedelic drugs, young p~ple In their twenties experience at least a yearning for transcendent reaiiU~ and a presentiment of what they
entail. This, In many Instances, leads to an Intense, though not always

steady and lasting, Involvement In mystical or pseud<>-mystkal groups and practices, espedally the practice of some kind of "meditation". Every house of a chart can r~fer to s~erallevels of e xperlenc~ . A person-centered interpretation primarily str~s~ personal experienc~ to which a meaning is given in the light of the ideal of personality integration and fuUIIIment. On the other hand. a transpersonal typ~ or interpretation would normally see, In the passage of the progr~sed Moon
through a natal house, a special opportunity to deliberately adapt the
expenenc~s which the house symbolizes to the goal of transformation. The twelv~ hou~ can thus become twelv~ stations on the transpersonal way - the first house and the Ascendant which begins it martcing, at least theoretically, the decision to consciously change one's sense of

A PsychologicII ApprOdctt to Trat~sts and Progressions


identity. ~ we already saw, on the transpersonal path the Moon can be i nterpreted as the "soul'; thus, lunar progressions can sometimes be interpreted as referring to the relation of this soul - as I have defined llle tenn in preceding chapters - to the "higher coll ectiv~y· rather than merely to the process of constant adjustment to llle "lower collectivity• represented by family and society.

Progressed Looation cyde:
Progressed-to- Natal vs. Progressed-to· Progressed Considerations
While the progression of the Moon through the houses and in contact with natal planets in these houses are sign~icant. because the Moon should always be Intimately linked with the Sun. the most Important cycle of progressions to be considered is what I have called "the progressed lunation cyde." The d~ferent periods in this soli· lunar cycle are made obvious by the ever-changing size of the Moon during the 30 days, !Ills cycle lasts. What changes, however. Is not llle Moon itself, but llle relationship between the Sun and the Moon as seen from the Earth. The progressed lunation cycle therefore is the cycle of relationship between llle progressed Moon and the progressed Sun. The progressed lunation cycle no longer strictly belongs to the category of progressions In which a moving planet is referred to the natal position of other planets. In technical terms. the lunation cycle is a progressed-to-progressed cycle, whereas the above-mentioned progressions of the Moon through the houses, as It forms aspects to the planets of llle birth-chart, refer to the pnogressed-to-natal category of relationships. In p""""ssed·m· natal progressions. the astrologer deals with, the relationship between the seed-in-the-beginning (the birthchart), and what has emerged from it at one or another moment In the process of unfoldment and self-actualization. This approach and technique is particularly valid in a strictly person·centered interpretation because, as I have said, at that level personal growth Is essentially consklered the actualization of a definite sCI of potentialities symbolically described In llle birth-chart. Thus any new phase of growth should valklly be referred to or compared with the original seed-potential. What occurs In the new phase of development may either help or endanger the hope-for total and harmonious fulfillment of what was In the seed·ln·the-beglnnlng (and can be said to remain - perhaps within the genetic structure or perhaps i n an electromagnetic "design body", llnga shlr1ra In Sanskrit) .


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

On llle other hand, fli"O!Iressed-to-progressedindications increase in significance, when an individual has definite intent on radical self· transformation, and therefore pays less and less attention to the past from which he or she is consciously emerging. From the transpe<sonal point of view. the progressed lunation cycle, as a progressed-toprogressed cycle, establishes the basic rhythm on whose dynamic foundation an individual's attempts at radical seff·transfoonation. From such a transpe~nalpoint of view, the progressed lunation cycle serves a purpose broadly similar, in terms of process. to that which the birthchart has in terms ol lndvhllal structure of beii>!J Yet, in O<de< to see how far one has moved away from what originally had been a determining and binding foctor. one can refer the progressed lunatlon cyde to the natal chart
1 personally do so by marking on llle outside of the natal chart the position of each progressed New Moon. The natal house in which the first progressed New Moon after birth occurs may not be the house in which the natal Sun Is located. If It is not. a new house (and the life experiences to which it refers). at least temporarily receives the lifeaccent. The places of the succeeding New Moons inev ~ably fall in subsequent houses, as they occur about 30 and 60 degrees ahead of the position of the first New Moon. The zodlocal degrees on which they occur, and also ol the progressed Sun and progressed Moon, when in opposition (progressed Full ~loons). are often most signUicant. the symbol of the degree (In the Sablan series) giving a clue to the overall character of the new phase of personality-unfoldment the progressed New Moon begins. at least until the progressed Full Moon some fifteen years later The first fifteen years of the progressed lunation cyde are usually related to the unfoldment of sO<ne new impulse or me-opportunity having been released around the progressed New Moon - it most often had been developing during the preceding two or three years in the Inner life. or even in terms of outer events acting as a necessary prelude to the more definite start at the time of the progressed New Moon. The fifteen. year period following the progressed Full Moon theoretically operates In IWO ways: 11) The mechanisms of action that had been bulft or grew up during the waxing half of the cycle tend slowly (or somedmes suddenly around the time of the progressed Full Moon) to lOse their efficacy or their power to forcefu lly draw the attention of the maturing I· consciousness; 121 at the same time. a process of mental development is given an opportunity to unfold Its potentialities. What had mainly been physical and soda I or cultural activity (or the acquisition of a new technique or capability), during the waxing hemicycle ol the progressed lunatlon cyde Is, If not replaced by, at least combined with and Inspired by, a

A PsychologicII Approactt to Trat~sts and Progressions


deeper. more objettive or transcendent development or the mind - a
development having its origin around tile time or the p<ogressed Full

On the transpersonal path. a progressed FtAI Moon may coincide with some kind or "illumination" or the intuitive revelation or a new goal and purpose. It can be an excellent time lor withdrawing I rom and beginning to transcend the past. especially if what had occurred since 111e progressed New Moon has p<oven frustrating or illusory. It usually is a moment or choice - thus a "crisis" - even though at first the choice is not yet dearly becomes clearer at the progressed Last Quarter between the closing progressed lunation cycle and the next one begins. This Is what I have called the "Balsamic" (an old alchemical term) or "seed" period of the 30·year cycle. It is often a life· phase during which lranslormative forces are best able to operate. If one realizes til at such a period has begun, one shotAd feel partlctAarly open- yet discriminating - to any opportunity lor changes til at may come one's way. Recently, however, Antony Milnor. a graphic artist as well as astrologer. has designed charts especially for the study of all the phases or the progressed lunatlon cycle In Itself - thus entirely as a progressedto·progressed cycle of planetary relationShip. A visual symbol of the whole process Is p<ovided whld1 has been found to be extremely helpful In giving to students and clients a vividly experiential picture of the development of their life and personality during a 30·year period. ( 5) While this development In most cases occurs at the level of the gradual process of Individualization or of personal lulllllment In terms of a particular. cultural way of life, it can just as well be Interpreted at the
level of a transpersonal process. In such a case, the progressed Full when a final confrontation with what remains of the past often occurs. About tiYee years before the coming progressed New Moon. the transition

Moon Is particularly lmportan~ because It marks, at least potentially, the beginning of a psychomental process of discovery or recovery as the result ol what had occurred during tile fifteen years since the p<eceding progressed New Moon. At any level of a.trological practice, the progressed lunation cycle can be an extremely valuable psychological tool. The lives of Individuals groping for a basic understanding ol why and exactly how they had to
pass through a series of perhaps traumatic experiences have been

illumined and at least partially transformed by its use. Transformation cannot be truly effective unless the Individual has become objective to 111e events of the past and- the next step- detached from them. One,
however, is never entirety detached from a past still does not understand,

and witll which one has not rome to terms and accepted, as a necessary


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

step in the process of developing characte< and consciousness. The sense of guitt - or even of personal inferiority - is born of lack o1 objectivity
and understanding. On the transpersonal path, guilt and inferiority
~o~ lexes are largely responsible fO< either wne kind of collapse based on a subtle type of defeatism and mistrust of one~ power. or - by co~ensation- tor the kind of price that is bound to insecurity and tea'

In order to overcome these repressed. unconscious. or semi~o nsdous feelings, the progressed lunaU on cycle and all that relates to it ~an be an excellent tool. If well used by an astro-psychologlst. it can

be more effective and safe< than "!'egressions· In se<nl-hypnotlc states. and even than dream-analysis - which. when made by the dreamer may be too subjective, and when made by most psychologists, too dependent upon irlellectual concepts and specialized forms of training. Unfortunately, however. the progressed lunation cyde is still not used by most astrologers, perhaps because they see<n unable to think in terms of whole processes - especially processes spanning several years - and because their training has prepared them to think primarily in terms of separate and isolated everls. An event has been defined in physics as the intersection of worldlines. But these world-lines are in fact curved; they are the abstraction of ~d ie processes. T o understand an event is to be able to pe<ceive ~ not as an Isolated entity, but as the Intersection or conjunction of cosmk or planetary cycles. The event has to be perceived not by an "I" involved in its own existence. prestige. or happiness. but by a mind able to embrace entire processes and to give meaning to all their phases. Theologians and philosophers have spoken ol understanding an event sub specie etemltlllls - but •eternity" is a misunderstood and glamorized word which simply refers to the cyclic character of all existence. The Latin phrase simply means that existence can only be understood as a vast co~ lex of cyclic processes. No event can be understood In Isolation. It has not only a past and a future. but it isa combination of a vast number cot cyclic activities at many levels. Thus I repeat: progressi ons should not be Interpreted in terms of precise, expectable occurrences. Astrology Should not be a •predictive science·. 0< even merely a descriptive process In whkh all the described features remain basically Isolated, because unrelated to a holistk grasp of the whole life-span, from blrth-te>-death. Especially at the transpersonal level. the realization of the direction or orientation of the enU re lifeprocess Is an essential factor. Life has to be purposeful and meaningful - however distant the fulfillment of the purpose may seem. One should not attempt to deflne such a purpose In preci se, concrete terms. Metaphysically speai<Jng, there Is no conceivable end to the process of

A PsychologicII Approactt to Tra~~sts and Progressions


ll'anstormation. because there is no end to the I'Oerarchical series of wholes. The spiritual life simply consists in taklngthenextsteptoward an open-ended future.
Another point should be made concerning the technique of

progressions and the difference between progressed·to.natal and
progressed-to-progressed aspects. In the first case, when the progressed Sun or Moon or any other planet reaches the place of a natal planet, the l atter does not directly affect the progressing planet. A progressed St.ll, for example, would bring to a natal Saturn power and light; but Saturn would not "do' anything to the Sun. What rright be said to happen Is that at the age correspondil>ij to the progressed-to-natal aspect, the lifeforce (the Sun) will te<1d to and should focus its attention upon all that Saturn represents in the circumstances defined by the birth-chart and manifest In the life. This, however. could have two kinds of results: on the one hand, the Saturnian sense of form, organization, and responsibility could be thrown into a sharper and clearer relief and probably aroused to action. On the other hand, however, whatever basic fears and sense of gul~ or Interiority that exist In the psyche may be revealed. The Sun pours its light upon everything: a diamond will sparkle magnificendy; a decaying fish will decay more quid<ly. The situation Is different In a progressed-to-progressed situation, llecause In such an aspect both planets are moving and, let us say, their conjunction Is an actual fact In the sky a few days or weeks after the child was born. In this case, what Is represented by the two planets can at that time be said to have blended In the psyche ol tile baby, and to llave become the unconscious source of life developments which at a later age will potentially allow the Individual to objectify and release whatever In Infancy had been stored In the psychic depths. Accordil>ij to the transpersonal approach to astrology, the progressed· to-natal aspects seem to mallc particular times at which an opportunity lo neutralize the kanna of the past appears. The progressed·tO· progressed aspects refer more characteristically to openings In life which allow the energy of dharma to operate through what is symbolized by the relatioMhips between the planets fonnil>ijthe aspects. The progressed lunation cycle Is of course a progressed-to-progressed cycle, and much can be gained from Its study that may enable the lntu~lve astretoger to gauge objectively where the client stands - and to advise him or her concerning the kind of efforts and activities most conducive to foster a radical change In attitude and outlook.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets


rnie .ft.strofoaicafHouse, (]?{anets .ft.spect


Transit interpretation is essentially similar to natal interpretation,

ll>e main difference being that we are dealing with

trnns~e<y Influences

Qf a finite duration. The most important interpretative criteria to bear in

mind are the associations of the transiting planet concerned and the

area of life governed by the natal house through which It Is passing. The sign position of a trn nslting pia net is Important in terms of global influences which effect everyone at the same time, but to you as an indivili.Jal the house which is being highlighted is a far mO<e Important factor. This obviously begs the question of which house system to use. There are in the region of some thirty as~ologlca l houses systems, of which about a dozen are regularly seen. This unfortunately causes a great deal of consternation amongst those new to astrology and a lot of debate amongst those who aren'll Personally f am an advocate of the Equal House system and have always found this to produce extremely accurate results In all my forecasting work. Equal House was one of the original systems for dividing the lllrthchart Into houses. In also the easiest to use, has one of the better theoretical bases and works all over the wortcl Simply divide your lllrthchart Into twelve equal sections - starling with your Ascendant and number them from one to twelve In an an~· clockwise direction.

Transits ofeadl of the houses wll affect the following:
First House: Your outer personality and ways of dealing with the world. Your oudook on life and lnter&alon with your environment Your self·projectlon and your appearance. Your relationships with others In ll>e broadest sense.

1ne AstrOlOgical House. PlaMts & Aspect


Secord House: Material things, money, possessions and earning a living. On a deeper level your values. what you hold to be important and what you need to feel safe and secure.
Third House: Your mind, your thougtts and your coi'M"'unication

with others. Learning and education whether formal or informal. Networking, your local commurity, short distance travel, your neighbours and siblings.
Fcw1h House: Your private life, your home and family. Your deepest

emotional needs, of which your home lrfe is a reflection. Your parents

and their innue<>ce, particula~y the maternal figure or whoever represents that role tor you.
Fifth House: Fun, hobbles, sport, creativity In the broadest sense.

Romance and being yourself. Children generally. Gambles and risk taking. Sixth House: Work, duty and responsibility. Your health. Daily ,.outines and obligations to others.
Seventh House: One to one relationships. Marriage and marriage-

type scenarios. Business partnerships, competaors and enemies. Legal affairs. Elgtdl House: Endings and beginnings, change and transformation. Sex, spirituality. life and death issues, shared resources and othe~>' values. All financial affairs involving other people - taxes. investments. inheritances, loans and so forth.

Nnth House: Your beliefs. Further and higher educatiOfl whether formal or Informal. Expanding your horizons. Foreign travel. far away places and people literally 'foreign' to you.
Tenth Hcnae: Your career where appropriate. your aims. ambitions

and your life directiOfl. Your position within society. The disciplining parent and their lnftuence. Authority figures generally.
Eleventh House: Your aspirations, your hopes and wishes aside from - although perhaps rC!Iated to - the more concrete goals of the preceding house. Your friendships and the groups to which you belong.

Twelfth House: Generally In terms of transits shows the end ol a cyde, certainly for those planets which will circuit your blrthchart In a life span. Conclusion and preparation tor new times to begin. Withdrawal end focussing on your Inner self. I nward change and spiritual growth.

Remember - the transits of each house will affect the area of life concenned, In the manner of the planet, which Is transiting and tor the duration of the planers stay In that house.


Know about Transt of Plantts

What is a House ?
According to older Hindu texts, the words signs and houses fall on each otller. but the count of the signs is always made from Aries which is llle first sign. If we say a planet is in tile first sign. ~ means til at he is in Aries. If we say, it is in the fifth sign, it will be in Leo. l f we say, it is in the twelftll sign. it will be in Pisces because Pisces is the last and the twelfth sign. We must remember that when referring to a sign we always count Aries as the first and then proceed in the regular order of the signs. But a house begins from the ascendant. We must first know which is the sign ascending at the particular moment at a particular place. The Eartll is globular. It is like a globe wah the sky all around. There is no part of tile sky which is not to the east of any locality of the Earth. we can explain tllis furtller by giving a practical example. The Sun always appears to be somewhere on the ecliptic. In fact, he is not on the ecliptic; it is tile Earth which is on the ecliptic and as viewed from the Earth, the Sun appears to be In line with some place on the ecliptic. Now this Sun at any time appears in the east. in some part or tile other of the Earth. So we may state that as the zodiac is a circular ring in the skies, though in fact It Is elliptic, going all round, some part of the ring, I.e., the zodiac Is om the eastern horizon somewhere. Now suppose til at at a partlc.-ar time. tile sign Leo Is rising at the ea.stern horizon. Then t.eo will constitute the lirst house, Virgo the second house, Ubra tile third house, Scorpio tile fourth house. Sagittarius the fifth house. Capricorn tile sl>«h house. Aquarius the seventh house. Pisces llle eighth house. Aries the ninth house. Taurus the tentll house. Gemini llle Eleventh house and cancer the twelfth house. Now suppose tllat the Sun Is In Aquarius. So we say the Sun Is In the seventh house or setting i n the western horizon.

If suppose Scorpio was rising at New Delhi . Then Scorpio will be the first house, Sagittarius the second house. Capricorn the third house and so on: and the Sun being in Aquarius he will be in the fourth house.
The following signs being In opposition at 180', to each other are called opposition signs: Aries is In oppo>alon to Libra and Libra to Aries Taurus Is In opposition to Scorpio and Scorpio to Taurus Gemini Is in opposition to Sagiuarlus and Sagittarius to Gemini cancer is in opposition to Capricorn and Capricorn to Cancer leo is in opposition to Aquarius and Aquarius in leo Virgo is in opposition to Pisces and Pisces to Virgo

1ne AstrOlOgical House. PlaMts & Aspect


So we must remember that the sign rising to the east at a particular lime depends upon the time. date. month. year and the longitude and l atitude or the pla<:e.
The latitude is very important because the duration of a sign rising

differs from latitude to latitude. Basic resutt of birth in various houses

There are billions or heaoenly bodies. while there would be millions <>f those heawnly b<ldies, which get classified as planets in the uniwr.;e. However, the Vedas system recognizes the following b<ldies as planets: l. 2. 3. Sun Moon

5. ti.

Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Kelu The respectiw descriptions or planets which co .Ad be crawn parallel


8. 9.

to human are:

In the First House - Righteous·minded. healthy. bilious. eyedisease, Intelligence. good morals, poll deal success, stately appearance. 11umanltarlan Instincts. lazy In wor1c. fond ol daring deeds. hot constltudon. careless of reputation. strong will, caprice, generosity, neglect or personal credit or respec~ go<ld wor1c, not combative or Impetuous and pioneering.

Second House - Diseased race. ugly, losses from prosecution good earnings, Inclined to waste, blight speech, enquiring, wcll·educsted, scientific, srubborn and peevish temper. danger In the 25" year. will stammer.


Know about Transt of Plantts

Third House - Courageous, liberal, adventurous, famous, intelligenl weatthy, successful and restless. Fcw1h House - Mental worry, meditative, defective organs, success in foreign countries, hatred of relations, keen-minded. sensitive, good

reputatioo, success after lliddle age, quarrels without causes. weak

(Onstit>Jtion, Introspective. unhappy, philosophical. squanders paternal property.
Fifth House - I ntelligent, poor. few children, paternal danger,

corpulent, danger to father early. unhappy, dist>Jrbed in mind, lover of fine arts, and tactful in decision.

Sixth House - Defier of rustorns and castes, good administrative ability, few cousins and few enemies. bold, successful. war-like, licentious, wealthy, gain from enemies, clever in planning, terror to enemies, executive ability. colic troubles.
Seventh House · Late marriage and rather troubled, loose morals and irreligious, hatred by the fair sex. fond of traveling, submissive to wife. wealth through female agency, fond of foreign things. discontented. wUe's character questionable, subseNient to women and risk of dishonour and disgrace through them. Eighth House • Lean body, Chronic diseases, weak eye sight, uneventful life and may pass tiVOlJ9h many vicissitudes In life. knowledge of occult matters and mysticism. Intense sexuol and emotional bonds, longevity affected & danger ol serious illness In middle life. In female charts Sun In 8"' causes widowhood and anxiety due to a will. Happiness from children Is limited ~ not denied. Nnth House · Well read In solar sciences, aurocted by sublime phenomona, charitable, godly, luclcy and successful, dewtod, ordinary health, little patrimony, dutiful sons, a man of action and thought, selfacquired property, many lards. philosophical, glandular disease. lover of poetry and music. successful agrlcult>Jrist, learned In esoteric and occun subjects, ambitious and enterprising. Tenth House - Bold, courageous, well known, famous, clever In

acquiring wealth, superior knack, healthy, learned, adventurous, educated,
<lUiclc decision, fond of music. founder of institutions, high position, dutiful

sons, much personal lnftuence, successful military or political career.
Eleventh House • Learned, wealthy, stately and persevering,

success without much effort. famous, many enemies, wealth through fair means, good reputatiol\ profound insight, capacity to befriend, many

1ne AstrOlOgical House. PlaMts & Aspect


political ~emies, man of prir.:iples, great sagacity, great success and position.
TWelfth -..e- Sinful, poor, fallen, thieving nature, unsuccessful, adulterous, neglected,long limbs, ceremonial minded and lover of esoteric

and occutt knowledge, no happiness rrom children.

In the Ascendant - Fanciful and romantic, moderate eater. an attractive appearance, inclined to corpulence, windy temperament. much traveling, disease in private organs and ears, capricious, licentious, sociable, easy going, educated, warring, loved by tile opposite sex, shy, modest, stubborn, proud, fid<le-mlnded and eccentric.

Secord House - Weatthy, handsome, attractive, generous, highly intelligent, breaks in educatiol\ charming, poetkal, great respect, sweet
speech. persuasive. squint eyes and much adrrired.
Third House - Sickly, dyspeptic and later on piles, mild, lean, disappointments, impious, many brothers, cruel, educated, consumpUon, famous, sisters, intellig~t unscrupulous, purposeless, miselly, fond of traveling and active-minded. Fourth House - Sickly mother, quarrels, unhappy home life, danger lo fatller, domestic quarrels and conueyar.:es, uncomfortable, coarse,

brutal, tyrannical, vulgar.
Fifth House - Subtle, handsome wife, shrewd, showy, many daughters, Intelligent gains through quadrupeds. Interrupted education, lligh political office.
Sixth House · Submissive to the opposite sex. indolent, imperious, short-tempered, intelligent lazy, slender body, weak sexual connection, widow-hunter, poor. drunkard, refined, tender, pilfering habits, stomach troubles. many foes. worried by cousins.

s-th House - Passionate, fond of women, handsome wife, mother short-lived, narrow -minded, good family, pains In the loins, social, successful, jealous and energetic In several matters.

Elglrth House - Unhealthy, legacy, capricious, mother short-lived, few children, bilious, slender bad siQht, Kidney disease, unsteady, easy acquisitions.
Ninth House - Popular. educated, Intelligent well read. lover of fiction, builder of charitable Institutions, wealthy, active, lr.:lined to travel,


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

godly, good children, immoveable property, religious, mystical, righteous, agriaJitural success. devotional, successful and good reputation.
Tenth House - Persuasive, passionate, charitable, shrewd, adulterous, bold, tactful, ambitious, great position, active, trustee of

religious institutions, obliging to good people, many friends, easy success,
popular and able. wealthy, comfortable and long l~e.
Bevetotlo House - Many chiktren. powerful, philanthropic, polite. literary, an artistic taste, helpful, influential, cu~ured, charitable, many friends, great position, reputation, good lands, easy success, liked and helped by the fair sex, giver of donations, man of principles.
TWelfth House - Obstructed, deformed, narrow-minded, cruel, uoV>appy, obscure, powerless, deceived, solitary, miserable.

In the First House - Magnetic personality, good grammarian, rnajestk appearance, highly educated, many children, learned, dexterous, long-lived, respected by rulers, philologist political success, sagacious, stout body, able, influential leader.

Secord House - Wealthy, Intelligent, dignified, attractive, happy, fluent speaker. aristocratic. tasteful, winning manners, accumulated fortune, witty, good wife and family, eloquent humorous, and dexterous.
Third House - Famous. many brothers. ancestors, devoted to the family, miserly, obliging, polite, unscrupulous, good agrlcu~urist thrifty, good success. energetic. bold. taste for fine arts and ltte<ature. lived by relatives. Fourth House - Good conveyances. educated. happy, intelligent, wealthy, founder. ol charitable instil\Jtions. comfortable, good inheritance, good mother, well read, contented life. Filth House - Broad eyes, handsome. states manly ability, good

inslghl. high position. Intelligent, skilful In trade. obedient children. purehearted, a leader.
Sixth House - Obscure, unlucky, troubled, many cousins and grandsons, dyspeptic, much jocularity, witty. unsuccessful, Intelligent, foe less.

s-rth House - Educated, proud, good wife and gains through he<, diplomatic ability. speculative mind. very sensitive. success In agriaJiture, virtuous wife, pilgrimage to distant places.

1tte AstrOlOgical House. Planets & Aspect


Eighth House - Unhappy, earnings by undignified means, obscure, long life, mean, degraded. thrown w~h widows, colic pains, pretending to be charitable, dirty hab~.

Ninth House - Charitable, many children, devoted. religious,

merciful. pure. ceremonial·minded, humanitarian principles. principled,
conseNatlve, generous. long-lived father, benevolent, God-fearing, highly cultured. famous. high position.
Tenth House - Virtuous. learned, clever in acql>~ion of weallll, conveyances, children. determined, highly principled, acrumulall!d wealth, founder of institutions, good agriculturist. non-violent, ambitious, scrupulous. Eleventh House - Lover of muslc, very wealthy. states manly ability, good deeds. accuroolated funds, God-fearing. charitable, somewhat dependent. influential. many friends, philanthropic. TWelfth House · Sadistic. poor. few children. unsteady character. unlucky, life lascivious, later life inclined to asceticism, arUslk taste, pious in after-life.

In lhe First House · Hot constitution, scars In the body. pilfering habits, big navel, early danger to father, reddish complexion. active, adventurous. powerful and low-minded. Second House - Quarrelsome. extravagant, harsh speech. adulterous. short-tempered. wasteful. sharp-tongued. broken oducatlon, satirical. Iaroe patrimony. bad·tempered, aggressive. unpOj)ular and awkward.

Third House • Pioneering, few brothers, sex· morals weak, courageous, intelligent. reckless, adventurous, short-tempered, uf'4)rlncipled, easy morals, unpopular.
Fourth House · Sickly mother, quarrels, unhappy home life, danger

to falller, domestic quarrels and conveyances. uncomtortable, coarse, brutal, tyrannical, vulgar.
Fifth House - Unpopular, no issues. ambitious. intelligent persevering, unhappy, bold, unprincipled, decisive.

Sixth House · Successful, good lands, rich success over enemes, intelligent, political success, powerful, worry from near relaUons.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Seventh House - Two wives or friction with wife, dropsy, rash speculations. unsuccessful, intelligent. la(tless. stubborn idiosyncratic.
peevish. passionate, tension in married life.
Ei~ House ·

Shortlrte. few children. danger to maternal uncles.

widower later. hater of relations. bad sight extramarital relations.
Ninth House - Unkind wO<Idly, successful trader. loss from agriculture, sickly fathe<. naval merchan~ dependent life, seW-seeking. acute. stubborn. impetuous. logical. Te nth House - Founder of institutions and towns. energetic. adventurous. wealthy, active. healthy. famous. setf made man. good
agricu lturis~

good profits, clever. successful loved by relations. decisive.

Ele ~~enth House - Learned. ed\Jcated, wealthy, influential property, mfty. happy. cO<nmandlng.

Twelfth House - Unsuccessful, poor, rotten body, unpopular, incendiary diseases. suffering. stumbling. active. fr.atless. liable to fraud and deception. dishonest. tMlseen. impediments. deformed eyes.

Mercury: 1n the First House- Cheerful, htMlwous, well read, clever. many
enemies. learned. fond of occult studies and astronomy. witty. influential. intellectual, respected. long-lived, love of lite<ature and poetry.
Secord House - learned in reli!llous and philosophical lore, sweet speech. good conversationalist. humorous. clever many children. determined, fine manners, captivating look, self-acquisition, wealthy, careful. thrifty, cleve< in earning money.
Thlnd House - Daughter. happy mother. clever. cruel. loved by fair

sex. tactful. diplomatic. discretion. bold. sensible.
Fourth House - learned. ag riclAturis~ good mother. unhappy, skilled In conjunng tricks, obliging. cultured, affectionate. popular. Inclined ro pursue literary activities. Fifth House - Showy. learned. quarrelsome. danger to maternal uncles. parents sickly. good administrative capacity. fond of good furn~ure and dress. respect from moneyed men. rrinlsterlal office. executive ability. speculative, scholar. vain, danger to father. cO<nbative. Sixth House - Respected, Interrupted education, subordinate officer. executive capacity, quarrelsome. showy, dissimulation. losses In money. peevish. bigoted. troubles In the feet and toes.

1tte AstrOlOgical House. Planets & Aspect


Seventh House . Diplomatic. interesting literary ability ea~y in life and success through ~. ea~y marriage. wWe handsome. dutiful and short·tempered. breaks in education, learned in astrology, astronomy and mathematics. success in trade, successful, dashing gay, skilful, religious, charitable. strong body.
Eighth House · Long life, landed estate. easy access to an){hlng desired. grief through domestics. obliging, few issues. many lands. famous. respected, ill·heatth. Nrth House · Highly educated, musician. many children, obliging. licentious, philosophical, lover of literature, creative mind, inquisitive, scientific-minded, popular. well known.

Tenlh House· De!ermlned, fort\Jnate. erjoyments In life, Intelligent
bad sight, active, cheerful, charitable, able, philanthropic.
Eleventh House · Wealthy. happy, mathematical faculty. good

astrologer, many friends among famous men, many lands. logical and scientific, success in trade.
TINelfth House • Philosophical, intelligent, wO<ried, adulterous, cobllglng, capricious. wayward. narrow-minded. gifted. despondent. passionate. few children. lacking in opportunrties. danger to mother.

In the Ascendant . . E<pert mathematician. very fortunate. ambitious. bold. long lire. pioneering. fond or wire. strenuous. Skilled In se<ual science. successful, practical, scents. flowers. women skilled In llne arts. pleasing, vivacious. astrologer. much magnetic power, leader of people.
Second House • Large family, happy. delicious drinks. lu<urious meals, handsome, large lair eyes. charming wife. witty, brilliant, polite, educated, hating women. obliging, rapid In mind, clever In speech, agreeable, creative author. conservative. composer. economical, wealthy, logical. able.
Third House • Lover or fine arts, prosperity to mother. wealthy, miserly, obliging. well placed, traveling. original . Fourth House • Intelligent. happy, affectionate. learned, affectionate mother. agriculturist. educated, scientific methods, peaceful life, protector of cattle, endeared by relations. fond of milk, famous. literary, successful, popular.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Fifth House- a ever. intelligent, states manly ability, good counsel, danger to mothe<, commander, educated, able, S<>Ciable, kind-hearted,

affable, good-natured, many daughters and few sons, affable manners. Sixth House · Licentious, foeless, toose habits, anger, low minded,

well informed, destruction to enemies, fond of othl!f women.
Seventh House - Passionate, unhealthy habits, happy marriage, sensual, inclined towards sex pleawre. Eighth House - Danger to mother. happy, given to bad habits. short-lived, famous. celebrated, unexpected legacies. trouble in mind, disappointment in love affairs, pious later in life. Ninth House - Selfish, religious. respect for preceptors, able, successful, commander. lover ol fine arts, generous. Tenth House - Respect for divine people and parents, carriage, broken education, successful as a lawyer. poplAar. social, mode<ate eate<.

Influential, teamed, wealthy, good conveyances, successful, many friends. much popularity. Twelfth House - Mean-minded. find of low women. miserly,
Ele~~enth House -

obsctKe, IK:entious, unprindpled, weak eyes. fond of sexual pleasures,

dever, liar, pretentious, unhappy love affairs.

In the First House- Foreign customs and habits. perve<ted mind,

bad thoughts, evil-natured. tyrannical. unscruplAous. well· built thighs, strong· minded, running, thrifty. unclean. passionate. aspiring, curious, deformed, sickly, exploring, flatulence, licentious, addicted to low-class women.
Second House - ~lore than one marriage, diseased face. unpopular, broken education. weak sight. unsocial. harsh speech. stammering,

addicted to wine.
Third House - I ntelllgent, wealthy, wicked, loss of brothers, polite, adventurous. bOld. eccentric, cruel, courageous. obliging, agriculturist.

Fourth House - Dange< to mother If with the Moon. unhappy, sudden loses, colic pains. narrow-minded, crafty. estDtes encumbered, good thinker, success In foreign countries, political disfavour. licentious, interrupted education .

1ne AstrOlOgical House. PlaMts & Aspect



Fifth House - Narrow-minded, mediocre life no childrei\ perverted tale-teller. goverrvnent displeasure. troubled life. clear-minded.

Sixth House - Obstinate. sicldy, deaf . few children. qoJarrelsome. sex diseases, clever. active. indebted.

Seventh House • More than one wife, enterprising. sickly, colic pains. deafness, diplomatic, stable marriage, ambitious, political success, traveling, dissimulator. foreign honours. deputation.
Eighth House - Seeking disappointments. big belly. few issues. corpulent, inclined to drinking. friendship with women or othe< castes. colic pains, defect in sight, seductive. clever. well-informed. impious. danger by poisons, asthma, consumption, etc .. ~ with malefics. dishonesl ungrateful children. cruel. long life.

Nnlh House - Legal success, founder of charitable Institutions, thrWty in domestic life, scientific, irreligious. logical. c:eremonial·mined.
~ery mise~y.

Tenth House .. Visits to sacred rivers and shrines, great worker. bilious, good farme<. sudden elevadons and depressions. residence in foreign countries oocertain, later on in life an ascetic.

Eleventh House - Learned, feared and respected, ve<y wealthy, much landed property, broken education. conveyances. political success. influential, political respect TWelfth House - Deformed. squint eyes. losses in trade. learned in occult science, poor. spendthrift. many ene<nles, dexterous, unpopular, attracted towards yoga In later life.

In the Ascendont. - Obliging. sympathetic. abortion, courageous. sickly wife or husband.

Second House - Poor and more than one wife, complexion. diseased face. peevish. luxurious dinners.


afflicted, dartc

Third House - Few children, wealthy, bold, adventurous, courageous. good gymnastk. many relations. Fourth House - Liaison with women of easy virtue. subO<dlnate. proficient In European languages. Fifth House- Childless, flatulent. tyraMical, polite, narrow-minded and hard-hearted.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

Sixth House .

E njoyme<>~

venereal complaints, no enemies, many

Seventh House . Wife suffering from menstrual disorders, widow or divorcee connection. diabetes. luxurious food, unhappy.

House · Vicious, degraded, quarrelsome, narrow-mined,

i mmoral, adulterous. Ninth House • A puppet in the hands of the wffe, impolite, uncharilable, emaciated waist, loose morals. Tenth House · Intimacy with widows, laste In poetry and literature, good artist. traveler. learned.

Seventh House · WeaUhy, innuential among lower castes, many
children. good agricullurisl Twelfth House • Deformed, few children, defective sight, very many losses. saintly.

In the Rrst House · Emaciated figure, weak constituUon, much pen;plratlon, weak· hearted, slcnde<, plies, sexual Indulgence, diplomatic. Secord House . Bad speaker, q ui ~ quick In perception. peevish, hard-hearted. tlvllty and economical. Third House . Adventurous, strong, artistic, wealthy, popular. Fourth House . Quarrelsome, licentious, weak. rear of poisons. Fifth House . Liberal, loss of children. sinful, Immoral if afflicted.

Sheth House · Fond of adultery. good conversationalist, licentious, complaints, learned.

Seventh Hou"" . Passionate, sinlul, connections with widows. sickly

El~ House - Senseless, obscure, dull, sanguine complexion, plies and similar troubles.

Ninth House • Short-sighted, sinful, untruthful, thrifty, many children, good wife. Tenth House · Fertile brain, happy, religious, pilgrimage to sacred rivers and places, fond of scriptures.

1ne AstrOlOgical House. PlaMts & Aspect


Beventh House - Humoorous, witty, licentious, intelligen~ wealtlly.
1\Nelfth House - capricious, unsettled mind, foreign residence, attracted to se<Vile classes. much traveling, icentious, spiritual knowledge.

Planets and Dashas
One ol the reasons Vedic Astrologers can size.up a chart and predict outcomes so quickly is because each planet rules certain houses depending on tile Ascendant So, for a Libra Ascendant tile best planet is Sat..-n. because or ~s lordship or houses 4 and 5. whereas J up~er is not so good tor a Libra, due to its rt.lership ol houses 3 and 6. This is a very important principle to remember, as the first planet a Vedic AStrologer should look tor Is the best planet for a Lagan and then the not-so-good planets. I cannot stress enough how importart this procedure is.

Vedic Astrologers can also size tllings up quickly based on how a planet is placed· by sign. aspect, house placementJrulership, and so on. Once you have been doing Vedic AStrology for awhile, it just s011 of comes to you in a flash; 1 know til at's how it works for me. When I look at a chart. and I see Mars placed in tile 5th hoose for a Sag Ascendant, and 1 see that the person is due (()( a Mars oasha in a mioote, ~ all comes together for me, and it takes about a minute or two. It's really 111at simple. Dashas. in a major way, are better at evaluating the overall tenor and tone ol a person's l ~e than Western Astrology, especially if that D<lsha~ a long one. Say, for example, you have a person in a Saturn Dasha, and that Saturn Is In Aries (very bad) In tile 7th house. for a Libra Ascendant. Now. keep in mind that Saturn's Dasha will last for about 19 years. and in this case. it started in the early 1990s. Right off the bat. yoo can expect there to be a lot of pain assodated wi th relationsllpsloneliness. heavy burdens. frus\fatlon. a hard time getting into or keeping relationships going, will be a big theme. Tllngs like tills are very i ~rtant. The easiest way to evaluate DaShas are to just roll with, what the naMal slgnlflcaUons of that planet are, along wit!> the hoose that it sits i n these are the areas In which you will be able to see clearly how Dashas will operate for that person, and yoo will be able to see tile effects right away, especially If that planet stands out somehow. There are a lot ol subtleties of Dasha Interpretation and In due course, I will write more about this. But I will say right now, that your ability to correctly assess a Dash& Is solely dependent upon the nature of 111e relationship you make and have with the Planets.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

The closer you become. at once with the meanings ol the Planets. llle better you will be able to feel their ebb and flow. Now. what we have to remember. in Vedic Astrology. is that there are TWO kinds of planets: benefic (good) and malefic (bad). On top of Ill at. there are TWO kioos planetary states:


1. 2.

Nawral Benefics and Natural Malefics Functional Benefics and Functional Malefics

The Natural Benefics are: Moon. Mercury, venus and Jupiter. The Natural Malefics are: Sui\ Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Functional benefic and malefic status depends on the AScendant, and is another reason why the Ascendant is so important. Really. it is the only reason why most Vedic Astrologers want this kind of into. so they (an get a handle on what planets are good and which ones are not so good. For any Ascendant. planets ruling the 6. 8. or 12 houses are not good. ANY planet ruling the AScendant is automatically good: planets ruling llle trines ( 5 and 9) are also good. Planets ruling the Kendras (angular houses) are usually good as well. Planets ruling the 2 and II houS<!S can be mixed. depending on other factors. When Planets run their Oashas, what has to be kept In mind Is whether the planet Is Inherently good or bad. and whether it rules a good or bad house. This Is the first thing you sholAd look for.

Dasha Sancl·tl ...
This Is when a Planet either just begins Its Dasha. oris nearing the end of Its OaSha. Ciasskal books say that a planet that runs both Its major and minor periods al the same time Is not good; for example, RahuJRahu. This is because that Oasha is just getting off the ground, and Is like the dawn or the Sunset · it's neither day or night, and there Is an Intermingling of energies going Ol\ so In not considered good. Same goes for the end of a DaSh a. like RahU/Mars. because the Dasha is losing strength.

How Planets Placed In Dasha Lord's Signs Impact the Quality of Said Dasha ...
Ben elk planets that are placed in the oasha Lord's signs can greatly i mprove the overall strength and significations of said Oasha. On the <>ther hand, malefic planets occupying said Dasha Lord's signs can greatly

1ne AstrOlOgical House. PlaMts & Aspect


llann the Oasha, and the results it can give. Take for example, venus Dasha running in a chart with Mars in Taurus, and Rahu in Uln. On top of that. Venus is placed in the 12th house. and Mars is placed in the 6th. Now, venus, here, is greatly tlamaged by both the ocrupancy of malefics i n its signs, as well as nal\Jrally malefk Mars aspecting Venus. This means Ill at.. although the<e may be a great deal of sex going around here (12th llouse placement of Venus, the aspect of t-1ars, Mars is a sexual planet, Rahu is in venus· signs, and venus also rules sex), but uying to get into a stable relationship, is going to be very difficult, and if any of these planets has a tie· in to the 7th house from either the Ascendart or the Moon, then it could be disastrous for the native. in married life. T ake another example, Jupiter Oasha with Mercury in Sag and Venus i n Pisces. Now, because there are two natural benefks placed in Jupiter~ Signs, Jupiter~ Dasha will be very good, especially along educationaV intellectual and romantic lines. This i:s a simple nAe that cannot be <>verlooked.

Dasha of Rahu and Ketu...
Rahu and Ketu don1 own any signs, and as such, can be difficult to i nterpret. One way 1 have found helpful is to see whether Rahu occupies signs of Mercury. and if Ketu occupies signs ol Jupiter. They tend to do better in these signs, and, if other factors agree, can even bring very good and pleasant results. But even when the Nodes are excellently placed. they still have to give some trouble and confusion. because they are, after all. natural malefics.

If Rahu and Ketu are angular. their effects will really be felt during lllelr Dash as; so a lot will depend on other factors In the horoscope, as well as the Node~ dlspositors.
Rahu can. under certain conditions. give Raja-Yoga res!Ats. If Rahu i s placed in a Kendra (angular house) while at the same time. it is aspected by the r!Aer of that Kendra. it will give Raja Yoga. Same will be true if a nal\Jral benefic aspects Rahu In the same positiOn. Many famous people !lave sud1 combinations • Just last night, I spoke of Vanessa Del Rio~ chart, she has this. So did Princess 01.

The Importance of Planetary Distances In Dasha

I nterpretatlon...
The way In which planets are placed from each other Is vitally i mportant; U they are 111. 1/7, S/9/. or 4/10, chances are good that


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Dashas will flow into each other with little problem. How~er. if planets are 2!12 or 6/8 from each other, their Dashas will be very rough . one problem will end and another will start "olf.key" so to speak. This accounts tor why some people just seem to go off into something an together different in their lives. from one path to another. This is also why people can be doing very well in their lives and all of a sudden, things go haywire. even if that planet isn't all that badly placed in the horoscope. Planets being in good relationship to one another is very important in Dasha analysis.

House Placement of the Dasha Lord. ..
The house where a planet is placed in will really come to theforefront during its Dasha. Additionally, certain houses are better than others. Planets placed In the Konas (trines, 5 and 9) will tend to do better than planets placed in the Triks (6. 8. or 12). Planets placed in Kendras will really exert a lot of power during their Dashas, as the Kendras are the Power Zones of the Horoscope. Planets placed in the 2 and 11 houses will give results dependent on whether they are naturally benefic or malefic, and on other factors. There are other factors. but the above shoukl help you out i n learning how to analyze the strength and ove<all trend of a Dash a.

Effect of Aspects on Transit Planets in Different Signs

JUPI TfR ~lng 'n'ansit MARS In G EM Nl Success. correct fudgmen~ shai'J) Intellect and memory. Transit JUPI TfR Aspecttng 'n'ansit MOON In SAGITTARIUS Advisor, religious bent of mind. Transit JUPI TfR Aspedlng 'n'ansit SATURN In LEO Reputation from political circles, trusted, blessed with happy sons and wife. Transit JUPI TER Aspedlng l'nlnsit VENUS In PI SCES Homety wife, able sons. wealthy conveyance and has foresight.
Transit Transit MARS AspecllngTransitj UPITER In GEM Nl

Enterprising, successful,

ular, rich but broken and tired.

Transit MARS Aspecllng Transit ,..,RCURY In AQUAJII US

gainful when exalted In Capricorn.

Transit MARS AspecllngTranslt MOON In SAGITTARIUS

Army officer. wealth and wisdom.

1tte AstrOlOgical House. Planets & Aspect


Transit MARS Aspectlng Transit SATURN In LEO Much traveling. life in jungles or mountains. less family comforts. and

low breed.
Transit MARS Aspectlng Transit VENUS In PISCES Gains and sorrows in life. Slly from opposite sex. Transit MERCURY Aspecllng Transit MARS In GEM Nl Author. writer. looical soeake< and Maths. Transit MERCURY Aspecllng Transit MOON In SAGI1TARI US Great Astrolooer. Tl'ilnslt MEROIRY Aspecllng Transit VENUS in PISCES Conveyance. ornaments, dress materials and pleasures of tonoue. Transit MOON Aspectlng Transit) UPI TER In GEIVI Nl Charming figure, devoted to mothe<, family, friends and relations. Affluent. Tl'ilnslt MOON Aspecting Transit MARS In GEM I Nl Responsible and popular. Rash actions cause humiliations. Transit MOON Aspectlng Transit MERCURY In ~I US Gain through water products. face and fortunate. Transit MOON Aspectlng Transit SATURN In LEO Wealth, women. affluence. favour from Govt; and reputation. Transit MOON Aspecting Transit VENUS In PI SCES Affluent, God~ grace, luxurious life and prospe<ity. Transit SATURN Aspectlng Transit) UPITER In GEIVI Nl Peacef\JI haoov life In old aae. /lJmv offker In earlv life. Tl'a nslt SATURN Aspect! ng Transit MARS In GEIVI Nl Gain through agriculture, less gain from hard work. struggled life and limited means. Transit SATURN Aspectlng Transit MOON In SAGI1TARI US Simple loveable, public man and popular. Transit SATURN Aspecllng Transit VENUS In PISCES Philosophical and sclendflc mind, Investigating but dangerous air or sea travels. Transit VENUS Aspectlng Transit ) UPITER In GEM Nl

Fond of opposite sex, pleasing to women, construction and welfare institution.

ot religious

Transit VENUS Aspecll ng Transit MARS In GEIVI N Calm mind, upright actions, sublime passions lust leading to foul method.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Transit VENUS Aspecting Transit fo£RCURY In AQUARIUS [~lisfortune through wicked partner. blessed with sons but debauchee. Transit VENUS Aspec11ng Transit MOON In SAGilTARI US Fond of music. Good dance teacher of like fine arts. Transit VENUS Aspectlng Transit SATURN in LEO

Happy end, charming, fortunate, wealthy but jealous of women.

1tte AstrOlOgical House. Planets & Aspect


Cfiapter 7

(]lreatction {]Jasetf

on tfransit (qocliar)
Gochara or transit results are accOlded great importance in popular astl'Oiogy. Contrary to pop!Aar percepllon, our research has shown that

gochara results are not better than zodiac forecasts. which Is completely unscientific. Gochara results are generally seeo with reference to the position of Moon in the birth hOloscope as effected by the planetary movements. In it, the movements of superior planets, meaning those which lie outside the orbit of earth like Jup~e<. Saturn. Mars. Rahu and J<elll are given greater Importance and the movements of inferior planets, meaning those which lie within the orbit of earth like Mercury, Venus, Moon and Sun are given secondary Importance. If we would like to know llle number of people coming under the gochara results for any sign a simple calculation can help us thus taking the population of the world as approximately 6 billion:

one sign d one sign d

the zodiac • 6 billion I 12 the zodiac = 50 crore

Therefore, it can be seen that 50 crore people come under any of gochara results wor1<ed out for the twelve signs of the zodiac. Some may argue that gochara results are elaborate In nature and hence of scientific value but no matter how elaborate. lhe results are superficial and in fact gochara results are no better than Moon-sign based zodiac forecast The only difference between zodiac forecast and gochara results Is that zodiac forecast Is based on Sun·slgn and gochara results are based on Moonsign. Some think that resutts based on the Moon·sign should be mOle autllentic because Sun·sign covers a period of a month and hence a great number of people and ~toon·sign on the other hand covering only a period of two and a quarter days should naturally cover a more specific section of people but this is not so because when calculated it can be


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

seen tt>at whether for Sun-sign or Moon-sign the nlrl'ber ol people covered by each sign of the zodiac is approximately 50 crore. The simple reason behind this is that no matter whether you take su,....sign or Moon-sign as llle basis for your forecast you are ultimately dividing the wodd population i n twelve parts. Transit or Gochara in Hindu (vedic) Astrology means that all influences <>f planets fructify through the Moon. The natal Moon is considered as llle starting point and the position of planets in Gochara (Transit) are noted. There are auspicious and inauspicious positions. given in the rules to evaluate the effects of gochara. Further It Is also checked. if the planet is not subjected to Vedha. When a particular position of a transiting planet, is obstructed by another transiting planet, then the later planet is said to be obstructing, the previous planets influence. This is a major difference between the Transits wort<ed out from the western system.

Transits (Gochar) Results at Planets
This is an important part of the Predictive Astrology. You. can predict llle immediate future fairly accurately with the help of gochara movements of planr!ls. Before I actually begin this subject, 1 want to add few lines for "the (iosed mind which is incapable ol expansion and reception of 11\Jth and which functions within the prejudiced frame work" I mean those people who condemn astrology without having studied the subject. They have done a great dis-service to the cau~ of science by indulging i n malicious propaganda. 1 am a doctor my~ and I have studied the subject in all its aspects and vouchsafe tile truth in ~-· Dr. Sampurnanand has rightly remarked in his recent address to the Association of Scientific wol1cers, that those who do not accept the ~uth of what the awologer designates as facts. have. no right to as him to explain them in scientific terms. All the great men of past and present !lave held this ancient science in great esteem. Planets do not show sympathy to anyone. They give good or bad results according to tt>elr transits. Even Sri Ramo and Sri Krishna were not spared. The divine God when Incarnates as human being, voluntarily offers himself to be affected by the transit of planets. A glance on the horoscope of Sri Rama and Sri Krishna will explain to you all about the myth In their lives and also the nal\Jre of their final exit from this planet (Earth). Now. as I have already said the gochara movements ollhe planets is very Important. They exert great Influence In the day-to-day life of the

PtNktlon Based on Trafl sfr {Goctt~t)


individuals. The read<m 1 believe koow that the gochara pl\ala dependS mainly on the position o1 Radical Moon in the native's chart. Generally
speaking this is referred to as •Rashi" by the common people. While considering the results we should take into account of the

mov@m@nts of all th@ plant!ts for accuracy. It is comroon with som@ astrologers to depend merely on. The transit of Saturn and )up~e < But as a rule all the other planets also should be considered before giving out the results of transit. The two nodes of the ~loon, Rahu and Ketu are as important as any other planet. The planets give good or bad results according to their movements with reference to the Radical Moon or )anma Rashl. The good or bad results of the planets are described here.
Good results Bad results Mixed results


Mars Rahu Ketu


2,5,7.9, 11 3,6,ll 3,6.11 3,6,11,10 3,6.11 3,6,ll,12 1.2.3,4,5,8,9,ll & 12

3.6.8,12 1.2.5,8, 12 1.2. 5,7,8,9 1.2. 5,8, 12 All other houses All other houses,9.ll 6.7,10

4,10 4.7.10 4,10 4,9 Nil Nil Nil Nil

Not&:· The effects of Moon are not considered as it is a fast moving planet. staying orly 2V. days in each Rashi.
I will now describe in detail the good and bad transits.

lst House or Janma Rastw Transits
5..,:- Worries, fever, severe headaches, head Injuries, danger from fire. apoplexy, false accusations. re-stless temperament, conjunctivitis.

Mllrs:- Head Injuries, quarrels. angry mood, danoer from lire and fevers, unnecessaiY troubles and e<pendlture.

Venus:- Happy relations with wife and other se<, success In social life and love, good Income, happy outings.
Mercury:- Worries, headaches.lnjuiY olllps or tongue, sore throat, 11oarseness ol voice and tonslliiUs, bad associations and accusations.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

jupiter:- Great mental wO<rles and expenditure. transfers and (hange of place. de-promotions. quarrels wtth authorities, bad name.
looses peace of mind.

Sat...,:. Accidents and danger to life, uncalled for expendtture,

!)reat mental worries. deaths in relations. bad news. bad name. danger
f rom authorities. falls In coun cases. subjected to frauds. danger from thie-es. foceign travels. vistts to holy places.

Rahu:- Constant worries. ill health of self and wife, bad name. loss
of face, danger from thiews, false acrusations, govt. displeasure.
Kl!tu:- Head injuries. diseases, fevers, may be subjected to false accusations, loss of wealth, stings and bites etc., sick at heart.

2nd House Transits

s...:- Loss of money. sickness to wife. eye disease, operations,
quarrels in famity circle travels.

Mars:· Injury to face and neck, conjunctivitis, unwelcO<ne guests, misunderstanding and quarrels in family, income falls. troubles from rivals and eMmies. toothaches. fraud frO<n friends, ill health.

Venus:- Happy relations with other sex. Success In low affairs and matters connected with females. good Income. wlval of relations and f riends. happy ceremonies. purchase of articles of comfort.
Mercury:- Recognition of merit. praise from friends and authorities. due promotion. change for the better. study ol new subjects, good income. success In undenaklng~.

Juplter.· Accumulates wealth, happy ceremonies, arrival of friends and relatives. visit to holy places. help from friends, success over enemies. promotion In service. mental peace, good health, addition to family.
Saturn:- Income falls. bad associations. trouble from females. quarrels in family, loss of a relative or wife. ill-health, accidents.
accusations, bad luck, trouble from enemies. Rahu:- Tightness of income, much expenditure, quarrels for trivial

things. uses harsh language, angry mood, tooth aches, ill health and worries, Ill health of wife, abortions.
Ketu:- Injuries to person, quarrels. trouble frO<n unexpected
qua rters, bad luc k, loss of money, t rouble from relatives,

misunderstandings unfulfilled desires. ill health of partner. eye diseases. <Operations.

PtNktlon Based on Trafl sfr {Goctt~t)


3rd House Transits
Sun:- Success over enemies, fulfilment of pending matters,

recognition of merit good health, help from brothers, study of new subjects. renewed energy, help of influential persons.

Mars:- A very good position for all pending matters, Fuflilment of desires, promotion in service good income, willing help from friends and brothers, success over enemies, happy end of quarrels etc.
Venus:- Happy ceremonies, visit of brothers and sisters, welcome

friends, gain, success in social undertakings.

Men:ury:- Misunderstanding with relatives and co-workers, worries.
expenditure, loss of a. kin.

Juplter:- Worry, accusations, expenditure, debts. uncalled for
troubles. unnecessary wanderings, frurt:less attempts, failure in social

life, quarrels.
Satln1:- Great gains, good name, promotion in servke, recognition of merits, social success. fruitful undertakings, good Income, new friendships, addition to family, all round success.

Rahu:- Success over enemies, good income. praised by friends and
relatives, successful attempts. becomes famous. joy-rides, happy (eremonies, good-health.
Ketu:- unexpected gains, good health worry from brothers and sisters. misunderstanding with relations and w ~e. expenditure.

4th House Transits
Sun:· Loss of money, litigaUons, chest pains, cough, fevers, umecessary expenditure. troubles. and misunderstandings. failure in

under takings, trouble over landed property, blood pressure.

Mars:- Chest pains, fever, bad luck. ill health, quarrel over landed property, failure In educational pursuits, misunderstanding with parents, Mart-troubles. blood pressure.
venus:- Good Income from property, good name, social success, happiness In falrily, good health, erjoyment of articles of comfort and (Onveyances.

Mercury:- Good name, good Income, success In competitive examinations, study of new subjects, popularity and enjoyment of luxuries.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

jupiter:- worries, much expenditure, income from lands, falls, quarrels over landed property, litigations, ill-health etc.

Sot..,,_ I ll-health, death in fall'ily, failure in education, loss of property, loss of prestige in society, worries. looses mental peace, heart
Rahl:- P arents' health suffers, misunderstanding with them, quarrels and litigations, bad name, unexpected troubles from landed property, palpitation and fear of death.
Ketu:- Quarrel.s and misunderstanding inside and outside home, failure in attempts, trouble from tenants and relations.

5th House Transits
SWI:- Ill health of children, bad name, fruitless journey's, quarrel with supe<iO<S, bad health, failure In competitive examinations, trouble from enemies.

Mars:· III health of children, worry on account of them, bad name, income falls. quarrels and misunderstandings, enemies will be active.
V.rus:- Good name, enjoyment of articles of comforts, happy relations with other sex, social success, success In gambling etc.

Mercury:- Bad assodations, bad name quarrels with co-workers, misunderstandings with family members, failure In examination.
J uplter:· This Is a good position for J uplter. Success over enell'ies, good Income and profit, fruitful attempts, promotion In services, recognition of merit happy relations with co-wort<ers, enemies become friends, help from relations, purchase of articles of enjoyment and comforts, success In examinations competitive or otherwise, good health, children also enjoy good health.

Sot..,:- This Is termed as Panchum·Shanl, and Is much feared. It
causes untold miseries, oonecessary wanderings. involves in litigations, sorrow, worries. bad health, ulcers on body, fatigue from journey, much expenditure, loss of a member of the fall'ily or a relations, subjects to humiliation and epidemics.

Rahu:- Similar effects as Saturn, Ill health of children, wanderings.
Ketu:- Bad forchildren, abortions, miscarriages, injuries, bad luck, f ailures troubles etc.

PtNktlon Based on Trafl sfr {Goctt~t)


6th House Transits
SUn:· Success over enemies, success in undertakings, good income,

arrival of friends and relations, happy ceremonies, purchase of new articles
Qf enjoyment, success in govt; worlc, recognition of merit. increment in

salary, due promotions etc.

Mars:· Enemies are subdued, success in official work, good name and income. profit in business. happy ceremonies, friendship with
inftuential men.
Venus:- Quarrel with wife and other females of household, misunderstandings in social circles, bad name, trouble from females, loss in lottery. bad health.

Mef'cl.I'Y:· Good name, success in undertakings, income fair from business, fulfilment of desires, study of new S<Jbject, good health.

Jupiter: - Tl'os is a bad position for this plane~ ill health is the rule when Juplter transits this house, besides unnecessary worries, litigations, failure in attempts, complaints, bad name. false accusations, bad luclc.
Sat..,:. This is a good position for Saturn. Good health. good
income, profit in business accumulates weatth. good name, popularity.

acquires articles of

enj oymen~

purchase of conveyances etc.

Rahu:- Good health, profi t in business and profession, happy (eremonles. success In examinations.

l<atu:- Good health, ll!alization of dues. good income, unexpected
profit in business. general success.

7th House Transits
SLWl:- ~lisunderstanding with wife and other sex. quarrels, and disappointment, open enemies, sickness to wife and children, bad name, ill health, trouble from superion.

Mllrs:- Domestic quarrels, hill health, trouble with servants, open enemies, bad luck, worries. accident to wne or self.
venus:- Ouarret with wife and other sex, trouble through females, worries, expenditure, disappointment In love.
Mercury:-111 heath, worries, false accusations trouble from se<Vants and superiors, hill health of wife and Children, disappointments.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

J..xter:- Good health, rec<W~ of lost property, success in l~igation, good income, purchase of articles of luxury, conveyances happy relations
with wife, increased vitality, defeat to enemies, success in political life.



of long pending desires etc.

Saturn:· Ill health, much expenditure, trouble from public, complaints, bad luck. false accusations, litigations, loss of money and property, open enemies.
Rahu:- Similar results as that of Saturn. Ketu:- ll<ld luck. accidents, ill health, quarrels w~h wife and children, loss of money and mental peace.

8th House Transits
SUn:- Ill health, fevers, danger from fire, fraud; and thk!ves, travels, i llegal connections, accidents, unwelcome news. Mars:- Injury to self, quarrels, ill-luck, bad news, loss of prestige, ill~ health of wife and children, accidents. unwelcome news. Venus:- Success in love affairs, happy relations with other sex,
good name in society, success in tottery.

Mercury.- Happy news. good income, success in official work, arrival cof friends and relatives, enjoyment of lux!Iies.

J..xter:- 111-health. disappointments, bad luck. unwelcome changes, lxld news. trouble from relatives. quarrel and mlsooderstandlng with wife.
Sllt..-n:- This is bad position. Sages feared this position, as~ gives lot of mental worries, causes unnecessary complications. illegal connection, becomes sexy, Ill health. healt troubles, blood pressure, plies and loss blood, accidents and false accusations.

Rahu:· Similar to Saturn, but to a lesser degree. Causes !~feat mental worry, easy fatigue, quarrel with superiors. break In services, disappointments and disgrace.
Ketu:-111 health inj!Iies, mental worry, bad luck, trouble from wife~ relations, misunderstanding bad news etc.

Predktlcn Based on Transit {Goettl!)


9th House Transits

health will suffer, becomes religious minded. visits

to holy places, interest in oo:~At sciences is roused, ~s of money, income
falls, unnecessary expenditure, arrival of relatives.

Mars:· Parents heatth will sutter. increased expenditure, looses peace of mind, trouble from children and friends, misunderstanlings.

Venus:· Good relation with opposite sex; peace of mind, social
success etc. Mercury:- Worries. increased expenditure, loss or weatth. sore

bad luck Jupiter:· Increased Influence. good Income. fair name, promotion in setvice or gain or an Increment overdVe. profit In business. all round success, defeat of enemies. good health.
Satwn:- Parents heatth will suffer. may loose one of his parents,


bad luck, loss of prestige, unwelcome changes, increased expenliture, bank balance falls. miwnderstandlng with parents and relatives.

Rahu:- Similar effects as or Saturn.
Ket'" • Similar effects as of Mars and In addition some sudden misfortune.

J.Oth House Transits
Misunderstanding with supe<iors, trouble In daily routine, dlsappolnlments unwelcome changes.
Mars:- Success In official wortc, Increased Influence. successful termination of pending matters good Income, trouble w~h servants and co-workers, misunderstandings.


Venus:- Happy relations with olhE!( sex, social success.
Merc..-y:- Good Income, study of new subjec~ lntE!(estln religious

matters and occult subjects, happy cer!(nonles, luxuries.

J..,tter:· Quarrels with superiors, unwelcome changes, trouble from
servants, &ass of prestige, increased expenditure.

Sat...n:- This isnot so bad a position as one may think; only mixed results prevail, losses and gains are balanced.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Rahu:- Quarrels with superiors, trouble from servants and coworkers, loss of money, bad luck.
Ketu:- Ge<1e<ally no good reslAts are produced.

11th House Transits
Sun:- Good health, all round success, gains, good income, happy ceremonies, luxuries.
Mars: ~ Success in govt; work. promotion if due, general success. gains, good Income, defeat of enemies, political success. good news. happy ceremonies.

Venus:- Success in love, happy domestic affairs, good relations

with other sex, social success.
Jupiter:· This is an excellent position. All round success, birth of son, promotion, construction of house, acquires art! des of luxuries and (Onveyance happy ceremonies, fair name, bank balances Increased. Saturn:- This is an excellent position, Gain of wealth, increased influe<Jce. friendship with great men, politi cal success. promotion,
recognition of merit, increase in family members, happy domestic affairs.

happy ceremonies.

Rahu:- Similar to Saturn.
l<iatu:- Success in undertakings, peace of mind, study of religious books, good income. fair name etc.

12th House Transits
Sun:· Loss ol wealth. ill health, worries. dis-appointments, fevers, loss of prestige, bad luck. personal injures.

Mars:- Danger from fire and fraud, injury to person. specially feet. ill luck much expe<Jdlture worries, trouble from servants.

Venus:- Success In society, fair Income success In love affairs. good name. articles of enjoyment, short journeys.
Mercury:- Good Income, general success. good name, hoppy


J..,ttor.- Loss of wealth. false accusations. trouble In service. trouble from relatives. Involvement In litigation. disappointments.

Predktlcn Based on Transit {Goettl!)


Satlnl:- This is the most dreaded position, for this position starts llle "Sade Saati" period. Loss of issues. of parents, personal injures, loss of money, false accusation, disappointments. govt displeasure, fall from position, unwelcome change, death in the family, constant worries, failure i n examination. loss of prestige etc.

Rahu:- Similar to Saturn, no good results. Ke111:- Injures, prone to epidemics. Ill wealth, constant worries.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets


This branch of astrology known as 'Ashtakavarga: where in the benefic dots given by each planet and the Lagna are noted, facilitates llle calc!Aation of time of ocrurrence of future events. In this branch the seven principal planets and the Lagna only are considered. Before giving out predictions, we have to draw various maps for this purpose. The first draw eight charts, se\len for the seven planets and one for the sum total of all these. The table of each planet is called 'Binna Ashtakavatgif and llle table containing the total of all these is called ·sarvashtakavarga: Every planet has got some benefic dots on account of the other six planets in addition to his own and the lagna. These benefic dots alone are noted on a piece of paper. The maximum number of such dots given by the planet will be only eight Hence the difference between 8 and the total number of benefic dots given by a planet will represent the malefic dots of such planet but these malefic dots are not noted In the charts.
Sun Benl!flc Points

The SUn The Moon Mars Mercury IJuplter Venus Saturn Lagna



.. ..

.. .. ..

I, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 3, 6, 10, 11 I, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 3, s, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12 s. 6, 9, 11 6, 7, 12 I 2 4, 7, 8, 9 10, 11 3, 4, 6, 10, II. 12



.. ..

.. .. ..



8 4 8 7 4 3 8 6


Ashtf)ka vNga CllculatJ'ons


Moon Benefic Paints

The Sun
The Moon Mars
~l ercurv

.. ..

.. ..

Jupiter Venus Saturn Lagna

.. ..

3, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11 1, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11 1, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 3, 4, 5. 7, 9, 10. 11 3, 5, 6. 11 3, 6, 10, 11 Total


.. ..

.. ..


6 6 7 8 7 7 4 4 49

Mars Benefic Paints

The SUn The Moon Mars Mercury II uciter Venus


.. ..
.. .. ..



3, 5, 6, 10, 11 3, 6, 11 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11 3. 5, 6. 11 6, 10, 11, 12 6, 8, 11, 12 1, 4, 7, 8. 9, 10, 11 1, 3, 6, 10, 11 Total


.. ..
.. .. ..



5 3 7 4 4 4 7 5


Mercury Benefic Points

The SUn The Moon
~Iars ~l ercury

.. ..

IJ upiter Venus Saturn Lagna

.. .. .. ..

5, 6, 9, 11, 12 2, 4, 6. 8. 10. 11 1, 2, 4, 7, 8. 9, 10. 11 l, 3, s. 6. 9, 10. 11. 12 6, 8. 11, 12 l, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11 l, 2, 4, 7, 8. 9, 10. 11 1, 2, 4, 6. 8, 10, 11 Total

.. ..

.. .. .. ..

5 6 8 8


8 8 7



Know about Transt of P lantts

Jupiter Benefic POints

[The Sun 'The Moon ; [Mars [~lercurv IJupiter [venus [Saturn IILagna

.. ..

I. 2. 3. 4, 7, 8. 9, 10. 11
2,5,7,9, 11 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11 I, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11 I, 2, 3, 4, 7. 8, 10, 11 2. 5. 6. 9. 10. 11 3. 5. 6. 12 I, 2. 4, 5, 6. 7, 9. 10, 11 Total

.. ..

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..


.. .. .. .. ..


9 5 7 8 8 6

liThe Sun 1 The Moon [Mars Mercury II uciter


9 56

Venus Benefic Points

.. .. .. .. .. ..

[Saturn Laona

8, 11. 12 I, 2. 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12 3, 5, 6, 9. 11, 12 3, 5. 6. 9. 11 5, 8, 9. 10, 11 I, 2. 3. 4, 5, 8, 9. 10, 11 3. 4, 5. 8. 9. 10, 11 I, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11 Total

.. .. ..

.. .. .. .. .. ..
.. .. ..


3 9 6 5 5 9 7 8

7 3 6 6

Saturn Benefic Points

[The Sun The Moon
[~Iars [~lercury

Jupiter Venus Saturn Lagna

.. .. ..

.. .. ..

I, 2, 4, 7, 8, 10. 11 3, 6, 11 3, 5, 6, 10, 11. 12 6, 8. 9, 10, 11. 12 s. 6, 11. 12 6, 11. 12 3, 5, 6, 11 I, 3, 4, 6, 10, 11 Total

.. .. ..



6 39

The benefic dots given by all the planets amount to 337.

Ashtf)kavNga CllculatJ'ons


The method of preparing AShtakavarga table is to draw a zodiacal chart on a rough sheet of paper. Then marl< the dots on the respective
houses according to the number of benefic dots given in the above table.

counting from the house occupied by the respective planet at the time of birth. Thus in the case of the dots given on account of the Sun. the dots have to be counted from the place occupied by the Sun at the time or birth. After making all the dots in this way in an AShtakavarga of a planet total the dots and note in a lump figure, which will represent the total number of benefit dots given by all the planets on account of the Ashtakavarga planet. for example. we shall take the following horoscope and prepare the AShtakavarga table for the Sun: Jup Sat Ven Mer

Sat 3 ven

Ket Sun






In preparing the Ashtakavarga table of the Sun, draw at first a blank map. Then note the benefic dots of the Sun as given in the Sun~ Ashtakavarga table. For the Sun, we have to count the numbers of Kataka, where he occupies. The numbers to be counted therefore are I, 2. 4, 7, 8. 10 and 11. After noting all these dots we may have to marlc on the same map the benefic dots of the Moon. For this purpose we have to count from the Moon who Is In Kanya. The benefic dots of the Moon In the Sun's Ashtakavarga are 3. 6, 10 and II. Similarly, the benefic dots of the other planets and the Lagna will have to be noted on the same map. Then sum up the dots and note them In a lump figure In the respective !louses. The res!At will be thus:·


Koow about Transt of Plantts

Sun Mar Mer Sat

Sun Mer Sat

Sun Mar Ven



Mar Sat

Sun Mon Mar Mer Sat




Jup Sat



Sun Mar Jup Sat Sun Mar Mer Jup



Mar Ven Sat
Lag Mer Ven Mon Jup Mar (6)







Note: · It Is sufficient to note the total figure alone In the Ar.htakavarga Table for U>e Sun and It Is not necessary to note the names
of the planets giving the dots. On similar lines, the Ashtakavarga T ables for ll>e other six planets should be prepared. In addition to the seven tables, we have to prepare a consolidated table, wherein the total points oblalned for each sign from the seven tables should be noted. This table Is called "Sarvashtakavar!}il'. The benefic dots obtained as above are called 'Suddha Bindus'. They are s.ubject to two reductions koown as Trilcona Redlction and Ekadhlpathya Reduction. The dots obtained after these two reductio liS are called ·srothriya Blndus'.

Trikona or Triangular Recklctions.
The dots In each group of the triangular signs (1, 5 & 9) are reduced ll1uS:·

Ashtf)ka vNga CllculatJ'ons



If the benefic dots in the triangular signs are different, deduct the least dots from each of the three figures and put the balance in the



If there is no point in any of these three signs, no reductioo need to be made. If there are no points in any two of the three signs, the figure in the third also should be removed. If the dots in the three signs are equal, the figures in the three signs should be removed.

Illustration:- Fa< the horoscope mentioned In this Chapter the Ashtakavarga table for the Sun alter the first reduction is as below:4




5 5













lf--+---'---+--~ <D ]

u @



Reducti on



10 7



lf--+---.---+--~ <D·






First take Aries and Its triangular sign, Leo Md Sagittarius. The figures are 3, 4 and 3. Applying Rule I, we have to deduct 3 from 4 which yields 1. Put this In Leo and zero In Aries and Sagittarius. Then


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

take Taurus and its triangular signs, Virgo and capricorn. The figures in lllesesigns are 5,1 and 5. Deducting ! from 5 as per Rule t Taurus gets 4; Virgo 0 and capricorn 4. Then comes Gemini and its triangular signs. Libra and Aquarius. The points in these signs are 4, 3 and 5. Applying Rule 1. the Ashtlkavarga or the Sun after the first reduction is 1. 0, 2. Put these figures in the respective signs. Next comes cancer and its triangular signs, Scorpio and Pisces, the points in which are 5, 6, 4, Applying Rule ! , the dots to be noted in these three skjns are !, 2 and 0. Now all the signs being filled up, the first reduction becomes complete. After this reduction, EkiJdhipatfrya Reduction should be made.

Ekadhipathya Reduction
This reduction should be made with reference to the planetary occupations In the Bl11h Chal1 after Reduction No. 1. Is made. FO< this purpose. the dots in the two hooses ol each planet (excepting the Sun and the Moon) are Ia ken up for consideration.



(b) (4)

The rules for making this reduction are as under:If there are planets In both the houses or a planet, the figures or the Reduction No. I in those houses need not be disturbed. When a planet 0< planets occupy only one or the two houses ol a planet the following rules should be applied: (a) If the figure in the sign occupied by a planet is smaiiE!f than that In the unoccupied sign. make the later figure equal to the former. (b) If the figure in the occupied sign is greater than that or the unoccupied sign, remove the latter. (c) If the figures in both the hooses are equal, remove the figure In the later. When both the houses of a planet are not occupied. If the figures In the two hooses are equal, remove both. If the figures are unequal, reduce the larger figure to the smaller.


When there Is no figure In any or the two houses. no reduction need be made. For Cancer and Leo. Ekadhlpathya Reduction does not apply, since the Sun and the Moon. who govern these signs own only one hoose each. The points obtained In the Reduction No. 1 should there be noted here also.

Ashtf)kavNga Cllculttions


Illustration:- we shall take tile horoscope noted in this chapter.





