Regional or Branch Secretaryand must provide reasonsfor his decision. The must be providedto the applicant.

decisionand the reasons within a week of the 1.7.5 An applicationfor membershipmust be processed application being made, unlessthere are good reasonsfor the delay, such as the Regional or Branch Secretary/theGeneral Secretarybeing in the segregationunit, or the POA being engagedin disruptive activity, or any other valid reason.In such a case,the membershipapplication will be processedas quickly as is practicable. 1.7.6 Membershipwill not be refusedunlessthereare seriousgroundsfor doing so such as the applicant seekingto promote his own causethrough the Association, not acceptingthe Regulations/policiesof the Association or any other seriousground. The grounds listed above are not exhaustive. 1.7.7 Each Regional or Branch Secretarywill keep an up to date list of members. 1.7.8 Membership can be revoked on the ground that the member is repeatedly breachingthe Regulations/policiesof the Association, the member is pursuing his own causethrough the Association, the member behavesin a racist, sexist or homophobic manner or bullies other membersor prisoners or any other seriousground. I.7.9 must be agreedby the majority of the membersat Revocationof membership local level by way of vote, following a meeting. The aggrievedmember can appealto the General Secretarywhose decision will be final. was revokedunder section1.7.9 canreapply I.7 .10 A memberwhosemembership for membershipafter six months of his membershipbeing revoked. l.7.II exceptif otherwiseprovided in this Constitution, In all other respects, membersenjoy equalrights.