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Guidebook on the Swinging Lifestlye

Guidebook on the Swinging Lifestlye

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This guidebook is for singles and couples who are interested in understanding the swinging lifestyle. This includes the basics, terminology, resorts, parties, websites, and steps in meeting local singles and couples in the swinging lifestyle.
This guidebook is for singles and couples who are interested in understanding the swinging lifestyle. This includes the basics, terminology, resorts, parties, websites, and steps in meeting local singles and couples in the swinging lifestyle.

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Published by: Swing Stie on Jun 23, 2009
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  • Introduction
  • Overview
  • Why Write This Guide?
  • Swinging For Beginners
  • What is "Swinging”?
  • Who Swings?
  • Why Swing?
  • Where to Swing?
  • We Aren’t the First
  • Is Swinging Cheating?
  • How Do I Convince My Spouse/Significant Other to Swing?
  • What Are You and Your Partner Looking For?
  • Is Your Relationship Ready For This?
  • Is Your Relationship Secure Enough?
  • Addressing Relationship Concerns
  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
  • Questions for You Both to Answer Before Swinging
  • How Secure Are You Both Personally?
  • Establishing Ground Rules
  • What about AIDS?
  • Confidentiality
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Knowing What’s Out There
  • Choices - Types of Swinging
  • Taking Baby Steps
  • How to Find Partners
  • What Happens At a Swing Club?
  • Swingers Etiquette on Swinging Events
  • How Do We Tell a Couple That We are Not Attracted to Them?
  • Building Friendships Out of This
  • Think You Can Host A Party?
  • The Swinging Vocabulary
  • Conclusion

“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook

“Your Neighbors Are Swingers”
The Swingers’ Guidebook

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“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook

A Note to the Reader
I hope you enjoy this guide on swinging. You would be amazed by the number of people who have either thought about trying, tried or are in the swinging lifestyle. This guidebook is not for everyone. It is for people interesting in exploring the lifestyle of Swinging. This book is not the only guide on the market. But is the only complete guide that gives you an overall picture of the swinging lifestyle. Please make sure to check your local laws and most importantly is to communicate and enjoy yourselves as you read and explore.

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“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook

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.............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. 11 Is Swinging Cheating? ..............................SwingersGuidebook............................................................................................. 43 Congratulations You’ve Swung Now What…………………………………………………...................................................................“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook Introduction................................................................................................................................................................ 16 How Secure Are You Both Personally?........................................................com .................................................................................................................................................................................. 12 How Do I Convince My Spouse/Significant Other to Swing? ........................................................... 12 What Are You and Your Partner Looking For?.............................................................44 -4______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006............................................................................................................................................................................................ 20 Personal Hygiene .............................................................................................................................................. 11 We Aren’t the First ...................................................................................................................................................... 9 Where to Swing?.................................................................................................................................................................................................................... 18 Confidentiality ................................................................. 21 Choices ......................................................................................... 34 Swingers Etiquette on Swinging Events ..... Communicate...................................................43 Building Friendships Out of This ................................................................................................................................................. 17 What about AIDS?..................................................................................................................................................... 21 Taking Baby Steps .................................................................................................... 15 Addressing Relationship Concerns .............................................................. 37 How Do We Tell a Couple That We are Not Attracted to Them?.................................. 17 Establishing Ground Rules .......... 7 What is "Swinging”?..............Types of Swinging.... 22 How to Find Partners ..... 14 Is Your Relationship Ready For This?.......................................................... 20 Knowing What’s Out There................................................................................................................... 16 Questions for You Both to Answer Before Swinging .......................................................................................... Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www.............................................................................. 14 Is Your Relationship Secure Enough? .......................... 6 Why Write This Guide? ...................................................................................................... 6 Swinging For Beginners ............................................................................................................................... 44 Think You Can Host A Party?..... Communicate .......... 8 Why Swing?....................................................................................................... 6 Overview.............................. 22 What Happens At a Swing Club? ........ 8 Who Swings? ........ 6 The Swingers’ Guide™ .......................................... 16 Communicate..........................

................com ..................45 Conclusion……………………............“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook The Swinging Vocabulary…............60 -5______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006.........SwingersGuidebook.......................................................................... Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www.............................................................

we just went along hoping we were doing it right. We have been in the lifestyle for over ten years and feel that it has added an extra spice to our loving relationship. When we started in the lifestyle as a couple.com . emotionally and physically. right? Not necessarily.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook Introduction The Swingers’ Guidebook is designed to provide a fun. of swinging single or as a couple. the good and the phenomenal. you wish for guidance from someone with experience. We have met some amazing people we have come to love and enjoy. sit back and enjoy this ride through the sinfully sexy world where just about anything goes! Why Write This Guide? Just like starting anything new. We hope this book will help you gain the incredible experiences we have had in the lifestyle.SwingersGuidebook. We have had the pleasure of experiencing swinging as singles and then together as a couple. You would think swinging is swinging. the bad. We are very happy to share with you what we have learned over the years. So. We met a few couples in the beginning who helped us along the way but it was through our own trial and error that we realized how to make the very most of the lifestyle’s potential. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. In this book you will learn the differences. Our goal is for you to be able to navigate through the lifestyle with as much fun and enjoyment as possible. informative and user-friendly entrance into the swinging lifestyle and answer the basic difficult questions and concerns about swinging. We hope that you have fun reading this guide and it gives you a glimpse into the Lifestyle of Swinging. -6______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. Overview The Swingers’ Guide™ The Swingers’ Guidebook is written from our personal experiences in swinging.

These clubs often keep a low profile to avoid negative attention. Most members of swinging communities are very friendly and helpful to people just starting out. a couple with another couple. Read on…this is about to get really good! Swinging For Beginners Swinging. Just because you meet someone for drinks and ask questions about swinging does NOT mean you are expected to do anything more. These acts may or may not occur in the same room and may or may not include bisexual interaction. a rejection of a sexual proposal does not require justification and must always be respected. sometimes referred to as the swinging lifestyle or simply the lifestyle. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. A highly recognized rule of swinging is "No Means No. lifestyle magazines. we both thought we were going to have to have sex with everyone! Not true. websites. When we ventured into the lifestyle as singles. or a couple with several other couples or individuals. You draw your own line. Most major cities have at least one major swinging club. or exchanging partners and having sex. everyone was new at one time.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook We want you to learn the ups and downs of swinging. or to see if swinging fits into your relationship at all. It may be a couple with a single male.SwingersGuidebook. a couple with a single female. -7______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006.com . Swingers also meet through parties. will I have to dress a certain way? Will I have to do things I don’t want to do? The thoughts can be endless. personal ads and swingers’ vacations destination spots.” By saying no to anything you are not comfortable with. Swinging activities can include watching others having sex. how swinging can enhance your relationship. includes a wide range of sexual activities conducted between three or more people. Some lifestyle activities are highly organized. having sex with your partner while being watched. You might ask yourself. how to incorporate swinging into your relationship. Remember. Be honest about who you are and what you want. People in the lifestyle are generally very respectful of others.

Within this however.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook The first and most important rule of swinging is you never have to do anything you are uncomfortable with. "swinging" is enjoying consensual sexual experiences with people other than your regular partner. It’s a chance to be in a sexy environment without taking it further than you are ready to. Some are younger and some are older.com . Most people who swing are part of a couple and do so with their partner’s full knowledge and consent. Some people enjoy a wide variety of swinging partners. most swingers range from their mid 20's to the early 50's and beyond." How often you want to engage in these activities is for you are your partner to decide together. but the majority of swingers are in their 30's and -8______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006.SwingersGuidebook. swinging forms a big part of their life and for others it is an occasional "treat. For example. Who Swings? While age is definitely not an issue. We will talk more about that later in this e-book. Communication with your partner and educating yourself are good ways to get started in the swinging lifestyle. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. on your terms. or going to a swingers’ club or party. "anything goes.” Read this e-book in its entirety. there is a broad spectrum of activities. and you will see how you can explore your wild side. What is "Swinging”? Put in its simplest form. Others form longstanding relationships with one single or one couple. One of the best ways to get started is by joining a swingers’ website. please don’t let your imagination run wild with “what-ifs. For some swingers. For some. It’s also a great way to meet other swingers and discover they are mostly pretty normal. while their partners simply watch." while others keep themselves to limited experiences they enjoy. If you are considering the lifestyle. two women might explore their bisexuality together.

Some swingers feel that marriage breeds a sense of ownership they do not want in their relationship. Educated. Most swingers have said swinging actually makes the bond with their partner stronger than -9______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook 40's. sexy. For the single man. Swingers want their relationship to be as free as possible. For the single female. Perhaps they want something sexually that their partner doesn't.com . they don't want to have sex with only their partner. Swinging is one way to make a relationship more pleasurable and less restrictive. They know that about 50% of marriages end in divorce and they do not desire to be part of that statistic. or going out to lunch. and is safer and much less pressure than the ordinary public bars and nightclubs. a lot like playing golf or shopping. Maybe they just need to do a little sexual thrill seeking to keep the fire going. you will find you may be attracted to all age groups. This is where the desire to swing comes in. singles are involved for the same benefits that couples are. Although they may make emotional attachments and friendships through swinging. Recreational swingers view swinging as a social activity. the opportunity to deal with couples and single ladies in an honest and social environment is something not offered in any other setting. Why Swing? So why does a couple choose to swing if they already have a healthy and loving relationship? Most swingers come to realize that although they love their partner very much. They may believe restricting either themselves or their partner to only one sexual partner for the rest of their lives is oppressive.SwingersGuidebook. good-looking. they might do the same thing going to lunch but find swinging much more pleasurable. Is the lifestyle just for couples? Essentially. there is a discovery that it is more honest and leads to better relationships.. while still being respectful of their partner. etc. curious and ready to have lots of fun! Once you begin attending parties. They also desire sexual diversity. They want to add a little spice to their sex lives.

