must engagein dialoguewith 1.8.

8 Officers of the Association,as representatives, in the appropriateagencies/authorities order to further the aims of the Association provided always that the membershave agreed. 1.8.9 An officer may resign from his post in which caseanotherofftcer must be electedwithin 14 days. 1.8.10 In order to resignan officer must do so in writing and let the General Secretaryknow as well as the local members. 1.8.11 If the General Secretarywants to resign he must let the Regional or Branch know as well as his local members. Secretary

1.9 Amendment of this Constitution by 1.9.1 This Constitutionmay be amended resolution,providedalwaysthat at least two thirds of the votes are in favour of any resolution proposing such an amendment. ]19.2 No resolution to amendthis Constitution may contain languageor terminology that is in any way racist, sexist or homophobic or which runs directly against the statedobjects of this Constitution or which attemptsto promote individual individual prisoners' grievances. prisoners' causes/advance

of 1.10Dissolution theAssociation of if requiring dissolution the mustbe dissolved a resolution 1.10.1 TheAssociation is the Association carriedby a two-thirdmajorityof all the existingmembers, voting or non-voting.