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The Road Runner

A Reference For The Montair Staff

Compassion transcends ego. Demonstrating compassion is often in conflict with getting things done in a busy world. Compassion for an individual in a class of many costs an unfair amount of time. But the reward of exchanging your own selfworth for a moment of understanding anothers problems is always greater than any loss involved. Anonymous

This Week at Montair

Monday 9/9/13
Split Reading 1st Grade 2nd Grade Full Day 2:00pm 6:00pm Anthony attend Writing Workshop at PD Center Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and First Grade Back to School Night

Upcoming Deadlines
September 20 PD Plans and Cycles of Inquiry due to Anthony

Tuesday 9/10/13
9:00am 3:15pm Anthony attends daughters first day of pre-school (Should be back on-site at 9:45am) Intervention Meeting with Sheila (20-25min)

Wednesday 9/11/13
12:00pm 1:30pm

Special Education Team Meeting Playground Equipment Inspection

Roadrunner(s) of the Week!

Beep! Beep! Marie Lacher & Maria Forester! I am very impressed by their teamwork and collaboration. Theyve spent time this past August preparing for the school year. When you walk into their classroom, you can see how much time and effort they have put into ensuring all of their learners are successful. Thank you for all your hard work.

Thursday 9/12/13
7:30am 9:00am K-12 Principal Nuts and Bolts (Anthony off-site) Anthony attends Tea at daughters preschool (Anthony off-site)

Friday 9/13/13
8:30am 9:00am 7:30pm Special Needs Committee Coffee 8:30am School Site Facilities walk-thru (Anthony & Linda) Family Movie Night 7:30pm

Upcoming Events
9/17/13 9/18/13 9/24/13 9/23-9/27 Staff Nuts and Bolts Meeting at 3:15 (30min) PTA Executive Board Meeting at 8:45am Instructional Leadership Team Meeting at 3:15 in Conference Room Fifth Grade Exploring New Horizons Outdoor School

For the Week of September 9-13, 2013

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Allergy Posters
Wow! Thank you to everyone who has their allergy posters displayed. Thank you! Please display the poster where it can be clearly visible to parents and students.

Bulletin Boards in Front Office

We are looking for two classrooms who would like to display their student work in the front office. Please let me know if youre interested.

Safety Tip
The yellow jackets near Sondas classroom are gone. If you see anymore flying around please let the office staff know.

Important News
Teacher Websites Thank you to everyone who has updated their teacher website. I understand there was a glitch, which may have deleted previous information. Hopefully everything is up and running. Please let me know if you need any assistance with your webpage. Im here to support. Weebly Site Here is the link: Please let me know If there is information you would like to see on our Montair Staff weebly site. Character Trait of the Month Courage!

Human Systems Dynamics (HSD)

Ive begun to use the following questions in my professional practice to find solutions for problems with uncertainty. Please feel free to use these questions in your teacher practice.

Our Purpose for Teacher Life is

To shift our current practice from unknown work to adaptive work by constantly engaging in systematic collaboration. To ensure all students are being led to independence by implementing common practices and vertical alignment (TK-5).

Simple Rules

Assume positive intent Be part of the solution Recognize, value, and build on assets of self and others Teach and learn in every interaction Look for the true and useful Seek joy in learning

For the Week of September 9-13, 2013

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