Most couples who swing have very happy marriages. By doing so. but not to cheat. They have created a deeper trust and openness. including their sexual fantasies. a relationship where they could discuss anything with each other. Swinging is one way to. Swingers have a bad reputation in some parts of our society. They find that seeing their partner experience intense sexual pleasure with someone else is a turn-on. Usually what swingers find is that after both they and their partner have been with someone else.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook before. Swinging is one way to enhance both sexual pleasure and commitment with someone while also considering his or her freedom and pleasure. they feel more freedom in the bedroom. they want nothing more than to be intensely sexual with their partner. they found their sex life with their partner had actually improved. then maybe you are not ready to join the swinging lifestyle. You are thinking. someone else's body and pleasure. and your partner's body and pleasure. It is important for swingers to have the highest level of communication and trust in their relationships. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. Relationships where either one or both people have strong tendencies toward insecurity or jealousy are definitely not good candidates for swinging. Many of these couples credit swinging for playing a large part in their ability to maintain a healthy relationship. Many people who don’t swing say swingers are sinful or are people incapable of making a real commitment. Swinging is intended to enhance pleasure. spice it up. they can go on to abandon many other sexual restrictions as well. -10______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. how could this be possible? They already had a relationship based on love. heat it up and keep it up. research into swinging couples and individuals shows something different. They often find once they abandon that one societal restriction called monogamy.SwingersGuidebook. People in relationships that are in peril are not good candidates for swinging. where there is a great deal of trust and commitment. The point of swinging is to have sexual freedom. so if it causes more stress than pleasure for your relationship. However. communication. which makes intimacy with their partner even better than before. your body. Most swingers agree swinging is not for everyone.com . Once they began swinging. without violating a commitment. respect and trust. It is a wonderful way to enjoy yourself.

This way you can also find out about local or regional parties to attend. that depends on your situation.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook Swingers are honest. Most of them have a tour of the club and then an orientation for new members.” This cliché applies to swinging as well. Again. in swinging. You need to be open-minded. you both share a common interest. If you are starting out in this lifestyle or been in this for years. you can research it and then visit it with your partner.com . Swingers are for the most part very trusting. and talk to your partner. or curiosity. -11______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006.SwingersGuidebook. build a friendship and get to know each other before you make any decisions. and you won’t be the last. you need to understand swinging is an exploration of you and your spouse’s sexual freedom. You can also look through swinger magazines. “You’re not the first. The benefit of meeting a couple through a swingers’ website profile is you know up front. ask questions. There will be more on this later in the book. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. this way you can meet people. Where to Swing? Well. Swingers want their partners and themselves to have sexual freedom and pleasure. These may be new ideas you never knew about. They do not wish to cheat on their partners and they don't. We Aren’t the First Remember the old saying. there are people before you who had the same questions and concerns and there will be people after you who have the same. They would not be able to swing if they were constantly jealous. or did not completely trust their partners. but understand there are many people just like you around the world who are interested the swinging lifestyle. If you have a club near you. You can even post a profile on a swinger website if you would like others to contact you.

Each decision. Cheating is when you do something without your spouse’s knowledge or approval. starting with the decision to discuss swinging. are communicating and telling each other what excites you and what you want.SwingersGuidebook. The last one is interesting. and you are both OK with that. love.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook Is Swinging Cheating? We could argue this question until we are blue in the face. To violate rules deliberately. money and infidelity (cheating). no one needs to cheat because we are there with our significant other and we are there to give trust. not talking your wife/husband into swinging. If both of you are together. To act dishonestly. How Do I Convince My Spouse/Significant Other to Swing? I do hope you are interested in approaching your wife/husband. involves mutual consent of both partners. then that is not cheating. Informal: To be sexually unfaithful: cheat on a spouse. sexually unfaithful and to cheat on a spouse. To deprive by trickery. defraud. escape: cheat death. their participation in the lifestyle would quickly bring issues to the surface of the relationship. support. and most importantly. fool: illusions that cheat the eye. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. As you learn about the lifestyle. -12______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. In the dictionary states cheating is: To deceive by trickery. To mislead. swindle. then you are not cheating. To elude. If you both know what the other is doing. Even if one partner was able to manipulate the other partner into doing something they had not fully agreed to do. practice fraud. People in this day and age divorce for two major reasons. you will realize one partner does not talk the other partner into anything.com . In the lifestyle.

Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www.SwingersGuidebook. What's The Most Important Thing to Know About Swinging? I would say communication is the most important thing to know about swinging.” While in most cases it is the male who introduces the idea of swinging. Find ways to talk about swinging. Whatever you do. you both will see and feel the comfort in the lifestyle firsthand. Set rules and limits. communicate.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook One key element of lifestyle participation is built upon the rights of each partner to freely act upon their own choices within the bounds of their relationship. Have your spouse check out all the areas of the web information.com . the people involved and his or her safety. Any hint that one partner is being coerced. Surprises are another way. and stick to -13______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. This will allow the opportunity for questions. Most therapists will confirm the most common problem couples have is not communicating well enough. to see if the other person becomes aroused. manipulated or forced to participate would severely limit the couple’s acceptance with other lifestyle couples or singles. Be as attentive and courteous to your partner as you are to the other couple. and the communication levels can deteriorate before your eyes. Either person can surprise the other by blindfolding them and having someone else come give them a backrub and start fondling them. communicate. The liberating effects of the lifestyle can be an aphrodisiac for women and the males often have a difficult time with the change of behavior. it is often the woman who embraces its philosophy and activities more readily than males. It might be easier if you talk together with a friend you both trust. communicate. especially sex with outside partners. Add a subject as emotionally charged as sexuality to the discussion. There are two places to start. Just remember. there is no such thing as one partner being a "swinger" while the other partner is not. If you and your spouse attend a seminar on swinging. He or she can get an idea of the type of club. Such a situation would be as much a violation of trust as any other case of adultery or an outside affair. There is an old proverb: "Be careful what you ask for. and most importantly.

then you can ask yourselves if your relationship is ready for the next step. Understanding and acknowledging what you and your partner want will make it easier for you to answer when people ask what you want. There are bisexuals.com . -14______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. What Are You and Your Partner Looking For? Part of communicating is to understand what you and your spouse are looking for. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www.SwingersGuidebook. and so on. Are you fighting all the time? Do you trust each other? You need to ask yourself for what reasons are you interested in this lifestyle? Can you handle someone kissing your wife? Can your wife handle someone kissing you? Can you both handle being nude in front of other people? Can you both handle people having sex in front of you? Can you both handle each other being touched by someone else? If you don’t agree with something. Is Your Relationship Ready For This? You and your partner are the only people who can answer this question. There are all types of people who are attracted to different things. single men and couples into swinging. heterosexuals and homosexuals. There are many women who are into swinging just to meet other women. friendship and can tell your significant other anything. If your partner does not have fun.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook them. If your partner has a great time. If you have trust. do you let it go or do you communicate until both of you understand the other’s point of view? Swinging can enhance a relationship. Begin by watching how you interact with your partner. Sit down with your partner and understand what you both are attracted to and what turns you on. you can look forward to having a very exciting future in the lifestyle. but it can also break it. There are single women. you will probably never swing again.

Minimize this by talking and taking baby steps until you both are secure. Your Relationship must be safe no matter what. then you must not go any further in the swinging lifestyle until this is handled. If either one of you is not secure in your relationship. communication. You both must answer the question of whether or not your relationship is secure enough. If you are not secure in your relationship. It is making sure that you and your spouse can handle situations together. It means that a strong relationship involves work.com . Once we meet the "right" one. that relationship is built on honesty. Once we can admit that. Be aware that this lifestyle is full of insecurities. trusting and honest communication between both partners. Making sure you are secure is making sure you have talked about every possible situation before it happens. It enriches the primary relationship. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. thoughtfulness. Again. open communication begins. The English Dictionary describes the word “secure” as “Free from risk of loss.SwingersGuidebook. love and trust. understanding and sensitivity we can work out the fears. we are still attracted to others. It is a myth that there is only one person in this whole world that we could be attracted to. One reason for marital happiness among swingers may be that swinging is an activity both spouses do together..” This is a great meaning. Success in the lifestyle is dependent upon solid. If we treat each other with kindness. safe…. Free from risk of loss. Each couple must create and maintain a strong relationship with one another before including others into their sexual experiences. and you must both know that whatever happens. especially in the erotic sector. uncertainties and fears.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook Is Your Relationship Secure Enough? A relationship takes two. respect and consideration of one's partner. then you should not even be thinking about swinging. safe. your relationship must be free from risk or loss. and that’s okay. -15______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006.

