What Is Life?

Characteristics of Living Things
 Living things are organized

(Organization)  Living things make more living things (reproduction)  Living things change during their lives (Growth and development)  Living things adjust to their surroundings (adaptation)

The Themes Of Biology
 Energy  Systems and interactions  Unity within diversity  Homeostasis  Evolution

Energy is the ability to do work or the ability to make things move. Energy is important because it powers life processes. Energy provides organisms with the ability to maintain homeostasis, grow, reproduce, move, and carry out other life functions.

Systems and interactions
Organisms may be thought of as systems. (e.g. nervous system, digestive system, and circulatory system) Each of these systems does not function independently; they interact in some rather complex ways to help perform the function of life.

Unity within diversity
The theme unity within diversity reflects the idea that, although ecosystems contain countless numbers of species—each with their own structural and behavioral specializations—all life is unified by the general characteristics you learned about earlier.

Homeostasis is the regulation and maintenance of the internal environment of organisms.

Evolution is the gradual change in the characteristics of species over time.

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