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Amie Exam Preparation_ Amie Preparation of Exam_tips

Amie Exam Preparation_ Amie Preparation of Exam_tips

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Published by Khalid Sheikh
Amie Exam Preparation_ Amie Preparation of Exam_tips
Amie Exam Preparation_ Amie Preparation of Exam_tips

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Published by: Khalid Sheikh on Sep 09, 2013
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AMIE EXAM Preparation

Dear scholars, Very Welcome on my Blog 'AMIE Exam Preparation' which is especially dedicated for AMIE students. Thanks to all of you for supporting attempt to assemble all scholars at a same place for better communication Towards competitive study material and related Question-Answer. Its will be great pleasure to have viewers like you on my blog. Please keep on blogging with me. I would much appreciate it. Thank you again!

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Study points
Update your knowledge of 'Gibbs phase rule' SEC ''A'' AMIE Download Sec A study material and more files .....

Dear friends, I am going to display my views of preparation: 1. Read whole syllabus of sub (fundamentals of design & manufacturing) 2. Divid each chapter accordingly the topic involves as per your convenience. 3. Please read as much as you can digest and make your own notes rather than follow others 4. Always keep pen & pencil while study to write down the important matter. 5. Many of our students do not understand the English meaning and leave the word and kindly keep dictionary to understand it properly. 6. In the top of our question paper it is written that: ''Answer in your own words'', so we should understand the matter and narrate into own word in paper it will give us strength to memorize the matter as it is. 7. I will later point out the '' how to memorize all the studied things for a long time. 8. Make your self habitual to the books avoid chatting or movie visiting (as much as possible) as it will down your commitment towards study. 9. Take rest and refresh yourself with some good songs and your favorite things. 10. Make daily routine for study at least 3 hrs (and more randomly after finish your busy schedule) 11. If you will daily practice to seat for study min 2 hrs without any disturbance you will have max change to raise your potential for long time study. 12. Take care of your health and food (preferably light before study, use 1-2 tea for long duration wakeup) Finally here is your challenge to crack your exam with self-study. Start now or revised it....until exam. With regards, Ranjan singh

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AMIE EXAM preparation Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates The finest task for an Engineer – “to survey, to plan, to suggest resources and material, assemble them for task in hand, implement and produce results. View my complete profile

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Have a nice time. 5.Relax.Don't try to memorize/understand every things.blogspot.. . Reply Already a member? Sign in BINDU K A May 27. 2011 at 9:04 PM thanq for ur tips . Reply jalaj March 28. Reply om prakash July 11. For your knowlege I have completed my AMIE in year 2000 :-). Reply prince amar October 7. 2013 at 6:48 AM This comment has been removed by the author.7/10/13 AMIE EXAM Preparation: AMIE PREPARATION OF EXAM_TIPS Join this site w ith Google Friend Connect Posted by AMIE EXAM preparation at 11:56 PM Recommend this on Google Members (40) More » 7 comments: kavitha May 3...Try to understand every thing about what all. 2011 at 1:47 AM thank u vry much. watch movies. 3. 2013 at 6:53 AM Here are my points 1. you have choosen in step2. I mean refer old queastion papers and type of queastions. 2. Comment as: Google Account Publish Preview ranjanamie.nice works. 4. have fun as well. 2011 at 1:45 AM thanks. 2013 at 11:42 AM Thanks for all encoragements Reply E n t e ry o u rc o m m e n t . 2011 at 5:34 AM THANKS A LOT .Sleep well and Drink enough water. Reply Gunsla April 6.html 2/3 .amar 09490409708 Reply jalaj March 28.. So all tips are proven.in/2011/05/amie-preparation-of-examtips. .Try to understand what are the important topics for exam.

blogspot. ranjanamie. How to join AMIE ? recognization of AMIE(B..7/10/13 AMIE EXAM Preparation: AMIE PREPARATION OF EXAM_TIPS Newer Post Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Home Older Post Recent Posts How to apply for sec B registration after getting pass sec A.. Watermark template.in/2011/05/amie-preparation-of-examtips. Powered by Blogger.html 3/3 .Tech) AMIE EXAM: Ready for Sec B exam preparation Powered By : Blogger Plugins all the contanis of this blog is belongs to copyright@Ranjan singh.

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