Answer these questions honestly. keep an open line of communications before. I would spend time experiencing these new ideas with your spouse and explore this new world together as a couple. What makes you crazy and what makes you fall asleep.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook Addressing Relationship Concerns You must both be willing to work through any concerns or relationships as a team. Questions for You Both to Answer Before Swinging • • Do you understand that romantic love and recreational sex are two different things? How will you feel when you see your partner obtaining sexual satisfaction with another person? -16______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. Communicate.SwingersGuidebook. At this point both you and your partner are investigating this lifestyle together. At first as you understand this new world.com . I would only communicate with your spouse. You will truly find a deeper love and enjoyment for each other by experiencing new things together. Communicate One of the building blocks upon a successful relationship is communication. with a negative impact. during and after they swing. It’s communicating what attracts you and what doesn’t. No need to run out and tell your girlfriends or buddies about your new hobby. no one else. Not only do you need to make sure that you are both secure in what you are doing. If you are misleading. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. and swingers who have an incredible relationship. it will come back at you later. You have probably done a great deal of talking about the pros and cons of this lifestyle. You are answering these for you. Communications is the core of a successful relationship. friends and work. Now is the time for each of you to ask yourselves certain questions with regard to your own relationship and your own individual feelings. but you will need to address any concerns with family. Communicate. You should communicate with your significant other (SO) on what you both like and don’t like.

com . you must also make sure you are secure personally. you may surprise yourself. check on your mate periodically and ask.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook • • • • • • • • • Are you doing this to please yourself or to please your partner? What fantasies do you have. You both need to be honest with yourselves and now that you have asked each other. In other words. and how would you like to go about fulfilling them? Can you fulfill them together? Can you be totally. I would suggest starting with the following ground rules that may help you. Establishing Ground Rules One way to establish ground rules is to start slow and consider being a spectator rather than a participant. The questions above are not just for you. they are also for your partner. but you should discuss the topic. review them again. brutally honest with each other about everything? Are you ready to accept an honest answer to your questions . Being secure is being happy with yourself and feeling safe. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. “Are you OK? Are you having fun?” Can you stop in the middle of a sexual experience. This means as a couple you can experience different situations slowly and build ground rules based on your experience.SwingersGuidebook.) How Secure Are You Both Personally? As part of having a secure relationship. -17______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006.even if they’re not the answers you wanted or expected to hear? Are you completely committed to each other? Can you be ready to "come to the aid" of your partner or keep your partner's well being and feelings foremost in your thoughts during your party experiences. if your partner really needs you? Can you honestly tell your partner you love them after you watch them engage in sexual activities with another person? How do you feel about bisexuality for yourself and/or your partner? (There are fewer male bisexuals in swinging than female.

We will not be able to give a complete discussion and examination of the issue. there seems to be a tone in the voice that conveys an accusing and moral judgment. We don’t play with single people. We don’t go to events without each other. Some general rules and questions to consider: Will we stay together while we are mingling? If we meet a single or a couple. decide how far you would go before the time arises. -18______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. We never have sex with a couple on the first date. and stick to them. Over time you may find yourselves throwing out some old rules and making new ones. do we have a secret sign that we can signal to each other if we think they are attractive? We will not play alone.SwingersGuidebook. The ultra-conservative groups have suggested that AIDS will cause us to return to the sexual restrictions of the early church and challenge any sexual behavior. Come up with a set of your own rules….“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook Before going out for the night to meet people for a drink or go to a club. Whenever there is a question about AIDS and the lifestyle. There are many books and references to just this situation. It’s all about you as a couple. What about AIDS? Most discussions on the lifestyle behavior will raise the issue of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Know what you will do and what you won’t do with the other couple. we are not medical professionals. We will respond as it relates to the lifestyle.com .

there is risk. but sex itself does not cause AIDS any more than breathing causes pneumonia. Certain sexual activities can expose an individual to AIDS. In reality we do not know what causes AIDS except the connection with the HIV virus. you can participate in a full and active sexual life. I have lost friends to this terrible killer but this lifestyle does not put us in a high-risk group for contacting the disease. AIDS is a blood disease. pressure and friction of sexual activity.SwingersGuidebook.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook We are asked to believe "Sex causes AIDS. Again remember any open wound can take in infection. but the manner in which this behavior is engaged. It is not sexual behavior itself that leads to infection. Rather than teaching the general population that sex is bad and dangerous. the tissue can become torn. There is a dramatic increase when a sexual encounter includes anal sex. Risks of infection with "traditional" sexual behavior also exist if there is an open wound or sore. By knowing what behaviors place you at risk and restricting such behaviors. I understand fully the seriousness of this horrible disease. we need to teach people how to enjoy their natural sexual behavior without the danger or fear of contracting any diseases.com . However if there is an open wound. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. but types of sexual activity that increase the risk of infection. leaving an open wound. -19______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. The chemicals within the saliva break down infections contained in the semen. is that any nontraditional sexual activity creates considerable risk. Therefore kissing or oral sex does not appear to be dangerous. we encourage safe sex and provide condoms at our after-hours parities. pressure or friction. The tissue lining in the anal walls is not designed for pounding. It is not sexual behavior. The pictured painted by those who use AIDS to determine our moral behavior. Although we do not patrol bedrooms. With anal sex.” Sex does not cause AIDS. The lifestyle is not about dying of a dark disease. The vaginal wall is designed to handle the pounding.

entertainers. Remember. They also have the right to their anonymity. you must be on your best behavior. churchgoers and teachers in the lifestyle. business people. Like a first date. shaven and smelling good is important. Women should not consider having sex while they are menstruating unless it is OK with the other people involved. There are many doctors. -20______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. I can't tell you how many times someone has said hi to me in a public place. just as you value yours. Respect their privacy. make sure all is OK for you to be having sex." Personal Hygiene Personal hygiene is more important in the lifestyle than you may think. lawyers. Unfortunately. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www.com . and that means smelling and looking good. these people have the right to explore their sensuality just as you do.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook Confidentiality The chances are good that you will meet or see someone in the lifestyle who you know personally. Are you hairy? Do you smell? Have you taken a shower or bath? Your body must be clean. STD’s or rashes. do not plan to be with another person or couple. Be careful about greetings in a public place. Look at yourself in the mirror. and the question arose from the person I am with "Where do you know that person from?" We always say "I met him/her at the mall. or that you know from business or politics. If you have any cuts. Some people may not care who knows about their participation in the lifestyle. Making sure you are clean. And there are many others that you may see at conventions and other gatherings. Be discreet. the current political and cultural climate is such that there may be serious ramifications for some if word of their lifestyle made it to the wrong ears.SwingersGuidebook. It is important because other people might be seeing and touching your body. See a doctor.

At least you can say you tried it. Knowing What’s Out There There are several ways to find out what’s out there.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook If you are meeting another couple or single person out. If it’s not for you. Los Angeles or to another major city. Soft swinging generally refers to people who enjoy having sex in the same room with another couple. The "soft swing" term was invented and first used by Club Wide World of Southern California back in the 70s to describe the club's philosophy. sometimes including oral sex. Go to Las Vegas. But don't think soft swingers will always convert to full swapping. and clubs. Search for clubs via the Internet and plan on attending a club one weekend.com . The other is to get out there and meet people through parties. Get a hotel out of town. resorts. I would suggest if you are a couple going to a swingers’ club. brush your teeth. One is by getting on a swingers’ website and seeing what others couples/singles live within your city or search for couples/singles throughout the country/world. You shouldn’t bump into anyone you know right away. choose one away from your home at first. yet have little or no physical interaction with the other couple. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. and enjoy yourself.Types of Swinging Soft Swinging Soft swinging is foreplay with other partners.SwingersGuidebook. put on deodorant and use some perfume or something that makes you smell good. and use them. Put a couple of breath mints in your pocket. -21______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. make a weekend out of it. This can add spice to a couple's relationship and allow them to have fun without the risk of disease or jealousy. Many couples start out as soft swingers. but no vaginal penetration. Choices . leave.

“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook

Basically, you usually do not have intercourse with partners other than your own, but some may allow oral or just the women playing together. The original meaning referred to people who were more into swinging as a social experience rather than as a pursuit of sexual pleasure.

Closed Swinging
Closed swinging means partners swap partners, but have sex in separate rooms. Closed swinging allows for a more intimate experience. Some people feel it allows them more freedom to explore and fewer interruptions of their enjoyment.

Open, or Full-Swap Swinging
During open, or full-swap swinging, partners swap and have sex in the same room, or bed. This includes orgies and is great for exhibitionists and voyeurs, who can show off or just enjoy watching their partner play. Some people find open swinging allows for total release of their sexual desires and fantasies. It is not for the jealous or the shy!

Taking Baby Steps
When starting out, start slowly. This gives you the opportunity to try something, and then talk about. I have friends that I have known for years who have been in the lifestyle for ten years and are still taking things slowly. The last thing you want to do is push your SO into doing something that makes them insecure, angry or feeling alone. One bad experience could end the idea of swinging, so take it slow, and have fun.

How to Find Partners
Once you have decided you would like to try swinging, you will be amazed how many swingers they really are. Since the invention of the Internet, you now have the ability in the privacy of your home to gather information, identify places and meet people. Let us start off by hitting on a couple of top places to meet other swingers. We will hit on these areas in more detail later.

