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Is This All

Is This All

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Published by Walter Rhett
Things that go wrong, with humor. #Politics
Things that go wrong, with humor. #Politics

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Published by: Walter Rhett on Sep 09, 2013
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Is This All?

It takes the spotlight to bring people to peer into the darkness--it's never either or. What has changed--a favorite interrogative of New York Times commenter, Rima Regas--is, that at all levels, from city to state to federal, the country is stuck. A morally corrupt mayor takes a 2 week course and refuses to resign, rape is redefined, a candidate forces himself on us against our will; groups inform Reps and Senators they will be defeated for compromising; states reject expanding healthcare--one official in GA is caught on tape bragging about how he lies! The same folk who ignore popular opinions about background checks for guns, are suddenly reading polls about enforcing a century-old prohibition against the use of chemical agents. If we stop using our domestic thorns (think: Chicago!) as an excuse to do nothing, we could seize an opportunity to fix both with clarity and courage.

By Walter Rhett We have neighbors who hang empty chairs from trees (my dog on the roof!), symbolic of lynching, which, of course, is denied--and calling a 9 year-old a scatological name is defended as free speech. Corporations are people and those who steal pensions from real people are job creators and job creators like Apple with $180 billion in cash (more than the GDP of all but 50 countries!) manufacture overseas, and the retail giant with $16 million profit puts out a model budget for its workers that doesn't include heat! North Carolina's "small govt-no vote" legislature is embroiled in a fight with Charlotte over its airport, owned by the city for 75 years. They are coming for Asheville's water system, too! Strom Thurmond provided more jobs for blacks than Tim Scott. Robert Smalls would call that a loss. Shine on, America!

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