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Lesson Plan #2

Lesson Plan #2

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Published by: jmcknight481 on Jun 23, 2009
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Lesson Plan U.S. History Early Republic 1. Focus and Review (15 minutes) a.

The teacher will start class by handing out vocabulary list #2. b. The teacher will then have the students do vocabulary activity #2. i. See Vocabulary Lists and Activities 2. Teacher Input (45 minutes) a. The teacher will begin class with a lecture on Washington’s Presidency. i. See PowerPoint #10 for outline b. The teacher will show the Washington videos i. See annotated list of videos c. The teacher will lecture on Adams and the Federalist Era i. See PowerPoint #11 3. Guided Practice (15 minutes) a. The teacher will ask the students questions about the Washington videos i. Who was George Washington and what kinds of things did he achieve during his lifetime? ii. What are some of the things that Washington’s presidency is known for? 1. these questions will help spark on discussion on Washington’s presidency. b. The teacher will take the students to the computer lab and will explain to them how to perform the web quest. c. The teacher will help the students when needed, while they complete the partisan politics web quest activity. 4. Independent Practice a. The students will individually explore the web page on partisan politics and complete a web quest. i. See handout ii. http://www.usconstitution.net/consttop_faf.html 5. Closure a. The students should have an understanding of Washington’s Presidency and the events that occurred during his term. They should also fully understand who the Anti-Federalist and Federalist were and how this created the beginning of partisan politics. Finally, the students should understand the events and effects of John Adams’ presidency.

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