Moderately bright

E a I
thoughts had hadt h e wingst i m e , I'd and be the time's s o bird hard thatt o sings;find,-





I'd I

fly where love could be - lieve

is - n't shy, what- you say,

and ev - 'ry-one is startsend-ing those

will shad




t o try.a - way.-


And if








you a r e ,

you are your own



per- star,-




This arranpement @ 1976 Rondor Mudc (London) U d . and Delicate Music U d
Controlkd in the United States and Qnada by Almo MUSIC Corp (ASCAP) All Rights Raervcd l n t e r m t i o d Cbpy~khl Secured

@ 1976 Rondor Mmlc (London) U d

and Detictte MWICU d .











the {mOV mu

-- sic ie























1; I




watch your-self,











- y



Words and hlusic by ROGER HODCSON and RICHARD DAVIES
Moderately, in 2



You is

should know it me,

if is



me or

by no


tell will

me be

@ 1976 Rondor Mtaic (Londpn) Lld. and Delicate Muric Ltd. Thisarrangement @ 1976 Rondor Mudc (London) U d . a n d Delicate M u i c U d . Controlled in the United S t a t a a n d Qnada by Almo Mucic G r p . (ASCAP) International Gpyright Secured All Rights Reserved

how. done.-

You saw me How 'bout the

the in mess you

f i r s t made-

place; me,

well, who'd you think or don't you give

I a

am? damn?

al . all did you you have cast to a d o spell- is on I- choose. ing.- - you send oh. I'm you so knowhelp - you j u s t less. can't- can't you lose. your what new ev - Yeah.fore.no. we've been here A-round and 'round we once be .- I first it's see yes you and by then the it's door. see. let say me you in love on me. . - to the where leaves your are heart CrY is.ways go. me.I v y " I I Yeah.

I need good lov . a- I* call .er man's land.der - .in' o n an -0111 .I liv . but you don't un .in' me a cheat .in'. At night- I hear the hound dog call .in' man.in'. 1- I tell you some-thin'.

ml& I I I I - I I I I I 1 - Repeat and fade r h I I - I I m I I r I n n I n I I I I I I i I I I I .ball com .n o n . i j Repeat and fade g.I stand.in' t o blow me to the Prom -ised Land. - At night- 1 see your can .

Moderately. and Delicate Muric Ltd. and Delicate Music Ltd. Thisnmngemcnt 0 1976 Rondor Mwic (London) h d . (ASCAP) AD Rights Rocrvsd lnturutiorul Copyright Secured .- 0 1 9 7 6 Rondor Music(London) Ltd. in 2 Tacet Oh.stre1. - ry?- when I was a 1 wish I'd been a if I was a small min li - boy. sto oh. Controlkd in the Unit& S t l t u r o d (Lmdr by A b Mufic Corp.on.SISTER MOONSHINE Words and Music by ROGER HODGSON and RICHARD DAVlES .

SY.- . but now I wish I'm just I'd been a a poor Gvv - boy. Oh.Oh.

I said: Hey. Sis - ter Moon - shine.ed b v these wallsflv a .b o v e the pair~ . won't you send me - a lit-tle sun?- I" I said:' Hey. .I round .< but I know I'm on - ly fool - .

- make us all try.- make us all cry.- wellstrike up the mu - sic- and light up the [ I . I Make us all laugh. Give us a se - met- I or show us the light.IV - I'm a stran - I ger- to ev - 'ry - one. Make us all I w e .

To Coda I I I I I I I I - I I I IV - I shine.I sky. I said: Hey. .

l i e v e me when I - I noth - i n ' I like bet . m d Debate M d c Ltd. with- i I @ I976 Roador Mlaic (Landon) Ltd. (ASCAP) lntmulbnnl Copyraht Seand AU lUgbU R e n d 'Ri~hi. 81976 Rondor Mudc (London) Ltd. and Deflate Mlnlc Ltd. amngemen! .ter than just to sit- here and talk.POOR BOY Words and Music by ROGER HOWSON and RICHARD DAVLES Moderately h I Tacet 1 I - v Guitar (Capo 3rd fret) Piano -& ~b ~ b / ~ b B say there's I Can you be . Controled tn tk Ulilcd States and C h u b by A h Mllsic Corp.

though I'll rant- and I11 rave I I can still be hap p y - long as I can .A1 .

bout if the wage they're earn they think I'm fun - in'.II - way too ear fools and ail their mon - IY e\ iust t o im .whenhalf of what t'hev got Cou know they never wiliuse.er not the gon . ny.- - same a - .na .p r e s s you with themon-ev t h e y k c made. Well. that is I'm nev .