2 Sun Reduction No. I


CD •

1 10

(1) •@

0 2 0 0 0 0




2 2
Sun Reduction No. III (13)





• @

Juplter, viz. Pisces and Sagatarius. ~ there Is no figure In Pisces, no
reduction need be made as per rule 4 and the ze<os, as they are, should only be noted. Then let us conside< the two houses of Mars, Aries and Scorpio. As there is no point in one of the two houses, rule 4 applies and no reduction Is therefore necessar)< The ne><t two signs for consideration are Taurus and libra, the houses of Venus. As there Is no point In l i bra, Rule 4 applies. Then Ge<nini and Virgo, the houses of Mercury are to be considered. He<e also Rule 4 applies. Let us then examine the houses of Sarurn, IAz., Aquarius and Capricorn. Rahu occupies capricorn but he Is not taken as a planet for the Ashtakavarga and hence we have to assume that there is no planet in the houses of Saturn. Doing so, Rule 3 applies and since the figures in these signs are un~ual section (b) will apply. Accordingly, the larger figure, viz., 4 should be reduced to the smaller

In Illustrating the Ekadhlpathya Reduction, let us take the houses of


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

figure, viz. 2. For cancer ard Leo no reduction need be made as per Rule 5 and the same figures obtained from Reduction No. 1 should be noted here also.
The total number of the reduced figures in the Ekadhipathya

Reduction T able, viz, 13 in this case. has to be put in the middle of the
chart ard it will be useful in giving out predictions according to this method. This figure is called Srothriya Bindu.

Planetary Ashtakavargas
In the Ashtakavarga of the Sun, multiply the total of the figures after reductions ( Stothriya bindu) by the figure of the Ninth sign from ll>e Sun in the As~akavarga before reductions. Divide the product by 27 and take the balance. Note the asterism counting the balance from Aswini i n case the native is born in the Bright Half of the Lunar Month and from Sravlshta in the case of a person born in the Dark HaW. When Saturn passes through such asterism or its triangular asterisms, either his father or his paternal uncle <lies or at least gets troubles, provided the Dasabhukti is also bad. As an illustration, let us consider the horoscope mentioned urder this chapter. The Sun Is In Cancer ard the 9'' place is Pisces. The dot in this sign before reductions is 4 and the Srothriya Bindu is 13. The multiplied figure is 52, which when divided by 27 yields a balance of 25. Counting this from Aswini, the resultant asterism is Purvapadrapadha. When Saturn tran~ts this asterismor its triangular asterisms of Punarvasya and Visaka, there will be danger to father. In the Ashtakavarga of the Moon. the dot in the 4" from the Moon should be multiplied by the Srothriya Bindu and divided by 27. The balance will show the asterism which II transited by Saturn there will be danger to mother. Similarly, the third place from Mars In his Ashtakavarga should be taken into consideration for firding out the time of death of the native~ brother. The dots in the third place lrom Mars before reductions will shOw the number of brothers. In the Ashtakavaroa of Mercury, the figure In the 4" from Mercury should be taken Into consideration lor the determination of the loss of f rierds, uncle and education. Jupiter's transits on the signs arrived at will favour education and new acquaintances. In the Ashtakavarga or Juplter. the figure In the S " from Juplter should be consldered to flr<:t out the asterisms. Saturn~ transit will cause

Ashtf)kavNga Cllculttions


danger to sons or daughters while j upiter's transits will favour birth of sons and daughters. The dots in the 5" house from Jupiter or the Ascendant (whichever is stronger) will show the number of children. In the Ashtakavarga of Venus, the 7"' house from Venus should be

taken into account for the determination ol the time of danger to wife or ll>e time of marriage. Juplter's transit will favour marriage.

In the Ashtakavarga of Saturn, the 8"' house from Saturn should be for the determination of the death of the native.

Sarva.shtaka is a consolidated table showing the total figures of the

Seven Ashtakavargas for each of the twelve signs. For example, the dots i n Mesha In the seven Ashtakavargas before reducUon will be summed up and put in the sign Mesha in the Sarvashtaka Table, thoo the figures of Vrishaba will be summed up and noted in the sign Vrishaba of the Sarvashtakavarga Table and so on.
If there are more than 30 points in any house of the Sarvashtakavarga table that house Is said to be a beneficial one and the planets when passing through this sign produce beneficial results. If the ligure is between 25 and 30 the effect will be neither good nor bad but If ~ Is below 25 the results will be bad.

The sign which has the largest figure Is generally auspicious to the native and all good works should be commenced having this sign as

A person will be happy W the figure In the II" Is greater than that In ll>e 10'' . while that In the 12" 1sless than that of the ll" . and while that i n the Lagna is greater than that in the 12". The idea underlying this is Ill at the Eleventh House represoots gains. Tenlh House labour and Twelfth House expenditure and If a native gains much. spending little and labouring less he will naturally be happy. The twelve signs of the Sarvashtakavarga may be divided into three parts of four signs each commencing from Pisces as follows: · Part I Part II Part Ill Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini represenllngthe first part of the Native's life. Cancer. Leo. Virgo and Ubra representing the middle part of the life, And
Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius representing the

last Part of his life.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of P lanets

Add togelhe< the fig~e of the fo~ signs in each part. If the figures of llle first part is largest llle first part of a person~ life will be prosperous; if the second part is so. the middle part of his life will be so: and if the lllird part is so. the last part of his life will be so.

Ashtf)kavNga CllculatJ'ons



q>fanets in 'Various Houses
aruf tlieir CR.pneates
Sun: Effects and Remedies
The Sun, eulogized as Vishnu, the lord of presentation, is the father <>f our solar system. around which all planets resolve. The power of light i n the sky, the tempe<ature of the earth, the power of presentation and progress are represented by the Sun. His prese<1ce means the "day• and absence means the ..night... The soul in human body and the power of rendering bodily services to othe<s have also been refe<red to the S<>1 • a royal planet ol power. authority and finances. The Sun provides good results It placed In houses 1 to 5,8,9,11 and 12. The 6th, 7th, and lOth are bad houses for the Sun. The Moon. the Jupite< and the Mars are the planets frie<1dly to the Sun. where the Saturn, venus, Rahu and Ketu are enemies. The first is the Pucd<a Ghar, the permanent house and the house of exattation of the Sun, whereas the 7th house is in the house of debilitation. The Mars in the 6th and Ketu in 111e 1st house make the Sun produce restAts ol an exalted planet If the 5!>1 Is exalted or placed In an auspicious house of a pe<son~ horoscope lle Is bound to rise higher and higher In power and position. If obstacles are created against him by a person that person Is bound to meet his doom. Much belle< results are proposed, If the Sun Is In conjunction with Mercury. The Sun gives adve<se effect.s on the tl'lngs associated with the llouse In which he Is placed. Consequently In theIst house he will create llealth problems for the native. In the 2nd house he wi ll affect the family and Its comforts absolutely adversely. The Sun In the 6th house will not p<ove good for the sisters and daughters of the native. tn tile 7th he will face obstades In the comforts


Koow about Transt of Plantts

<>f the wife. The Sun of the 8th house will save the native from death in c:ritical situations. The Sun ofthe 9th house will destroy the comforts ofthe forefathers and perhaps deprive the native of their properties. In the lOth, the Sun will affect the father adversely. The Sun inthe lith increases aoo multiplies llle Income of the native manifold, if he does not augment the power of Saturn by consumption of liquor. meat and eggs. The Sun in the 12th house destroys the comforts ol the nigti hour sleep of the native. The Sun will not be able to harm, Venus when Sun is being aspected by Saturn because Sa tum and Wnus are great friends. On the contrary. if Satunn is being aspected by Sun, then the Sun will not be afraid of Saturn and he will destroy the Wnus as both are natural enemies in the house where he is placed. The effects of the Sun in both the situations in differoot houses are as below:

Sun In lst House
lleneflc: 1. The native will be fond of constructing religious buildings and digging of wells for public purposes. He will have permanent source of livelihood · more from the governmoot. Money earned from honest soun:es will keep multiplying. He will believe only his eyes. not on ears.

The native~ father may die In early childhood. Having sex In the day time will make the wife constantly Ill and have lnreetion of tuberculosis if Venus is placed in the 7th house. Malefic Sun in the 1st house and Mars In the 5th house will cause the death ol sons. one after the other. Slmlla~y. llle malefic Sun In the 1st house and Saturn In the 8th house will cause llle death of wives. one after the other. If there is no planet in the 7th house the marriage before 24th year will prove lucky for the native, <>therwlse the 24th year of the native would prove hkjhly disastrous for him
Remedial Measures:

1. 2. 3.

Marry before 24th year of life. Don't have sex with wife during the day time. Install a hand pump for water in )<>ur ancestral house.

PIM!ets In

~n·ous Houses

and tltet RemMies



Con~tiiKt ~mall

dark room in the left side at the end of your house.

Either of the spouse must stop eating "'GU R" i.e. jiggery.

Sun In 2nd House

1. The native will be ~lf·dependenl ~killed in handiwork and would prove highly helpful to parents. mate mal unc le~. siste~. daughters and in-laws. The Sun in the 2nd will be<ome more auspicious wthe Moon is placed in the 6111 house. When Sun In 2"• Hou~ and Ketu In the Blh house will make the native very truthful. When Sun in 2"" Hou~ and Rahu in the 9th house makes the native a renowned artist or painter. When Sun in 2'• House and Ketu in the 9th house makes him a great technician. When Sun in 2nd House and Mars in the 9th house makes him fashionable.
When Sun in 2nd House the generous nature of the native would put an end to growing enemies.

2. 3. 4. 5.
6. 7.

1. The Sun will affe<t very adversely the things and relatives associated with the planets inimical to the Soo i.e., wife. wealth, widows. cows, taste. mother etc. Disputes regarding wealth po-operty and wife will spoil the native. Never accept donations if the Moon is placed in the 8th house and the Sun in the 2nd house is not auspicious; otherwise the native will be destroyed altogether. The Sun In the 2nd house. Mars In the 1st and Moon In the 12" house make the native~ condition critical and pathetic In every



4. Mars in the 8th house makes the native exlremely greedy if the Sun In the 2nd house Is Inauspicious. Donate coconut. mustard oil and almonds to religious ploces of worship.

Remedial MaMures:


Know about Transt of Plantts


Manage to avoid disputes involving wealth, property and ladies.
Avoid accepting donations. spedally rice, silver and milk.

Sun In lrd House

1. 2. 3. The native will be rich, self·dependant and having younger brothers. He will be blessed with divine grace and will earn profits intellectual by pursuits. He will be interested in astrology and mathematics.

Malefic: 1. If the Sun is not auspicious in the 3rd house and the Moon is also not auspicious In the horoscope. there will be daylight robbery or theft in the native's house. 2. If the 9th house Is atnlcted, the forefathers would have been poo<


If the 1st house is afflicted, the neighbours of the native will be destroyed.

Remedial Melosu"'"' 1. Obtain blessings of tile mother by keeping her happy. Serve Olhe<s with rice 0< lrilk. 2.


Practice good conduct and avoid evil deeds.

Sun In 4th House
Benefic: 1. The native will be wise, kind and a good administrator. He will have constant source of Income. He will leave a legacy of great riches for his off springs after death. 2. If the Moon Is with the Sun In the 4th house, the native will earn great profit through certain new researdles.

3. 4.

The Mercury in the lOth or 4th house will make such a native a renowned trader. If Jupiter is also with the Sun in the 4th house, the native will make good profits through gold and silver trade.

PIM!ets In

~n·ous Houses

and tltet RemMies


1. The native becomes greedy, inclined to commit theft: and likes to


harm others. This tendency ~ tima tely produces very bad resu~s. If the Saturn is placed in the 4th house he becomes victimised by

niglt blindness.
If the Sun is inauspicious in the 4th house and Mars is placed in the lOth house. the native~ eye will become seriously defective, but his fortunes will not dwindle. The native will become impotent if the Sun in the 4th is inauspicious and the ~loon is placed in the 1st or 2nd house, the Venus is in the 5th and Saturn is in the 7th house.


Remedial Measures: 1. Distribute alms and food to the needy people. 2. Do not take up business associated with iron and wood.


Business associated with gold, silver. cloth will give very good resu~.

Sun in 5th House

1. 2.
The progress and prosperity of family and children will be assured. If the Mars Is placed In the lst or Bth house and Rahu. Ketu. Saturn are placed in 9th and 12th houses. the native will lead King's IWe. If theist house Is placed with any planet. Inimical to Sun. the native will be bestowed honour by the government everywhere. If jupiter exalted Is placed In 9th or 12th house, the enemies will be destroyed, but this position will not be good for children of the native.

Malefic: 1. If the Sun In the 5th Is Inauspicious and jupiter Is In lOth, the wife of the native will die and wives In subsequent marrlaoes will also die


If the sun In the 5th house Is Inauspicious. and Saturn Is placed In

3rd, sons of the native will die.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Remedial Measures:

l. 2. 3.

Do not delay in having a child. Build your kitchen in the eastern portion of your house. Drop a little the quantity of mustard oil on the ground continuously for 43 days.

SUn in 6th House
Benefic: l. Native will be lucky. prone to anger. will have beautiful spouse and will benefit from that government.

2. 3.

If Sun is in the 6th house and Moon, Mars and Jupiter in the 2nd house, following tradition will be beneficial. If Sun is in 6th house and Kel\J in 1st or 7th house then the native will have a son and after the 48th year. great fortune will follow.

Malefic: 1. The native's son and maternal family will face bad times. Will also affect native health adversely. 2. If there is a no planel in the 2nd house, the native will gel a government Job In the 22nd year of his life. 3. If ~Iars is placed in the lOth house the native~ sons will die one after the other .


Mercury in the 12th house causes high blood pressure.

Remedial Measures: 1. Ancestral customs and ril\Jals should be stticdy followed; the family progress and happiness will be destroyed.

2. 3. 4. 5.

Underground furnaces should not be constructed with in the premises ol the house. After taking dlnne< blow off the tire ol the kitchen stove by sp~nkllng milk over it. Always keep Ganga)al ln the premises of your house. Offer wheat or Gur to monkeys.

Pldllets ln l1Jn'ous Houses Mtd tltek Remedies


Sun in 7th House

Benefic: 1. If Jupiter, ~Iars or Moon are placed in the 2nd house, the native will

occupy a lrinisterlal position In the government


If the Mercury is exalted or Mercury in the 5th or 7th house is as pee ted by Mars. the native will have unending sources of income. If the Sun is inauspicious in the 7th house and Jup~e<. Venus or any malefic planet is placed in the 11th house and Merrury is malefic
in any other house, the native will encounter the death of several




members of his falrily together. Obstacles from the governme<1t diseases like tuberrulosis and asthma will victimise the native. Incidents of fire. embalmme<1t and other family troubles will madde<1 the native who may go to the exte<1t ol becoming a recluse or committing suicide. ~lalefic Sun in the 7th and Mars or Saturn in the 2nd or 12th house and Moon in the 1st house cause lep<osy or leucoderma.

Remedia l -res: 1. Lessen the amount of san Intake. Start any work after taking a little sweet with water. 2. 3. Offe< a little piece ol your chapali to the fire of the kitchen before taking your meals. <1. S<NVIng and rearing up a block cow or a cow without horns. but make sure that the cow Is not white.
Sun In 8th House

Benefic: 1. Gove<nment favours will accrue from the 22nd year of life. 2. Here the Sun makes the native truthful, saintly and king like. Nobody
woukt be able to harm him.

Malefic: 1. Mercury in the 2nd house will create econorric crisis. 2. Native will be short tempered, impatient & will have ill health.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Remedial Measures:
1. Never lceep a white cloth in the house.

2. 3.

Never live in U>e house facing south. Always eat something sweet and drink water beforl! starting any n~ work.
Throw copper coins in a burning pyre (Chita) whenever possible.


Throw Gur (jaggery} in running water

SUn in 9th House
Benefic: l. Native will be lucky, good naturl!d will have good family life and will always help others.
If Mercury is in the 5th house, the native will have fortune, after 34 years.

Malefic: 1. Native will be evil and troubled by his brothers. 2. Disfavour from government and loss of reputation.
Remedial Measures: 1. Never accept articles of sliver as gifts or donation. Donate silver articles frequentiy. 2. Ancestral pots and utensils of brass must be used and not sold.


Avoid extreme anger and extreme softness.

SUn In lOth House
Benefic: 1. Benefits and favours from government. good health and financially stronger. 2. The native will get a government J ob and comforts of vehicles and servants. 3. The native will always be suspldous about others.

Malefic: 1. If the Saturn Is In the 4th house, the native's father will die In his childhood.

Pldlletsln l1Jn'ous Houses Mtd tltek Remedies


2. 3.

If the Sun is in the lOth house and Moon is in the Sth house the native will have a very short Iffe. If the 4th house is without any planet, the native will be deprived of government favours and benefits.

Remedial Measures:

l. 2. 3.

Never wear blue or black clothes. Throwing a copper coin In a river or canal for 43 years will be highly beneficial. Abstain from liquor and meat.

SUn In 11th House


If the native is vegetarian he will have three sons and will himself be head ol the house and will get benefits from government.

-lc: 1. The Moon Is In the 5th house and the Sun Is not aspetted by good planets. he will have a short life span.
Remedial Measures: 1. Abstain from meat and wine.


Keep almonds or radishes near the head of the bed and offer it In the temple next day for long life and children.

SUn In 12th House
llenellc: 1. If Ketu In the 2nd house the native will earn wealth after 24 years and will have good family life. 2. If Venus and ~lercury are together. then one will benefit from business and the native will always have steady source of Income.
Native will suffer from depression, financial loss from machineries and will be punished by the government.
If the other evil planet is in the 1st house, the native will not be able

to sleep peacefully at night


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Remedial Measures:
1. Native should always have a courtyard in his house.

2. 3. 4.

One should be religious and truthful. Keep a Chal<ld in the house. Always forgive )')ur enemies.

Moon: Effects and Rernedes
Moon governs over impregnation, conception. birth of a child and llle animal instintt. She represents mother, mother~ family, grandmother, old women. horse. navigation. agriculturalland.Lord Shlva,love. kindness. mental peace. heart. services rendered for other~ welfare and the 4th house.

The Moon~ effect comes up in the 16th, 51st and 86th year of the native and similarly its Ist cyde falls in the 24th year, the 2nd in the 49th year and the 3rd cycle falls In the 94th year of the native. The Jup~er. Sun and Mars are Moon~ friends. whereas Saturl\ Rahu and Ketu are inimical to her. For her protection, the Moon sacrifKes her frieolly pta nets - Sun, Mars or Jupiter. Moon is the Lord of 4th house, stands exalted in llle 2nd house of Taurus and becomes debilitated In the 8th house of Scorpio. The Moon provides very good results~ placed in houses I, 2. 3. 4, 5, 7 and 9 whereas the 6th, 8th. lOth, lith and 12th houses are bad for the ~loon. The death of a domestic milk animal or a horse, drying up of a person~ well or pond, the loss of the senses of louchlng and feeling are the signs of ~loon t..-ning malefic. The placement of the Ketu in the 4th house causes Matri Rina i.e. debt. In such a situation pieces of silver of equal weight and size be colletted from every member of the family and the same should 1>e thrown together into the running water of a river. Consequently all llle ill effects would be warded off.

Moon In 1St House In general, the 1st house belongsto Mars and Sun. When the Moon Is also placed therein, this house will come under thecombined Influences of the Mars. 111e Sun and the Moon I.e. all the 3 mutual friends will be lteated as occupants of this house. The Sun and Mars will el<tend all friendly support to their nat..-al friend. Moon placed on the throne I.e. llle ascendant house. Such native will be soft·hearted and will Inherit all the traits and qualities of his mother. He will be either the eldest brolller or will certainly

PIM!ets In

~n"ous Houses

and tltet RemMies


be treated so. As IONJ as the native receives the blessings of his mother and keeps her happy, he will continue to rise and prosper in every way.
The things and the relatives as represented by Mercury, who is inimical to Moon, will prove harmful to the native, e.g .• the sister·in·law and the green color will arrect adversely. Hence it is better to keep away from them. Surnir<J milk (for making Khoya) or selling milk for profit would reduce or minimize the power of the Moon placed in the 1st house. which means that the native's life and property would be destroyed if he engages himself in such activities. Such a native should serve others with water and milk freely for long life and all round prosperity. Such a native will get a life of about 90 years and will be bestowed with honours and fame by the GCivt.


3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Do not marry between the age of 24 and 27 years, I.e.. marry either before 24 years of age or after 27 years of age. Do not build a house out of your earnings between 24 and 27 years of age. Keep away from the green colour and sister-in-law. Do not keep a sliver pot or kettle with a snout (Toti) In It In the house. Offer water to the roots of a Banyan tree whenever you can afford. Insert copper nails on the four corners of your bed. Whenever crossing a river. always throw coins in it for the weUare of your children. Always keep a silver Thali in your house. Use Sliver pots for drinking water or milk and avoid the use of glassware for the same.

Moon In 2nd House

The results of the 2nd house, whe<> Moon Is placed therein, will be i nfluenced by J uplter, Venus and the Moon. because this Is the Puckka Ghar. the permanent house of J uplter and venus Is the lord of the second Rashl Taurus. The Moon gives very good res<Ats In this house. as ~ becomes very strong here. because of the friendly support of Juplter against Venus. Such a native may not have sisters. but will certainly be having brothers. In case he doesn1 have, his wife will certainly have brothers.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

He will cenainly receive his ~e share in parental properties. Whatever be the planetary position otherwise. but the Moon here will ensure male
offspring to the native. The native will receive good education, which will add to his fortune.

The Business associated with the things or the Moon will prove highly advantageous. He may be a reputed teacher also. The Ketu placed In the 12th house will cause eclipse of the Moon here. which will deprive the native. either of good education or of male children.


3. 4.

Temple within the native~ house may deprive the native of male Issue. The things associated with the Moon, I.e.. silver. rice, non·cemented floor of the house, the mother and old women and their blessings will prove very lucky for the native. Offering green colour clothes to small girls conti,..,ously for 43 days. Place the things associated with the Moon into the foundation of your house. e.g .. a square piece of silver.

Moon In 3rd House

The results or the 3rd house. when the Moon Is placed therein. will be Influenced by the Mars. Mercury and Moon. Here the Moon proves highly benefiCial to ensure a long life and great wealth or riches for the native.
If there are no planets In the 9th and 11th houses, then Mars and Venus will give good resutls to the native because of the Moon being In

me 3rd house. With the advancement of the native~ education and learning. the economic condition of his rather will deteriorate, but without affecting his education adversely. If Keb.J~ placing in the horoscope is auspicious and not harming the Moon In the 3rd, the education of the native will bear good fruits and prove advantageous In every manner.
If the Moon Is malefic, It will cause great loss or wea~h and money

at the age of the malefic planet placed in the 9th house.

PIM!ets In

~n"ous Houses

and tltet RemMies


1. Offer in donation the things associated with the Moon. e.g., silver

or rice, after the birth ol a daughter and the things associated with the Sun e.g .. wheat and jagge<y when a son is born. 2. 3. 4. Do not make use o/ your daughter~ rooney and wealth. To avoid the ellil effects of a malefic planet in the 8th house. serve the guests and others by offering them milk and water freely. Worshipping Goddess Ourga and obtaining the blessings ol small girts by touching their feet aner serving them food and sweets.

Moon In 4th House
The resuns of the 4th house are the general product of the total i nfluences of MOO I\ the lord of tile 4tll Rashi Cancer and the permane<1t resident of the 4th house. Here the Moon becomes ve<y strong and powerful in every manner. The use of, and association with the things represented by the Moon will prove highly beneficial to the native. Offer llilk in place of water to llle guests. Obtain blessings of your mother or the elderly women by touching their feeL The 4th house Is the river of income which will cooUnue to increase expenditure. In other words. expenditure will augment income. The native will be a reputed and honoured person with solt heart and all sorts of riches. He will inherit all the traits and qualities of his mother and will face the problems of life boldly like a lion. He will receive honour and faVO\JrS from the government along wtth riches and will provide peace and shelter to others. Good education will be ensl.l'ed for the native. If jupiter i s placed in llle 6tll house and Moon in the 4th, parental profession will sutt him. 1 fa person has roortgaged certain valuables to the native, he will never come lxlck to demand iL

If Moon be placed wltll 4 planeiS In the 4th house, the native will be economically very stroog and wealthy. The male planets will help the native like sons and the female planets like daughters.

Remedies 1. Selling ol milk for profit and bl.<nlng of milk for making Khoya. etc., will have a ve<y adverse effects on Income, life span and mental peace.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

2. 3. 4. 5.

Adultery and flirtation will be seriously detrimenlal to the native~ reputation and prospe<ts of wealth gains. The more the eJCI)enses, the more the income. Before beginning any auspiOous or new work, place a pitcher or any container filled wah milk in lhe house. For warding off the evil generated by 111e Jupiter placed in 111e lOth house, the native should visit places of worship along with his grandfather and offer their oblations by placing their forehead at the feet of the deity.

Moon In 5th House The res~Jits of the 5th house, when the Moon is placed therein, will 1>e influenced by 111e Sun, the Ketu and the Moon. The native will adopt j ust and right means to earn wealth and will not yield to wrong doing. He may not do well In business but certainly re<elve favours and honours f rom the government. Anyone suppO<ted by him will win. The Moon In the 5th house wlllglve 5 sons If the Ketu Is well placed and benefic even W111e Moon is joined by malefic planets. By his education and learning the native will underlake several measur~ for others welfare, llut the oll1ers will not do good to him. Further, the natlve will be d~troyed If he be<omes greedy and selflsh. If he falls to keep his plans a secret, his own men will damage him seriously.

Remedies 1. Keep control over your tongue. Never use abusive language to ward off troubles. 2. Avoid becoming greedy and over selfish. 3. Deceit and dishonesty towards others will affect you adversely. 4. Acting upon the advice of another person before trying to harm anybody will ensure very good results and a life of about 100 years. 5. Public service will enhance income and reputation of 111e native.
Moon In 6th House This house is affected by 111e ~1ercury and Ketu. The Moon in 111is !louse will be affected by the planets placed In 111e 2nd, 8111, 12111 and 4th !louses. The native will re<eive education with obstacles and will have to struggle a lot for reaping the benefits of his educational achievements.

PIM!ets In

~n·ous Houses

and tltet RemMies


If the Moon is placed in the 6"' and. when 2nd, 4th, 8th and 12th houses are also auspicious. The nati~~e wotAd enliven a dying person by
putting a few drops of water in his mouth. But rf the Moon is malefic in the 6th house and Mercury is placed in

111e 2nd or 12th house. the native will have suicidal tindendes due to poverty Similarly. if the Moon is malefic and the Sun is placed in the 12th
house. then the native or his wife or both will and troubles.

seve<e eye defects

Remedies 1. Serve milk to your father with your own hands. 2. NeYer take milk during rlghl But intake of milk during day time and use or milk treated with lime (Phatha milk) and cheese during nlg~ is permissible. 3. Do not offer milk as donatioo. It can be given only at religious places or worship. 4. Digging of wells for public will destroy the issues, but digging of wells in a hospital or within the premises ol cremation ground will n01 be ha rmt ul.
Moon In 7th House
The 7th house belongs to Venus and Mercury. When the Moon Is placed here, the results or this house will be affected by the Venus, Mercury and Moon. Venus and Mercury combined together rpe the effects or the Sun. The 1st house aspects the 7th house. Consequently the rays or the Sun from the 1st house would be enlightening the Moon If placed in the 7th. which means that lhe things and the relatives represented by lhe Moon will provide highly beneficial and good results. Educational achievements will prove fruitful for earning money or weahh. He may or may not have properties but will certainly have cash money In hand always. He will ha~~e good potential tor being a poet or astrologer. or else he may be characterless and will have great love tor mysticism and spiritualism. The 7th Moon also denotes conftlct between the native's w~e and mother. adverse effects In milk trade. Disobedience towards mother may cause overall tensions and troubles.

Remedies 1. Avoid marriage In the 24th year of your lite.


/Cft(}w about TriJ/Ist of Planets

3. 4. 5.

Always your mother keep happy.
Never sell rrilk or water for profit. Do not bum milk for making Khoya. Ensure that in marriage your wife brings silver and rice with her from her parents. equal to her weight.

Moon in 8th House

This house belongs to Mars and Saturn. The Moon here atre<IS lhe education of the native adversely, but if education goes well the native~ mother~ l~e will be shortened and very onen such a nati\'0 loses both • education and the mother. However. the evil effects of the Moon in lhe 7th house will be m~igated ij Jup~e< and Saturn be placed in the 2nd house. The 8th Moon often deprives the native ol his parental properties. If there is a well or pond adjacent to the parental property of lhe native. he will receive adverse results ol the Moon all lhrough his life.

Remedies 1. Avoid gambling and ftirting. 2. Perform Shraddha ceremony for to your ancestors. 3. Do not build any house after covering a well with roof. 4. Obtain blessings of lhe old men and children by touching lhelr feel 5. Bring water from the well or water tap situated wilhin the boundaries of a cremation ground and place it within your house. It will ward off all the evils generated by the Moon In the 8th house. 6. Offer gram and pulse in places of worsl'lp.
Moon in 9th House

The 9th house belongs to Juplter. who Is a great friend of lhe Moon. Hence the native will Imbibe the trailS and features of both lhese planets - good conduct. soft heartedness. religious bent of mind and love for ~lrtuous acts and pilgrimage. He will live upto 75 years. A friendly planet In the 5th house will augment comforts and pleasures from the son and develops Intense Interest In religious deeds. A friendly planet In the 3rd house ensures great increase In money and wealth.

Remedies 1. Install the things associated with the Moon wi thin the hoose. e.g.. place a square piece of sliver In the almlrah.

Pldllets ln l1Jn'ous Houses Mtd tltek Remedies



S~N~ th~

labourers with milk.

Offer milk to snakes and rice to fish.

Moon In lOth House

The lOth house is in every manner ruled by Saturn. This house is aspected by the 4th house, which Is sirrilarty ruled by Moon. Hence the Moon in the lOth house ensures a long lite of about 90 years tor the native. Moon and Saturn are inimical, therefore. metidnes in liquid form will always prove harmful to him. The milk will act as poison W taken during night. If he Is a medical practitioner. dry mecidnes adrrinistered by him to the patient will have a magical effect for cure. If a surgeon, he will earn great wealth and fame for surgery. If the 2nd and 4th houses ar~ empty money and wealth will rain on him.
If Saturn is placed in th~ 1st house, the native's life will be destroyed by the opposit~ sex.• ~pee Iaiiy a widow.

The things and busln~s represented by Saturn will prove beneficial for the native.

Remedies 1. VIsits to religious places ol worship will enhance the fortune of the native. 2. Store th~ natural water of rain or the riv~r in a container and keep it within your house tor IS years. It will wash off the poisons and evil effects generated by the Moon In the IOih house. 3. Avoid taking rrilk during night. <1. ~Hik animals can neither live long In your house nor will they prove beneficial or auspicious. 5. Abstain from wine, meat and adultery.
Moon In 11th House
This hous~ Is strongly Influenced by Juplter and Sarurn. Every planet placed In this house will destroy Its Inimical planets and the things associated with them. In this way the Moon here will destroy its enemy l<etu's things, 1.~.. the sons of the native. Here the Moon will have to face 111~ combined pow~r of its eneml~ Sarurn and Ketu, which will weaken ll>e Moon. Now if Ketu is placed in the 4th house, the life of the native's mother will be endangered. The business associated with Merc!XY wi11 also prove harmful. Starting house construction or purchase of a house on Sarurdays will strengthen the Saturn (the Moon's enemy) which will


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

prove disastrous for the native. Kanyadan after the midnight and participating in any marriage ceremony on Fridays will damage the
fortunes of the native.


Offer milk in Bhairo Mandir and donate milk to others l iberally.
Ensure that the grandmother does not see her grandson.

3. 4.

Heat up a piece of gold in fire and put it in a glass of rrilk befO<e
drinking it.

Throw 125 pieces of sweet (Pedal in a river.

Moon In 12th House
This house belongs to Moon's friood J uplter. Here the Moon will have good effects on Mars and the things associated w~h Mars. but it will harm its enemies Mercury and Ketu and the things associated with Ill em. Hooce the business and things associated w~h the house in which Mars is placed will provide highly beneficial effects. Similarly, the business and things associated with the houses where Men:ury and Ketl.l are placed will be strongly damaged. The Moon in the 12th houses causes a general tear In the native's mind about numerous unfO<eseen troubles and dangers and thus destroys his sleep and peace of mind. Ketl.l In the 4th house will become weak and affect the native~ son and mother very adversely.


2. 3.

Wearing Gold In ears. drinking milk after Inserting hot piece of gold In it and visiting religious places of worship will ward off the evils of the Moon in 12th house and afso that of the Ketu in the 4th house. Never offer milk and food to religious salntstsadhus. Do not opoo a school. college 0< any other educational inst~u!e and do not help children in obtaining free of cost education.

Mars: Effects and Remedies
Mars acts on the e.xtremes • either soft like a wax 0< hard like a stone. The Sun. Moon and Juplter are his friends. whereas Mercury and J<etu are his enerrles. Rahu and Satum are neutral to Mars. The first cyde of Mars runs between the aoes 28 and 33. the 2nd belweoo 63 and 68 years and the 3rd between 98 and 103 years. The 1st and 8th houses are the own houses of Mars and he gets exalted In the lOth house, 4 ~ house Is his debilitation. Mars acts as amalefic In the 4th and 8th houses,

Pldlletsln l1Jn'ous Houses Mtd tltek Remedies


but he is benefic if placed in the 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 and 12th houses. Mars is tile signification of sex, brothers. land and property and rules over the animal instincts in man. A benefic Mars offers. self

{Onfidence, sharp wit. faculty of argumertation and adventurous spirit,
strong determination and qualities of leadership In all I>Jman pursuits. On the contrary, a weak and afflicted Mars makes the native lose temper qukldy, fool hardy, quarrelsome and brutal. Such a Mars mal<es the native a sexual peNert. The general effects and remedial measures of Mars can be delineated as follows:
Mars In I st House

Mars In the 1st house makes the native good natured, truthful and richer from the 28th year ol age. He wins favours from the governme<1t and victory against the e<1emies without much effort. He earns large profls from tile business associated wlh Saturn l.e. lron, wood, machinery etc. and the relatives represented by Saturn i.e., nephews, grandsons, uncles etc.
Sportaneous curses from the mouth of such a native will never go waste. Association of Saturn with Mars provides physical trouble to the native.

Remedies 1. Avoid the acceptance of things free of cost or In charity.

2. 3. 4.

Avoid evil deeds and telling lies. AssociMion with saints and Faqlrs will prove very harmful. Things of Ivory will give very adverse effects. AI/Oid them.

Mars In 2nd House

The native with Mars In the 2nd house Is generally the eldest Issue of his parents, or else he or she wolAd always like to be treated so. But l iving and behaving like a younger brother would prove highly be<10ficial and ward off several e\11s automatlcall)< Mars In this house provides great weanh and properties from tile In-laws' farrlly. Mars negative he<e makes the native a snake in disguise for others and causes his death in war or quarrels. Mars with Mercury in the 2nd house weakens the will power and undermines the importance of the native.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

1. The business associated with Moon, e.g .• trade in cloth, will provide

2. 3.

prosperity, henc~ str~r>Jthen Moon. Ensure that your in-laws make arrangements fO< providing drinking water facilities to the common peopl~.
K~ p


deer skin in the


Mars In 3nd House

The 3rd hous~ is affected by Mars and Me<cury. who provide brothe<s and sist~rs to the native i.~ .. he will not be the only issue of his parents. Oth~rs will he highly b~n~fited from the nativ~. but h~ will not he a bl~ to receive benefit from others. Humbleness will bring rewards. I n-laws will become richer and richer after the native's marriage. The native believes i n the principle · ea~ drink and he merry" and suffers from blood disorders.

Remedies 1. Be soft hearted and avoid arrogance. Be good to brothers for prosperity. 2. K~p articles of ivO<y with )<>u. 3. Put on silve< rir>J in the left hand.
Mars In 4th House

The 4th house is ov~rall the property of Moon. Th~ fire and h~at of Mars In this house burns the cold wat~r of Moon I.e .. t h~ properties of 111e Moon are adversely affected. The native loses peac~ of mind and suffers from jealousy to othe<s. He always misbehaves with his )<>unger brothers. The native's evil mission gets strong destructive powers. Such a native affects the life of his mother. wife, mother-In-law etc. ve<y adversely. His anger becomes the cause of hisoverall destruction in various aspects of life.

Remedies 1. Offer sweet ,., to the roots of a banyan tree and put that wet soli on your navel. 2. To avoid havoc frO<n fire. place empty baOS of sugar on the roof of your house, shop or factory. 3. Always keep a square piece of sliver with you. 4. K~p away from black. one-eyed or disabled person.

PIM!ets In

~n·ous Houses

and tltet RemMies


Mars in 5th House
The Sill house belongs to the Sun, who is a natural friend of Mars. Hence Mars ensures very good results in thts house. The sons of the native become instruments of wealth and fame for him. His prosperity

increases manifold after the bifth of sons. The things and relatives
represented by Verus and Moon will prove benefidal in every manner. Someone of his forefathers must have been a doctor or Vaidya. The prosperity of the native will continue to grow more and mDfe with the growtll in age. But romance and emotional affairs with the opposite sex will prove highly disastrous for the native, which will destroy his mental peace and night sleep too.

Remedies 1. Maintain a good moral character. 2. Keep water in a pot below the head side of your bed at night and drop it in a flower pot in the morning. 3. Offer Shraddha to your ancestors and plant a Neem tree in the

Mars In 6th House
This house belongs to Mercury and Ketu. Both are mutual enemies and Inimical to Mars also. Hence Mars In this house will keep hlmseW away from both. The native will be courageous. adventurous. lover of j ustice and powerful enough to set fire into water. He will be highly benefited by the trade and business associated with Mercu.y. His pen will wield more power than the sword.lf Sun, Saturn and Mars are placed together in one house, the brothers, mother, sisters and wife will be affected very adversely.

Remedies 1. Distribute salt In place of sweets on the birth of a male child. 2. His brothers should keep the native happy by offering him something or the other lor their protection and prosperity. But II he does not accept such things. the same should be thrown In water. 3. The male children ol the native should not wear gold. 4. Adopt remedies of Saturn lor family corrlort. Worship Ganeshjl lor parents' health and destruction of enerrles.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

Mars in 7th House

This house belongs to the influences of Venus and Mercury, who colfbined together provide the effect of Sun. I f Mars is placed therein, l!le 7th house will be affected by Sun and Mars both, which ensures that

the native's ambiUon will be fuWIIIed. wealth, propetty and family will increase.
But if Mercury is also placed here along with Mars, very adverse results will follow regarding the things and relations represented by Mercury e.g.. sister, sister·in·law, nurses, maid sen~ant. parrot, goats etc. Hence it would be better to keep away from them.

Remedies l . Place solid piece of silver in the house for prosperity. 2. Always offer sweels to daughter. sister. slster·ln·law and widows. 3. Repeatedly build a small wall and destroy il
Mars In 8th House

The 8th house belongs to Mars and Saturn, who jointly influence llle properties of this house. No plan ells considered good In this house. Mars here affects very adversely the younger brothers of the native. The native sticks to commitments made by him without caring for profit or loss.

Remedies l . Obtain blessings of widow s and wear a silver chain. 2. Offer sweel loaves of bread prepared on Tandoor to dogs . 3. Take your meals In the krtchen. Build a small dark room at the end of your house and do not allow 4. Sun light to enter It 5. Offer rice, jaggery and gram pulse at religious places of worship. 6. Fill an earthen pot with 'Oeshl Khand' and bury It near a cremation ground.

Mars In 9th House
This house belongs to Jupiter. a friend ot t-1ars. Mars placed in this house will prove good in every manner to the native by ~Artue of the help and blessings of the elders. His brother~ w~e proves very fortunate for him. Generally he will have as many brothers as his father had. Living

PIM!ets In

~n·ous Houses

and tltet RemMies


with brothers in a joint family will enhance all round happiness. The nati10! will gain a highly prestigious administrative post upto the 28th year of his age. He may earn large profits in the trade of goods associated wtth warfare.

Remedies l. Obedience to elder brother. 2. Render services to your Bhabhi i.e .. brother's w~e. 3. Do not become an atheist and follow your ttaditional customs and


Offer rice. milk and jaggery at religious places of worship.

Mars In lOth House
This is the best position of Mars in a horoscope. the place of his exaltation. I f the native is born in a poor family, his family will become rich and afftuent after his birth. If he is born in a rich family, his family will grow richer and richer after his birth. If the native is the eldest brother he will gain a more distinct recognition and reputation in society. He will be bold. courageous. healthy and competent enough to set tra<itions. norms and rules In society. However, If malefic planets Rahu, Ketu and Satll'n or Venus and Moon are placed In the 2nd house. the aforesaid beneficial effects are reduced. Further if a friendly planet is placed in the 3rd house, it will also affect the results of Mars in the lOth house adversely. 1 f Saturn is placed i n the 3rd house, the nati10! will gain huge wealth and large properties In llle later part ol his life along with a kingly position. Mars In the lOth house but no planet in the 5th house provides all round prosperity and happiness.

Remedies 1. Do not sell ancesttal property and gold of the house. 2. Keep a pet deer In your house. 3. While boiling milk, please ensure that it should not overflow and fall on the fire. 4. Offer help to one-eyed and childless persons.
Mars In 11th House
Mars gives good results In this house, because this house Is Influenced by Juplter and Saturn. If J uplter Is In exalted position, Mars gives very


Koow about Transt of Plantts

good results. Native is courageous and just and usually a trader.

Remedies 1. One should never sell one's ancestral property.


Keeping Sindoor or honey in an earthen pot will give good results.

Mars In 12th House
This house Is Inhabited by Jupiter. so now both Mars and Jupiter will give good results. This is also considered as the "Pulcka Ghar• of Rai>J, so now Rahu will not trouble the native notwithstanding its position in native~ hO<oscope.


1. 2.

Take honey the first 111ing in the morning. Eating sweets and offering sweets to anoll1er person will increase the wealth ol the native.

Merc\A'Y: Effects and Remecies
Merrory is the smallest planet ol the solar system. The author has compared Mercury with a bat, which keeps hanging upside down and pounces upon 111e face of a child at the first oppol1unlty. The native tails to understand anyll11ng and meanwhile the mysterious and mischievous Merrory turns the cycle of fort..,e In the reverse gear. Mercury produces the ellects of the planet 0< planets it Is associated with. Mercury Is considered malefic In the 3rd. 8111, 9111 and 12th houses. Rahu gives bad results In 1. S. 7 , 8 and 11th houses. If Mercury and Rahu both are In ll1eir auspicious houses then ~lercury causes havoc In the natives houses and produces disastrous result like putting 111e native behind the bars or creating troubles olll1e same s011. ~l ercury Is considered auspicious In ll1e 1. 2. 4, s. 6 and the 7th houses and gives bad results when placed In ll1e 3, 8. 9. 10, 11 and 12111. Its colour is green and Moon is i ts enemy. Sun Venus and Rahu are friends, whereas Mars, Saturn, and K~u are neutral to him. 7th house Is the Pukka ghar of Merrory. It stands elClltted i n the 6th house and gets debilitated in the 12111 house. Affected Venus causes diseases ol tooth and nervous system. 1f Mercury is placed alone i n any house 111e native keeps running and wasting time here and there.

Mercury In 1st Hou.s e
Mercury in 1st house makes 111e native kind, humorous and diplomatic with administrative skill. Such a native generally lives long and becomes

PIM!ets In

~n"ous Houses

and tltet RemMies


selfish and mischievous by nature ha\Ang special attraction for non"egetarian dishes and drinks. He receives favour from the government and his daughters have royal and luxurious lves. The relativesrepresented by the house in wl"ich Sun is placed gain wealth and riches w~l"in a little lime and he himself will be having many sources of income. If Sun is placed along with Merwry in the 1st house or ff the Mercury is elCpected l>y Sun the wife of native will come from a rich and noble family and will be good natured. Such a native will be affected by the evil effects of Mars but Sun will never give bad effects. Rahu and Ketu will have evil effects, which suggests that the In laws and the offspring of the native will be adverse. If Mercury is in the 1st house, the native will be adept in the art of influe<1cing others and he will l ive like a king. Malefic Mercury In llle 1st house along with Moon in the 7th house destroy the native because of intoxication.

Remedies 1. Keep away from the things ol green colour and sister in law. 2. Avoid consumption of me<!t, eggs and liQIJOI'. 3. Business that requires your ~ti ng at one place would be mOI'e beneficial than the one that requires runrlng around.
Mercury In 2nd House Merwry In llle 2nd house makes the native inteiiiQe<lt, self centered, destroyer of enemies and cheats. He may be able to provide sufficie<1t happiness to l"is falller. He will be rich. The lllings represented by Mars and 'Alnus will prove benefiCial to him.

Remedies l . Abstain from eggs meat and liquor. 2. Association with your sisters In law Is harmful. 3. Keeping sheep, goat and parrots as pets Is strictly prohibited.
Mercury In 3rd House Merwry In the 3rd house Is not considered good. Mercury Is Inimical ro Mars. But Mars does not have enmity with Mercury. Therefore the nadve could receive benefits from his brother, but he will not be be<1eficlal ro his brother 01' others. By virtue of Its aspects of 9th and 11th houses Merwry affects the Income and llle condition of the fa Iller very adversely.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Remedies l. Clean your teeth w~h alum everyday. 2. Feed birds and donate a goat 3. Don't live in a south ladng house.
4. Distribute medicines of asthma.

Mercury in 4th House
The native in the 4th house is considered fortunate, very dear to his mother, good trader and receives favours from the goverrvnent. However Mercury in this house effects the Income and health of another person adversely.

Remedies 1. Putting on ~lver chain lor mental peace and golden chain lor gaining wealth and property. 2. Putting kesar tilak regularly lor 43 days on lore ·head. 3. Serve monkeys by offering jaggery.
Mercury In 5th House Mercury in this house makes the native happy, wealthy and wise. Spontaneous utterances from the mouth of the native will certainty prove

It gives very good results lithe Moon or any male planet is placed in 3rd, Sth, 9th and 11th houses, but II Moon and Jupiter are not placed In good houses. Mercury wo!Ad provide malefic effects.

Remedies 1. Wear a copper coin in wh~e thread lor obtaining riches. 2. Serving cows for the happiness of wife and good ludc. 3. A Gomukhl house (narrow atlhe front and wider at the end) would prove highly auspicious where as Shermukhl house (wider at the front and narrower at the end) would prove highly disastrous.
Mercury In 6th House Mercury becomes exa~ed in the 6th house. The native will be selrmade man and will receive benefits from agricultural land, stationery, printing press and trade. Good or evil words from his mouth will never go waste. North lacing house will give bad results. Daughter's marriage In

Pldlletsln l1Jn'ous Houses Mtd tttet Remedies



n01th direction will mak~ he< unhappy in ev~ry way.

Remedies 1. Burying a bottle filled w~h Ganga water into th~ agricultural land. 2. Putting on a silver ring in the left hand of ones wife. 3. Starting any important work in the presence of a girl or daughters,
or with flowers in hand proves auspicious.

Mercury In 7th House

In a mal~ horoscop~. M~rcury in the 7th hous~ prov~s highly booelicial for ot~rs for whom Ill~ nativ~ wishes well. In a female horoscope it produces good result. The poo of llle native wields more pow~r then th~ sword. Th~ sist~r of th~ native's wife will pro~ highly helpful In every matter. If a Moon Is placed In the 1st house. overseas journey will be advantageous. Saturn In the 3rd house will make the wffe~ family very rich.

Remedies 1. Avoid any business In partnership. 2. Avoid speculation. 3. Do not k~p relaUonShlp with sister In laws of spoilt charKter.
Mercury In 8th House

Mercury gives very bad reslAts In 8111 house. but ff It Is piKed along with a male planet It will give good effects of the associated planet. The nati~~e lilies a hard life, victimized by dls~ases and during the age 32· 34 his Income goes down by haff. lt Is more hermfullf some planet Is placed in t~ 2nd house. If Rahu Is also piKed In the same hous~ Ill~ native may halle to go to jail, may have to be hospitalized or may have to wander from place to place. Bad results accrue if Mars is also placed lllereln. ~lercury here causes disfavour from the government and diseases like blood disorder. eye problem. tooth and vein troubles, as well as big loss in business.

Remedies 1. Get an earth~n pot filled with honey and bury it in the cremation ground or deserted area.
2. 3. Place milk or rain water in a container on the roof or the house. Put a ring in llle nose of your daughter.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Mercury in 9th House

MerOJry provides very bad results in the 9th house also, because ttl is house beJongs to Jupiter and Merrury remains inimical to it. It causes ~ontinuous mental restlessness and defamation of various types. If Moon,

J(etu and Jupiter are placed in 1. 3. 6, 7, 9 and lith house~. Mercury
does give very advantageous results, it will never be malefic.

Remedies 1. Avoid the use of green colour. 2. Get yours nose pricked. 3. Offer mushroom filled in an earthen pot to a religious place.
4. Do not accept any tabeez from any sadhu or faqir.

Mercury In lOth House
Merrury in the lOth house provides favour from the government. Gives good sources of livelihood. He manages to get his work done In every way. The business ol such a native flourishes in a shermukhi house. but residency in such a house gives very bad result and can be disastrous.

Remedies 1. Consumption of eggs, meat and liquor are strictly prohibited. 2. Offer rice and milk in religious places.
Mercury In 11th House

Mercury in this house gives bad results, because of enemity to Jupiter. At the age of 34 the naUve undertakes works of extreme foolishness. Here ~lercury causes loss of wealth, loss of mental peace and loss of
reputation. Even hard work is not awarded. However the children of

native will be well educated and get married in very rich and noble families.

Remedies 1. Wear copper coin In neck In a white lhread or sliver chain. 2. Do not keep a widowed sister or father's sister In your house. 3. Avoid green colour and emerald. 4. Do not accept any Tabeez from a sadhu or faqlr.

Pldllets ln l1Jn'ous Houses Mtd tltek Remedies

Mercury in 12th House

Mercury here destroys night's sleep of the native and causes troubles of many sorts. He loses peace of mind and very often suffers from lleadache. He has a long life but suffers from poison, although. however, if ~tercury I~ accompanied by Saturn in this hou~ very good results follow. Saturn along with Sun and Mercury in 12th house also gives good <esult. Daughters, sisters, father's sister and niece will be unhappy as long as they are living in the native·s house. Such persons are generally self praising and of irritable nature. If something right or wrong goes
into his mind, he will ensure to stidc to it in every manner. If such a

native is fond of taking liquor he will be of pretentious nature. Speculation in business will prove harmful. Marriage In the 25th year will prove harmful for the native's wife and father. Mercury in 12"' house is considered harmful for males. but is not bad for females.

Remedies 1. Throwing new empty pitcher In a rive< 2. Putting on a ring of stainless steel. 3. Putting kesar tllak on face, head and visiting religious places of


Taldno advice of anotherpe<son before SQrUng any new or Important work

Juplter: Effects and Remedies
Jupiter represents 'Thursday· and the yellow colour. He Is regarded as 'Karaka' for 2nd, Sth and 9th houses. The Sun, Mars and Moon are his
friends, where as Mercury and Venus are enemies to him. Rahu. Ketu

and Saturn adopt neutrality to him. He stands exalted In the 4th house and the lOth house, Is the house of his debilitation. Jupiter provides good results If placed In houses I, S, 8, 9 and 12, but 6th, 7th and the lOth are the bad houses for him. Jupiter gives bad <esults when Venus or Mercury get placed In the lOth house of a lloroscope. However, 1upiter never gives bad result s ~ placed alone In any house. A malefic I uplter affects the Ketu (son! very adversefy.J uplter
offers malefic results if he is placed with Saturn, Rahu or Ketu in a

lloro scope.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Jupiter i n 1st House
Jupiter in the 1 st house makes the native necessarily rich, even if he is deprived of learning and education. He will be healthy and never afraid <>f enemies. He will rise every 8th year of his life til rough his own efforts and with the help ol friends in the government If the 7th house is not ocrupied by any planet success and prosperily will come after the marriage
of the native. Marriage or construction of a house wrth one's own earnings i n the 24th or 27th year would prove inauspicious for the longevity of the father's life. Jupiter in 1 st house along with the Saturn in the 9th house causes health problems for the native. Jupiter in the 1st house and Rahu i n the 8th causes tile death of the native~ father because of heart attack or asthma.

l. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Offer the tllings of Mertury, Venus and Saturn to tile religious places. SI!Ning cows and helping untouchables. If Saturn is placed in the 5th house, donl bt.ild a house. If Saturn is placed in the 9th house. don1 buy machinery associated with Saturn. If Saturn Is In 11th or 12th house. avoid use wine, meal and eggs stricdy. ward·ofrthe evil effects of Mercury by putting on silver in the nose.

Juplter In 2nd House
The results of this house are affected by Jupiter and Venus as

IIley are together In tills house, though venus may be placed anywhere
i n the chart. Venus and Jupiter are inirrical to each other. Hence both will affect each other adversely. Consequently, if the native engages himseW i n the trade of gold or Jewellery, then the things of Venus like wife, wealth and property will get destroyed. As long as the wife of the native is with him, the native will continue gaining honour and wealth despite the fact that his w~e and her family may be suffering because or Ill health and other problems . The native Is admired by females and Inherits the property of his father. He may be llenefited by lottery or property of a person having no Issues. ~ the 2nd, 6th and 8th houses are auspldous and SatiJrn Is not placed In the IOtll.

PIM!ets In

~n·ous Houses

and tltet RemMies


1. Charity and donations will ensure prosperity.

2. 3.

Offer milk to Sllakes for warding off the eiAis of Saturn placed in the lOth. Fill up the pits if any on the road side, in front of your house.

Jupiter in 3rd House
The Jupiter in the 3rd house makes the native learned and rich, who receives continuous income from the government all through his l ife. Saturn in the 9th makes the native live long, whereas if Saturn is placed in the 2nd the native becomes extremely clever and crafty. However Saturn is the 4th indicates that the native will be robbed of money and weatth by his friends. If jupiter is accompanied by inimical planets in the 3rd the native is destroyed and becomes a liability "" his closer ones.

Remedies 1. Worship ol Goddess Ourga and offering sweets and fruits to small girls and obtaining their blessing by touching their feet. Avoid sycophants.
jupiter In 4th House
The 4th house belongs to Moon, a friend of Jupiter. who stands exalted in this house. Hence Jupiter here gives very good resuns and provides the native the powers of deci<ling the fate and fortune of others. He will possess money, wealth and large properties along with honour and favours from the government. In Urnes of crisis, the native will receive divine help. As he grows old his prosperity and money will Increase. How so ever if he has built a temple at home Jupiter will not give the above mentioned results and the native will have to face poverty and disturbed married life.

Remedies 1. The native should not keep a temple In his house. 2. He shoUld serve his elders. 3. He shoUld offer milk to Sllake. <1. He shoUld never bare his body before anyone.

Jupiter in 5th House

Know about Transt of P lantts

This house belongs to Jupiter and Sun. Native~ prosperity will increase after the birth of his son. In fact. more sons a native has, the more prosperous he will become. 5th house is tile own house of Surya

and in this hou~e Surya, Ketu and Brihaspati will g ive mixed results.
However if Mercury, Venus and Rahu is in 2nd, 9th, 11th or 12th houses Ill en Jupiter Sun and Ket\J will give bad results. If the native is honest and labourious then Jupiter will give good results.

Remedies 1. Do not accept any donations or gifts. 2. Offers your services to priests and sadhus.
Jupiter In 6th House
6th house belongs to Mercury and Ketu also has Its effect on this llouse. So this house will give combined effects of Me<cury, jup~e< and l<etu. If jupiter is benelk the native will be of pious nature. He will get everything In life without asking. Donations and offe<ings In the name of elders will prove beneficial. If Juplter is In 6th and Ketu Is benelk then native will become selfish. Howevef. if Ketu is malefic in 6th house and Mercury Is also malelk the native will be unlucky upto 34 years of age. Here J upltcr causes asthma to the native~ fathe<

Remedies 1. Offer things connected with Jupite< In a temple. 2. Feed the cocks. 3. Offer clothes to the priest.
Jupiter in 7th House
7th house belongs to Venus, so it will give mixed results. The native will have rise in luck after marriage and native will be involved in religious works. The good result of the house will depend upoo position ol Mooo. The native will never be a debtor and will have good chlldlen. And If the Sun is also in 1st house the native will be a good astrologer and lover of comtorts. However if Jupiter is malefic in 7th house and saturn is in the 9!h 111e native will become a thief. 1f Mercury Is In the 9th then his married life will be full of problems. If Jupiter is malefic native will never get

PIM!ets In

~n·ous Houses

and tltet RemMies


support from brothers and will be deprived of favours from the government. Jupiter in 7th house causes differences with the fa tile< If so one should never donate clothes to anyone. otherwise one will certainly get reduced to extreme poverty.

Remedies l. Offer worship to lord stvva. 2. One should not keep idols ol god in ones house. 3. Keep gold tied in a yellow cloth always with you. 4. One should stay away from yellow clad sadhus and faqirs.
Jupiter in 8th House
Juplter does not give good results in this house, but one will get all the worldly comforts. In the time of distress, one will get help from god. Being religious will iocrease native's luck. As long as the native is wearing gold he will not be unhappy or ill. If there is Mercury, venus or Rahu in 2nd, 5th, 9th, lith and 12th house, native~ fatller will be ill and native himself will face loss of prestige.

Remedies 1. Offer things connected with Rahu, like whea~ barley, coconut into running water. 2. Plant a pipaltree in a cremation ground. 3. Offer ghee and potatoes and camphor In temple.
Jupiter In 9th House
9th house is especially influenced by Jupiter. So the native will be famous, rich and will be born in a rich family. The native will be true to his words and will have long life and have good children. In case Juplter is malefic the native will have none of these QOJalitles and will be atheistic. If tile native has any planet inimical to Jupiter in the 1st, 5th and 4th house til en Juplter will give bad results.

Remedies 1. One should go to temple everyday. 2. Abstain from drinking alcohol. 3. Offer rice to running water.


Know about Transt of Plantts

Jupiter in lOth House
This house belongs to Saturn. So the native will have to imbibe the Qualities of Saturn only then he will be happy. The native should be ~unning and sly. Only then the can erjoy the good results of Jupiter. 1f Sun Is In lhe 4th hoo~ Jupiter will give very good results. Venus and f.'lars in the 4th house ensure mutti-marriages for the native. If friendly planets are placed in the 2nd, 4th and 6th houses, Jupiter provides highly beneficial results in matte<s of money and wealth. A malefic Jupiter in the lOth makes the native sad and impoverished. He is deprived of ancestral properties, wffe and children.

Remedies 1. Clean your nose before beginning any work.
2. 3. 4. Throw copper coins in the running water of a river for 43 days. Offer almonds to religious places. A temple with idols must not be established within the house.


Put tilak of saffron on the forehead.

Jupiter In 11th House
Juplter In this house affects the things and relatives of his enemies Merrury , Venus and Rahu very adversely. Consequently, the wife of the native will remain miserable. Similarly, sisters, daughters and father~ sisters will also remain unhappy. The native will be a debtor even H Merrury Is well placed. The native will be comfortable only as long as his father lives with him in a joint family along with brothers, sisters and mother.

Remedies 1. Always keep gold on your body. 2. Put on a copper bangle. 3. Watering a plpaltree would prove beneficial.
Jupiter In 12th House
and Rahu, who are inimical to each other. I r the native observes good

The 12th house would provide the combined influences of Jupiter

wishes good for all and observes religious practices he will become happy and enjoy a co<rlortable sleep at night. He would become weatthy and powerful. Abstaining from evil acts of Saturn will make the
business of machinery, motor, trocks and cars highty beneficial to him.

PIM!ets In

~n·ous Houses

and tltet RemMies


1. 2. 3. Avoid furnishing false evidence in any matter. Render services to sadhus. gurus and pipal tree. Place water and Saunf on lhe head side of your bed during nights

Venus: Effects and Remedes
AS a preceptor of demons, venus stands for the I>Jsband in the horoscope of a female and represents the wife in the horoscope of a male. Venus offers good results if placed alone in the birth chart. The 2nd and 7th houses are owned by Venus who gets exalted in the 12th house. Saturn, Mercury and Ketu are friends of Venus, whereas Slll, Moon and Rahu act as enemies. Venus offers very good resu~s if posited in the 2nd, 3rd. 4111, 7th and 12th houses, but the 1st, 6th and 9th houses are considered bad for venus. ACcordingly, venus offers very good results in the houses of Mercury, Saturn and Ketu, whereas evil effects will follow ~ posited In the houses of Sun. Rahu and Moon. When Rahu aspects Venus or vice versa, '" when both are placed together in a house. the good results of Venus will be nullified and the native will get deprived of money, wealth and family comforts altogelher. The eyes of the native's, mother will become severely defective U Moon and Voous are placed just opposite to each other. Afflkted Venus causes trouble in the eyes, diseases of the ovaries. gout. anaemia and other complications due to over Indulgence In amusements and sex, including gonOfl'hoea and syphilis. An afftlcted Venus may cause vehicular accidents, faithlessness in love and marriage and will deprive the native of the comforts of vehicles, conveyance etc.
Venus In I st House

Venus In 1 st house makes the native highly handsome. long lived. sweet tongued and popular among the opposite sex. Wife or the native remains Ill. Religion, caste or creed Is never a bar for having sexual relations with anyone. Such a native Is generally highly romantic by nature and longs ror love and sex with other women. He gets married before he starts earning his living. Such a native becomes a leader of persons or his age group, but leadership of the family members causes several family uoubles. SuCh a native earns great profits through the trade ol clothes. Such a native Is generally deprived of Interest In rellglouspurslits. When Venus comes In 7th house In Varsha phal, It causes chronic rever and blood cough.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Remedies l. Do not marry at the age of 25 years. 2. Always aa according to the advice of others. 3. Serving a blaclc cow. 4. Avoid sex ~ring day time. 5. Take bath with cunl. 6. Intake of cow's urine is very useful.
Venus in 2nd House
Doing bad or evil towards others would prove harmful to the native. Money, wealth and property would continue to grow upto sixty years. Shermukhl house (wider at the front than the rear po<tion) would prove disastrous for the native. Business or trade associated with gold and j ewellery will be extremely harmful. Business associated with earthen goods, agriculture and animal will prove highly benefiCial. venus in 2nd house in a female horoscope renders the native barren or infertile and in a male's horoscope makes the wife incapable of p<o~cing a son.

Remedies 1. For getting a son, intake or things associated with Mars like honey, Saunf or deshl Khand will be highly effective. 2. Feed hvo kgs of potatoes coloured by yellow turmeric to cows. 3. Offer two kgs. cow~ ghee In a temple. 4. Avoid aduttery.
Venus In 3rd House

Here Venus blesses the native with a charming personality and every woman would get attracted to him. He Is generally loved by all.

If the native ln1111riably gets Involved with other women but for his own sake and safety, he should give due respect and dignity to her (wife), whereas his wife will always be dominated by him, though she may be dominating everyone else coming Into contact with he< She would be courageous. supportive and helpful to the native like second bullock of llle carL He will be saved from deceit, thefi and harm from others by her contacts with other women would prove harmful and affect the longevity adversely. If planets placed In 9th and lith houses are Inimical to Venus, highly adverse results will follow. He will have many daughters.

Pldllets ln l1Jn'ous Houses Mtd tltek Remedies


1. 2. Respect your wife and never insult her: Avoid nirting with other women.

Venus in 4th House
Venus in 4th house strongly establishes the possibility of two wives and makes the native rich, too, If jupiter is posited in lOth house and venus is placed in 4th, the native will face adverse res<Jits from all sides if he tries to be religious. Venus in 4th house destroys the possibility or a son to the native if he covers a well by a roof and constructs a room or house over it. The business associated with Mercury will also prove harmful. Saturn will give disastrous effects if the native consumes liquor. The business or trade associated with Mars will prove advantageous to such a native. Venus in 4th and jupiter in 1 st house will create frequoot quarrels with the molher·in-law.

Remedies 1. Change ll1e name of your wife and remarry her formally. 2. Throwing rice, silver and milk in the running wale< or feeling Kheer or milk to mother like women will ward off the quarrels between mother·ln·law and daughter-in-law. 3. Keep the rool ol the house clean and well-maintained for the health of your wife. 4. Drop things or jupiter. like gram. pulses and Kesar. in the river.
Venus In 5th House

Sth house is the Pukka ghar of the Sun. where Venus will get burnt with the heat of ll1e Sun. Consequently the native Is a flirt and amorous by nature. He will race big misfortunes In life. However, If ll1e native maintains a good character he will steer through the hardships of life and obtain great riches and promotions in secvice after five years of his marriage. Sud1 a native Is generally learned and destroyer of enemies.

RemediiiS 1. One should not marry against the wishes or his parents. 2. Serving cows and moll1e< like womoo.
3. 4. Avoid relationship will other women. Native~ wife sholAd wash her private parts with curd or milk.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Venus in 6th House
This house belongs to Mercury and Ketu, who are inimical to each <>!her. but Venus is friendly to both. Ve<~us stands, debilitated in this !louse. However, if tM native keeps the opposite sex happy and provides

her with all tile comforts, tvs money and wealth will rontinue to grow.
The wife of the native shouk:J not get dressed like a male and should not get her hair cut like a male. otherwise poverty will crop up. Such a native must marry a person who has got a brothe< or brothers. Funner, the nati~ should not leave any work in the midway, i.e. befO<e cO<npletion.

Remedies 1. Ensure that your wife puts gold clips in her hair.
2. 3. Your spouse ITOJSt not remain barefooted. The private parts sl1ould be washed with red medicine.

Venus In 7th House
This house belongs to Wnus, so Wnus gives very good results If ~ is placed in this house. The planet or 1st house offers the effects or 7th house in such a manner as if it is placed in 7th house itself. If a planet inimical to venus is placed in 1 st house e.g. Rahu, the wife and the household affairs of the native will be ad~rsely affected. The native spends his money largely on wome<~ . The nati~ should tilke up the Ira de or business which is associated with marriage ce<emony, lilce te<~t house and beauty pal1our. Assodation with one eyed and black woman will prove useful.

Remedies l. Domestication of white cows prohibited.
2. 3. <1. Setvlng red cows. Donate J awar equal to the weight of yourspouse to a temple. Throwing blue flowers In a dirty canal for 43 days.

Venus In 8th House
No planet Is considered benefic In this house E~n Venus In this house becomes rotten and poisonous. The wife of such a native becomes highly Irritable and sl1()(! tempered. Evil utterances from her mouth will certainly prove to be true. The nati~ will be suffering from the feeling of self pity. Taking guarantee or surely for someone will prove disastrous. If

Pldlletsln l1Jn'ous Houses Mtd tttet Remedies


lll~e is no planet in 2nd house, do not marry before 25 years ol age, cotherwise the wife will certainly die.

1. 2. 3.

The native sllould not accept daan. Bowing head in the place ol worship and temples. Copper coin or blue flower to be thrown in gutter or dirty Nullah continuously for ten days. Wasil )'OUr private parts with curd.

Venus In 9th House
venus in this house does not otter good results. The native may have riches, but he will get his bread only after hard labour. His efforts are not property rewarded. There will be dearth ol male members. money, weatth and property. If \ll!nus is accompanied by Mercury or any malefic planet ttte native will be a victim or intoxication and disease from seventeen years or age.


2. 3.

In the foundation or ttte house silver and honey should be buried. Sliver bangles to be worn after putting some red colour on them by wife. Bury a sliver piece under a Neem tree tor 43 days.

Venus In lOtfl House
venus In this house makes native greedy, suspicious and Interested i n handicraft The native would act under the control and guidance of his spouse. As long as the spouse Is with the native all sorts or troubles will remain war~ off. If in a motor car no accident will take place or even it it takes place the native cannot be harmed In any manner. The business end things associated with Sa tum will prove advantageous.


2. 3. 4.

Washing private parts with curd. Western wall or the house sllould be or mud. Abstinence from wine and non vegetarian food. At the time or illness, the native should donate a black cow.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Venus in 11th House Venus in this house is influenced by Saturn and Jupiter, because this !louse belongs to Jupiter and Saturn. This house is aspected by 3td house which is influenced by Mars and Mercury. Native's wife, through her

brothers, will prove very beneficial.
Remedies l. Remedies of Mercury will be useful. 2. Oil to be given on Saturday; 3. The native usually suffers from less of sperm count in his semen. Native should drink milk in which hot piece of gold has been dipped.
Venus in 12th House Venus gives very beneficial resulls In this house. The native will have a wife, who will act as a shield in the time of trouble. Taking help from women will prove highly advantageous for the native, who receives all favours from the government. venus being inimical to f upiter causes health problems to the wife. Merwry in 2nd or 6th houses makes the native diseased. but bestows literary and poetic talent to the native. SUch a native gains high spiritual powers at the age of 59 and generally lives up to about 96 years.
E~<a lted

Remedies 1. Blue flowe<s to be buried by the wife at the time of Sunset. for good health. 2. The wife will act as a defence wall for the husband, If she gives things In charity to people. 3. Domesticating and giving cows in charity. 4. Offer love. respect and honour to your wife

Satum: Effeds and Remedes
The astrological thesis describes Saturn as a serpent, whose head or mouth Is Rahu and Ketu Is Its tall. If Ketu Is posited In earlier houses Ill an Saturn, the latter becomes a great benefic for the native. However, if the position Is otherwise, the Saturn throws highest poisonous results on the naU~. Further, Saturn never gives malefic effects If posited In houses off uplter I.e. 2. 5. 9 or 12. whereas Juplter provides bad results if posited In the house of Saturn.

PIM!ets In

~n"ous Houses

and tltet RemMies


Saturn is consid~ed good in houses 2nd, 3rd and 7th to 12th. whereas 1st. 4th. 5th and 6th houses are bad fO< Saturn. Sun. Moon and f.'lars are its enerries, Venus, Mercury and Rahu are friends and Jupiter and Ketu are neutral to il Saturn gets exalted in 7th house and the 1st house is the house of its debililation. Venus and Jupiter placed together act like Saturn in that house. Similarly Mars and Mercury placed in a single house act like Saturn in that house. In the former case Saturn behaves like Ketu. while in the latter case ~ behaves like Rahu. venus gets destroyed if Saturn is being expected by the Sun in any hO<oscope. The aspect of Voous on Saturn causes loss of money and wealth. but the aspect of Saturn on Venus proves highly beneficial. Collision <>f Saturn and ~loon causes operation of the eyes of the native. Saturn gives good results if posited in house earli~ than Sun. Sal.\lrn can nev~ give malefic results if posited with Sun or Jupiter i n a single house. but highly adVerse results would follow if posited with f.'loon or Mars in any house. When Saturn is in between Rai'MJ and Ketu i.e. in previous and later house w.r.t. Saturn are Rahu & Ketu. then Saturn releases its poisonous results on the sign of Sun and Mars. If It Is pos~d i n 1st house. on Mars onty if posited in 3rd house. on Moon if pos~ed in 4th house. on Sun if posited in 5th house. and on Mars rt posited in g th house. Saturn in 3rd house deprives the native of the accumulation of (ash money and kills the child roo of the native whoo posited In 5th house and lOth house is emply. It becomes highly benelk in 12th house ~ friendly planets are posited in 2nd house. Saturn p<ovides very good results If placed In houses 1 to 7 on the concition that lOth house Is empty. Saturn In 1st house and Sun in 7th. lOth or 11th houses causes all sorts of !roubles for native's wife. CO<nbination of Mars and Saturn gives adV~e results all through.
Saturn In I st House

1st house is influenced by Sun and Mars. Saturn in 1st house will l!)ive good results only whoo 3rd, 7th or lOth houses are not inhabited by any planet which Is Inimical to Saturn. If Mercury or Venus. Rahu 0< Ketu is In 7th house. Saturn will always give good results. 1n case Sat~Kn Is malefic and the native has a hairy body, the native will remain poO<. If native celebrates his birthday It will give very bad results whoo Mercury Is weak. However the native will have a long life.

R-les 1. Abstlnooce from alcohol and non-vegetarian meals.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

2. 3. 4.

Burying Surma in the ground will be beneficial tor promotion in service and business. Serving monkey will lead to prosperity. Offering sweet milk to the roots of a banyan tree will give good results as regards education and health.

Sat..n In 2nd House
The native will be wise, kind and just. He will enjoy weal!!> and will be or religious temperament. However. whether Saturn Is benefic or malefic i n this house, it will be decided by the planets placed in 8th house. The state of finance of l!>e native will be decided by 7th house, the number <>f male members in the family by 6th house and age by 8th house. When Saturn is malefic In this house, afte< the native~ marriage his in l aws will face problems.

Remedies 1. Going barefoot to temple tor forty three days. 2. Putting a tilak of cun:t or milk on the forehead. 3. Offering milk to snake.
Satum In 3rd House
In this house Saturn gives good results. This house Is the pukka Ghar ol Mars. When Kelu aspects this house or Is placed here Saturn will give very good results. The native will be healthy, wise and very lntiJitive. If the native Is wealthy, he will have few male members In the family and vice versa. As lOng as the native abstains from wine and non· vegetarianism, he will enjoy a long and healthy life.

Remedies 1. Serve three dogs. 2. Distributing med'ocines tor eyes tree. 3. Keeping a darlc room in the house will prove highly benefiCial.
Sat..n In 4th H<>use
This house belongs to Moon. So ~ will give mixed results In !!>Is house. The native will be devoted to his parents and will be olloving nature. Whenever the native is suffering from bad health, the use of ll1ings associated with Saturn will give good results. In native's family some one will be associated with medical profession.

PIM!ets In

~n·ous Houses

and tltet RemMies


When Saturn is malefic in this house ~nl<ing wine, killing of snakes and laying the foundation of the house at night will give very bad results. Drinking milk in the night will also give bad res tAts.


Offering rrOik to snake and offering milk or rice to crow or buffalo.
Pouring milk in the well.


Pouring rum in running wate<

Satln1 in 5th House
This house belongs to Sun, whicll is inimical to Saturn. The native will be proud. He should not construct a house till48 years. othenvise his son will suffer. He should live in the house bought or constructed by his son. He should keep articles of Jupiter and ~tars In his ancestral house for welfare of his children. If the native has hairy body, he will be dishonest.