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“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook

Websites – There are many websites on the Internet who cater to swingers. You have the ability to post a profile, post some pictures, video, add a blog (web log) and also state exactly what you are looking for and what you and your spouse like and dislike. These websites will have as much personal data as you wish. They can include the state and city you live in, date of birth, ages, sexual orientation, etc. These websites give you the ability to search for specific people depending on age, sexual orientation, and even similar likes and hobbies such as boating. Websites also give the ability for people to post parties and gatherings so you can get out and meet people just like yourself. Three of the largest sites that require a fee are www.lifestylelounge.com, www.adultfriendfinder.com, www.searching4swingers.com. These sites provide basically the same but different features including a live video from your web camera or even a place to post that you are going out for the night and looking for people to join you. The websites give you and your spouse the ability to view, communicate and share your likes and dislikes without ever stepping out of your relaxed environment. Parties – Parties are another great way to actually meet people in person and start friendships or just have sex. It is not only about being attracted to a picture or profile, it give you the opportunity to get out and meet some great people, share stories, have fun and enjoy yourself. Parties are usually posted on the swingers’ websites we mentioned earlier, along with local clubs. Clubs – Websites usually post parties for swingers along with local swinger clubs. Check both swinger Internet sites and swinger clubs for party information that will be sent via email. Vacation Spots – There are many resorts throughout the world that cater to swingers including 2 Desire resorts located in Mexico and Hedonism, which is located in Jamaica. Both are adults only and clothing is optional. Within the United States, there are some nude resorts. Searching the Internet can not only identify more listings, but then you can go to the specific site to gather additional information.

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“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook

Meeting a Couple for the First Time
When you meet a couple for the first time, it’s always nice to meet out at a restaurant, bar or nightclub. You get an opportunity to see and meet the couple in a fun atmosphere and without any pressure. You get an opportunity to see if you both click. Some people put in their Internet profiles that they don’t have sex on their first meeting. I suggest putting this in your profile or telling them straight out before hand. It takes off the pressure and really sets the stage to see if all four of you are attracted to each other. Attraction is important, so come dressed to impress. Make sure you’re clean, smell good and brushed your teeth. Get to know the couple over a couple of drinks and/or dinner, and see if things go well. Don’t do anything except mild kissing or touching during your first meeting. See how things go and take it from there. We have been on dates where the other couple is very aggressive or pushy. This is a total turn off. Things will click, and if they don’t, there are lots of other people in the lifestyle you have not met yet.

Meeting a Couple for the First Time…More
Meeting a couple for the first time should never start at your home. Get to know the people a little better before you invite them to your home. Use common sense when it is time to invite them into your home. Use these rules: • • • • • • Don't give out your home or office address. Meet in busy, public places until you get to know them. Use your own transportation to and from the date, and tell a friend the time of your date and where you are going. Carry a cell phone and check in when you get back. Stay away from secluded areas and very private date spots. A first date shouldn’t be a drive in the mountains or a quiet dinner at his or her home.

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SwingersGuidebook. It’s OK to end a date early. -25______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. There are a lot of single men and women in the lifestyle. it probably isn't. Get to know the other couple first.com . If the first-time encounter goes extremely well and you want to have sex with the other couple.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook • There will be plenty of time for those moonlight walks later on. This means that it’s common for the woman of a couple to introduce themselves to another couple and get things started. but in fact. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. There is no rush to jump into bed unless that’s what you want. No one needs to worry about the pressure of having sex. and trust your instincts. It all depends on what you want and how honest you can be to the couple or single person who you are attracted too. Women have the power and can wield it at anytime. It is a good idea for you to put on your profile that you don’t have sex on the first meeting. but not impossible. That’s what this is about. and sex will be more interesting and fun. If the woman does not like the other couple. Being Single in the Lifestyle Being single in the lifestyle is harder. We don’t make a pass on a couple unless we know it’s going to be welcomed. You should not exchange personal information until you’re sure the time is right. Should You Have Sex the First Time You Meet? We spoke about this earlier. That sets up the meeting to be relaxing and enjoyable. Preparing Yourself for Anything to Come Anything can happen in the lifestyle. Sometimes guys can get the wrong idea and think the women just made a pass. then go ahead. Safety comes first. nothing is going to happen. Know what you are doing and where you are going at all times. If it doesn't feel right. the woman is just being nice.

First ask yourself why are you. Fill out any questionnaire honestly. If that is your purpose. Over time you will meet more and more couples who will eventually introduce you to other couples and singles. -26______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. let us give you a couple of tips. all it meant was to have sex. meet great people and have fun. They think it’s an easy to place meet women and get laid. we suggest you build a profile on a swingers’ site.com . If you want to successfully navigate your way through the lifestyle as a single man or woman. then starting talking to people. OK. those people will be more trusting of you. Some couples stay away from singles in the lifestyle for this very reason. People in the lifestyle are open and free in their sexuality. So sit back and meet people.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook It is much easier to be a single woman in the lifestyle than a single man. your reputation will hurt you very quickly. I have seen single men in the lifestyle leave as soon as they start a serious relationship because for them. Men It’s hard being a single man in the lifestyle. Once a couple introduces you to other people. now we are ready to dive into this separately with men and women. If you ever break that trust. explore their sexuality with others. There seems to be a lot of single men in the lifestyle who do not fully understand what the lifestyle is and what it’s about.” it’s a place where people meet. This lifestyle is more than just “getting laid. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www.SwingersGuidebook. love and fun to keep their relationship learning and growing. These tips should help you navigate meeting both singles and couples. you will be out. and let things happen slowly. meet their friends and just hang out until you have some of the common rules down. The lifestyle is about trust. as a single person. Go to parties with them. and place conservative pictures of yourself on the site. It is a way to meet great people and learn how people use trust. and subscribe to a couple of chat boards that include single men. The best thing to do as a single male is find a couple that likes single men and spend time with them. They can give you pointers on what to do and what not to do. trying to meet swingers? I hope it’s not to just have sex. Men.

You can place a couple of pictures on your profile that show you with no clothes on. Spend time reading through emails. you should mainly show pictures of you wearing clothes. expect your inbox to fill up quickly. where you may include nude shots to show off the body parts you are proud of. so in your profile. dressed up and dressed down. you are ready to show yourself off to the world. -27______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. activities and what your sexual preferences are. As a single woman. Build a profile that would interest people. This should include your interests. but as a single person. Single Men and Women The first thing you should do is join a swingers’ website. Post pictures showing you with other people in a fun atmosphere. Do some searches and see what other people have on their profile to get some ideas.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook Women It will be a lot easier as a single woman in the lifestyle because you are in great demand. If you don’t mind your face on your profile. searching and communicating with people over email before you meet up with anyone. will depend on what you will find. Find a couple you trust and are relaxed around and spend time with them. They will guide you and help you get to know the ground rules. Blur out their faces if you don’t have their permission to post that particular photo. the world. Once you have established a profile.SwingersGuidebook. If you like only women. make sure you are honest about what you like and what you are looking for. Both single men and couples are always looking to meet single women. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. then put that. That’s right. Building your profile is very important. then go ahead and open the pictures up to everyone. Depending on what you are looking for. Add pictures that show you in different situations and places.com . My suggestion is the same for single women as it is for single men. and hopefully single men and couples will not bother you. There will be a place to show more sexual pictures.

Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www.lifestylelounge. then lock down your facial pictures. there is time to send pictures to specific people. what you like and what you are looking for. how old you are. Females should show sexy photos that show of your curves. Both men and women have profile pictures that scare us off. We like lifestylelounge the best. and allow access to only those you choose. It all depends on how much time you have to put towards the lifestyle and how many people you want to meet. If you are interested. and most importantly.SwingersGuidebook. This is fine. It explains who you are.adultfriendfinder.com. what your ages are. Single men should use photos that show off their faces and you should be wearing clothes that show off the form of your body. Building a Profile Building a profile is different for everyone.com. We find it classier than the others. and it seems to have a lot of people from our area. Some websites have multiple areas for pictures.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook If you are more conservative or you have a job that is more conservative. where you are from. not because of their looks. read the information.com www. look at the profiles and see how many people are on the site from your area and what interests you. get a photographer to take some professional pictures of you. or where they took the picture. It’s like Myspace. what they are wearing. but because of their position. or your cell phone cover. Many people are on two or three websites at a time. Finding and joining the right website There are many websites for swingers.com.swinglifestyle. Do You Want To Portray Class or Trash? -28______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. Here are a few we suggest. They instantly make us scream. www. If you are a couple. and it’s different for each web site.swingeradds. Look through the sites. while building confidence.com www.com . www. or for you to give them access to your secured profile. Once people contact you or you contact them. this is awesome for getting beautiful and sexy shots.

