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3rd Primary Source Report

3rd Primary Source Report

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Primary Document Report Name: John C.

McKnight Date: 1820 Title of Document: Raising the Roof: An Old Song Adapted to New Times Source: 2337
Mechanic Raising the Roof. : An old song adapted to new times. / By a mechanic. – [United States : s.n., 182-?] – 1 sheet 9[1] p.) ; 32 x 13 cm. AAS copy

Explanation: This primary source document is a song from the early nineteenth century. It is a song that is
comparing the process of house raising with the new government of the early republic. It is a nine-stanza song that uses each step of house raising to compare to a part of the government. The songwriter is glorifying the government and concludes the song by saying that “millions with come to dwell under our roof.” The roof he is talking about is America.

Possible ways to use this document in a research paper or a lesson plan: This document could be
used to research the early republic government and politics. A researcher could use the song’s lyrics as a source of how people felt about the new political institution of America during the early nineteenth century. The document could also be used to study the method of house raising. For a lesson plan, this document could be used to have students analyze and explain how this song relates to the beginning of the American government.

How does this document relate to other documents you have examined or heard before?
I have examined songs from this time period and the majority of them have been straight forward with what the idea/concept they are trying to express. This document is the first one that I have examined that is using one thing to explain another. It is not too complicated and actually makes the reader think about what the songwriter is actually trying to say.

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