1. 2.

Distributing salty things while celebrating



Offering almonds in the temple and bringing and keeping half of it in the house.

Satln1 In 6th House
If the work related to Satum is done at night, it will always give beneficial results. When marriage takes place after 28 years~ will produce good results. When Ketu is well placed the native will oojoy wealth, profitable journey and happiness from cllildren. When Saturn is malefic bringing things associated with Saturn, like leather and things of iron, will give bad results, especially when Saturn Is In 6th house In varshaphal

1. 2. 3.

Serving a black dog and offering meals to~. Offering coconut and almonds In the running water. Serving snakes will prove advantageous for the welfare of chlldroo.

Satln1 In 7th House
This house Is Influenced by Men:ury and Venus, both friends of Saturn. So this planet gives very good results In this house. The professions associated with Saturn, li ke machinery and Iron, will be very profitable. If the native maintains good relation with his wife, he will be rich and


Koow about Transt of Plantts

prosperous, will enjoy a long life and good health. If Jupiter is in 1st house. Ill ere will be gain from government. Saturn becomes malefic it llle native commits adultery and drinks wine. If the native gets married after 22 years his eyesight will be affected adversely.

Remedies 1. Bury a flute filled with sugar In a deserted place.
2. Serving black cow.

Saturn In 8th House
In Bth house no planet is considered auspicious. The native has a long life. but his fa Iller~ life span Is short and native's brothers turn out to be his toes. This house is considered headquarter ol Saturn. but it will give bad result if Mercury, Rahu and Ketu are malefic in the native~ horoscope.

Remedies 1. Keeping a square piece of silver. 2. Pulling milk In water and sitting on a stone or wood while taking bath .
Saturn In 9th House
Native will have three houses. He will be a successful tour operator <>r civil engineer. He will enjoy along and happy life and parents also will have a happy life. When three generations are IMng happily, It will protect from the bad effects of Saturn. If the native Is helpful to others. Saturn will always give good results. AAer the death ol his elders, the native should do remedial measl.<es of Jupiter. The native will have a son. though he will be born late.

Remedies 1. Offering rice or almonds In running water. 2. Wor1c associated with Jupiter·gold, kesar and Moon (silver cloth) will give good results.
Satum In lOth House
This is Satl.O'n's own house, where it will give good resu~s. The native will enjoy wealth and property as long as he does not get a house

PIM!ets In

~n·ous Houses

and tltet RemMies

~onstructed . Native will be ambitious and enjoy favours from government The native should behave with shrewdness and should do his w0<1c while sitting at one place. Only then he will enjoy the benefits of Saturn.

Remedies 1. Going to temple.
2. 3. Abstinence from meat. wine and eggs. Offering food to ten blind people.

Satum in 11th House
Native's rate will be decided at the age ot forty eight years. The native will never remain childless. Native will earn money by shrewdnes-s and deceit. sa tum will give good or bad results accorcing to the position or Rahu and Ketu

Remedies 1. Before going for an important work place a vessel filled with water and drop oil or wine 011 earth for forty three days. 2. Abstinence from drinking and maintaining good moral character

Satum In 12th House
Saturn gives good results in this house. Native will not have enemies. He will have many houses. His family and business will inetease. He will be very rich. However Saturn will become malefic II the native starts drinking wine and becomes non·Ve9ftarian, or if the dark room in the house is illuminated.

Remedies 1. Tying twelve almonds In a black cloth and placing it In a Iron pot and keeping It In a dark room will give good res!Ats.
I also give below some or the simple but highly cost effective remedies Ill at any person can adopt to protect themselves against the Inauspicious effects or a malefic planet like Saturn.

1. 2.

Saturn Yantra. can be used by everybody at all time In their life. Hanuman Kavach to protect oneself during Sade Saatl (seven and half year cycle of Saturn). A combination of Saturn Yantra and Moon Yantra can be a potent protection against 5ade Saatl or against 8th house or 4th house transa of Saturn.


/Cft(}w about TriJ/Ist of Planets


A corrbination of Hanuman Kavach and Saturn Yantra is very effective if there is a combination of Saturn and Mars conjoined in one sign in a person's chart. This will be more so if one of them or boll> are debilitated and retrograde in the natal chart. Or the combination makes the chart • Mangalik• The name mantra for Saturn is ·oM SHANAI SCHARAYA NAMAHA. The seed mantra for saturn is ·oM SHAM' Pronounced as "Shum". Regular chanting of the mantra for Saturn every day with devotion and faith will also be good p<otection. If you believe In worship then worship of Lord Shlva or his consort Mother Kali will also be good protection. However the most important will be to change your life Style. saturn requires self-discipline, renunciation, surrender. detachment, objectivity, and performing good karma regularly. These Karmic expiation like prayer, atonemen~ chanting of Mantra, worship of the deity. and also giving to deserving charity based on your ability will definitely cleanse the influence of a negative Saturn in our life. Shani (Saturn) Manta etc. to be done daily. "Dressed in blue. dark blue in color. who has four arms. the son of the Sun, who appears fearful, whose nature is peaterul, whose vehicle is an ox, who moves slow, who carries a trident. bow and mace In his hands. with a blue sapphire crest jewel on his head. making the gesture that gives boons. may Oi>ine Saturn ever grant his grace·



Rahu: Effects and Remecles
Saturn Is known as a serpent and Rahu and Ketu as Its head and tall respectively. As a node ol ~loon. Rahu shall not provide adverse results. so long as 4th house or Moon is not afflicted. He gives good results when Mars occupies houses 3 and 12. or when Sun and Mercury are in house 3. or when he himself Is posited In 4th house. Rahu further provides good results if placed together wllll Mercury or aspected by him. Rahu offers highly benaficlal affects If placed In houses aarller than Satllrn. But If it Is otherwise, saturn becomes stronger and Rahu acts as his agent. Sun provides very good reslAts when Rahu Is aspected by Saturn. but Rahu gives the effects of a debilitated planet when Saturn Is aspected by Rahu. Rahu gets exalted In houses 3 and 6. whereas he gets debilitated In houses 8. 9 and 11. 12th house Is his 'Pakka Ghar' and he proves highly

Pldlletsln l1Jn'ous Houses Mtd tltek Remedies


auspicious in houses 3,4 and 6. saturn, Mercury and Ketu are his friends, whereas Sun, Mars and Venus are his enemies. Jup~er and Moon are neutral to him.
If Sun and Venus are placed together in a horoscope, Rahu will

!)enerally pro\Ade adverse results. Similarly, Rahu will provide bad results
if Saturn and Sun are also combined In a horoscope. Here Mars will also become Mars negative. If Ketu is placed in houses earlier than Rahu. Rahu will provide adverse results, whereas Ketu's effect would be zeroed. The primary mode of Rahu is to expand. He is a voracious grabber

"' good t!Vngs in life, like Venus, but is expansive like Jupiter. and can
generate sudden events like Mars, and powerful forces like Saturn. Rahu is very karmic. You will find politicians rising into power during Rahu Maha Dasha say placed in the lOth • we find ~ enhances the career Clverall, but is the way ol that expansion good or bombastic in many respects? Rahu In the first House generates lots of worry In the head. Rahu In ll>e fir>t makes the person a wanderer. a foreigner. standing out, appearing a little aggressive at times. Rahu means "llle unexpected. uninvited guest from another land. hear to steal somellling, not wanted". This can never be all good. It can however turn Into: "Your Rahu Is giiA"9 you the power to go i nto an establisl\ed order or place or Industry or endeaYOur, and somehow <>r another usurp a position there, and reap the richest rewards". Yes, 1\ahu sometimes gets tiM'ned posldve and aggressive. allowing the native 10 capture something spectacular. Rahu often creates spectacular and stellar •grabbing· achievements In the house It tenets. The res~Ats or II> at house may really stand out after bel"9 discovered, just as Rahu was dlscowred. But the reaction may be also rejection by the common, but low and acceptance from an opulent minority, such as us here. we are an opulent minority in the world (Rich in knowledge) seen often as DEMONS in our coW> tries, depending on the place. So these days in the West Rahu rules over astrology very much so. The fact that I have Rahu i n the 5th and the 5th lord In the second directly connects foreign Ideas and creativity that is unusual in my head (Rahu in the 5th) willl my mouth (the 2nd) and hence it is supportive of preaching Hinduism in America and As!tology etc. The house where Rahu tenets becomes foreign and suffers llle stigma "'being unwelcome in it's environment very often. So Rahu in the first is hard on the person themselves, making them seem odd, outcaste, a l ittle too unique, etc. However, IIley can therefore be the source of somet!Vng new and original. They are often leaders or innovation in some


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

way. Look to where the Lord of tile house of Rahu has gone to understand how he is reacting to Rahu, or where the lords personal interests lie, and it might give a clue as to why Rahu has attacked that particular house. Rahu In 1st House
1st house is influenced by tw1ars and Sun, which is like a throne. The planet in 1st house is considered to be the king of all planets.

The native will achieve a position higher than indicated by his qualification and will obtain good results from government Rahu i n this house would give the result of exalted 51.11, but it will spoil tile fruits of llle house in which Sun is placed. If Mars, Saturn and Ketu are weak only lllen Rahu would give bad results, otherwise it will give good results In 1st house. If Rahu is malefic the native sho<Ad never take any electric equipments or blue/black dothes from his in-laws. else his son could be affetted adVersely. 1ts malefic result too could last till the age of 42 years. Remedies 1. Offer 400 gm lead in running water. 2. Wear sliver In the neck. 3. ~lix barley in milk in ratio oll:4 and offer in running wale< 4. Offer coconut In running water.

Rahu In 2nd House
If Rahu is in benefic form in 2nd house one gets money. prestige and lives like a king. He will have a long life. 2nd house is influooced by Juplter and Venus. If Juplter Is benefic then the native wlllllve the early years of his life In wealth and comfort. If Rahu is malefic the native will 1>e poor and have a bad family life. suffer from intestinal disorders. The native Is killed by a weapon and Is unable to save money. I n the lOth, 21st to 42nd years of his life, he loses wealth by theft etc.

Remedies 1. 2. 3. 4. Keep a solid silver ball In the pocket. Wear thlnos assodated with J upitec like gold. yellow cloth. saffron etc. Keep cordial relations with ones mother. After marriage do not take any electric equipment from In· law s.

Pldllets ln l1Jn'ous Houses Mtd tltek Remedies


Rahu in 3rd House
It is the 'Pukka Ghar· of Rahu. 3rd house belongs to Mercury and is i nftuenced by ~Iars. When Rahu is benefic the native will enjoy great weatth and a long life. He will be fearless and a loyal friend. He would be

a clairvoyant for seeing future In l'ls dreams. He will never be issueless.
He will be victorious over his enemies; can never be a debtor. He would leave behind property. 22nd year of his l~e would be of progress. However if Rahu is malefk in 3td house then his brothers and retatlves would waste his money. His money once borrowed wolAd neve< be returned. He would have defective speedl and would be an atheist. If Sun and Mercury are also there (in 3rd house) with Rahu, then his siste< would become a widow In 22nd or 32nd year of his life.

1. Never keep ivory or things of ivory in the house.

Rahu In 4th House
This house belongs to ~loon, which is an enemy of Rahu. When Rahu is benefic in this house the native would be intellll!en~ wealthy and will spend money on good things. Going on pilgrimage would be benefkial for him. If Venus Is also benefic then after marriage the native~ ln·laws could also become rich and the native would also benefit from them. When Moon is exalted the native would become very rich and would benefit from the works or relatives associated with Mercury. If Rahu Is malefic and the Moon Is also weak then the native will suffer from poverty and natlvn mother would also suffer. Collecting char coal, altering toilet i nstalling oven In the ground and alteration of the roof In the house would be Indicative of malefic.

RemediiiS 1. Wear sliver.
2. Offer 400 gm coriander or alrronds, or both in flowing water.

Rahu In 5th House
Sth house belongs to Sun, whkh signifies male offspring . If Rahu Is benefic native will be ridl, wise, enjoy good health. He would erjoy good i ncome and good progress. The native would be a devout or philosopher. If Rahu is malefk it leads to abortions. Mer the birth of a son, wife~ 1\ealth will suffer for twelve years. If Jupiter Is also In 5th house father of native will be in trouble.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

1. Keep an elephant made of silver.

2. 3.

Abstain from wine, non·vegetarianism and adultery. Remarry your wife.

Rahu In 6th House (Exalted) This house is influenced by Men:ury or Ketu. Here Rahu is exa ~ed and gives very good results. The native will be free of all botherations or troubles. The natiw will spend money on clothes. The native will be intelligent and victorious. When Rahu is malefiC he will harm his brothers o:>r friends. When Mercury or Mars is In 12th house Rahu gives bad res ~t The native suffers from various ailments or loss of weatth. Sneezing while going to work would give bad results.

Remedies 1. Keep a black dog. 2. Keep a lead nail in your pocket. 3. Never harm ones brotherS/sisters.
Rahu In 7th House Native will be rich, but wife would suffer. He would be victorious over his enemies. If the marriage takes place before twenty one years, ~ would be inauspicious. He wo~d have good relations with the government But If he engages In business connected with Rahu, like electrical equlpments, then he will haw losses. Native would suffer from head ache and ff Mercury. Venus or Ketu is in lith house. then sister, wife or son would destroy the native.

Remedies 1. Never marry before 21st year of age. 2. Offer six coconuts In river.
Rahu In 8th House 8th house Is concerned with Saturn and Mars. So Rai>J In tills house glws malefic effect The native would spend money uselessly on court cases. Family life would be adversely affected. If Mars Is benefic and Is placed In 1st or 8th house or Saturn !benefic lis placed In 8th house, the native will be very rich.

PIM!ets In

~n·ous Houses

and tltet RemMies


1. 2. 3. Keep a square piece of silver. While sleeping Saunf should be keep under the pillow. Do not work in electricity 0< power departme<~l

Rahu In 9th House
9th house is inlluenced by Jupiter. 1r the native has good relation with ones brothers and sisters it is fruitful; else it would adllersely affect the native. If the native is not religious minded then his progeny would be useless for him. Professions influenced by Sa tum would be prof~able.

If Jupiter is in 5th or lith house then it is useless. I f Rahu is i nauspkious in 9th house then chances of begetting a son are less, specially ij native files court cases against one's blood relation. Rahu is in 9th and 1st house is empty the<~ health could be adversely affected and one gels insulted and me<~tal problems, specially frO<n olders.

Remedies 1. Use Tilak or saffron daily. 2. Wear gold. 3. Always keep a dog (it saves ones progeny). 4. Have good relations with your in· law s.
Rahu In loth House
Keeping ones head uncovered gives the effect of a debilitated Rahu i n lOth house. The good or bad result of Rahu would depend upon Saturn~ position. If Saturn is auspicious then native would be brave, long lived and rich and get respect from all quarters. If Rahu in lOth house is with Moon it gives Raja Yoga. The native Is lucky for ones father. If Rahu In 10th house is malefic the<~" would adllersely affect ones mother. 0< native~ health would also be bad. If Moon Is alone In 4th house then naUve~ eyes are adllersely affected. He suffers from headaches and the<e Is loss or wealth, because of a dark complexioned person.

Remedies 1. Use blue or black cap. 2. Cover. ones head. 3. Offer. 4 kg. or 400 gms of 'khand' In a temple, or In flowing water. 4. Feed blind people.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

Rahu in 11th House

11th house is influenced by both Saturn and Jupiter. Native could lle rich as long as tis father is alive. Alternatively, establishing ttings of Jupiter would help. Native has wickl!d friends. He gets money from mean people. Alter the death of ones father he sl1ould wear gold In the neck. If f.'lars is malefic for a native with Rahu in 11th at time of his birth, there is every thing in his house. but every thing gets destroyed later. I r Rahu in llth house is malefic then the natlve has bad relations with his father or he may even kill him. Planet in 2nd house would act as enemy. If Jupiter/ Saturn are in 3rd or lith house then wear iron on the body and drink water in a silver glass. If Kelu is in Slh house then Ketu ~es bad results. There may be diseases of ear, spine. urinary problems etc. There may be losses assodated with business concerned with Ketu.

Remedies l . Wear iron. Use silver glass for drinking wale<. 2. Never take any electric equipment as a gift. 3. Do not keep blue sapphire, ivory or toys in the shape of an elephant
Rahu In 12th House

12th house belongs to Juplter. 1t signifies bedroom. Rahu here gives mental troubles, Insomnia. It also leads to excessive expenditure on sisters and daughters. If Rahu Is with its enemies then It becomes next to i mpossible to make ends meet despite hard labour. It also leads to false allegations. One may even go to the extreme ol contemplating slidde. One has mental worries. Telling lies, deceiving others etc. may make Rahu even more malefic.
If some body sneezes at the start of any new wollc, It gives malefic

effect. There may be thefi, diseases or false allegations. If Mars is with Rahu here, then it gives good results.

Remedlas 1. Take your meals In the kitchen Itself. 2. Keep Saunf and khand under the pillow for good night~ sleep

IK.etu: Effects and Remedes
Ketu is a killer. and strips the house where It tenets the life in a way, but can promote it in another way. The way it does both is through it~
strong empty feeling. Bypromoting an emptiness in that house, the person

PIM!ets In

~n"ous Houses

and tltet RemMies


l!lften struggles to refill it. Tl'is can result in accun>Jiation and abundance for that house, hence Ketu in the 11th inO'eases riches, by creating a feeling of constant poverty or drainage of the 11th.
Ketu in the 7th causes a feeling of loss of connections with others.

a natural result of Rahu in the first. wlldl makes one oftl!ll rl!jected and
abandoned for being outcaste. This happens subtly throughout life for 1110se bearing the mark or Rahu in the first. Rahu always causes Ketu straight aO'oss. Thus, the nodes affect an axjs always. On one side there is concern and expansion (Rahu) and on llle other side there is detachment and loss (Ketu). They are head and tall of karmic reality · too much abundance and Involvement for the mouth of Rahu caused him to lose his body but he became eternal in a sense.
So. you will over endeawur and toil where Rahu is, because you are driven too by past karmic material attachments like Rahu. You will achieve much there, because or demon like endeavours. You will get rewards, but you will suffer for your sins ol theft, and all along you will ignore the other side in some senses, and your detachment for the Ketu side will grow, or your feeling of loss there, depending on Ketu~ patticular color in the chatt. and thus this is one way that various imbalances and karmic reactions will manifest · the Rahu Ketu axis is always key in discovering where some of our main problems in life will be • losses, deaths, diseases, weird and dangerous events. These two cettalnly carry lllese things.

On the other hand, they carry such drive and passion that they drive much of what goes on here. Without our Rahu and Ketu sides. we would not be struggling so as we do. we would not be learning as n>Jch. So. they are where the lessoo stick will fall in this life. as well as sometimes where serious fruits will be handed bade to you from successful past lessons. They are never considered really benefic in the sense of •au good", as they must always carry some of the heavy karma their binh Is associated with, but they can be truly honorable In the right charl They can be the source of things such as valour. endeavour, bravery, In ways, and cettalnly 1111ngs like fleeing a hostile environment, being revolutionary, fillhtlng llad governments, being the underdog, being a yogi or spiritualist or many good types, fowslng on things such as mysticism. death, the afterlife, God's valour. God's ultimate law (Ketu especially Is aware of this as he ~ dead because of It!).


Koow about Transt of Plantts

Ketu is the highest planet in Jyotish spiritually, because he rules the ultimate truth for us here. Jupite< can teach us all about Dharma. but keb.J really drives rt home. K etu and Saturn help us to realize the teachings ;,f Jupiter and they alone teach us that we must be humble. Jupiter is too soft as Is Venus. The malefics teach the hard side of our lessoos and hence in a way. are more brave. more caring. in a way, than the benefics, who would spoil us rotten. if left alone to do that. Ketu represents the opposite node of Rahu, in the tail of the serpent Its colours are black and whtte. venus and Rahu are its friends, whereas Mooo and Mars are its enemies. Forty two yea~ is the age ol Ketu. Ketu is also considered to be the bed. So the bed given by in-laws after marriage is considered to be auspicious for the birth of a son and as tong as that bed is in the house, the effect ol Ketu can neve< be inauspicious.
K.etu In 1st House If Ketu is auspicious or benefic in this house. the native will be laborious, rich and happy, but will always be concerned and troubled because of his progeny. He may fear frequent transfers or travels. but ultimately it would always be postponed.

Whenever Ketu comes In 1st house In Varsha Kundall there may be lllrth of a son or nephew. There may also be a long journey. The native with Ketu In 1st house will always be beneficial for his father and/or guru and causes e><altatlon of Sun.
If Ketu In 1st house Is malefic, the native would suffer from headache. His wife would have heatth problems and would have worries concerning kids. If 2nd and 7th houses are err()ty then Men:ury and venus would also give bad resuiiS. There would be travels, tmnsfers with no gain. If Sawrn is malefic It would destroy father and guru. If Sun is in 7th or 8th house then afte< the birth of a grandson. the health would suffet No alms should be given in morning and evening.

1. 2. 3.

Feed jaggery (gut) to monkeys. Apply saffron as Tilak. If offspring Is troubled then donate a black and whtte blanket to temple.

PIM!ets In

~n"ous Houses

and tltet RemMies


Ketu in 2nd House

2nd house is affected by Moon, which is an enemy o1 Ketu. If Ketu i n 2nd house is benefic lhen one gels paternal property. One has to travel a lot and his travels are fruitful. venus cjves good results. irrespective

of its position. ~loon would give bad results. II Sun is in 12th house then
one starts earning his livelihood after twenty four years and is happy. If Juplter is exalted along with Ketu in 2nd house, then income would be in lacs of rupees. If Ketu in 2nd house is malefic, then one has to travel to dry areas. One cannot rest at one place and would be wandering from place to place. Income may be good. but so would be lhe expen<iture. Thus net gain would be negligible. 1f !here is Moon or Mars in 8111 house lllen naUve~ life would be short and he would have serious problem at llle age of sixteen or twenty years. If 8th house is empty then Ketu would give malefic results.

Remedies 1. Apply turmeric or saffron as tilak. 2. One should not be of loose character. 3. If one religiously visits temples and bows his head there then Ketu in 2nd house would give good results.
Ketu In 3rd House

3rd house is affected by MerCLI'f and Mars. both enemies of Keru. Number 3 would have an important role in the life of the native. If Ketu i n 3rd house Is benefit then his children would be good. The native would be god fearing and a gentleman. If Ketu is in 3rd house and Mars i s in 12th then the native has a son before 24th year ol age. The son would be good for wealth and longevity of the native. The native with l<etu In 3rd house usually gets a job. which entails long travels.
If Ketu In 3rd house Is malefic then native loses money In litigation. He gets separated from his wife/sistcrs·in·law. If such a native lives in a house wllh its main gate facing south. he will have serl®s problems regarding children. Such a native cannot say no to any lhlng and so will always have worries. He will have troubles from his brothers and will have to travel uselessly.

Remedies 1. Use saffron as ~lak . 2. Wear gold. 3. Offer jaggery. rice In flowing water.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Ketu in 4th House

4th house belongs to Moon, which is an enemy of Ketu. If Ketu is benefic in 4th house then the native is god fearing and lucky for his father and guru. Son is born to such a native only after getting the

blessingsof one's guru. The son born lives long. Such a native leaves all
his decisions to God. If Moon is in 3rd or 4th house the result is benefic.

Such a native is a good adviser and will never have shortage of money. If Ketu is malefic in !Ills house then the native is unhealllly, lis mother is lroubled. there is loss ol happiness. One may suffer from diabetes. A son is born after thirty six years of age. Such a native has more daughters lllan sons.

1. 2.

Keep a dog. Wear silver for peace of mind. Offer yellow tlings in flowing water.


Ketu in 5th House

5th house belongs to Sun. I t is also affected by jupiter. If jup~er. Sun or Moon is in 4111, 6111 or 12th house then one's financial condition will be eJ«:ellent and the native will have five sons. Ketu becomes benefic by itself after twenty four years of age. If Ketu In Sill house is malefic lllen the native suffers from asthma. Ketu gives malefK results till five years ol age. Sons will not survive. Livelihood starts after twenty four years of age. The native Is unludcy for ones sons.



Donate milk and sugar. The remedies of Jupiter would be usef\JI.

K.atu In 6th House

6th house belongs to Mercury. Ketu In 6th house Is considered debilitated. This Is 'Pukka' house of Ketu. Here again the effect of Ketu depends upon the nature of Juplter. It gives good result regarding son. The native Is a good adviser.

If Juplter Is benefic then the native has a long 1ne and his molller Is 1\appy and the life Is peaceful. If any two of the male planets viz Sun, Jupiter, Mars are In good position then Ketu Is llenelic.

Pldlletsln l1Jn'ous Houses Mtd tltek Remedies


If l<etu is malefic in 6th house then maternal uncle suffers. The has to suffer due to useless travels. People turn into enelries without any reason. The native suffers from skin diseases. If Moon is in 2nd house then mother suffe<s and even the native's old age is troubled.

1. 2. 3. 4. Wear golden ring in the finger of left hand. Drink milk with saffron and wear gold in the ear. Heat up a rod of gold and then dip~ in milk. Then drink it. It would restore mental peace, increase longevity and is good for sons. K~p a dog.

IKetu In 7th House
7th houS<! belongs to Mercury and Voous. If l<etu In 7th houS<! Is benefic then the native gets the wealth of forty years in twenty four years of age. The wealth increases in proportion to the children one has. The native~ enelries are frightened of the native. If one has the help of Merrory, Jupiter or Venus thoo the native is never disappointed.
If Ketu in 7th house is malefic Ill en the native is usually ill, makes false promiS<!S and Is troubled by enemies till thirty four years of age. If llwe are more than one planet In Lagna then ones chlldroo are destroyed. If one abuS<!s then the native Is destroyed. If Ketu Is with Mercury then after thirty four years of age the natl~~ enemies are destroyed by themselves.

1. 2. 3. Never make a faiS<! promise. be proud. or abusive. US<! saffron as Tilak. In case ol serious trouble uS<! ll>e remedies of Juplter.

IKetu In 8th House
8th houS<! belongs to Mars. which Is an enemy of Ketu. If Ketu In 8th houS<! is benefic then the native begets a son at thirty four years of age, or after the marriage of ones sister or daughter. If Jupiter or Mars are not in 6th and 12th houS<! then Ketu does not give malefic results. Similar effect is there when Moon is in 2nd houS<!. If Ketu in 8th house is malefic then the native~ wife has ill health. Son will not be born, or may die. The native may suffer from diabetes or urinary problem. If Saturn or Mars are in 7th thoo the native Is unlucky. 1n case of malefic Ketu In B!h


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

hoose the native's character determines the health of his wife. Mer twenty six years o1 age the family lffe soffers.

Remedies I. Keep a dog. 2. Donate a black and whtte blanket in any temple. 3. Worship lord Ganesha. 4. Wear gold in the ear. s. use saffron as tilak.
Ketu in 9th House

9th house belongs to Juplter. which favours Ketu. Ketu In 9th hoose is considered to be exalted. Such a native is obedient and lucky. It increases ones wealth. If Ketu is benefic then one earns wea~h through ones own labour. There will be progress but no transfer. If one keeps gold brick in his house then wealth comes. The son of such a native is able to guess the future. One spends a big part of his life in foreign land. One has at least three sons and if 2nd house is auspicious then Ketu gives excelle~ resolts. If Moon Is auspicious then the native helps his mother~ family. 1f Ketu in 9th house is malefic then the native suffers from urinary problems. pain in back, problem in legs. The native's sons keep on dying.

Remedies I. Keep a dog. 2. Establish a rectangular piece of gold anywhere in the house. 3. Wear gold in the ear. 4. Respect elders, specially fathe<·in·law.
Ketu In lOth House

lOth house belongs to saturn. The effect of Ketu here depends upon the nature ol Saturn. If Ketu Is benefic here then the nntive Is lucky, concerned about himself and opportunist. His father dies earty. If saturn Is In 6th then one Is a famous player. If one keeps on fo'lllvlng his brothers tor their misdeeds the native will go on progressing. If the character of native Is good then he earns a lot of wealth. If Ketu In lOth hoose Is malefiC then one suffers from urinary and ear problems. The native has pain In bones. The domestic life Is full of worries and troubled, If' Saturn Is In 4th house. Three sons would die.

Pldlletsln l1Jn'ous Houses Mtd tltek Remedies


Remedies l. Keep silver pot full of honey in llle house. 2. Keep a dog, specially after forty eight years of age. 3. Avoid aduttery. 4. Use the remedies of Moon and Jupiter.
Ketu in 11th House
Here Ketu is considered very good. It gives wealth. This house is affected by Jupite< and Saturn. If Ketu is benefic here and Saturn is in 3rd house, it gives enormous wealth. The wealth earned by the native Is more than his paternal wealth, but one tends to worry about his future. If Mercury is in Jrd it leads to Raja Yoga. If Ketu is male tic here then the native has problem in his abdomen. The more he worries about future, more troubled he Is grandmother or mother of the native wlfers, If Saturn i s also malefic. Then there would be no benefit from son or house.

Remedies l . Keep black dog. 2. Wear an onyx or emerald.
Ketu In 12th House Here Ketu Is considered to be exalted. The native Is wealthy, achieves

a big position and spends on good works. If Rahu Is In 6th house, along
with Men:ury, then the elfect even better. One has all the benefits and luxuries of life. If Ketu In 12th house Is malefic then one buys land from an lsweless person and the native becomes Issueless himself. 1f one kills dogs Ketu gives malefic results. 1t 2nd house has Moon. Venus or Mars, l<ei\J gives malefic results.

2. 3.

Worship Lord Ganesha. Do not have a loose character. Keep a dog.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Cliapter 10
Vntferstandi111J 'Your fJ'ransits c:l fJ'ransitiTIIJ <.Pfanets
Transits are the positions of the Planets as they orbit in their daily motion. When transiting planets contact each other or one of yoor natal planets, we are alerted that things are n-ore likely to happen. You can use a biwheel chart to COOllare the current transits to a natal chart.

Whldl Transits are most Important?
The slowest moving ooter Planets ironically have the most influence. Even thoogh they are farthest away from the Earth, their slow motion lengthens the time that their aspects last, thereby creating the greatest change. The Moon aspects are the most fleeting. They are used to time events, but mostly, they Indicate passing moods. Transits of the outer planets to yoor personal Planets can signal big changes In your l~e. In other words, Transits are one of the main techniques employed by astrologers for predictive purposes. The term transit refers to the movements of the planets day to day, n-o nth to month and year to year aroond the zodiac and particularly the Influence of these relative to our own Individual horoscopes. Media astrologers lnc()(l)()(ate a large transit component In their sign forecasts and consulting astrologers place great emphasis on this method In their Individual consultations. But what precisely are planetary transits, how Is their Influence determined and how can we best understand these Influences for ourselves? Today we will begin to address these questions from an accessible and easily comprehensible perspective. There may also be some valuable tips f()( the expert tool 8elore yoo can truly begin to understand the effects or planetary ltanslts on yoor own life It~ really necessary to have yol.l' own unique

VnderstandJng Your Tran sits & 'Transiting PlanelS


llirthdlart. 1 t is certainly possible to make coherent comments regarding ongoing and future trends in a person's life based on their Sun Sign alone, but to investigate this sutl;ect properly it's much better to view matters in direct application to yourself and to your own unique circumstances.

Planetary Positions
The next thing which you11 need to know is where the planets are for a given moment in time. Your unique birthchart is a 'snapshot' of the !leavens for the precise momerl and location that you were bO<n. But of (Ourse it doesn1 stop there! The planets are always In perpetual motion through the constelladons of the zodiac - some of them quiclcly, some very slowly - but continuing with largely predictable orbits which they've followed for millions ol years. Human beings have only observed these movements for a fraction of this time, but still long enough to determine the planet's orbttal periods and to extrapolate their future positions. This data is tabulated In a reference book called an ephemeris, the plural of which is ephemerides. This WO<d cO<nes via Latin from the Greek word for 'diary• and lists planetary positions on a regular basis. both in the past and into the future - since by and large planetary motions are entirely consistent. Ephemerides are produced either In printed form or increasingly as computer software. Any computer program which can calculate birthcharts contains an ephemeris. Thus you need to know where the planets will be on a (ertaln date you can always calculate a new chart fO< that date- although this Is probably rather a long-winded approach! Otherwise basic printed ephemerides are contained in many astrology books, or for greater depth and detail are published in book fO<m themselves on an annual or century long basis. The latter probably represent the best value for money.


Once you have the necessary data for where the planets will be at a given moment in time, you are ready to start relating this to your blrthchart and subsequently determining their effects. First choose a mO<nent either now, In a month's time, six month's time, or whenever you would like to know about. Since the motions of the planets are predictable, so i s their Influence and effect on a certain date. Plot the positions of the uans~lng planets (I.e. the planets on the day which you are Investigating) around the outside ol your blrthdlart. Don1 worry about the Ascendant, Midheaven, North Node or other more obscure astrological features it's simply the Sun and Moon (known as the luminaries) and the eight planets with which we'll be concerned.


Know about Transt of P lantts

A Changed Scenario
In fact we can narrow things down still further. All the celestial bodies move at different rates. This is not so important in natal astrology since we are dealing with a fixed moment in time. However, when it comes to forecasting and prediction a large component of your subsequent delineation will consist of when specific events are likely to occur, or how long certain treoos will last. Thus it Is crucially Important to be aware of how fast each planet completes irs journey through the zodiac aoo in lhe shorter term, how long it will stay in each stg,n or will form an aspect to your natal placings.

Rates af Planetary Motion Pia- Tlrcugh the Zodiac Through the 51~
Sun Moon



ONE YEAR (365.26 davsl ONE MONTH (27.32 days) ABOUT ONE YEAR (Always within 28' of the Sun) ABOUT ONE YEAR (Always within 4.!1' of the Sun) 1.88 YEARS (About 23 months)


2Y , - 2% OAYS
ABOUT ONE MONTH (Average figure: vari able & depends on retrogradation) ABOUT ONE MONTH (Average figure: vari able & depends on retrogradation) TWO MONTHS (Average figure: vari able & depends on retroaradallon) ONE YEAR 2% YEARS 7 YEARS 14 YEARS 12 - 31 YEARS (Elliptical orbit: equivalent to or faster than Neptune's through Virgo - Capricorn Inclusive) 2- 8 YEARS (Elliptical orbit fastest through Virgo - Scorpio and sk>west through Pisces & Aries)

Juplter 11.86 YEARS
Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto

29.46 YEARS 84 YEARS 164.79 YEARS 249 YEARS


50.7 YEARS

VnderstandJng Your Transits & 'Transiting PlanelS


Referring to the Planetary Motion Table it is clear that there is a great d~fe<ence in the speed at which the plan<!G and the luminaries move. The Moon for example takes less than a calendar month to traverse llle whole zodiac - the word month being derived from this associatioo. At the othe< extreme Neptune will take about fourteen years to transit cone sign, thus only passing through ha~ the zodiac if we live into our eig~ies. Pluto can take even longer. although currently it is actually rather {lOse< to us than Neptune and thus moves slightly quid<er. Pluto's transit or Sagittarius - which began in early 1995 - will be completed in the region of thirteen years.
When assessing the importance of planetary transits it is <ecommended that the greatest emphasis be placed on the motions of llle slower moving outer planets, namely Jupiter through to Pluto indusive. This is due to the more pronounced effects which such ponderous motions engender and the lower frequency with which they occur.

l'he Transiting Planets
Transits are probably the major method of astrolo~cal forecasting in use today, both within more serious astrologi cal circles and In the wider media . We've considered how ~·s really quite straightforward to begin applying this technique for yourself. assessing current and future trends in your own lite and in the lives or those around you. To begin with you' ll need an essential comprehension of astrological symbolism, a copy or your own blrthchart or the birth chart ol whoever you'd like to consider, a reasonable knowledge of the planets' orbital periods and some guide as to where each planet will be in the zodiac on llle date In which you're Interested. An easy way to obtain much or !111s information - and to find out how to obtain !11e rest - Is to look at the prior two lessons in this series!
So far we've established that when assessing planetary transits it is advisable to concentrate largely on the slower-moving outer planets Juplter !11rough to Pluto Inclusive. This Is due to their much longer orbital periods, reduced frequency or Influence In the various areas or our lives and the consJderably greater duration or !11elr effects.

We have seen how In terms ol assessing a transit's impact, !11e main emphasis should be placed on the houses or our blrthcharts which are being Implicated and the areas of llle thus signllled. The signs Involved are generally less Important to the Individual than these former criteria, since the sign related Influences will or course affect everyone concurrendy.

HO Planetary Effects

Koow about Transt of Plantts

Precisely what~ likely to occur wilh regard to the affairs of each !louse is largely depe<>dent on the transiting planet concerned. So what are lhe effects ol the five outer planets when implicated by transit?

Jupiter: jupiter has been termed the 'Greater Benefic' and as such is generally one of the most obviously fortooate influences so far as transits are concerned. It is linked with expansion, increase, good fortune, broadened horizons, abundance. prosperity. success and growth. However, such opport\Jnities are oolikely to come and beat down our doors Jupiter sirt'liiY facilitates the cosmic cirrumstances for us to achieve these associations through our own efforts and undertakings. Thus the need to takelhe Initiative Is always present, although luck is usually on our sides where this planet's influence is concerned.
All transits can have their downside if we mishandle their effects. Jupiter's less desirable characteristics are often of the over-something variety I Over-eating. over-drinking. over-spending and over-optimism are some of the ways In which It can cause dlffKulty. A degree of caution and reserve is always necessary. Arrogance. neglect of details and a tendency towards irresponsibility can also characterise it's action. With care though - a most fortuitous lmpactl

Saturn: saturn represents a very different principle from jupiter. Formerly known as the 'Greater Malefic: we nowadays assume a more growth orientated approach towards saturn~ function. This planet Is associated wllh achievement. with consolidation and wllh structure. It Is actually even more analogous with lhe concept of success and fruition ll1an Is j upit(!(, although this will surely need to be approached In a rather different way.
Sai.\Jrn always entails such unfashionable concepts as hard work, self·discipline. dedication. self·denial. duty. obligation and hefty responsibilities. However. without it we would never achieve anylhlng of lasting benefit. j upltet'S lucky breaks may come and oo. but with Saturn we must slowly and determinedly plod towards our alms and objectives. This given the res.ults are often very durable. As Saturn slowly transits our birthchart it allows us to fortWy and to reorganise each area of our life In turn and to put matters on a more solid footing. This reorganisation lasts largely until Saturn's return visit some thirty years later. It thus serves to demarcate important rites of passage - from youth to adUlthood, from adu ~hood to maturity and

Vnderstanding Your T ransits & 'Transiting PlanelS


from maturity to old age. Satum~ initial e<1try into each house can correspond with difficulties, problems. limitations. restrictions and inhibition in the widest sense. The worst response to such issues is to try to avoid them - we are rarely drawn to the need to restructure unless encouraged!
Uranus: Uranus relates to change, to freedom and to individuality. It will complete one full transit of our birthcharts in our mid·eighties.

Due to the protracted duration of it's stay in each house -a characteristic shared willl Neptune and Pluto - the effects of this planet tend to be most pronounced whe<1 It first enters a house or when It Is conjunct with one of the birthchart's angles. Subsequently it becomes more of a background influence. gradually incorporated into our personalities with llle passing years.

uranus transits bring change to the area ol our life which they are highlighting and uttimately allow us to express greater individuality with regard to the matters concerned. It's function can be sudden, ooexpected and is most disruptive where matters are held together for the sake of security, supposed necessity, fear or maybe Inertia! Any circumstances which are lilriting and which are preve<1ting us from expressing our true potential are the most likely candidates for a good dose of Uranian uph~val . However. activities in which we are truly able to be Oli"Selves will simply e!loy a healthy boost The unusual, tile dlffere<1~ the new and the unique are all particularly favoll'ed.
Neptune: Neptune will only have transited about half our horoscopes when we reach our mid·eighties. It's primary effects relate to intuaion, imagination and idealism and it's transits allow us to create llle perfect scenario In the relevant area of l~e. Irs always Important to maintain a fairly practical and realistic approach.

Hence the association of Neptune with losses. For example that pertect investment undertaken wi th Neptune transiting yoll' Eighth House would require very careful assessment and -Inthe best of clrc!l'nstances - at least one second opinion I Neptune Is also associated wllll spirituality and with a higher perspective. with compassion, understanding and with self-sacrifice. As h!l'nan beings we unfortunately are often not as yet capable of taking such a viewpoint unaided. so Neptune's Influence frequenUy begins with 11 period of confusion. dissolution and possibly decca as circumstances around us cea se to prove depe<ldable. We are thus compelled to assume e less materialist and more philosophical outlook.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Neither is Neptune sympathetic to purely egotistkal concerns. Kindness and thought tor others. a cheerful yet detached perspective,
faith, intuition and a trust in the overall wisdom of the Universe will bring

llle best results!

Pluto: Pluto symbolisi!S complete change and transformation- not
suddenly like Uranus but slowly. profoundly and with a locus on the very depths ot our beings. It brings strength and intensity to whichever area ol o..- lives it touches. Pluto lransits question the central tenets on whkh we have built our existe<>ce and why we behave In the ways that we do. They bring hidden psychological baggage to me surface - allowing us to
review and to rebuild matters from a fundamental standpoint. Outmoded

yet deeply conditioned psychological and emotional responses are frequenUy notable candidates lor such. Pluto transits often confront us w~h highly sensitive topks whkh we would rather ignore. so it's effects can be very difficult whilst we are working through them. Issues of control. manipulation. jealousy, possessiveness. dominance and power are frequent. n os planet can engender a very rulhless response. so attil\Jdes which take no account <>I the tee lings ot omers should certainly be avoided. Irs entry into a house is often associated with destruction and with decay, yet in time a new order will arise providing that Pluto~ essential challenges are squarely addressed. Inappropriate resistance will generally prove useless anyway. It will usually only serve to extend and to prolong this planet~ more <llficult effects!

When Transits Do Not Work
II the belief that knowing asltology can better one~ lite has any trum to It men It would ce<talnly be Important lor us to pay more attention to me transiting planets, especially during the times when they get close to our natal planets as well as Ctllcial areas ol our chart. I hal<! seen many a student look years ahead In an ephemeris to 1ty

to lind a period In their lite that !hey can look forward to. In anticipation
of a particular transit. It Is, ol course. natural to think this way. However. what actually happens In Ia a. Is a tar cry from what is normally expected. How many times have you anticipated a transit over one ol your planets. or midpoints, or angles In your chart. and after waiting some months or years lor the transit to occur. found that regar!less otall your

Vfldersta nding Your Transits & 7raf1Sitlng PlanelS


expectations, when the transit finally ocrurred, nothing happened to make a noticeable difference in your life! This has. for many years. been one of the most seemingly contradictory violations of astrological influence that most students of

astrology have at one time or another experienced. For some, this kind
of lack-of-occurrence can itself.
ea~l y

shake their belief In astrological theo<y

Yet, if we understand why this happens, we might get a very different view of life and our place in it. There are a lot of things in life that offer opportunities, yet you cannot partake or all or them. For example, if a big sports event is occurring i n your local arena but you do not have the price of admission, then you cannot attend it. As a result, the event goes by with no influence to your life.

If a recent snowstO<m has frozen over a nearby lake and made it perfect for ice skating. you cannot partake of this opportunity if you do not have Ice skates or the experience to know how to skate. Again. the urlverse presents an opportunity, but it is only for you if you have paid for the admission.
In astrology, the same thing happens. A transit occurs, but the expected effects or It can only be experienced by those who have paid IMir karma fO< it, In the area of life It Is effectifl9. To see this, consider a Jupiter transit over natal Mercury. This would expand knowledge, presumably olvlng the Individual a broader understancino of whatever Is on their mind. The point Is, that a person who has not karmlcally evolved 111clr mind, mloht oct lltUe or no benefit frO<n such a transit. A fanltor might find a better clearing product, and for him, the results of the transit would go basically unnoticed. On the other hand, someone who has worked on their Mercury fO< many years or many l ifetimes, and has earned the karmic right to have it well aspected and well placed by sign or house, may well be a college professor "'a great 1111nker ol our time. Under the very same transit that hardly benefited the janitor at all, this individual may well come up with a theory that advances mankind. In yet another example, con ~der the woman who has a pattern or getting involved with men that are bad for he' She may constantly find herself attracted to individuals who cannot shoulder responsibility. Yet, she keeps belie1A09 that under the right tra~t this will all change. She


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

may ev~ make several marriages, all ending with the same dismal results, because she has not yet loolced at the Karma of her behaviour patterns. Once she does, and begins to resolve her karmic problems. then she becomes ready for real change to occur in her life whenever beneficial transits trigger the karmic lessons she has learned In her natal planets. The Important point to this Is that It Is far less Important to know where the transits are or b'y to anticipate how they will affect you, then to pay for the Karma of every planet in your chart properly, so that whenever transits effett them, you will be karmically ready and deserving to benefit from the transits' power for change. It Is my ferv~t hope that my books bring this lesson across. so that no matter what the time is in history, or transits going through your chart, you are applying to your Karma in this life, rather than wa ~ing for llle heavens to do It for you!
Transits/ Transiting Planets

When astrologers talks about transits, It's easy to get confused. Fi rli~ transits refer to the movement of planets across the sky. The ephemeris (an astrologkal/astronomkal almanac showing orbital movement ol the Sun. Moon. and planets) tells us just where the planets are each day. Armed with this Information. the astrologer can projett (or predict) when a planetary transit might Impose ~ influence on a given individual. The study of transits, and the effett that they tell, is fundamental in astrology. A transit aspect occurli whenever a planet, moving In orb~. forms a s~sitlve angle with one of the planets. the Sun or the Moon In your natal horoscope. The transits show the trends in your life the ups and the downs brought about by circ..nstances that you face. In an ea~ler time. astrological predictions generally forecast events. Most current day astrologers now Se<!the effects of the transits in more psychological and subtle terms. suggesting opportunities or roadblocks. The reading are olten not very specific, but nonetheless, if you follOw them. you will see that they do foretell the essence of events and changes. Transit as peas often signal opportunities or warnings relative to certain activities and actiOns. Belng aware of pending tmnslt aspects may alert you to the time when you should move ahead, and they may also send a clear message that the moment Is not the Ume 1 0 stick your neck out. In either case. astrology Is not a science upon which you or anyone should base their life. Transit aspects should not be used as an exclusive tool to make up your mind about Important Issues, but Instead, it~ a tool to help make a balanced decision. It may also be a tool to help

Vfldersta nding Your Transits & 7raf1Sitlng PlanelS


you understand whatever problem or situation that is occurring in your life at a particular time. If your situation seems to be difficult now, the
transit aspects in play may explain why this is so, and when positive

{hanges may be coming aboul The good Urnes and the hard times are all part of the human experience Many of us read our dally horoscopes out ol curiosity and Interest. but there is so much more than Sun sign astrology. Unless you know your rising sign, however, you may find that this short forecast often does not fit for you and even Wyou do relate to it. it is still very generalized. The dally horoscope may track the Moon or other planets mrough the different houses accOfding to what sign is on the Ascendant but it does
not take into account your own individualized wheel. The sizes of your own houses may vary and some may be intercepted, making them wider

111an others, thus. it will take longer for the planets to complete their lransits through those houses. Consideration also needs to be given to how frequently and for what length of time planets are in retroQ(ade motion. More Importantly, It Is necessary to know the placement of your natal planets In order to Interpret how these transiting planets are interacting with them, one of the biggest determining factors in the timing cor events. The following are desoiptlons of the general effects of the planetary lransits. lt Is necessary to note the nature of the planet or house being lranslted along with the effect of the aspect for a more complete picture. A Sun transit only lasts for a week, at the most, as the Sun moves about one degree a day. Sun transits have an effect on health, energy and willpower. You will be more creative and active. You may express yoursetfmore openly according to the natal planet. sign and house being transited. A ~toon transit lasts only for three or four hours at the mosl It effects mainly moods and feelings, not always consciously and these emotional changes should be judged accOfding to the planet, sign and house being transited. A Men:ury transtt only lasts a day or two. Mercury transits affect the mind and movement So ol\en, you want to travel, write letters, e-mail, make phone calls and generally communicate with others. A Mercury
transit may also stimulate you to make many local errands. A Venus transit can last for a few days at the rrost and can indicate enjoyment In your sodallife and feelings of love. You may want to beautify your home or self, and you may desire more ente<tainment than usual. Yoo may attract people and things to you so this is the time to find new


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

friends and lovers, or look for a better job or home. venus can also bring out your pleasant side and you may teet more attractive than usual, and
this Venus transit would be a superb time to schedule beauty regimens and appointments. Sometimes the energy plays out by receiving gifts or

money. A Mars transit can last about a week. ~Iars transits energize the areas of lite related to the natal planet being effected. One can be more energetic and be able to work harder than usual. But Mars can also promote tension and anger. So plan to keep busy during a Mars transit 50 you can have an ouUet tor this excessive energy. One should also watch their temper during a Mars transit as well as take extra precautions against rushing and accidents. As an astrologer. I pay particular attention to the transits of the <>uter planets. Being farthest from the Earth, their movement is slower and therefore. their influence is felt tor longer periods of time. Jupiter takes approximately 12 years to make a complete cycle around your wheel, spending about one year in each house. It is the largest planet, 50 It Is known tor growth and expansion of whatever area It Influences. It i s generally believed to have a beneficial effect as long as a person does
not go to excess. It usually makes life a little easier for us and helps us

obtain our desires.

Sai.IJrn, with its beautiful rings, presents a much more difficult and (hallenglng energy and makes us race reality. Its transit Is extremely important to follow in your chart and the familiar term " 7 year itch" refers to the four major aspects it makes dt.ring its 28 year cycle. The house it is transiting through identifies an area or your lite that is being tested and one In which you may experience great tension. Undoubtedly, Saturn is trying to teach us something and there are certain lessons to learn. Saturn can add structure to that partic ~ar area or it might bring losses, but generally there Is a need to go. 1t Is not uncommon to experience a heaviness or sadness, depending upon the planet being affected. Uranus has an 84 year cycle and Its opposition aspect at age 42 Is referred to as the "mid-lite crisis". With Uranus. the expression ·expect the unexpected" fits best. Sudden. unusual events will occur. and may be either exciting or upsetting, depending upon our response. The house Uranus transits through will Indicate an area or your me which needs (hange. The Uranlan transit definitely yanks us out or our old ruts and routines. Neptune's speed Is about half as fast as Uranus at 16S years, and will only travel about halfway around your chart Neptune, the planet or

VnderstandJng Your Transits & 'Transiting PlanelS


inspiration and illusion, our sense of reality and makes us more idealistic. We may believe things which are untrue. Matters of the hoose
Neptune is transiting may become confusing or undear. so it is not a

good inftuence to make decisions or permanent commitments related to lllat area of your life. If you are not on the spiritual track. sometimes a Neptunian transit can be qutte confusing. Pluto is the slowest moving of the planets. witlla 250 year cycle. It will probably only touch one quadrant of yo..- chart. Pluto's influence is strong, powerful and brings aboot major transformation to whatever !loose, or area of yoor life, is effected. Changes are Inevitable, gradual
and characterized by a tearing down of structures before new ones can be rebuilt. Power struggles result. Pluto's transit can be psychological,

but enables us also to clear away old behaviour patterns and regenerate In other words. Pluto's energy can play out either internally or in the external world. Some think that Pluto transits can be hell. They ~an definitely be empowering. Astrology is a .ery complex science. There is much to consider when forecasting events. In addition to following the transits of the planets 11>r0119h the houses. even more information can be found by understanding
the angular relationships between the transiting and natal planets.

Therefore, full interpretation of your chart is important to know trends and cycles coming up for you.
If one Is experiencing a negative transit rernember. . .'lhls too shall pass·. Nothing ever stays the same.

Transits of Planets to the Natal Chart
A birthchart is a map of the zodiac and tile planetary positions at birth. Transits are the never-ending journeys of the planets around the zodiac. As they move around they make aspects to the natal positions of llle planets and the house cusps. They act as triggers to the natal planets end the angles (Ascendant, Descendant, MC (Midheaven) and I C) activaUng their energies according to the signs. hoose positions and aspects In the birthchart and bring with them their own Influences. The Moon In its transit touches on each one of the natal planets every 28 days or so, but as the Moon so quickly, the Influences Ill at it brings are only Reeling, of\en just a change of mood. However. It also returns to Its natal position of the blrthchart during this time and Ill is Is known as the wnar Return. A chart set for this occurrence can gl.e an Insight Into the trends ol the month ahead.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

The transits of the inner planets to the natal planets are all of short duratiol\ except when they go retrograde. The Sun and Moon are the onty planets never to tum retrograde. When a planet is about to tum retrograde, it stations for a time before apparently turning back in its motion. The lnlluence of stations, If MUng on a natal planet, can be qutte mar1<ed. So too Wa planet retrogrades over a natal planet having already passed over it once, as it will then transit It again, when it turns to direct motion. The third time is uS<Jally the most noticeable. Inner planet transits can be much more sigrifican~ if at tile same time they are making their own aspects togethe< and hitting on a point of the birthchart whicll has tts own. For instance, W you have a grand
trine in the natal chart (planets in aspect to each other in each sign of

one particular ele<nent), this can be triggered by transits. A transit of two or more Inner planets. hitting on one or more of the planets in the grand lline, acts like a trigger setting off the natal configuration. Transits of the "heavy• outer planets are very much more sigrificant in that they spend more time hovering ove< a particular area of a chart. A transit ol one of the outer planets doesnt necessarily have to hit a natal planet for Its effect to be felt. A transit over one of the f011r angles of the chart is usually a major, possibly life·changing influence. As an example, uranus transiting the cusp of the 7th house. the descendant and the<efore one of the angles. can Indicate the possibility of separation from a partne<. Any planelln transit returning to the same position as It was at birth will trigger off the aspects made In the natal chart by that planet. For Solar and Lunar Returns, please visit the respective pages for them.

Planetary Transits and Changes In Fortune
Destiny of an Individual is already charted according to his Karma to be eJ<I)erienced In a particular Incarnation. The Incarnation need not necessarily be a human form is worth to be reme<nbered. People in their l ife experience excellent, ve<y good, good, routine or normal, bad, ve<y bad and calamitO\Js periods. While good can be called as all enjoyments it Is difflcutt to classify the types of sufferings the human being undergoes in his lifetime. Bad Karma's keep materializing in so many new ways, hence we SE!<! so many types of new S<Jfferings In addition to the old ones. Planets are Indicators of the type of suffering likely to be experienced. Theydo not cause any Stllertng. The planets keep moving and assume
several positions. The Dashas keep moving and keep changing like a

VnderstandJng Your Transits & 'Transiting PlanelS


l<alcidoscope indicating a good or bad period of life. When planeta.y !rends are bad and the corresponding periods are also bad a person falls sick or gets involved in an accident or gets into such a situation. which ~auses him much mental or physical agony. These are known as karmic consequences. Since we are witness to all the happenings of lhis wO<Id like, loss. disappointments, accidents, murders, suicides, dealh, disease quarrel etc specific cases need not be cited. It is during such calamities the astrological guidance helps. A person desires to quit his job and wants to start a business of his own. Is the time favourable to do lhls? Does he have combination of planets for doing a gairlul independent business? A person woold like to marry but he is not been able to find any one
1o marry him. Will he mar.yllf yes when?

Many married people want to get out ol marriage. Will it be possible. If yes when? Many people want children but they do not have one. Does lheir horoscope show scope for birth of children? Some one Is suffering with cancer. Will he be cured? A great calamity has befallen some one. Will he recover? It is only the Vedic astrology. which can provide the light answers 1o these questions which plague the human mind. Atheists and agnostics do raise the question" how can planets control human lifel"The answer is simple. Planets do notcontrof any body's life. It Is only actions and reactions, which are equal In time scale. Once an action Is Initiated the reaction Is also Initiated and when tt comes In due time it cannot be wished off. What planets do is to indicate the type cot reactions in store for a person on the appropriate time scale. These planets In their movements and ascribed qualities become the karmic barometers showing a high or low reading or an Impending storm or a typhoon etc. 1t Is foolish to curse an Instrument for the readings on Its panel. A Vedic Astrologer works like a dedicated scientist to understand lhe signification's of planets with the changing times and prescribes remedies suited to times. To give a true example: • This scribe had an copportuntty to watch the launching of a satellite on lhe television screen. He cast the chart for the launching time and found that the satellite would go out ol tts destined trajecto.y. As expected the satellite went 200 km oot of Its scheduled orbital path and became a wasteful


Koow about Transt of Plantts

Had the scientists consulted a good Vedic astrologer he would ha-e given them the suitable Muhurta (auspicious time) for a successful launch!

exp~diture .

AVedic astrologer is like a doctor who warnsof the possible ailments


give~ precaution~ to

avoid them. If it cannot be avoided he gives

medicines to cure them.

VnderstandJng Your Transits & 'Transiting PlanelS


Cliapter 11

(}:'{anets rtransiting Houses
Sun Transits: Houses

The Sun~ transits thro1J9h the houses of the hO<oscope are relatively short. Because many charts are drawn with unequal houses. tM length of the Sun's stay In a house varies. On average, the Sun transits a house for a month. The Sun acts to spotlight and illuminate the affairs of a house.

Sun Transits to the Houses
SUn Transits the First House

llebllttl ol lhe self

The Sun Illuminates your first house tor the next few weeks, bringing i ssues surrounding your personal Identity, appearance. outward behaviour. and sel ~expression to the forefroot. This marks the height of your physical solar cycle. and you are in the position to make an impression on others. and to assert your personal Influence beyond Its normal boundaries. Spontaneity of expressioo is what this transit is about. You are ready to put your past behind you and to start a new personal cycle. You have presence and you project conflde<>ce. Increased energy and a renewed feeling of conlidence Is with you now. so take advantage. Irs a great monlh to do something entirely new and pioneering- to go solo In some area of your life. This particular seasoo of the year smiles on your personal endeavours. This Is a Ume when you more eaS<Iy get In touch with a true sense of your Identity and purpose. The most enterprising side ot your naMe pushes up and out. and It~ time to seize opportunities. Problems in your life may be overcO<ne by bravery, self·assertlon, and directness. There's nothing wrong with a bit of seU· centeredness during this cycle,


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

llut avoid taking it too far. It's not the best time forte am work and other cooperative endeavours. The spodight is on you and yoor ability to lead, so make it a good one! Take steps to improve how you come across to l!lthers. It~ time to carve your own path in life.

Sun Transits the Second House
The Sun highlights )Our second house for the next few weeks, and your foOJs is on material affairs and comfort issues. Sewrity is a driving force for yoo right now, and you might find that you are especially interested in accumulating possessions. What you have and what you don1 have come Into fOC\Js-what makes you feel comfortable, your sense of security, and what you value. This is the time of year when personal finances and possessions re<eive maximum attention. Pour your energy into your w011c and your finances, and you might just be able to take yoor ideas to the bank. El<lravagance with yoor pocketbook is something yoo may want to look oot for, howewr. If you find yourself itching to make unnecessary purchases, know that at the root of this urge is the desire to pamper and comfort yoorsetf. Nothing wrong with I ~ but there are inexpensive (and even free) ways to make yourself feel good. This is not the most eventful time of year for you. Yoo are more inclined to dig yoor heels in and hang on to what makes yoo feel most secure than to take big risks.

Sun Transits the Third House
The Sun Is Illuminating your commoolcations sector for the next few weeks, suggesting "busy-ness· and movement. You are exploring and searching now, making connections, and paying attention to your immediate environment. Social Interaction Is emphasized during this period, and is for the most part light·hearted. Give other people a little extra time and attention. notice their efforts on yoor beha~. and strengthen yoor connections. You are more rurlous and alert than usual, and you could be quite busy with errands, paperwork, phone calls, and light socializing . Much energy is expended In understanding and adapting to yoor Immediate envlronmenl Siblings, neighbours, close relatives, friends, and ccrwor1<ers may play a more Important rote than usual in your life during this cycle. You are more Interested In exploring your own neighborhood than yoo are a ditrerent coootry. This Is not a time of big adventure-seeking. Rather. It's a time of little adventures close to home. Neither Is this a time when yoo are especially forused. In fact, you could llave a finger In many pies right now. You are especially resourceful now, and you could find yourself enjoying (or seeking) attention for your Intellectual know-how. The ability to express and communicate yoor Ideas

Pldnets Transiting Houses


is extremely important to you at this time. You are eager to investigate new things, whether scientific or tectvlical. Sun Transits the Fourth House

A tllfli! to "nest''
The Sun is spotlighting your house of family and home for the next few weeks, and these areas are your instinctive focus during this period. Your family, home, property concerns, roots, and heritage come into focus and become a source of pride. You are likely QUite preoccupied with feelings of security and your inner experiences. This is a time when you send down roots and seek a feeling of belon! You coukl be thrust into a position of leadership on the home front. Ego confrontations with family members are pos~ble now. but the best way to han!le this energy is to do your best to strengthen your relationship to your family and your home base. This is a time to do what you can to bt.ild trust in your family life and a strong foundation within yourself, so that regardless of what you meet In the outside world o~~er the next months. you have a secure place to return to. Besides spending more dme tending to domestic affairs, the focus can be on rultivating and nourishing your inner foundaUons that support you and your growth. This Is a time to collect yourself- to till your well, so to speak.
Sun Transits the Fifth House

The S..n illuminates your fifth house for the next month or so. Mer

a period of ·nesUng", you are coming out of your shell, ready to perform
and to express yourself creatively. This Is a very playful period of the year. when you are Inspired creatively and emotionally. Alter a period of self-protectiveness. you are now more spontaneous and more willing to take risks. You take more pride than usual in your creations, your love affairs, your children, and your hobbles. Pleasure and amuseme<1t play an Important role In your search f(l( freedom of se~-expresslon now. Show off your best colours! You want others to take notice, and you are more sensitive to whether people appreciate you. More than any time of llle year. this Is the cycle In which you focus on ha~ng fun, enjoying romance, and expressing yourself creatively. Your hobbles, leisure time, moments spent with childre<l, gaming time, and so forth, all come into focus at tl11s time of year. This is a cycle in which you find joy In expressing who you are-when your "Inner child" comes out to play. This is a dme whe<1 you are more flirtatious tl1an usual, and when you rright take a few risks in life- not only gambling with games but with life itself. You might be a bit of a showman at this time. You are likely feeling good in genel1ll, and you tend to spread the joy.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

SUn Transits the Sixth House

The Sun illuminates your sixth house tor the next month or so. During this cycle, you take more pride in the work you do and in your Malth routines than any other time or the year. You are sorting through llle expl!fiences of tile last sevl!f~l months. separating the worthwhile from the worthless. This is a good time to OOild your skills, to get or!}anized, and to attend to your health and wellbeing. It's a great time to make improvNnerts to your regular routines. Your self-esteem and your ego are tied up in the work you do and in the services you give. Details are more important to you now. It's time to bring order to your life by focusing Qn the litde things that make up the whole. This cycle presents an opportunity to get rid or what doesn1 work In your life, while also discovering what does. You could seek distinction and strive towards perfection in your work. Efficiency should be your goal now. Your physical health, as well as the relationship between your body and your mind, are in focus.
SUn Transits the Seventh House

For the nel<t morth or so. the Sun illuminates your seventh house. At this time of year. you have a greater need than usual to be with a partner. Bouncing ideas ott someone helps you to better understand yourself. A partner provides a mirror for your own self-!iscovery. Now Is the time to realize your own potential through a significant other. During t11is cycle. you focus on balancing your personal interests and objectives with your social life, or with those or a partner. The emphasis Is on ·us· rather than ·me•. You need the energies, companionship, and support or other people. and they may also seek out your support and companionship. an important to include others rather than to go solo for the time being. However. bending too much to the will or another Is not advised either.
Social interactions of a personal. one·on·one kind are emphasized.

Circumstances are such that your diplomacy skills are required. Your popularity is increasing, and is reinforced by your own ability to cooperate and harmonize. Your ego and pride are tied up In how you relate to Qthers now. This may be an especially busy lime for people who consult Qr work with clients one-on-one.
SUn Transits the Eighth House

For the next month or so. the Sun energizes your sector of uanslormation, change, sexuality, personal growth. regeneration. others' money and resources. addictions. and taxes. As a result, tnls Is not the most gregarious ol months for you. You take a step back, focus on Intimacy

Pldnets Transiting Houses


wah a partner, or si~ ly retreat a little from the hectic pace of life. This is an exx:ellent time to create a budget or financial pial\ or to rid yourself of bad habrts that undermine your sense of personal power and self· mastery. All that is deeply personal comes into focus now. 1 ntimate matters are especially Important to you during this cycle. Just how well you are handling your life comes up for inspection. Your self-mastery skills and psychological predisposition matter to you more than usual. This is the time of year when you are most desirous of change on a deep level. Clearing out psychic "junk" or ridding yourself of bad habits may be part ot the picture now. You are more willing than usual to explore lrte's se<rets. This cycle brings greater in·depth understanding and an iodination to delve beneath the surface of matters to get to the bottom of them. Research uncovers new material that allows you to develop a better overall picture of the year's evoots. This is an espedally introspective eyde during which you have the chance to truly uncover your personal strengtl\s and talents. On a more practical level, you may be dealing with j oint finances and shared resources now more than usual.
Sun Transits the Ninth House
For the next month or so, your focus turns outward, away from the

more personal concerns that have occupied your thoughts in the last months. More thlln any other time during the year. you are feeling most adventurous and willing to take a leap of faith. This Is a cycle In which you seek a higher meaning to your life, and/or seek out new experlooces lhat take you beyond the here and now. and beyond the mundane details of day-to· day life. Anything that broadens your experiences attracts now. A lack of superficiality finds you straight to the point Interested In the flllth ofthlngs. lt wolAd be wise for you to consider scheduling a vacation. adventure of sorts, or a course thllt expands your n-lnd. These don't have to happen now. but taking the Ume to recognize your needs for escaping the dally grind. taking a few risks, and feeding your spirit for sell-expression through some form of advenlllre or highe< learning. will help you to feel good about yourself. The only caution with this cycle is Ill at you could lose touch with eve<yday affairs and Important details.
Sun Transits the Tenth House

For the next month or so, the Sun Illuminates your career and reputation sector: More than any other time of the year, your focus is drawn to your "place· or standing in the outer world. and your reputation. This Is the time whe<> you are more Interested ln. and focused on. accomplishing something important Your co~etency is something thllt you are especially sensitive to during this cycle. You want to shine. Your


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

vision is practical right now. and you want to see tangible rewlts for your efforts. More contact with authority figures is likely during this period. Recognition is likely to come your way whether you ask fDf it or not, and llle responsibility that comes rigl'l along with it! Do what you feel is right. keeping in mind tl>at you are at your most visible during thi.s period in the year.
Sun Transits the Eleventh House
The Sun illuminates your sector of friends, groups, and dreams true for the next month or so. 1rs a sociable sector of your chart. and thars exactly how you are feeling-happy, lighthearted. and social. Group affiliations capture your attention. Connections can be made now and networking pays off. Being part of a community or circle of friendS and building your social network is important to you at this time. This is a rather happy, goal-oriented cycle. A lively agenda is promised. you're attracting quite a bit of interest. and your energy for making contact with others is high. A stronger sense of community is with you during IllIs cycle. Relationships take on a fun. If Impersonal, tone now. Activities with children increase. You are more stimulated by all that is unconventional during this cycle. and your ideas are original and progressive now. This is a time to follow your dreams and ideals, and to plant a seed In the form of a wlsl1 for the future.

Sun Transits the Twelfth House

For the next month or so. the Sun travels through your twelfth house. marking a time of retreat and regeneration. Think about the attachments you have- to things. people. and routines- and consider which ones are dragging you down. This Is a time when compeUdve energies and the ego are on a bit of a break. It~ not the time to push ahead with brand new projects. Rather. it~ a time of reflection. dreaming. and recharging your batteries. Situations that have naturally outgrown their usefulness in your lite can now be put behind you. Endings of natural cycles may be part ot the picture at this time of year. Your energy Is largely applied to personal and private allairs now. Your disposition Is Introspective. Rest and reflect. and prepare for a more outgoing cycle when the Sun moves into your first house.

Planets Transiting Houses


Moon Transits: Houses
Moon Transits the First House

yourself-to manifest your inner world in the outer wolfd in some maMer.

Your locus now is outward-oriented. You feel the need to express

It~ a good time to focus on new beginnings and fresh starts. At this time, your skin is ttln-you are more sensitive to the vibrations and energies around you, particu la ~y in your imnnediate environment You are inclined to act on impulse. or to react automatically based on your basic emotional orientation, rather than approaching the world objectively. It'S easy to be emotionally touched by something now, but also to reel hurt or disappointed. In the 2-3 days or this transit you tend to take lllings very personally. Some restlessness is likely now, and could impel you to make some small personal changes, such as changing your "look" '"your living environment in little ways. You might deal with the public in some manner. You co tAd also be feeling emotional or sensitive about your appearance or manner.

Moon Transits the Second House
Your focus now is on emotional serurity. How much you have in terms or money and possessions can be an iswe now, and tends to impact how you feel about yourself. This is not a time of emotional bravery. Rather. you tend to keep the status quo. You value predictability for the 2-3 days of this transit You donllook for new experiences as much as you put effort Into managing your life In Ol"de< to feel solid and secure. Material or tangible things have more Importance to you right now. Feeling emotional about your financial position could figure now.

Moon Transits the Third House

This 2-3 day transit marks one of the busier periods in the lunar month. Activities may be centered around making errands, short trips, phone calls. and other co1m1unlcations. Your ll'lnd tends to be restless. ea.slly bored, and In need or stlmtAadon. You could find it hard to focus on any one particular task. Your curiosity Is Ignited. New friendships or contacts night be made. You might find yourself talking mOI"e than uwal, perhaps about the past. Emotional communications could figure now.
Moon Transits the Fourth House

Your attention turns Inward and towards your domestic affairs during lllls 2-3 day transit You feel the need for more privacy than usual, and you tend to focus on building 01" solidif~ng your home base. You have a


Know about Transt of Plantts

greaw need for security and the feeling ol being safe and comfortable during this period. This is a time for building your sense o1 security. farrily and personal matters take precedence owr wortdty affairs just now. How you feel about your support system at this stage in your life will determine your mood.
Moon Transits the Fifth House

You are likely feeling decidedly more outgoing during this 2·3 day transit than you were feeling while the Moon transited your fourth house. This is an expressive few days-l'our energies are directed ouhvards as you feel more confident moving about In lhe world. You have an emotional need to be heard, seen, and noticed. An increased desire to create, and
to display your talents. is often experienced dl.ring this phase. Recreation.

hobbies, romance, and anylhing that gives you pleasure is now mOte important to you than usual. You are feeling especially amorous or at least more inclined to express your loving feelings now. Others tood to 1.\Jne into you emotionally. You could get a sudden desire to see a movie, explore a creadve urge, play a game, or take In a play, fO< example. Enjoy your.;elf and Indulge your whims, within limits ol course.
Moon Transits the Sixth House

Alter a somewhat naive and playful few days, while the ~loon transited your fifth house, the current 2·3 day phase Indicates a need and/O< desire to perfect your craft. This Is a lime ol dedication to wO<k, health. and routine. This Is a more Introverted period when you might have your "nose to the grindstone·. so to speak. You might set your feelings aside In O<der to take care of details now, or you could be mOte emotionally soosltlve about your work, health, and dally routine. Your senses are more acute and you could find minor aches and pains are now more noticeable. As well, you could find !hat litde things that are out of order in your life become more apparent. Cleaning and re--organizing may be In order now. Your mood Is likely to Impact your health mOte man ever. Try not to stress over little things. Instead, work oo Improving and perfecting the smaller systems in yoUI life so that you can move on without guilt
Moon Transits the Seventh House

Close personal and business relationships are highlighted now. How you feel about your close relationships 0< partnerships will largely determine your mood during these 2-3 days. You might have emotional
confrontations now or warm, nurturing relations, again depending on

your current circumstances. Sometimes this transit cwelates with the

Planets Transiting Houses


need for a consultation, and usually on~on-one relationships figure. Atl increased need to be with people, to socialize. and to compromise are
featured during this transit. More attention to physical appearance and

attractiveness. as well as graciousness, could also figure. You are in the position to learn much about yourself by listening to others. The need to
create or maintain a harmonious envirorvnent dominates n(lW, but getting to that point can entail some conflict! Feeling emotional about your

relationsl"ips could also figll'e now.
Moon Transits the Eighth House

There can be a hunger now for deeper experiences and more powerful bonds. Emotional commitments come into focus during the 2·3 clays ol this transit. You are looking for more meaning in your life, and any aaivity that stirs your emotions attracts. On a more mundane level, money and possessions could be emotional issues now. Be aware that
you coukt over· react to matters during this transit. finding it hard to

detach yourself emotionally in order to look at life objectively. You are not as sociable during this brief trend, preferring to analyze and feel out your life's circumstances than to put yourself ·out there•.
Moon Transits the Ninth House

Freedom on all levels is the foC\Js during this 2·3 day transit - not only physkal freedom of movement and expression. but mE!fltal and spiritual freedom as well. The emotional need now Is expansion and growth. You do not want to be limited by boundaries or barriers. This Is a more gregarious placement of the Moon . Independence. new experiences, and intellectual growth are the major fOC\Js. You tend to take more trips or embark on adventures- however big or small- during Ill is transit Emotional boredom or restlessness could be at the root of Ill is. Breaking the routine is in order. This is a good time to catch a break and get some perspective on your life. Feeling emotional about your opinions or beliefs could also f19ure now.
Moon Transits the Tenth House

Your attet1tlon now Is on approval and recogn~lon. The fOC\JS Is on establishing some sort of order and control in your life. A stronger need tor recognition and for concrete success Is typical of tl"is 2·3 day transit. Discontent with your position In life could be magn~led now. Matters surrounding your profession or the authority figures In your life come to llle foreground. Sensitivity to your reputation or how others view you can figure now. You are noticed for what you do (and don't do). what you have done (or haven't done). It's time to be on your best behaviour!


