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1.4 Regulations 1.4.

3 The Association may from time to time make Regulations(under, and not inconsistentwith, this Constitution) to govern the operation of particular aspectsof the Association's affairs. 1.4.4 Without limiting the generalityof section 1.4.1,the Associationmay make regulations enactingpolicy. I.4.5 amended repealed,by aresolution or may only be enacted, Regulations carried by a two-third majority of membersvoting. 1.4.6 No regulationsmade under this Constitution may contain languageor terminology that is in any way racist, sexist or homophobic. I.4.7 Any regulations enactedby the Association that were in place immediately before this Constitution took effect shall, except if inconsistentwith this Constitution, continue as if they had been enactedunder this section,but may be amendedor repealedunder this section.

1.5 Policy 1.5.1 The Associationmay from time to time make policy (under,and not inconsistentwith, this Constitution and the Regulations)as a plan or course of action relating to decisions,actions and other matters, or as a guiding princiPle. 15.2 as amended repealed governedby this or Policy may only be enacted, Constitution and the Regulations 1.5.3 or No policy madeunderthis constitution may containlanguage