Suggested topics for inclusion in your profile are: your ages and physical descriptions. Then if you’ve had some crazy nights and someone had a camera. for example. -29______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. but conservative photos. the replies you get are likely to be more similar to you in standard of looks.g. or areas. It also means you will be putting your personal information. Some who reply will totally ignore what you have said you want (It seems that a large number of guys do not understand the phrase "No single men. your sexual orientation.com . The questionnaire will highlight your personality and interests. sexy. Most web sites have several layers. the website technology will compare your profile responses with others to find the profiles that best match you. your relationship with each other. the distance you are willing to travel and/or whether you could accommodate potential swinging partners. if you are a couple. How you present yourself really comes back to you in who you attract. Think of it as a quick sketch of who you are. In your common area which everyone sees. and you are then in a better position to ask for photographs in return from those responding to your profile."). and what counts most in a relationship. Be specific.” "full swap"). Many people find it very useful to include a photograph of each person advertising. "sexy fun" is so vague that it is not particularly helpful. use classy. where you are located.SwingersGuidebook. and. "couples only. free and takes only a few minutes. and then you can expand further in your essay. what sort of experiences are you looking for and what you do not want (e.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook This area is really up to each individual/couple. How do I create a profile? Creating and posting a profile is easy. so prepare to spend some time weeding out those you find uninteresting. This has the following advantages: you are likely to get more people looking at your ad. critically. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. your level of swinging experience. One of the downsides of placing a profile is you will likely be interested in only a small portion of those who respond. you may want to place them in a separate area that only a select few get to see. your lifestyle. Once you do. for photos. photo and intentions in a public domain.

and it’s up to them if they are interested in you. Once you get searching down. Serious. then the next thing to do is send some emails. Ask if they’d like to meet for drinks. or someone who -30______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. Another suggestion is to change your pictures around every couple of months.SwingersGuidebook. This gets a lot of the little details out of the way. Get some ideas. likes.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook Adding Photos There are many types of photos that you can add to your profile. and it also gives you some other details that can start conversations with other lifestyle people. I would start out sending emails by just saying hello and tell them you saw their profile and their pictures looked great. We once got an email from another couple who noticed that a scene from upstate New York and made a comment about it. You can stop there or go by asking them to take a look at your profile. we had enough information on that couple that we could sit with them for hours and talk. Is this someone that you sent an email to. review some different profiles. Update your pictures at least twice a year. Make sure your pictures show you off and show your best side.com . This can break the ice quickly. Searching/Sending Emails The great thing about the Internet is you now have the ability to sit in the comfort of your home and search out couples or singles on the website(s) you have joined. You can search by location. age. Certain websites have the ability to send a “wink” or send an automatic email saying hi. We talked via email and once we met. and see what strikes you. Now what? Take a look at the email and read what they have to say. Fun. Search through other people’s profiles. Use a picture that shows your sexy side. and have fun. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. Someone Has Responded to Your Email – Now What? Congratulations!!! You just received your first swinger’s email. or dislikes. We have seen profiles where the pictures look totally different from the people in person. Now you have contacted your first person/couple. This makes it easy. Sexy.

This way you have not locked yourself into anything. take a look at his or her profile. Parties Home parties Home parties are usually the best choice once you have been swinging for a little while. They are always fun party guests. see if there is an upcoming lifestyle meet and greet party or a club party that is going on and see if they’ll be attending. Just about anything can happen at a private party. you may want to consider placing “courtesy baskets” in the play areas that include condoms. You can always bump into them there. from nude swimming. thus making it a more pleasurable and intimate experience.SwingersGuidebook. You will get to know certain singles and or couples that you “click” with. Take a look at his or her pictures. so be prepared. lube. mouthwash. Either way. What are the person’s likes and dislikes? Is the person attractive? If you like the person or couple by the profile. Anything can happen. See how old the person is. We have had both types of parties. Another way to throw a swingers’ party at a private residence or hotel suite is to post an open invitation on the website you belong to. and they have all been very memorable and positive experiences. Club Parties -31______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. you can be very selective on whom you invite. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. The reason is when you throw a swingers’ party at a private residence or a hotel suite. etc. This is a great way to make new friends and definitely have the opportunity to meet singles and couples you may never have come in contact with otherwise. Nothing spoils a moment like having to go search for a condom. If that is too bold.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook is trying to reach out to you? Either way.com . to sex on a pool table. then I would suggest you write back to see if they want to meet for drinks or coffee. wipes.

Many of the more experienced couples come to the parties and don't participate every time.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook Going to a swing club can be a little overwhelming if you are just starting out. Over time. so don’t feel you are under any pressure. semi private and private rooms to play in. Most swing clubs do not serve alcohol. a lot of singles and couples (depending on what night it is) that you do not know. versus a swing club. There will be music. chat about swinging clubs and swinging experiences with other swingers. Don’t be alarmed. Some of the women have too much fun dancing and chatting to bother with the rooms. maybe watch in the big room a bit and see how you feel -32______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. Some clubs will allow you to bring your own alcohol and some put out a small buffet of food to get people mingling with each other. just find a room that suits you or simply enjoy the atmosphere. The dress code is smart/casual/sexy. There is no right or wrong when choosing an outfit. Dress in something that will make you feel sexy.SwingersGuidebook. Have a drink. Go into the wrong room and you may feel someone’s hands on you. you will notice what others are wearing and take ideas from them. And remember. Be aware of which areas you are going into. attending clubs and other parties. sexy look. What is Expected of Me? Do I have to do anything? You only do what you feel comfortable doing.com . What do I wear? Wear what you feel comfortable in. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. The atmosphere at a house party is more swinging friendly than hardcore swinging. and over time you will find yourself out shopping for that just right. not trashy (unless that is what you are looking for). and lots of open. you should never have to feel pressure to get undressed or do anything you are not comfortable with. They just come and chat to like-minded couples and watch the other couples in the room. so you will want to do your research and take this into consideration.

Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. directions. people will either tell you that you are being pushy or they will shy away from you. Usually clubs have an action packed weekend. they mean no. Depending on your city. there are certain rules each club may have to follow. play areas in the back. hours. Stages and dance poles are the norm. laws. you can bring your own alcohol and hand it to the bartender. rules. visit one while you are out of town or take your significant other out of town for the weekend and plan on going to a club. Research and read up on a couple of clubs within 100 miles of your home. If this is your first time visiting one and you feel a bit weird. Pushiness is not tolerated in the lifestyle. there is no difference between a club and a bar.SwingersGuidebook. Each city has its own laws and depending on the laws. Swinger Clubs Almost every major city in the country/world has swinger clubs. and you will have a great -33______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. who will have mixers. So most importantly when someone tells you no. private and having fun. Jacuzzi. When you walk in. and they are all set up differently. including special dress-ups or theme nights. dance floor. do some research on the Internet and gather as much information as possible on clubs. Clubs are usually made up of a bar. Before you even step out of your home. tables in the front area and pools. The idea is to know what the club will offer before you get there.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook No Means No There are a lot of no-noes in the lifestyle. There are all types of clubs. If that is true. Most clubs also include a tour so you can get the ground rules and overview of the club once you get there. you may have to bring alcohol to the site because there is not a liquor license. bedrooms. locations.com . These might be sexy dress-up nights or dance contests. When it happens. etc. The most important no-no is no means no. They are very good at keeping you safe. prices. Usually the people offering the tours are just another lifestyle couple who attends the parties on the weekends.

Often the ladies are dancing with their partners or other women while the men watch. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. etc. expect the music to be loud. Don't expect to see full blown sex on the dance floor. Most importantly. Women often control the situation a bit more than men. talking. Usually at a house party it is a lot quieter.. saying hello and talking. the alcohol to be flowing (depending on which state you are in). Stay with your significant other until you both feel relaxed. who you’re with. The atmosphere may feel very sexually charged. be open to meeting people by smiling. and have a great time. know your environment. People generally mingle around and chat to each other like-minded swingers. What Happens At a Swing Club? What happens at a swing club or party is dictated by you and your partner. New people are often surprised about how in depth they can get within 10 minutes of meeting new people and enjoying a good. the bar scene. and hopefully getting really turned on. What you will see is probably a lot of people having fun. etc. and to see a lot of dirty dancing. but that doesn’t mean all women control the situation. open-minded conversation. If you attend a swing club.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook time learning to navigate them. which is a great way to meet new people. You may be approached by people wanting to chat and remember these people are there for the same reason you are. Typically most swing clubs host trips or other events to help the attendees get to know each other better. This type of event often allows for more personal interaction with others you may feel an -34______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. Many times there will be a pool table. so the conversation is very open and free. making out. since it is illegal in most states to allow sex at a bar or drinking establishment.SwingersGuidebook. flirting.com . with fewer people. Most of the larger cities have night clubs that aim to meet the swinging couple's needs. If you are looking for something a bit lower key without the loud music. you might want to attend a house party. Walk around.

getting their feet wet at their own pace. Sometimes a club or party host will want you to meet with him or her ahead of time if you are new to the lifestyle. you have the opportunity to have some questions answered. once you get to know a couple.com . This also means that before the event. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. -35______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. Swinging is all about doing what feels good to you and your partner. while not planning on having a sexual encounter. Keep in mind that you don't have to swing or have sex to attend a swing club or event. and begin to initiate contacts by asking someone to dance. This means you can move slowly and choose to just check a place out the first time. it is up to you whether you want to develop more of a friendship or initiate plans for getting together to have sex. This usually comes after meeting some couples and then getting invited to a party. based on which feels better to them. this helps to guarantee both parties are fully knowledgeable. This will allow you to find out any rules that may exist and will also allow the host to clarify if both parties understand what the purpose of the club is. If you are new to the lifestyle. If you want to jump right in.. which you will find reassuring and soothing. you may find that at first others are hesitant to approach you.SwingersGuidebook.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook attraction to. etc. You will have the opportunity to get to know other couples a little better through conversation before moving into a more sexual situation. The resistance to immediately approaching newcomers helps to prevent scaring away new people. and vice versa. This is because there is an unspoken rule that it is a good idea to let new folks enter the lifestyle gently. Different swingers like to handle this differently. this can seem a bit frustrating so you will just need to take control of the situation and start making conversation. Also. The key is to be very outgoing and sociable yourself. Since honesty. communication. starting a conversation. without being pushy. consenting adults and that there won't be any surprises. and consent are so important to swinging. however. flirting.