Koow about Transt of Plantts

Moon Transits the Eleventh House

This is a more sociable and gregarious transit of the Moon. Stronger social awareness and a desire to belong to a group may figure now. although sometimes a~ more about expressing your own individuality

and breaking the rules. Netwomng Is the keyword forthis2· 3day pl!liod.
It's a good time to spend with friends or groups. However. you are more sensitive to the moods of those arnund you, and you could be feeling emotional about your sense of belonging (or lade of) with like-minded people.
Moon Transits the Twelfth House
Heightened sensitivity and an emotional need to coooec.t with your inner world is dominant during this 2·3 day transit. This is often a more introverted period In the lunar month when the torus Is on your dreams and longings, personal creativity, and sensitivity. Time spent alone may be necessary, and some form of emotional retreat is natural. You could be more insecure than usual, and a~ best to hold bade on starting new projects for the time belng.

Mars Transits: Houses

Because many charts are drawn with unequal houses, and because Mars Is sometimes retrograde. the length of Mars' stay In a house varies. However. on average, Mars transits a house for approximately 40 days. Mars acts to energize the areas of life ruled by the house It transits.

Mars Transits to the Houses
Mars Transits the First House

You are able to stand your ground and assert yourself more than usual during this transit. You have energy at yoUt disposal to move your plans forward, and you are rrore enterprising. You want to leave your rnal1c on the world In some way-however big or small-and you are more able to make an impression than usual. If circumstances are such, you are able to easily fight bade. In lac~ you may be somewhat combative under this inftuence, and you may have a short temper. Avoid being pushy. Take charge of your life, but don't bulldoze over others in the process! This is an excellent transit for assertiveness and physical vitalay. love affairs may also be stepped up during this period. On the rare

Planets Transiting Houses


I!>Ccasion when an a«ident occurs, it is mOt'e likely to involve the head or face.
Mars Transits the Second House

You have mo~ energy at your disposal to male@ money. txJt also to defend your values. This can be a very resourceful time, when you make tile most of what you have. You have much energy for new moneymaking projects. or for stepping up existing ones. You may be overidentifying w~h what you have and OWl\ and you coukl be t,;ng to prove yourself (your worth} to olllers using money and possessions as tile means to do so. If conflicts occur during this transit, they are likely to be over issues of ownership. This is a time when impulse buying is at a peak. You probably should avoid using credit right now, simply because your spending habits may be eJ<Cessive and impulsive.
Mars Transits the Third House

You are likely to have many Ideas and plans going during this ttansit and you might be inclined to scatter your energies as a result. Channeled well, this is a good time to sell your ideas to others. or to present your ~ase. You may be espedally busy running errands and communicating with others. More articulate than usual, you may also have a more assertive. seff·centered. or provocative comll"K..nication style at this time. As such, discussions may become heated. Ot' they may escalate into arguments, more easily. If this Is the case, It~ likely because you are taking things very personally right now. or because you are over-klentifying with your beliefs and kleas. A tendency to be impatient or impulsive while driving or while perlorming manual tasks, genernlly with the hands, may lead to accidents, so Irs wise to be careful on the road or while operating machinery or even using scissors! This is an excellent time to work on inteUectual tasks with more vigour and passion.
Mars Transits the Fourth House

You have more energy at your disposal lor domestic projects or activities. Because your actions are governed by your Instincts during tills period. you may be especially defensive and protective. You may work hard at making yo ..-self feet more secure, and you may be called upon to take charge on the home and family fronL You may have mOt'e energy to Invest In homemaking, house repairs, re-decorntlng, or family activities. In fact, if you are feeling very restless. moody. or defensive during this period, it would be a good Idea to do any of these things I You may have an lneteased desire to 1\Jie the roost. and It this transit stimulates ~onflict Ot' disputes. It Is likely to be family· related- you may have


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

arguments will> lllem, about them, or on their beha~. You may also encounter opposition from career· related matters or people. You may get worked up about old angers or regarding emotional issues from the past that are resurfacing now.
Mars Transits the Fifth House

This is a very seff·e•pressive time when you have lots ol energy, but not necessarily seff·discipline to match. You have more energy at your disposal to e<press yourself creatively. through activities with children, romantic activities. hobbies, or sports. Your love life may step up a notch, and this could be an especially passionate time. You tend to put mO<e energy into play and pleasore! Be careful not to burn the candle at both ends. Also, watch out for a tendency to want to gamble. You are more playful than usoal, and especially magnetic.
Mars Transits the Sixth House

You have more energy for wO<k and yo..- dally routines tend to speed up during lllis transit. Perhaps you have a larger workload than usual. It~ a great time to take charge of your health. You have much energy at your disposal to pick up (I)( step up) a health and physical activity program. It <right be hard for you to work w~h others in a harmonious manner during this transit. and disputes with co·workers are possible. If you are feeling Hpecially angry. frustrated. or restless. a would be wise to find litUe projects and things to do so that you can (hannel excess energy constructively. If health is affected. fevers or infections are more likely.
Mars Transits the Seventh House

Partnerships may suffer from ego conflicts, or adversaries may be (hallenglng. Use this energy to work cooperatively on relationship problems. You may even find that you seem to need someone~ help In order to do what you want to do during this cycle. Relationships are ~lvaclous and dynamic during this period. When a difference arises, you are quick to settle it, and have little patience for sweeping matters under llle rug. Your close personal relationships are lively during this cycle-full of conflicts and resolutions 0< reconciliation.
Mars Transits the Elghth House

Sexuality and Intimacy are stimulated under this transit Negative expression of this energy Is the tendency towards ego conlllcts concerning lolntly held property or money. Conflicts with partners over values or

Pldnets Transi t ing Houses


possessions are possible. Occasionally, this trans~ could bring a crisis or ending of some kind. Something you hear about now might disturb or touch you deeply. You are likely to be more strategic in your actions during this period, as you become aware of the subtleties of human i nteraction. This Is a time when your best course of action is to recognize Ill at you need, or rely on, others for support Mars Transits the Ninth House During this period, you are especially enthusiastic and more bold Ill an usual. Some restlessness and hunger for adventure is experienced now. Essentially, you are looking to expand your activities, and you may find that you have a lot of energy for higher sl\Jdies, travel, or simply new subjects. Negative potentials include being excessively opinionated cor getting easil y fired up over differences in points of view, or legal fights. Mars Transits the Tenth House This transit sti mulates your ambition and/ or your desire to be recognized for your accomplishments. Whether it's professional or personal. you are likely to have an increased desire for others to notice you. This can be a good time to become self· employed or start a business if other factors (and Mars Itself) are favourable. Conflicts with those In authority are possible now. You may pour more energy Into self·promotion cor businesS/career activities. Mars Transits the Eleventh House Group activities and cooperative efforts are the best way to acl11eve your goals right now. 1 n fact. you have all sorts of Ideas about what you want to do. Avoid allowing the ego to attempt to dominate others. You prefor to lead a group rather than follow during this period, and there are certainly ways to do so without stepping on others' toes. As well, the best way to achieve your goals during this period Is to work as a team, or to at least to do some networking. You may have more energy than usual to want to organize projects. Your humanitarian impulse may be stimulated. The role you play for other people In your !We becomes the focus. You may feel that your schedule gets ovelloaded at this time with llllngs to do (usually for others). Mars Transits the Twelfth House This is the time to research and reflect upon your goals. It can be a lime when past actions catch up with you-and this is not necessarily a bad thing! It could also be a time whell much of your e11ergy Is channeled


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

into private matters. or when you prefer that others not observe what you are doing. This is natural-you may just as well do your best work alone for now. Unconscious behaviour patterns could influence the way you asseJt yourself. Some may experience insomnia during this phase. especially if they are not allowing themselves the chance to recoup and if they are not letting their intu~ion serve them. Others may enjoy a more active dreaming life (tt>s includes day-dreaming). and, if allowed to run free. the imagination can serve them very well, especially with regards to goals and new concepts.

Mercury Transits: Houses

Mercury's transits through the houses of the horoscope are relatively short. Because many charts are drawn with unequal houses. and because Mercury is sometimes retrograde, the length ol Mercury· stay in a house varies. Mercury acts to rationalize the areas of life ruled by the house ~ transits.

Mercury Transits to the Houses
Mercury Transits the First House

This is a period in which you are most inclined to speak up about matters that you previously were only mulling over. Your disposition Is more intellectual than usual now, and self·expression comes easy. You are sharper than usual- more observant. and more ioclined to , ive in lhe head· . Relationships with siblings. neighbours, classmates. and casual friends may become more prominent In your life now. It Is likely that you will initiate discussions during this period, evaluate your appearance and lhe impact you have on those around you, and make contact w~h others rather than stay chained to any one place or activity. This Is the time to bo direct and to communicate your needs and Interests. You are more inclined to talk about yoursell and your personal past now. This may also bo a resU ess time when it Is dltflcult to turn the thinking process off when It would be better to relax! It Is an especially fruiUul time for any endeavour that requires dealing with words. Ideas. and facts and figures. 'lour demeanour Is more youthful, perhaps mlschieYOus, lighthearted, and non· threatening so that others may be more lndlned to turn to you for actvlce or pleasant conversation. Using the power of words to attract what you want or to fulther your Interests works best for you now.

Pldnets Transi t ing Houses


Mercury Transits the Second House

This is a strong period for analyzing your cash now, income, and earning power. You are more practical and rational in your approach to finances now. With your conscious mind focused on mon~ and possesslof\S, as well as pl!tsonal values, this can be a wong period for gathering new money-making ideas. Alternatively, it c04Jid be a time when you tend to fret over your finances. Conversations tend to be practical rather than f rivolous now . Financial gain may come through convnunications.
Mercury Transits the Third House

Mercury is right at home in the third house, and offers a natural curiosity, facility with words, and the ability to multi-task successfully. More time spent on the phone, wriUng em ails, In the car making short f requent tops. chatting, running errands, communicating with nelghbours and siblings, visiting friends and relatives. and doing paperwork is likely now. There can also be a tendency to fuss over insignificant matters now, however. Also, "lnformaUon ove<load"ls also a possibility. This may lle a busy time with neighbours, classmates, siblings, and community affairs. Your interests are especially varied now. and perhaps scattered. ttl an Ideal time to pick up Information from your environment and the people In It, as your tendency Is toward a certain level of intellectual detachment just now. Your mind Is often distracted, particularly when circumstances call fO< you to stick to routine, so this Is not the best 1ranslt lor focusing on one task or project. Your mind Is especially Inquisitive during this cyde. when learning, sl>on trips, and other forms of communication and making connecUons, appeal strongly. Some are fidgety 0< ne1110us during this cyde, perhaps due to Increased errand· running, phone calls, and the like. Others oojoy the challenge of tackling a variety of subjects. As well, talking, writing, and studying can be good ways to handle stress.
Mercury Transits the Fourth House

This is a time during which you can erjoy increased powers of concentration. You may require solitude in order to get mental woc1c done during this cycle. Your mernO<y Is mOte retentive than usual, and y04Jr thoug~s often turn to personal matters, family, and loved ones. y..., might particula ~y enjoy discussions about your early life, the past, or farrily matters during this cyde. In fa<t, it's a great time to open up conversations with loved ones, as you are mOte rational when it comes to personal matters now. Your rrind often wanders to domestic concerns,


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

and issues surrounding your home, family, and personal past On the other hand, this transit sometimes indicates an especially busy. and perhaps hectic, period on the domestic scene. f Df example, you might take home wO<k or find Ill at people drop by yo~ home orten during Ill is cyde.
Mercury Transits the Fifth House

During this cycle, there is a powerful mental connection w~h your creative self·expression. You are proud ol your ideas, and very good at expressing them to others smoothly now. Your tl'lnking is more creative than usual. You tend to e~erta in olllers with your conversation; and your sense of humour (and of mischief! I is especially strong. Your llloughts ll.lrn to children, pleasures, or romance during this expressive cycle. You might enjoy researching speculative ventures now. You especially enjoy games lllat involve competing with others on a mental level. You have a stronger need than usual for intellectual stimulation. Therefore, your friends and romantic partner are best appreciated now if they are intellectual types. You're more willing to take risks on a mental level now, so take advantage or the increased spontaneity and creativity that comes with this position.
Mercury Transits the Sixth House

This is a good p laceme~ for Mercury, as it is the natural ruler or the sixth house. It's an excellent period IO< sorting out the details of your daily existence. You are lndined to make to-do lists. pay bills and sort out clutter. and to do detail worl< on the job. Heatth matters are most (ertainly on your brain as well, and you could be thinking of smeduling (heck-ups or busy researching ways to Improve your health. You may also show a keener interest in improving your basic skills. Your approach to work during this cycle is pleasant, happy, and logical for the most part. unless you allow wOtry Ot scattered energy to enter the picture. "'ou are Inclined to want to learn new work skills. or to Improve your skills and output In terms of work. There Is likely to be more activity, moveme~. cont ac~ and communications with co-workers now. You tend ro take more Interest In Otganlzlng your working environment- and !Ills Is an excellent time to do so. as you are especially objective and Intelligent when It comes to getting a handle on yo~ daily affairs and all or the , ittle things" that co~ribu te to a feeling of efficiency and competency. Menial tasks becOtne more prominent. Wotch, however, for tension or idle chit· chat Interfering wllh your work output during this cyde.

Planets Transiting Houses


Mercury Transits the Seventh House

You tend to weigh the pros and cons of '!Very issue during tllis cyde. taking into account others' needs as well as your own. Some indecisiveness is possible now, simply because you naturally entertain

opposing viewpoints. You have a strong desire to cooperate and
conmunicate with others now. You feel most comfortable spending time with people on a one·to-one level, or with those witll whom you share a personal history . Your own thoughts become clearer through dialogue with others. You may be doing public relations work, counseling, negotiating, or arbitration during this cycle. There is a lot of emphasis on ~ommunications witll partners and best friends at this time. You can use llle power of words to advise others or to make peace with people In your life. You are more diplomatic than usual during this transit.

Mercury Transits the Eighth House
You are more intuitive now than usual, picking up all of the hidden from people around you and reading between the lines. This is an excellent cycle In which to do some flnandal planning and strategizing. Research is also highly favoured. It's also easier for you to approach sensitive. intimate, and personal matters with rationality and togic. As such, this is a great time to open up conversations about topics that normally might cause waves. such as those revolving around tile sharing of power, intimacy, and finances.

Mercury Transits the Ninth House

Not content to focus on mundane, practical affairs just now, your mind is on bigger visions, thoughts, and ideals. You are open to expanding your knowledge base during this cycle. and communications from or with someone far away may be part of tile picture. You are putting everything into perspective now, rather than compartmentalizing. Instead of simply shooting tile breeze, you are more Inclined to discuss broader philosophies now. Your inclination during this cycle is to think about the "big picture· rather til an tile mundane circumstances and details of your life. Missing appointments and other forms of forgetfulness co lAd be part or the picture now.
Mercury Transits the Tenth House

You are likely thinking a lot about your career and business matters, or your career requires more communication than usual during thls cycle. You speak with authority during this period, and you are more accounta ble lllan usual for what (and how) you communicate. Your Ideas may come


Koow about Transt of Plantts

into public vi~ now. use the powe< of words to influe<>ce authority figures. This is an excellent period for developing caree< and professional plans or strategies. You may be turned to for advice or for your opinion Cln important matte<s. Altllough approachable and ready to communicate, you are less Inclined towards chatting about frivolous matte<s now. You tend to think about your position or standing on a professional level more frequently during this cyde. You are likely doing some multi· tasking regarding career and business matte<s. Negative use or this influe<>ce would be to worry unnecessarily about your reputation and responsibilities.
Mercury Transits the Eleventh House

Your mind is bright. alert. and active during this cycle. and you have the ability to come up wrth unusual and inventive ideas. Sharing your tl1oughts with others is a prime interest. Others tend to partic~Aarty enjoy your conversations during this transit-you are willing to listen as well as add your own thoughts. As well. your ability to grasp unusual subject matte< and to intuitively unde<stand what others are trying to say win you some brownie points! You could also do a lot of thinking and musing about your own happiness and long·term goals.
Mercury Transits the Twelfth House

Your mind Is focused on private matters and past Issues during this cyde. This Is a time whe<> you are least likely to speak out of tum or to express yourself freely. You're searching behind the curtain, and examining tile past for answers. This Is a good time for research. quiet contemplation, and meditation; but do avoid being dragged down by Issues that have <>utgrown their worth and purpose. Examining the past In order to Improve tl1e fuMe Is certainly worthwhile, as long u you don1 waste your energy on guilt. Creative e<>deavours could prospe< now. particularly those that draw upon the emotions or that require creative visualization sijlls, such as poetry, art, acting, and other such activities. You are likely to require a certain amount of solitude In order to get your thoughts togethe< or to be mentally productive. You are less likely to chat Indiscriminately during tl1is transit, and tend to be a little secretive or tight·lipped for the time being. This may be important. in fact, because this position is sometimes associated with the uncovering of secrets, so discretion may be In orde<.

Jupltef' Transits: Houses
0\letvlew: Jupiter takes approximately 12 years to come full circle. Because Jupiter retrogrades and due to the fact that houses are not always equal

Planets Transiting Houses


in size, the time a takes fO< Jupiter to transa ttvough a house varies. On average, however. Jupiter takes about one year in each house of the horoscope.

Jupiter Transits to the Houses
Juplter Transits the First House
At the beginning of transit through the first house, jupiter is conjunct your Ascendant. marking a time of much optimism and cheerfulness. Throughout its journey ttvough the first house, Jupiter~ ll'ansit brings noticeable improvements to your eniAronment as well as self-confidence to your personality . You are more obviously expansive, exuberant, and enthusiastic. This transit heightens your optimism and increases your generosity. This cycle has the potential ror being a relaxed, fortunate, and hopeful time. You are greeting life with a fresh, can-do attitude. What happe<led in the past is not very important to you nowit~ the future that you're eyeing now. You are filled with faith in the uriverse-faith that everything will work out This is an excellent period tor self-Improvement. Dealings with the public are favoured, and others tend to look at you as a leader. Events occur that help you overcome problems that previously seemed challenging or even insunnountableyou have an attogether different perspedlve on life now, and are not inclined much to sweat the small stuff. You want to create a distinct first impression on others, and you tend to do just that. Furthering your personal ambitions and interests comes more easily during this cycle. At times, you may reel like the sky is the lirriU You feel considerably mOte tree to be yourseff, and others tend to accept you more readily. You might need to guard against becoming too full or yourself or overly selfinterested, however. There is also a risk or overindulgence and other forms or extreme behaviour. Weight gain Is often associated with this ll'ansit 8(! careful that a carefree attitude doesn't end up a careless one. Particularly if J upiter~ transit trines planets in the fifth and/or ninth, this i s a favourable time ror creative matters, rO<nance, travel, and higher education.


Juplter Transits the Second House
The second house rules your value system, personal finances, and possessions. On another level, it rules your comfort levels. During this Juplter transit, you are likely to see beneflt.s to your earning power and value system. Jupiter In this part or your chart should bring a profitable and productive year. You are likely to feel mOte confident and enthusiastic about your ability to earn a living, and you may choose to develop your


Know about Transt of Plantts

talents in order to boost your earrir<J power. Yoor income is likely to increase. and there maybe an opportunity to improve your fub.Jre financial situation. However. you may also be just as inclined to splurge on yourself, plumping up your nest or your store of personal possessions. Monetary problems from the past may clear up during this period. You can add to yoor possessions, and a major purchase or sale is very possible. A significant gift or booos may come your way. Benefits now are tangible, physical ones. There is a sense of abundance, and feeling worthy is integral In attractir<J good fortune. 1n lac~ seW·worlllls really what the second house is about. Expectations of receiving one's fair share come
now. and this tends to attract abundance and favours. This is a good

time to go for a raise, apply for a loan, or take part In various dealings with financial institutions. You may need to curb an inclination to overspend-feeling good could bring you to the stores as you temporarily forget about the futurel Particularly if Jupiter trines planets in the sixth and/or tenth houses. this Is also a very favourable period for success In lhe work you do.

JuplterTranslts the Third House
Educational and convnunication opportunities present themselves during this cycle. Yoo may increase your knowledge and skills set, and ~nd much enjoyment In so doing. During this long·term trend, neighbours or relatives coold be especially beneficial. Your knowledge grows and yoor ability to disseminate this knowledge sharpens. You express your ideas with more enthusiasm, and they are received well. You are able to understand complex subjects and explain them In such a way that others can readily understand: thus. tead11ng or authoring may be prosperous now. Opporturities for travel or advanced study may preser~t themselves. This might be a good time to take a course dUe to the fact that you are more receptiVe to learning and expanding yoor knowledge and skills. Yoo may decide to buy a new car. or transportation opportunities preser~t lllemsetves. making it much easier for you to get from point A to point 8.
You are more cheerful and sociable, and others tend to appreciate your

company more as a result. Gifts or opportunities may come through visits, short trips, messages, emalls, or they could come through contacts with siblings, classmates. and neighbours. Some sort ol positive news or announcement Is likely to be part of the picture. If you're an author. you will find many opportunities and yoor creative juices now nicety. 1 f you·re a student, school is especially favoored. If you're in business or trade, you are likely to find sales are especially strong. In general, you find mud1 joy in communicating, learning, and sodalizing. Particula~y if Jupiter transits trine to planets in the seventh and/or eleventh, new frier~dsl'ips '"partnerships may be formed now.

Planets Transiting Houses


J upiterTransits the Fourth House

Yoo are likely to see benefits to home. family, property, and domestic comfort matters during t!Os cycle. Much joy and enjoyment can be found in your family and your home life now. An increased sense of serurity

and safety may be derived from your domestic situaUon. 1 mprovements
to your home life, famity. and basic psychological fooodation are in focus.

A strong sense of stability, inner contentment. and balance arrives now.

Opportunities to buy or sell real estate for financial gain may present
themselves. Home improvements, such as real estate or renovation purchases, are favoured, as is moving to a new dweUing. Some of you

may buy or sell a house. and others may welcome a new addition to the family; Yoo may mo.e to a larger or more comfortable dwelling. Longstanding family problems may be ironed out. Relationships with parents and other family members go well. You may find special enjoyment in getting in touch with your roots or family traditions. You take a greater interest in long-term security and wellness for you and your family. There
could be a family reunion. Your parents may hefp you financially or an inheritance is possible. You take more pleasure in nurturing others. A

stronger sense of psychological well-being may come now, as you take less interest in more worldly ambitions and activities• .ery content to
stay around your home or your "'nest".

Jupiter Transits the Fifth House
Your fair share of fun. romance, and good times are in store. You

are especially Imaginative, original in your self-expression, and creative during this cyde. Creative projects are likely to fare well. and could possibly
even bring some type of recognition or reward. Love and romance may

enter your life or is enhanced with good humour and warmth, and social engagements aboond. For singles, meeting a special person Is highly likely. although it is not necessarily a person who is "partnership material". Yoo are feeling quite free from responsibilities at this time. making it easier for you to let your hair down and have a good timellnvestments In stocl(s and other specl.latlve matters coold earn good profits. Healthy risks are likely to pay off. but be careful of ove<confidence In speculative in.estments. Relationships with your children may be especially fulfilling now. Pregnancy or childbirth may occur during this period. If applicable. This Is a fabulous year In which to take a vacation you've always wanted 10 take. Those with artistic or athletic talent can be especially prolific and prosperous at this time. Your creativity and sodalllfe are stimulated this year. and plenty of opponunltles to express yourself uniquely and creatlvely will present themselves. You may find great loy and reward In yoor creative projects and hobbles, and could discover a previoosly hldde<1


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

talent for a particular craft. Pleasure-seeking aciMties, recreatioo. and amusement are increased. You are tar less inhibited when it comes to expressing yourself creatively, and you are a lot more fun to be around.

J upiter Transits the Sixth House
During this cycle, you are likely to see benefits in the areas of wo<lt and heatth, as well as daily routines. You find much joy in yoor work, self-iflllrovement endeavoors, and taking care of yoor health. This transit enhances your ability to handle the details required to do a good job, and others become more aware of your s~lls. Benefits may come through (O-workers or employees during this cycle. Any type ol sef\lce that you may provide is likely to go well. You are more successful in hiring people to work for you, if applicable, and improvements to your working environment are likely. YOIJ find more enjoyment in the work you do, and it is easier than usual to find employment now. You may get a new job during this cycle. or significantly improve an existing one. Work tends to be very available to you. Menial tasks tend to take priority, but yoo are likely to enjoy doing them. The best way to handle this transit Is to take pride in and recognize your usefulness-this is bound to give you a great deal of joy, and you are likely to be rewarded as a result As well, the more integrity and honesty you bring to yoor servkes, the more ·payback" you will receive. Health Is likely to prosper this year, and medical procedures or programs. if necessary. are more apt to be successful. There may be an inclination to put on some weight, however. Wyou don't watch yoor sweet tooth. Some people get a new pet during this cycle.

Juplter Translts the Seventh House
This Is a period In your life that Is very conducive to partnerlng and/ or winning public approval. You find much joy in sharing yoor life with a special someone during this cycle. Learning a lot about yourself through a partner Is likely now. You may enjoy benefits thrO<Jgh marriage, commonl aw partnerships, business partnerships, negotiations. and contractual agreements. This is a year when yoo are more likely to establish or solidity a significant partnership. A partner from a dWferent cultural llackground coold expand yoor life view now. RelationShips entel\!d Into now are generally successful and happy. Sometimes, this transit absolves an existing partnership, but If this Is the case, It is likely to come as a relief or it Is a "blessing In disguise". Meeting someone better for you may be a reason for this. You can negotiate more successhA iy than ever, and. If applicable, win In legal matters. Financial benefits coold possibly (Ome through partnerships. Legal matters or challenging relationship problems from the past can be resolved, and more casual disputes can

Pldnets Transiting Houses


be setlled as well . You may find yourself taking on the role of consu~ant

cor advisor. or you could benefit from help from same. Good publicity may come your way. If yoL< work takes you before the public, you can safely expect popularity. Relationships and partnerships benefit from expansive. warm energy, difficult relationships may be absolved, and/or successful new ones are entered into this year.

JupiterTransits the Eighth House
This is a time of spiritual contentment- of coming to terms with power and sharing issues in your lffe. During this cycle, you are less sensitive to power struggles and Issues of sharing resources. You are less likely to resort to manipulative ta<:tics, and less concerned about leavi1"9 yourself emotionalty vi.Anerable to others. You may see benefits in the areas ol joint finances, shared resources, loans, taxes, sexuality, intimacy. healing, personal transformation, research. lnvestigallon, and psychological matters during this cyde. This is a t ime of increased psychological understanding. intimacy, and perhaps accumulation of wealth. If you manage yoL< resoL<ces well. You are more capable of helping friends and loved ones who are dealing with a crisis-you can be leaned upon. Any type of in-depth study or research is likely togo well. An insurance settlemenl tax rebate, or an inheritance could come your way, and this Is an excellent time to work on financial planning and strategy. A new home or new car Is posslble now. Financial gains may come through a partnership or there may be an Increase In a spouse~ income. Sexual opportunities are likely to abound, or your focus on one partner becomes more expansive. warm, and Intimate.

JuplterTranslts the Ninth House
An expansive, optinistlc attitude Is with you now, as you are less concerned about petty problems and Inconveniences. You may have opportunities to travel, study, expand your horizons, and meet people who are of diverse backgrounds. You tend to become more Intellectually curious, and academic matters go well. You are open to learning, particularly about subje<ts that you may normally take lillie interest in. Furthering your education in any capacity is possible and i s likely to be very successful now. Success In busi ness Is likely through expansion or connection with foreigners. Advertising and promotional activities are highly tavoL<ed and could be one of the main keys to business success right now. Legal matters may be especially favourable tor you now. Authors could publish their works, expand their audience, and receive favourable feedback for their work. Educational and travel opportunities expand your horizons. Teaching or learni1"9 is favoured. and writing flows easily.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

This is also an excellent period for posaive dealings with in-laws! Your mind is more expansive and tolerant, and you are under less stress than
usual. You are less inclined to sweat the small stuff. Your priorities are

easier to see, as you gain perspective on your life and its meaning . Your creative juices flow, and you generally benefit from robust health. Faith in your purpose and in a higher meaning to your IWe helps to ease stress and open doors for you.

J uplter Transits the Tenth House
This is a time to gain in status. particularly on the professional fronl but could also indicate marriage in some cases. Jupiter in your tenth house is a very fortunate place for this expansive planet. Increased public ,.ecognition and professional success characterizes this position. This can be a time of profitable productivity, career advance<nenl and success in business. Work-related travel or the reaching of a wide< audience is possible during this cycle. Your worldly status may change for the bette<. There could be a promotion, new job opportunrties, a diploma or other form of major award. or a marriage. You may come Into the limelight now in a positive fashion. Authority figures and influential people tend to look upon you favourably and seem to be "in your corner". All event may occur that expands your career or professional interests, and you derive more pleasure In these activities. More freedom Is likely to be experienced in your caree< Integrity and honesty will get you everywhere now. The more willing you are to put yourself in the limelight. the mO<e positive the rewards-this is not the time to be a shrinking violet! This can be a time of fulfillment of career goals. if you have been working toward specific ones. Because you feel worthy of recognition and of success. these ttlngs tend to come naturally to you now.

JuplterTransits the Eleventh House
This transit brings benefits and fresh energy to networking activities, the formulation of broa<l. long-term goals. acquaintances. clubs. and organizations. You can rely on your friends for their help and support, and your circle of friends may increase during this fruitful transit. Your lOng-term goals and wiShes tend to be broad and perhaps unusual or ahead of the times. You may particularly enjoy dreaming up ideas for the future. Achieving your goals tends to come mO<e easily now. Others tend to value your advice and often turn to you fO< help. You could become more active wlh friends 0< In your community. You may have opportunities

Pldnets Transiting Houses


to join or lead clubs or groups. Group activ~ies and associations could be avenues for fulfilling your own goals. You may take special joy in sharing
a common cause or ideals with others. You are espedally hopeful and

more inclined to believe that Wyou wish ~. it will be! 1 ncome from your business or career is likely to Increase. ~tore tole<ance of others is displayed now. and you are more inclined to take interest in alternative subjects. Reaming out beyond your personal circle can certainly open doors to you and bring joy into your me during this cycle.

JupiterTransits the Twelfth House
Jupiter transits your twelfth house, benefiting activities that take place "behind the scenes· or othe<Wise privately. This is a cycle in which you become more compassionate. empathetic. and sensitive. Jupiter in ll1e twelfth house is said to offer one spiritual protection. It's a cycle in which you can rid yourself of self-destructive tendenc~. deep-seated fears, and deeply·ingrained tendencies towards guilty feelings, acting mucl11ike a guardian angel. You are more able to get in touch with your subconscious mind. Charity, giving anonymously, contributing to altruistic endeavours. volunteering. and helping others without expectation of reward will be most fulfilling during t111s cycle. Work that involves serving others may begin now and bring you much joy. Your dreaming world may be rich, lighter. helpful, and more Intuitive. Meditation and retreats may be particularly beneficial to you now. acting to regenerate and i nvigorate you. You may pick up metaphysical studies. dream interpretation, or researcl1 during this cycle. Some people enter Into a private romance during this cycle. In general, help seems to be there when you need it. You are building your faith now. This Is a time of spiritual renewal.

Venus Transits: Houses
Because many charts are drawn with unequal houses. and because Venus is sometimes retrograde and has an elliptical orbi~ the length of venus· stay In a house varies. However. on ave<age, Venus transits a house for approximately 20 days. Venus Is never more than two signs away from tho Sun. and often is found in the same or neighboring house as the Sun by transit Venus acts to make us mOC"e receptive and ~ooperative in tho areas of life ruled by the house ~ transits.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Venus Transits to the Houses
Venus Transits the Rrst House

You could find it hard to deny yoorself anything during this cycle!

This is a time when you naturally 1 1!1 loose your softer. re<:eptive side.
Romantic matters. as well as

activities, come to the

tore now. Yoo are more likely to pay closer attentioo to your physical appearance and mannerisms. aiming to improve and enhance your attractiveness. Others find you agreeable and coope<ative.
Venus Transits the Secord House

As the natural ruler of this sector of the chart. Venus feels right "at horne" here. This is a rather content position for Venus, although the<e (an be some resUessness when it comes to money and spending it-you are more inclined to want more things around you! Financial sewrity and enjoyment of the good things in l~e are important to you. although yoo also value simple pleas..-es. The ability to relate well with othe<s might enhance yoor own personal finances during this period. You may find yourself in a position in which there is a blending of financial matters with social or public affairs. Thts is a stable position for love matters and (lose relationships. You value those who make you feel comfortable, and familiarity Is more Important to yoo than someone new during this cycle.
Venus Transits the Third House

You are mostly cheerful in your approach to others, and perhaps somewhat intellectual, during this transit. Essentially. yoo are quite (Ompanlonable now. You enjoy talking aboot what Interests you. and yoo find great value In the exchange of Ideas. Sometimes this transit brings benefit through siblings. communications, or short lrips. During Ill is period, you are most attracted to wit, cheerfulness. and verbal rapport. Yoo are especially good at mediating conflicts. Smoothing over differences using your diplomacy skills figures now.
Venus Transits the Fourth House

During this cycle. you are especially food ot the life ot the home and family. You are more receptive and gentle oo a romantic level, and tend to be sentimental or nostalgic now. You may particularly value the aesthetics In and around your home dUring this period. If things are oot of whack on the horne Iron~ you will do whatever yoo can to create a peaceful and stable atmosphere. Loyalty and sensitivi ty In your relationships are more Important to you than typically. You might focus

Planets Transiting Houses


l!ln ways to earn money in or from your home. This is a calming influencea time when simple pleasures most appeal.
Venus Transits the Fifth House

This is an @ Xpr@ssiv@ pl!riod forth@ goddi!Ss of lov@! It's lliltural for you to turn on the charm without even lifting a finger. You are especially attracted to aesthetic forms of recreation. You feel a little mO<e playful now, and love matters tend to be laced with a touch of drama. That shouldn't be a problem-in fact you kind of like it that way for the time being. MO<e loving and appreciative relationships w~h your children may also figure now. Your powers of attraction skyrocket during this cycle. "'et. you are not aggressive in your approach to love. lnstead, you attract more ff you allow yourself to be pursued during this cycle. Creative self· expression of any kind is favoured at this time. At this time, you instinctively know how to place yourself in the best light in order to make a good impression on others. Any love affair begun now will be characterized by good cheer, having fun. and a fair share of emotional dramaI
Venus Transits the Sixth House

Establishing a happy and harmonious work environment through friendly relations with co-workers 0< tidying up yolK work area comes into focus no. Romantic and social activities may revolve around your working environment. You are generally well liked and respected socially on the job right now. Some laziness Is possible now, as you tend to associate pleasure with WO<k! Perhaps you are socializing mO<e than usual on the job. You have good team spirit during this cycle. and you are more tactful and obliging with your CO·wO<kers. You are less inclined to fall In love for the sake of love itself during this cycle. YolK tendency Is to consider whether it is clever to do so! You're most successful doing tasks that involve cooperation and team harmony. You could find that your talents or skills are especially appreciated. Romantic and social activities may revolve around your working environment
Venus Transits the Seventh House

Special attention to and from a partner Is In focus, and flattery will get you everywhere If you use It wisely. One·tcrone relating appeals to you more than group activities or more casual connections. Smoothing l!lut your dose personal relationships Is what makes you happy during lllls cycle. If single, you are more w1 lllng than normal to enter Into a committed relationship. I n general , you are adaptable when it comes to your alfecdons- very willing to compromise, negotiate, and make peace.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

Venus Transits the Eighth House

During this cyde. a financial boost is possible, or you may gain financially through your partner. A deep and intimate connection made now could be revitalizing and even healing. You are more indined to

want to smooth over differeN:es in a paM~hip toncerning the ~1\aring
ot power, intimacy matters, finances, and other erootionally·charged topics. Intimate relationships are intensified now. Either you or your partner want a deeper union.
Venus Transits the Ninth House

A taste for the exotic takes hold during this cycle. Routine affairs simply don1 seem to satisfy. You receive pleasure from anything that expands your horizons. both physically and mentally. Foreign people and places may particularly appeal now. You tend to be expansive and generous when It comes to love. A love Interest who attracts you during this cyde may be somebody who you previously wouldn't consider attractive, or someone whose cult..-al background is very different than yours. You have a taste for the exotic and the spirit to match. Public relations work, promotion. and other such endeavours are favo..-ed now. It is more about how you express yourself than the specifics of what you are saying that helps sway others to your position. There could be especial rapport with foreigners and with women If you are traveling during this period. You are all the more attractive and charming with this position, which Increases your popularity. If a romance were to begin now. a Is more likely to be with someone ol a dlffere<lt background or educational lellet, or someone you meet through travel. You have a taste for the exotic now that can show up In many areas of your life-who you are attracted to, what you buy, the kind of art or entertainment you enjoy.
and so forth.

Venus Transits the Tenth House

During this cycle, you are most charming and well· received on the job. Your responsibility and authority are likeable qualities now, making this a favourable period overall for schmoozing wfth those in a higher position than you, as well as for negotiations or social activities related to business. Venus Is charming, friendly, and affectionate, and her presence In your career and reputation sector brings soda I opportunities
to your career. You are coming across well at wortc now, and romantic

opportunfties, or simply more chances to socialite and network, are likely. You are socially ambitious right now, and success may come though your good managerial qualities or some form of artistic talent. or, indirectly

Planets Transiting Houses


ll>rough your marriag~ partn& Peopl~ who tum your h~ad during tllis cyd~ are those who come across as especially competent.
Venus Transits the Eleventh House

forming harmonious, warm social friendships, possibly r@ lat@d to group activities within a club. can figure now. You may meet someone II> rough such group activities; consequently. your interests will be shared. Whether or not you do. tile bottom line is that sharing interests with someone is what makes you happy during this cycle. Verus here enlivens your friendships and group associations with charm and grace. You are more peace-loving than usual and slightly detached on a personal level. It a romance were to begin during this time frame, it would be characterized by a strong feeling of camaraderie, but it could also be rather impersonal and pM>aps lad<ing in d~th and intimacy.
Venus Transits the TWelfth House

Venus is spen(!Jng som~ tim~ In "hibernation· In your privacy sectoc Now. this doesn't necessarily mean that your love lrte is stagnant, but II> at your affection is expressed behind closed doors. Attraction to secr~ts and whisp~rs characterize this period, altllough for some, it can also be a time of endings. relationship concerns. and wistfulness. Personal and social contacts may be setretive. and there can be secret love affairs, or at least very private love feelings and longings. Shyness can lead to some loneliness or romantic frustration.

Saturn Transits: Houses
Saturn transiting the first house begins with a Saturn conjunction to 111~ Ascendant. a transit ol personal signWicanc~. The first hous~ is a fire house, a house that rules our personal identity. we concern ourselves with how we come across to others on a personal level with Saturn here. Our physical body becomes a focus as well. Depending on the age of the native, It may be a time when we feet our age, or It is a dme when we see our bodies quite clearly. This Inn excellent Ume for beginning health regimens, diets, and the like, simply because it is a time when we look In ll>e mirror and see ourselves clearty- not what we want to see. Our outlook on life changes to a more serious, r~spon slbl e tone. In the lleglnnlng stages of the transit, you may feel frustrated wltll yourself, let down. and lacking In seU·confidence. You might reach out to others In an atte~tto valldat~ yourself, looking for ways to boost your confidence. When these attempts fall, you may feet temporarily let down and discouraged. Rest assured tllat Saturn will re·work these feelings, with


Koow about Transt of Plantts

your help ol course, until you reach a point (as Saturn moves through llle house) where you have a stronger sense ol self. This transit acts to transform your setf·confidence in such a way that you question the source ;,f your confidence to date, and discover a more solid base for pulling up Inner strength. Saturn here acts to rip away the superficial. Illusions about the seff, the body, and personal abil~ies will no longer be tolerated. The end result is a newfound identity and a realistic understanding of llle self. 1 n terms ol career and projects, outward signs of progress may not be as forthcoming, yet the work that you do during this tran~ will lay a foundation for future success and progres-s! For example, some years ago, adient began a hobby/project during a Saturn transit to her first house, something that took up a lot of her time and energy and that yielded nothing in terms of immediate financial gain-until later! In fac~ Ill is "hobby" turned into her career in the years to follow.
Saturn Transiting the Second House

While a certain level of introspection marked the Saturn transit of llle first house, Saturn~ movement Into the second house marks a new stage of taking stod< of our effectiveness. self-worth, and finances. This stage oflife is o~en mar1ced by hard wortc. It is a practical t ime in one~ l ife. Financial success may not be remali<able, yet it is generally steady, if slow to come by. This transit has traditionally been associated with financial loss. but In truth. it Is more about Oil' perteptions- we are apt 10 review how effective we have been on a financial level to date, and find some dissatisfaction wllh our progress. In lac~ gains may be slow, but sudden reversals are nor common with this transit. The purpose of Ill is transit Is for you to make the connection between your own feelings ;,f self-worth and wh31 you produce In the real world/get back from the real wol1d. As with all Saturn transits, at the outset, we might reach out and look for validation from the outside world and from others, and find something lacking In so doing. The Initial sense of feeling unsupported can be discouraging (many of us Ill ink on the lines of: "I work so hard, and what do I get for all this hard workl "), but as the transit moves forward, you learn to look Inside of yourself with a newfound clarity and realism and Ideally draw up considerable strength from within. You work on your effectiveness in the wol1d, and see exactly what has been holding you back from a<hleving the results you wanl The challenge here is to capture the newly found and defined self-confidence you gained from llle first house transit, and now apply it in the real world.

Planets Transiting Houses


Satum Transiting the Third House

This transit marks a time whe<1 how you have networked with people around you, and how you gain and disseminate informatioo, come up for inspection by So turn. An~ kind ol pressure is produced-it's not about

your personality or your resources like


was in the fi~ and second

houses. Rather. the pressure centers more around mental output You may feeJ pressure to produce ideas, and to make them work. A certain sombe<1ness in your outlook may be characteristic of this phase, as it may be a time of worry. It may seem like acquaintances and sometimes siblings are blodcing your growth in some manner, and these relationships may be strained as a result. Although you have a desire to make contacts, you are now rather preoccupied with learning, and you may view Idle chit-chat as a waste of time. You may feel an unusual pressure to structure your time and effort, and to cut out communication that seems unnecessary. You may at times feel rather overwhelmed by such things as errands, red tape, and other such day-to-day "disruptions·. As Saturn moves closer to your I C (the fourth house cusp), there may be some vague feeling of urge<1ty and worry, as if you sense some things in your life are closing. By the end of the transit, however, you will have Ideally gained a greater depth of understanding, having focused on information and communication that you really can use to feel more effective in the world.

Satum Transiting the Fourth House

This mar1<s a time of considerable Inner ·re-working•. In terms of outward signs of achieveme<lt, this transit may be the most unremafl<able of all the Saturn transits. However, near the end of the transit. and certainly later than that, you will recognize this stage as a critical one in which you made some llfe·changlng personal and psychological advances and developments. DIJring this stage, you are working on solidifying your identity, exploring your roots (where you came from), so that when So tum begins its transit through the fifth house, you will be ready to differentiate yourself from others and embark on some Important work on your ego. For now, however, you will face issues surrounding your attachments to llle past. Sometimes this manifests as literal re.organlzatlon of your home. Moving house is not associated with this transit as It would If, for example, Urn nus was the tran~tlng planet. If moves are made, you mght encounter some resistance In yourself. This Is not a time when you feel particularly brave In the outer world. However, reorganization in your home, and more Importantly, In your soul, embodies the true nature of this transit. Many will go through a major •spring cleaning• Inside. Limitations that came from earty family conditioning will be brougM to the fore. At first,


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

ll>~r~ may b~ some frustration with your l if~ to dat~. and how you hav~ limited your opportunities because of early conditioning. A feeling of being alone and unsupported in life may donlnate the ear1y stages of ll>is transit. Sometim~s. delays and slowdowns are experienced in the areas of health, mobility, and career. As Saturn moves closer to the fifth house. a feeling of some kind of mastery will empower you.

5attnl Transiting the Fifth House

With Saturn moving through the house of creative power, you may feel limited initially by a lack of h'lernal ·spark" or ·spunk". How you entertain yourself, how you have fun, and issues surrounding how you manage your ego are now coming up for "inspection". By the end of the transit, ideally you will have a stronger se<~se of purpose, and a re-worked ego. What makes you unique? How do you hand l~ prid~? What are your creative talents? Have you worked hard e<~ough to feel good about "playing hard"? These are issues you will face during the course of this transit By ll>e time Saturn enters the sixth house. you should have a solid sense of what makes yoo different than others, and a rather concrete belief In yoor own creative talents. Many people go through a period of reevaluation of their talents- how they have perhaps wasted them to date, and how they can expr~ themselves in a more practkal. useful manner. The fifth house Is also associated with love and attention received from others. Issues you will face during this time include how •deseNing" you are of special atte<~tion from others. Initially, you may feel unloved, and perhaps somewhat neglected or ignored. As you learn the lessons of this transit you shoold learn to love yoorself and take pride In yourself. looking outside ol yourself for "ego strokes" (whether through romance or other such "applause") may prove to be frt.itless. You will learn through the (Ourse of this transit to depend on yourself and to take prld~ In yours~~ tor what you really are. not only how others see you. Satum Transiting the Sixth House Sat\Jrn turns hiS critical eye on matters of the sixth house. and you

are likely to feel a certain lellel ol pressure In the areas of work, dally tunc~on s, habits, and health. At the beginning ol the transit, you might
yourself more accountable than eve< when It comes to your work. 'l'oo may Initially feel bogged down by what seems like undue pressure In yoor routines. The key word here Is "seems·, simply because the nature of Saturn Is such that the pressure It brings Is never truly undue. In fact, Saturn knows better than us. and It Is In reality very much "due·. Why? Because things we may have previously neglected or disregarded now (Ome up for Inspection. How can we make best use of our Umel How

Pldnets Transiting Houses


~an we manage our day-to-day lives, and our bodies, better? Saturn pressures here make us aware of all of the "fluff" we have surrounding our daily routines and our work, and spring cleaning is now in order. This is an excellent time for starting new regimens to better our health and well-being, such as regular exercise. more structured and productive use <>four time, and so forth.ln fact, we might be faced with life events that force us to do so, or at least provide us with the motivation to get our acts together. Traditionally, this transit was associated w~h health problems. Generally, though, if health concerns man~es~ they are ones Ill at are manageable. They signal the need for change in <i~ routines, and habits. By the end of the transi~ you will likely have learned to be more productive. heatthler, and considerably more focused.

satum Transiting the Seventh House Significant relationships with others are the focus when Saturn transits the seventh house. Saturn motivates us to do "spring cleaning• in tile areas of life he touches. and one-to-one relationships will need to be considered and understood during this transit. Initially, as Is usually llle case with Saturn transits. we might feel frustrated and we might seem withdrawn. This is a time when we need to define, understand, and crystallite our significant relationships with others. If you already have a partner, this Is a time when any Issues surrounding compromise, flexibility, and the ability to give your heart to your partner w1 11 surface. Initial frustration can take the form of feeling criticized and •examined" in this area ol life. By the end of the transit, however, you will have learned much about commitment and compromise. Single natives will feel the Initial pressures of Saturn transi ting the seventh house as well. A feeling of loneliness Is possible In either situation (whether you have a significant partnership or not), but Instead of an Issue of re-committing, llle single native will think about commitment In general. If Involved In a (asual love relationship, when Saturn transits the seventh, a pressure emerges concerning the need for evaluating one's commitments. Often this transit corresponds with an urge (or pressure) to make a commitment or a re-commitment. Healthy partnerships can be the outcome of this partnership, whether they are new ones or strengthened existing partnerships. Saturn always brings with him a fair measure of reality and objectivity, so that whatever ll!latlonshlps tile native has or wants will be defined and re-defined. Relationships are seen now as serious. Partners are no &anger simply fun or mirrors of our ego. Responsibilities to partners, the need to compromise, and the realities of the needs or others, become ~lea' we are forced to begin seetng otllers as individuals, and to improve llle manner in which we relate to and with others. Depending on the


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

person's age and lit~ drcumstances. "significant partn~rships" can ~an partnerships with lov~ ones. business partnerships. and even d~p
friendships. For example, when Saturn transited my seventh house when

was a )'!lung t~~nag~r. 1 b~an to viffi my casual fri~ndsh ips as and unsatisfying and ~~ntually de~lop~ a deep friendship with a girl that was to last some time. Essentially. quantity (in the relationship department) was replac~ with quality, and this process involv~ time. soul-searching, frustration. and eventual fulfillment.

Satum Transiting the Eighth House

How do you handle power? Your desire nature? Intimate relationships? What kind of obsessions and addictions do you have? What ar~ )'Our deep.root~ compulsions? What are )'OUr unhealthy attachments? When Saturn transits our eighth house. we feel pressure to answer these questions. Often. at the b~ inning of the trans~. we are ~ry sensiti~ to what seems like outer woi1d pressures that force us to examine some of our deepest desires and attachments. These include our sexual relationships, our finances (especially with regards to debts and shared finances), and our n~ for control. Sometimes, Saturn transiting the eighth bri~s about sexual dysfunctions, whether we encounter these in ourselves or in our partners. We may face diffkulties satisfying our libido and/or encounter problerns with Intimacy. These pressures are "design~ · to make us more aware of our desire nature. and what exactly it is we wanl Dissatisfaction and frustrations getting what we want especially with refer~nce to relationships with others and with our resources, often characterize the first part of th~ trans~. How have w~ been using pow~r? During this transit we may find that previous methods ol controlling our environm~nt and the people in our lives simply are not effective any more. w~ may not ~en oo awar~ Just how we have been employing power and control to date. Another r~alm o~r which the eighth house reigns is our mortality. With Sa tum here. we become much more aware cot our mortality. Just as Sat\Jrn transits to our Sun or Ascendant mak~ us more conscious of our ag~. Saturn transiting the eighth house often brings with It a r~allzatlon that we do not live forever. Of course, we know this as a fact al the back ol our minds, but Saturn reminds us. Belor~ this trans i~ It Is generally wls~ to oogln organizing one~ finances. If we don'~ Saturn will most likely find ways to force us to do Just that. On a psychological level, we face some ol our fears that are of a compulsive nat\Jre- those fears that lead us to oolie~ we n~ certain things In order to survive. Take a small example of a superstition. Perhaps we perform some kind of small ritual thal we feel will help protKt us or give us good luck. It we do It often ~nough, It beco~s an addiction. we are

Pldnets Transiting Houses


afraid that if we don1 do ti"Os little ritual, we will set ourselves up lor bad luck. If we get rid or this superstition. we feel slrong. Something as simple as a superstition or ritual for good luck can undermine us. Why? Because we are giving away our power over ourselves to this co~ulsive behaviour! We are denying that we have powe< over o.w own lives. The same is true or any form or compulsive behaviour and adciction. We atte~t to control our lives through these behaviours, but what we are really doing is letting the addictions control us. Towards the end or the transit, we will have eliminated some deep-seated habits and attaclments Ill at have been keeping us back from feeling emotionally free. We emerge healthier and stronger. When we give in to compulsive behaviours. we give up self-control, and gultt undermines our lives. we are not ourselves. By attempting to control others. we give away our own power over ourselves. By the end of this transit, we will feel more emotionally healthy. we will have nixed some or our addictions, and mastered o.w superstitions. We will feel more powerful because we have given up attempting to control things we cannot or should not control. and we will have gained a feeling of self-mastery instead. Saturn Transiting the Ninth House This period in our lives is generally dedicated to sell-improvement. We are developing our ideals and our commitments as transiting Saturn makes its way through our ninth house. Ideals and spiritual goals that we may have taken lor granted or worked with lor many years suddenly seem superllclal or not partlcularty useful to us. If we have been studying, we must watch lor a period of questioning exacdy what we are working towards. Does this line of study match our true selves? Some of us begin new studies as we unconsciously prepare ourselves lor Sarurn~ next !louse transit But most of us come lace to face with our self-defeating attitudes during this pe<iod o/ time. The ninth house Is a fire house, and it has much to do with our outlook, our sense or adventure, and our confidence. It also is associated with our faith. hope. and vision. Although its attachment to such things as highe< learning and lravel might mean Ill at a Saturn transit to this house will affect these things, but lor most of us, It Is more about taking a closer look at and re-assessing, our attitude and confidence. At the beginning of the transit we may feel a l ~tle sombe<. The blind faith or optlnism that may have carried us to date comes up for Inspection. Are our belief systems sound? What do we stand lor? What kind o/ future are we working towards, and why? The spirit that drives us and motivates us to move out and beyond the everyday grind comes up lor inspection. By the end or the transit we will have reworked our spirit, and come taoe to lace w~h what it is that offers us


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

!lope and optimism as well as that which fuels oor drive. The initial
oursetves, but

entrance of Saturn into our ninth house may cause us to question by the end of the transit, if we work hard at self·

improvemerl, we will have replaced o~ old spirit wfth a re--generated one. We will be one step doser to knowing where we are headed, and we will have re--built taith in oorselves. A shaky feeling that causes us to sputter and avoid risks will be replaced with a more mature attitude towards adventure and facing the unknown. we let go of self·defeating attitudes that have been holding us back, we recognize exactly whe<e
we have been overdoing our expectations, and we find new ways to nurture faith, hope. and vision.

Satum Transiting the Tenth House

5al.\lrn reaches the top of our chart when it begins its transit through the tenth hoose. Ironically enough, there is freedom in knowing some of
our limitations, aOO Saturn's transit through the tenth house teaches us

exacUy what this means. By the time Saturn leaves the house, we will !lave learned where we stand In the world, and how we have limited our achievements. This self·evaluation then offers us the freedom to appraise where we want to go. Approximately 14 years befOfe this transit, we
learned Saturnine lessons of the fourth house- we built a secure

foundaUon within ourselves. Now It Is Ume we build a secure foundation in our professional and/or most public lives. Our standing in society now comes under Saturn's scrutiny. We are in the spotlight, and what it is exacUy that we have been building now comes up lor inspection. Any projects begun 12·14 years before this U'anslt are now scrutinized. Some of us find ourselves getting recognition and career "rewards" at this time. II this transit occurs in early adulthood, it is a time when we face our duties as a career pe<son. Although the tenth house Is a house of ambition, we do not focus on where we are goir.g as much as we focus on whe<e we stand. The question. "Where are we goir.g?", is reserved tor the next !loose, the eleventh, although on some level we are preparing tor that stage as well. Before we know where exactly we are headed. we must know where we stand. Saturn's transit of the tenth house Is an eye-opening one- a time when we are working hard, taking on our fair share of duties and responsibilities, and either reaplr.g some ol the rewards of our han:l w011c or facing the consequences ol poor choices. We become eware of what we have and haven1 accomplished to date, and we unconscioosly prepare to re·evaluate our lives In wms ol our pe<sonal !~Qals during the next hOuse transit. What have we achieved to date? we now are treated to a realistic look at whot we have built and what we !lave achieved. we no longer view our place In the world, oor careers,

Planets Transiting Houses


l!lur reputations, and our standing in society with rose-colored glasses. We fa<e the facts, and only the facts. At the beginning of the transit our increased sensitivity to where we stand and to our reputations may feel uncomfortable for some. we may feel exposed, publidy scrudni2ed, or under fire in our careers. We may also feel burdened by our responsibilities. This discomfort comes only as a resu~ or a rush of reality into the matters i!>l the tenth house, and if the discomfort is great, it is only due to the fact Ill at we may have been holding onto false images or ourselves. Just as a mid-life crisis is experienced differenUy by different people, Satll"n~ trans~ or tile tenth house holds different meaning for diffe<ent people, depending very much on how true we have been to ourselves. However. as Saturn moves through the house, we begin to feel more secure. We recognize what it is exactly that we have a<complished.
satum Transiting the Eleventh House
We've spent at least a couple of years focusing much of our energy on our place in society, our responsibilities, and our standing while saturn transited tile tenth house. we should be at a point where we know, realistically, what we are doing. When Sa tum transits the eleventh house. events or realizations cause us to ask ourselves where it is that we are going. Our personal goals come under Saturn's scrutiny as he makes his way through our elevenlll house. How we fit In with others, our affiliations with people and groups, and our peers all become serious matters in our eyes. We might le<!l that our personal "circle" or our networks are superficial or unsatisfying at the beginning or the transit. we might reel alienated as we begin to see Ill em for what IIley are worth. or what IIley aren1 worth. We might feel some disdain for the sup Official wortcings or casual friendships, begin to feel uncomfortable and self-conscious about "going through the motions", doing and saying the right things, and so forth. Alternatively, we might meet someone with whom we eslabllsh a serious friendship at this time. or we might become a member of a group l!lr affiliation that we devote much or our time to. Weeding out what se<!ms now to be superfluous social associations from our lives Is ve<y likely at this time as we become more serious about what we want, on a personal level, from Oll" lives. We take a hard look at the role we play In l!llhers'llves, and consider exactly what It Is that satisfies us and contributes to our happiness, beyond marriage, romance. career, religion. and so forth. As Saturn moves further through tile house. and by the time the transit Is ove<, we should have found ways to bring definition and articulation to our Innermost wishes and hopes for our personal path.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

satum Transiting the Twelfth House
Contemplation of the meaning of our existence, our accomplstvnents. and our "failures'" isthe main focus when saturn transits Clur twelfth house. This transit marks the end of a cycle, which can most

fertaiNy bting with ita lair measore or conruslon and discontenl esi)I!Cially
at the beginning of the period. Sa tum turns a critical eye to all that lies beneath the surface, and we are forced to do some serious "spring {leaning- of our psyches. During this transit we face our own demonYtlle vague yet haunting fears that undenrlne us. We all have skeletons in our closet What we don't always realize is that they can seriously undermine our happiness and weU-being. Saturn sweeps through our ·closet" (the twelfth house) and demands that we take a hard look at what\ been hiding in there. Is this process uncomfortable? For most of us, it can be. But getting rid of outdated attachments, and examining and discarding irrational fears, is not only necessa.y for f<Kthe< growth and development -It~ uiUmatefy a huge relief. The twelfth house In some ways is a du"lling ground for things we have left "undone". Saturn he<e wants us to sort through the junk and keep only those things that we 11\Jiy need for future development. This process can be rather lengthy and It can feel ve.y slow, but If done prope<ly, It can be most rewarding. We deal with endings rather than new beginnings during this transit as we shed outdated attachments and unconsciously prepare ourselves for Sarurn'$ transit ol the first house. when we will work diligently on our individuality and personal identity. We are markedly Introspective at this time in our lives. we may Isolate ourselves from others In some manne<a process that tends to come naturally. Health Issues, gene<ally of a ps)<:hosomatic nature. may come to the fore. we may be attracted to alternate ways or living, and to self·study fields. S<Jch as psychoanalysis.

Uranus Transits: Houses

Uranus takes appro<imately 84 years to come h~ l circle. This slowmoving planet's transits are long-lasting, and each transit through a particular house takes its time to unfold. Because many charts are drawn with unequal houses, and because uranus is frequendy retrograde, the length ol Uranus' stay In a house varies. However. on average, Uranus
transits a house for approximately 7 years. Uranus brings change.

disruptiol\ and erratic elements to the areas of life ruled by the house it rransits.

Planets Transiting Houses


How uranus affects our lives depends very ll'IJch on whether we resist ~s inlluences or try to work with this planet of independence. liberation. and enltghtenment While Saturn slows down our inner clock in order to persuade us to face reality, uranus speeds up our tempo in order for us to consider taking rislcs and making changes. Whichever part of our lives and of our psyches that Uranus touches is an area where we begin to feel restless and dissatisfied with any routine
or •status quo"' comected to it. Our consciousness regarding these parts

<>I ourselves and our lives is accelerated to the point that others might (Onslder our actions (and reacUons) hasty or rebellious. If mishandled.
we may act in inconsiderate and brusque ways. Transiting Uranus a<ts to

<lisrupt, change, and re-do whatever ~ touches. Uranus frees us from Ill inking inside the box. and offers us opponu~ies for reaching out and !lying something completely new. While Saturn slows us down, Uranus
speeds up our lives, offering us chances to take SOfOe risks and to

experiment with totally new ways of living and interacting with others and our environment. Uranus is forward-looking and does not have patience with lifestyles or attitudes that are attached to the past or the
traditional. Transiting Uranus shakes us up and offers us a chance to

become more aware of our individuality. uranus doesn't accept stagnation nor does It accept restriction. Personal freedom Is highlighted. Transiting
Uranus acts to awaken and to make us aware of our feelings of being

restricted and constricted. Uranus surprises, jolts, and stimulates.

Uranus Transits to the Houses
Uranus Transits the First House

At the beginning of its transit through the first house. Uranus Is
conjunct your Ascendant mar1cing a time of monumental changes to

your outlook on life and the manner in which you project yourself to others. Freedom of el<J)resslon Is deeply lmponant to you now. You are making breaks from elements from your past that have limited your freedom or that have kept you from expressing your individuality. This Is a time when you are more willing to take personal risks. Uranus Is the Awakener, and ·awakens• your consciousness to areas of your lite that It touches In surprising ways. As such, there may be unexpected events Ill at free you from confining situations or past condiUoning patterns. You are more Inspired tlvoughout this transit, and your personality fairly bubbles with bursts of enthusiasm Impulsiveness Is something to watch out for, however. Your need for freedom can be so strong that you leave (herlshed things (or people!) behind. Alienating those dose to you may


Koow about Transt of Plantts

coccur now if you're not careful. M. the very leas~ people around you are surprised by your more rebellious and risk-taking nature. While you shoutdn't resist change now. you should avoid CDn"'pletely impulsive behaviour. Changes in llle image you project to others, and perhaps your personal style and appearance, take place during this cycle. You might go through a series of personal makeovers. You are breaking free from the expectations of other. Your behaviour tends to be more spontaneous. and perhaps a little rebellious. Freedom of personal expression is lll'mensely Important to you now, and if you turn a few heads or raise some eyebrows in the pursuit thereof, )<>U don't particularly worry about it!
Uranus Transits the Second House

The second house rules your value system. personal finances, and possessions. On another level, it rules your comfort levels. Uranus Is the Awakener, and often "awakens" your consciousness to areas of your life ltlat it touches in surprising ways.. Over the next few years. your value system will shift and change. Outdated atUtudes are discarded In favour of lllose that are conducive to growth. Some of you are moving towards a less materialistic value system, and others may be encountering unexpected circumstances that bring about a fluctuating or uncertain i ncome. There may be a trend towards Uranus-ruled areas as the major source of Income In your lite, such as throu~ new technologies. science. computers. the Interne~ or metaphysics. You are also lndlned to take a few more risks with your finances, or unusual ways of making money could be In place during this cyde. The best adiAce for Increasing your earning power now Is to nurture your latent Inventive. progressive. or future-oriented talents.
Uranus Transits the Third House
You may be easity bored or distracted when it comes to traditional mental pursuits during this cycle. You may pick up a brand new study, for example. You are more attracted to unusual Ideas, fields, and concepts. Exposure to new ideas open up new worlds to you. New opportunities to express yourself, particularly til rough speaking and writing, can suddenly enter your life. You may be communicating mO<e about your past or finding people to relate with mO<e readily. You are likely to make changes in your life that break you out ol your usual routines. These changes are unlikely to be jarring or dramatic- quite llle contrary! It feels good to break out of your shell a little and to take a few healthy risks. Acquaintances, siblings, or casual friends and communications may be catalysts for this new self-expression. You may make little changes to

Planets Transiting Houses


your personal appMrance or to your mannerisms that reflect the changes going on inside. partiaJiarly if Uranus is also transiting sextile to your Ascendant

Uranus Transits the Fourth House
Your horne life may be in a state of flux during this cycle.l rs possible that you moue house. but evoo if you dont, there could be some disruptions to your domestic routine or erratic elements on the home front that you need to deal with now. Your life speeds up, and decisionmaking can be very hasty now. You definitely feel the need for action, but if you don't know where you're headed. you might take the wrong turn. Unexpected changes in plans or evoots can test your patience. and you could feel a bit out of control at times, particu la rly~ Uranus is al so ll'ansiting square to your AScoodant. However. events could stimulate you to try new approaches and they certainly act to cut boredom. Letting go of old family conditioning is a theme.

Uranus Transits the Fifth House
During this cycle, you tend towards unconventional ways of expressing yourself and your creativity. Your hobbies can be out of the ordinary, and so can your relationships with children and lovers. depending on how this cycle is alfecting you. Sudden developments or surprises in your romantic life are par for the course with Uranus here. This is a time whoo you free yourself of personal Inhibitions that may have been part of your life in the past. It's a time of more spontaneous expression. This i s a playful. somewhat eccentric, position for Uranus. Casualloue affairs that have grown stale may be left behind now. You may also attract unuS<Jal romances or romantic partners Into your life during this cycle.

Uranus Transits the Sixth House
The sixth house Is your sector of work. dally routines. and hMith. Uranus' presence here may throw you a few curve balls. shaking up your dally routine and perhaps your attitude towards your work and your llealth. A1. the root ol this Is an urge to break free from the confines or routine and some distaste for fitting Into a mould. This year and In the years ahead, you are moulng towards a fresh approach to how you approach your work and the dally details ol your life. Irregular SChedules and perhaps some disruptions and tensions are possible as you adjust to this lnfluooce. particularly ~ Uranus Is also lnconjunct your Ascendant. Your working hours may become non·tradltional, or you might be moving towards a more unconventional job. You are restless with routines. and tend to answer to your own Internal mythm rather than paying attention


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

to society's (and nature's!) rhythms. WOI1c Ill at is limiting or lifeless really drags you down, and you tend to approacll task:s wtth erratic or haphazard
energy-you work tirelessly at certain times, and procrastinate at other

times, for example. It would be wise to find work that offers you not only variety and stimlAation. but also the cha..:e to invent. Progressive. part· time. or unconventional tasks hold the most appeal to you these days. You may aJso take an interest in alternative health methods. You would benefit greatly from yoga or other mind· body therapies now.
Uranus Transits the Seventh House

Close relationships may become erratk or surprising in some maMe<, and you may feel that it~ hard to truly rely on a partne<. Lifeless or outworn relationships may be especially hard fD< you to bear during Ill is ccyde. Some trial and error in relationships Is par for llle course with Uranus in Ill is sector of your chart. Changes in your view of partne<sl>ps are in store. You don't care for taking orders. and any attempts to limit you are likely to be mel with great resistance or downright rebelliousness on your part. Some of you may find your current partnership lim~lng and you could either end it or experience tension as you explore ways to break free from restriction. Some of you could experience erratic or rebellious behaviour in a dose partner, and this could have you on your toes, wondering what's next.
Uranus Transits the Eighth House

Uranus moves Into your eighth house and shakes llllngs up a l~tle. There could be some ambiguities or ooexpected happenings surrounding money that is part of your life but that doesn1 come from your own earnings or Income. This Includes such things as shared resources with a <lose partner. alimony, taxes. loans. and so forth. At times. this could 111row you off balance. It could also interlere wijh your own pursuit of pleasure, If the pleasll'e you seek or the hobbies you Involve yourself In require exira money to spend. As well. you may not be able to depend on support or backing lrom others. m s posidon could also Indicate a period ol u..:ertainty surrounding your Intimate relationships, and/or some expe<lmentadon with your sexuality.
Uranus Transits the Ninth House

If you do gel a chance to travel. which could come up Quite unexpectedly, oousual. eye·openlng experiences may be In store for you. The people that you meel during !Ills cycle tend to stir you Into new ways ot thinking. You are less Inclined towards a personal philosophy 111at ls tradl~onal now. You may also adopt unconventional approaches

Pldnets Transi t ing Houses


to religion or politics. Some may abruptly stop or start higher education during this cyde.
Uranus Transits the Tenth House

During this cycle. your career direction begins to change and your relationships willl authority f.gures could sometimes be teose. You certainly don't like to follow orders lllese days! Do your best to avoid impulsive decision-making that is built upon your desire to be a free spirit You may recognize talents that you neve< knew you had, and this can be a sudden. exciting discove.y. You may also find that unexpected twists in your life story impact your career and reputation. You could become ~nown for an unusual or unconventional approach to your profession.
Uranus Transits the Eleventh House
Uranus affects your friendships and enlivens your social circle. Changes in your social circle occur now, and you are meeting new and unusual people. You may Join a group that Is devoted to metaphysics or some non·mainstream topic. You are drawn to people who are freespirited at this point in your life. Friendships that are stod<)y or limiting may very well be left behind. You have a strong ability to see each person for who they are as unique Individuals. and this helps endear you to others.

Uranus Transits the Twelfth House

uranus here helps release you from unconscious habit patterns. perhaps stirring up your private life, and InterJecting some unusual coincidences Into your life. You might adopt unusual approaches to helping others. or find anonymous expression behind the sce<1es (perhaps through tochnology, the Internet I rewarding. Events occur that cut you from past habits and attachments. Some will find, for example, that their "secrets• or private life become expMed In some way, and thus need to deal with letting go of certain elements of their lives that are no longer private territory. This whole process acts to slowly but surety detach you from ll1e past In preparation for Uranus' entrance Into your flr5t house.

Neptune Transits: Houses

Neptune takes approximately 164 years to come full cirde-too long to complete a cycle through our natal charts. This slow-moving planet~ transits are long-lasting, and each tran9t takes its time to unfold. Transiting


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Neptune can spend 13-14 years in one house alo<le, sometimes m()(e and sometimes less. How Neptune affects our lives depends very much on whether we
resist its influences or we try to work with the planet of illusion and

spirituality. It iscommon lor Neptune's inlluence to be a coni using one in
ll>e first portion of lhe transit. The ultimate ,esson" of Neptune is to help
us to the world of the intangible. This is in stark contrast to Saturn's transits, which re·connect us to the tangible, material world. Whicllever part of our lives and of our psyches lhat Neptune touches is an area where we may feel ·up in the air· and confused in tile initial stages of tile transit Boundaries are not as clear. C()(Omitrnents are elusive. and perception is confused. As the transit progresses. and certainly by ltle time it is over. we should have a more refined understanding in the affected areas of our lives. What begins as confusion can eventually actually augment our perception and our understanding. $()(0elimes people experience a burnout of sorts that eventually leads tllem to take a different path-often a m()(e spiritually rewarding and fulfilling one. Neptune acts to dlssollle what it touches.

Neptune Transits to the Houses
Neptune Transits the First House

This influence sensitizes your mind, body, and soul to a higher energy.
It can act to soften your disposition as you become more attuned to lhe

subtleties In your environment and In everyday activities. You absorb lhe mood of those around you quite easily now, and your disposition is somewhat changeable as a result. This transit can add a mysterious a!Xa to lhe way you project yourseW to olhers. You tend to be less practical II> an you are Idealistic. dreamy. and sensitive. Some of you may find lhe mundane concerns of life too boring, too drab to grab your attention! Some may feel less confident, as their direction in life is uncertain; others may attune themselves to a stronger spiritual purpose.
Neptune Transits the Second House

Neptune's Influence In the second house has the effect of changing your value system. You may be careless w~h your money during tills long-term cycle. 5()(0e financial Insecurity may be part of the picture. Watching out tor scams or risky speculative Investments Is necessary.

Pldnets Transiting Houses


NepbJne Transits the Third House

During Ill is cycle. you learn to rely on your intuition. You may have some problems arising from your inattention to details, Pfactical matters, and facts and figures. Others may find you less reliable in terms of making

on time or remembering them at all! Some challenges

putting your thoughts into words likely leads to a stronger app<eciation for such things as musical lyrics, poetry, and other art forms that experiment with modes of expression. You are likely to discove< more imaginative means of expressing yourself. Neptune stimulates your imagination and intuition. Your words are more poetk and perhaps even inspirational.
NepbJne Transits the Fourth House

This cycle may bring some confusion about yoll' connections to your past. family. or home life. You are more idealistic lllan usual when ~ comes to relationships with close loved ones, particularly family, which can cause a few problems if you're not careful. A noncommittal attitude in your per.;onalllfe could leave people In your life feeling frustrated with you as you attempt to find yourself. Alte<natively. llle<e could be some distancing inwlved with family members, or family members need special care requiring you to make some sacrifices. During this cyde, you may flnd that you require more sleep than usual and that you are easily drained.
NepbJne Transits the Fifth House

Your romantic life Is more colourful and rich during this cyde. You are highly romantic. but also somewhat prone to self-decoptlon-seelng what you want to see In alover rathe< than what really Is. Being "In love with love" Is quite probable now. Love can be very romantic for you. but it can also be complicated or downright elusive! You may find yourself falling in love with someone unattainable or attached. for example; or you might attach yourself to someone who you deem needs "saiAng". use some caution In this respect Drama In romance can be lovely. but too much of it will only leave you yearning and perhaps even heartbroken. Some confusing elements may enter yoll' life in te<ms of yout children. This is a very imaginative transit for your creativity.
NepbJne Transits the Sixth House

You are more susceptible to medications. chemicals. and other such lllings during this long-te<m cycle, so keep this in mind. Stress more easily affects your hea~h as well. Some confusion on the job may be part of the picture. or your job may steer towards compassionate service.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

~harity, or other helping professions. Neptune's presence here can make it more challenging to stick to routines or schedlAes.