I why can't we all af ...ply iid I not e -nough.es we must keep up.ple life is sim . We're gon .ford to live like you? This sim .noth a in' if I know-?- you will be- Ire- right here with me -.na state our lone . .ly point of view. we have ap -pear -anc .

na. @ 7 Repeat and fade BmlD - H Gm7 ii Cm7 I I 1 I I - I I - J right here with me.3 - . don't mind snow. don't mind the rain.I a1 - ways. Na. na.- I don't mind noth-in' if I know- YOU will be- A m 7-5IEb Cm 7-5/Gb -3- .

they pick - ing dreamsme u p in a and they Rm 7 / A 00 6-- DIA spin me round.. Tell me. where do we go. t i m e I'm a speck that I'm feel - of in' sand. m d W a t c M d c U d . ..TWO OF US Guitar - Words and Muaic by ROGER HODGSON and RICHARD DAMES Moderately Look Ev - at 'ry m e . TNr~ngcmrnt @ 1976 Rondor Muaic (London) U d . tell me. where do we I care? from here? 6 1 9 7 6 Rondor M u r k (London) U d .- and I'm build well. and Detiatc M u i c U d .down.

ing - li - ness to I { / D9 Fmaj 7 I hear? f Just as long as there's t w o of us.verse- that is this lone just wait .ness.ni - der .When is man gon . I'll car .- Won't you hold .na find oqt.ry on. what when are are we we g gon - na find fmd out out in the what the wil u . just as long as there's (I" I - t w o of us.

I Cbda Fmaj 7 Am 71E W O O Dm7 .

Controlled in the United S u t c s and Canada by Almo Mudc Corp.lieve just I don't see you as have you a son to a de - o n e thing. .A SOAPBOX OPERA Words and Music by ROGER HODGSON and RlCHARD DAVlES Moderately bright Em Gmaj 7/D I hey May hear there. you're 'Ihir arrangement 0 1976 Rondor Musk (London) Ltd. and Delicate Music Ltd.ther Wash-ing . ly man. have t o be.ther Wash-ing .i n . liv . (ASCAP) International Copyright Secured All RighU Reserved 0 1976 Rondor Music (London) Lld.ton. dle. on you t e l l well.ter Rob . but I have a1 .er? - 1 I I my. ner. my. be.ton. you're Sis . Fa .lieve I am just like I'm tossed ina in be the - some gin mid - - - thing. and Delicate Music LId.t h o u g h but feel 'cause I t o be . ing for. t e l l I ly what me you're a me what I'm want ho liv I - to hear.son. win ner. you're Fa . my.

cup. t o know. there5 some-thing miss ing when I if I could help you to get - D k - I - .lect col . Wholl spare a lis . cup. .- II I 1 1 I-.ners in an a an old pa old - tinp e r t i n cup.lect - ing sin .ten for a If I could tell you what you You tell the chil-dren what they rest need need - leofool. up. up.ners in ing tear -drops in ing sin .all all all mixedwashedmixed- up. t o know. col .lect col .

la--- But rath . there's a . Well. show.lead on yourwith the rule.er than a rea - son.

I I I I I I 1 f 1 I I rJ f v YOU in my head.G By7-5 @ smog F I I I I rJ i ' fI r r . So what am I to Oh.n't true. what is there to do? . makes me feel what I said just was .

G IZB Sis-ter Rob-in- .G &6fr& Whoa. 1 but will they lis - I to- ten when it's time go? Oh. whoa. 6 .- @ I I I 1 1 I - 1- IU 1 I 4 - whoa. .

o n e tell me what I need t o know. I * . I Can some .lect - ing tear-drops in a pa .one help me to get on with the show? I Eb+ Em/D A& @ I I EEIl Repeat and fade C#m7-5 I .cot . I can some .I @ I I I 1 I I Repeat and fade -- .per- cup.