A lot of couples want to know what swinging is like. The thing to remember is that sexuality has no rules. And in the morning. It is impossible to give a legal consent. it may be very refreshing for you and your partner to have sex with other partners without breaking the commitment you have made to each other. The one regret that many new couples have in the lifestyle is they wish they hadn't drunk so much alcohol at their first swing event. Sexual touch and massage is very popular. or get to know a new couple without taking it to the next level. Typically it is very exciting. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. as long as you have made a choice you are comfortable with. because it adds diversity to your sex life.SwingersGuidebook. it may allow you to practice being socially and sexually assertive. -36______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. You may find you feel sexually charged once you get over your initial fears. With impaired judgment. There is no wrong or right sex play or activity. and there are a variety of sexual positions that may be used. It is best to have one or two cocktails. A little bit of alcohol lowers our inhibitions a bit and allows us to feel a bit braver. or to remain completely sober at an event if you wish to fully appreciate your initial experience. if the only way you can feel sexually liberated is to be drunk. However.com . Know what your limits are before you get there. Toys may be safely incorporated in the activity. you have done everything right. then you may not be ready for the lifestyle.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook Not only will this send others in attendance the right message. Whether you choose to jump right in and initiate a sexual encounter. it will be more difficult to remember the night before. There is no one type of swinging. it is more difficult to know what you really want. If you have been monogamous for a long time. which may be new and exciting roles for you and your partner. it is harder to sexually perform. It may also be a turn-on to see your partner having enjoyable sex with someone else. Others in attendance will usually quickly take notice of an outgoing newcomer and will know you are enthusiastic and aren't easily scared away. as is nipple fondling and oral sex. Usually swingers like to emphasize arousal and foreplay and do not rush the process to achieve orgasm. When intoxicated.

This will allow for both you and the other couples and singles to have a more enjoyable experience. It is inappropriate to arrive separately. trim your nails if you like to stimulate your sex partners digitally. If you are not comfortable with some sexual activity. The only rule is to do only what you and your partner are comfortable with. If you are new to a particular swing club or party you will be attending. use your secret signal. Remember. find another event to attend instead.SwingersGuidebook. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. it is important that you do not abandon your partner. Shower. It is important that you follow all of its rules if you would like to be asked to return.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook If it feels good. If you are single. -37______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. is safe. etc. you should only attend a couple’s event if you are invited. it’s your body. Never feel ashamed or embarrassed about setting your own limits and boundaries. you are clean and well groomed. For couples attending. use deodorant. If the decision the two of you come to is that you will only have sex and play together. it is important to arrive with your partner. and everyone is consenting. it is always a good idea to read the rules of the party before going. or just say so. it just means replying by stating your intention to attend. When invited to a swing party. shave if necessary. Swingers Etiquette on Swinging Events It is very important for you to follow certain rules of etiquette when attending a swinging function. you and your partner need to decide whether you want to always participate together or if it is OK to have social time alone at a swing event. If you are not comfortable with the rules of a particular swing event. then it is fair game. Remember that sending an RSVP does not mean that you are committing to attend. brush your teeth. Make sure that before attending a swing event. it is considered polite to always RSVP. Furthermore.com .

courteous and fun. speak to the host first. They are respectful. If you are placing a swing ad.SwingersGuidebook. Even if you are choosing not to further interact with a certain individual. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. What Sort of People Come to a Swing Party or Club? People who want to meet. Have a good time! This is a great time to try new sexual activities. If you are intoxicated. the best thing is to leave the event until you can resolve the conflict in private. It is usually considered rude to enter a private or group sex room to just stare and objectify the participants. People will appreciate the honesty. mix and socialize with other people who are into the lifestyle will attend a swing party or club. -38______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. Don’t just ignore the responses in which you are not interested. fun-loving singles and couples that want to meet and socialize with like people. It is also inappropriate to have loud conversation with your partner in the group sex room. If you say no and someone pressures you. They like to blow off some steam just like we do. Not only does this make the other guests uncomfortable. you may not remember what you did the previous evening. flirt. it is appropriate to make that clear. you should immediately report this to the host/manager. mature. If you and your partner enter into any kind of disagreement. it may be inappropriate to enter the room without your partner.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook If a swing event is providing a group sex room. Most attendees are upscale. explore your wildest fantasies. it is considered courteous to respond to all replies within one week. but you may find yourself doing things that you don't really want to. you will probably be reported to the host/manager and possibly be asked to leave the event. It is considered inappropriate to come to a swing event already intoxicated. If you are unsure about this.com . and push the limits of your sexuality with your partner. The most important rule at all swing events is that consent is of the utmost importance and that all participants be willing participants. If you pressure or coerce someone.

they may not feel the same way. then I would not suggest having group sex. In the midst of group sex. Over time. Everyone has his or her own preferences. Make sure you have toy cleaner (that you can purchase where you buy your toys). Also. Group Sex Group sex is more than four people. Someone may have a reaction to a certain brand. Not to mention a too small condom may result in it breaking…nobody wants that. most importantly in a group situation. In group sex. insist on a new condom for each new partner. or you may find yourself having sex with many different people. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. There is always the chance that a condom can break. you may find yourself having sex with the same single or couple. It is more than two couples having sex. always. Even though you may be monogamous with the same single or couple.SwingersGuidebook.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook Safe Sex and Using Toys Always. It is always a good idea to use condoms on your sex toys. resulting in a possible infection. Always have a supply of condoms available in a variety of brands and sizes. If you are not attracted or interested in a specific couple. and that is sure to put a damper on the fun. Vacation Spots -39______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. couples are either split off having sex.com . and have it with you. Group sex should only be considered after having sex with a couple. you may end up with make sure you don’t mind being with any individual in the whole group. We insist on a “don’t come inside me even if you are wearing a condom” rule. within your group. Using sex toys can be great fun! Traveling with your own toys will ensure you know where they have been and who they have been used on. The material they are made of is often porous and can absorb bodily secretions. always practice safe sex in the lifestyle. or they are in one big pile of people.

The Hedonism resorts have been around for over 20 years. and some were designed just for swingers.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook One of the best ways to explore swinging is to get out of town to a great destination spot. There are many vacation spots in the world that cater to every aspect of life. Both Mexico and Jamaica have a list of resorts open to the lifestyle. and in some of the vacation spots. They have food. The difference is they allow nudity. had a couple of drinks and let the dice roll. drinks. We have been to many resorts all over the world. stays in Vegas” did not start in Vegas. If you don’t like it. sun and fun. couples only and open to swingers. this is exactly what the resorts look like in the lifestyle. There are travel agents make travel arrangements around the adults-only resorts. locations and amenities. Most adult-oriented resorts have a section set up for nudists. It certainly started when people went on vacations to places such as Mexico and Jamaica. Singles and couples can go there to bask in the sun without clothes. meet some great people. If you have ever been to any upscale hotel or resort. Meixco has built some amazing resorts that are adults only. No harm done and you have kept it secret from your nosy neighbors and friends. They are for singles and couples.com . This includes -40______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. Do not feel like you have to remove your clothes. Some people take their clothes off and others don’t. They have special events and even have areas designed for open sex. By searching online for swingers and resorts.SwingersGuidebook. These resorts are 4-5 star places and the ages of people visiting range from 18-70. The saying “What happens in Vegas. you can get a complete list. Jamaica has several resorts throughout the island open to nudity and the lifestyle. and try the swinging lifestyle. Once you do some research and get a handle of the resorts. you say goodbye to the couple you played with and fly home. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. couples and singles are allowed to have sex. In the last couple of years. Some are family related and others are for adults. call a travel agent and ask him or her for more details. let down their hair. fine.

it is important to be in a healthy and trusting relationship with your partner. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. This will allow you to let your partner know when you are uncomfortable. but actual sex is only had with one's primary partner. which is when partner swapping is for making out and aroused. Your priority should be your primary partner and not yourself. You should already know or be willing to explore what your partner's emotional and sexual needs and desires are. Since swinging requires openness and honesty. Some couples agree to soft swinging. You would be amazed by the number of resorts inside the United States and around the world. and it is time to slow down or take a break. Before attending your first swing event together. Remember a little research and you could end up with your best vacation ever. Many swingers find it helpful to develop secret signals with their partner for nonverbal communicating during play. Tips to Make Swinging a Positive Experience The first tip for making swinging a positive experience is to look at swinging as a way to enhance your already healthy relationship. especially if you are new to the lifestyle. For example.com . Use the Internet to do some research and get information. Although you don't need to be married to be a successful swinger. where they do witness their partner having sex. If your partner has a negative experience while you are abandoning her/him to seek your own -41______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. it is impossible to swing successfully otherwise. Be aware of how your partner is feeling and responding.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook nudist and lifestyle/swinging resorts. Don't get so involved with your own pleasures that you become unaware of your partner's needs and feelings.SwingersGuidebook. Others prefer open swinging. you may want to discuss what types of things you and your partner are or are not comfortable with. Always remember that you are a couple. Communication is very important to swinging. many swingers do not want to see their partner's having sex with others.