NepbJne Transits the Sew!nth House

Ambiguitif!S surroonding clos@ partnerships ar@ f@l\ during this eye I@. The area of close one-to-one partnerships may be on somewhat shaky ground. Uncertainty about a partnership, or a feeling that partnership is elusive. may be part of the picwre. Some of you will be dealing with frustrati~ behaviour on the part of a spouse or close partner. You may be judging him or her as behaving quite foolishly or irresponsibly. Some may be meeting potential partners who seem to be "the one", but who ends up being elusive or disappointing. The tendency to attract people who you deem needy of t>e;ng "saved" could be problematic. Others will be connecting with a new level of spiritual~y in their relationships, recogniling that one can't control a partner. and that a partner shouldnt

have to follow a particular script.
NepbJne Transits the Eighth House
You may encounter some challenges regarding shared finances or property during this cycle. On the other hand, a klan or other form of support may come through unexpectedly. eve<1 in a mysterious fashion. Intimate relationships can be highly colourtul. perhaps with spiritual undercurre<1ts. but also a liWe confusing. The boundaries that are normally drawn between what Is yours and what Is mine may be blurred somewhat during this Neptune transit. Apartner could have oosetUed finances. and this could impact your own finances. Oo be wary of anything that even slightly resembles fraud. Lending others money may be a lesson in frustration now.

NepbJne Transits the Ninth House

Your overall perspective on life Is expanding. and you are more willing to embrace unusual. mystical. or spiritual philosophies_ You are slightly more lmpresslonable than usual. Your personality and manner Is appealingly mysterious and soft- others Se<lse your Increased compasslon. Seeking friends or lovers who are solA companions Is possible during this phase. A stronger Interest In the arts, espedally those that draw upon the emotions. Is Indicated. Some confusion regarding travel, legal alta irs. or higher education Is also possible now.
NepbJne Transits the Tenth House

Neptune clouding your vision ol where ~ Is you are headed in lite can cause some Inner restlessness and confusion. If you are a person

Planets Transiting Houses


who thrives on a master plar>-somett>ing that is elusive during this period of your life-you could find this a distressing period until you adapt to this influence. Unusual circumstances. coincidences. or some level of secrecy and mystery surround your career or reputation. Others may not be seeing you for who you are. but rather what they'd like you to be. Try not to encourage this behaviour. as tempting as it mi9ht be to do so.

Neptune Transits the Eleventh House
Neptune'smovement throughyour eleventh house adds some colour and imagination to your soclaiiWe. During this cycle, you may face the need to draw some boundaries with friends and the demands ol others. E10!n Wyou are not normally one to gi10! in to peer pressure. Neptune~ i nftuence here may be somewhat confusing. Your loyalty to certain groups '" friends may be rrisplaced, for example. You experience a subtle yearning to belong with a friend or a group who shares your own ideals. This can lead you to attach yoursetf to unusual. roore spiritual. or downright wacky friends... well, colourful ones at the very least. Friends, or friendship itself, may be elusive during this cycle. Confusion as to who or what you belong to characterizes this period.

Neptune Transits the Twelfth House
This is one of the most favourable house transits for Neptune. as Neptune feels right at home in the twelfth house. This is a pleasant placement for this mysterious and elusive planet You likely find joy In a (ertain amount of solitude. and dreams are especially rich and lnvol10!d. You may be paying more attention to signs. symbols. and omens in your life. You are building your faith in all that is ·unseen·.


Know about Transt of Plantts

Cliapter 12

The term applied to an apparent badcward motion In the Zodiac of certain planets when decreasing In longitude as viewed from the Earth. It can be compared to the effect of a slow-moving train as viewed from another train ~ave ling parallel to it but at a more rapid rate, wherein the slower train appears to be moving backwards. However, In the case of llle celestial bodies it is not a matter of their actual speed 0< travel, but of the rate at which they change their angular relationship. Retrograde planets in a birth map were anciently said to be weak or debilitated, but a mO<e logical interpretation would seem to indkate that llle Influence Is rendered stronger, which In the case of a malefic planet is definitely unfortunate. That It continues to retrograde for a period after birth might detract from Its capacity to Incite progress, but if so the extent of retardation must be judged from Its relative nearness to Its second station. It Is averred by some astrologers that a planet In retrograde motion partakes of the nature of the red end of the spectrum. This hardly appears a safe generalization, fO< according to the laws of spectroscopy a planet moving away from us· the distance between it and the Earth increasing - prod\Jces a slight shift of frequences toward the red end of the spectrum, and with diminishing distance a relative shift towards the red end begins immediately after the opposition of a major planet to the Sun, and continues until just befO<e the conjunction: and that It can hardly be said to apply at all to a minor planet. It would appear that consideration of this factor Involves the direction
of the planet's motion, whether toward or away from the Earth. rather lhan the character of the motion as either direct or retrograde. In fact it

appears to have bearing on the doctrine of orientality. This Doppler displacement has been noted in observations of Venus, which indicated that a drtferentiation of influence should be studied as, between Venus when in motion away from the Earth. and when moving toward it.




To be able to visualize and thus thoroughly understand the phenomenon of retrograde motion it is advisable to study the cycles of two 9fOUps ol planets: the minor planets, those between the Earth and llle Sun; and the major planets, those whose orbits lie outside that of llle Earth. Analyzing the cycle of Me<cury, as typical of the orbits of the minor planets, shows this succession of phenomena: Superior conjunction, when it passes on the far side of the Sun in direct motion, at which time it is invisible. Since thereafter it rises after llle Sun and remains invisible during the daylight hours, it becomes visible only afte< the Sun has set In the west: the Evening Sta< About fifteen days after the Superior conjunction it i:s at its smallest, a small circular orb. Greatest Elongation East some six months later it reaches the point of the greatest distance ahead of the Sun in its counte<clockwise direct motion in orbit, hence East AI this time it passes out of its gibbous phase, showing only half of its surface illuminated, yet seemingly larger and brighter because ~ comes closer to the Earth.
Erters Retrograde Arc: Some two weeks later it enters the arc over which It will shortly relrograde.

Maximum Brilliance as Evening Star: Even though reduced to a (rescent of illumination It appears still largec and with its elewtion ~ remains longer above the horizon and is at its greatest brilliance.
First Station: Another two weeks and it becomes Stations. in preparation for relfograde (S.R .) motion. In another two weeks, about six days before the Inferior conjunction, it becomes a slende< crescent

Inferior Conjunction, when It passes In retrograde between the Earth and the Sun and is lost from sight in the Sun's rays. This conjunction is shorter in duration. They separate faster because Mercury'S motion is opposite to the apparent motion of the Sun. 1 n another five days it again llecomes visible on the other side of the Sun. the West. whoo as the Morning Star It appears before Sunrise as a slender crescent but turned i n the opposite direction. Second Station: Another six days and It agai n becomes Stations, In preparation to resume its direct. or re-direct motion. Maximum Brilliance as Morning Star: Some flfteoo days later It Is reduced to a broad crescent and Is again at ~s brightest, now as a morning sta<


Know about Transt of Plantts

Emerges from Retrograde Arc: As it advances beyond the degree of its First Station it leaves the retrograde arc and enters territory over which it will not retrograde during this cycle. Greatest Elongation West Although no longer in retrograde it has

not yet accelerated to the extent that it equals the Sun~ rootion. hence it
(Ontlnues to Increase behind the Sun In elongation and elevation for some ten or twelve days to the point ol greatest elevation West just before it commences its gibbous phase. Smallest Phase: Some seven months later, about fifteen days befa<e the superior carl unction, it has decreased in visible size unW it appears as a small but fully Illuminated disc olless than one-third the diameter, It had at its brightest phase. Then comes the next superia< conjunction and invisibility. completing one cycle from one superior conjunction to ll1e next venus·s motion is entirely similar, although the intervals are longer Where the Mercury sidereal period Is approx. 88 days and Its synodic period is 116 days the VeroJs orbit of 225 days has a synodic period of 584 days The cycle of the major planets Is not greatly diffe.-ent. except that at the opposition. the Soo and the planet arc on opposite sides of the Earth. While the Inferior Conjunctions with a minor planet. and the oppositions to a major planet always occur during the retrograde; the similarity ceases when gravitation Is considered, since at the opposition of the major planet. the Eanh Is In between. hence the planet and the Sun are exercising a gravitational pull upon the Earth from opposite sides; while at both conjunctions of a minor planet the gravitational pull, from ll1e Sun and the planet are always in the same direction. It is generally considered that a transiting planet is more likely to develop Its negative qualities when it Is In retrograde. That It Is turning back for a recheck of ground already cove<"ed need not necessarily be bad, except for the fact that the Mure Is held In abeyance. Some people look upon any delay as a tragedy, but the real difference has to do with whose neck Is In the noose when the postponement of execution Is decreed. In some cases It may mean only a temporary delay that Is (Ot11)ensated for when the planet resumes its direct motion. This proximity of Mars to the Earth maybe one ol the most important
of considerations, since it considerably augments the strength or its

reception- what the radio engineer calls signal strength. Wilson speaks of Mars Retrograde as Mars perigee, and attributes to it a wave of




robberies, vicious murders and calarrities. At the Sun-Mars opposition of August 1924 Marswasclose< to the Earth than it had been for 800 years. It should be found, however, that the period of slower motion and of increasing intensity when the transiting planet is approaching its First

Station. and ot slow@r but acc@ll!lating motion an@r it pass@s ~s SKond
Station, are importa~ arcs, because any birth planet which falls within llle arc over which the transiting planet will retrograde will receive three separate and successive accents, of the combined nature of the radical and the transiting planet.

When Mars in transit retrogrades over a birth Saturn position, ~ means that this is already the second transit of Mars ove< the birth Saturn position, and that when rt resumes Redirect motion there will occur a lllird contact. If a contact can be expected to crystalize into an event, then three contacts can mean three events. Even if one resists the temptations, three are certainly worse than one· particu la ~ y three slow ones that linger and thus bum more deeply. There is the further and i mportant consideration of declination to be taken into account, and a parallel of latitude reinforcing the first or third contact may render one Qf them more effective even than the retrograde contact Thus it would appear that the irJllortant differentiation of a transiting planet's influence requires the dividing of its apparent orbit into two arcs: that over which llle planet will traverse but once, and that which It will traverse three times in one cycle. These two arcs might be termed the Arc of Advance, and the Arc of Retrograde. This distinction emphasizes the fact that it is not merely the slow motion of the Retrograde which Is Involved, or the mane< of replacing steps over territory previously traversed, but that Ill ere will be three separate contacts with each degree within the Arc of Retrograde, as compared to one brief contact with each degree within llle Arc ol Advance. The Arc of Retrograde Is thus marked by four points: (a) the Pre· Flrst·Station point at which the arc begins, when It first passes the degree which later marks the Second Station: (b) the First StatiO I\ where the motion turns Retrograde: (c) the Second Station, where the motion turns direct: and (d) the Post·Second·Statlon point where the arc ends. marked lly the passing of the degree of the Flrst Station. A further consideration Is In the fact that with the major planets the opposition to the Sun occurs always In the middle of the Arc of Retrograde, while the conjunction occurs In the middle of the Arc of Advance. Also, Ill at at the opposition the Earth Is nearer to the planet, by the length of llle diameter of ils own orbit This Is for the reason that at any planet~ opposition to the Sun, the Earth Is between that planet and the Sun:


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

while at the conjunction the Earth is on the far side of the Sun opposite llle planet. In the case of the minor planets, the Earth neve< passes between
lhem and the Sun. hence they never oppose the Sun. However. the

Superior conjunction which occurs when the earth and the planet are on
opposite sides of the Sun. falls in the midcle of the Arc ol Advance, and llle 1 nferior Conjunction, when the planet passes between the Earth and llle Sun, is midway in the Arc of Retrograde.

Vakri Grahas - Rebograde Planets
Planets from the point of view of the earth will slow down and become Stations. Then they appear to move backward In the sky this motion is known as retrograde motion of the planets. This apparent <etrograde movement is due to the motion of the earth's orbit The Sun and the Moon neve< retrograde. Rahu t<et\J always move in retrograde motion. Retrograde planets in the natal chart or ephemeris are marked lly R or Rx. Mars R or Jupiter Rx both indicates that these planets were <etrograde at the time of the chart. • Saturn retrogrades for 140 days and remains Stations 5 day before and after. • Jupiter retrogrades 120 days is Stations 5 days before and afte<. Mars retrogrades for 80 days and is Stations 3 to 4 days before and afte< • Venus is retrograde for 42 days and Is Stations approximately two days before and after. • Mercury retrogrades for 24 days and Is Stations one day before and after. each planet has irs own percentage or time when it must retrograde. They are Saturn 36.39%. Jupiter 30. 24%. Mercury 19.76%, Mars 9.33% and Ve.-..s 7.22% . The Sanskrit name for retrograde planets Is known as Vakri. Vakrl means twisted, crooked, winding, roundabout Indirect, evasive and ambiguous. 'lakra Asana In Yoga twists the body from back to front. Usually this asana are done to strengthen the spine and make them flexible. The potential of the retrograde planets Is to be nexlble, to twist




llling around, to make them unclear. to teach its message in an indirect way, to view life in a different way to others. By doing it correctly tlley can strengthen themselves and become adaptable, original, innovative and different. On tile negative side they can be twisted thinkers, crooked and dishonest The Individual can deal with the quality of their retrograde planets in a positive manner or can use tlleir potential in a totally negative way. The essence is there to do good or bad in the planet but ~ is up to llle individual to use this in tile right way. Rahu Ket\1 are forever moving backwards and this has lead to them being described negatively In the dasslcs. But they also have the potential to view everything in a complete different manner and therefore can be OlUite innovative and make individual reach heigtts that they never til ought IIley would conquer. by going against the grain. Rahu Ketu are usually comfortable with tlleir nature as they only travel the retrograde way. Sun and Moon always go direct so it is only the five other planets. which are used to going direct usually that can turn retrograde. The five planets Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, venus and Saturn express llle practical reality of our life. They are the planets that form tile Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga that bestows greatness on earth. The rule the Pancha Mahabhutas, the five primary elements that influeoce our physical body but also sheath the eternal consciousness. These element.s control our organs ol desires. emodons and senses. They can keep us grounded In gross reality but we start to use tlletr energy spiritually they become i nfused with a different power.


Bt..ta Semant PIAakash Etller I jupiter Va u Air Sai!Jrn, Rahu t-1ars,Sun, Ketu Te as Fire Apas Yeous, ~loon Water Mercury Prlthvl Earth The Bhuta also rule the Chakras, tile S<JIXIe body. Chakras Influence our senses. The fulfillment ot the sensuous nature keeps the Individual lied to the cycle of happiness and unhappiness. The more we allow the sense to rule us, the more lhe doors to our aslral self remain shut. Understanding and controlling the senses wlllglve lndlcallon of whether we are able to open the gates to the higher self.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets



Graha lndr1yan Jnanen- Karmen<*'lyan dr1yan Element Planet Sense Sense Wor1c

Anahata Monlpura

Aakash Vayu Tejas

Saturn Rahu Mars, Sun, Ketu Venus, Moon Mercury


Ear SIQn Eyes

Touch Sight Taste Smell

Mouth (speech) Hands F ..t and legs Genitals

Swadhlsthana Apas

T on9'Je

,_.. adha"'



Retrograde planets influence the primary structure of the human blocking the they create disconnection and imbalances, inability to control the senses. AA individual has to understand their retrograde planets and nurture them to bring back the harmony.
~onsciousness and its relationship wah its human life. By ~hakras and lhe complicating the Pancha Mahabhutas,

Vedic Astrology classics say lhat retrograde planets are strong. The 'lUality olthe planet changes when a turns retrograde. Retrograde planets are closest to earth; therefore their impact on the individual is the strongest. Strong to do what? Two influences of retrograde planets need to be taken lrto account - their affect In the natal cha, and by transa. The Individual with retrograde planets does not always know how to control its energy. Therefore they struggle to express the planets qualities - over-emphasizing them or being in denial of their po5aive qualities or misusing their power. Knowing how to deal with lhe retrograde In the natal cha, is the key. Retrogrades by transit can influence everyone whether we have them In our cha, or not A straight thinking person can suddenly change their ways under the Influence of retrograde Mercury. So we all have to leam to cope with the retrograde transit and be aware of them anrmlly. A planet In debilitation If retrograde acts like an exalted one and an exalted planet like a debilitated one. The reason: debilitated planets have IM potential to be unethical and negadve, when they twist around. they sta, behaving In the opposae manner. Whereas an exalted planet Is a good guy, when he gets twisted he Inherits the potential do bad. The beneR cs who are usually the positive Influences can become ambiguous,

ll.etrograde Planets


non-spiritual, disobedient by being retrograde whereas the malefic can definitely become more negative due to their retrogression. Controlling the male tics in Vakri is a k>t rrore difficutt. The main aspect I have noticed about retrogrades is that they do not follow tradition and in the ancie<>t limes when astrology was written, those who did not follow tradition were considered bad and unethical. Whereas now. we honour those who go outside the box, who are non-tra<itionalists. So the influence ot retrogrades has to be thought from the point of view of the society we l ive ln. Also we must celebrate their potential to be original, ditfere<>t (according to their karakas) and at lhe same time try to control their negative aspects. Also don1 forge! the houses lhe retrograde planets rule. Retrograde planet dash a can bring about health issues; they also can bring diminishing returns. The start ot lhe dash a may appear very good. but the quality ot the dash a can reduce as it progresses.

Natal planets In Retrograde
Mars retrogrades once in two years. Retrog<ade Mars in natal chart (an bring out power Issues, how to deal with conflict and aggression and anger. As Mars has male energy, Its retrogression can create problems with how you deal with maleness within. It Is often seen In charts ot females who have problems with their sexuality • they can be overtly aggressive or completely suppress their masculine side whereby creating imbalance In personality. Men have to watch, they do not become too aggressive and angry. As Mars Is about power. Its retrogressions give a lot ot power yelthe lndhAdual does not understand their own power and !low to use It properly. This can lead to Its misuse. Mars r!Aes Agnl (tire) element so its retrogression can create too much tire or complete exhaustion. They have to watch lheir metabolism. It can get speeded up or be totally diAl. The chakra is Manipura, which deal with balance, vision and e<>ergy. Retrograde Mars will blodc the way this chalcra works and (reate problems on a subtle level. Mars deals with logic and here the logic can get skewered or twisted. It can also make a person whose logic is unconventional but at the same time very powerful and they can reach places where others cannot as they have the ability to see things from backward to forward.

Men:o.ry retrograde promotes either a person talking too much or not at all. Mercury is the karaka ol speech and intellect Their thinking can also be ditfere<>t They may be very bright thinkers. but not know !low to express that or drive other crazy with their Ideas. thinking IIley are the only ones who are the inteUigent ones. Mercury's combustion can


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

~reate more problems. Mercury travels close to the Sun and ~ is most likely to be combust. Coni>ust and retrograde can make a person very prone to bum out and also unsure of how to deal with their Mercury. Not an easy situation to be in. Mercury rules the prithvi (earth) bhuta. Prithvi deals with practical and stable. Prithvi also controls the Muladhara chakra. Mercury retrograde can make someone impractical and they are mO<e likely to make their position unstable than those whose Mercury is direct Retrograde Mercury would show SO<ne blocks to the Muladhara chakra.

Jupiter is the guru or the teacher. Ju~er retrograde usually never knows when to stop giving advice. They can be very knowledgeable yet they do not know how to use this knowledge in the right way. They can also mistrust their own wisdom. On a pos~ivelevel they can give look at issues with a very different viewpoint They will also give advice that is unconventional and different. As Jupiter is the karaka of children, it can show children who are different. The classks say that if Jup~er is retrograde, it will definitely give children despite what else is promised otherwise In the chart. This aspect does not always pan out but we can research it further. Jupiter as a karaka of husbands in a female chart will giw a husband who is different On an extreme negative level, they can bring twisted thinking into the relationship. Jupiter rules the Aakash element. Aakash deals with the knowledge. wisdom, our ability to purify, to repel the negative fortes. Jupiter being retrograde weakens the ability to use this tattva. Vishuddhi chakra will become blocked and this make us feel unprotected and make some wrong choices. Vlsi>Jddhi also purifies the poisons; here the poisons or the mind do not always get the right filte' So we do not know how to stop them from polluting our life.
Venus is the karaka for marriage. It being retrograde does make

us choose unusual alliances. we may have an unconventional view of
them or when In marriage 0< relationship do not know how to express our love well. Venus also deals with fell'lnlnlty and women w~h Venus retrograde do not always understand how to be truly feminine. They can become overtly masculine or forget to dress feminine and be feminine. We see this oltcn In male homosexual charts as they want something different from their relationships and their concept of the women In their life Is different. Venus rules Apas, the water element. The human body Is composed of over 85% water. Water deals with emotions, taste. happiness and peace. Retrograde Venus can create problems with all these. The Swadhlsthana chakra Is also blocked.
Saturn retrograde usually do not know when to stop working. Or they may not !Ike wol1< at all. As Saturn Is the karaka of misery, it Is i mportant that one must not give Into a negative attitude to life and embrace depression as a habit Saturn Is usually depkted as the poor




man. The poor ar~ US<Jally hun!JIY • for food, for mat~rial goods, for good things in life. Saturn retrogression can make individuals hungry
with desire, wanting more and more even when the hunger has been
ap~asoo and they may b~ materially v~ry w~ll off. They ne~ to watch for gre~. Sai.\Jrn rules Vayu ~lemenl Vayu is air and Vayu n~s to be usoo constructively otllenvise it can become unnecessarily destructive. Retrogrades do not know how to use their energy, so if they do not take ~ar~. Saturn can Mcome destructive force for them. Anahata chakra teaches dispassion and detachment. When this chakra is blocked by retrogression then they can find it dijfictlt to detach.

Retrogrades and Stations Motions
Even if you do not have natal planets in retrograde, you can experience them during their retrograde transit. They can t~porarily block the elements and create probl~s in the subconscious. if we are not aware of them. The two most difficu~ retrogrades are Mercury and Sai.\Jrn. Mercury as it hap~ns so often and Saturn as It can transit over one point of the chart again and again; and creat~ lots of problems. It Is important to know retmgression of planets in a given year. The retrograde motion of your dasha ruler can change the direction of events. Retrogrades indicate a concentration of energy in the part of the zodiac where tlley are active. If you have planets In that area then they will have major impact. Retmgrades make life ap~ar to be stuck in limbo. neitllor moving forward or backward. Saturn and 1 upiter retrograde once a year and Mars and Venus once every two years. Mercury retrogrades at least thr~ limes a year.

Retrograde Planets In Transit

While analysing the transit effect of the retrograde planets remember following:
Always be aware of Mercury retrograde. They arc stress points in the year. Mercury retrograde creates communication problems and makes life uncomfortable. Stress, arguments, delay~ journeys • all can make life troublesome during the Mercury retrograde. So do problems wllh computers. Internet. and other technologies. Double check all appointments, travel programme and journeys. remember not to stop your life. Decisions made d\Jring Mercury retrograde can be chan~ after it goes direct. Stress levels can climb sky high. Arguments can result from crossoo wires. Mercury retrogrades at least 3 Umes a year so Its awareness has a huge say In the quality or your life. Gemini and Virgo n~ to be doubly conscious.



Koow about Transt of Plantts

it will make their life a lot easier.
2. When planets retrograde over the gandanta points. saturn will transit






the gandanta point between Cancer and capricorn. we need to watch this time for an unstable property market political upheaval and major changes in the world order If natal planets are placed in those degrees. there can be added pressures on them. The Stationary points of Saturn· before and after retrogression. Does it effect any of your planets? If a natal planet is on the same degree as Saturn stations. then you can expect that to be a major issue to contend with. This becomes even more important during difficult Sat..-n transits like Sade Saati. whkh is itself a troublesome transit. Saturn stationing over the exact degree of the Moon will bring untold mental stress. The house rulership and placement of the Moon will show, where the problem Is abouL Also Saturn can transit over the same point three times, whkh concentrates the energy of its difficult inlluence. The Stationary points of Juplter. This can positively enhance good qual~ies. It can make people think in wrong ways. Or enco..-age the possibility of getting wrong advke. Traditionally in India. marriage, auspicious events and new ventures are not planned when Juplter Is retrograde. The Stationary points of Mars. This can lead to war or aggressive tendencies. Mars retrograde can Increase stubbornness and can herald a time for war. The Koso110 War March 1999 began with the station and retrogression of Mars and ended when Mars went forward. The Impact on dasha. antar and prayar.tara dasha rulers. Past Issues can become dominant There can be a change In the direction of life. When your Lagna ruler retrogrades, It will have a major Impact on your inner seff. Venus retrograde indicates a focus on past relationships. Venus brings problems with relationships. It Is not a good time to marry.
If there are other difficult aspects accompany the stations. In November 2004, Saturn retrograded at the time It was In an exact 4 · 10 aspect with Mars and a major train accident took place In UK. In October 2005, Mars retrograded (1st October) around the
time of a solar eclipse (3rd October}; there was the Pakistan


earthquake. Two aspects creating a powerful synergy.




Mars Retrograde

"Mercury Retrograde" has certainly become a buzzword • or buzz

phrase • these days. The Mars Retrograde cycle is lesser known. and it
occurs less freque~ly than lime nevertheless.

Retrograde, but it is a sigl>ficant

What is Mars Retrograde? Occasionally, Mars appears to be moving backwards in the sky. "Appears· is the key word here, because, technically speaking. no planet actually moves backwards in tllei r omits around the Sun.l n fact they don't even slow down. Retrograde·station·direct cycles are essentially illusions that reslAt from our poirt of view from Earth, simply because the Earth is also orbiting the Sun at a different speed ll>an the other planets. Mars Is Retrograde approximately 58·81 days every 2 years.
If Mars is retrograde in the natal dlart. this is what the Kanric

I nsight report has to say about this position: "Asserting yourself vigO<Ously and directly is complicated by the fact that you had a prior lifetime or lifetimes In whkh aggression was either misused (by you, or against you) and/or all personal in~iative and self.will was insistently discouraged (perhaps due to a belief system that advocated passivity).
In any case. the message that was impressed upon you was that forceful action is wrong or dangerous. Thus, if you stand up for yourself, you now tend to hesitate, back down or even be plagued with fears of retaliation."

Mars Stations Retrograde and Direct · Transits to the

What house(s) In your natal chart Is Mars transiting when It Is Stationing?

Note the degree at which Mars tums Retrograde and find where that degree Is found. by house. In your natal chart, then read the Interpretation for Mars Stations Retrograde below. Then note the degree at whkh Mars then turns Direct and find that point In your natal chart (it's likely to be In the same house or an adjacent one). and read the i nterpretation for Mars Stations Direct below.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

Mars Stations Retrograde in 1st House

You are entering a period where p~na l action may be met with some frustration as the combination of energy, resources. inclination, and opportunity for accomplislvnent will not come together so easily.

El(l)e<t a lot of backing and filling on everyone's part In order to get things done and try not to press too hard or show too much impatience.
E~Jeryone is in the same boat, and you risk confrontation or even injury if you push too much without looking carefully at where you are and who you're up against. Slow and steady wins til is race.

Mars Stations Direct in 1st House

A sometimes-frustrating period of forced inaction or delays that may have had you chafing at the bit is turning the corner and you will be able to gel some forward motion again. Where you had to make do wltll other people's Initiatives or no progress at all. you can again take the reins yourseH and make it happen your way without intennediaries. Once tllings are back into your hands you will be better able to push for change and advancement In development of your financial resources In the coming months. ~lake your presence known and you will get results.
Mars Stations Retrograde In 2nd House

If you can avoid taking too much financial action during tills period. do so. 01ances are It will be hard anyway and likely net worth the f.ght. Ease off on the money pedal but don't slam on tile brakes. elthe< Opportunities for really good. long-lasting moves are few. and energy used sparingly now will seiVe well to have conseiVed late<. There's ncthlng wrong with following through on long·te<m, well· laid plans, but Impulsive spending will likely be resources thrown Into the wind. especially If It Is based on personal. ego·satlsfaction motives.
Mars Stations Direct In 2nd House

A push-pull period of some frostration In developing your assets Is turning around and your ability to draw on your real income should increase. This may come partly as a resutt of concentrating your efforts In one area and letting other lime • and energy-wasting projects go. Increasing your ability to follow tllrough will put you one up on tile situation
while others are too distracted with mlitiple efforts to successfully

compete. This will allow you to open up new avenues of communication and develop valuable co.-acts in the near future tllat will allow your single purpose to sncwball.




Mars Stations Retrograde in 3rd House
~tting people around you - or yourself- to behaYe in the usual <>rganized manner may be a bit difficult d..Jng this period. StOPS and starts abound. half-baked ideas remain unresolved, and follow· through on commitments is dicey. Negotiations are favoured in that you find 0\Jt

what can't be done and can hammer into shape that which can. But

patience can be short, so it's being even-tell"jlered that will best see you lllrough. It's better to accoll"jllish things in small, repetitive efforts than to try for the big push and see it careen off-course. Staying power is tested, but most likely to succeed.

Mars Stations Direct In Jrd House You are pulling out ol a period that may have involved a lot of pointless thrashing about. mixed efforts Involving multiple channels that required more effort than they were worth. That was unavoidable, but as you finally select who you want to deal with and what ideas to run with you11 find that you can pick up speed and really put the pedal to lhe metal. The key concept here Is focus, as the greater pressure you apply in tile area of your choice. the greate< your acceleration will be. This will
lead to forward developments in your bottom line and a clearer idea of

what you stand for when day is done.

Mars Stations Retrograde In 4th House
Rome wasn't built In a day, and neither will much else be during tills period. For you, getting the foundations right will be tile most important achievement. but you may have to try, try again before that becomes a done deal. Getting your inner priorities right so you don't start off half. cocked Is really Important, so think It through and consider all the repercussions before you take action. Even then, be willing to patiently rework it if need be. The test of success here is not a hot launch, but seeing it all safely home In the end. And remember. others are lnvoiYed
and can throw you off, so be careful .

Mars Stations Direct In 4th House
After a period when attempts to shore up and develop your underpinnings may have gotten you the runaround, you'll find that selective attempts to make your castle stronger will meet with success and applause. Pick your projects and don't scatter your energies and you11 find what seemed like swimming upstream wi ll become a walk In the park. The key Is to get In touch with what Is IIT'jlortant to you Inside and let your outer efforts reflect your Inner strengths. Draw on your


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

fundamental capadties to jumpstart a specific initiative and playing the game will become a bre&e.
Mars Stations Retrograde in Sth House

This period can b! roo and profitabl! if you are willing to try multiple efforts and not expect them all to finish. A creative shotgun appmach where you go with the best of many tries may be taxing, but you111 ikely ~ome up with a winner in the end and have several more half-developed possibilities for later. This ts not a time to put all your eggs in one basket. but rather to sample eggs and baskets and see which soit Keep a positive attitude and a tight Inner locus and you'll thrive where others lose their way. Re-advancing the principles you have already established for yoursell allows you to play strong but easy.
Mars Stations Direct In 5th House

Creative efforts that have been bogged down lor a while will be seeing a turnaround, and energies that were previously bl«ked begin to flow again. Part of that comes from abandoning things that smack only of obligation and turning to windows that let in the light of opportunity. In a phrase, go with what you want to do, not what you tl'lnk you should do. and you11 get a lot more mileage down the road. When you feel pleased. you gather energy from your environment: when you feel burdened, your sunmundings tend to drain you. Go w~h the positive How in your direction and health and wealth will follow.
Mars Stations Retrograde In 6th House

PiKing yourself and avoiding getting overtaxed should be the focus or what could otherwise be a stressful period. That applies in both the emotional and physical worlds, as stop. and-go pressures require patience and regularity to diffuse their Impact and keep you well and cheerful. life In the worl<place can see a lot of frustrations H)ing, so it will be good lo put your best sense of humo..- forward and keep your head when all around are losing theirs. What you can change, do - what you can't, don't try. This Is an easy time for diminishing returns and time/energy drains, so be creative, pick your shots and don1 waste ammo.
Mars Stations Direct In 6th House

Cross-purposes, crossed wires, and conflicting energies may have left you drained or late, but realignment Is now underway that will allow you to get back In tune with things. You will find yourself better able to r,ke charge of your dally routine and let It energize you rather than drag




you down. Experimentation wah various alternatives now leads to the choice of a single path tllat both conserves your inner resovrces and brings you dividends in the process. Put aside time·wasting di'A!rsions and go with what- and who- really make you feel alive and glow ing.

Mars Stations Retrograde In 7th House
Partnership struggles and cor1rontatlons can come as a result of frustration and working at cross-purposes during this period.l t~ important to remember that you're not the only one trying hard. Give all the respect possible to what your partner puts in, even if it seems to fail, and hope ll>at you get the same generous treatment In this time it's trying, not necessarily succeeding. that counts - and going back to the drawing board together can be equally as bonding as getting it right on the first lty. 1 t's not just what you accomplish, it's what you help each other wO<t< II> rough. that cements the bonds of the heart.

Mars Stations Direct In 7th House
Allowing your partner(s) to take the helm may not have worked out so well recently. but be of good cheer, as the future looks brighter ahead. Your patience with others will begin to pay olf as they get in tune with your efforts and you can genuinely share the mutual effort. This may require some declslon-maldng and putting more of your eggs Into a single basket to make a commitment strong enough to pay off. Focus on the few. not tile many, but keep a watch eye out fO< tllose who will be of Mure value and keep tllelr numbers In your back pocket for a rainy day.

Mars Stations Retrograde In 8th House
This is not the most ideal period to try fO< a loan Of lean on other people's resources to get you til rough - you may find that slow going and not terribly rewarding. If you can see it through on your own, do so, if only by recycling what you'Ve got and waiting fO< a clearer plaure of where things are going. Inner reconstruction beats buying on the open market - when you bank with yourself, the inte<est rate can never be too high. Rekindling a ll!latlonshlp may be part ol what sustains you look for tile wind under your wings and you won't have to ftap them so hard.

Mars Stations Direct in 8th House
Finding headway where needed credit and outside support are concerned may lately have turned into a comedy of errO<s - not so amusing, but times are changing and the last laugh is still ahead. Where


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

you have met with diminishing returns, back off and r<r1 with a single new plan that will be more worth the extra effort. Where you put the extra is everything - don't spread it around, focus it You're mDfe likely to get what you really push for than what you simply toy with. Point the backing you seek toward new directions you'd like to power and others will more easily sign on tor the ride.

Mars Stations Retrograde in 9th House
Refurnishing goals can be at a prenVum during this period, but resolving and accomplishing them may be harder than it first appears. The key l.s to hammer out one central approach from many, and don1 be afraid to compromise. What benefits all benefits each, though it may not seem so at the beginning. The trick is to resolve details w~hout getting bogged down in them. Feel tree to sweat the small si\Jff later if you can agree on the general direction. You have to know where you are headed l>efore you can steer - and one of the best ways to find that out is to look back where you've been.

Mars Stations Direct In 9th House
Attempted major moves may have become muddled ollate, but the lime is at hand to choose the best and let the other ones ride. Stop wasting your energies in hatf·hearted promotion and get on the bandwagon that will take you where you want to go. That may require putting your shoulder to the wheel (one wheel, onlyI so everything can get underway. Throw yourself Into it and you'll begin to feel the acceleration of dedicated movement, the momenrum building from entrained energy. You will soon be painted with the broad brush you now (hoose to wield, so wield It well, with enthusiasm.

Mars Stations Retrograde In lOth House
Jousting for position can be the order of the day during this period. and you may find the competition gets stWf until everybody gets their territory. The trick Is to avoid permanent confllct.s that could haunt you l ater. Life can be a tournament. but It shouldn't be a war. So be ready to fake as well as you give and don't stubbornly grasp at what's not worth fighting for. You'll more likely find a position by repositioning than by siege or going down with the ship. Winning Is about survival, not conquest - you needn't be the last Of only one left standing at the end ol the day. It's all about If you fell down. did you get up1




Mars Stations Direct in loth House Throwing your energies into various forms of self-promotion may
have yielded not much forward motion lately, but a turnaround is now

becoming available if yoo correlate your energies and choose a single

plan of operations. Single-minded career efforts will find reward and you
will be judged by your level of commitment to )01.1" own exertions. Believe in yoorself and follow word with deeds - irs the proof of the pudding where others are concerned. Where you make an impression with manifested self-confidence. there yoo will find fast friends and lasting connections. Mars Stations Retrograde In 11th House It may be hard not to seem to be at odds with usually friendly forces during this period, as everyone Is casUng about to get something done and progll!ss Is slow. Irs easy for you to blame your friends (and IIley yoo) for failures that are really just bumps in a shared road. Remind yoorself that comradeship is more lasUng than a passing storm, and yoo11 all be aroond when the weather clears. Sometimes you can become too wrapped up In promoting your own Image to see who and when! that i mage came from. When )OU have to push, push together - irs not only easier that way, yoo·ve all already done It before. Mars Stations Direct In 11th House Pushing hard to garner support may not have been having the in~nded effect lately. but feelings of being stalled by the roadside are about to give way to the sounds of busy traffic. Remember that your backing may not always come from what you simply seek yourse~ but from that which Is awarded to you on your merits. ones you may not even be aware ol. Do not grasp, but let others seek you out for your strong points, and you will find their energies shore you up and propel you on when you need to take some of the burden off your own shoulders. Mars Stations Retrograde In 12th House
It can be hard to figure oot where to put your efforts during this

period: every time you try, you seem to get a different result It's almost as if you're sharing the helm with other invisible hands that don't always lry to t..-n the same way. AS in any case where you are met with unceltainty and lack or information. you11do well to hedge your bets


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

and see which way the wind is going to blow. 1 n case ol doubt, tread water so you can still have the same options when things get dearer. Better to doubt action than to take doubtful action, at least at this doub~ul time. Mars Stations Direct In 12th House
It has been easy to run a ground lately just as you thought you were underway and bound for deep water. It would appear, however, lllat you've found all the sandbars and now only the channel lies ahead. Nevertheless, don't steam ahead as if there is no tomorrow until you're sure you've got a good grip on the wheel and all the tog has lifted. This i s particularly true as new vistas open up, and you will not want to have to make a major course change in order to steer toward a more bountiful 1\orizon. Cautious moves now enable more emboldened ones in the near future.

Mars Rebograde Transiting in Conjunction to Natal Planets
During any given MarsRetrograde period, Mars may transit conjunct a natal planet or point (or more than one sensitive point in your chart).

The Interpretations below sl1ow what happens when Mars trnnsits conjunct a natal planet or point while in Retrograde motion. and then returns to ""revisit.. the conjunction after turning D irect Mars ( Retrograde) • Cor-t unct Sun Just when you thought you had all your energies packaged and pointed In one direction, you might tlnd that things may scatter and get away from you for a while as Mars pauses tora retreat on you natal Sun. At first. this may seem like an inconvenience and can have a flustering effect on the best· laid plans, but in the long run it will cause you to realign your personality powers and drop what drains your vim and vigour in favour of what promotes it. You can't please everybody. so you've got 10 please yourself, and the coming months will flesh out what really workS tor you. Mars (DirectAtt. Retrograde)· Cor"tunct Sun Mars turning direct on your Sun can redirect a lot of ene'lly that has l ately been diluted or drained oft by dead·ends and non·starters. The time tor deciding the chosen path and the commitment to go w~h ~ Is enhanced by reoalned enti>Jslasm and IOC\Js. It there Is any downside, It could be that you burn too hot and risk overshooting the mark until




you·v~got a hand I~ on the new situation. Avoid lnvoMng your ~go when you want is a job well done. and be prepared for impacts that can be absorbed as long as you are not too close to the subject.

Mars (Retrograde) · Cor1unct Moon
As Mars turns around on your natal Moon. issues that arouse anger to th~ fore. and there is no time lik~ the and dispense with them. But that works on two levels. first. there are things which truly waste energy and siphon Qff your ability to get on with life. and th~se you should identWy and kiss goodbye. Second, there may be situaUons that rous~ your Ire because you aren't facing up to them and they remind you of your own reluctance to clear things up. Thes~ you must embrac~ and work through until they los~ their stigma and becom~ part of the r~u lar flow.


annoyanc~ may co~ mo~nt to ferret them out

Mars (Direct After Reb ograde) • Conjunct Moon

Mars turNng direct on your Moon can be an ~motional challenge and an opportunity to learn restraint and re-channel anger. Recent frustrations can too easily be turned to conftict just as resolution is in sight so ~~P a st~ady hand on the helm and let those about you lose their heads without joining in. If successful, what b~ins as forbearance leads to relief and a feeling that you have been tested and have passed with flying colors. Use physical exercise to release stress and trim away energy-wasters that slow you down and tire you out. Focus, paUence, and endurance are the watchwords
Mars (Retrograde) • Conjunct Mercury

Brilliant flashes of insight and problem solving may suddenly require a second look as Mars backs off yo~ Mercury . Easy solutions will take a bit more work until they can be hammered Into woll<able pathways to success. Mental effort can tire just as easily as physical. however. so don't beat your head against obstacles that don't respond on first approach, but be willing to try, try again with smaller steps until it all comes together. Instant results are less Important (and less llkcfyl than final triumph over the long haul. Headway In the smaller leads to the gr~ater good.
Mars (Direct P4ter Retlograde) • Cortunct Men:ury

Mars launching fo.ward on your Merwry should set ~ntal sparks flying and energize solutions to previously puZZling problems. However. the urge to smash Idols and cut the Gordian knot should be tempered with second thoughts, as there's no tumlng back once you burn a bridge


Koow about Transt of Plantts

behind you. Remember that things are only just coming together and it still may take some work to get the kinks out before you go for full throttle. Burning the midnight oil should come more easily now. even to llle point of difficulty in turning your rrlnd oN when you need to take a rest.
Mars (RetJograde) • CortunctVenus

Actions you felt sure were going to get you exactly what you want may tum out to be less fruitful than you might have thought, as Mars beats a retreat from your venus. The narrow gap between opportunity and desire can suddenly seem like a chasm, but that may be because you were trying to cross the canyon at the wrong place. The<e's mO<e than one way to skin a cat. and now's the time to investigate some of the alternatives. When the direct approach falters, try sneaking up from the rear or pulling an end run. Don't push, but allow yourself to be pulled into your objective.
Mars (Direct After Rebograde)- Conjunct Venus

As Mars ~~!·launches right over your natal Yeoos, don1 be too shocked if the chance to get and do what you 'lie been wanting suddenly drops at your feet This is where desire and opportunity meet, so it could be just whe<e you can take the ball and run with ll The trick Is to field the prospect with apiO<nb so it seems like you were expecting it all along. Delays caused by recovering your bearings could greatly diminish what~ being handed to you, so keep an open stance and be ready for the best 10 happen . Seize the day, capture the flag, and dont fumble the ball ....
Mars (Retrograde) • Conjunct Mars
Expec~d opportunities for advance,.,.,.nt and the initiation of new projects may meet with some delay for a while as Mars hesitates at its usual twJce.yearty ll!lnforcement of your natal Mars. That doesn't mean you 'lie missed the boat, only that its sailing time is delayed fO< repairs to make the journey safer. Use the wait to make sure you 'lie really tied up all your ends on pll!vlous commitments and have a solid ground under you to push off frO<n shO<e when the time comes. Once the focus of energy gets Itself together, you won't have time to look backwards, so clear the decks now.

Mars (Direct After Reb ograde) - Conjunct Mars

This second Mars return is tile beginning of a two·year cycle of energy and promotion that for a while, looked like ~ would never show




up. LOng·awaited wells of energy open up and a change in status in work or the major projects your are involved with mark a new step in your evolving journey along the path to achievement and success. This is not necessarily a life·altering development, but it is certainly another significant and welcome advance til at reenergizes and rejuvenates. The essence. since this is the end of Mars retrograde. is tying up loose and useless ends and getting with the new program. Mars (Rebograde)- Cor1unctj uplter Big plans that might have seemed right around the corner may require a bit more wonc before launching them. as Mars delays its antiopated lift to yoUl 1upiter for a bit. This may at first spark some annoyance and frustration, but ~·s actually the gift of opportunity, as you'll find there were some kinks in your design til at might have developed into fatal flaws if you had gone ahead without a second look. Now is the time to root out major power drains that could leave you tapped out <>nee you really ramp up to speed. Weed out the reduplications and energy sinks so you get the bang for your buck that you Intend. Mars (Direct After Reb ograde) - Cor1 unct Jupiter Mars using your Jupiter as a launch pad provides a lot of increasingly focused energy and impetus to your larger and more ambitious schemes. The trick is channeling it so it doesn1 get away from you like a bucking bronco. Size up your situation and commit yourself to as much as you think you can handle but no more. 1t Is better to pull back just a little from the edge tllan to topple over the brink because you misjudged. Because you are coming out ol a slow retro period, ~~better to rev up gradually urtil you're f!Aiy In cortrol of whars under your hood. Mars (Retrograde) - Cor1unct Satum Blockages and roadblocks that were tagged for the scrapheap may hang on a bit longer. as ~Iars retreats from yoUl Saturn and the energy needed to make the push requires recharging. Part of tile reason may be that you need to take a closer look at the difference betweoo kicking out the jams and kicking out your foundations. Whoo a new broom sweeps clean,lt shouldn't sweep away the furniture as well, so spood some time making sure your supports remain whoo you tlnally dispense with the rest. Get rid of what holds you back, not what holds you together. and know the difference.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

Mars (Direct After Retrograde) • Conjunct Satum
Mars returning to its trajectory over your Saturn is just the thing to break through old and stagnant barriers and get the ball rolling again. It also has the energy to kick out needed supports from under you, so loolc

before you ~trike and be selective In what your new broom ~weeps clean.
A combination of force and staying power is ideal about now, so strive for a strong but steady hand. A watchmaker's precision powered by llydraulics is the goal, where you grind stow but exceeding small, an inexorable force clothed in subtlety and vision. Sure, you can do that.

Mars (Retrograde) · Conjunct Uranus
Mars pulling back from your Uranus may save you from hasty decisions. but it might not seem that way at first. The urge to jump into lhe fray can be so strong that you miss the obvious. Take the time to retool your Ingenuity and develop the practical side or your Inspirations before putting them to the test without a safety net. Test not only your accelerator. but your brakes, so you have full control before you charge ahead- you11 be thankful you did. Develop greater precision and accuracy before you fire. or you'll waste ammo. One shot at your target will be all you need, Wyou take more careful aim.

Mars (Direct After Retrograde) • Conjunct Uranus
Mars turning about on your Uranus can bring unexpected discoveries and, unless you play It easy, a stop·and·go. bumpy ride. Expect the spigot to be ott or on Md not much In between for a while, a sputtering rhythm that can be fun If you go with It, but annoying If you try to buck it. Allow yourself to be catapulted to where you're going and you'll go further - like a roller coaster. In best to let it take you wherever It goes, even If you shriek a little. At the end of the rl<!e you'll be back with your feet on the ground and requests to go another round.

Mars (Retrograde) · Conjunct Neptune
Mars backing away from your Neptune may give you some time to reorganize and solidify the way you deploy your external energies before you are asked to turn them Inwards. Inner and outer worlds reflect each <>ther, but sometimes the threads that attach them may need to be tightened, and now is the time. Figure out what dreams are attainable and what are only fantasies that will drain you of the follow-through that ¢an make imagination into reality. A single push in the right direction is worth trore than many stabs in the dark. Take some time to sort out one from the other before going further.




Mars (Direct After Retrograde) • Conjunct NeptLW1e

Mars making its turn on your Neptune may go a long way to clear up what's been fantasy and what illusion lately. and as such may bring you a step closer to some of your dreams. while abandoning others. It

also gives yoo a certain quality of slipperiness for a Ume. during which
you can lead others down the garden path with impunity, if ne<essary. Avoid playing with others· hopes, however. ooless you have a real desire and intent to help them achieve them. use camouflage where needed. but remember where your real center is. and where it's only pretending to be.

Mars (Ret:Jograde) ·Conj unct Pluto

Mars making a pullback from your Pluto (and that of all your (Ontemporarles) may be just the thing to resolve Issues that might lead to pointless confrontations or struggles for position. The best way to pick fights is to pick to not get involved in them - ~saves energy and wasted physical and emotional strain. It is more important to know you are right ll>an to prove It to someone else. You cant do the latter without the former. and this is a good time to reexamine the power of your internal faith and righteousness. leaving later circumstances to support you in your quest.
Mars (Direct After Reb ograde) • Conjunct Pluto

Mars turning direct on your Pluto Is something that's happening to everyone your age and it may tend to stir up some old classmate cofll)etitiveness and rivalries. Pushing and shoving for fun and exercise may be a familiar amusemen~ but don't let it get out of hand and turn i nto real physical or emotional connict. Though you may be tempted to edge someone out ol the way (or see that happening to you). ask your5elf first if this is worth fighting for. Few things are, but lots are worth giving way for. So when given the choice, back off and don't get caught In a squeeze play of your own making.
Mars (Retrograde) • Conjunct Ascendant

Mars turning around on your Ascendant may set you a bit off-center and It's a good lime to take a second look at your balance mechanisms, your Internal compass that keeP5 you from tripping over your feet. Expect ll>e rug underneath you to be at least a lltUe bit tugged a~ so be light on your feet and ready to re-deploy your stance when the need arises. If lhe temptation to gel physical wddenly arises, make sure It's In the i nterest of love and not conflict- right now you'll do a lot better with the


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

former than the latter. Keep your eyes on the path before you so you don't step in it.
Mars (Direct After Retrograde) • Conjunct Ascendant

Mars h!s~at ing and th@n turning on your Asc@ndant tflllds to giv@ a
push that can be a ride or a fall, depending on how well-prepared you are. Expea a period of elevated energy. when you feel propelled on by an extra shove, but don't let that inadvertently shove you into oncoming traffic or rashly into a situation you should have stayed out of. Irs easy to encounter. or be. a hothead, so remember that cooler heads are always the best to prevail, so let them. However. this Is Ideal for high-energy output. just look before you leap and don't get overtaken by the tide.
Mars (Retrograde) · Conjunct Midheaven

Best-laid promotions may need anolhe< shoYe, to get the<n into gear as Mars reverses field on your Midheaven. That perfea rl!sum~ may need a patch or two to catch up with the news and if you want people to talk good trash about you, make sure you the<n a nudge to get into it. The first leap out of the gate is not the one that will get you there, so be ready for a couple of false starts and the drain that goes with them before you're finally on target. There are a few turns before you hit the straightaway, save your ene<gy for the final boij for the finish line.
Mars (Direct After RetJ·ograde) • Con) unct Mldheaven

Mars making its turn on your Midheaven can mean both good and/ or troublesome word out on the street about you - but either way, people will be talking. So. It's a good time to put your ear to the ground and see if the image you're painting of yourseW is being bought or abused. In either case. the energy is also there to take steps to see that ~ all goes for progress, that trouble Is headed off and yours Is the culminating star. Don't forget that all publkity Is good publicity. ~·s just up to you to make it turn out that way.

Mercury Rebograde

Although not quite as popular as S..n sign astrology, "Mercury Retrograde" has certainly become a buzzword • or blllz phrase • these days.




What is Mercury Retrograde? Three, and sometimes four. times a year, the planet Mercury appears to be moving badcwards in the sky for a period of approximately 3 weeks. "Appears• is the key word here, because, technically speaking, no planet actually moves backwards in their orbits around the Sun. In fact. they don't even slow down. Retrograde-station-direct cycles are essentially illusions that result from our point or view from Earth, simply because the Earth is also orbiting the Sun at a different speed than the other planets. Mercury t!Jrns retrograde more frequently than any other planet. It can never be more lllan 28 degrees from the Sun. and whenever it reaches its furthest distance from the Sun. it changes direction.
As the planet of comm.mication. Mercury retrograde tends to lx"eed a certain level of confusion. Mercury rules our "'k>wer" mind- how we perceive and interpret lrlormatlon that we receive from our environment, and how we relay that information to others. Merwry has rulership over such things as speaking, negotiating, buying and selling, listening, formal (Ontracts, documents, travel, the mall and shipping, and so forth. All of lllese areas of life are affected when ~tercury Is 1\mctlonlngln a sluggish state. Dedsion-making is challenged during Mercury retrograde. Needless to say, it is not advised to sign contracts, engage in important decisionmaking. or launch a new business. Delays and challenges are more probable with Mercury retrograde. This period Is best used for reorganizing and reflecting.

Not everyone feels the effects of Mercury retrograde. Those born with ~t ercury retrograde In their natal chart, for example. may not nodce llle effects described above. When Mercury Is retrograde In the natal chart Itself, the thinking processes are generally more acute. and the sense of humour rather ClUirky. People with Mercury retrograde take in information differently lllan those with Mercury direct in their natal charts. How many people are born with a retrograde Me<curyl Roughly 18%. The Karmic I nslgl't report has to say this about Mercury Retrograde in the natal Chart: "A prior lifetime In which you were discouraged to lllink, learn, or express your ideas is indicated. This may have carried over in this lifetime as a mild learning problem in childhood, or inner (somewhat unconscious) doubts about your ability to learn or to communicate. Thus. you have a habit of rechecking, reconsidering, reviewing, and rethinking everything before you put it out. You may even have a desire to learn about subjects that seem archaic. to learn about those things which we<e denied to you in the past:·


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Mercury Stations Retrograde and Direct - Transits to
the Houses
What house( $) In your natal chart Is Mercury tran.s ltlng

when it is Stationing?
Note the degree at which Mercury turns Retrograde and find where that degree is found, by house, in your natal chart, then read the i nterpretation for Mercury Stations Retrograde below. Then note the degree at which Mercury tllen turns Direct and find that point in your natal chart (it's l ikely to be in the same house or an adjacent one), and read the interpretation for Mercury Stations Direct below. These i nterpretations (source: Day Watch software) indicate the areas of life affected by Mercury's stations.

Mercury Stations Retrograde in 1st House
This begins a three·week period during which you have the <>pportunity to reline and perhaps repurpose the way you project yourself i n your surroundings. Round off the raw edges and pull in any potential entanglements tllat might be slowing you down. You have not only the
right, but sometimes the obligation. to change your mind in order to

i nsure consistency and personal Impact Toward the end, this may particularly Include tightening up solutions to previously resolved Issues to be sure they are well in hand. When you'Ve got all your ducks in a row, you won1 have to look back.

Mercury Stations Direct In 1st House
After tlvee weeks of readjustment you can start getUng plans bade i nto shape for going ahead, which Includes some new featllers put on your personal image. You may find you have discovered some improved ways of fitting your own leadership into the mix. which will firm up during the next few weeks and everyday rhythms get renormallzed. Although it might not have seemed so a couple of weeks ago, you're Increasingly glad to have had tile opportunity to edit your life a bit so you can better exploit your position both sodally and financially during the next month <>r so. Some changes will be momentary, but some will last

Mercury Stations Retrograde In 2nd House
The coming three weeks mark a period when not only hedging your bets but replacing your wagers may be just the rlghtthlng to do. When resources come up short. c1on1 hesitate to reallocate tllem In order to




provide yourself a firm foundation and a springboard to the future. Redesign with an eye toward giving yourself some extra padding, rather than relying on last minute income to fill in the gap. l ess is more when you streamline your operations. and that may indude reshuffling the way you present yoii'Self on a·day basis, in order to become a better part of the flow of life around you.
Mercury Stations Direct in 2nd House
Kinks, twists, and delays in finandal matters are on their way out and a return to smoother sailing is in the works. Although delays may have been anno)lng, the resolutions they have brought will benefit you immediately and in the long run. Picking up loose ends and tightening your operation has lasting benefits. not ooly on your resources. but also con your opportunities to disseminate your ideas and expand your contacts and horizons. Any headway you may have lost is momentary and will be made up for by a smoother operation, a steadier course, and fewer distractions CYVer the next several weeks. Tie up loose ends and be ready to move on to expanded hori20ns and a wrer sense of your undeiJ)innlngs.

Mercury Stations Retrograde In 3rd House

The next three weeks may well mark a lot of ebbs ond swirls In the social fabric you mCYVe ln. wth assodates backing and filling and somelimes seeming less than reliable. No blame here, just a general reshuffling unlil everyone feels comfortable with their positions, Including yourself. Try to work on removing obstacles to the flow and diplomatically sh~t your schedule according to who better fits your evolving agenda . Toward lhe end, you may have to call Into question some aspects of your financial underpinnings In order to effectively make contact and cause others' goals to come into step with your own.
Mercury Stations Direct In 3rd House

Several weeks of greater confusion than you'd have liked are on lheir way out and you can get back to what you were doing with a b~ more confidence and sense of purpose. Getting roadblocks out of the way allows you to chart a wrer course and feel better about what you are doing and what kind of commitments you can make and live up to. Red herryings and detours can be put behind you as you get back onto a map everybody can buy Into. The cost of delays and uncertainties is made up for by knowing that they no longer Impede and that you can now throttle up and get on some real speed.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Mercury St>rtions Retrograde in 4th House

The next three weeks may cause you to step back and rethink your course and reset your bearings to make Sll'e you are really on the course you intended. Do not hesitate to question fundamental values in order to

get to the heart of what you believe and resolve irvw ronnicts that may
arise. Small insights can net you large gains, partkularly in the future

stability of your ship. Rock your own boat befO<e others do, and you'll be llle better off fD< it. By the end, you may find risk reevaluation highly useful, partiCIJiarly when you depend on others to evolve into what you will lean on in the fub.Jre.
Mercury St>rtlons Direct In 4th House

A period of some delays, detours, and slowdowns has tumed the (Orner and with a little more fine-tuning life operations will be not only back to normal but improved. Issues having to do w~h direction and creative focus begin to resotw themselves and turn out to have been <Only temporary delays, not fundamental problems. Once you have buttoned down the last of the recently arisen distractions. you can put your mind fully on the game and get back to being the you always Ill ought you were, only bette<. The exe<cise provided by int..-nal troubleshooting and introspection brings you back stronger than ever.
Mercury Sl>rtlons Retrograde In 5th House

Playful creativity can be a hallmark of the next three weeks, but only if you are willing to let it take its course whereve< it leads. Don't expect to follow a straight track but go where things lead you until you start to establish a pattern. Only then can you get back to the main lllghway after an enlightening detour onto the scenic route. Don't be surprised if this muddies previously held opinions toward the end, as the new alternatives you will be finding will more than make up for any i nconveniences or confusions experienced along the way.
Mercury St>rtlons Direct In 5th House

A period of changeability and shifting focus has turned the corner and you will Increasingly know better which choices are viable and which are not. Provisional projeciS will turn Into final directions; distractions will be Identified and pushed aside. Wherever you do wind up going, don't simply forget the road not taken, the path decided against. Keep Ill em In your memory bank as they may tum up In other guises later and you11 already be halfway there. Follow through on what looks like a




winner naw, but don't let seemingly wasted time be fOI'ever lost by Ill rowing away its fru~s. Act sele<:tively, but retain all.
Mercury Stations Retrograde in 6th House

The next three W@@~s could @asily throw som@ ~in~s into your schedule and make your routine suddenly non-routine. You have the opportur>ty now to iron out the wrinkles that may have been bothering you but which were SOI'nehow still left unattended. You may be wise to put great leaps forward temporarily on the backburner until you are sure lllere is nothing to trip you up along your way when you make your moves. This may result In COI'nlng to some re·conclusloos about how and w~h wh()(n you deploy your creative juices. Listen to that inner voice to make sure you heard it right, then gel bad< into gear.
Mercury Stations Direct In 6th House

Hectic redUplication, delays, and scheduling confusions will be straightening themselves out after a few weeks of necessary resorting. All that remains is to put the finishing touches on new approaches and link them all up with others who may be involved. Missed or mixed up messages are resented or clarified so everybody is back oo ttoe same l)<lge and agrees upon what the next step is going to be. A general sense of well· being supplants a certain unease born of uncertainty and you get back to your healthy glow born of knowing where you\re been and focus on where you're going.
Mercury Stations Retrograde In 7th House

SOI'netimes aswmptions about those most dose to you can turn out to be misperceived. and the next three weeks gives you a chance to take a se<:ond look. You can nip problems in the bud and smooth potentially ruffled feathers, Including your own. where things have been taken for granted and are slowing down progress. Mending ties to others can make for stronger relationships, if you are ready to address small problems and so prevent them from growing. In the same way, good fences make good neighbours. and kecf)lng your own Integrity may be part of lt. so don't do others· l obs, but lei equality have play.
Mercury Stations Direct In 7th House

As you turn the comer toward clarity after a few weeks of unaskedfor change, you realize that no one was to blame. What seemed hke mistakes were simply different roads to the same destination and It~


Know about Transt of Plantts

{lear that keeping your eye on the ball and not on the pitcher Is the only way to go. Resolving differe<1ces is the surest way to a strong partnership, especially when driven by a common goal. You can look forward to a backward look that may give you a boost in the coming month or so, so keep those eyes in tt>e back of your head wide open. Tomorrow~ prize lies in the hand of another, so be ready to shake it
Mercury Stations Retrograde in 8th House
If you can spend the next three weeks redeploying your debts and reallocating resources, you will not regret it 1n fact ~ may simply be a necessity to pick up loose ends and take a second look at whelller you are unnecessarily o.erextended. W~h a l ~tle tweaking, you could be sitting in the catbird seal but you'll need to test the wind to get some height. Pick up on assets you've neglected or forgotte<l about and you'll haYe all you need. Make new friends. but keep the old; one Is sliver. but llle other's gold - in ways you hadn't even thought about.

Mercury Stations Direct In 8th House

The last few weeks' complexities and contradictions begin to clear up and you've turned a corner on finding out what you can get elsewhere end what you can provide yourself. ! f you need to borrow, It will be In the {ards. but you may equally find that a little lnve<1tory of your past resources will reveal you've actually got all you need, If you try out a new way to rap lt. Brllllantl deas Ill at seemed elusive are headed back Into the pipeline but will still need a little sorting out before you can bring them to fruition. Putdng previous obstacles behind you, will give you the chance.
Mef'cury Stations Retrograde In 9th House

Sometimes painting life with a broad brush can cause you to miss messy details that then slow you down. The next three weeks are a great ~me to pause and make sure the rug rats and ankle biters are not i n a position to sidetrack your whole operation because you Ignored them. It's time to give the small things their due so they can serve your larger purpose. By doing so, you may discover a better version of your own ~lslon as well. Don't hurry, you've got time, and you may find that In the end tapping resources you had ignored will trigger a rising tide that floats all boats. not just your own.
Mercury Stations Direct In 9th House

After a few weeks of uncertainty about the big picture, your panorama <On life returns somewhat amended. False starts have led to a focus on




~orrecting details that have distracted from the overall plan, but these are being put bel"ind you so you can return to your former path w~h a steadier hand on the helm. What you are putting together now will shortly have a direct effect on what people will be saying about you and your career plans. so don't toss off your ideas lighUy. You will have the copportun~ to impact your surroundings more than you tl"ink l you choose to, but you must make the choice.

Mercury Stations Retrograde In lOth House

Just when you think you can enjoy the limelight, you have to turn around and put some more spin on your tale to satisfy the onlookers. That scenario can characterize the next three weeks when your i mage may need some polishing and you have to resolve differences of opinion <>n your status. But a few stumbling blocks well attended to now will copen up a path of clear sailing down dle road. Part or this may be that you haven1 really picked up the smaller stitches because you've not quite got the bigger picture in focus. Refocus, pull all the Ill reads togedle<, and then you're on your way.
Mercury Stations Direct in lOth House

The best·laid plans for self· promotion may have been getting tangled during the last three weeks, but the wind is changing and you'll begin to find it easier to chart your course. especially career wise. CO<Tecting misconceptions about yourself Is an Important task to undertake. as you can1 benefit if others don1 really know where you're at That especially applies where you are trying to nurture valuable connections that will buoy you up in weeks to come. When you make things perfectly clear, lhat's just what they become, and clearing up confusion clears the skies

in general.
Mercury Stations Retrograde In 11th House

Sometimes when you choose to lean on friends, you find they're leaning on you already, and then everybody gelS confused. The next 111ree weeks give you the chance to discover and address this kind or situation so lllat good feelings remain all around and everyone Is back <>n a mutual course. One reason this can happen to begin with Is that you may have been paying too much attention to your own goals and aspirations and lost track of your personal support grouping. A little healthy self·introspection may help your own ambitions find better focus and general support where you can most rely on it.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

Mercury Stations Direct in l.lth House

You may have found the last few weel<s have required you to spend some time pinning down just who your real friends are. Misplaced expectations can make for delay, but once you've separated tile wheat from the chaff you11 have a better Idea of who Is really In the game. Now is the time to nail down those connections who had been hovering in the wings, time to get the message through to the ones who matter. T hat~ important because you may soon need a shollder to lean on, or at least a reliable counte<part who can help provide focus and serve as radar when the fog rolls in.
Mercury Stations Retrograde In 12th House

for the next three weeks you may feel like you're waiting for things

to come togethe<, but you don't know exactly what they are. Kind of like
watching a row of seeds you'Ve planted - you hope something Is llappening, but it's hard to tell. Events for you are, in fact, restructuring themselves behind the scenes, and you may be in for some surprises when allis resolved. Your best course Is to make as few assumptions as possible and don1 bel on the same old horses. Be open to your own intuitive hunches and be ready to jump aboard a new bandwagon when it suddenly materializes. It may come from closer than you think and from those you might have taken for granted.
Mercury Stations Direct In 12th House

If loss of communkatlons has left you clueless. you can start collecting more reliable evidence again. When exterior sources fall to provide the Information you need, you may have to rely on your Inner resources and come to your own conclusions w~hout external Input. However. If you can avoid tying yourself down, that would be a better choice, as things may be going on without your knowledge that will
surlace soon aOO give you a better handle on your operations. When the

mist clears, you'll have the opportunity to really make yourself seen and lleard.

Mercury Retrograde Transiting in Conjunction to Natal
During any given Mercury Relrograde period, Mercury may transit
conjunct a natal planet or point (or more than one sensitive point in your

chart). The interpretations below (soun:e: Day watch software) show what happens when Me<cury transits conjunct a natal planet or point




while in Retrograde motion, and then returns to · revisit" the conjunction aner turning Direct.
Mercury (Retrograde) · Conjunct Sun
MerCIJry~ rev~rsal

directly 011 )OUr Sun is a road sign for coming

reevaluation of your fundamental energies, the way you project yourse~ from the inside out. Perhaps it is time to again put to words and rephrase just what it is that you're all about, and fine-tune your inner beacon~ lens so that your light shines more clea~y on the wood. The message is: Don't take yourself for granted and don11et precious resources sit idly by when you can put all your balls in play. Don't just deal from a full deck, but from a full and knowing heart, without reservation.
Mercury (Direct /lltB Rebograde)- Conjunct Sun
MerC\Jry turning back to action on your Sun means this three-week period of re-shilting is best rid of through the sheer force of your personality. Where things had gotten tangled, a willing smile and a positive attitude will cut through the confusion and clear up misunderstandings. Where you might have done well before to delay and see which way the wind blows, now you can be the wind itself and blow away the mists that may have limited 1oisibility for all concerned. Don't expect instant Sunsl'ine, but you can count on clearing skies and relieving rays to decorate the coming days.

Mercury (Retrograde) - Conjunct Moon

Mercury turning around on your Moon may give you the message 111at you may have been missing something emotionally, perhaps not fully accessing your feelings when personal matters come into play. It could be time to take a second look at knee-jerl< reactions and the types of automatic responses that operate under the radar but should perhaps be monitored more carei\JIIy. Make a renewed effort to make each moment fresh and live and don1 just skip to what you expect to come next. Your life Is only as real as each Individual feeling you experience, so let there be no forgotten ones.
Mercury (Direct /lltB RetJ·ograde) - Co!lunct Moon

Mercury ldcklng off Its return to action on your ~loon tweaks your sensitivities to the confusions and delays of the last few weeks and enables you to make snap decisions to regain headway and get lhlngs back to normal. If it feels right, it probably Is right. and you11even likely be able to find exactly the right words for lt. Tune up your antenna for


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

~OIM\unications arriiAng that impact your emotional state and clear up mixed messages you might have been relying on. ~ep it light and breezy

if you can, as others may be depending on your cheerful attitude to

infuse them with the same.

Mercury (Retrograde) - Conjund Mercury
Mercury~ about-lace on your own natal Ml!(cury should be giving you a message to rethink your thinking- take a second look at the way you analyze your situation and see if you can get rid ol blockages, generally streamline the way you size things up. Fresh approaches are In the wind as you now can better pldc out what has become stale and what bears real fruit Throw old assumptions to the wind and investilJate new formulas tor handling your organizational needs. When you've separated out the ll'ash. you11 feel a lot light<!( and trimmer whenever you're asked to deal wtth a sttuation. Spend the next lew weeks pidcing things apart. then move on with a new approach.

Mercury (Direct /lltB Rebograde)- Conjunct Mercury
Mercury hurling itself back into the fray right on your natal Mercury mean more than one brainstorm and that "Ahar feeling can be the order ot the day. When that light bulb overhead switches on. be ready to pick up and run with the new plan that can put you ahead of what has been a slower-than·usual game. You may lind yourself becoming information central as othi!(S gravitate toward what you have noticed first but make sure it bears the stamp ol your lmprimat..- before you gi~ it away. You can copyright an idea, but you can make sure everyone knows where it came from to establish your leadership.

Mercury (Retrograde) - Conjunct Venus
Mercury making a revi!(Se move on your Venus can bring you a brand-new approach to your fundamental desires and goals In lite. Feel tree to change your nind like mad lor a lew weeks until you've ruiM\aged Ill rough your options and figured out what and whom you want to keep, and who to get rid of. Stop chasing afW what you can't get or what fakes more than It's worth and align yourself to things that satisfy and are within both your reach and your grasp. Parting Is no sorrow when it~ something well departed. and now~ the time to pick and choose. Cut the fat gladly, keep what tastes sweet.

ll.etrograde Planets


Mercury (Direct Afb!r Retrograde)· Conjunct Venus
Merwry taking orr again right on your Venus can make you first in
line to get the most if you make sure you've got your name in the queue.

uncertainties clear up and second thoughts rule and supplant previous

picks and best bets. Aftef some beating around the bush. it is becoming
time to state exactty what you want and whom you want it from. Make sure you phrase it just rig h~ because if you inadvertently ask for the wrong thing, you might not get to re!Urn it so easily. Once you have let it <>ut or the bag. there it remains - stores may have guaranteed return policies, but people olten don'l

Mercury (Retrograde) • Conjunct Mars
Merwry~ about-face on your ~Iars could find you in a tailspin about j ust what to do with yourself and how to organize your energies to get 1111ngs done. What you may find Is that you have been regularly wasting effort in spots that give little payoff while neglecting areas of potentially high return. 1 n time to re-budget your available inner resources and only burn fuel on trips that get you somewhere you realty want to go. Moreover, what frustrates can probably be dispensed with. even If it has seemed necessary befom. Burn your candle at one end only and it will see you gladly to the morning's light.

Mercury (Direct Afb!r Retrograde) • Conjunct Mars

1ust about the time you thought you could neve< get the right action
agreed upon, and then Mercury goes direct on your Mars and you can be off and running - If you choose to, that is. What opens up Is the shot at more confident and focused ways ol spending your energy, with greater likelihood or a real return on Investment. By discarding some of the recC<>t options that may not have panned out too well, you can say more specifiCally just what you are going to do and put all yoUt power behind it. Oo that, and you'll inspire others to follow - everybody likes a good plan, so make It yours.

Mercury (Retrograde) • Conjunct Jupilet'
Mercury making a pullbadc on your Jupiter shoul<l put a focus on reorganizing your go-ahead game plan and see if your horsepower plant could use a tune-up before you put in more gas. I f you're not running on all c)iinders, now is the time to find out and be sure everything is in gear before putting the pedal to the metal. That means rooting out half-baked


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

(though well-meant) goals and ambitions and remixing a formula that bums dean and hot. P\JII back from overextension and put all you've got into a revised plan - the one you're revising now.

Mercury (Direct Alter Retrograde)- Conjunctj uplter
As Mercury turns around after three backwards weeks, irs right on your Jupiter. which should put you into the forefront ot whars happening next Oaim the vanguard, and others will thank you tor rescuing them from a sea of hesitation and indecision. It-'s becoming time to finally {hoose, and you can be the choice - just step forward boldly with your beliefs and the rest will be history. Even If ~~o ld . paint it like It's new. dress it like the future, and thars what it will be. You needn1 have all the details, just the confidence in your direction - take care of the rest once you're under way.

Mercury (Retrograde) - Conjunct Saturn
Mercury doing a swivel on yoll' Saturn may give you some pause for thought about how you are handling your limitations and if there may not be some better ways to get more mileage out of what you've got. There is more than one way to skin a cat and if you think you've hit a wall. try looking tor a previously unnoticed doorway into the potentials beyond. Old formulas may be tried but not true, and now may be the lime to figure out how to streamline or dump them. The only thing that ~ holding you back may be you, and you just dldn1 know it, so take another look. There Is a fine line between security and a prison. so put the key In your pocket before you lock (or unlock) any doors.

Mercury (Direct Alter RetJ·ograde) - Conjunct Sat\lm
AS Mercury comes back to life over your Saturn, your ability to get down to brass tacks retll'ns as well. It's time to clear out lhe detritus that has littered your life of late and lean on lhe more Important stuff. That means be specific but don't waste time elaborating. Say it and do it right the first time and you won't have to repeat yourself - and you'll earn lhe respect of olhe<s blessed with less decisiveness. Don't be afraid 10 put your foot down and ask what part of "no" they don't understand. but be judicious about where and when you do it so you don1 dilute your aulhorlty.