I' 0 1 9 7 6 Rondor Muric(London) Ltd.- let me tell you where I'm way out of range.and Delicate Munc U d .AIN'T NOBODY BUT ME Words and Music by ROGER HODGSON and RICHARD DAVIES Moderately slow. Cbntrolkd in t k United Stalu and QnaQ by Alma Mtltic B r p .' I 1 make you change.. This arrangement @ 1976 Rondor Mwic<Landon) Ud. I It's a - bout a m a n who's cruel and mean.- f . (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved I n t s n a t b ~ Copyright l Secured .and Delicate Mmlc Ltd. in 4 OE70 I I II I Let me tell you a sto - ry that .

tion.- Well. I got a you know he'll find you.en help.ise n o t to cause a scene- Then heav . 3 some-times I'm mean. you can run You see.P O .si .I so prom . dou-ble dis . there's no one needs-the stars a . some-times I'm .the ones you love.hove.

tor your warn Je - - ing. you an got if her vnu drunk.You I'm had Doc . live.ter Hyde. w a n t and to that stav means a - war. kyll and Mis . So why'd just give you me have- all- to treat you've got me rough. to give. you knew the score. .

gon-na try- for you.me gon-na l i e for you. . gon-na s i g h for you. for you. e for you. I Ain't no fish in the sea gon-na s i g L for you. gon-na lie . die- for you. gon-na . tryfor you. gon-na d i e for you. . gon-na . Y gon-na d i . .

(Oh.in' I" (Hush. gon .na die for you. stop your cry-in' now. y e s ) I know that I've been ly . lie for you. ~~~ Four rimes I- (Whisper:)(Hush.) Now ba - by.) Now ba - by.I* . . . stop your cry-in*.

y still.a that ev . and Delicate Music Ltd. m d Deliute Music Ltd.- The air was In an. in 2 Tacet 00.real. A l l RighU Rerened C o n u o W in (he United Statu m d Csruda by Almo Music Corp. ed . (ASCAP) Intenuciorul Copyright Secured . and at @ 1976 Rondor Muric (London) Ltd. This mmgement @ 1976 Rondor Music (London) Ltd. yet a l I g u e s s l the loaves I ' m jwt were not fall rat - - ing .JUST A NORMAL DAY Words and Music by ROGER HODCSON and RICHARD DAVIES Slowly.'ry the break minute's of dawn wast - - ing. ed. I just cry-ing feel with. I looked o u t a t my l i f e is the un - sky.wokeup Well.

- Well. it just seems- I a nor-ma1 day. And I've I got to- live. I I just don't how- the rea - son. 'cause you've got . I don't know what to say.I can you least-wise. t e that's l l me how I why?feel. my own- life- I just can't- spare-the time.

sleep a lot. m .- Who am I kid . yes. it's just my - self.ing the time of day. may - be I'll f i n d my- way.strangethings on your mind. pass .ding? Well. Ieat a lot.

& Dcliate Muaic Ltd.ter a walk while? straight. well. @ 1975 R o n d a Mudc Qndon) Ltd. A (addB) you corn in"aoss you bet . don't you think you you bet .ing . ter. 'Ihic arrangement @ 1976 Rondor Music (London) Ltd. (ASCAP) All Rights R a m m i l n t e m t b n l Cbpy~ChtScc?ued .ter get a ought_ f i x a on be wait you bet . CbnIroUed in the United Strtec d b d . & Dcliate Mudc Ltd.ter get - the a wa - move - ter. by A h Mvdc Cbrp.LADY Words and Muic by ROGER HODGSON and RICHARD DAVIES Modaatcly fast I I I I I II 1 I La Mis - dy. on.

- fly-ing a I'mneed-ing your - way. want-me.ing a your way.na won't youtake me as you h o l d you find. on what your heart has o h .- though the road- 1 1 . bad.love.A (addB) I Are you I said.ing a Oh. love ah ha.me? from fly . is noth-ing gon.- I 'aUK)there's And no where t o go. I'm need-ing your w a y ? Ah l o v e so ha.- A (addB) M fly-ing I'm need. act L a - I ing dy.bad. take me if you told-you.

I d I - h - stI w 4 ' I I said ain't noth. And the far ther you go. I said ain't I noth . and you like- .- And you know- that there'ssorne-thin'be ..t w e e n us.- I w- i J. and you know- j u s t who you I are.na get you to heav - en.ing be - f o r e you.in' g o n .is out stretch .in' gon - - na get you to heav - en.

I can tell that you're not gon . But I can tell that you're not gon. no.na turn_ well. and don't you 1" how- I ' m a tit - tle bit sad? Oh.na t u r n back.. .I what you feel.

0 0 - la la la la. 0 0 - la l a l a la. 0 0 la la la la. ah.I" 0 0 la la la la. . ah.

in' a - bout . she's tak .in' a- bout. she's I Bm bm bm bm bm. she's turn .- You're tak.54 Eight times D tak-in' the long- way. turn.- you're tak.in' the long- way.+ tak - in' the long- way she's turn. .she's t ' turn - in' a .I you're L tak-in'the ..- I I bm bm bm bm.in' the long- way. bm bm bm bm.in' the long- way.in' a km- bout.bout.1 long- way.- You're .

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