Do not be pushy or assume the feeling is mutual. Therefore. so take advantage of it.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook sexual gratification. Try to be aware of other people's responses to you. This is because at on-premise events. Never forget your family always has to be your number one priority. many people assume they will be getting naked. the event will be a negative memory. it is important to make sure you do not let this experience take precedence over your family. Don't believe everything you hear. So bring the toys. condoms. and act accordingly. That way. -42______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. Even if supplies will be provided. latex gloves. and see how liberated you feel. and dental dams of your choice with you. you don't know that your favorite styles and brands will be available. similar to exercising. You will be unlikely to have future swinging opportunities. All things in moderation are the message here. Swinging events are the places to go to challenge you socially and sexually. Your friend can introduce you to people as an icebreaker. Be courteous to all the new people you meet. you won’t need to redress immediately after sex. as well as your favorite lubricant. Be attentive. Be careful when you are aroused by someone new. Commonly off-premise swing events have a more dressy or formal dress code than on-premise events. Carry all the safe sex supplies that you might need to a swing event. dress tastefully and accordingly. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. Try to bring a robe to on-premise events so you can walk around as comfortably as you would like.SwingersGuidebook. However. and treat rumors with a grain of salt. Make sure you spend considerably more time with your children than at swing events. be careful not to get involved in gossip. Just like any other social group. Liberated sex can provide a great high. let the person know you are interested. Sometimes it is easier to attend your first swing event if you go with a friend who is already active in the lifestyle. while trying to have a good time. If there is a theme for the event.com . Try being less shy and more bold.

communicate. and remember you can go as slow as you want. Some couples attend on.and off-premise events because they find it very hot to have sex with each other while listening to and watching other people having sex too. Many people go to off-premise events without intending to physically interact with another couple. so take advantage of the opportunity of pleasure without pressure. No is not a rejection. So when you get into a situation where you are not comfortable or you are not attracted to another couple. Never do anything that makes you uncomfortable.SwingersGuidebook. The connection just isn’t there. It is a statement. it just means we are not attracted to them sexually. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. It is a great opportunity to safely flirt.” Now What? Congratulations.” That could have been done in many ways.com . If that is not there. Not everyone is going to be attracted to everyone else.” Congratulations You’ve “Swung. and get phone numbers of people you may be interested in. The goal is to be safe and have a lot of fun. the good. It doesn’t mean we don’t like them as people. thank you. The karma isn’t there. the bad and the most awesome. Say no if you don't want to do something. We all need the right karma to feel good about being with another couple. and if said nicely. There are many couples that we have as friends who we would rather not play with. Now what? Communicate. and communicate!!!! Talk with your significant other about what happened. no one will be offended. sometimes the moon and stars need to be aligned for everyone to be attracted to each other and get along.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook Remember it is OK to go to a swing event and not have sex. you have “swung. just state “No. You need to get a feel for what you and your partner liked and disliked. Don’t be afraid to talk openly about it. How Do We Tell a Couple That We are Not Attracted to Them? Dating for two people is hard enough and when you try a date with four. then we need to be honest and open. -43______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. dance. but the bottom line is you either had another couple or single watch you or even join in.

talk. See what happens. enjoy. This will build your communication skills and build your bond together. We have had 60 couples at a pool party and had a great time. Either do it yourself. invitation-only parties.SwingersGuidebook. step back and talk things over until you both agree to move forward. and we have had 2 couples we know over for dinner and drinks. also called “vanilla” events. Building Friendships Out of This Can friendships be built from swinging? Absolutely! Relationships are built from trust and trust is built from a friendship. and children and want to be swingers too. If it’s not. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. But only do that after you really get to know them. If you have a lot in common with these people or just a little. it just takes planning and some organization. now decide if you want to host one yourself. You will find many people in the lifestyle are just like you. and see if a friendship can come out of it. -44______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. The size of the party is entirely up to you. Hosting a party can be really fun and a quick way to meet people in the lifestyle. You’ll have a great time! It doesn’t really matter if you are going to throw a party at your house or another location.com . If you click with a couple or single person. or team up with another couple. start by asking a couple or singles to regular. this is supposed to fun and exciting. Communication is most important. families. it’s your decision if you want to build friendships.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook You need to see if you there is any insecurity you need to work on before doing it again. Is it hard? No. Remember. If you do. We throw a couple of parties a year. People are looking to explore their sexuality freely. and other times we post the party on the local swinger website for everyone to see. Think You Can Host A Party? Once you understand how parties work by attending a few. They have jobs. Sometimes we have small.

-45______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. usually dogs and women. ANAL Anal intercourse. The Swinging Vocabulary Many of these words and terms are slang and may change with time.SwingersGuidebook. DISCIPLINE). Greek Culture. things can get out of hand. and constantly check to make sure the guests are safe and having fun. Swinging is a growing lifestyle. ANIMAL TRAINING Sexual activity with animals. ARTS Euphemism for fetishes. Greek. Here are some examples: AC/DC A person who enjoys both same sex and opposite sex sexual activity.com . so new words and terms are developed all the time.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook Just like any party. ADULT A euphemism for pornographic. ALL CULTURES Person or couple who enjoys all fetishes and sexual activities (see CULTURE). Bestiality. Bi. Cultures. A number of the words and terms are used primarily in profiles. so monitor the situation. Bisexual. B&D Bondage and discipline (see BONDAGE.

tie or hold a participating sexual partner. BIZARRE Unusual sexual desires. beautiful woman. BI-CURIOUS A male or female who is interested in trying same-sex activities." while the person being bound is considered "submissive. The person doing the binding is considered "dominant. CANING A spanking fetish employing a light cane.SwingersGuidebook. usually bamboo or other light wood. but are still very attractive." CAN ENTERTAIN An advertiser willing to invite others to their home for swinging. cloth or leather straps are used to bind. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. BONDAGE A sexual fetish in which restraints such as ropes.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook BBW Big. chains. -46______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. CAN TRAVEL An advertiser willing to travel to your home to swing.com . Referring to women who may not be their ideal weight. BESTIALITY (see ANIMAL TRAINING) BI Bisexual: Versatile (see AC/DC).

CPL (see COUPLE) CULTURE Euphemism for fetish. The rooms are almost always in the same house/hotel. CLOSED DOOR (see CLOSED SWINGING) CLOSED SWINGING Sexual interaction among couples using separate rooms so that partners of a marriage or other intimate relationship do not visually observe each other's swinging. May be married. COUPLE In swinging. committed (ongoing relationship) or a single couple dating for swinging purposes. arts.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook CHEATING Sexual activity with others. without spouse's knowledge and/or consent. ENGLISH CULTURE: -47______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. CLOSET SWINGER A person who hides the fact that he/she is a swinger (see DISCREET). CLEAN Hygienic. living together (cohabitating).SwingersGuidebook. a man and a woman. Free of sexually transmitted diseases.com . Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www.

is generally called a manager. DILDO An artificial penis. usually made of rubber or plastic.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook Sexual stimulation from spanking or caning. DISCIPLINE A sexual fetish in which one partner dominates the other. A person who works for the director and is responsible for party or club operation whether or not for pay. generally the owner. and sometimes the teeth (see FRENCH CULTURE). SWEDISH CULTURE: Use of the hands especially in massage to sexually stimulate another. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. for sexual stimulation of the vagina and sometimes the anus. FRENCH CULTURE: Oral-genital sexual activity.com . GREEK CULTURE: Anal-penile intercourse. ROMAN CULTURE: Sexual orgies. a willing participant. Often includes -48______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. CUNNILINGUS Stimulation of the vagina and clitoris by the mouth especially the tongue and lips.SwingersGuidebook. DIRECTOR The term used to describe the principal person who runs or otherwise operates a swing club.

EXHIBITIONIST A person who is sexually stimulated by being seen or watched by others while showing sexual portions of the body or engaging in sexual acts. especially by the tongue and lips and sometimes teeth. DOMINANT A sexual partner in control of a willing. FETISH Sexual arousal and pleasure through use of nonsexual objects. FELLATIO Sexual stimulation of the penis by the mouth.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook physical punishment of the submissive partner. DOCILE Willing to receive bondage and/or discipline (see SUBMISSIVE). submissive partner.com . actions or nongenital anatomy. DISCREET OR DISCRETION Asking those who write or call to exercise caution so that children or others who may open mail or answer the phone will not be offended and/or made aware of the swinging activity. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. FLAGELLATION -49______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. DOMESTIC TRAINING Submissive obedience to household chores of an intimate and humiliating nature.SwingersGuidebook. ranges from physical restraint to mild spankings to painful beatings.

SwingersGuidebook. HARD SWINGING (see HARD CORE) -50______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. GAY A homosexual person. generally furnished with wall-to-wall mattresses or pads. Sexual activity between three or more people.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook Sexual stimulation derived from pain. GWM Gay White Male HARD CORE A swing party or swing engagement where sexual interaction is assumed and expected. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. Term is prevalent in the western United States (see MATROOM). GROUP SEX Swinging. A gay female may also be called a lesbian. usually whipping or spanking. FUN AND GAMES Euphemism for sexual activity.com . GBM Gay Black Male GENEROUS Refers to money for sex. GROUP ROOM Room set aside for group sex. male or female.