Mercury (Retrograde) • Conjunct Uranus
Mercury pirouetting on your Uranus could be just what you need to provide that sudden flash of lnsplradon you've been waiting fo<. It~ less

ll.etrograde Planets


likely to b~ about the totally new, but mor~ about new ligi'i on old~r inspiration, ways to make approaches w0<1c that wer~·t quite all there before. If you haven't quite arrived in some area and wonder why. now's Ill~ tim~ forth~ il'l~rnal rwrit~ that taps into the moth~r or all inventions, your Inner muse. Don't h~sltat~ to smash Idols with feel or clay, break down walls, and clear the decks. You can1 rebuild to su~ your taste until you've got the space to do it and some elbow mom. Mercury (Direct Alter Rea·ograde) - Conjunct Uranus Mercury st~pping out again on your uranus can bring sudden ftashes or Insight, unelq)ected turns of ev~nts. and unherald~ messages from surprising quarters. When inspiration strikes. be ready to write it down - get it on paper. before you forget it or someone else tries to deny it. Don't tie yourself down right now, or you might lose the ability to go with llle flow when a breaking wave strikes. If~ ain't fix~. b rea k~ and go for something entirely nw - cut the Gordian knot and don't waste anymore lime fussing wah tangl~ or intractable situations. Go for the shortcut, llle stralgi'i path. Mercury (Retrograde) · Conjunct Neptune Mercury backing olf yoUt Neptune may mean putting your fantasies on hold until you've more thoroughly figur~ lhe<n out Groping blindly in th~ mist will not serve you well - bette< to be still so you can better ll~ar what may be moving about. If fond hOpes disappoint. It Is perhaps ll<!cause you have not framed them In a fashion where they can become reality. OM wish leads to anod1e< only Wyou don1 ding to the first one - be ready to reload your camera and take another shot When the pictures are develop~ down the road, you'll see clearly what you had only lmagln~ was there. Mercury (Direct Alter Reb ograde) - Conjunct Neptune Mercury swinging around on your N~tune may not completely get you out from recent weeks' fog, but it will allow you to begin to get your ll<!arlngs. Trust your Instincts, not your eyeslgi'i, and feel free to feel your way. Spend more time living your life like poetry Instead of prose, putting your emotions Into words and your spiritual aspirations Into print. You don't have to show it to anybody, just yourself - you have to hitch yourself to a dream for it to come tru~. so start hitching . When you can put your finger on what it Is you want, 111~ it is more likely to fall within your grasp.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Mercury (Retrograde) · Conjunct Pluto MerOJry making a temporary halt on yoor Pluto turns yoo on to a set of delays that are shared very specifically with your age group, so look to immediate contemporaries tor both s~palhy and solutions. Issues

may cirde aroond who is in eonltol and what tuff is worth having charQI!
over. but it all comes down to personalities in the end. Fewer thin95 than

yoo may imagine are worth going to the mat for. so be ready to abandon lime-wasting challenges and dead ends in favour of what's really worth llle push. A few weeks of picking your fights carefully may eliminate the opposition to begin with. Mercury (Direct Alter RetJ·ograde) ·Conjunct Pluto As ~lercury gets itself back into gear on yoor Pluto, pecking order issues that may have arisen lately can be resolved and competition put aside where it is not needed. You can figure oot how to get yoor way w~hout imposing it - either by cooperation or simply by sleight of hand - and there Is no reason to waste unnecessary muscle maldng it happen. Yoo can equally well put your finger on your unresolved fears and find lllat when yoo shed light on them. there's nothing there to be afraid of.
Known challenges are always easier than what hrts ooseen. and this is

a good time to cast a litue light into the darkness. Mercury (Retrograde) · Conjunct Ascendant just when you thought you were home free, someone called dme out and now you have to rework your game plan and refocus your approach. ~lercury backpedaling on your Ascendant means you will have to touch up yoor personal presentation and make sure yoo are leading with the best - and the most truthful -game plan. What may seem like reversal is only delay, and you11be glad in the end that it happened, giving you time to clear previously overlooked stones from your pathway. Once past selective makeover. you will find your Image successrully bears scrutiny at every level. Mercury (Direct Alter Retrograde), Conjunct AscendMerOJry making Its turnaround on your Ascendant can give yoo the opportunity to be the person with the first word In - the solution-maker - If you let It happen . Oon1 be afraid to chime In with new Ideas. even if there has been a lot of confusion of late. because now Is the time when resolutions finally become available and forward motion can begin again. People will tend to look to you to be the Instigator, so don1 disappoint Ill em, let your Ideas out of the box where they can do some good. You




may not get ~erything you want, but you'll be first out of the gate, and llle beginning is half of everything.
Mercury (Retrograde) · Conjunct Midheaven
A~ Merrury back~ off your Midheall@l\ you will do well to take a second look at what people are saying abou! you and how well you are projecting the image you mean to. Are you flying me right flags to get what you want? Do people really understand your message and your achievements. or are you taking certain elements for granted? In matters Qf importance, don't make aswmptions but enlist others for a second opinion if pos~ble. If mere is any time to tweak your resume. the next few weeks are definitely it, and the only one who will do it right is you.

Mercury (Direct /llt1!r Rebograde) ·Conjunct Midheawn

Merrury getting back into gear on your Mid heaven means that word about you starts to spread alter a period where you might have mought yourself neglected. The flag on your topmast Is coming Into view, so make sure your flying colours are the colours you really intend to fly by. Setf·promotion leads to others promoting you in tum, so i t pays to advertise. When it comes to brand recognition, make sure irs your brand IIley ask for, your style they distinguish and think distinguished. When your reputation is at stake. stake it out and mark out your territory.

Venus Retrograde
"lllercury Retrograde" ha~ certainly become a buzzword - or buzz phrase • mese days. The Venus Retrograde cycle Is lesser known, and ~ ocwrs less frequently than Mercury R etrograde, but it is a significant lime nevertheless. What is ~nus Retrograde? Occasionally, venus appears to be moving llackwards In the sky. "Appears" is the key word here. because. technically speaking, no planet actually moves backwards In tl>cir orbits around the Sun.l n fact they don't ~en slow down. Retrograde-station-direct cycles are essentially illusions that reslAt from our point of view from Earll>, simply because the Earth Is also orbiting the Sun at a different speed lllan the otl>er planets. Venus Is Retrograde approximately 40-43 days every 18 months. As the planet of love and values, Venus retrograde periods are times when we re-assess what- and who-we value. It Is a period that most


Koow about Transt of Plantts

astrologers consider inopport\Jne for getting married or starting a new relationship. Financial undertakings are not advised during this period as well.
When Venus is retrograde in the natal chart rtself, the feeling nature

is deep. Socializing is taken seriously- rarely lightly. The indh.Oduals can
be somewhat shy in youth, as there can be an awkwardness felt concerning small talk and sodal graces.

Venus Stations Rebograde and Direct - Transits to the Houses
What house(s) In your natal chart Is Venus transiting when It Is Stationing?
Note the degree at which Venus turns Retrograde and find whe<e that degree is found, by house. in your natal chart. then read the i nterpretation for Venus Stations Retrograde bet ow. Then note the degree at which Venus then turns Direct and find that point In your natal chart (it's likely to be in the same house or an adjacent one), and read the i nterpretation for venus Stations Direct below.

Venus Stations Retrognode In 1st House
You are moving Into a period when you may spend some time rethinking what you want to get out of the way you present yourself. As ~ou see Indicators that you are not maximizing your pe<sonallmage, you !lave the opportunity to prune, trim, reshape, or even redesilln the way you appear both physlcally and personality-wise. There could be a new you In the making, or just a more relined and efficient version of what went before. Unde< any circumstances, give yourseH a second took so you can decide if you appear to be living up to your maximum potential. Appearances can be everything, and keeping them up can be a personal statement of your Inner value.

Venus Stations Direct In 1st House
Ove< the past few weeks, you may have developed a bit clearer vision of how you woukt like to present yourself and how you want to benefit from the way people see you. As you fine-tune your image, you will also be Impacting your ability to earn and benefit from the way you are viewed and judged by othe<s (for the better). What you rearrange on lhe outside is just a reflection of what's going on inside, however, and llle more consistent one Is with the other, the easier you will be able get what you wan~ when you want it




Venus Stations Rebograde in 2nd House
You are entering a period when you may realize that you are not getting enough of what you want from your physical and financial resources. M. least, you may feel that way, even ir irs not entirely true,

so you should !like some time to sort out actually overlooked possibilities
from simple discontent. What do you really want. and does what you possess really promise to deliver itl i t may be partially that someone (or something! is putting up temporary resistance, or you may just be up for a change or attitude. Separating what you have and want from who you are and want to become may be the most important i.ssue addressed.

Venus Stations Direct In 2nd House
Sorting out your resources and prioritizing what you have in hand may have required some shifting over the past few weeks, but you'll find that plans can begin to firm up as you decide what you want to heat up and what should be put on the back burne< Possibilities that pay off short-term should be optirrized first, but do not entirely round file potential rnoneymakers that take longer to mature. Know ing what you really want and who you want to deal with is the determinant- indecision leads to undoing. so when you step forward, step with confidence and (Ommitment. 1 ndicate and you will vindicate.

Venus Stations Rebograde In 3rd House
For a period you may find yourself wondering If the people you're involved with on an everyday basis are worth all the trouble, and you may consider doing a little pruning of timewasters and social situations that give less satisfaction than they promise. In lac~ you may discover that less Is more In terms of your social appetite and a breath or peaceful fresh air beats the excitement of a crowded venue. The issue is an internal one, and giving up at this point may actually result in getting more down the line as you resolve your priorities. 1 n fact, In the end, you may find you save money in the process....

Venus Stations Direct In lrd House
You may have found some difficulty lately getting what you want across to others, making your desires and wishes known In ways that are not misunderstood. A period of clarification Is now unde<way. during which you can dear things up and get what you need from the Immediate surroundings without having to repeat yourself so much. Partially, that~ due to general happenstance, but equally Important Is putting your own thoughts In order and being sure of what you want. so you can ask for It

Know about Transt of Plantts

{learty and effectively. When you are coming from a solid place inside. your follow-through will take care or itself.
Venus Stations Rebograde in 4th House

During this period. what you want to hold on to and what you want

to let go can be a recurn!nt issue. Not so much in the oute< world. but
rather the Inner. The se1 or circumstances that really makes you feel at home and well supported emotionally and spiritually ask to be defined or. rather, n!defined. Are you where you would like to be? Are your values abiding or shifting? What is your pe<sonal bottom line? AS you address ll>ese questions. you may find yourself redefined and more secure from within and the telore better able to go afte< goals on the outside. especially in you interaction with others.
Venus Stations Direct In 4th House

Core values may have be<!<l at issue recently. with the need to take a second look at what Is really mearlngful to you and what Is passing fancy. SUch changes are now likely to solidify and give you a better S<!<lse or personal objectives and what your inner bottom line goals should be. Dispense with that which does not feed the soul but only gives temporary amusement. Quality. not quantity. should be the watchword - follow your heart. not just your appetite. and you'll find that you will be well· filled. And don't forget that when you give. you get. so an open and Generous hand now means Instant good karma.
Venus Stations Retrograde In 5th House

This may be a period In which you choose to refocus your creative impulse and redellne what truly satisfies, as opposed to what me<ely amuses. The appellte for joy can Immerse you In flowing river. when you discove< you only had your toes In the water before. Whe<1 the muse ceases to inspire, be ready to try for another, either personally or artistically. so you begin to feel property plugged In again. Who you want to play with and what you want to play at are particular rellectloos of who you are and who you want to be - as you resolve one, the other comes into plainer view and the way is clear.
Venus Stations Direct In 5th House

Stirred and circling creative urges start to take more concrl!le shape now, and it~ time to select those projects that have real sex appeal and drop the humdrum. Conflicting desires begin to show si<jns of harmony. and spontaneity becomes its own reward. The essence of choosing is the sureness of your choice, and confid<!<lce in your decisions will now begin




to pick up the pac~. This actually impacts on your welln~s. and th~ better you feel, the better you are - and the more you will accomplish
as a result Take a deep breath of desire, and you'll find it satisfies.

Venus Stations Retrograde In 6th House
T h~ ~veryday cam of th~ small~r ~c~sities in life are highlighted during this period. First, you may feel you are not g~ing your daily due and proper attention - but then you may discover ~ is because you

haven't really asked for what you truly want. l earning new and more

satisfying ways to address your personal habas and lllose of others will refresh once you take a closer look. This can mean taking better care of yourself, eating what trvly satisfies. and turr'ing the necessities of the daily grind into the opportunit i~ of ever·evolving accomplishment. Ufe is one thing at a time, each well do~.

Venus Stations Direct in 6th House
Knowing what you want to get out of your dally routine Is essential to making it work for you and not you work fO< it That may have been something ol an issue of late, but clearing lllings up is the order of the day now, so go ah~ad and prioritize. S~ing clear goals mak~ the details of acllieving them that much easier. so the more specific you can be. the better. By clearing your decks. you opoo up your path. so don't be afraid to dispense with time·wasters and overstated tasks. By sticking to just what Is necessary, you lighten your own responsibilities and enable partnering to expand your horilons.

Venus Stations Retrograde In 7th House
At this kind of period, the usual joys of partnership may appear to have become a bit tarnished, so it~ probably time to get out~~~~ polishing (loth. In some ways you may be asldng not for mor~ than what you want but what you don't want at all. and that cannot satisfy. If you depend on habit. relations doy. for it is only what you know you want right now that ultimately fits the bill. So be willing to spend some time wlnnowl119 your relationships, keeping what really works and letting the rest pass. When clearty staled desires are again being addressed from both sides. that's when life b09lns again.

Venus Stations Direct In 7th House
If you're not sure of what you want out of someone, It can be hard

to get It, an ordinarily easy glve·and·take lately may have become more
like push·and·pull. First. refigure out what it Is you want to ask of a partner, then putlt out clearly so there are no mistakes. That means as


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

much knowing what )'Ou aren1 asking for as what you are. Imagined or illusory el<pectations can make a muddle ot things, but as you focus on
your real desires, the small stuff starts to fade into the background.

allowing real dialogue to begin. When )'Ou know what to ask tor, others become the resoll'ces )'Ou would like them to be.

Venus Stations RetJograde in 8th House
During this period. you may teet a sense that there is something you forgot. something missing that used to make you happy and has somehow been lett behind. That often happens when you move on to the latest promises and developments and Inadvertently leave the reasons we used to have fun in cold storage. It may be time to trade some of the new in for the old, to revisit what worked before as well as what might be the wave of the future. There are some things money can1 buy (Or, you forgot )'Ou already bought it) . so don't spend unnecessarily when you can fall in k>w again with what you already have.

Venus Stations Din>ct in 8th House
Ask and you shall receive, but you've got to know what to ask for and who to ask, both of which may have been the subject of some confusion of late. Alter feeling around tor the answers. resolution now becomes more accessible and the resources available for you to draw upon become a bit more dear. The key may be to focus on one thing at a time and not to scatter your shots and waste your powder. Pick a target and go after It until it yields up what you want Besiege the objects of )'OUr desire until they surrender to your resolve. A broadening of your vision will result from draw i ~ intensely on your surroundings.

Venus Stations Retrograde In 9th House
Big plans and Ideal notions may seem to satisfy less during this period. or may seem less affordable. Satisfying a large appetite can tire you more than trimming back and tasting only what truly satisfies. You may find that what you really want and believe In Is getting dragged down by what you used to care about but which no longer carries Its weight. If you want It, go for It, but If not. let It go without regret. Enthusiasm requires focus. and this Is a good time to regain )'Ours. When you think )'Oute being denied. It may be that you're actually sated. Time to tune up those taste buds In every sense of the phrase.

Venus Stations Dln>ct In 9th House
Portraying your overarchlng vision to others may have been hampered of late by uncertainties about Just what that vision Is. Once




you have reconsidered where you'd really like to go, ~~ dme to pick up speed and cut a broad swathe through I We. You can pick up momentum by cutting away distractions and making a firm thrust in the direction ot your choice. Knowing what you want involves knowing what you don'l but you needn't be too specific to begin with. You can iron out tile details later. now is the time to point and go. Decide which way you fuMe lies. Ill en release the brakes.

Venus Stations Rebograde In lOth House
What you would like otners to think about you can become a focus in this period. What Is your reputation wort!>- and, In fact, what Is your reputation. anyway? The surest way to attain success is to define it well to begin with- you can't get what you want it you don't know what it is. You may discover that what you are worried about not attaining is actually not what you want to attain In the first place. clearing the decks for real personal success. In the end, willingly redefining goals and clarifying expectations can make this a time that will both bring fort!> fruit and plant the seeds for another crop.

Venus Stations Direct In lOth House
Establishing yourself in others' eyes moans making decisions about what it Is you want said about you. If you're mixed up about that, then 111at will be your image. So after a recent period of uncertainty and changing choices. now Is the dme to start making your selections and letting them be known abroad. Rewrite your personal r~sum~ - whether tor employment or just life itself - to reliect not only who you are and what you have done. but where you're going and what you want out of life. Put the words into others' mouths before they do it for themselves, and you'll find yourself self· tailored for success.

Venus Stations Retrograde In 11th House
Taking things (and people! for granted can be an easy slip-up during Ill is period. Longstanding friends and situations should not be allowed to become simply a backdrop, but rather relnvigourated, separating the wheat from the chaff. That also means not allowing yourself to become backstage to others who may have forgotten your Importance, so it may be a good time to sort things out. Problems most likely come from i ndividuals (yourself included! thinking more about personal ends than personal friends. It's time to get personal again and play it like you mean it - a sure recipe for heart and hand alike.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Venus Stations Dii1!Ct in 11th House
Knowing who your friends are is essential to that feeling of warmth and support that keep the life fires stoked. There may have been some sh i~ing lately in ti"Os respect - not so much from without, bot from

within. Who do you want to be really close. and who just a good
acquaintance? Sorting out who's company and who's a crowd can be
well~ tended to right now, based on coming to grip with your real inner feelings. Sort out the emotional wheat from the chaff, but don't throw tile baby out w~h the bathwater. Oon1 take for granted options you may want to return to later. but treat them with respect.

Venus Stations Rebograde In 12th House At this period, it may be somewhat difficult to put a finger on exacUy whavwhom It is you want to get your hands on. The urgency or desire does not yield enough specifics, leaving you wondering what~ going on.
final decisions are best not made. especially ones about how you feel, as til ere m ay~ good things for you assembling in the wings that you don't know about and which you don't want to cut yourself orr from. Time Is not of the essence. even if it seems like it, and some retrospection on who and what has served you well in the past will serve you w ell now. Feel yourself out ~fore you Ue yourself up.

Venus Stations DI11!Ct In 12th House
A period or ~lng rather afloat In your desires Is ~ginning to pass. You can't always get what you want - bot you generally have to know what you want in order to give ~ your best shol Right now. however, you may lind that the best dedsion is no decision at all. Leaving things alone to grow or to be handled by circumstance may ~ preferable to what might otherwise be uneducated guesses. It may be better to commune with yourself IO< a while and decide later. It can be better to be motionless and still, so you can feel t11e wind changing, than to row In tile wrong direction.

Venus Retrograde Transiting In Conjunction to Natal Planets
During any given Venus Retrograde period, Venus may transit conjunct a natal planet or point ( 0< more than one sensitive point in your chart). The Interpretations ~l ow show what happens when venus transits conjunct a natal planet or point while In Retrograde motion. and then returns to ·revislr the conjunction arter turning Direct.




Venus (Retrograde) • Conjunct Sun
Venus making a turnaround on your Sun irtroduces you to a few weeks of reevaluation about just how you want your personal Sun to shine and upon whom. You may find you have been giving more than

you'Ve been getting - or should get, In some areas - this would be a
good time to pull bade a little and have a look. Perhaps you should wait

vntil results are in before going that extra mile in hopes of greater reward. Don't give it away free unless you know irs from your heart, and then don't ask for payback. If you can't afford it. don1 do it, wait until you can.



Retrograde) · Conjunct Sun

Venus rewrning to forward motion on your Soo fawurs flashing some raw personality and being totally up front about what you want Where there may have been confusion and oocertalnty before about your aims, set your sights on your chosen desire and go for the gold. Don't be afraid to make the first move and swing your lasso as you close in on your quarry- before you know It, you'll have your heart's desire 11\Jssed and safely Inside your corral . TM time for rlcing herd and waiting i s over - cut and brand your choice grade A. then sit bade and eojoy il Venus (Retrograde) • Conjunct Moon Venus on pause as it touches your Moon may give you pause to reconsider how much your desires draw you Into relationships, and how you can get more out of it. An open hand means an open heart, but glad llandlers can put a crimp In the joy of giving and being close. Take a look at who has the privilege of enjoying your company and make sure it's a &wo-way stretch. It's a period for emotional Insight and selection, to separate true joy from simple fun, a time to learn to treasure wMt you really want and dispense with what gets in the way. Turn to the true, savour the sweet know how to truly identify both. Venus (Direct Mter Retrograde) • Conjunct Moon Venus making its ttXn on your Moon adds breadth to the palette of your emotions and you can open up a range or subtle pleasures that might have been eluding you before. Feel free to respond just as you feel and don't hold back waiting for something better to come along. l oosen ties of inhibition and release inner tensions that might have held you back from admitting what it is you really want. You can't get what you don't admit to, so honesty is the best policy and will also have the effect of getting you out of situations you'd just as soon avoid.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Venus (Retrograde) • Conjunct Mercury Venus baclcing off your Mercury can mean a change of heart, a change of mind, and a dlange of goals over the next few weeks. What llad strong appeal before may shift and shift again, so doo1 tie yourself

down to a deal or a price - personally or financially - until you'Ve got
all the information. Redesigning for beauty and pleasure should be the

<>rder of the day, and you've got Ume to try the optio<ls, so taste whatever and whomever you can until you've got just the rk)ht mix. Don't feel pressured to make a decision, but savour the moments and make the most of them. Venus (Direct After Retrograde) ·Conjunct Mercury
Venus getting back into gear on your Mercury can put matters of lllste and choice into the foreground and clear out the cobwebs of your mind whece your discerning eye roams. Ways to make life more beautiful simply by rearranging things to suit your real needs can make you realize lllat simple acquisition is not always the pillar of pleasure it sometimes seems. A good word, a pleasing thougM, and a thoughtful deed all rellect llle beauty that is already within you and without you. The ability to put away what cloys and replace it wrth the fresh flowers of your invention dominates your canvas.

Venus (Retrograde) • Conjunct Venus Venus making a turnaround on your natal Venus Is a race event and a unique time to take some careful reconsiderations about what it is you really want out of life and what you'd like to do w~h il All that glitters is not gold, and the next few weeks can provide you with special insight to separate the costume jewellry of life from the carats that really count. The opportunity is he<e for an emotional housecleaning followed by a new start that will pull together what you really value and establish better ways to go about getting lt. Choose wisely, then sparkle plenty. Venus (Direct After Retrograde) • Conjunct Venus This second glance of Venus to your own natal Venus marks the year's renewal of your goals and Inner desires nod paints a pattern of the year to come concerning whaVwho you really want and what you can reasonably get It~ a time for flowering reflection on how to reconcile wishes and requirements In a way that will make both beautnul blossoms and a bountiful crop. Part of that is revitalization of your own beauty and desirability •• like attracts like, and the better you look the better you•ll gel both Inside and out. Once you know you where you·re going, you're llalfway there.




Venus (Retrograde) · Conjunct Mars
Venus making a temporary pullback on your Mars will provide you with a period of some weeks to reconsider just what ~u want to focus your eMrgies on. What really t..-ns on your enlllusiasm enough to put

out for it? And, just as important what no Ionge~ does? Making these
lcinds of decisions now will pay off in a leaner. more motivated you down 111e road - and you might as well do it w~h a will, as you'll probably !lave to, anyway. You11 find yourself evermore able to find that crossroad <>f opportunity and desire that both boots your metabolism and fans the flames of your heart.

Venus (Direct After Retrograde) ·Conjunct Mars
Venus doing its spin on yotx Mars can pro>Ade the perfect opportt.llity

to take action and grasp what had pre..,ously been out of reach. Where
you might have been experiencing changes of desire and Lllcertainty of choice, you can now launch yourself into the chase and bring down your ¢1uarry with glee. Don1 look only to your ends, but to your means, for Ill ere~ a revived joy In the chase that makes each moment rejuvenating and energizes whether you achieve instant success or not The satisfaction comes in playing the game and knowing you're fully up to it.

Venus (Retrograde) · Conjunct) uplter
As venus stops in he< tracks on yotx Jupiter. this is the perfect time

to step back and take a close< look at your appetites and whether IIley
satisfy the way they sl>ould. Does more satisfy you less? Are you barking up the wrong tree part of the time. when you could be getting more bang for your bucks? Are you biting off more than you can chew? All 111ese questions and more like them are likely to come up, giving you the <>pportunity to trim the fat while discovering new ways to light your fire. Feel free to think big, just don1 feel pressured to go for more than you want or for what you no longer want at all.

Venus (Direct ~r Retrograde) • Conjunct) uplter
After a period ol some uncertainty of realistic goals and directions, Venus turning forward on your Jupiter means forward can be the name of the game for a while. Once you have figured out what It Is you didn't really want It~ ~me to take a really big bite out of what you do. A Iaroe appetite Is favoured and you won't be greedy to take as much as you want as long as you don1 waste lt. Ufe can be feast or famine, but right now table up to the feast and enjoy the fruits ol your Imagination. the creative design and Insight that got you here In the first place.

Koow about Transt of Plantts

Venus (Retrograde) • Conjunct saturn
As Venus takes a backward jlJllp right on your Saturn, you may have a few weeks to consider what barriers you have adopted, perhaps wahout realizing it. and what restrictions you have taken to heart that may not be keepers. It Is one thing to attel)t a situation you cannot change. but quite another to choose between options. The same goes for the shoulder you lean on. Do not trade freedom for what you would like to have in your pocket if in not necessary to do so. FO< tile next several weeks you have the window of opportunity to sort all this out, so don't miss the chance!



Retrograde) · Conjunct Saturn

Venus liking back on yot.l' Saturn can allow you to tap resources you didn't know you had and particularly learn to make use of and take j oy from opportunities you might have overlooked or thou gilt Insufficient to be of real use. The joy of efficiency, a tightly run ship, and the elegance col si~le fon'n regain appeal as a result ol the disappointments of previous waste and surfeit. It's not just what you have, it's how you use a that engenders beauty and personal satisfaction. Less may not always be more, but less to tie you down and trip over returns the spring to the elastic step and strength to the re ~lient frame.

Venus (Retrograde) • Conjunct Uranus
As Venus suddenly b&d<s off from your natal uranus. you have the chance to rethink how far out you want to go with your taste, your desires, and your relationships. Now Is the time to s011 out the original directions that will come to satisfy you from the quirks of taste that will pass and perhaps burden you with residue. The difference between a urlque approach and a lapse In taste can become especially ciMr, and you should spend some time figuring out which is wtich before proceeding onward. Remember, you'll look b&d< with either pride or embarrassment, so d1oose wisely.



Retrograde) · Conjunct Uranus

venus tripping again forward over your uranus can bring new and unusual fruits to your garden ol delights, if you're ready to take a chance and stray off the beaten path. Give in to sudden urges, explore new feelings, or dive into a new look that~ more cutting edge and self· inventing. Meat and potatoes have come to be mO<e than a bore of late, and exotic pleasures are only a wish fulfillment away - make the wish, fill up. Involve all the senses, broaden your palette, bring beauty to the




fringe, and don1 recoil from surprise but emb<ace it 1rs all yours to take, if you ask and til en listen.

Venus (Retrograde) -Conjunct Neptune
V@nus turning her lac@ on your N@ptUn@ for a bri@f mom@nt right now can give you the chance to reevaluate visions that might not be pulling their weight in terms of results and could use a little adjustment Fantasy and desire can be a mix tllat departs from real possibilities, and it~ good to stand bade and get a grip on what can and cannot be before you sacrifice real futures for pipe dreams. wanting can lead to getting, but there's no guarantee. so select the desires with the most weight and drop the ones tllat only weight you down. Dreams come true when you attend them well, now's the time to catch up.

Venus (Direct After Retrograde) - Conjunct Neptune
venus taking off from your Neptune is the stuff dreams are made of, and what may have been Iffy or poorly conceived qu~e recently now appears to have substance and real possibilities. This may particularly apply to shared visions and mutual ideals that require participation and a joint effort to achieve mutual goals. Too much glare can spoil the picture. so keep the lights low and let the imagination roam without tripping each otller up on tile details. You're not looking to reproduce tile exact same dream. only to dream together. The essence of fantasy is to rise above reality, not to drown In it.

Venus (Retrograde) - Conjunct Pluto
Who controls what you want? Do you? Sometimes it~ hard to say. especially when you feel in competition with otllers for what you might be choosing on your own. venus backing off your Pluto (in happening to all your age mates) should make you realize that there's no real competition for what you really want, although keeping up w~h the neighbours could pull the wool over yoor eyes. When you back off initial confrontations, you may find that there~ no real Issue and, In fact. only common ground. Take the time to spell it out so evc.yone feels comfortable end on the same page.

Venus (Direct After Retrograde) - Conjunct Pluto
venus kicking off from your Pluto pushes must-have Issues to the fore and you may find yourself at loggerheads with others who want what you want and may not want to share. Remember only that compulsive needs fulfilled seldom satisfy lor long, so II you're feeling


Koow about Transt of Plantts

driv~. keep one foot on the brakes. Fighting fO< fleeting fantasy, however urgent. is probably not worth the effort. and the most powerful will is the one that can keep still, so don't feel )OU have to prove yoorself. Let <lthers drain themselves in the fray, while yoo shoot for bigger game and longer· term satisfaction.

Venus (Retrograde) · Conjunct Ascendant
Just as you were looking so good - or thought you were- Venus backs off your Ascendant and you find there's some real room for touchups. Actually. you realized that you were shooting for something yoo didn1 really want to begin with. so resize your Image and uy again. Yoo will probably find over the next few weeks that maintenance you thought was essential is optiooal and you only need to do enough to live up to your own internal positive image. Relearn how to love yourself and what you see In the mirror, and the WO<Id will follow. You can only project what you feel, and let the rest follow.

Venus (Direct After Retrograde) · Conjunct Ascendant
Arter a time of some uncertainty and perhaps self·doobl, Venus pushing into foiWard motion right on yoll' Ascendant makes you look end feel particularly desirable right now. Touch up changes have made yoor Image sparkle and now Is the time to cash In on your efforts. Yoo'll get what yoo want by personal appearance and not by proxy, so show up if you want 10 Impress and collecL Act like you deserve It all. and yoo'll get It without argument - but do It with grace so the less fortunate don't hold It against you. Don't act full of yoorsell, just be full of yoorself yoo're worth it.

Venus (Retrograde) • Conjunct Mldheeven If you thought you had your rep sewed up, break out the sewing machine. venus In a fallback on yoor MCmeans there are some frayed edges In what you'd like the world to know about you that had best be patched up. It's not so much repair as reformation, as maybe yoo weren't going fO< what you really wanted to begin with and you need to reshape yoor reputation In the Image of your newly formed desires. Tune Into the pipeline where stories about you are concerned and edit lhe storytellers. If you know what you want ~id. you can write the book - now's the lime to spend the time.




Venus (Dii1!Ct lllb!r Retro!P"ade) - Conjunct Midheaven Venus shoving off into ~s new path right on yoor Midheaven is a bounteous gift to yoor reputation and car""r efforts, and the good things yoo hoped would be said about you actually start to circulate. However,

don't waste time ba.sking in the limelight, but get in there and make hay while this Sun shines - as this, too, will pass. Now ts the time to trade on yoor elevated status - the chance to rise up into the higher atmO<phe<e i n the coming months. Usten carefully to others, however, to be sure
lllat you are indeed fulfilling their expectations.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Cliapter 13

Inner q>fanet rr'ransits
Inner Planet Transits: Predictive Astrology Techniques for Predicting the Future

The following interpretations of iooe< planet transits (also called "'minO< transits") to natal planets are brief and to the point, and from different sources. Alternate lnte<pretatlons of the same transits are mar1ced. We will expand these descriptions as time goes by.
Remember that iooer planet transits-that is, transits of the Sun. Moon,

Merrury, Venus, and ~tars-are brief In duration and not as meaningful and significant as outer planet transits.

Mars Transits
Mars Transits Conjunct Sun

You may be especially dynamic and assertive just now. There is a lot of energy and drive available, and you may have an urge to push forward. •You experience a burst ol energy and are more vigorous. bold, assertive, and Impatient at this time. You feel ambitious and capable of doing a lot and meeting challenges successfully. However. ~your willis llloclced. you become quite angl'f now. You are less w•llng to accO<nmodate others and meet people half way. Your ege>-drive and competitiveness are very strong.
Mars Tra nsits Opposition Sun

You may have an emotional confrontation with SO<neone older than you or with an authO<ity flg ~.<e. Your feelings and emotions may be running against your best Interests.

Inner PlatJet Transits


•1rlense competition or conflict is quite likely at this time; you feel you must fight or stand up for your rights in the face of some person or situation that opposes you. You may acb.Jally seek out a battle in order to test your own powers. Beware of acting so abruptly or aggressively that you bring harm to yourself or olher people.
Mars Transits Square SUn

Emotions may flare up or argumerls occur that work against your own best interests. Be prepared, and walk sofdy.
•You are inclined to be aggressive and hot·tempered nr:YW, particular1y when your will is blocked. Your pushiness or competitive attitude is likely to create antagonism. hostility. and further resistance to your efforts. 1t i s best to work alone ralher than try to cooperate or coordinate your efforts wilh anyone at this time. Also. you are impatient and tend to behave in an impulsive, irritable way which makes you more prone to accidents during this period.

Mars Transits Sextile or Trine Sun

You may be especially dynamic and assertive just now. There is a lot of energy and drive available. ·Sextile: Your physical drive and energy level are l"igh now, and you can accomplish a great deal fairly easily. You are Inclined to take the initiative or to strike out on your own. and you are likely to be succC!Ssful et what you attempt at this time. Because you assert yourself In a positive manner, a leadership role or an opportunity to do something you have wanted to do on your own Is likely to be offered to you. •Trine: Your vitality and self·confldence are high, and you can achieve your goals with much more ease than usual. You enjoy vigorous physical activities, C00'4lelitlve work or sports. and meeting challenges. "'ou are inclined to strike out on your own and to assert your own will, but not in a way that creates resistance in others.
Mars Transits Conjunct Moon

You have a lot ol energy for Improving your surroun<ings or life situations. You are very motivated to Improve. There could be some hard feelings, especially from younger persons. if you become too aggressive.
•AJ. this time you are more temperamental, impassioned and inclined
to act on the dictates of emotion and desire rather than reason. Minor

annoyances and olhers· idlosyncRasl"ies aggravate you more than usual.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

You are in a fighting mood. Your relationsl'lps willl )')ur family and the women you are closest to, are likely to be stormy.
Mars Transits Opposition Moon

You may have an emotional corlrontation with somoone )')Unger lllan you. Your feelings, ot the feelings of someone who supports you, may be hurt •You feel highly competitive, hot·blooded, and impatient which can
cause fridion or furiously emotional confrontations with others. Your spouse, children, or parents seem especially able to rouse your ire at this

time. unresolved feelings and issues from the past are likely to trigger emotional outbursts now.
Mars Transits Square Moon

Emotional Hare-ups, especially with )'Junger people or th05e you spend time with are. possible right now. You could push too hard and damage your living situation or means of support •At this time you are prone to irritability, temper tantrums, and ftying off the handle for slim reasons. You are also Impatient and inclined to rush unnecessarily. which can cause acddents or bruised feelings of llle part of the people you live with "'work closely willl. You are in a fighting mood and stand up for your rights more readily than usual, but beware of the tendency to be abRashive and Insensitive.
Mars Transits Sextlle or Trine Moon

You have a lot of energy for improving your surrouncings or life situations. You are very motivated to improve. There cou ld be some hard feelings, especially from younger persons, if you become too aggressive.

·Sextile: You easily become fired up emotionally at this dme, especially about people, places. or causes )')U have a strong attachmoot to lrom tile past (Such as your alma mater. )')ur home town, etc.}. You care more passionately and respond instinctively and emotionally to whatever happens to you at this time. Also, )')U are ooerglzed and invigorated now and eager to be Involved In projects that benellt your childroo, family, or home. •Trine: Your feelings run hot now, and you are more likely to act on instinct. emotion, and impulse rather than reason. Your responses to life are passionatt. and also more narural, childlike, and direct. High spirited

Inner PlatJet Transits


physical play, lovemaking, or any activily that really involves you emotionally (such as a rock concert. a rousing football game. etc.) will lle very gratifying to you now.
Mars Transits Conjunct Mercl.l)'

You may be very forceful in what you say and think. With all of this emotional energy, you could speak or communicate very well. You have mental drive. 'This is not the best time to schedule any activily that calls for tact. diplomacy. or cautiO I\ as you are inclined to be extremely straigh~orward, direct, and to the point in all of your interactions. You say exactly what you think, and in fact are inclined to be verbally aggressive, pushy. or perhaps sarcas~c. Your mind Is very sharp now. so this Is a good time to •attack" intellectual or mental work.
Mars Transits Opposition Mercl.l)'

You may have words and possible hurt feelings with someone during this time. Emotional needs conflict with the way you think and communicate. Some form of gut·level opposition to your kleas. •You are Inclined to jump to conduslons at this time. ond to rashly say and do things whld> you may regret later. You may suddenly decide to act on some Idea or plan you have been considering, which can be good as long as you don't move so abruplly and quickly that you override other people~ say In the matte' At this time, too. you are quite sharp and possibly sarcastic, which can create unnecessary hard feelings or opposldon to your plans.
Mars Transits Square Mercury

EI<Cessive emotional ene<gy could produce flare·uPS, harsh words, and arguments. Your mind Is very sharp (on hair trigger) during !Ills dme and can cause as much harm as good. •verbal battles, disputes. and heated debates are very likely at this time because you speak your mind without much forethought, tact or consideration of consequences. Right now you will say the things you usually only think, especially to people you disagree with. Also, you are qufie impatient and easily frustrated, and are inclined to move about too quickly and abruptty, which can cause acddents. Unless you slow your pace down a bit this time period can be quite a headache.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Mars Transits Sextile or Trine Merrury

You may be very forceful in what you say and think. With all of this
emotional energy, you could speak or comroonicate very well. You have

mental drive. • Sextile: You have a lot of mental energy and are eager to ·attack" intellectual or conceptual problems. You are likely to come up with a clever solution or a very workable plan, especialty it you brainstorm with others. You also tend to make up your mind very qukkly and decisively now, and to translate your ideas into action. · Trine: You speak very clearly, convincineh. and forcefully now. so lllat lllere is no mistaking what your views and opinions are. You can
argue a good case, make a very persuasive presentatiol\ or successfully challenge someone whose ideas do not agree with your own. Your mind is sharp and your responses quick. This is a very good time to take a test

'" to do any kind ot intellectual or mental work.
Mars Transits Conjunct Venus

Your desires are strong and you will want to enjoy yourself. Spending is very possible. There is a basic tkive to appredate and taste life.
•Strong sexual feelings and romantic passions are stirrulated now, and the urge to be with your love partner Is compelling. II you are not (Urrently in a relationship, you are likely to be bold and to make the first move toward someone you are attracted to. Artistic and creative expression is also favoured now.
Mars Transits Opposltlon Venus

Others may oppose or corlront your value system. Their push or drive may tend to conflict with the way you feel and do things. Your own desires may be ignored.
•You are powerfully attracted, emotionally and sexually, to someone

you encounter at this time, and any romantic Involvements you currently llave are Intensified. Expect tlreworksl Also. your relationships can be<:ome tempestuous. espe<:lally your partner Is not as responsive or amorous as you would like.


Mars Transits Square Venus

You may feel emotionally frustrated. Your feelings are going against much of what you value. so make way for possible difficulty. Your enjoyment of llle may be temporarily blocked.

lflfler Plaflet Transits


·Your amorous feelings and passions are strong and compelling at lllis time, and you tend to be very demanding of a l over~ energy and affection. Tensions may erupt in close relationships because one of you feels that you have been giving more, and not receiving enough in return, or one of you is more amorous than the other. Frustrated love desire can easily turn to anger or irritability at this time.
Mars Transits Sextile or Trine Venus
Your desires are strong, and you will wart to enjoy yo~Xsel f. Romance is very possible. There is a basic ~veto appredate and taste life.

·Mars Transits Sextile venus: Friendships and love relationships are favoured as you are openly affectionate, warm, and also quite responsive to loving gestvres from others. It's not enough for you to simply feel loving toward another • at this time you really want to express it and show it physically. An opportunity for a new romance or friendship is likely to surface now and w011< out quite nicely for you. •Mars Transits Trine Venus: RlgM now you are more magnetic and sexually attractive. and your love life is likely to be both harmonious and satisfying. You experience a positive flow of warmth and friendliness between yourself and others, and you are stimulated and energized by your casual Interactions with others of the opposite sex. Creative and artistic efforts also flourish at this time.
Mars Transits Conjunct Mars

A time of much energy and drive. perfect for starting sometllng out or taking care of business. Very physical too. EJCercise or romance Is In order. •Your desire to make a fresh start. to take the Initiative and strike out on your own. is a powerful drive right now. Your physical energy, will, and courage are intensified. lMiess you channel your abundant energy into decisive action or IAgorous wot1<, accidents, anger. and Irritability are likely at this time.
Mars Transits Opposition Mars

You could have an emotional eruption with someone, an old· fashioned standoff. Tempers may be ho~ as push comes to shove. Sefl· control might be In order. ·A furious batde of wills Is quite possible, for you are fired up, impatient. aggressive, and Inclined to put yoll' own Interests and desires ahead of anything else. You may also have to stand up for your rights


Koow about Transt of Plantts

against some fierce competitor. Also. you can1 sit still right now and hasty. abrupt. impulsive action may resolt in accidents.
Mars Transits Square Mars

Harsh energy could leave you ff!l!ling emotionally blodced and
frustrated. Don't try to push too hard. You are only fighting yourself. Wait this one out. •At this time you must guard against being too aggressive. coming Qn too strong. or trying to force your own will and thereby arousing hostility in others. Also. frustrated desires and obstacles to achieving your aims can evoke enormous a~er in you. and you may do something rash and regrettable. connicts and confrontations may be unawldable. but do try to avoid situations which you know will provoke or Irritate you. Wotking alone is best at this time.
Mars Transits Sextile or Trine Mars

A time of much energy and drive, perfect for starting something out or taking care of business. Very physical too. Exercise or romance Is In order. 'Mars Transits Scl<lllc Mars: You are capable of forceful. decisive action. and you have the will to carry through on your intendons at this time. Physically, you feel good and your energy Is flow ing smoothly. Also, your Interactions with others are feisty and spirited. you Inspire others to take action and group efforts 0< Joint projects are favoured. •Mars Transits Trine Mars: Se~·confldence. physical cnc~y. and courage run high. so this Is a fine time to unde<take any project or challenge that confronts you. especially If It Involves competition or asserting yourself vigorously. You are Inclined to take charge or assume a leadership role at this time.
Mars Transits Conjunct Jupib!t'

A perfect time to be asse<tive and to move forward In your career decisions. You have all the drive and energy you co lAd want, and it should be easy to channel ll The path Is open and clear. 'This Is an excellent time to begin a new business enterprise or any new venture. You have the drive and courage to make your vision a reality. You feet great physically, and your confidence and optimism are high. so whatever you attempt now is likely to succeed.

lflfler Plaflet Transits


Mars Transits Opposition Jupiter

Emotional considerations may block or oppose how you proceed with a project or plan. Someone may get pushy or obscure the real {hoices and the right path. full

ot e~erprise and may chaff at the bit it you can not do enough,

•Your energy level and your se~·confidence are higll now. You are

your present position doeSil't give you enough scope, or it your superiors do not allow you to take initiative and advance as you want to. Also, at Ill is time you tend to overextend yo ..-sell or to believe you can do more lllan you actually can.

Mars Transits Square Jupiter
Your errotional drive and sense of things may be at odds with your best i~erests . the way to proceed. You could make some bad decisions. be too generous. or squander your resources.

•You are l"lghly ambitious. lull ot optimism and enthusiasm tor new enterprises and plans. In fact. you may be foolishly over-confide~ and
take on more challenges than you can really meet You are inclined to

take physical risks. gamble. speculate. and to act on faith and belief in yourself. This can, In tact, be a very productive time tor you It you can l<eep your expectations within reasonable bounds. Beware ol over-exe<ting yourself.
Mars Transits Sextile or Trine Juplter

A perfect time to be assertive and to move forward in your career decisions. You have all the drive and energy you could want, and It should be easy to d1annel ll The path Is open and clear. •Mars Transits Sextlle jupiter: Doors open and new opportunities for personal and professional growth present themselves. Any initiative or action you feel indined to take at tl"is time is likely to lead to a positive outcome tor you. Partnerships or joining with others tor mutual bener.t Is favoured. Your energy level Is high; tl"ls Is a good time tor athletics. especially team sports. ·Mars Transits Trine Juplter: At this time you will want to branch out; you Mve the energy to do more and take on more challenges. This Is a very good time to begin Implementing the plans and promises that you have made to yo ..-salt. as any new endeavour Is likely to succeed. A new health regimen. actions taken to advance professionally, or an~hlng you do to move toward achieving a cherished goal or Ideal goes well



Koow about Transt of Plantts

Mars Transits Conjunct saturn

Irresistible force meets immovable object. Proceed witll caution! There is a lot of energy available for disciplined work, but push too hard and you may break something. ·This is a time to rely only on yo..-self and your own resources. gatlle<ln your scattered forces, and concentrate on your own wonc. You may meet numerous obstructions and delays so Ill at you don't accomplish as much or work as quicldy as you would like. You can. however. do a very thorough job, and also tackle tile ldnd of cifficult or disagreeable tasks you usually avoid. You are prone to feel frustrated and to resent llle limitations or drudgery or Ill is time period. Perseverance and patient effort are required of you now. Try to avokf becoming discouraged or lashing out at the ones you are responsible tor.
Mars Transits Opposltlon Saturn

The status quo may meet with some opposition. Someone~ emotional state may blodc your own interests. Belligerence and opposition can be anticipated. 'A sense or failure. sell-doubt. or inability to effectively compete and assen your own will may typify this time period. Stifled anger and resentment over the trusltatlons and obstacles you confront now may further complicate matte<s. This Is not a good time to begin a new venture. ask for a promotion, or try to expand your activities In any way. Patience and pe<severance are reQ'Jired or you now. Be willing to walt. Your problems and Inadequacies seem more real and Insurmountable than IIley actually are, so tl'( not to become too discouraged.
Mars Transits Square Saturn Relax. This is not an easy time. Your own drive and emotions are hard set against the way things are, your particular set of realities. Push on now and you risk breaking something. Be patien~ and let this one blow ove<.

'This Is likely to be a time or considerable frustration and discouragement for you. You are unusually sensitive to criticism of your efforts and to the limitations and restraints that your responsibilities entail. Fighting with authority figures or lashing out at others who restrict you in any way is a strong possibility. A sense of struggle or of being overwhelmed by obstacles and blockages is likely to characterize tllis period. Be patient and don't demand too much or yourself at this time. Worlc quietly and steadily and rely only on your own resources.

lflfler Plaflet Trans its


Mars Transits Sextile or Trine Saturn

Irresistible force meets immovable object. Proceed witll caution! There is a lot of energy available for disciplined work, but push too hard and you may break somelhing. • Mars Transits Sextile Satum: Self-discipline, training, persevering through a dry or slow period, and working quietly or in meager circumstances are themes in this time period. You have the ability and stamina to concentrate, to work carefully and thoroughly. and to accomplisll something modes~ yet of real practical value and substance

•Mars Transits Trine Saturn: Your concentration is excellent now and you are serious about your work. You want to focus on real accomplishment and avoid frivolity and distractions. You may fruitfully tackle difficult. disagreeable tasks or w011c Ill at usually frustrates you, for your patience and ability to do painstaking wortc is brought out now. Self·control and self·discipline are required of you at this time, but fortunately, they yield positive resu~s in the long run.

Mars Transits Conjunct Uranus

You feel like being cllfleren~ trying something new and oousual. A perfect time for new ideas. a breakthrough in thinking, a novel approach. •You are headstrong and rash at Ill is time. Wild and daring physical activities. or just plain recklessness and impatience. can put you into dangerous sitiJations. Your drive fa< freedom, independence, and absolute autllority over your own life Is quite strong. You tend to be very abrupt and inconsiderate ol others. I t~ best for you not to try to cooperate or slow down your pace to suit other people too much. You need to follow your own rhythm. You are likely to actually act on some of the ma<e unuwal or ·crazy" Impulses you feet from time to time: you crave excitement.
Mars Transits Opposition Uranus

E•ploslve arguments could lead to going your own way when someone or something tries to confine you. Your own sense of i ndependence and freeda<n Is being challenged. • You are very bold and adventurous right now and you cannot IOierate delays. restrictions. or any fa<m of authority that prevents you from behaving e•actly as you please. Your drive for personal freedom and Insistence on your rights Is pressing, and a corlrontatlon In which you have to stand up for yourself Is l1 kely. Rashness. Slldden acts of


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

anger or \Aolence, and a tendency to try to do too much too fast are tendencies you need to tall!fully monitor at this time.
Mars Transits Square Uranus

Don't ta~e chancf!S or ris~s just now. B~ satisfied with the ordinary and usual. Novel ideas or insights could be more damaging than useful. Hectic emotional energy. • Rebelliousness, recklessness, impatience, a sudden burst of anger or your need to break free from rules and restrictions may create a lot of
disruption in your life right now. Also, you can't seem to settle down or

focus on one task for any length of time. Though you are unusually energetic, it is hard for you to get anything done. You tend to lly oft the handle and to scatter your forces. You are happiest now when you do something creative and daring. which doesn't involve trying to cooperate '" conform to others' wishes and needs.
Mars Transits Sextile or Trine Uranus

You feel like being difteren~ trying something new and unusual. A perfect time for new ideas, a breakthrough in thinking, a novel approa<h. •Mars Transits Sextile Uranus: Physical thrills and excitement have a strong appeal for you now, and you want to do something new and out col d1e ordinary. You also have a lot of energy and quick reflexes. A vigorous game or racquetball or tennis, or some od1er fast-moving competitive sport would be a good outlet for you now. Acting on your spontaneous impulses and following through on some of your more unusual or •crazy• desires will yield surprises, mostly positive. ·Mars Transits Trine Uranus: Increased physical courage and a strong sense of adventure combine to make this a very Interesting time. You need to do something innovative. daring, unusual, liberating, exciting, and challenging. You are inclined to act on some of the wilder impulses and desires you teet from time to time. You crave stlmulaUon. If you have an Inventive streak, you could make a startling discovery or breakd1rough now.
Mars Transits Conjunct Neptune

A strong drive to unify and simplify. You want something more imaginative and less mundane. A yearning tor other worlds and lor some more cosmic form of love. ·You have strange desires, lmplAses, and feelings whl<h are !ifticu~ 10 describe or understand. Your usual dally pursuits seem drab,

Inner PlatJet T ransits


meaningless, or curiously unsatisfying, so that it may be difficult to motivate yourself and focus on your w011<. On the other hand, you can get very fired up about something out of the ordinary. an ideal or dream, Clr fantasy that you usually consider too impraclical to actually do anything about. Your imagination is very active. A11istlc, creative work which expresses a visionary, whimsical, or fantastic quality is very fulfilling to you at this time.
Mars Transits Opposition Neptune

Emotions, perhaps coming from another person or event, oppose your life dreams and stifle any imagination you may have. This can resu~ in an emotional confrontation. • At this time your Interactions with others and w~h the outside world in general can be confusing, dellitalizing. and discouraging. It seems !hat whatever you tty to do goes nowhere, or gets lost in a haze of misunderstanding. This Is not a good time to try to toot your own horn or attempt to get personal recognition for your efforts. Taking time off, working quielly, or doing something primarily for the benefit of others without concern for personal gall\ Is favoured atti'ls time.
Mars Transits Square Neptune

Don't do too much dreaming just now. It would be very easy for you 10 get carried away with some fancy or anothet Your feelings are not in sync with your Imagination. You may be hard to saUsly. ·This can be a very depleling and contusing time, when you do not know exactly what you want or you do not feel strong, capable, or effective. Physically, you need to be gentle with yourself and take care not to dissipate your energy reserves. Your Imagination can run wild now, and you want to act out a fantasy or strange desire • somelhing you normally would have the good sense not to attempt. However, if you are an artist, this Is a very Inspired, fertile time for you.
Mars Transits Sextile or Trine Neptune

A strong drive to unlly and simplify. You want something more imaginative and less mundane. A yearning for other worlds and for some more cosmic form of love.
•Mars Transits Sextile Neptune: This is not a period when you feel like pushing your own interests, orin which you are especially energetic. Otller peopl e~ concerns and needs receive more attention from you now, and you are more motivated to do sornetl> ng which serves othelli, perhaps


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

a groop you are affiliated with. Cooperating with others for some idealistic purpose is very satisfying for you at this time. •Mars Transits T rine Neptooe: You do not feel very sharp. competitive.
or aggressive at this time. Feelings of relaxation, receptivity, passivity, or

aimlessness are li~ely and you tend to avoid stressful confrontations or situations that demand too much or you. Goals and desires that normally seem so important · especially ones in which you are pushing your own interests • do not matter quite as much now. Your imagination is stimulated. and you need actiiAties and entertainments that are colorful. out the ordinary, and definitely not mundane.
Mars Transits Conjunct Pluto

A drive to probe and penetrate may find you examining and working lllrough some strong internal changes. Push too hard and you could be too dominating and even oppressive to yourself and others. • At this time you can become obsessed about getting rid or something, and you coold undertake major revisions and changes -a
COOlllete overhaul in some area of your Hte. You are forteful and can drive yourself too hard and overtax your physical and emotional reserves.

Though you may hall!! the best or intentions, you tend to act veJy (Ompulsively. w011<ing furiously toward some goal which you may not
even be completely aware of. Your secret need for power,


emerges now, and power struggles are very possible.
Mars Transits Opposition Pluto

A real power struggle could be In the wind. An emotional person or event challenges your senS<! of privacy and lnneJ growth. Someone may get very personal with you.
•Your personal ambitions and drive to assert yourself and make an

impact on the world, meet with considerable opposition now. Other people Qr external forces over whi ch you have no control seem to subtly undf!Jmlne your efforts · or try to oveJpower you altogelhe< Yoo need to stand up for yourself, perhaps In a David-and-Goliath type of situation. If yoo have been unscrupulous or overly egotistical and S<!tfish In your pursuits. you are likely to get your comeuppance now.
Mars Transits Square Pluto

Intense emotional drama Is available If that Is what you need. Your emotions are not In tune with the more sensitive and private areas of yoor life. Push on now and you risk some very turbulent emotional scenes.

Inner PlatJet Transits


•Your drive for personal power, achievement, or control over your life is very strong at this time. The tyrant in you emerges. and you can be excessively willful, domineering, or compulsive about doing what you want to. You batde anyone or anything that is an obstacle to your individual freedom of action, and ego conmcts or a furious power struggle may ensue. Also. you can be unmercifu l with yourself and your own weaknesses. You are likely to push yourself much too hard.
Mars Transits Sextile or Trine Pluto

A drive to probe and penetrate may find you examining and working ll>rough some strong Internal changes. Push too hard and you could be too dominating. even oppressive. to yourself and others. •Mars Transits Sextile Pluto: You may be considering a major overhaul or revision in your ambitions at this time. If you do not have a sense of rneaningf<A purpose or a passionate comm~ment to anything, you will want to reassess where you are going and why. If you do have a clear goal, you can make significant progress and work with great satisfaction now. An opportunity to do what you really want to do is likely. •Mars Transits T rine Pluto: Getting what you really want and moving toward achieving the things which are Important to you may Involve surrendering something or eliminating something from your life at this time: perhaps an attlt\lde. a situation. or an attachme<1t that has bee<1 impeding you Is now released. You feel free to concentrate on the things ll>at are most Important to you now. Major. long-term changes can be successfully begun now • a lifestyle change or a regimen of self· improvement, for instance.
Mars Transits Conjunct Ascendant

You can really communicate and convey yourself to others right now. You have a lot of energy and come across as assertive and dominant.
•You come across assertively, competitively, and energetically now, so much so that you may arouse others' animosltl' You don1 want to slow down or accommodate other people's needs, and resent It hotly ~ your own desires have to take a back seat to others' will and wishes.

This is a time for positive. decisive action on your part. forging ahead, taking the initiative • only try not to do so in a completely insensitive. arrogant manner, as this will almost certainly work against you .


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Mars Transits Opposition Ascendant

Trouble with partnerships or others may prevent you from appearing at your be<t.
•Your relationships have a very competitive, aggressive quality at

Ill is time, and conflicts over power and dorrlnance may erupt You won't compromise yourself to please anyone. Disputes in your marriage or
other close partnerships are likely. On the other hand, you may begin a relationship now, boldly taking the initiative to pursue someone you want to be with. You will come on strong to this person, but he or she might just love it!

Mars Transits Square Ascendant
You may be under a lot of pressure. at least in the way you appear to others. All is not in harmony between your emotions and the way you e::orne across.

• 1rritations. conllicts with the people you relate to on a daily basis, and a generalized feeling of impatience or edginess characterize this period. Because you are not feeling very obliging or compromising, this is not a good time to try to come to an agreement w~h another However, you need to get your grievances out In the open; otherwise the tension builds up to an unmanageable level.
Mars Transits Sextile or Trine Ascendant

You can really communicate and convey yourself to others right now. You have a lot of energy and come across as assertive and dominant

·Mars Transits Sextile Ascendant: At this time you are able to be clear and above-board with other people, bringing out your desires and differences between yourself and others In a way that Is unlikely to offend or stir up hostily. Because you appear confident. others are inclined to follow your lead now.

·Mars Transit.s Trine Ascendant: At this time It Is easy for you to express yourself boldly and confldenlly. You seem to care less about outside approval and this frees you to act on yoll' own beha~ 0< to do something you have not had the courage to attempt before. Your health and vitality are quite good. and you need physkal outlets for your energies now.

lflfler Plaflet Transits


Mars Transits Conj..,ct Mi<lleaven
You have a lot of energy to pour into practical and career decisions. You may appear commanding and assertive. •Your desire for leadership, personal recognition for your efforts, and absolute corlrol over your own affairs is very strong now. You are very competitive in business affairs and business and you ag~essively present your concerns and interests to colleagues and superiors. Anger c>ver an inability to be firs~ or to be on top, is quite possible, bu! you won1 take it lying down • you are ready to fight if necessary in orde< to forge ahead!

Mars Transits Opposition Mi<lleaven
Your home and family life may be challenged by someone in authority. This could be job-related. There may be a Mexican standoff. •This is a low point, as far as getting ahead or achieving anything in llle world is concerned. For now, your energy needs to go into your personaiiWe, home. and falrily matters. Stress which has been building up both at work and in your falrily relationships needs to be released now. Try to work out or find ways to express yourself physically, like working In the yard or playing sports; otherwise you are prone to become pugnadous with the people you are dosest to.

Mars Transits Square Mi<lleaven
Harsh feelings could flare up on the job or with authority figures. Cool it, and let this one pass. "At this time your efforts to get ahead and advance your own i nterests are likely to be met with resistance or animosity. You seem over-eager, pushy, lnconslde<ate, or too narrowly focused on your own objectives. so that you alienate the people who could help you. Try to do as much as you can on your own, without trying to force others to agree with you or join you.

Mars Transits Sextile or Trine Mldheaven
You have a lot of energy to pour Into practical and career decisions. You may appear commanding and assertive. ·Mars Transits Sextlle Mldheaven: Working energetically wth a clear objective In mind, advancing your own professional goals and enlisting


Know about Transt of Plantts

l!lthers· support fOf' your projects by acting as a leader. are key issues now. Your superiors and others in authority respond favourably to your confidence and your willingness to take a risk or attack a problem in a

new way. •Mars Transits Trine Midheaven: You can make your influence felt
at this time and any efforts you make to advance your career Of' other important long-range goals will be very effective. Independent action, self-reliance, or taking on more of a leadership position are fawured now. You have the green ligh~

Venus Transits
Venus Transits Co" unct Sun
You are In a (perhaps) rare mood of S<!lf-enjoyment and can appreciate your own better qualities. You may see value in or feel love for an older person or someone in authority . ·Your personal magnetism is strong and you attract appreciation, affection and attention at this time. Feelings of love. a desire for beauty, and the urge to be creative are strong. You beautify your surroundings, and pay particular attention to your appearance. This is a good time to ueat yourself or do something 1\Jn just for you.

Venus Transits Opposition Sun
You may find yourS<!If at odds with sOf'Oeone you care about or someone In authority over questions of values. You may not appreciate what they repreS<!nt.

Venus Transits Square Sun
You may find some of your values at odds with your own best Interests. You may not appreciate tradition or someone older or In authority.

Venus Transits Sextile or Trine Sun
You are In a (perhaps) rare mood of S<!lf-enjoyme<1t and can
appreciate your own better qualities. You may see value in or feel love

for an older person or someone in authority .

lflfler Plaflet Transits


Venus T"'nsits Cor1 ..,ct Moon
A good time for surrounding )OU~Ifwith friends and )Oungerpeople
and for having a good time. You appreciate your particular situation and

enjoy suppon from those around you.

Venus T"'nslts Opposition Moon
You may find yourself with a different set of values and at odds with younger people or with yout sutroundings. You may not like the way IIley are or what they represent.

Venus Transits Square Moon
You may not appreciate your surroundings, or someone younger Ill an you does not measure up. Your values may be at odds Uust for the moment) with those around you.

Venus Transits Sextile or Trine Moon
A good time for surrounding )Ou,;elf with friends and younger people and tor having a good time. You appreciate )Our particular situation and enjoy support from those around you.

Venus Transits co.; unct Mercury Perhaps a time to think and study. tor you have a real appreciation
for ideas and thoughts. You may find )Ourself enjoying along conversation. writing a letter. or making a special phone call.

Venus Transits Opposition Mercury
You may not like the Ideas or thoughts ol someone who confronts you. What they say may seem Inappropriate or be unapf)l'eclated.

Venus Transits Square Mercury
You may not place much value on ideas and thoughts. Something lhat someone says or communicates to you may be unappreciated or raken the wrong way.

Venus Transits Sextlle orTr1ne Mercury Perhaps a time to think and study. tor you have a real appreciation
for ideas and thoughts. You may find )Ourself enjoying along conversation. writing a letter. or making a special phone call.


Know about Transt of Plantts

+A keyword for this transit is ·poetry·. Self-expression is enhanced by a touch of the romantic, the poetic, and of grace. Business opportunities or proposals are favoured today.

Venus Transits Coil ...ct Venus
Your taste in art and appreciation in general are heightened. Perhaps a good time to select furrishlngs, colors, and so on- the finer things of life. Your sense of value is to the fore. A great time just to s~ back and enjoy what you have, to live life.

Venus Transits Opposition Venus

Someone with a different set of values than your own may confront you. That person~ taste may run counter to yours. There could be a mutual lack of appreciation.
Venus Transits Square Venus
You may experiel"'(e dissatisfaction with what you ha~ or find around you. You could feel unlo.ed or be urloving.

Venus Transits Sextlle or Trine Venus
Your taste In art and appreciation In general are heiglltened. Perhaps a good time to select furnishings, colors, and so on - the finer things of life. Your sense of value Is to the fore. A great time to lusts~ back and enjoy what you have, to live life.

Venus Transits Coil unct Mars
You may find yourself loolclng for a lillie romance today or at least t>njoylng some emotional release. You can appreciate feelings and movement. You may want to just get out and walk or exercise.

Venus Transits Opposition Mars
You may not appreciate the emotional energy of someone you meet. They could appear aggressive Of pushy. You don't like the way a situation feels at the gut le.el.

Venus Transits Square Mars
You may nO! feel like being very emoti<>nal and ll'i<jht te<ld to Ignore any emotional needs that you might have. Your sense of values may be in conflict with your feelings.

lflfler Plaflet Transits


Venus Transits Sextile or Trine Mars
You may find yourself looking for a little romance today or at least enjoying some emotional release. You can appreciate feelings and movement. You may want to just get out and walk or exercise.

Venus Transits coo; unct J uplter
You may find yourself very appreciative of your career and practical skills. You might enjoy solving PlllZies and problems. finding solutions, and so on. A renewed appreciation for your work may be apparent to your superiors- in lac~ to everybody.

Venus Transits Opposition Jupiter
You may not appreciate someone~ methods, the way they get things done. Someone in authority may have very different values from yours.

Venus Transits Square J up iter
Correct choices (the best path for you) may be at odds with your sense of values. You may not appreciate the easy way or clear· cut op!ion, and may choose instead a more difficult path.

Venus Transits Sextile or Trine jupiter
The good life. and all that Is fine and luxurious. may be what you value just now. You could enjoy making your own way and finding solutions to whatever problems you have.

Venus Transits coo; unct Satum
You feel a love of order and law - an appreciation for responsibilities and duty. Problems are valued for the lessons they represent. rather 111an perceived as obstacles.

Venus Transits Opposition Satum
Someone Important or In authority may oppose your values and put a damper on your desires. You may be unable to appreciate their attitude or understand their problems.

Venus Transits Square Satum
~now to

You may tend to Ignore or fall to appreciate the law or what you be the truth. Your values may run counter to established tradition.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Venus Transits Sextile or Trine sat..-n

Yoo feel a love of order and law -an appreciation tor respon~bi lities and duty. Problems are valued for the lessons they represent, rather lllan perceived as obs.tacles.
Venus Transits Cor1 unct Uranus

Independence, as well as anything unusual or different, is valued. Yoo may enjoy getting away from routine and doing something completely different for a change. •You are craving emotional excitement. stimulation, and something new and alive. This is a time tor music, dancing, and being joyfully spontaneous. Your social Inhibitions are loosened, and you may be tempted to have a wild flirtation or to act in a rather re<kless way in a relationship.
Venus Transits Opposition Uranus

Someone unexpected may confront you or you may not like their independence or eccentricity. You may not appreciate their very different perspective or attitude.
Venus Transits Square Uranus

You may not value something extraordinary or unusual. Instead. yoo find yourself appreciating what is quite normal or ordinary.
Venus Transits Sextile or Trine Uranus

Independence, as well as anything unusual or different, Is valued. Yoo may enjoy getting away from routine and doing something completely different for a change.
Venus Transits Cor1 unct Neptune

You may enjoy a good movie or book or feet like escaping from day. to·day realities for a while. You can appreciate an Imaginative approach and may value communal or fut\Jrlstlc Ideas.
Venus Transits Opposition Neptune

Yoo may not appreciate someone~ unrealistic approach to a situation. Their general fogginess and impractical attlt\Jde may find you at odds with them

Inner PlatJet Transits


Venus Transits Square Neptune
You prefer the simple. ordinary virtues and don1 appreciate any form of other·worldliness or escapism. Not the best time to read a book or take in a movie.

Venus Transits Sextlle or Trine Neptune
You may enjoy a good movie or book or feet like escaping from dayto-day realit ies for a while. You can appreciate an imaginative approach and may value comm.mal or futuristic ideas.

Venus Transits Coil unct Pluto
You may enioy probing into your imer workings or some good solid gossip. You value your darker, more secretive areas and don't mind working lllrough some sensitive problems.

Venus Transits Opposition Pluto
You don1 appreciate the secretive and overly private approach of someone you ~ounter. You may not care to work through their inner goings-on just at the moment.

Venus Transits Square PI uto
You value what Is above-board and straightforward and have a partirular aversion to what is secret intense. and private. You do not enjoy gossip or nosy neighbors just now.

Venus Transits Sextlle or Trine Pluto
You may enjoy probing Into your Inner workings or some good solid gossip. You value your darker. more secretive areas and don't mind worl<lng lllrough some sensitive problems.

Venus Transits Coil unct Ascendant
You appear perhaps more charming and refined than usual. Now <auld be the time to make that date, apply for the job, or otherwise make yourself known.

Venus Transits Opposition Ascendant
Other people may not appreciate the way you come on or present yourself. You may find yourself caring too much about what others think <>f you.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Venus Transits Square Ascendant

Your manne< may not be warm or loving at the moment. Perhaps not the best time to present yourself to others or take a job interview.

Venus Transits Sextlle «Trine Asceodillnt
You appear perhaps more charrring and refined tllan usual . Now could be the time to make tllat date. apply for the job. or otllerwise make yourself known.
Venus Transits Cor1 unct Mid heaven
You could be in the limeUght. especially with superiors or in relation

to your work. You may find tllat you enjoy your job or the responsibility
it entails more than usual.
Venus Transits Opposition Mid heaven

Your love of home and family may conflict with your job or with authorities. You may tend to discount career opportunities just at the

Venus Transits Square Mid heaven

You may find some of your values at odds with your own best interests. You may not appreciate tradition or someone older in authority.
Venus Transits Sextlle or Trine Midheaven

You could be in the lim eligh~ especially with supe<iors or in relation

to your work. You may find that you enjoy your job or the responsibility
it entails more than usual.

Mercwy Transits
Mercury Transits Conj...,ct sun

You find yourself talkative and qulck·wlttod today. Ideas are clear and easy to come by. This could be a good time for thinking over your own affairs. You may have a conversation with an older person or someone in authority.

Inner PlatJet Transits


Mercury Transits Opposition Sun

Something you say or communicate may go against your own best interests. You could dash with an older person or one in authority. Someone may argue with you.
Mercury Transits Square Sun

You may have a hard time being clearheaded right now. Thoughts and ideas that come may be inappropriate or misleading. A lot of nervous energy. Arguments are possible with an authority ftgure or someone older lllan yourself.
Mercury Transits Sextlle or Trine Sun

You are at your mental best with sharp Ideas and clear thoughts. This Is an excellent time to make decisions and take care of mental work.
Mercury Transits Con) unct Moon

You may find yourself analyzing your life situation and surroundings. Conversations of an inspiring kind may be in order with younger persons or others around you.
Mercury Transits Opposition Moon

You may lind yoursen reflecting on your own youth or some evoot i n the pasL Communication with those around you. especially younger people, may be difficult or combative.
Mercury Transits Square Moon

You may lind that your Ideas and thoughts 1\Jn counter to what Is going on around you. resulting In a laclc of support or respect for what you think. There could be arguments. espedally with younger persons.
Mercury Transits Sextlle or Trine Moon

You have a natural sense for communicating with others. especially lllose younger than yourself. C lear thoughts about the past may also be flowing In today.
Mercury Transits Con) unct Mercury

You are just plain witty now, and the ideas roll off your tongue. A reaJ time for communicate - by phone. by lettec or in person. The mind is dear.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Mercury Transits Opposition Mercury

You could blurt out the wrong thing today or be unable to convey what you really intend to someone. Ideas and thoughts may not come wah ease. Also. others may disagree with your ideas.
Mercury Transits Square Mercury

You will find that your mind and thoughts will be very intense just now. There could be a lot ot pressure to make decisions that you will regret later. Plenty of nervous energy.
Mercury Transits Sextile or Trine Mercury

Your mind could be quae dear and natural just now. Ideas are flowing and could come with ease. You can talk, talk, talk.
Mercury Transits Conjunct Venus

It's easy to see what you value and care about. Your sense of appreciation is sharpened and in high focus. A good day to select those new house furnishings or to appraise your holdings.
Mercury Transits Opposition Venus

You may have difflcun thoughts or conversations with someone you love orcare for. or your Ideas may go against the values ot someone who confronts you.
Mercury Transits Square Venus

Your ideas and thoughts may run counter to accepted values. your own or those of others. You may find yourself In a disapproving mood. Decisions made now may have to be re·thought late' You could find yourself tense.
Mercury Transits Sextile or Trine Venus

You have a clear IAslon Into your own Inner sense of values, how you appreciate and love. A good time to examine and think about whet Is important and of lasting value.
Mercury Transits Conjunct Mars

There Is a lot or energy behind what you say and tl"lnk. You can make quick and sharp decisions. Also there Is the possibility or sharp words. You communicate with reeling and strength.

lflfler Plaflet Transits


Mercury Transits Opposition Mars

Ste<!r clear of arguments and possible hard fe<!lings. Your thoughts may not be in sync with your fe<!lings, and this could resu~ in a clash with someone today.
Mercury Transits Square Mars

Your mind is ve<y sharp now, with the result that you may be a bit irritable or say too much. Quick-witted you are, but this could also resu~ in arguments and hard words.
Mercury Transits Sextile or Trine Mars

Your mind is ql>dc and sharp, and your words are the only weapon you will ne<!d today. You have Insight Into yoll' emotions and drive, and you can talk about your feelings with great insight and fluidity.
Mercury Transits Con) unct Jupiter
You are in a planning mood and are very dearheaded and able to view all the alternative paths. Go ahead and make those decisions. You (an Se<! the road ahead and will make the right chokes.

Mercury Transits Opposition Jupiter

Your thoughts and ideas may not mesh with the plans and methods of someone you meet with today. You cotAd find yourself saying things against the way they do things. Your ideas may run counter to some plan of action.
Mercury Transits Square Jupiter

You cotAd find yourself mentally acute and In a problem-solving mood. However. there is a real possibility that the decisions you make today and the solutions you find may ha.e to be re-done tomorrow.
Mercury Transits Sex tile or Trinej upiter

A clear-minded Insight Into your own plans and methods Is available to you. A ve<y good time to communkate your goals and put them Into words. A good time for decisions.
Mercury Transits Conjunct Saturn

A good time for clear deliberation and problem-solving. You are In a serious frame of mind and find yourself dealing with matte<s of much (Oncern and responsibility. A good time to reorganize.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

Mercury Transits Opposition sat..,

Someone may tend to put the damper on what you say or think, or in some way manage to restrict your ability to communkate. You may have thoughts that differ witll the establishment (tile law) .
Mercury Transits Square Satum

You may fl!(!l mentally depressed or restricted. Perhaps this Is not llle time to try to S<llve any serious problems or make i mpo~ant decisions. It could be hard to think.
Mercury Transits Sextlle or Trine sat..,

Put your mind to work and take care of any details that you may have. for mental discipline should come easily. Problems and obstacles lllat have heretofore ~n confounding should find easy explanations under your keen examination.
Mercury Transits Conjunct Uranus

You are full of wi t and sharp insights. This could be a time for real breakthroughs In tile Idea department You are In top form when It comes to mental activity.
Mercury Transits Opposition Uranus

Your til oughts and Ideas may seem repressive and limiting tD another today. They may find you old· fashioned or too staid. Or. you could find your own mind somewhat conservative. even boring.
Mercury Transits Square Uranus

Your mind Is set on hair trigger just now and this cotld result In some hasty decisions. If not a few explosions. There may be a lot of tense energy and unusual thoughts. You could find yourself changing your mind again and again.
Mercury Transits Sextlle or Trine Uranus

Quick answers. great wit. and a s...-plus of Insights and solutions are at the ready. A good time to write and communicate wi th real <>riginality. Inventions and breakthroughs are possible.

lflfler Plaflet Transits


Mercury Transits Conjunct NepbJne

You find yourself at your most imaginative. at feast when it comes to ideas and thoughts. Right now you have an opportunity to transcend llle everyday thoughts and soar into mO<e cosmic Ot' eternal musings.
Mercury Transits Opposition NepbJne

SO<neone you meet today may seem uiYealistic and foggy-minded

to you. In return, the person may find you lacking in sensitivity and
imagination. You could find yourself the odcl-man·out.
Mercury Transits Square Neptune

Not the clearest of times. There is the danger of foggy thiN<ing and of your being misled Ot' getUng too carried away with some plan or Idea. A lot of mental pressure.
Mercury Transits Sextile or Trine Neptune
A time for imagination and creativity when it comes to ideas and Ill inking. This, coupled with the ability to put your thoughts into words, allows you to captivate and spellbind. A good book or movie would be appreciated too.

Mercury Transits Conjunct Pluto

Sharp and penetrating insight into your own inner wO<kings- what i s hidden or going on behind the scenes. Sherlock Holmes to the fore. Also good for research and analysis.
Mercury Transits Opposition Pluto

You may find someone you meet today Is too secretive and underhanded for your taste. Your thoughts and ideas go against their secretive, power-oriented manner, and you are not afraid to tell them so.
Mercury Transits Square Pluto

You may be having some dark and secret thoughts. Sensitive areas of your mind may Intrude and appear obsessive. You may be suspicious of someone.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

Mercury Transits Sextile or Trine Pluto In-depth discussions and probing conversations find you at your mental best Your anal)!ical abil~ies are at a high point Mercury Transits Conjunct Ascendant You should be able to get your ideas across w~h ease. The makings for a bright and witty day. Your communication slcills are at a high-water mar1<. Mercury Transits Opposition Ascendant You find yourself other-oriented just now, with many thoughts and ideas for partnership, rather than doing things alone. Friends may find you less self-centered than usual. Mercury Transits Square Ascendant You may have some difficulty speaking or getting your Ideas and 111oughts across ID others. You might say tile wrong thing. Mercury Transits Sextile or Trine Ascendant You can really get your thoughts and Ideas across. Good communication. Mercury Transits Conjunct Mldheaven
A time when you can put your practical Insights Into words and

convey them to others. Ccmmunlcation with authority figures Is enhanced now. Mercury Transits Opposition Mldheaven
Communication, particularly with superiors or authority figl.l'"es, could prove troublesome. You may not tlllnk like they do or may find that your Ill oughts even run Transits Opposition site to tllelrs. Your thoughts may be more on home and family.

Mercury Transits Square Mld'-ven
You may not be able to keep your mind on your job or whatever

you're doing justnow. l t could be hard to make good job-related decisions.

lflfler Plaflet Transits


Mercury Transits Sextile or Trine Mill1eaven

Good practical job-related thoughts and ideas. The ability to convnunicate with superiors or describe what you see.

Moon Transits
Moon Transits Conjunct Sun

This is a time when you can expect a little boost, some sort or extra support or recognition from those around you. You may reel that you are in touch and in harmony with others; the lines of corrvnunication are <:>pen. The support you need is there.
Moon Transits Opposition Sun

You may find yourself somewhat at odds with those around you today. You may be unable to get the support you require or rind that some or your supply lines have been diminished or cut oil. Someone may {hallenge you.
Moon Transits Square sun

Pet11aps a sense or challenge or blockage just now. You may not find the support you flow ing to you. Some sort or temporary obstacle may appear. You may reel frustrated.
Moon Transits Sextlle or Trine Sun

There is a chance to understand those around you and to have a special time with someone you love. General good reeling and a sense or support and harmony make this a happy time.
Moon Transits Conjunct Moon

Your inner resources and emotions are accented. Expect a sense of support and good will from those around you. Perhaps you feel this Is really you - how you reel and are.
Moon Transits Opposition Moon

You may lind yourse« hav1ng emotional dnrerences with someone. Those around you, or the situation you find yourself In, may not reel right to you. You could be challenged.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Moon Transits Square Moon

You may feel blocke<l or frustrate<! emotionally by someone or by your own life situation in general. You rright feel that some avenues of support have been cut off or blocke<l. Arguments of an emotional kind

be easy to find.

Moon Transits Sextile or Trine Moon

A great time to renect and understand your own situation, just how you feel about yourself. Emotions in particular, 0< the feelings of those around you. may be very clear. A nice time.
Moon Transits Conjunct Mercury

A good Ume to read a romantic book 0< take In a movle.ldeas and thoughts will have greater meaning and form just now. You may be very eloquent or forceful in speaking or communicating . People will understand j ust what you mean.
Moon Transits Opposition Mercury

Otl>ers may disagree with what you say or tl>lnk or In some way oppose your ideas and thoughts. Your current situation may demand some re-evaluation or otherw ise challenge your ideas. It may be very hard for you to communicate what you mean to othe<s.
Moon Transits Square Mercury

Otl>ers may cut you off or make It difficult for you to express yourself today. You could lind that you lack depth and feeling and the ability to move or communicate with others. Your ideas may not find the support you need.
Moon Transits Sextlle or Trine Mercury
You could be most persuasive with othars. and eloquc~ in speech and communication. The situation Is a natural lor self·expression and lends Itself to your particular Ideas and thoughts. A good conversation with those you love Is possible.

Moon Transits Conjunct Venus

You may be move<! to appreciate and discover the beauty In your life and In those around you. At the same time, everything could take on added value and Importance. Be careful that you don't overspend or indulge too much just now. Enjoy.

Inner PlatJet Transits


Moon Transits Opposition Venus Someone may challenge your values or good taste. Or, you could find it difficuk to be appreciatiw of others at this time. Not the best time to shop, choose colours, and so on. You may not find much support for

your partiwiar tastes and values.

Moon Transits Square Venus A strong urge for the social life may find you out and about. Howeve<. you will walk a fine line today between good company and disapproval, so beware. You could find yourself working against the values of another, going against the flow. Moon Transits Sextlle or Trine Venus You may be able to erjoy and value your own life slt\Jatlon today or feel especially kind towards a friend or loved one. Someone may co~ li ment you on your tastes or belongings. Moon Transits Conjunct Mars Everything points to your taking the Initiative today. You could feel great support from those around you. or circumstances could dictate your taking action. You feel healthy and natural. Moon Transits Opposition Mars Circumstances may seem to conspire to Irritate you or cause you to become emotional. Someone could challenge you or find a way to anger you. It could be difficult to remain calm and within control. Moon Transits Square Mars Othe< people, or the general clrwmstances In which you find yourseff at present, may unite to irritate or anger you. You could find yourseH getting over·e<notional and flying oft the handle. A difficult time to relax and remain calm. Moon Transits Sextile orTr1ne Mars You could find that you are appreciated or valued for your feelings '" your ability to act and get things done. Someone understands how you feel and is sympathetic today.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Moon Transits Conjunct) upiter

You may find yourself serving to guide someone younger than you in matters of importance. Or, you may peiceive how to proceed with plans and decisions in regard to your life situation.
Moon Transits Opposition J upiter

Not perhaps the best time to make impo<tant dedsions that affect your living situation or life circumstances. Others may challenge your authority or the direction you are taking. Events could conspire to make it difficult for you to att.
Moon Transits Square Jupiter

A time when you could make some wrong choices, In particular as

they affect your living situation. You rright feel cut off from your friends or be unable to make good decisions. An urge for social life that can ¢1uickly turn from good times to hard times.
Moon Transits Sextile or Trine) upiter

A great time to be with others and to work together. You may be sought after as just the person for a particular job. Your management and directional abilities are in high focus.
Moon Transits Conjunct Saturn

A good time to consolidate and organize your affairs or rearrange your living situation. You could be seen by others as just the person to 1>e put in challJe of some projett requiring a conservative mind. Atendency towards isolation and starkness.
Moon Transits Opposition Saturn

You might like to ignore responsibilities and do some socializing, but realities may demand that you tend to business and forget your friends for the moment. The crowd may Ignore you and leave you (old sober·s.ides) to take care of business.
Moon Transits Square Saturn

You may feellef\ out or passed over just now. Your own requirements may appear to llrrit and separate you from where the rest of the gang Is !leaded. A sense of Isolation and loneliness Is not unuSIJal. This Is of short duration.

Inner PlatJet Transits


Moon Transits Sextile or Trine Satum

You may find yourself being put to good use by your friends. or ~ could be that circumstances rorce you to reorganize and be more ~onse<vative . All of this should go rather smoothly. Your more taciturn

ClUalitles are to the fore and found to be valuable.
Moon Transits Conjunct Uranus

Others may find you especially witty and eccentric just now. You may have insights or breakthroughs in regard to your living situation or life circumstances. Others value you for your independence and unique qualities.
Moon Transits Opposition Uranus

Others could challenge your nonconforming attitude In some sit\Jation which results in opposition and blockage. Not perhaps a good time for you to try out new things or break away from the old routine. Your own surroundings work against you In this.
Moon Transits Square Uranus

You moy find yourself at odds with others regarding matters of convention. You maybe going against tracitlon and being too Independent for group approval. You could get carried away under this kind of pressure and make mistakes you may regret.
Moon Transits Sextlle orTr1ne Uranus

Everything conspires to value and bring out your more unique and unusval qualities. You may find that someone close to you understands c md Is supportive of your eccentricities. You could come up with new solutions or Inventions.
Moon Transits Conjunct Neptune

You may be able to bring a group together with words or Ideas that transport others. Poetry and art may be possible now. Your whole world may seem trancelike or dreamy. Movies, books, and all forms of escape ~ould prove very enjoyable.
Moon Transits Opposition Neptune

Others may not appreciate your more dreamy and other-worldly 'lUalities just now. Your image and ideals could be challenged by another


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

who sees you as improctical and not down-to-earth. You may be caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.
Moon Transits Square NepbJne

You may find you~lf unr@alistic. in a dr@amy mood and at odds with your more pragmatic duties. Friends may not appreciate or go along with your dreamy side just now. You may not be able to lose yourseW in your imaginings.
Moon Transits Sextile or Trine Neptune

Ewrything conspires to reveal you at your most elegant, particularly

in sodal situations. You will have a grasp for abstract and spiritual ideas
and the ability to present or communicate these to others.
Moon Transits Conjunct Pluto

Deep and penetrating analysis, partiaJiarly with a group or in relation to your situation, may be in order. Others could seek you out for your psychological insight and understanding. This could be a time to make (hanges in your environment.
Moon Transits Opposition Pluto

Someone could challenge you on a very sensltilll! Issue. resulting In an argument or. at the least. a very intense discussion. You may touch upon very emotional parts of you and find yourself analyzing and psychologizing.
Moon Transits Square Pluto

You may find yourself at odds with those around you or with your life situation regarding issues ol great sensitivity - very personal. Difficulties, blocks, and all manner of hot spots may be discovered and have to be worked through.
Moon Transits Sextlle or Tr1ne Pluto

You may be sought after for your advice and counsel regarding very personal and emotional Issues. You will be able to be understanding and handle this very volatile material. You are able to cut through the red tape and get at what Is beneath and behind.

lflfler Plaflet Transits


Moon Transits Conjunct Ascendant

Communicating (getting your message across to others) is at a high just now. Your timing sllould be perfect and those around you should find you mos.t spontaneous and alive.
Moon Transits Opposition Ascendant
F~ling more inward and more like sharing some time with your lover or with close friends. Perhaps not a time to be very outward or to try to present yourself to the world. You are feeling reflective rather than expressive just now.

Moon Transits Square Ascendant

Not a great time to attempt to get your Ideas across to others. You may find yourself feeling blod<ed and unable to express yourself, in partirularly in a group situation.
Moon Transits Sextile or Trine Ascendant

You can demons.trate great understanding and sensitivity to the needs of others just now and are in a good position to communicate concerning groups and society in general.
Moon Transits Conjunct Mldheaven

You are at your mos.t practical when it comes to dealing and working with others. You know just what to do and can act wi thout haste and emotion. You are called on to make use of your natural abilities and corrwnon sense.
Moon Transits Opposition Mldheaven

Not the best time for career or vocational decisions and practical advice to others. Instead, you find yourself f~ling more private and in a stay-at·homo mood. A time to sp0<1d with loved ones and family.
Moon Transits Square Mldheaven

A frustrating time both at home and at work. A tendency to make poor choices and decisions regarding bO!h. Tensions are high. so perhaps just relaxing and waiting this one out might be In order.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

Moon Transits Sextile or Trine Midhea11e11
Others value you tor your ability to make practi<al decisions concerning group issues. You have a natural sense of what the public wants at this time. Clear decisions allectlng others co lAd be made now.

Sun Transits
Sun Tnonsits Conjunct Sun
This is the start ol a new year cyde. Why not reserve some time today to celebrate and enjoy yoursetf? There coukt be a window in time Ill at opens now, making insights possible. Take a look. Also, one ol these d~ys Is a happy birthday! ·Today you want to stand out. to be the center ol attention and receive recognition. It is a time to appreciate who you are as a unique individual. This is tile beginning of a new year for you, and you feel charged with new energy, vitality, and sense of purpose.

Sun Transits Opposition Sun
An Important relationship, per11aps an older person or someone In eut11ority, may come Into focus today. There could be some tension or sense of opposition requiring compromise or negotiation on your part. An opporwnlty for understanding and even growtl1. ·This Is a time to get otl1ers' opinions and feedback abeil yourself and what you are doing. Relationships of all types are activated now and cooperation, compromise. and adjustments to others· viewpoints are key i ssues that require your attention. You may come Into contact with a person who Is espedally creative or Influential in your life.

Sun Transits Square Sun
You may find It very easy to overdo or work at cross purposes to yourself just now. This can resun In a frustrating and stressful day. There i s a sense of testing the limits. •You feel temporarily blocked now. Resistance and challenges from others or hom outside situations suggest this is not a good time to try to force your will and desires onto the w011d, as friction Is the only likely result. Relations witl1 men can be especially tense.

lflfler Plaflet Trans its


SUn Transits Sextile or Trine Sun

An easy, calm day that should find everything running in a smooth manner. Ideas and interaction with authority figures or older people may be in the fore. Wol1<ing with - rather Ill an against -the flow should be

easy to do.
•sextile: Friendship and cooperative endeavors flourish now. You achieve a harmonious balance of giving and receiving. of talking and listening, and any social or joint activity will benefit.
•Trine: Confidence and imer harmony prevail. You can move forward with creative projeas and express yourself more easily and comfortably now. Your efforts are well-received at this time. Sun Transits Conjunct Moon

A good day to spend with a loved one. Emotions are up, and you may even find yourseW pondering a bit on the meaning of life. You feel at <One with your situation. All in all, a productive and potentially satisfying day; • Key issues now are your home. personal l ~e . and closest ennotional relationships. You feel more quiet and refle<:tive, and you feel a need to be closer to home and to loved ones. You can draw a lot of strength and satisfaction from your family and roots now, but If all Is not well in !Ills area. you will clearly see any diffiCulties or Inadequacies at this time. You are more emotional and subjective than usual.
Sun Transits Opposition Moon

An important relationship, perhaps a younger person or someone in your near envlronmert, may come Into focus today. There could be an emotional overtone to all of this that may require understanding and flexibility on your part.
•Your fee-lings, emotional needs, and desires for closeness and a sense of belonging come to the fore now. You give your home, personal relationships, and Inner life moreattention. Problems you may have been avoiding In lllese areas are brought Into focus. Sun Transits Square Moon

You may have a sense of drcumstances wa<klng against you at feel

a lack of support and love from those around you. You coukf clash with
younger people or otd habits. Your support system (envlronmenO may feel stressed.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

•Tension in your home life, connkts between work demands and personal needs. or unresolved emotional tangles are likely to arise now, necessitating adjustments and compromises on your part A side of you which is usually hidden or in the background is likely to emerge now, and II> Is may be positive or negative.
SUn Transits Sextile or Trine Moon

A nice day that should just flow along. In particular, you will do well in acti,;ties that include children, younger people, and yo..- home and surroundings. You could feel real support and harmony at this time for (ircumstances and those around you.
SUn Transits Conjunct Mercury

A day for thinking and ideas. You may feel like talking a bit mO<e than usual, exploring new ideas or getting happily lost in a conwrsation. There will be an urge to communicate. Also, perhaps a short trip or a special phone call Is In order.
SUn Transits Opposition Mercury

You may find yourself somewhat argumentative today. For Instance, you could disagree with Ideas or find communication with others difficu~ <>r fouled up. You may dash with someone older or In authority over Ideas. WO<ds may be exchanged.
SUn Transits Square Mercury

Don't be surprised If you are not In top mental gear today. You (Ould find yourself struggling to communicate or being easily misunderstood. Hard words are possible with an authority llgure or an older person.
SUn Transits Sextlle or Trine Meralry

New ways to communicate or an easy manner will make (Onversatlons and Interactions go well today. You may find yourself mO<e talkative and fadle than otherwise. A dialogue with an older person may take place.
SUn Transits Conjunct Venus

Be careful that you donl go on a spending spree, for you may appreciate the beauty and value of everything you encounter today. You (OUid feel loving and warm to those around you, and you are appreciative of your own life and self, in general.

lflfler Plaflet Transits


+This is a good day for expressing yourself creatively through relationships or other pursuits. You want to be the ce<1ter of attention
right now. and you are feeling most vulnerable to how others receive

you, so you may pay more atte<1tion to your charm and appearance/ mannerisms. Watch out for over-spending, as you may feel a greater Ill an average need to please or pamper yourself. As long as it is done in
moderation, enjoy this focus on yourself and your wants!

Sun Transits Opposition Venus

You may come face-tMace today with someone who has very different values than you do. You could find yo ..-self cast In an opposing position, and this might require compromise and understanding on your part You may not appreciate authority now.
Sun Transits Square Venus

Don't pick out that new car today, because your se<1se of value may be stressed. You may be unable to appreciate or value people and things now. Your tastes may offend someone older or in authority.
Sun Transits Sextile or Trine Venus

A very nice day, perhaps filled with some renewed appreciation for all that is beautiful and fine. A sense of value and valuing that may find you lavishing affection on those near you. You might feel love or value
for an older person.

Sun Transits Conjunct Mars

A good day, with lots of energy and ambition. This is the day to start new projects or push for.vard with those already in motion. You may enjoy a se<1se of creating your own opportunities. Someone older or in authority may be a motivating forte.
Sun Transits Opposition Mars

You may find yoursell at odds with someone today, In particular at llle gut or emotional level. Feelings could run strong, and this may require presence of mind and real patle<1ce In order to avoid a flare-up.
Sun Transits Square Mars

Frustration. especially In getting things accomplished. may set today~ mood. You could fly off the handle with very litde provocation, so exercise some control and be ready for a possible emotional overload.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

SUn Transits Sextile or Trine Mars

A good day to get things done. Good eye-hand coordination and sustained effort make almost any task run well. You may feel like exercising cor getting out and about. Emotions are very present but within control.
SUn Transits ConjunctJ uplter

A good day to solve problems and make important decisions. You will find a way around almost any obstacle and are in control and able to guide yourself with ease. Your sense of inner direction i:s good and should lead to opportunities.
SUn Transits Opposition Jupiter

You may find opposition from others today to some plan of action or project of yours. Your own approach may be frustrated or blocked. Or, you might find yourself struggling with someone older (an authority) or even with yours~f and goals.
SUn Transits Square Jupiter

Not a great day to make plans or decisions. It could be hard to figure out the right move. You may f~ frustrated as to where you are headed in life just now. Someone older or in authority may disapp<ove of your actions or decisions.
SUn Transits Sextlle or Trine J uplter

A very lucky day for making plans or decisions and flncing your way tllrough just about any problem you may discover. You feel successful and able to cope. Good advice from a guide or older person may be forthcoming. A good day.
SUn Transits Conjunct Saturn

You may well be reminded of your various responsibilities today. A good time to get down to the nitty·gritty Md take are of some business you have postponed. Obligations may come to your attention. A meeting wllh someone older or In authority.
SUn Transits Opposition Saturn

Obstacles to self·disclpllna or to your soose of organization may eppear. You could be frustrated by someone In this regard. or external events might pile up and be thrust upon you. Authorities and red tllpe may stand between you and your goals.

Inner PlatJet Transits


Sun Transits Square sat..-n

It may be hard to organize or persevere today. Everything may seem to be falling apart and coming unglued. Don1 force things Be patient and let the chaos blow itself oul Clashes with authorities or

someone oldl!t over respon~ibilitles are possible.
Sun Transits Sextile or Trine Sab.lm

Today you will be able to tadcle tasks that require real discipline or organization. You find yoursetf in a very practical rrood and working with, instead of against, yourself. You may have some serious or (Ontemplative moments.
Sun Transits Conjunct Uranus

Today could bring the unexpected or find you In a very unusual mood. It may be that you feet like getting away from the routine and just doing something different. New insights or breakthroughs are possible with authorities or someone older.
Sun Transits Opposition Uranus
Someone may oppose you and frustrate your sense of independence today. You may feel squelched or thwalted In a relationship, be it romantic, a friendship, or job related. New Ideas and Insights may be slow to come j ust now. Someone older may stifle you.

Sun Transits Square Uranus

A tough day to solve problems or to look for Insights and solutions. You may feel that your originality and Independence are stifled or just not available to you. Someone older may tend to stifle your freedom.
Sun Transits Sex tile o r Trine Uranus

T ake a little trip, or get outside today. You may want to break that routine and try something new or different right now. You may discover inslg~s Into day-to-day problems that will be of great value late'
Sun Transits Conjunct Neptune

Today you may feel very dreamy and imaginative. A good book or movie mig~ take on added importance. You could find yourself ignoring llle practical In favour of considering your more eternal prospects for the


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Sun Transits Opposition Neptune

Others may oppose or challenge your own life dreams and imagination. You may find yourself going head·tOohead with someone colder over matters of honesty and integrity. You could fear being deceived

or misled, or you co lAd question the motives of authorities.
Sun Transits Square Neptune

Perllaps an ultra-mundane day. lacking in imagination or much. ~ any, escape. It is not likely that you will lose yourself in a great book or movie. You may feel separated and not a part of everything around you. +This may be a disco..-aging day when things donl quite seem to
go your way. or you feel a bit drained. Take a break and don't start any serious new project today. Minor disappointments or just plain fatigue

might hit you like a ton of bricks today. Lay low for more energizing times to come. Donl ask for an){hing, such as help, as it is unlikely to be forthcoming. Instead. find time to help someone. It could lift your spirits, and you won't fall into the easy tendency to feel sorry for yourself that Ill is aspect often brings.
Sun Transits Sextlle or Trine Neptune

let yourself dream today. These days don't come too often, so don't ignore this opportunity to let your imagination loose. Perhaps a good book or movie will take on that more-than·real dimension. Consider the stars.
Sun Transits Conjunct Pluto

This could be an action-filled day when time seems to slow down as you encounter some of your more sens~lve areas. This kind of Intensity and vllnerability points to inner change and growth, especially that related to goals or someone older.
Sun Transits Opposition Pluto

Your own Inner need for change and growth may be threatened by someone older or by circumstances. There could be some underhanded cor devious goings-on behind the scenes as well. Tension of a psychological cor political nature may be present.

Inner PlatJet Transits


Sun Transits Square Pluto

A oery superficial day. It may not be possible for you to penetrate to anything remotely meaningful or moving . Perhaps a sense of the artificial, llle repetaive. the senseless. You can't seem to get beneath the surface.
Sun Transits Sextlle or Trtne Pluto

Real Insight Into your own inner workings or psychology colAd surface today. and in a manageable form. You may be in the mood for deep and penetrating conversations or thoughts.
Sun Transits Conjunct Ascendant

A vital day with much energy and lots of action. You may feel very focused and even a bit radiant. You could find yourself In the limelight or able to really communicate and get yourself across to others.
Sun Transits Opposition Ascendant

You may expe<ience opposition to the way you present yourself. Someone could challenge your sense of identity. You may not be able to (Ommunlcate or get yourself across as well as you wish.
Sun Transits Square Ascendant

You may lack any real sense of yourself today, or be unable to (Ommunlcate or convey your Ideas. You tend to reel that your personality l ack.s any vitality. An authority figure could be hard to connect with now.
Sun Transits Sex tile or Trine Ascendant

You may appear very at ease and loose today. Eoerythlng seems to
be working together. and you may lind yourself expressive and able to

(Ommunlcate well.
Sun Transits Conjunct Midheaven

A good day for practical ideas and planning about to your work or vocation. You may receive some recognition or spedal attention regarding to your particular skills and abllldes.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

SUn Transits Opposition Midheaven

You could experience challenge or even downright opposnion when it comes to matters o/ your job or practical skills. Someone may challenge '" question your authority. You may find yourself oriented more to the

family and oome at this point

SUn Transits Square llllidheaven

Perllaps a frustrating day regarding practical or job-related activities. You may find yourself going against authority or making some rather poor business decisions.
SUn Transits Sextile or Trine Mid heaven

A very good day for job-related events. You may shine In your partiOJiar job or find that promotion or practical insights come with ease. You could represent or speak for your company or communicate about your sl611s.

lflfler Plaflet Transits


Cliapter 14
.ft.spect (])etaifs
Transits to Planets and Points in the Natal Chart

Sun Transits
The Sun~ transits to planets and points in the natal chart are relatively brief influences. lasting approximately a day. The Sun acts to spotlight and illuminate the issues and conditions surrounding a natal planet or point.

Sun Transits
SUn co!lunct Moon
You can benefit now from a more confident manner and Increased certainty about your goals in life. You take special pride in your lamily, children, roots, and home during this period. You are slightly more emotionally exdtable. A new cycle that lasts approximately four weeks begins today-so do your best to focus on self-Improvement. New attachments or projects may be fonned now. The only cautions are to 11y to avoid making decisions that are based on your emotions ol the moment, and to avoid taking everything too personally.

SUn sexUie Moon
You are currently able to handle opportunities well by focusing your energy on constl\lctive activities and goals. This Is a time of conscious striving- knowing what you want and working towards getting it. Your vitality gets a little boost and your recuperative powers are bette< than nonnal. Relations with others tend to flow smoothly now. At the root of


Know about Transt of Plantts

improved relationships are yO<Jr inner confidence, contentment, and balance. improved relationships.

Sun square Moon
This is a brief period in which emotional frustrations or sl!lbacks are more like to occu' Relationship problems that arise now likely have their roots In emotional unrest and some contusion between what you want to do and what you think you should do. You are more excitable than usual, and less inclined to make rational, thought-out de<isions. Whims could take hold. 1 f you are having problems on the domestic frnn~ they are magnified now. Oo your best not to force changes In your life. Circumstances and others tend to be less supportive than usual, and you might find you have to push yourseff harder to achieve the same results yO<J would on other days of the month. This is not an ideal time for new enterprises or undertakings. Inner restlessness may take yO<J out of your
typical routine. You are more inclined to become •stressed out" now and

more inclined to catch a cold D< to feel slightly under the weathe' Relationships with others may be strained for the time being. This Is a good time to uncover Issues of emotional UIYest that have been bubbling vnder the surface, and to take steps to take better care of your e<ootional needs.

Sun trine Moon
This Is a time when yO<J handle opportunities that come your way very well. Achievement Is smooth. Recuperative powers are Increased. Positive new connections may be made now. The possibility of some form ol recognition or validation for what you do may come during this brief but effective period. Favourable trends In your domestic or professional affairs may be nOIIceable. A positive frame of mind does wonders now. Familiarity and con'lort are dominant motivators for you during this period. It~ a good time to mend relationship problems and to surround yourself with people.

Sun opposition Moon
You take things more personally now, and issues that have been stewing beneath the surface reveal themselves now. This Is a period
when you are rrore inclined to be immature or childish if you have not

been managing or acknowledging your emotions in a healthy manner to date. On the negative side, your relationships with others could be strained. You could be feeli~ less vigorous than usual or more stressed.

AsJ>«l Oetals


You might find that you attract challenging situations simply because you are overreacting emotionally. Managed well, this can be a time in which you arrive at increased seff·understanding of your innermost needs and wants. Others could be mirroring parts of you that you have been denying. Do what you can to avoid making entirely emotionally-driven decisions.

Sun cor1 ..,ct Sun
It's time to celebrate as a new solar cycle begins. Pay close attention to your overall mood as well as to any insigl'ls you have now. Concentrate

on what you want from your life, and where you want your life to head. How you handle today impacts the kind of year you have ahead of you. This is the actual date and time of your Solar Rett.ll1. You may wish to do something spedal at tl'is hour. such as a meditation ritual . The steps you take today determine your path for the next year. TI'Os is the beginning of a new year for you, and you feel charged with new energy, vitality, and sense of purpose. Make this day an excellent one, as the energies you feel today can be somewhat ol a •stamp• for the year ahead.

Sun sextile s ...
This is a good period for dealing with others in general, but particularly on professional levels or with those in charge. Self·expression flows smoothly without social faux.pas or hiccups. Increased vitality and self-confidence come from a sense of peace on both body and spirit levels.

Sun square Sun
You might find you have to push a little harder during this transit !han you normally would. Obstacles in your path tend to arrive now, although you are capable ol turning them Into positive energy. Challenges you face now are actually quite revealing If you look at tlle<n as learning experiences.

Sun trine Sun
This Is a period when ego.gradfying circumstances are highlighted. You receive some sort of boost to your ego and confidence. perhaps through some form of recOC)nWon. however big or small. You are likely to feel energetically supported by otlle<s and by life's circumstances. Battles of will could occur now. Don't stress or strain- pushing your agenda on others Is unlikely to do anytlllng except cause friction.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

Sun opposition SUn
This is a time of the year when you are more likely to catch a cold or to feel under the weather, unappredated, and generally ill at ease. Tensions with others can come from a rack of self-confidence or a sudden

awareness ol unfulfilled wishes and goals. You are unlikely to feel on top
of your game now. so don1 push matters. Instead, take time for rest and n~laxation. Review your goats and revise them if need be.

Sun cor1 unct Mercury
You are espedally sharp, corrmunicative, and open at this time, as your wants are aligned with your thoughts. You tend to think and act automatically, and you could come across as an *open book"' now. even if your nature is not especially forthright. Irs a favourable dme lor solving problems. For the most part, you are on the ball. Circumstances are such that you need to adap~ adjust. communicate. or travel. Transportation and movement. in general, are issues nr:M. Because irs easy to rationalize your behaviour. it's a favourable time to wool< on Improving your skills. You tend to say what you think now. Keep In mind that what you say or write now has l mpac~ for belter or for worse! As well, others could find you self·absotbed forthe time being. It would be wise to take the time to listen to what others have to say.

Sun sextlle Mercury
During this transit, you find It easier than usual to rationalize your own behaviour and that of others. it's an excellent period lor Improving your skills and for opening up discussions on topics that you normally might sidestep. Dealing with details may be necessary now, but also quite to do. Intellectually, you are sharp and generally on the ball. It'S an eJ<Ce41ent time for taking tests or presenting your Ideas. Your opinions and thought processes are generally well -received and appreciated now.

Sun square Mercury
Circumstances are such that you need to adapt and adjust, deal with nagging details, and/or run a number of errands. You may have a hard time concentrating on any one subject. Either you are easily
distracted or a whole slew of information aOO demands are thrown upon

you at once. Nervous tension is a potential by-product. It may be ¢hallenging to get in touch with what you tnA y want to do as you tend to live in your brain rather than your heart for the time being.

AsJ>«l Oetals


SUn trine Mercury

You can translate your thoughts into actions readily nowdecisiveness helps you to say what you think and think what you say. Improving your skills also comes naturally and easily. Taldng tests, making

plans. presenting your work or ideas. and convlHI1ications of all kinds are favoured. Others tend to value your opinions and ideas under the

inftuence ol this transit. It's a favourable period for business t.ransactions, launching a mental pursua or comrt'<Jnications project or going on a short trip. SUn opposition Mercury This could be a time of nervous tension due to overactive or upset schedules. As well, you could fe<!l slighted as a result of others misunderstanding what you communkate or get offended over a difference of opinion. You may experience anxiety or worry over mundane affairs. It's best not to schedule tests or presentations now, as you can easily ove<!ook important facts or find that you are easily distracted. Try to avoid a tendency to look at matte<s with a negative perspective-It doesn't help! New ideas or projects inaiated now may not come to fr\Jilion. A change of mind down the road is likely. Take care in your personal and professional communications- you can too easily misrepresent yoursetf with what you say or write now. SUn cor1 unct Venus This transit stimulates your love nature. This is a good day for expressing yourself creatively through relationships or other pursuits. You want to be the center of attention right now, and you are feeling more vulnerable to how othe<s receive you. so you may pay special attention to your charm and appearance or mannerisms. You might make some social contacts that benefit your care<!r or life direction. women (Ould figure prornlnenUy In your life during this period, and relatlonsl"lps with females are generally smooth and pleasing. "All things Venus• are brought to your attention- romantic feelings, material wants, and pleasurable activities, to name a few. watch out for over-spending, as you may feel a greater than average need to please or pamper yourself. As long as It Is done In moderaUon, enjoy this focus on yourself and your wants I SUn sexttle Venus

Some social networking Is likely to occur now. Pleasurable activities are emphasized. and relaUonshlps with othe<s tend to be gratifying and


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

agreeable. 1t~ an excl!llent period for negotiations and smoothing over
of differences. Although there are better transits for p~nal magnetism than this one, you do tend to easity attract positive attention and

drcumstances now. Financial matters are generally favoured.
Sun square Venus

You m;ght be partiC\Jiarly irrilated by others' behaviour now. but that problems encountered now could be a reflection of your

own inner discontent Do your best to control yearnings for more than

what you have. and search for a creative solution for your Inner dissatisfaction. Disagreements that may crop up now tend to be about differences in principles or matters of personal style.
Sun trine Venus
This is a pleasing influence for harmonious contact with others and for prosperity in gene<al. Expressing yourself creatively through relationships or other pleasurable pursuits Is favo..-ed now. Your personal
charm is natural and well-received now, making this a good time to be

amongst people.
Sun opposition Venus

Ego reactions to feeling may be under appreciated are qlite possible now. This Is not the best time for ego stroking on social and romantic
levels. You may not appreciate how others are handling your just now.

Pushing it won't solve any problems. In fact. lonely or frustrated feelings that might arise now are likely a reflection of your own Inne< discontent. Getting In touch with what Is making you feel down could help you to solve problems now. This is not the best time to ask for what you want.
Sun cortl.l'lct Mars
This is one of your most courageous and animated periods of the year. How you handle the enE!{Qy at your disposal is the key to the kinds of outcomes you11experience. You're not going to walt for anyone now. This lranslt rids you of Inhibitions, at least for the time being. This Is a time of much enthuslasm. Acting on things you have only entertained on a mental level is probable. With the Sun placing Its spotlight on Marsthe planet that rules anger, assertion, sexuality, and competitivenessyou can learn much about your desire nature and how you handle anger. If you find yourself lashing out at others, arguing, or uiYeasonably stressed out, then you know you haven't been monnglng your desire nai.\Jre well.

AsP«l Decal s


use the blast ol energy constructively by tackling projects tt>at require a lot of drive and physical starrina. Even things like heavy housework, gardening, or a trip to the gym will do you well. Sun sextlle Mars You are able to creatively solve problems and to instinctively take action when necessary under the Influence of this transit. Stress Is eased as you feel confident about your abilities and your judgment You are more able to assert yourself without rubbing people the wrong way just now. You might find that you stand up for yourself or your prindples. You are progress-oriented, and your more passionate nat\Jre comes to the fore. I t~ time to take the initiative, to apply your confidence and energy to something constructive. Thisis a period in whkh you are living spiritedty, indulging your desires without going overboard, and acting spontaneously. "'ou are bound to fe.!l energetically supported by the clrwmstances of your l ~e and by the people around you now. Sun square Mars
You have "spring fever" now. no matter what the season! You could find yourself driven by a restless desire to do something; but w~hout a well·dcfincd goal, you tend towards Impulsive actions ond get yourself into needless arguments. Orcums.tances spur you Into action. Your more passionate naMe comes to the fore. You could be a little too eager to impress others with an aggressive or Inappropriate Instance. or you may find yourself competing with others In unhealthy ways. You can easily rub people the wrong way and Instigate conflicts. As long as you channel lhls excess energy constructively. Instead of wasting your time arguing, you can accomplish much. 1 f this transit plays out as bursts of anger and frustration. Instead of decisive action. then you know you arc not handling your desire nature efficiently and you should make necessary changes.

Sun tline Mars You are living life with spirit just now, and your energy and vitality are strong. The natural confidence that you exude during this transit doesnt come across as offensive. In fact your enthusiasm Is well-received. It's a good time to take the initiative and to act on things that you'Ve only IJeen thinking about doing. You are drawn to physical activity, and if you are involved in a competitive event, you are more likely than usual to ~ome out a winner. Effective decision-making is possible now. This trans~ whets your sexual appet~ . increases spontaneity and courage, and helps you to let go of some of your inhibitions..


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

SUn opposition Mars

careless or impulsive behalliour can be a problem under this transit. You could find your.;elf feeling thwarted, frustrated, or restless. This is likely due to the fact that you are not in touch with what it is you really

want at this time. If you do know what you want. how to go about
getting it doesn1 come naturally to you right now. A tendency to fly off ltle handle characterizes this transit. due to inner tension between your will and performance. It's hard to find satisfaction or a sense of peace at lllis time. You may feel decidedly •out of sorts". Conflicts with superior.; could arise now, but are unlikely to yield desired results. Watch also for llasty actions that colld result in minor injury or stress.
SUn coo; Wlct Juplter

Vitality Increases now as your confidence In your effectiveness builds. You feel more generous. optimistic, and sociable under this influence.
You might hunger for increased recognition and respect, and, with your

generous attil.\lde and concern for others· well·being, you mig/It just get Ill em! This Is a good time to take steps to grow something-your business, your signfficant relationshifl6, and so forth. This transit also favours legal,
educational. religious, and cultural endeavours. You seek a larger range

of experience. Your actions are benevolen~ your attitude is enthusiastic, and your style Is dramatic. This transit suggests you now have a stronger sense of who you are and the principles you represe~. The realization of a long· term goal may come now. You may gain honour or distinction in some way. This Is an excellent time to begin a self-Improvement program. This Is not an especially sexual energy-you are more inclined to philosophize and seek out bigger and better experiences. You may be particularly generous, and perhaps indiscriminately so.
SUn sextlle Juplter

This transit represents hopefulness, good will, and Increased influence. It's favourable for marketing, publishing, and advertising, as well as any self-promotion activities. You may be especially sociable, tolerant, and generous. Confidence comes from a stronger sense of who you are and the principles you represe<>t. Some form of recognition or distinction Is possible now. Your goal now Is to Improve- to seek out the "bigger and better•. People In high places can be generous to your cause, and you could receive glft.s or rewards.

AsP«l Decal s


Sun square Jupiter
You may feel vague restlessness and discontent w~h lite as it is. You want more than what rwndane existence offers. but perhaps too rwch. Overestimation and exaggeration are possibilities, either in your own

attitude or In the circumstances and people you attract now. Your mood
may be elevated, but somewhat unstable as the source of your enthusiasm may not be based on reality. Take care that you don1 throw practical (Onsiderationsoutthe window. Avoid promising more than you can deliver, as you are unlikely to be able to follow through on yourpromises. Arrogant, boastful, wasteful, or extravagant behaviour could figure now. Channeled well, however, this energy can represent creative power.

Sun trine Juplter
This lnftuence represents growth and expansiveness. You are more aware of moral Issues, and have a desire to Improve and learn. Optimism and confidence are basic elements in the energy of this transit. You are more willing to take a risk or two, and you are motivated by a desire to impress others. Enthusiasm runs high, and cooperation comes easily. This Is generally a good lime to schedule new beginnings In business. education, personal retationships. marriage. creative projects, and so forth, all things equal. Sincerity and honesty works best for you now. This could be a period In which you realize a long·term goal. Your enthusiasm Is boundless. and you are Inclined to take the high road In your dealings with others. Health and vitality are strong. An opportunity ro take a trip or to embark on an adventure, however big or small, could arise now.

Sun opposition Juplter
COnflicting urges with regards to what you think you shoul<l do and what you want to do can be frustrating now. There can be a tendency to go overboard and to indulge in extravagances. Watch that you don't overestimate your capabllldes now. The desire to experience something new, or the desire tor more freedom to explore new possibilities, can amount to restlessness if you don't know what ~ is you want. Over· optimism can lead to losses or waste. Avoid boasting and indiscriminate generosity. The desire for something "bigger and better- could take hold now, but avoid throwing practical considerations out the window In your pursuit.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

SUn co.;unct Satum
This is a time when you are called upon to "get real". You feel the constraints ol time and you are motivated by the desire to manifest tangible results. 1t's ·nose to the grindstone· time. You may feel

overw011<ed; alternatively. you might wekome some disdpline into your
life. Avoid launching new projects, particularly finandal ones, for the

lime being, as progress may be slow. Instead, we<t< on a new plan for creating order in your IWe, or on an old project that requires a new
c:ommitment. Serious matters may grab your attention now, or circumstances are such that you are required to show your more

competent and responsible side. Se~·restraint is characteristic of tills inftuence. You may crave more privacy and solitude now, and you could easily resent others' interference. If handled poorly, you could be downright crankyl This is not your most attractive time of the year. so you might want to avoid scheduling s~-prornoUon or pe<sonally impo~ant events during this period. Emotional energy Is not enough to fuel you for the time being; thus you could feel sapped on a physical level. However, making new commitments to old goals, shouldering responsibilities. and making careful use of your resoll'ces could feed your need for structll'e and order in your lffe.

SUn sextile Satum
This is perhaps an unglamorous time. but one in which you feel grounded and stable. Irs easy to stick to a specffic task and make headway. ProducUvlty may be slow, but it's steady. The ambitious side of your personality comes to the fore. You are happily se~-reliant now, rather than grudgingly so. You may find yourself in a position ol responsibility. Contact with older, mature, or more experienced people could be significant now. This could mark the stalt of a big, long-lasting project. Your outlook is serious and realistic.

SUn square Saturn
It's hard to satisfy your ego today. You could feel blocked by circumstances or by others. It's too easy to feel discouraged, but remember til at dlscouragomentls a major time waster. unless It motivates you to get back on your feet. Gratitude lsn1 fOithcornlng right now, so it~ best to wait It out rather than waste energy letting It get to you. Sacrifices may be necessary now. You might have to face failures or inadequacies. As you face obstacles to your goals, you begin to see the tools you have to overcome them A heavy dose of realism seems forced upon you dUrlno this Influence, but your effolts to measure up to

AsJ>«l Oetals


expectations can ultimately increase your confidence in your ability to be
responsible for yoursett. This influence is a sombre one.

SUn trine sat..,
You feel grounded and stable right now. It's easy to stick to a spedfic task and make headway. Productivity may be slow, but irs steady. You have common sense at your disposal. You are willing to look reality in llle eye and to take responsibility tor your lffe. Practical, professional,
and business matters come to the fore. Your respect for authority is

natural and helps superiors to look upon you favourably. This could be a good time to make a lasting investment II concurrent inftuences are favourable.

SUn opposition sat...n
Your confidence may be undermined by feelings of doubt pessimism, '" feelings of guilt just now. Encountering obstacles to progress and inhibitions In your own attitude are prominent under this Influence. You could be plagued by a feeling of not being good enough. Lack of faith in
yoursetf, in others. and in life itself coukt put a damper on your initiatives.

This is a time when others don't seem to notice your efforts, when progress appears to be minimal it at all, when nobody seems to extend llleir hand to you. when you need to go" alone and you could feel resentlul lor~! Life doesn1 seem to be playing in your style. Because this is one of your less attractive and magnetic periods of llle year. you might want to avoid scheduling per.;onally significant activ~les. job Interviews. or sell· promotion efforts during this period. Atthough the~ is a positive side to every aspect while in happening. this one doesn't feel very good. A heavy dose of realism seems forced upon you now, but your efforts to
measure up to expectations can ultimately increase your confidence in

your ability to be responsible tor yourself. This inlluence is a sombre one.

SUn coil unct Uranus
Anew personal cycle of Independence, progressiveness, and change begins. You are more Inclined to accept and appreciate all that Is new, unusual, and avant garde. You have an opportunity to shine lor what makes you unique. This transit gives a g~en light tor matters concerning llle media, computers. and metaphysical subjects. Restlessness and a need lor change Is Indicated. You simply won't stand lor restrictions now I Your ego Is awakened and you seek new ways to express yourself, as Ill is Is a time or self·dlscovery. There Is a need to be creative and unique In your expression ot sell. This Is usually a time to join with groups and/ or to become a group leader. It~ also an easy time to make new friends.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

Suddel\ unexpected events can happen out ol the blue. You migl'i find yourself thrust into new-pe<llaps thrilling-experiences. This can be a time when others notice a sparkle in your eye and find you endearingly {lever and witt)<

Sun sextile Uranus
There's a noticeable sparkle In your eye now, and others seem to appreciate your quirks and idiosyncRashies. Perhaps irs your willingness to adapt to nf!W d1tumstances. ideas. and unfamiliar situations that gets you just the right attention. You are seeking out colour for your me now, and you simply won1 stand for anything routine, stereotyped, or (Ommonplace. It~ a good time to join organizations and groups and to attend meetings or social events. You can find creative solutions to problems now. Flexibility is the key to success under this inlluence.
Sun square Uranus

You can't expect much of anytl"lng when the transiting Sun squares Uranus, except for the unexpected! Disrupted routines and plans figure now. which help to stimulate the adoption ol new approaches. You feel tl1e need for actiOI\ but if you don' know where you're headed, you might take the wrong turn. Unexpected changes In plans or events can test your patience, and you n-Ight feet a bit out of control. However. they {Ould stimulate you to try new approaches and they certainly act to rut lloredom. This transit could offer you the drive to do something new. but avoid making hasty, major decisions for the time being.
Sun tttne Uranus

An original , unique approach to life Is In order with this transit, and works to your benefit. Flexibility Is the key to success at this time, and pleasant changes are in store. You could make some creative changes and discoveries, experiment with new possibilities. or Invent a new way of doing things. This Is a dynamic and exciting period, one In which taking advantage of unusual or unconventional oppO<tun~ies may reap rewards. Whether irs doing something entirely new or an adventure In self·dlscovery. this transit stimulates fresh and lively energy In your life.
Sun opposition Uranus

The urge for personal freedom and self·expression is paramount now. and you refuse to conform. This can get you into hot water with others. Your wants are somewhat unstable and changeable, however,

AsJ>«l Oetals


and you can send off some real mixed signals. Sudden changes of plans can happen now, and you might react impatiently. You can also choose to view changes in your routine as beneficial and exciting - the choice is yours.

Sun co.;unct Neptw.e
You are extremely sens~ive to the moods and undercurrents around you during this tran~ . You make judgments intuitively and instinctually. You may have a hard time defining your actions and yo IX goals, perhaps temporarily losing sight of reality and reason. This is a time of flexible morals, Increased spiritual awareness. Imagination, and Inspiration. Negative expressions of this influence include vague worries, confusion. escapism, deceptive or victim-saviour behaviours. or the tendency to fictionalize your life. If you find yourself being misled by others or by circumstances now. you might consider that you are attracting these situations because of a desire for a roore glamorous life.

Sun sextile Neptw.e
You're at the right place at the right time, probably because your 1\unches are more likely to be correct and you are "tuned in", You might find yourself inspired dUring this cransit, and charitable acts now will serve to lift your spirits like no drug can. This is a good time for setf· improvement programs or efforts. Instinctual judgment is enhanced under this Influence. Pay attention to the dreams and Insights that come Into your life now.

Sun square Neptune
This may be a discouraging day when things don't quite seem to go your way, or when you feel a bit drained. Take a break and don1 start any serious new project today. Minor disappointments or just plain fatigue might hit you like a ton of bricks today. Lay low for more energizing times to come. Don1 ask for anything, such as help, as it is unlikely to be forlhcomlng.l nstead, find time to help someone. It could lift your spirits, and you won't fall into the easy tendency to feel sorry lor yourself that this aspect oflen brings. Concentrating on artistic or spiritual pursu~ Is better than focusing on things that require straightforward, factual thinking today. It can be dlfflc\Jit knowing where or how to direct yoll' W illpower under this Influence. It~ also a challenge knowing where you stand with others. Avoid such things as scheduling surgery. Important appolntme<>ts. job Interviews, or launches of new projects at this dme.


Know about Transt of Plantts

Sun trine Neptune

You're at tile right place at the right time-very cool. This is probably because your hunches are more likely to be correct and you are "tuned in· to energy levels beyond the mundane. You may be feeling inspired,

and eharitable acts now will serve to lift your spirits like no drug can.
This is a good time for self-improvemert programs or efforts. Instinctual j udgment is enhanced under this influence. You rright solve a mystery or find that you're rewarded for a past deed now.

Sun opposit.i on Neptune

It's easy to get lost in fantasy at this time. as you feel somewhat wijhout direction and less able to face everyday realities. Your willpower i s low as you tend to stray from your goals and temporarily lose focus. It's difficult to formulate-or stick to-clear goals during this transit Attracting unusual. confusing. or even disturbing siiUatlons Is likely due to an inner need for more glamour in your life. Misconceptions abound. This is not a good time for any financial undertaking or formal agreement so plan accordingly.
Sun co!lunct Pluto

You are strong· willed and focused under this Influence. The need to gain more control over your life motivates you to greater heights. You benefit most now from strategy and perhaps keeping things to yourseW tor the time being- you don't have to reveal all that~ on your mind. You ere In the position to gain some personal power- keep your eye out for opportunUies, and do look beyond appearances. Some people find lost items or uncover resources-material or otherwise- under the Influence of this tra nsit A "Eureka' can occur now. SeW·dlscovery Is the name of me game.
Sun sextile Pluto

Research brings rewards now. You benefit now from strategy and keeping things to yourself for the time being-you don't have to reveal your sources. Opportunities to find or renew something you had lost. and to gain some power are available now. You have the energy and drive to accomplish things today. This is a good influence for shared
resources, taxes, insurance, new business, and accounting.

Sun square Pluto

A tendency to want to control your life through some form of manipulation Is strong during this lnlluence, but Is best avoided for good

AsJ>«l Oetals


results. Meeting with obstades in your path, however. can fOI'ce you into llle position of using all of your resources to fight back, and you can discover resources you never knew you had in the process. I nsubOfdination and abuse of power may be part of the picture now. The need to make changes in your life that will further your psychological development arise. 1 mpatience wijh rules and compulsiveness are shadow energies of Ill is transit. The urge to gel to the bottom of matters is with you, but you could be too insistent. Avoid beating a dead hOI'Se and attempting to force matters that should naturally take time to unfold.
SUn trine Pluto

A little goes a long way now. You are able to get to the bottom of ltlings. You are more dedsive than usual, and your ability to concentrate and focus help you achieve what you set out to do. This is a very positive aspect for starting a money-making endeavour or a new project (all things equaf). You stand to gain some personal power or influence. You might uncover information or material items that help further your goals.
SUn opposition Pluto

The Sun in dynamic aspect to Pluto suggests willfulness and dealing with issues of power and competition. You may feel on edge, volatile, or even threatened. In extreme cases, infantile rage is possible. There is an inner drama taking place now, and a feeling that external circumstances are undermining your own feeling of powerfulness. In the process, you may be able to get In touch with your Internal motivations. A tendency to want to control your life through some fOI'm of manipulation is strong during this influence, but should be avoided fOI' best resu ~s. Meeting with obstacles In your path. however, can fOI'ce you Into the position of using all of your resources to fight back. and you can discover resources you never knew you had in the process.
SUn co!lunct Node

This Is a time when you may connect with O!hers who share a common Interest. This transit sometimes suggests making new contact with a male or with an authority figure. You are fOI'Ward·looking and situations arise that make you hungoy for growth and direction.
SUn sextlle and trine Node

Contacts with others are easy and natural now. Others cooperate with you, and circumstances are such that you have a feeling ol growth end direction.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

SUn square Node
You may be in a position in which you need to cooperate w~h others llut feel uneasy doing so. arcumstances are such that you feel awkward about changes that seem thrust upon you.

SUn opposition Node
A connection wtth someone from your past co lAd be made today. Situations arise that make you more aware of old patterns. habits. and attitudes.

SUn cor-t unc:t Ascendant
Shl ne brlghUyl

This yearty transit sometimes brings recognition for a personal achievement. Whether or not this occurs. you radiate stre<1gth and have increased personal presence now. Praise may be forthcoming.

SUn sexUie and trine Ascendant
You possess strong presence and generally feel confi<lent about who you are and how others are receiving you now. Others may praise you or recognize some of your better qualities today. Dealing wtth superiors i s a breeze now. and you co lAd win at a game or competitiOI\ if applicable.

SUn square Ascendant
You should watch that you don't come on too strong today and attract confli ct with others. Feeling slighted, overlooked, or mlwnderstood could lead you to seek out atte<1tion now. However. the attention that you receive is unlikely to be very positive for the time being. You could have problems relating to superiors, and your vitality may be on the low side.

SUn o pposition Ascendant
·Expect significant encounters. meeting Individuals who are or will be Important players, at least for the moment. The focus Is on relationship, balance, taking each person's tastes. styles, needs. and personal agendas into account. There may be some friction and adjustments needed. Il ls your choice whether you want to compromise or go solo. but lndudlng 111e other makes for a fuller picture.

AsP«l Decal s


Sun co.;unct Mcl>eaven •Visibility.
A good day for practical ideas and planning about to your work or
vocation. You may receive some recognition or special attention regarding

to your particular skills and abilities. Making a dWference in me world,

f\Jrthering your personal aims and aspirations. or receiving public
appreciation for yoor contribution is featured now. The focus is on personal

integrity and honour. standing for something. being known for who you are. Whoever is your personal star or hero figures into all of this a.s well, because you need a guiding light and something to shoot for. A(cept attention graciously.

Sun sextlle Mldheaven
•A very good day for job·related evrots. You may shine in your particular job or find that promotion or pracUcal lnslghts come with ease. You could repreSI!flt or speak for your company or communicate about your skills. This is a good time to get body. soul, and mind directed towards personal success and social accomplishment. Financial gains. professional advancement, and the attainment of some kind of Increase in status are possible.

Sun square Micl>.,..,en
·Perhaps a frustrating day regarding practical or job· related a<tivlies. You may find yourself going against authority or making some rather poor business decisions. Self·absorptlon and a lack of consideration tor others can bring you Into disfavour with superiors or other Influential poople during this brief lnfluroce. Financial losses. low prestige. loss of position. or professional frustration are possibilities. This Is not a good lime to seek favours from those In power. Walt for this to pass.

Sun tl1ne Mcl>eaven
'The force Is with you. go tor your personal best! Father figures or lllose In a position to help you further your alms are encouraging and
receptive to what you propose. Baclc up your words with action, follow

lllrough with a solid effort, and expect success. This Is an Ideal time to express what you really want, to sllow some style. and let the world know who you are.

Sun opposition llllicl>eaven
•You could experience challenge or even downright opposition when

it comes to matters ol your job or praCUcal skills. Someone may challroge or question your authority. You may find yourself oriented more to the


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

family and home at this point. Relations with me<>, people in authority, or father figures are featured today. You may be thinking about past
successes or failures and how those influence what you aim for now.

There may be some friction betwee<> your will and someone else's and a need to humble yourself in order for things to proceed. Seek wirrwin situations.

Moon Transits

Because the Moon moves around the zodiac so quickly (completing a cycle in approximately 28 days). transits of the ~loon are truly •transitory•. They are brief In duration and not as meaningful and signfficant as outer planet transits. However. they are quite important whe<> electing a date for a special event.

Moon Transits to Natal Planets & Points
Moon col'\lunct SUn
Your personal New Moon is a time of new beglnrlngs. Your needs are aligned with your wants rlghl now. and irs an opportune time to make a few resolutions. Things seem to play in your style. so you don't have to stress or strain. The inner harmony you experience now is reflected in your outer experience and contributes to your personal success. You could experience some change or undergo inner changes that stimulate a new undertaking. relationship, or attitude change. You act with more (Onfldence than usual. Without eve<> trying, you are likely to draw attention to yourself or to receive support. This is an Ideal time to establish Inner peace and balance.

Moon sextlle SUn This transit oilers you increased clarity derived from a feeling that what you want and what you need are In harmony. You are more willing to cooperate. and you naturally attract support from others and/or positive experiences that contribute to your S<Jccess. Your gut Instincts tend to serve you well now, as they are not underrrined by fears or Insecurities. Your Intentions and actions harmonlll!. which Improves your relallonsl'lps with others and with your own body and splril This Is a good lime to heal. to clear your mind. and to "Stop to smell the roses·. You could experience an Improvement In your family affairs or domestic (ircumstances. as well as your business pursuits.

AsP«l Decals


Moon square Sun

You may become aware of a conflict betwee<l what you want and what you need. Even if you are not aware of this inner imbalance, it ~ould cause some tensions or feelings of being unsupported by othe<s or by circumstances In ~ur life. This can cause ypu to be provocative with others, or it can spur you into finding answers to problems-the choice is yours! You may feel slightly out of step 0< out of synchrooal, which could make you edgy. There could be a notkeable discrepancy between the demands of your personal life and what is expected of you at work. fo'linor problems in relationshipsare more likety during this transit. Arriving at decisions isharder now because you feel torn between choices. If this transit occurs during the nigh~ yoo could have a restless sleep. Examining lxld dreams can help you understand what is bothering you. Use the dynanic energy of this transit to identify problems in order to find solutions to them, instead of harping on what is going wrong in yoor life or taking it out on others.
Moon trl ne Sun

It's easy to put your best face forward and to cooperate with others because you are not having corllict on the inside. What you do and what you feel are In harmony. and you benefit from this clarity. The harmony that you feel between your body and spirit allows you to act more 1\ollstlcally and purposefully. As well. decislon·maklng Is Improved. If this transit occurs during the nigh~ you sleep better. You art! expressing yoorself more genuinely, and yoo are l't!celved well as a result.
Moon opposition Sun

Oeclslon·maklng can be challenging right now. as thert! Is a basic between yoor Instincts and what you feel you should do. Inner i mbalance between your body and your spirit can wreak a little havoc on your personal relationships. You may become aware of a conflict between ll1e demands of your pe<sonal life and yoor professional life. It Is harder to get support from others due to yoor own Inner struggle. Try to avoid over·reacting, as it will get you nowhert!. Use this dynamic ene<gy to identify areas of your life that are not serving your greater purpose, and ll1en worlc towards finding solutions.

Moon conjunct Moon

This transit marks the start of your personal lunar month. You are emotionalty charged now. You should be aware that your current state of mind can (in an indirect way} determine much aboot how you will be


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

feeling in the morlh ahead. AS such. make it as positive as you can. Honour your feelings. reach into your self, and pull out the feelings that
support yolK larger goals. Familiarity, a sense of belonging. and emotional
~onnections fuel your spirit now more Ill an usual. You are more sensitive and responsive Ill an you are typically. Relationships will> sigrlficarl women

in your life may be especially prominent now.

Moon sextile Moon
It is easier for you to get in touch wrt:h your feelings and to recognize your inner resources now. A feeling of contentment and satisfaction can lead to lnettia. or it can create opportunities for you to exl)<ess yourseW to others· llle choice is yours. You are unlikely to break the routine tor 111e time being. as a feeling of familiarity is a deep need. This is a good time for all domestic things for bridging emotional gaps with family members. and tor tending to domestic affairs with general success.

Moon square Moon
Minor forced changes to yoor routine or habits may upset you now. frieOOs and assodates may burden you. and indedsion keeps you from

making good financial or business decisions. This can indicate a brief l)<!riod when you are not as popular as you nonnally are. Tempera mentality is your worst enemy for llle time being. You may be feeling stressed or unsupported. which can negatively influence your health. Feeling emotionally at odds with others will pass soon enough. For now, avoid taking little upsets to heart. Irs P<Obably best to avoid new Initiatives on 111e domestic front as well as business changes.
Moon trine Moon

Your emotions are stable with this influence. Feelings of contentment and a generally good mood help you to deal will> changes effortlessly. "'ou are more receptive and are more able to rely on your Instincts. Sporlaneity is the key to success right now. New friends could be made. Occasionally. this Influence brings you before the public In some manner. This can be a time of heightened yet manageable emotions. Family and financial affairs should run smoothly. Your personal popularity Is at peaks. This Is a good time for making business decisions. Investing, and property deals. all such llllngs.
Moon opposition Moon

Emotional desire Is strong. but could very well conflict with the demands of your personal life. Decisions made now. if you can come to any conclusions at all, may not be sound. Feeling em01ionally out of step

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with others may not get the better of your spirits for the time being. Your rea<:tions are presen~y strongly emotional, and it is easy for events or for people to trigger resenbnents or buried emotions. You may take a trip down memory lane, but it rrightnot be the most pleasant ofjo..-neys! Lei the strong emotions pass rather than harp on them. Hold off on mal<ing business decisions or embat1cing on new projects on the domestic front.
Moon conjooct Mercury

Imagination is brought to your communications and your mental pur5uits, and your ideas and thougMs flow smoothly. You are more Inclined towards personal communications. social discourse, and sharing. As well, you may ea~ly get caugM up in rerrinisce. Conversations or thoughts about the past are featured now. Your mind is more receptive and alert tllan usual, and you may find yourself espeoally busy and curious. but perhaps too scattered to concentrate for very long on any particular subject. Your memory is particularly sharp. Connections could be made or enhanced with younger people. You express your feelings In an honest way. and you are likely to be preoccupied with personal matters. Seeking advice could be a theme now, whether you are the one tooking for it, or others are turning to you for answers.
Moon sextlle Mercury

Tljs lnlluence brings Imagination to your mental pur5uits. In business terms. It~ a strong Influence for negotiation. trading, and communications. A positive connection to a younger pel'50n may be made now. whether it~ a new connection or simply a boost to an existing relationship. You are at your most per5uaslve. With your heart and head cooperating with each other, you're in the position to make wonderful connections. Conversations are warm and heart-to-hearts could be on the agenda; and common Interests with your loved ones are the most likely topic. This Is an espeoally favourable transit for public speaking and presenting your Ideas with flair.
Moon square Mercury

Don't sweat the small stuff. What feels right clashes with logic right now. What you say may be

a misrepresentation of your true feelings and emotions. car and other
ttanSI)Ortatlon troubles, as well as computer glitches, miscommunications, end dealing with red tape. are more likely now than usual. You could encounter delays In business, and there might be some minor troubles with younger people or siblings. It takes extra effort for you to understand


Koow about Transt of Plantts

cothers, or they to understand you. You're less likely to be objective and prone to changing your mind frequently, so it wotAd be better to postpone important decision·making. Atthough you are in the mood to talk about personal matters, you could be communicating with an air of defensiveness. Avoid getting stressed out over the little things.
Moon trine Mercury

Your head and your heart agree with one another now, so take advantage and open up the lines of communication with others. You are in a more sodable frame of mind. 1rs easier than usual to flaunt your lalents without even trying, and articulating your feelings without upsetting anyone comes ea~ly. This is an e>«:ellent transit for taking tests. studying,
writing, promoting. advertising. and public speaking. Your mind is

espedally alert and perceptive, and your memory retentive. Capture your ideas on paper so that you can use them to Improve your pe~nal affairs and business at a later date. If you need to, schedule negotiations. trades, and other communications now. Honesty will get you everywhere.
Moon opposition Mercury

Minor disagreements, especially over domestic matters, are more likely than usual now. You may be talkative, but not necessarily saying much! Little disturbances colring from the outside are likely more a reflection of your own nervousness and sensitivity to the emotional -weather" around you. It can be hard to stick to the facts and to remain ( lear-headed under this Influence. so do what you can to avoid scheduling negotiations, test-taking, or contract-signing now. Also, because you may not be received as well, public relations Initiatives shotAd be postponed. This Is a time when things like the car breaking down, missing the bus, lost emalls. and other minor mishaps Involving getting from point A to point 8 and communicating effectively occur.
Moon conjunct Venus

You are more approachable during this transit, and you could have ll1e chance to Improve your personal relationships. An invitation to a pleasurable event or activity is possible, and sometimes this can marie ll1e start ol a new friendship or love affair. This Is an affectionate and friendly influence- not wild or e>«:iting, but pleasing and perhaps a little self-indulgent. Your personal popularity moves up a notch. Being pampered and pampering are desires, and anything that brings more beauty and harmony to yoUl life is favoured.

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Moon sextile Venus
Love and romantic matters are favourable for you now. You might enjoy a happy social event or other pleasurable activity. I t~ a good irlluence tor beauty treatments, redeco<ating, and the arts; and tavoorable

for scheduling dates. This transit increases intimacy and improves
relationships with others, particularty with women. It's also a favourable lime to ask tor help from others it you need il Increased sensitivity and warmth helps endear you to others.

Moon square Venus You are a little mOI'e vulnerable than usual, most likely because you don't seem to know what you want 101' the time being. There could be clashes between your desire for familiarity and your need for pleasure right now. Social upsets are possible, or you may find that you are unable to do Sl)(nelhing pleasurable even though yoo woold really like to. This sometimes triggers an attraction to someone who is simply not right for yoo, or minor problems in existing love affairs. On other occasions, this (an signal a new love altair 01' friendship, particularly with a female. Domestic matters could annoy yoo. Avoid money transactions ff you can. Moon trine Venus
This is a favourable influooce tor scheduling dates and tor love in general. Yoo are somewhat vulnerable, wearing your feelings on your sleeve. This can Indicate happy social events, and Is tort.-, ate tor beauty treatments, pleasurable outings. music. the arts, and holidays or gatherings. I t~ good fOI' money as well, but you night spend it as quklcly as you earn iU You are especially warm and friendly with people you meet, and others sense your sincerity. You are more approachable than usual, and loi.Ang feelings influence- aOO oohance- your sex life. This is a favourable time for deco<ating yoor home (Or your bodyl). throwing a party, or simply going oot for a coffee with a buddy.

Moon opposition Venus Interference that prevents you from doing something pleasurable may be In store fOI' you now. For example, you might want to go oot but yoor friends don' want to, or can't, accompany you. OomesUc matters might burden you. Minor social upsets 01' problems wi th love affairs are possible now. An unusual attraction to someone perhaps unsuitable Is possible. There could be minor problems wi th money, and some hypersensitivity that undernines your good humour or that disrupts (Ooperatlon with others.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

Moon conjunct Mars Your emotions intensify and you instinctively desire change and adventure. It would be wise to keep yol.l' cool and avoid confrontations. Excessive haste or rash behaviour can leave you vulnerable to accidents

or lrjuries. but healthy risk-taking 11'19ht slll1j)ly serve to enliven you.
This sometimes points to a passionate time, or a new relationship with a man. This is a time when you are likely to feel irritable ff you don't have something adverlurous, challenging, or physical to do. This is a good lime to take a chance, say what you feel, or do something exciting outside of your normal routine. Taking the inrtiative is appropriate now. You are braver and more decisive. Your instinctive reactions are qukk, your sexual appetite is voracious, and you naturally take the lead.

Moon sextlle Mars This Influence heightens your feelings, awakens your Impulses, and stirs your passions, mostly in a positive way. This is sometimes an i ndication of connections made with men. AS well, passionate liaisons «caslonally begin under this transit. You are more In tune with your natural Impulses, and less Inclined to think things througll before taking action. It~ an excellent period for taking the inaiative. Expressing your feelings comes naturally now, and you make no apologies for doing sol This transit gives you self· confidence and backbone without backlash from others. You are more resourceful nod Independent, and less demanding of people around you, which tends to eam you respect. Moon square Mars This transit tires up your feelings and stirs up your need for action, activity, and challenges. You are more lndlned to act on Impulse now, and you could be quite temperamental. You may easily fly off the handle or simply jump into a situation without consi<lering the consequences. There could be problems with men. It could also be a rather passionate lime, simply because, for the time being. you tend to be ruled by your passions. Doing something rash Is quite possible now, but It~ not always a bad thing. The dynamic energy of this transit could give you just the right kick in the pants to push you out of a bad situatiol\ for example. Still, It would be wise to use some caution, and don't push yourself too hard. Over-reacting to a situation colAd tick others off, although you don't much care at this time!

AsJ>«l Oetals


Moon trine Mars

This transit boosts your self-confidence and ability to assert yourse~ without ruffling the feathers of people around you. You desire nature and your emotions are cooperating beautifully just now, which increases

your resourcefulness and iooependence. Others allow you to be yourself.
and you feel "'in syr¥:" with your environment. You can more confidently rely on your instincts now, and you react well to competition. This influence heightens your feelings, awakens your imp<Ases. and stirs your passions. mostly in a positive way. This is sometimes an indication of connections made with men. As well. pass.ionate liaisons sometimes begin under this ll'ansit You're a natural leader under this influence, so it~ an opportune time to take the Initiative. Oo something that breaks the routine or that you lie always wanted to do but have been hesitating to do due to sh)tless '" fear. You'll pull it off with fineness now.

Moon opposition Mars

Acting on impulse is what this transit tends to spur you to do. On ll>e negative side, you co<Ad be very temperamental and touchy. Used positively, you co <Ad possess just the right amount of verve energy to do something you've never done before. Be aware that you are ruled by your passions now. A new connection with a man, or problems with males. may feature. You could get caught up in a domestic squabble. Although overly hasty Of rash actions taken now could rebound on you, some healthy riSk·taking could simply help you to break the routine and get you out of a rut. This IJ'anslt excites your passions, and you are less in conll'ol of them than usual.
Moon conjunct Jupiter

Elevated moods. This is a lucky, expansive, happy. and prosperous period. Some sort of emotional relief is likely. particularly with regards to your personal life. Domestic changes and legal affairs are favoured, particularly dealings with property and renovations. It's a good time to write. teach, learn,, promote. and take tests. You may enjoy opportunities to do any of these things now. Your personal popularity Increases, In direct proportion to your own elevated. positive mood. and some kind of recognition or honour may come your way. I t~ a better time of the month 10 buy a lottery ticket. Your desire fOf pleasure Is strong. Occasionally, losses are required In order to see gains. Disagreements with others are rare dUring this period. generally because you are more likely to take the high road than to resort to pettiness.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Moon sextile Jupiter

This signals an emotionally upbeat period when you enjoy your family, friends, and social life. Legal and real estate matters proceed smoothly. Public relations and general good favour and approval are more likely

now. You may




to expand your hori2ons

through travel, higher education, or contact with those of a different background than your own. This is a fortunate, albeit brief, period for achievement and recognition in business. This is a favorable influence for learning, teaching, taking exams, publishing, and promotioo. Business opportunities may present themselves. Occasionally, a loss is necessary i n order to achieve a gain. This sometimes incicates the beginring of a f riendship, particularly with someone who expands your mind or your social drcle.

Moon square J upiter
You may be feeling less hopeful or optimistic dUring this brief transit On the contrary, you could be feeling over-confident or enthusiastic to ll>e point of over-exdtement and potential letdown. The bottom line Is II> at you are not especially realistic due to moodiness. Minor annoyances. such as unexpected bills coming your way or arguments wrth others over personal philosophies, may be part of the picture. This is not an ideal lime for publicity, promotion. or legal matters. You are more sensitive to i njustices (or perceived injustices), but you should avoid behaviour that i s self· righteous or haughty. Don1 get your knickers in a knot over simple differences of opinion. Self-Indulgence Is more likely now. You're not as i nclined to consider the consequences of over-eating, over-drinking, or overdoing in general.

Moon trine Juplter
Positive thinking. Happy feelings, the desire to "do good" and to honour your inner code. and faithfulness are characteristics of lllls period. Your positive state of mind can attract others, as well as favourable circumstances, to you. It's a better time of the month to buy a lottery ticket or to engage In reasonable speculation. You are more tuned In to the "big picture" and less Inclined to worry over details. Others might find you particularly wise right now, and you are more generous with your time, energy. and money.