"Giving head. HUNG Refers to a man with a large penis.SwingersGuidebook. (See GAY) HORNY Sexually tense. HWP Height-Weight Proportionate.com . Someone who is at their ideal body weight. HETEROSEXUAL Sexual attraction to members of the opposite sex. INDOOR SPORTS Swinging activities in general. HOMOSEXUAL Sexual attraction to members of the same sex. INTERESTED IN FRIENDSHIP Seeks a swinging relationship that includes emotional and recreational values. In need of sexual pleasure. IRL -51______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook HEAD Oral-genital sexual activity." HEDONIST Someone who lives for pleasure.

Principally an eastern United States term (see GROUP ROOM). and other devices used for sexual pleasure of self and others.SwingersGuidebook.com . (see B&D. MEET FOR PLEASURE Will meet for swinging sex. Sexual stimulation through the wearing of leather garments. LESBIAN A woman sexually and emotionally attracted to other women.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook In Real Life. BONDAGE. (see GAY) LTR Long Term Relationship MARITAL AIDS Dildos. MWC ISO Single Female LEATHER A fetish. MASTER/SLAVE Participants in a bondage and discipline sexual relationship. Used in ads. and DISCIPLINE) MATROOM Room set aside for group sex. MASOCHISM Sexual gratification through receiving pain and humiliation from others. Used in ads or online chat ISO In Search Of. no pretense for social or emotional interaction not directly related to -52______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. vibrators. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www.

If used in personal ad. (see THREESOME. Associate and Institutional for swing clubs and magazines. An association of swing clubs and magazines to promote swinging as the viable and beneficial lifestyle it has become. TRIAD) MORESOMES More than three people in a swinging interaction. it means only those who do not smoke are sought for swinging purposes. general swinging community. NEWCOMERS New people in swinging. NONSMOKER Does not smoke. First-timers.com . media and institutions of learning and research. two of one sex.SwingersGuidebook. in a swinging interaction. one of the opposite sex. emotional relationship of the participants. Levels of members: Affiliate Club. General. MENAGE A' TROIS Three people.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook sexual activity. MBC Married Black Couple MBiC Married Bisexual Couple MWC Married White Couple NASCA The North American Swing Club Association. -53______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. May involve an ongoing.

Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www.SwingersGuidebook. PARTY CLOTHES Clothing particularly adapted for swing party wear. willing to receive corrective training. FELLATIO. Several or all participating couples together in the same room.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook OPEN DOOR (see OPEN SWINGING) OPEN SWINGING A couple swinging with another couple in the same room. Docile and submissive -54______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. in one-to-one pairings and group sex during the progress of the party (western United States). The latter includes robes. PARTY HOUSE (Western United States) A nonmembership swing club offering a regular schedule of on-premise swing parties. HEAD) ORGY Sexual interaction among several men and women in the same room. group sex. PARTY Gathering of three or more people of both sexes for swinging. ORAL-GENITAL (See CUNNILINGUS. Includes wear to the party and wear to change into during the party. PASSIVE Quiet. Swing party where participants socially mix and are free to swing as couples. shows the wearer to best advantage and often makes selected parts of the body easily available for erotic courting and play.com . terry cloth wraparounds and other simple wear that is easily removed. submissive noncontributor. lingerie.

P/P Photo and phone number (used in personal ads).SwingersGuidebook.e. color slides or movies with similar photographs. ROMAN). (see DISCIPLINE). PHOTO Interested in exchange of nude or sexually explicit photos of self with similar photos of others. slides or movies of others. the party scene. sexual stimulation through the look. RUBBER Condom means of contraception. RECREATIONAL SWINGER A person who practices swinging primary as a recreational diversion with no desire for emotional attachment. orgies. interested in meeting with others for the making of these photographs. ROMAN Group sex. usually associated with B&D. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. PHOTOGRAPHY Interested in exchange and/or making of nude or sexually explicit photographs.com . i. prostitutes or paid escorts.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook in swinging. RESTRAINT Mild bondage used in sexual fantasy enactments. -55______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. etc (see CULTURE. feel and smell of rubber. PRO Professional.

a man who has had a vasectomy. single or married.E. SBF Single Black Female SBiF Single Bisexual Female SBM Single Black Male SGL (see SINGLE) S&M Sadism and Masochism (see SADISM.SwingersGuidebook. SINGLE A swinger without a partner. MASOCHISM). SAFE Used to describe a person who cannot conceive or impregnate.A.S. Self-addressed stamped envelope.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook SADISM Sexual gratification through inflicting physical or emotional abuse on others. SOCIAL -56______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www.com . S.

The first swinging experience for many couples is some type of soft-swinging. watching/being watched. SRS Same Room Sex (see SOFT SWINGING). These social and moral implications interfered with the legitimate treatment of sexually transmitted diseases as a medical problem. STR or STR8 (see STRAIGHT) STRAIGHT -57______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. or any sexual encounter up to. They may also offer educational and travel activities. Party attendance may be restricted to couples. though the marital status of the couple is rarely important. for swingers to meet and socialize.com . party donations or a regular maintenance fee or dues.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook A party. but privately arranged swinging may follow a social. dance or other gathering usually sponsored by a swing club or magazine. A term developed in the late 1970's to replace VD as the latter carried social and moral implications in the minds of many. Usually there is a membership fee and either party fees. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. HARD CORE). There is no swinging at a social. SOCIAL SWING CLUB A swing club.SwingersGuidebook. SOFT SWINGING The term used to describe same-room sex. with someone other than your spouse. but not including intercourse. (see HARD SWINGING. STD Sexually Transmitted Disease. generally private membership that offers social and swinging activities including a regular schedule of on-premise swing parties.

a person who does not use drugs. SWINGING MARRIAGE Marriage incorporating swinging and often. SWINGING Social-sexual relational recreation among men and women.SwingersGuidebook. SWF Single White Female SWING MAGAZINE A periodical catering to the swinging community. and intimate relationships. humanistic ideals. but single men and women sometimes are involved. may also publish articles of general interest to the swinging community. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. It is a couple oriented activity.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook Any person who is not interested in same sex sexual activity. business and social life.com . SWM Single White Male SUBMISSIVE (see PASSIVE) -58______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. choice of friends. Usually carries personal ads of people wishing to meet others for swinging purposes. SWAPPING Two couples exchanging partners for sexual activity. SWINGING LIFESTYLE Style of living with swinging as a major component in recreation.

Not the same as a "ménage a' trois" in that the latter may involve emotional involvement and a continuing relationship. two of one sex and one of the other. in a swinging encounter.SwingersGuidebook. in a continuing relationship of emotional and sexual involvement. brought to a swing party solely to enable the male to gain entrance. in reference to the small incision made just below the navel to enable the cutting and ligation.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook THREESOME Three people. also called a Band Aid Operation. TOYS Sexual aids (see MARITAL AIDS). TRIOLISM Used in personal ads to indicate desire for "threesomes. Not the same as a threesome. TRAVEL (see CAN TRAVEL) TRIAD Three people. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. TICKET A person. TUBAL LIGATION Surgical procedure of cutting and tying the fallopian tubes to make a woman infertile. -59______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006.com . usually a woman.” This is a common but confusing usage (see TRIAD). The ticket generally has no intention to swing or is not free to swing. two of one sex and one of the other.

Conclusion We hope this book has answered some of the basics questions about swinging. breasts and the male penis. -60______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. (see AC/DC). VASECTOMY Surgical procedure of cutting and tying the vas deferens to make a man infertile.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook UTOPIAN SWINGER A person who practices swinging as a total lifestyle with humanistic ideals. VOYEUR A person who enjoys watching others in sexual acts.com . may also refer to full but well-formed hips. VOLUPTUOUS Fullness of beauty and form. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www. VERSATILE Bisexual. usually used to refer to a woman with large. clitoris. how to get involved in swinging and how to navigate relationship issues that may arise. well-formed breasts. VIBRATOR Electrically run vibrating device for stimulation of the vagina by insertion or holding to outer lips. Some vibrators are penile shaped and are run by batteries while more expensive ones are for surface use and are run by an AC motor from a typical wall outlet.SwingersGuidebook. The idea of this guidebook is to help you get accustomed to what is going on in the lifestyle. Vibrators are used by both men and women for self-stimulation and to sexually please another.

We would love to hear from you.com . The most important thing about swinging is to know that this is a healthy (and happy) way to explore your sexuality.SwingersGuidebook. did you get involved in the lifestyle. It may put a magnifying glass on your relationship and focus on areas that may take years to crop up in a regular relationship. What did you think of this e-book? As a result. of course)! Here’s to happy and healthy sex! Cheers! -61______________________________________________________________________________ © 2006. and how is it working for you? Tell us your stories (confidentially.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook Swinging is not for everyone. Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www.

Beekeeper Productions LLC – All Rights Reserved www.com .SwingersGuidebook.“Your Neighbors are Swingers” The Swingers Guidebook -62________________________________________________________________________ ______ © 2006.

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