AsP«l Decal s


Moon opposition Jupiter living beyond your means. You're given to excesses just now, and it can be hard to think of the consequences of overdoing things when you're in such an elevated mood. This is a "borrow from llle future· energy. Try not to comrrit yourself to something that you don1 have llle resources fo< It you can, hold off on publicity or promotion activities. Oon11et d~ferences of opinion get the best of you. Olllerwise, this is a sociable and mostly pleas..-able transit. Moon co'\lunct sarum Situations lllat require you to keep a cool head will work out well under !Ills transit. You are not easily swept away by your feelings now, enabling you to effectively tend to business. Authority figures or people who are older than you could figure prorrinently now. A heightened awareness of your responsibilities, or taking on new responsibilities, characterizes this Influence. Irs easier for you to buckle down and work, organize, and plan. What you output now will benef~ you down the road, as it's likely to be solid and realistic. This is a good time to make plans and lists. Some of us feel lonely or unsupported under the influence of IllIs transit. Others welcome the feeling ol self-reliance that comes now. A domestic problem or a burden might drop into your lap now, but you are likely to handle It well. Moon sextlle Sarum Although there Isn't mudlln the way of Instant gratnlcatlon for the work you do now, you will see real benellts from your efforts down the road. Conneclions with older people or authority figures can be made end are generally positive now. Because you are not easily swept away by your feelings at !Ills time, you can take advantage by making dearheaded and realistic decisions. You are more reliable than usual, and more willing to go it alone. Others might find you a little distant emotionalty, but they also view you as responsible and competent. Moon square Saturn You may need to work overtime, or you could feel a pinch with your finances. Some feelings of money being blocked are possible now with Saturn, the great teacher, activated and urging you to slow down. There may be problems with ok1er people or authority ftgures. The rewards for your hard work are unlikely to be obvious right now. oomestic affairs


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

may be a little mess~ A feeling or being unsupported, alone, or too independent might grab hold or you lor the time being. Expressing your
feelings or your need for others is hard to do at the moment. Treat this

period as a time when you are learning to rely on yo ..-sell.
Moon trl ne Saturn

New responsibilities may come your way now, or there can be a heightened awareness of existing ones. It ~ relatively easy to dis<ipline yourself and work hard now. The work you do now will have real benefits down the road, although ~ may not be immediately obvious. Others would be hard-pressed to sweep you orr your feet or sway you from your path right now! Appeals to your emotions wonl work as much as appeals to your common sense, logic, and sense of responsibility.
Moon opposition Saturn

Feeling blocked from expressing yourself makes lor a less tt>an spontaneous period. Avoid clashes will> aul!>ority fig~es or older peop~ you simply aren't getting the recognilion you deserve rigi-t now. but I!> is influence will pass soon. Saturn often brings with rt some blockage, hardship, or resbiction. Your plans may h~ a snag or two, or they simply don't materialize as expected. You could feel misunderstood. your efforts could remain unrewarded. or you are not as physically energetic as usual. for example. You could also view situations (or people) w~h some rristrust tor the time being. Because you may temporarily feet down or clralned, this period Is best used lor rest.
Moon conjunct Uranus

Expect tt>e unexpected!
Your desire for change is stimulated now. This is a period when you may act on a whim, or you could encounter something surprising. Nobody (an Ioree you to do anything just now- you are only In the mood to do things voluntarily. You are qulck·witted, lnvootlve. and your moods may be contradictory. New friendships sometimes form under this transit. You are more spontaneous. ready to embrace the new and untried and to llreak the routine. OpponuniUes could seemingly come from out or the lllue. You could. for example. have a chance meeting w~h someone or an experience that Is a lltde loony. A change of pace is likely.

Experimentation and Improvisation are what work best. Allow lor many possibilities. put lew restrkdons on projects. keep your options open, and expect the unexpected.

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Moon sextile Uranus Breaking the routine is something that would please you now. This transit sometimes indicates a pleasant surprise, a chance meeting with an old acquaintance, an invitation, or some other interesting event that

enlivens your day. Expelimenting with something aitogethl!l-new Is
favoured now. Others appreciate your unique or quirtcy qualities. Although patience is not your stro~ point now, your openness to the unexplored sel'.les to cut boredom. Moon square Uranus Departure from the norm. Some sudden, although likely minor, changes are In store. Family or friends may be erratic, hard to pin down, or simply absent when you need them. Your own mood may be rebeUious or standoff. Plans may change direction unexpectedly. Part of you is itcl'lng for change, and this could be the reason why you are more likely to attract unusual circumstances now. Moon trine Uranus You may be the redpient of good news regarling family or domestic affairs. Unexpected visitors, unexpected vlsldng, or chance meetings are possible now. You are more Inclined to take emotional risks than usual, although you are also unlikely to go over the top. This transit awakens your mind, enabling you to respond to a higher state of awareness. Intuition Is at a high, and you are open to progress and lmpl!)vement. You are magnetically attractive to others, and they recognize and accept your unique tmits. Moon opposition Uranus Something that jars you out of your routine is possible now, such as a conrrontation, unexpected change of plans, or acting on a whim, Keep your opdons open because your schedule is unlikely to materialize. Projects begun during this transit are likely to change In unexpected ways. Whether you treat unexpected changes as a disruption or as a welcome breath of fresh air will determine your mood. Some domestic upsets and upheavals are possible. You could be searcl'lng for a loophole or a way out of emotional responsibilities, and you are certainly not in a compt'omising mood. Sometimes this correlates to problems with electrical appliances, '" weather that inlerrupts plans.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Moon conj Lnct Neptune

Others would be hard-pressed to pin you down to something concrete '"formal right now. Your feelings are boundless, you are easily touched, and you are enthusiastic, perhaps exaggeratedly so. However. you are

mote easily led astl'ay and prone to disappointments. You ate easily
seduced, swayed, and in extreme cases, even cheated. You could also be the one who is deceiving or seducing! You may enjoy a reward for

your past efforts. This is the time whe<~ you could have a deja vu, a eureka of sorts. or a time when you "just know· things without relying
upon rationale or logic. You attract attention in a quiet way now. Note

lllat you may demonstrate impracticality whe<~ handling business and domestic affairs. It~ better not to wor1c against the cosmos by attempting to make something official just now.
Moon sextile Neptune
You are more compassionate. giving, and charitable under this transit. It'S a strong influence for the arts, especially photography, music, drama,

poetry, and any artistic field that appeals strongly to the emotions. You might take a trip down memory lane-a pleasant, and perhaps wistful,
one! You are more intuitive and even psychic right now. If this transit

occurs while you sleep, your dreams may be especially insight I~ or even prophetic. You are inclined to daydream and to make wishes. You might enjoy some kind of reward for your past efforts.
Moon square NeptLne

Issues from your past may come back to haunt you. or you may simply remember things that temporarily undermine your happiness. This ll'ansirs effects range from some feelings of w istf~ness or confusion to emotional chaos. Avoid m:>ney transactions or new business initiatives if you can. just for the time being, as you are unlikely seeing the whole picture. You may feel you have bee<~ deceived or misled, but self-deception is the more likely scenario. You are hitting a detour now from the middle road. In some cases, this rep<eSe<lts suffering from confusion, gossip, or backbiting. The desire to escape Is strong now.
Moon trl ne Neptune

Although this lnflue<~ce Is sUbtle. you •re likely •lltde more chanrlng. compassionate, and easily touched now. You are more vulne<able than usual, and open to outside Influences. You could be taki ng a detour away from your routine- or you could be longing for a break now. Your

AsJ>«l Oetals


imagination is enhanced, and your syrt'j)athy for others is strong. You can more confidently rely on your intuition under this influence.
Moon opposition Neptune

llut this could leave you quite vulnerable to being led astray. The desire to escape the daily routine is strong now. You could be feeling quite sleepy or lacking in willpower with this transit in effect. Be aware that you could inspire some confusion in others. and you migtt even have to deal with disappointments, deceptions, gossip, or backbiting. This Is a less than Ideal time to handle business and domestic affairs. so If you can, put these off. Impracticality is what this transit is about. so it~ best used for reflection, rest. and creative inspiration.
Moon conj ooction Pluto

You are

mor~ open

to outside influences and lllle<gies right now,

You are more given to emotional extremes, and you have an ·au or nothing" attitude. Emotional entanglements are possible now. although many of these could only be happening inside of you. Avoid an "if you are not for me. you're against me"' attitude. You could be driven now to alter your home environment, your relationships, or your business. 1 t~ a good time to quit a bad habit, as this transit supplies you with mO<e gu~ than usuaL If this transit occurs when other hard aspects also are in effect, you could become entangled in some form of power struggle.

The ability to keep your emotions on the Inside today may be a strategy that turns out to be most successful. This is a good Influence for business. obtaining Jeans, taxes. and joint finances. Your sex life or creative impulses can get a boost. Events occurring now might involve some kind of karmic repayment or benefit. You are mO<e able to lnftuence others, and you are personally popular In an understated. quiet way. You might find a lost item. find a new use tO< an old item (or even person). or discover connections to your past that help you today.
Moon square PI uto
It you can. avoid getting yourself entangled In messy, emotional struggles, as these are more likely to occur now than usual. You might get yourself Into a disagreement about finances. Changes may occur now, but they are more likely to be Internal changes. Sometimes this energy relates to dealing with endings, crises. 0< other transformations in your personal life. Negative potentials of this transit are beating a


Koow about Transt of Plantts

dead horse, wasted energies on obsessions, trying too hard to find the ,ruth", and suspecting a hidden agenda. Others might hold you at arm~
length right now, or treat you with some suspidon. They could be

displajing bouts of jealousy or holding something over your head.lntensity characterizes your relationships for the time being. Avoid mind games. and those who are playing them.
Moon trine Plutx>

This is a great period for getting organized, downsizing, or otherwise improving your home environment. Starting a new fitness routine, kicking a bad habit, or anything that requires willpower is more likely to enjoy success. You have a new, intense, emotional outlook on l ~e with the urge to get things done and to make a fresh start if necessary. Your altitude is that the old must now make way fO< the new. In some cases, a financial break comes now. a lost item Is found. 0< a new Insight Into a nagging problem grabs hold of you now. It's easier for you to employ strategy, and you tend to read between the lines rather than accept life at face value. This is a time to engage In some sort of transfO<matlon in which you weed out the bad In order to more effectively use the good.
Moon opposition Pluto

An issue from the paM may come up to haunt you now. 0< you could lose something. This Is a time when that which Is hidden has a tendency ro surface. Someone close to you might be dragging up the pasL Intensity In your personal relationships and/or some sort of Inner emotional turmoil is possible. This Is a time of emotional entanglements. You could have some difrJCulty in letting go of something, or could be dealing with people who are likewise struggling. Sexual tensions are also possible now. Avoid confrontations and lrind games.
Moon trl ne Ascendant

This is a personally popular time when you are In good spirits, don an optimistic outlook, and enjoy supporti"! people and/or circumstances. This Is a good time to start a new project 0< to start fresh In some manner. Business and domestic affairs tend to run smoothil'
Moon trl ne l\lldheaven

This is an excellent time for public relations, sales. promotion, and mar1ceting. It's also a strong period for entertaining and attending social events. ~taking connections with like·lrinded people is easier now.

AsJ>«l Oetals


Alternate I nterpn!tations of the Moon's Transits to Natal Planets and Points
Moon conjunct SUn

This Is the time of the lunar month when you gel an extra boost of physical energy, from your ego out. This allows you to carry yOUI'SeW farther and ride the crest of the wave that extra distance. Things play in your style, so you don1 have to strain. For a couple of days, you've got extra cards, so play them.
Moon sextile SUn

Compatible forces surround you and it pays not 10 make waves, but welcome the help and share the wealth. Diplomacy and consideration will get you everywhere, so be on your best behaviour and you11be in l ike Flying. Small, multiple moves are fa..,ured over big leaps, they molllt up and you go just as far.
Moon square Sun

Things are not as in tune as they night be, but resolution and progress are possible through mutual recognition and COflllromise. Impact priorities and be ready 10 give on small points In order to gain on the large ones. Competition can be strong, but it makes you stronger. and ltlis is where you earn respect and trust.
Moon trl ne SUn

The Moon is in your elemen~ and so are you. Like minds and hearts gravitate toward you - together you could rule the world. or ought to. Use this smooth energy to make big strides, conquer new ground so you11 be in ever better position when the situation is less ideal. Make lime.
Moon opposition Sun

This Is the time during the lunar month that Is closest to the •pits: Most l ikely time 10 catd1 cold, get overlooked. find yourself Ignored. Energy Is low and efforts are more ineffectual than usual - either push twice as hard or take the day off and wait for Improvement. You11 be llack In style In no time.


Koow about Transt of Plantts

Moon conjunct Moon

A good time to wind up projects. particularly emotional ones; tllis point of COifllletion bears the next month's beginnings and allows you to regear to start things up anew. Look ahead at the next few days to see

how Quidcly to reengage 01 just take a break. Consult your Lunar Return
chart to see what the next month will bring.
Moon sextile Moon

Your sense of the situation is probably pretty accurate, especially ff you're telling yourselrto let sleeping dogs lie, and allow general agreement to form without making a bid deal ot it. Exude emotional stability (or at least pretend to) and you'll find yourself brought in as expert and friend.
Moon square Moon

It may be easy to get into a debate, as there's an edge ot contentiousness upon you, but ff you do, make ~ about issues and not personalities. Your first Instinct or reaction may need refiring, so don't put your bets on the first hand you are dealt. Patience with yourself and others will reveal what cards to play.
Moon trine Moon

The Moon's got you In tune from morrlng till nool\ and well Into the afternoon. Your lnl\Jitlon Is on the mark and your reactions fit In with all around you. I rs easy to agree. and most people will, It you let them. so spread as much good will as possible. Agreement now will be a benchmark for cooperation down the road.
Moon opposition Moon

ot tile last couple ot weeks and making the best ot tile harvest Projects
should have adequate input by now and be winding toward completion, filling in details for next two weeks. The crop is out. now it's time to start lending to the harvest.
Moon conjunct Mercury

This Internal lull Moon makes you best Inclined to gather the fruits

Flashes ot Insight and solutions to problems are likely to surface In conjunction with tile general energy high during these lew days. Donl force them, just let them appear and scoop them up as you speed along, your momentum will be lost It you tarry (delay) too long. Swing your mallet l ike a polo player on tile gallop.

AsJ>«l Decals


Moon sextile Men:ury Putting in a good word on the quiet will be better than hollering. Ideas slipped into the conversation will tind automatic response and agreemerl. Low-profile exchanges will Sllowball into a general consensus

if you pur-we qliet leadership and follow yOIJr intuition. Gende feelings
illuminate the mind.

Moon square Men:ury
Disputes between head and heart can raise issues that consume a lot of time but don't aaually resolve anything. If you can't clarity things Quickly, drop the matte< and move on. Resist the Impulse to Insist- If It won't I.J'ltwist, just cease and desist.

Moon trine Mercury Head and heM go hand in hand and workable solutions are available Ill at feel as good as they work. You can put e<notions into phrases that hit the mark and get your message across in more than just words. Multilevel thinking enables you to see all sides of the issue and be a friend and helpmate to all concerned. Moon opposition Mercury
It~ a time for colMlte< intuitive solutions, so think outsi<le of the box. that Is likely where the answers lie. If It feels right, it~ probably not, so don1 jump to conclusions based on a hunch. Sat ideas and feelings back and forth and look at both sides of the issue before you reach to a final conclusion.

Moon conjunct Venus Heightened appetites (ol all sOils) are a natural this time of the month, as will be oppOIIunities to fulfill them. Pick as you would from a smorgasbord and don't chow down too heavily - the taste is what counts, volume only slows you down. Variety Is the spice. Intensity the sweetness. whatever or whocve< Is Involved. Moon sextlle Venus Small signals under the table will get you eve<ything you need without rocking the boat. A wise wink and a knowing glance will put you on the roa<l to satisfaction, when a direct request might get you put olf. 1mplled understandings and unde<stood arrangements are the tools of the momc<1t for accrued payoffs.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Moon square Vef'Js

Chasing afte< gain may give you cause to complain, as getting whaV whom you want. the desired one where and when just leads to one ~o~lication afte< another. You may have to settle for second best or

some sort of eompromi~. unless you're willing to wait and do without
and see if rt all comes together later.

Moon trine Venus

Ask and you shall receive. 'Tis the season, while it lasts (for a day or so). so if you want it, go for it. Part of it Is about intuitively knowing just what to ask for. what's really available. and who's In the mood for giving. Go wtth your feelings and you'll be surprised at what's at your command.
Moon opposition Venus
So near , yet so far away. You may find your reach exceeds your grasp, and like King Tantalus, the grapes you seek are just beyond your finge<bps. Don't strain yourself stretching, be content with what's at hand until they move closer. which they will. just keep a positive attitude, so IIley won't be sour grapes when they finally fall into your lap.

Moon conjunct Mars

A tweak of energy and an inclination to rash moves may be harnessed ~. Otherwise it~ only a opportun~ to trip over a sudden slight acceleration. Good for when i t~ hard to get going at first Eschew sudden outbursts, embrace strong passion.

to give you an extra push If you're aware of

Moon sextlle Mars

You are biking with the wind behind you. which gives you extra smooth powe< that effortlessly eats up the miles. Keep up the pace witllout straining so when it's time to take a rest or the wind changes. you'll have llle accomplishment you need under your belt. Sustain without strain for llle greatest gain.
Moon square Mars
If you find yourself being pushed into situations that tax your limits. make sure tlley're worth the energy you expend. Repetitive stress Injury, so to speak. is something you want to avoid. so do enough to get the job done properly and no more. The price of perfection may be !islocatlon elsewhe<e, so don't overdo it.

AsP«l Decals


Moon trine Mars
This is a good time to establish your physical stride at ijs best. a broad, loping run that eats up the miles of I~e. Pick a preferred pace that you can live up to, and your energy level will actually rise and your
accompll~tvnl!llts blossom. Wise.

Intuitive decisions make you fuel effidl!llt

energy to burn.

Moon opposition Mars
Resist the temptation to fly off the handle if things take an unexpected turn or your current effort is suddenly derailed. Change and negotiation will get things back on track, but blowups are harder to heal, so avoid Ill em. Things said in the heat of passion should be about passion itself l<eep it that way.

Moon con) unct Juplter A broad scope or general sweep come easier now, leave details until there~ time for them later. If you get the principle of the thing now, you can extrapolate the rest as it develops - and irs lots easier than doing it the other way around. Feelings swell, emotions rise, for a time llle heart grows another size. Moon sextllejuplter
Subtle feelings and Intangible but reliable Intuition allow Increasing buildup ol emotional communication. as plans come ever closer to realization. Slow and easy swings you along at just the right pace. there~ no hurry to completion. It will come In Its own time. Enjoy the journey.

Moon square Juplter
Resist the temptadon to overdo, physically fX emotionally, to the point of diminishing returns. It~ easy to !rip wearing seven-league boots, so U you're not steady on the first step or two, downsize or wait to proceed until you've got your balance. Your initial take will require refinement, so don't expect to score with your first shot.

Moon trine Jupiter
Somellmes you just know it's right and jump without hematlon. Right now that can put you well ahead of the game, as a good sense of what will wor1c finds something sensible to work with. The general reeling all around is that your plan Is the best one, so take advantage and move as far as you can.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Moon opposition Jupiter

Changing tides of feeling can make yoo a little uncertain of the mark, as intuitive answers alternately overwhelm the question or leave rt lligh and dry. Snap decisions are probably not a great idea, so take several

measurements bef01e you c01ne to a conclusion. By the time that'S done.
lhe waters will have quieted down.

Moon conj ooct Satum
Sudden realization of overall requirements and dimensions can give yoo a better handle on what's really. Clear demands are more easily met and you know where yoo stand when the possible and Impossible are sorted oul limitations become clear. so they become easier to woctc

Moon sextlle Satum

Showing your feelings may not be the best thing to do right now. keeping to yoorself could save yoo from unwanted entanglements. Be staunch, do not stoop to complain. and you will 93in the respect of all for your wol1dly reticeme. Se<1d requests through channels and things will flow more easily.
Moon square Saturn

Don't let negative thinking get you down - clitlclsm for its own sake is a waste of time. lack of confidence can take the wind out of your sails, so believe in yoorself even when others don1. Sail straight and ~ue through the currents of self-doobt and Ignore the sometimes jealous remarks of others who would see you give up.
Moon trl ne Saturn
If yoo follow well· marked roads your trip will be shorter and you won't get lost. Stick to the tried and true and don't experiment for the moment. Yoo'll find suppOrt from elements that might otherwise pull away. Don't rock the boat and the boat will get you where you want to go. Traditional wisdom supports you, believe In it.

Moon opposition Saturn

Sporadic slowdowns and roadblocks may interfere with your timetable, but not your final destination. Mark the shoals as you work yoor way around them so they won1 trip yoo up the next time. When yoo know your limitations, the course becomes clearer - take it as a lesson and don1 cry over spilt milk.

AsP«l Decals


Moon conjunct Uranus
The ~ch to break away from the normal path and do something radical may have to be resisted but it shouldnl be ignored. Perhaps it~ just what's needed. but only Wyou do it with decisiveness and clarity, as you probably won't be able to take it back. A peek into the unusual can be both entertaining and edifying.

Moon sextile Uranus
Small aberrations and wanderings from the main highway will get you everytlling. Explore those byways. tllere may be gold in tllem thar· llllls. Just orr the well-beaten path you11 find the scenic route where you can stake your claim ahead or the pack. In short, it's time to cash in on 111e mildly uoosual - tune into it.

Moon square Uranus
Riled-up emotions can stir up harsh words, so watch your mouth and tlllnk before you speak. Irs easy to gel Into a pointless argument. so when in doubt, agree to disagree ~ at all possible. Don11et annoying disagr..,ments get your goat - put your patience hat on and do your best to act like a saint. It's somelhlng to shoot for. anyway.

Moon trine Uranus
Taldng the unbeaten path can net you a short cut that saves time and money. so think your way out of the box and don1 be afraid to take an original leap. If you keep your feet on the ground, you can be a lightning rod for new Ideas that will go to the bank wltll your name on lhem. 1rs that ten percent Inspiration time, sublet the 90 percent perspiration to someone else.

Moon opposition Uranus
Occasional outbursts can get your •startle reflex· going and you may fee-t a bit jumpy for no particular reason. Wekome or unwelcome, surprises could be around the corner, so perk up your ears and give a listen so you won't gel taken by surprise. Those footsteps you hear might llerald welcome aid or annoying trouble.

Moon con) unct Neptune
Don't question moments of indefinite inspiration right now, trying 10 pin it down will mean simply losing It altogetller. Just proceed blltllely (merrily) onward and lei it gel in its own time, enjoy and savour the


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

feelings brought out in the process. You might want to record it or write
it down, as forgetfulness can erase your vision.
Moon sextile Neptune

One dr~am at a time, small hopes compounding to beco~ gmat expectations, that~ the road to your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. All-consuming fantasies have their place, but building possible dreams now can make the impossible one walk right in later. Dream a little dream, tor you ....
Moon square NeptLne Illusions and delusions can wear the mask of true inspiration, so ll>read your way among them to the truth and don1 fall for the first fantasy lllat comes to mind. Possibilities may evaporate as quickly as they appear, and that is for llle best- better to let them go Ill an seize <>n what will not support you. Moon trl ne Neptune

use the everyday reality around you as fuel for the Ideal world of your imagination and you11 find yourself a general inspiration to all. When hope and belief are applied hands-on to the real wo<fd, the inner self can make its mark on the outer and the stuff of dreams coming true becomes your Instrument to play.
Moon opposition Neptune

Your usual clarity may come only In fits and starts as the Inner dream world surfaces occasionally and distracts the mind while inspiring ll>e hearL If you are quick, you can use one state ol mind to draw out the other- or they can just trip each other up before elthe< really gets going. See what you can do.
Moon con) unct Pluto

An elusive fear. a shadow from a dream may creep up on you, but simply toss It off, as you're not likely to be able to pin it down. Proceed as if you were on course. and the seemingly premonitory wind will pass urlulfilled. as it was lust a memory. When you encounter a stop sign, there~ a reason for it. look both ways, then proceed.
If you trust your Instincts, they will not fall you. Oon1 bet the farm, llut small risks taken with confidence pay off. One success leads toanolller.

AsJ>«l Oetals


FOitUne unfolds one moment at a dme, and with patience builds an edifice of felicity. You can be lucky w~hout having to trust in luck.
Moon square PI uto

It can St!@m too @asy to simply push your way through. but right now you11 find that can be a losing strategy. The more you shove, the more resistance you get. It's not paranoia, but~~ not really a plo~ eithe<. Just back off and the whole problem vanishes. Take another route.
Moon trine Pluto

There's a feeling that the Force is with yOJJ. and if you lay back and let dn:umstances float your boat, it most certainly is. Simply wield away obstacles and tt>ey will crumble In your pall>. Envision what you need and it will appear for you right on time. Have faith, and you will have had reason to.
Moon opposition Pluto

Stop and go traffic is a fact of life, so don1 let it gel to you. When you just can't push through, wait a bit and things will clear ahead, then take another step. Resistance is brief but strong, so avoid small confrontations that will go away on their own. Relax. tum )'Our radio on, and blow off tt>e bumper to bumper.
Moon conjunct Ascendant

This Is a really good time of tt>e month to get nodced. so get out there and take charge. Things will generally get busier. reserve extra time on your schedule for unanticipated appointments or prolonged, profitable personal engagements. The spotlight turns up, and you're on stage- perform!
Moon sextile Ascendant

Oulet. low-profile support carries you along. It's a good time to get together with close friends or acquaintances and just socialize. Communication comes easy, and you can get yourself across without !laving to work at it. By joining In the general company, you enjoy the llenefits ol all.
Moon square Ascendant

It may be hard to take care of yourself when others at home or at work are Insisting on attention. Do what you can to burn both ends of the candle, but don't push too hard, you'll just drain yourself without


Know about Transt of Plantts

actually ocoompli shing all you want on either rrorl. Just in Ume and just enough are quite sufficient.
Moon trine Ascendant

You've got extra support if you look for it. I rs a good time to crank up your creatiloity and give birth to soml!lhing new and exdting . You can do It by your5e~. but you might find you get f!Nther ~ you draw other people into your plans and use their willing help to propel your propositions

Moon opposition Ascendant
This is a temporary hAl in the month and you can book extra time

here as there will be cancellations. The spotlight Is on others c~e to you, so be willing to play a supporting role and pass the ball on to another - it will come back soon enough. It's counterpoint time in your monthly symphony - let the other instruments fill in.
Moon coil unct lllldheaven

A really good time or the month to start wondng on getting noticed, as it will be happening or Itself from at a' Good words about you are getting around that will w011c their way directly into your life next week, so help them out where you can. Put your wares out where people can see them. and they'll snap you up.
Moon sextlle lllldheaven

Good word about you comes from places you don't e.xpect and may not even notice, but~~ there neverthl!less. Small compliments amass to build your position, and the more gracious you are about I~ the more often they will come. What begins nearby spreads alar in time, and your reputation will proceed you.
Moon square Mldheaven

Getting noticed and getting the job done may not seem to go hand in hand. as personal issues may ovenap professional obligations. Donl expect the best ol both worlds, but make sure you gl!l your piece of each. Personal and partner issues will dominate for the moment. You can pick up on the rest later.
Moon trine lillidheaven
Hea~h and wealth conspire to put you on the map, so tend your resources and they will tend you. Faness and energy is as important as

AsJ>«l Oetals


what's in your wallet, and that alone can give you the appearance of success. Malee sure the daily routine is fine-tuned and you11be hearing about it from admirers. Moon opposition Mcl\eaven
You may do well to turn your energies inward for a bit and dean tnings up on the home front Tie up loose ends, fun ill delayed prorrises. and generally pull yoursen together. You can1 make a home run if you can't see home base, so sweep it clean for that future dash to score.

Mars Transits

The transits of Ma" to planets and points in the natal chart are relatively brief influences, lasting approximately 2· 3 days. Ma" acts to energize and activate the conditions surrounding the planets and points it touches.

Mars Transits
Mars conj unct Sun

Taking action is the theme now. You may jump Into something impulsively, do something you normally don1 have the co..-age to do. or something you have always wanted to do but haven't had the chance to act out. Competitive activities are favoured. Males or traditionally masculine activities figure prominently.
Mars sextllei trl ne Sun

Taking action on an Instinctive level Is the theme now. This is a good time to do something that requires additional bravery 0< courage, as this influenoe tends to release some of your inhibitions. You are living spiritedly now. 1t's an excellent Influence for competitive acUIAUes. such as sports or business.
Mars square/ opposition Sun

You are taking things quite pe<sonally now. and something that someone says or does now can ea~ly rile you up. Challenges with those in authority or with males could figure. 1mpallence and lmpulslvC<less tend to rule. You are In no mood to compromise just now. A tendC<lcy to be more accident-prone could be due to stress or physical exhaustion.

Know about Transt of Plantts

Mars conjunct Moon
Acting upon your emotions in some manner. or taking action in your home, could figure now with the fie<y planet stimulating your emotional, o:lomestk Moon. Depending on drcumstances, there could be domestic

frlctlon, dealings with people who are frustratingly passive or Indecisive,

an invigorating project around the home, or an exciting emotional experience now. You could be especially defensive and emotional, or possessive and protective of loved ones. Acting on impulse is more likely now than usual.

Mars sextile/trine Moon
Apleasing emotional or sexual experience can be part of the picture now. Your emotions are spirited, your lust for !We is strong. and you are willing to act on a hunch. There~ nothing neutral about your feelings now, yet you still manage to come across as level-headed. This Is a good time for projects around the home. sexual activity, and anything that involves putting your heart into what you do.

Mars square/ opposition Moon

You are acting on your feelings right now, but it might get you lrto hot water. if you are not truly In touch with what you want. You are capable or some childish or Impulsive reactions during this transit. Tempers may flare, domestic squabbles are possible, and you could be feeling under the weather. If you are feeling partkularly disgruntled, this could be a good time to get In touch with what has been brewing Inside.
Mars conjunct Mercury

You are very busy and potertlally ve.y productive during this tranSit. Your ambition to complete projects, for example, is stimulated. You could be itching to express yourself, but not very receptive to others' points of view. AS such, It can be hard to carry a satisfying and healthy conversation. Others might find you too aggressive when It comes to expressing your point or view. You are also inclined towards impulsive decision-making and off the curt remarks.
Mars sextlle/ trine Mercury
It'S easier than usual for you to make quick decisions, communicate with others directly and effectively, and to make serious progress in any projects or mental wor1c now. You could be enthusiastic about a particular idea or concept. Lively conversations can figure. Your desire to solve problems is strong and your mental energy levels high. You are proactive,

AsJ>«l Oetals


and willing to put yoor idMs into action.
Mars square/ opposition Mercury

You won1 accept opposition to yo.w ideas right now. a~hough you ilre likely to @ncoult@r it. You could b@ coming on too strong w ~h your
opinions or point of view. Resist turning an intellectual debate into an

argument Remember the adage that "haste makes waste". as your tendency to make quick decisions or to take shortcuts works against you now.
Mars conjunct Venus
Sexual and creative energy is high now. You are hungry for

experience-you want to put Into action many of your wants and desires. Although you might be a little too Mger, and perhaps come across as insensitive, this could also be a time when you take the lead and make your move. You coold be impulsive with your affections and/or your pocketbook during this transit. You have an opportunity now to take the
initiative in order to achieve harmony and sexual futfillment. Social relations are iiTJiassioned, and perhaps demanding or extreme. Your romantic

impulses may be mO<e forc;,ftJ and pressing. Some level of competition i s present in your interactions with others.
Note: Mars lnlnslts have been fully cCMOred under Inner planets transits, pl ...., refer In that chapter for more -..Is.

Mercury Transits

The transits of Merc<Wy to planets and points in the natal chart are relatively brief influences, lasting approximately a day. Mercury brings objectivity and rationality to the points It touches by transit.

Mercury Transits
Mercury conjunct Sun

You are especially sharp, communicative, and open at this time. This Is because yoor wants areallgned with your thoughts. It ~ a favourable lime tor solving problems. What you say or write now has Impact, for !letter or for worsel You are likely more Interested In talking about yoursell than In listening to others. This can be a very busy, communicative, or even hecdc day.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Mercury sextile Sun

Your ideas are especially intelligent and creative now, and come from the heart Decision making comes easily now. You are e)(J)ressing yourself with strength of charact~ now, and oth~s take note of it. Your
~onfidence in what you

have to say now helps you to be well-received.

Mercury square SUn

communications cotAd frusttate you today or rub you the wro~ way. Nervous tension is possible. Avoid letti~ >OUr ego spoil your mood. Try not to read negativity into what oth~ say now. Howev~. it is more likely now than usual to hear criticism or news that makes you

Mercury trine Sun

Increased confidence in what you have to say means your "audience· receives your message. You are able to think quickly on yout feet now, and you are communicating with authority. Alternatively, you could receive important information from a superior now. Your reasoning skills are
especially strong now.
Mercury opposition SUn

You find it hard to clearly e•press yourself during this ~ansit. You might unw ittingly misrepresent yourse~ or your intentions through something you say or write. You might meet wrt:h people. or communicate with others, who don't share yout perspective. You could also feel bogged down with details, tasks, or errands.
Mercury conjunct Moon

Awareness of your emotions, as well as the need to verbalize them, comes with this transit. Verbalization can take the form of actual communication through speech or the written word with others, but it can also be an lnwnal process. Thinking about your past, feelings, and personal connections characterizes this Influence. You might make a v~l connection with a female, your mother. or a person from your past now. This lright be a good lime to discuss domestic matt~. as you are more likely to approach the topic with objectivity. It can also be a busy time with \A sits, conversations, and discoveries. Getting In touch with relatives. neighbours, and acquaintances can figure now.

AsP«l Decals


Mercury sextile and trine Moon
News that you hear now is likely to be satisfying on an emotional level. Pleasing con..,,;ations with females, relatives, neighbou,;, or people from your pas.t figure's easy to ask for what you want and get it!

El(l)resslng your wants and needs Is flowing , natural, and spontaneous
right now.

Mercury square Moon
It can be challenging to get in touch with what you want and need now. yet you are inclined towards verbalizing your feelings nevertheless. You are easily distracted right now, and news you hear can be irritating as well. This is a time when you teOO to misplace your keys, miss important phone calls, get stuck in traffic. forget appointments. and the like. It~ time to take a deep breath and attempt to focus on the "big picture" ~ you can get your mind there.

Mercury OflPOSitlon Moon
You are likely to hear news that is in opposition to what makes you feel satisfied. Conv~><Sations can be frustrating now. and you could be hype,;ensld"" to the opinions Of statements of others. This Is a dme when you don't really want to hear truths or facts. I t~ also likely that plans are upset. keys misplaced. traffic prevents you from being timely. and so forth.

Mercu ry conjunct Men:ury
This Is a time when you are bound to discover Information that you need at just the rlghttlme. l t's a strong period for objecdve obsemtlon and discussion. Your thinking Is in line with current trends. and your ideas are received well.

Mercury sextlle and trine Mercwy
This is a time when you are bound to discover information that you need at just the right tlme. lt's a strong period for objecd"" obsE!fVatlon and discussion.

Mercu ry square Mercwy
MisuOOerstandings can arise now. Disagreements on an intellectual level are quite possible. These can help stimulate you into discovering new per.;pectl..,s. You are likely very busy processing information and lllinking just now. You could be feeling quite restless now, and in the mood fOf new scenery.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Mercury opposition Mercury

You are likely to engage in a conversation witll someone who has a different perspective on matters now. You can learn from the experience if you open your mind. You could be feeling quite restless now. and in

llle roood for new scenery.
Mercury conjunct Venus

You lind yourself more socially composed than usual now.
lighthearted conversations. sociab ility, humour, and cooperation
~haracterlze this period. 1 rs a strong time lor socializing and (Ornmunlcating with ease, telling others how you feel. and negotiating.

f.'lertally, you are not as dtsciplined as usual, however. as you prefer to

with others and to think about more •pleasant" things than work. You could receive a compliment or otller pleasing communication. Alternatively. new information or knowledge learned now makes you feel good. This is a favourable transit for commerce and busines-s transactions, all things equal.

Mercury square Venus

Difficulties In social or romantic communication are possible today. Hypersensitivity and lack ot mental discipline could be Issues in the c::ircumstances you attract now. You coukl take offense at someone's ideas cor communications, as it disagrees with your values and concept of appropriate or nice behaviour.
Mercury sextile and trine Venus

It's easy to make social connections under this Influence. This trans ~ favours diplomacy. charm. social graces. negotiations. presentation of ideas, romartk overtures, teaching, business deals, publishing, commerce, public relations, and joint venllJres or partnerslllps. It could be a time when promises and clarifteations are made in tove relationships. Something you hear now, or new Information that you learn, can give you pleasure. As well, you are more able to express. your more charming or loving naMe verbally.
Mercury opposition Venus

Something you hear. learn about, or the opinion of someone could bother you and disturb your sense of balance now. You night find ~ inappropriate, 1\Jdc, or downright Irritating! Superficiality In O!hers could also be partk ularly Irritating to you. A lover or friend might offer you information or advice that you don't want to hear. Others simply aren't

AsP«l Decals


pleasing you right now. It~ not the best time for business transactions, beauty treatments, or purchases for the home.
Mercury conjunct Mar.;

This is a time of quick wit and strong mental impulses. You are especially enthusiastk and productive. You are more inclined than usual to express your desires, and perhaps what gets to your goal to as well! Your observations are sharp, but you could be inclined towards mental pressures or impatience with others who don't seem to be getting your point right away. This is a time when plans are put Into action.
Mercury square Mar.;

Mental agitation. Although you are Quick-witted now, you could also be ready to argue! Alternatively, you could be meeling with aggressive or critical people now. This could be a time when you are working under stressful or hectic conditions, as you feel pressure to get things done quickly . You are inclined to be snappy and Irritable, and you might too easily Interrupt others rather than listen. Conflicts of interest are likely to occur now. This is an unlavourable time for any kind of meedng. starting a new project and business proposals. You can be Irritable and say all the wrong things. Impulsive communications and hasty dedslon-maklng are things to watch tor now.
Mercury sextlle and trine Mars

Enthusiasm and energetic communications mental altertness occur during this transit You are productive and take "busy-ness· In stride. You are mentally alert and aware, and can easily turn Ideas Into wO<Icable projects. You can talk your way out or practically anything now. Your conversations are animated and expressive now. and spontaneous impulses tend to work for rather than against you.
Mercury opposition Mars
Haste makes waste.

Instead or listening to what others have to say, you could end up interrupting them and making assumptions. Alternatively, you could find <>thers doing the same to you. This is not a good day to make important decisions. as your thinking simply isn't clear. You could be quick on the ll'igger when it comes to verbal reactions to others, and you may seriously lack diplomacy at this time. You might find yourself doing the opposite or what you are told or what you normally think is best! Information that


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

you receive now could lead you to take a wrong turn or action. This is not the best time to take a trip.
Mercury conjunct Jupiter

You can visualize in broad@r t@RllS and see ttl@ "big picttn" now.
This could be a time when you have a strong desire to verbalize your

own goals and ideals. Travel is favoured. You are optimistic, which can help you attract positive circumstances. As well, your powers of persuasion
are particularly strong now. This is a good time to submit ideas,

applications, promotional efforts, and so forth, all things equal.
Mercury square Juplter

Information overload. It Is all too easy to miss or neglect important details under the inftuence of this transit. You may be tempted to exaggerate or overstate now. or you could have a hard time putting your ideas to practical use. Pie in the sky thinking is likely. YoU< ideas and plans may be too grandiose just now.
Mercury sextile and trine Jupiter

This Is a favourable inftuence for short trips, writing, teaching, studying, mailings, interviews, advertising and promotion, submitting applications and forms, and accurate observations. You are inclined to think positively and with growth In mind. Others tend to cooperate with you, and perhaps seek out your advice. You might receive some interesting offers now.
Mercury opposition Juplter

You may have big ideas under this irJiuence, but you may also overestimate your abilities or underestimate the situation you're In! Alternatively. the information you receive now coukf be impractical or lead you astray. Avoid Jumping Into something without planning ahead, as lmponant details are too easy to overlook right now. Also, avoid making promises you may not be able to fuWIII, and be sure to read U>e fine prinll In a search to attach greater meaning to your thoughts and Ideas, you may exaggerate, overstate, or overestimate. Others co lAd disappoint you wllh facts that run counter to your own Ideals and desires.
Mercury coil unct Satum

Your ability to concentrate and focus Is enhanced now. You could experience an increased need tor solitude In order to think or work.

AsJ>«l Decals


Travel for business purposes is possible. Thinking in realistic and practical terms, and the need for tangible results for yoiJ( efforts. are indicated. You rright receive serious news or practical advice, or engage in an important conversation. This can mark the start of a new project that involves communications. such as writing, speaking, reporting, and so forth. Whelller you have been organized in your work. or if llle systems you have been using are effective, comes up for inspection.

Mercury sextile Saturn
This is a good time to get organized. do detail work. and prepare for the future. Decisions made now tend to be practical and welllllought out. Work done now is likely to pay off in the future. Your thinking is clear and realistic under this influence. Conversations may be spare but to the point. Manifestation and achievement are what satisfy you.

Mercury square Saturn
Getting from point A to point B can be a challenge during this transit due to obstades. Communications may be blocked or delayed, and negative thinking coukl dominate at this time. Projects we thought were ~o~lete may need revision, and others could appear overly aitical, insensitive, or sarcastic. Avoid signing on the dotted line at this time. Mercury semi-square SatiJ(n. Red tape, re·doing tasks you thought you finished.

Mercury trine Satum
The day of lllls transit Is Ideal for organizing or paying atte<1Uon to serious matters. and buckling down in general. although It~ not especially "fun• or frivolous. Try to take advantage of your increased clarity and realism by applying your logical mind to solve some problems lllat might have been nagging at you.

Communication challenges today make It hard to get a point across. Delays. "red tape", and vague feelings ol forgetting Important details could tlgure now. Red tape, re·dolng tasks you thought you finished, problems getting from point A to point B. delays In communication. negative thinking. hyper-sensitivity and encountering critldsm from others-lllese are all negative possibilities of this transa. Your lllought patterns could take on a negative skew, as you think In pessimistic terms and communicate sparingly or reluctantly. It can be difficult to trust your instincts. and you might second-guess things automatically under lllls influence. You could also receive news or lrlormatlon lllat makes you

Koow about Transt of Plantts

tense or goes against yoor goats.
Mercury conjunct Uranus

Expressing your more "Way-out• or 111conventional opinions comes naturally to yoo now. The ability to grasp intellectual concepts is high right now. Your intuition is spot-on, and you tend to have the right idea at the right mome~ . Yoor sen~s may be overloaded, however. to the point that you are S<:atter-brained, impulsive, nervous. or impatient It ~ too easy to go off on tangents rather than conce~rate on one task at a time now. If channeled well, however, your ideas are inventive, original, progressive. and unbiased.
Mercury square Uranus

This is a time when you can have flashes ollnslght but yoo also
tend to be scatterbrained. Your ideas and comi'I'"K.Inkations may not be

well-received- perhaps others think they are too hair-brained, inconslste~. or simply not traditional enoogh. Your ll'ind Is neither peaceful

nor harmonious under this influence, and irritable tempers. sarcastic
speech, and dogmatism are negative expressions of this energy. whether

yoo are meeting these things in others or expressing them yourself. It ~

e challenge to deal with routine matters or monotonous tasks under this

influence. TaSks may be left undone or Interrupted. Tl'ls Is not a good time to be understood, so you may wa~ to hold off presenting your Ideas for the time being.
Mercury sextlle and lrlne Uranus

This Is an opportune time to go to meetings or other O'ljanlzed group activities, to communkate online. and to take part In activities involving computers. science. or mel<\ physics. Unexpected gains may be
realized ttvough such mediums. Your intuition is strong, and insights

seem to come from ·out of the blue·. Original, creative Ideas are easy to (Ome by now, and progressive conversations can take place.
Mercury opposition Uranus

Under this inltuence, you are easily distracted. Your communications may get lost or are misunderstood. Disagreements with others are quite possible. It's not a good time to prese~ an argume~ or an Important idea. You can have flashes of insight, but tend to be S<:atterbrained. Your
mind is neither peaceful nor harmonious under this influence, and irritable

tempers, sarcastic speech, and dogmatism are negative expressions or Ill is energy. 1tIs difficult to get a point across w~hout rubbing people the wrong way or misrepresenting yoor~ unw~tingly. Uncertainty reigns

AsJ>«l Oetals


today. Avoid making hasty dedsions that yoo will later regret You could be impulsive. disOI'ganized. or oore<:eptive to pra(tical advice now.
Mercury conjunct NeptLne

Your intu~iV@ mativity is stiiTtllated under this influence. You might
get insights into your own mind anci/Of into others' behaviour. Conscious

reasoning can be distorted by subconscious matter. however. so ~oncentrating on cold hard tacts can be challen~ng. Daydreaming.
visualization. and prophecy are stimulated. Communications may be

unclear. vague, 01' downright confused. You could be subje<:t to de<:epUon. Avoid signing contracts under this Influence.
Mercury sextile Neptune

lntuttion runs high now. You are more sensitive artistically, your
imagination is stirred. and you have an increased appreciation for

subtleties. You are inspired and able to inspire others with your words. Your thinking is fanciful now. As such. this is a good time for artistic or literary projects.
Mercury square Neptune

You are not thinking clearty just now. preferring perhaps to daydream cor inclined towards overly fanciful thinking. Technical facts can be glossed over at this time. It's not a good dme to make a presentatiOI\ to ask for
what you want, or to formalize agreements. You could find it hard to

follow facts, directions. and instructions. You might question facts altogether or avoid being pinned down for answers. This Is a poOl' dme for major decision making and for signing on the dotted line.
Mercury trine Neptune
Imagination and intuition run htgh, and invotved in decisions made

today. Yoo might find that yoo are in the right place at the right time. or that you get the lnfOI'matlon you want almost •magically". This transit favoors the arts. poetry. fiction. spirituality. advertising. and prOI'notlon. You might feel lazy on a mental level. or you prefe< COilV!lunlcatlng on more sUbtle levels.
Mercury opposition Neptune

Indecision or uncertainty could plague you today. The desire to daydream Is high. and often at the expense of productivity and clear communication. You could be mentally lazy. finding that your mind wande<s when presented with te<:hnlcal facts. It~ hard to get solid answers


Koow about Transt of Plantts

from oth~rs. and you can too ~asily misrepr~s~t your~lf. Avoid signing ~ontracts or formaliling agr~ments for the time being.
Mercury conjunct Pluto

You may uncover valuable information or gain understanding under ltlis influence. Thoughts, ideas, and comroonications are more intense and focus~ . You are more able-and motlvat~-to f ind hidden meanings and to cut to the cha~. Efficiency and relevancy be<ome important. Your mind is investigative and probing, and you may be determined to reveal t ruths. Your p~rsuasive powers, strategic thinking, and observational skills lncrea~. Superficial conversations, connections, and topics have little appeal to you now.
Mercury sextlle Pluto

You poss~ more insight and psychological ooderstan<ing than usual during this transit. You ar~ willing to look beyond the surface ol things and Investigate matters In more depth. Perhaps more Importantly, you are more patient and strategic in your decision-making. A revealing conversation or connection to someone could figure now.
Mercury square Pluto

This Is a time wh~ your mind Is more suspicious and perhaps ne9ative. You could find that mistrust dominates the day- whether this is something you ~t In others or deal with In your own thinking patterns. For exampl~. you might b~ given the third degre~. or you could badger someone yourself! This transit oft~ brings some level ol mental str~ and pr~ure. Avoid the tend~ to read betw~ the lines with a 0e9ative slant. as It Is bound to only stir up trouble.
Mercury trine Pluto

You find that your mind can easily tune in to different levels of awareness right now, and the result can be increa~ insight, psychological understanding and awareness, and focus~ attention. You are more patient and strategic In your decision-making than usual. A revealing conversation or connection to someone could figure now. A piece of information can arrive now that helps you to see things more clearly.
Mercury opposition PlutD

Something you write or say could trigger power struggles or hostility from others under the influence of this trans~.l<eep in mind that decisions made now are unlikely to be objective, so you might want to hold off on

AsJ>«l Oetals


important decision-making for the time being. Re-assessing decisions yoo have made already. or adjusting your plans, may be in order. Secondguessing figures now. This transit can manifest as a complAsive need to talk, question. or even badger. You might be given (or give) the third degree. On the othe< hand. it could also bring aboot a strong desire to w~hhold information. Obsessive tl'inking, atte<npts to persuade othe<s to think like you do. insisting on knowing the •truth• or on exposing falsehoods, making mountains out of molehills- these are the more unpleasant possibilities. Uncovering important information or engaging in revealing and profound conversations or investigations are the mOfe positive ways or managing this somewhat tense energy.
Mercury col\! unct Ascendant

This is a period of heightened verbal ab ility or increased convnunications. You might be a litde more assertive or more able to verbalize yoor ideas and thooghts. You could be thinking a lot aboot taking action on something important to you. Your mind is especially alert and yoo could be particularly busy running e<rands. taking short ltips, networking, negotiating, or corresponding.
Mercury sextile Ascendant

Tl'is is a strong period for handling details. writing, speaking, mailing, and mental pursuits. Your ideas are well~received. your mind is alert, and you can easily and quld<ly grasp Information now.
Mercury square Ascendant

News or Information yoo receive now could be frustrating, or conve<sations with othe<s make you tense. You might be asked to do a favoor that you don't want to do or you could feel overloaded with tasks and errands now. It's more likely than usual for you to make mental errors. and nervoos tension is quite possible now. What you say or write could be misinterpreted. or yoo could find it hard to verbalize what it is yoo want. Yoor thoughts could be all over the place, and It can be hard to concentrate on any one partlrular task.
Mercury trfne Ascendant

Yoo could be pleasanUy busy now. conversing nod socializing, writing or speaking, and handling details. It~ easlernow than usual to verbalize exactly what you want Others appreciate what yoo have to say and your ideas and Ol)lnlons are received exactly as you Intended them.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

Mercury opposition Ascendant

Reaching out to others on a mental level figures now. Negotiations are in order, and you might feel a strong need for feedback from a significant other or special friend.
Mercury coil unct Mldheawn

•A time when you can put your practical insights into wO<ds and to others. Communication with authO<ity figures is enhanced now. Clarifying your ne>d step or consulting with someone who is in a position to help you professionally is on the agenda. This is an excellent time to attend an impoltant meeting, seminar. conference, or class, and any endeavour involving corrwnunications, sales, or teaching is especially favoured. You could even be on the local news or get a b ~of local publimy, especially if you are seeking lt.
~onvey them

Mercury sextile Mid heaven

•Good practical job-related thoughts and ideas. The ability to conmunicate with superiors or describe what you see. This is a good time for planning for the future, for this transit presents opportunities for advancing your worldly affairs through new enterprises, good (OilYllunlcative self-expression, swdy, or travel.
Mercury square Mldheaven
•You may not be abJe to keep your mind on your job or whatever you·re doing just now. 1 t could be hard to make good job-related decisions. This Is a period of extrovelted mental and communicative activity In worldly affairs. However, there Is a danger of being caught up In your own personal ideas. You do not listen to anyone else~. and this could lead to disputes. There is trouble in connection with correspondence, writing, literature, travel, relatives, solicitors, el.c. Problems In professional and dO<nestic life, even ninor damage to your reputation. could be caused by meddlesome family members, friends, or dishonest people.

Mercury trine Mldheaven

·Good practical job-related thoughts and Ideas. The ability to collYllunlcate with suporlors 0< describe what you see. Clarity, objectiv•ly. end a smooth flow of communication makes this an excellent time to reach a decision and/O< tell others of a decision you've come to. Ideas (Orne flooding In now. too, and you're able to assimilate all kinds of new information. Allleamlng, teaching, 0< Intellectual activities ore favourod.

AsP«l Decal s


Mercury opposition Midheaven
•communication, particularty with superiors or authority fi9ures. could prove troublesome. You may not Ill ink like they do or may find that your thoughts even run opposite to theirs. Your thoughts may be mOte

on home and family. Intelligently oroariling. planning. or taking care of
correspondence would be wise nrm. The more uncluttered and systematic you are, the more good ideas, decisions, and directions can emerge. Speaking with a parent or elder and getting !heir perspective. or working something with them. is also useful now.

Jupiter Transits

Jupiter takes approximately 12 years to come full drtle. Therefore. every 3 years or so. Jupaer will transi t conjunct square. or opposite a natal point. When that natal point is an intensely personal planet or point (such as the Sun. Moon. Ascendant, ~lercury, Venus. or Mars), we feel its effects in a similarly personal way. Jupiter transits perhaps receive more positive press than they deserve, as Ulose ol us who have waited for Jupiter to transit conjunct our Sun can attest. Why? Because If we walt for Jupiter to bestow us with wondetf\JI gifts, we are sure to be disappointed. What Juplter does i s to Infuse us wllh lhe license to dream, to hope, and to feel goed about ourselves. Jupiter is an Influence that acts to expand and enlarge our personal l andscapes. Jupiter transits allow growth and expansion of consciousness i n1101vlng the conditions and natures of the hOuses and planets Involved. Our confidence and level ol Joy Is Increased In these areas of life, and we feel motivated to improve or gain in these areas of life. These are times In otK lives when we feel a little more free and confident, and when we are not as aware of restraints. Problems arise when we overdo, and are so confident that we Ignore reality and don't tl'lnk of consequences. However. just as we need Saturn to remind us that we need to budcle down, we also ne<!d Jupiter to remind us that we won't get very far. if we don't believe In ourselves. Juplter acts to expand. and It gives us hope and enlhuslasm. 1t can also make us feel ralher restless or overconfident. Jupae< is the planet of possibilities and it offers us promises. Whether these promises are realistic is somelhlng to consider seriously. However. Jupiter Is a Jovial Influence,


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

and we all need that kind ol energy from time to time! When Jupiter transits a natal planet it gives that part of our personality a boost,
reminding us that we may have been underestimating our capabilities. It

invites us to have some faith in ourselves and our abilities. Remember always that 1 upiter transits is to benefit us to the utmost. we need to grab opportunities. We cannot wait for things to happen to us. At the same time, we roost be aware ol the potential for overdoing, tor glossing over details to feed our optimism.

Jupiter-Sun Transits

Jupitertransits conjunct SUn
This Is a highly touted aspect, but much will depend on the condition <>f the Sun at birth. If the Sun is challenged natally, Jupiter transiting conjunct the Sun may bring about some opportunities, but they may not be easy to grab unless you have built your self.confidence before the transit occurs. Sometimes, unexpected windfalls come during this transit, but don't count on il Reasonable investments are generally favoured at Ill is time, but it~ a good idea to factor in the condition of the natal Sun, as well as the nature of other transits occurring at the same time. If the Sun Is challenged, you may not have the best judgment at this time. It~ an excellent time to start new long·term projects. You night find that you feel more vital, corlident, and optimistic about the future at this time. It's a good time to resolve conflicts. Events may give your ego a boost and you could be feeling quite vital and alive. T ake advantage of Ill is by promoting yourself or putting yotXSelf •out there·. As you prepare tor this transit, consider whether you want to begin a new long· term project, and try to launch It at the time of the transit (assuming all other tllingsare equal). Ego gra!Uication is the theme of this transit. This is the start of a ·new you· - a more confident and faithful person. look for leo in your natal chart, as the Sun rules leo, and this is an area of life that will be directly affected by the transit (In addition to the !louse where the transit actually takes place).

Jupltertranslts sextlle SUn
This can bean excellent time for financial transactions. making plans conflicts with others, and boosting your self·confidence. You may be feeling partlcularty vital and confldenL and this Inner ·sunniness· can bring Its rewords.

tor the future, making Investments. resolving

AsP«l Decal s


J upitertransits square Sun
There may be a tendency to wasteflllness during this tran~t. as well as faufty decision-making due to over·optimism or arrogance. Avoid maldng any large purchases during this transa, as you might find that

onee )upitet passes, you didn't really need tile Item. )upitet is infusing you with a boost to your ego at this t ime, and ~ is up to you how to
handle it.

jupltertransltstrlne sun
This transit represents considerable opportunity. You are likely to feel very good at this time, and reasonably confident. This Is a time to find wa~ to improve yo IX life and your satisfaction from life. Resolving conflicts with others is favoured. and you do come across in a mDfe favourable light than usual . It~ generally a good time to Invest. J uplter Is giving your ego a boost, and it's likely a n>Jcll-needed boost. New vlslor.s of the future and new inspiratior.s are likely to come along with this transit

Jupiter transits opposite sun
You might fall victim to wasting opportunities. time, or resources when transiting J upitcr opposes your natal Sun. Generally, this transit is a "feel·good" transit. You are likely to be feeling quite powerful and <>ptimlstlc. The problem with the transit Is that you might over-reach as a result of these Inflated feelings of Importance. This need not be the case at all. In fact you might find that you receive a mucll-needed boost to your ego at this time.

Juplter- Moon Tl'anslts
J upitertranslts tn the Moon
Directly affect the feelings, the public Image, and personal popularity. During these transits, you are espedally aware ol what you need to feel secure. You may tend towards self-Indulgence, and you may encounter issues surrounding your need to commit versus your need to be free. Problems from your past may re·surface. You are likely to want to Improve your domestic affairs and relationships.

Jupitertransitsconjunct Moon
You may be looking to improve your home life and domestic affairs when Jupiter transits your Moon. At the root of this is a desire for mDfe


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

security and a stronger home base or foundation. This is a frie<ldly trans~ period when you may find yourself more amiable and personally popula' Take advantage ol this time by resolving conflicts with others in your personal circle. It could be a good time to buy a home or to change residence, although you might be indined to want the biggest and the best horne w ~h the way you are feeling at this time! What does the Moon rule in your chart? Look to the house(s) of your natal chart with Cancer on the cusp for areas of your life where Jupiter is acting to expand. LOok to planets in Cancer in your chart to see other parts of your personality that) uplter Is now Infusing with optimism.

Jupiter transits sextile Moon
Your sense of humour is improved, your ability to derive pleasure from life is augmented, and you come across as coosiderably more friendly and popular during this transit Follow your heart, expand your personal circle, spice up your home, and improve your close relationships.

J upitertransits square Moon
You might be feeling somewhat dissatisfied with your domestic
environment or your personal circle at this time. or you might be dealing

with personal issues that tug you in two different directions: to comrrit, or to be freel Avoid the tendency to splurge or to pamper yourself tor no other reason except to tame your moodiness. Putting on weight is one possibility of this transit, but awareness of the roots of your dissatisfaction can go a long way to preventing d1e addition of more debt or pounds to your life and to your body. What you all! really looking to do is to expand your emotional life with joy and pleasure, and d1e best way to find satisfaction is to weed out what is malclng you 111happy on a spiritual level.

Jupiter transits trine Moon
You might be feeling quite personally popular and well-received by others at this time. It Irs not Immediately apparent to you, dig deeper and appreciate your relations with your family and dose friends. Good will and optimism charocterlze this period of time. Because they don't always coincide with specific external events. )up~cr trines to personal planets might go unnoticed. However, It you know this transit Is coming, be aware that your faith In yourself and others at 1111s time can be especially rewarding and personally satisfying. Use this time to resolve conflicts with others, as you are bound to be well-received with your sincere and

AsJ>«l Oetals


warm demeanour. Do something to improve your domestic I W~whether it~ simple re-decorations or enjoying family outings.
J upitertransits opposite Moon

Depending on your charactf!f and life situation, you might be fl!f!ling especially optinistic or emotionally self·indulgent during this transit Some of us experience swings from optimism to self-pity. Problems rooted in llle past and with family and early childhood are apt to surface dUring lllis period, and productivity may be adVersely affected as you nurse your wounds. There can be a tendency to put on weight or to be financially extravagant. I I this is the case, recognize that ~·s a sign that you are looking for emotional satisfaction in the wrong places. You may be Questioning the amount of support you are receiving from others, but be aware that your judgment on this matte< is likely skewed. You might be setting others up on some level to prove to yourself how unsupported you are. Weall need to feel emotionally supported. and this transit makes us more aware of that need. I deal handling olthis transit is fating what it is you feel is lacking in your life-that which Is causing you to feel unhappy. The fact is, if you choose to reach out to others at this time, it i s more likely than not that they will be receptive to you, as long as you sincerely wa nt them to be.

Juplter- Mera1ry Transits
Jupiter transits lXI Mercury

Stimulate and expand your curiosity, and offer the opportunity for growth through learning, self·promotion, and increased chances to get your ideas across. You are more alert than usual to possibilities, and your curious spirit Is aroused. You begin to tl'lnk In big ways. You feel more confident of your capacity to communicate and of your intellectual capabilities.
J uplter transits cor4 unct Mercury

This Is a time when your usual way ol thinking and seeing the world Is lrlused with a grandeur, bigger perspective. You see the big picture now, but be careful that it Is not at the expense of critical details. Details may be glossed over. and you may tend towards over-optimism at this time. This transit presents an excellent opportunity to grow mentaiO( and i ntellectually. Learn evel)lhlng you can. Your Ideas may be appreciated more than ever, so be sure to get your Ideas across and put them •out Ill ere·. You might receive some great news, or deliver ll As long as you


Koow about Transt of Plantts

don't overdo a. this is a great time to sell yourself, to sign pape<s, make decisions, deliver speeches. and to buy and sell. Your positive attitude l ies at the heart of this opportune time. You may be fl!<!ling mentally restless-conside< that restlessness as a signal that your mind is primed to learn more. If you are fl!<!ling nervous. you may have your finger in too many pies. What does Merwry rule in your chart? Look to the houses ol your natal chart with Genini and Virgo on the cusp for all!as of your life where Jupiter is acting to expand. Look to planets in Gemini and Virgo in your chart to see other parts of your personality that Jupa.r is now
infusing with optimism.

J upitertransits sextile Men:ury
This is a time when you have an opportunity to learn things that will expand your vision, improve your business or business dealings, and boost your confidence. It~ generally a good time to buy and sell, sign contracts, and promote yourself and your ideas. Your life may feel a little easier as you now entertain mOfe pJeasant and inspiring thoughts. and your communications are well-received. You may find that you are Inspired to do more and to be more. Take advantage of this opportunity to put your best foot forward and to learn something that will benefit your worldng life and your personal relationships.

Juplter transits square Mercury
If you are now encounte<ing some problems In your communications with others, It may be because you are not listening very well. Likewise, if your business dealings are frusuating at this time, it could be because you are not seeing the trl!<!s fO< the fO<est. Try not to gloss over critical details, and don1 jump Into anything without first considering the consequences. This may be an extremely busy time for you-the phone i s ringing off the hook, you feel sllghdy behind In what you're doing, and you feel somewhat overwhelmed by all o1 the activity around you. With everything that is going on around you, it can be hard to keep track of everything.

Juplter transits trine Men:IWY
Take this opporl\Jnlty to learn something new. You are able to corrmunicate your ideas effectively at this time, and it's a favourable lime to promote yourself. Your attitude is generally positive. Your interests are increased, and you are mentally busy during this period.

AsJ>«l Decals


Jupiter transits opposite Mercury
This may point to a time when a particular plan or business deaV project that you started six years earlier is rulminating Of "bearing fruit", This could also be a time when )'lu are prone to making miscalrulations

based on an ai'Oidance of critital details.

Jupiter- VeRJS Transits
Jupitertransits to Venus
Stimulate your desires to share pleasures with significant others and witll friends. They urge you to find enjoyment in )'lur me through leiwre activities and/or romance. You may want to acquire new material goods as well.

Jupiter transits conjunct Venus
You have a strong urge to socialize and to improve your eojoymeot col life through leisurely activities and romantic connections during tllis transit. You might find yourself feeling lazy with regards to work and business matters, preferring to enjoy and indulge yourself. On tile other hand, you night pour a lot of energy into creative activities and hobbies. and If )')U happen to love your work or do creative work, til en you might find this a particularly busy and satisfying time. Otherwise. you might want to schedule a vacation at this time. You might end up spen<ing too much money on frivolous items. This shouldn't be a problem. unless you are already In debt, because pampering yourself at tills Ume Is In O<de<. Overdoing it might be a sign that you are looking for satisfaction in the wrong places. however. A new relationship is possible witll this transit. likely because you are mO<e open to the possibility, and more sociable, lllereby Increasing your opportunities to meet r.ew people. This tronsit stimulates your desire to socialize, kick back and enjoy yourself. and to reach out to others.

What does Venus rule In your chart? Look to the houses of your natal chart with Taurus and Ub<a on tile rusp for areas of your life where Jupiter is acting to expand. Look to planets in Taurus and Libra In your chart to see other parts of your personality til at Jupiter Is now infusing with optimism and the urge for more.

Jupltertranslts sextlle Venus
This transit may pass you by largely unnoticed. save fO< feeling rather friendly and sociable and a bit lazy. However. If you plan fO< It, you


Koow about Transt of Plantts

might want to grab the opportunities of the positive energies generated. Eltj)and your social circle or simply make sure yoo get out there. Why?
You are rrore friendly than usual. and you come across in a better , ight"

Cln a social and romantic level. You have the opportun~y to make a good impression, so schedule an Interview, ask for that raise. or make time for social activities. 1t may be subtle, but your demeanour is more friendly and sincere than usual. You are that much more charming and you are feeling generous as well. I tis also possible Ill at you will attract money at ll>ls time.
Jupiter transits square Venus

Overindulgence is the theme of this transit. Your desire for pleasure
increases dramatically, and you are likefy to overestimate your ability to

indulge and gel away with iU You may also come across as insincere or superficial at this time. You may overspend or overeat-both symptoms of your inner restlessness. It can be hard to focus on your responsibilities at this time due to a desire to spoil yourself with pleasurable activities. Yoo need to exercise some moderatioo at this time.
J upltertranslts trine Venus

You are feeling generous and romantk during this transit. This positive attil\Jde can help you attract positive experiences and situations. Yoo are very creative, and your social life Is activated or enhanced. Jupiter Is acting to expand your desire for pleasure. romance. and material goods as well. This Is a favourable time to start a new endeavour. especially <lne that Is Intended for profit (unless. of course. there are ollie< serious afflictions). This Is also a favourable time to start a new relationship. The cmly potential problem associated with this transi t Is the tendency to be a little too carefree and to pass opportunities away with an overly optimistic attitude. Keep yoor eyes open to potential opportunities.
J upltertranslts opposition natal Venus I

This is not a good influence. atthough being an aspect between two lleneflclal planets, its power for Ill is slight. It will, however. tend to cause some loss. whether financial. through travel or throogh dealing with religious people. Those who have inlluence in the soci al world will not be
well disposed to you at this time; you should take care not to come irto

conflict with superiors or those who are in any way connected willl the l aw. This is not a good aspect for domestic affairs. or for any relatlonsl'lps that may be formed at this time. It is likely to cause some sort of
disappointment or some temporary loss aOO drtficulty: someone to whom

yoo are attached will probably go abroad or will have some important

AsJ>«l Decals


engagement that will cause a separation while this Influence is in operation. It is not, on the whole, a good influence lor pleaS<Jre; in tact
there is usually a mixture of pleasure and sorrow combined under this

aspect However. with care it will not artec:t you seriously.

Jupltet'-Mars Transits
Jupiter transits to Mars

Stimulate your drive, motivation. passions. and assertive powers.
J upitertransits conjunct natal Mars
Your energy levels and your competitive spirit expand with this transit. Be cautious of immoderation at this time, espedally if your natal Mars is

afflicted. Overestimating your abilities Is p05sible. However. It some level or moderation is employed at this time. this is an excellent time to gather physical activity is a possibility. At this time. you are drawn to traditionally male qualities and strength. You may attract people who symbolize these energies to you, and/or you may develop your confidence and courage
at this time. You do things in big ways, and your libido is increased. Positive thinking can work very r'l"' in your favour. You expect to win, and this attitude can go a long way towards getting what you want the courage to start something new or erterprising. Taking up a new

"Physical energy and stamina are very high now. You reel energetic and enthusiastic. and you go alter challenges with gusto. You have a positive ·can do" attitude that enables you to accomplish much more now than Is usually possible. In athletic activities, your extra boost or energy causes you to excel.
J upitertranslts sextile natal Mars

Yoor spirits are high d\Jring this transit. You enjoy healthy competition, you reel strong, and you are more straightlorward than ever. You are 11ungry tor a bit ot adventure. There may be an opportunity presented to you through a male acquaintance. Your powers ot assertion are wong at lllls time, but they go over well with others. You are dynamic at this time, and It's a good Idea to recognize opportunities and seize them. ·work and career matters work out well now, particularly where cooperation and teamwor1c are required. Successful collaboradon on a project, coordination with other agencies or companies. and successfully reaching agreements on plans and goals are likely to occur now. Partnerships or agreements entered Into now will work out well tor both parties.


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

J upitertransits square natal Mars You may be overconfident at til is time. Success and progress can be llad during tllis transit but only if you apply moderation to your efforts. Don't force anything or anyone. It is too easy to come across as

lllreatening or ovl!lbearing at this time. You are restless inphysical terms
life. but you may have a hard time satisfying your urges. You may find yourself to be more adventurous on a sexual level. Be extra cautious wtth regards to physical risks. Accidents are certainly not a given during this transit, but they are more likely than usuaL Your restlessness can lure you into reckless situations. •You are bold. daring. and enterprising during this time. You feel llemmed In by present circumstances and feel an uncontrollable urge to enlarge your vistas. Your restless need to accomplish more and break free of present I irritations may inspire you to seek a new job, look at new places to live that offer more opportunkies. increase adVertising of products that you mancet. or peruse business opportun~les In your local area. Jupiter transits trine natal Mars You feel more confident til an usual. and you have a dynamic energy that should be hamessed and directed into something productive. This is a "lucky" time for you (all things equal). although the good energy you attract is most likely due to your own positive expectations. Be aware of opportunities that may present themselves at this time. possibly from a male acquaintance or witll regards to travel, business. or physical activities. Your competitive spirit is high, but It's a non-grating kind that goes over well with otlle<s.
•Positive developments in career, business, and professional pursuits are likely at this time. A promotiOI\ salary raise, or an opportun~y to advance in career may present Itself at this time.
and with regards to your desire nature. You are looking for more from

J upltertranslts opposition natal Mars An Inner restles5<1ess can dominate this period In your life. What you do with this extra energy Is very much up to you. You may find yourself spinning your wheels. simply because circumstances are such that you have too many desires and not enough outlets or energy to obtain them. Sexual energy Is variable. and adventurousness In general is felt. However, be aware that you will have a tendency to overestimate your abilities. Be cautious with regard to puUing yourself at physical risk, as accidents are more likely at this time. Avoid the tendency to boast or

AsP«l Decals


to com~ on too strong, as you may ~nd up rubbing important pro pi~ in your l~e the wrong way.

raise. If you are self·employed, you may win a contract or a new
opportunity may open up for you at this time.

• A project or interest of yours comes to a critical c<Arrination at this time. If you are employed there is an exceUent possibility of receiving a

Jupiter Transits Jupiter
Jupiter transits conjunction Jupiter

Jupiter conjunction Jupiter occurs after Eleven or T welve years of It is a period of growth and prog<ess. During this period you (an e><pect sudden windfalls, great w~alth or luck and all kinds of good opportunities. Meeting with people can be gainful and may change your outlook for good. You can be more demanding or more giving toward others. Good persons will come into your l~e giving feelings, you of more freedom and doing things which you have done earlle<.

This conjunction fost~r optimism, happiness and pl~asant relationships, one is trusted and liked. tnte<est in education will be increased, chance to travel and financial gain. An excellent time for investments, elC!)andlng business but avoid overdoing and overtendlng yourself. Travel for pleasures.
J upltertranslts sextlle J uplter

All your affairs will go smoothly and wlth·out much efforts. A dme to relax. Gain and growth In professlon, business and In your social life. Success In hOPes and desires. Good time for education and for travel too. Relations with superiors wilt be good. A favourable time for your achievements, business transactions, contract or negotiations. You can safely expend your business. Legal affairs will be in your favou< tn short, achievements, materially, phitosophkally and intellectually are indicated. Harmony In relationships good for education.
J upltertranslts square J uplter

Be careful about finances, and spending as the<e Is a tendency to excess, you are likely to spend without thinking, the finandal pinch you will experience latt~r on. Ther~for~ do not mak~ over commitments. DO not ove< ~stlmat~ t~ fore do not mak~ over commitments. Do not over estimate t~ resources at your disposal. This will be a ffiJitliJitransit W you take care of all these things. your affairs will then go right. OVer


/Cft(}w about Tra~~st of Planets

estimation of seff importance can lead you to arrogant behaviour and inftated pride. If you keep sense of proportion, the transit will give you good luck and greater power to achieve your desires and objects. Over l!lptimistic, seff indulgence and easily take<> in.

jupltertranslls trine jupiter

see the affairs with quite point of balance. A good time for making long
r-ange projects and plans and to reorgranise. You can gain new perspectives through edUcation and travel or taking part in group actMUes. Analyse your Ideas and goals for their completion. In case there Is any tension in your mind or you are in \<lived in any movement a good time to take positive action for success. You will be ha~ng sense of relaxation and doing nothing then this transit will pass without doing an)thing in particular. Favourable for travel for relaxing, pilgrimage and education. A Period of good luck and ease. Many advantage and resources to do jobs. Good for education and favourable for legal dealings. The<efore use this period for doing something constructively as you will succeed In your efforts and Plans.

This is a Time of optimism and positive thinking in your life and to

J upitet' transits opposition Jupiter
A Period of confidence and doing anything you will feel optimistic but do not be over confident. There will be many time consuming projects (Omlng to you at once, which can be quite advantageous If you handle them with confidence. It can be a period of resUessness. Conflict with autlwities are possible. Even if you are careful to follow the rules as your officers are under impression that you being over ambitious or you want too much and they may stop you from getting anything flrthe<. Confront them directly and try to make them understand that this is not correct. you will succeed. This transit stirs up opposition. the other person having power or pull may cause a lot of trouble for you. You can avoid all with care and restraint to gain financlalll' This transit can make you either extremely extravagant or extremely successful In such matter. depending upon your handling. Extravagance, Insincere, naivete, over (Onfldent and unfavourable for gambling.

Juplter·Satum Transits
Jupltertranslts to Satum
Test the balance betwee<> your desire to grow and to expand, and your awareness of your personal limitations. You become more aware of

AsP«l Decals


copportunaies, and your desire is to grow, but at the same time you are reminded that there are limitations to what you can do.

J upitertransits sextile saturn
Jupiter's sextile to Saturn ma~es one cautious, fearful. melancholy cor grave, fond or agricultural pursuits, mines, quarries or anything relating to digging In earth by which you will gain when Jupiter be the significatoc If Saturn be weak, one will become covetous. not fortunate, though one often gains through purchasing land or house and through law suits by legacies or by his lather or by llle favour of okJ man. They learn traditiOflal, religious or philosophical beliefs and obse<Ves ethkal standards. It is definitely a period or expansion and growth. Through a careful and pragmatic point of view, everything done should be with prudence and caution. You are neither idealistic nor conservative. oriented to w0f1c and duty. Proceed carefully in financial investment lor gain. So good opportunities In business lor expansion also but do it continuously.

Jupiter transits square Satum
Adjustments in your life will be made during this period, separating yourself from persons or circumstances that are doing no good to you. You will change many standards of behaviour and morality. You may experience tension during this process but it will be to your advantage. Select your advisors carefully. Feeling restless and uncertain do not do anything in hurry. Be careful about your finances. Changes In job will be ~r good and beneficial. Decision making w1 11 be difficult.