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PPT on Greeting One & Another

PPT on Greeting One & Another


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Published by: jaanetamaana on Jun 23, 2009
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It’s fascinating to observe the differences in how people greet each other in different countries. What can be a show of affection among friends in one country, can signal an amorous advance in another

In France, when people first see each other they “faire la bise”, which means “do the kiss”. The most common way to faire la bise is one kiss on each cheek The custom at a formal business meeting is shaking hands. ( would you kiss your boss?)

When first meeting someone in the US, most people will shake hands. Some women don’t follow this custom, but most younger women do. Most people in the business world shake hands when meeting a business associate – whether for the first time, or even if they’ve met before. But if two people work in the same office, they may not shake hands every day.

• There is some “grey” area about customs in general. They can be interpreted differently depending on the region and also the individual.

• One thing is sure, be mindful when greeting an individual from another culture. That one friendly kiss we’d give to friend in New York, would signal something more romantic in Paris

• Hawaii…They always greet people with a hug and kiss on the cheek… same for leaving • In the Dominican Republic women greet friends with a kiss in the cheeks (regardless of sex). Man usually greet other men with a hand shake and an upper body hug

• In Poland shake hands when it’s business meeting and when meeting on a personal note. • Today in China just shake hands in formal situations, and say ‘hi’ in informal ones, but traditionally men usually make a bow with hands folded in front, and women bend the knees a little with their hands leveled at one side of their waists

• In Arab countries greetings differs from Country to country. In Egypt : women the most common thing is to kiss once on every cheek and between men :they shake hands but may kiss also • According to Spanish etiquette, people also kiss (one on each cheek) when meeting.

• In Filipino culture, you’re supposed to take the hand of someone older than you and press it to your forehead.

Ukrainians greet each other with an embrace and three kisses. Kiss the right cheek, then the left cheek, and then the right cheek again. This signifies the Holy Trinity Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. You’ll find that many Ukrainian customs are done in threes for this particular reason. Kissing on the cheeks is for both men and women. It is not uncommon to witness two men embrace and kiss each other three times - this is an acceptable form even for the old timers.

• Portuguese : Kiss twice, beginning with the right cheek (this between women!) Men often shake hands or hug if friends. Men only kiss each other when they are father and son Indonesia: Shake hands when it’s a formal situation even otherwise. Argentina : Shake hands and say “hello”. Germany : Usually give a handshake or hold the right hand with the other male person and with the other arm they hug with a more or less hard pound on the back of the other person. While introducing you also shake hands regardless which sex it is.

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• 1. Stand up when you meet someone. This allows you to engage the person on an equal level -eye to eye.? By remaining seated, you send a message that you don't think the other person is important enough to warrant the effort it takes to stand.? If you find yourself in a position where you can't stand up (such as being trapped behind a potted plant) offer an apology and an explanation.? You might say something like, "Please excuse me for not getting up.? I can't seem to get around the foliage."

2. Smile. • Your facial expression says more than your words.? Look as if you are pleased to meet the other person regardless of what is on your mind. Put a smile on your face for the person standing before you 3. Make eye contact. • Looking at the people you meet says you are focused and interested in them.? If you are staring off somewhere else, you may appear to be looking for someone more to your liking to come along.

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4. Introduce yourself immediately. As soon as you approach people you don't know or are approached by them, say who you are. Don't stand around as if someone else is in charge of introductions. 5. Include a statement about who you are when necessary. It is not always enough to say, "Hello, I'm Mary Jones." Give more information. "Hello, I'm Mary Jones.? I work for XYZ Corporation." 6. Learn how to make smooth introductions. In business you always introduce less important people to more important people. The way to do this is to say the name of the more important person first, followed by the words "I'd like to introduce..." and then give the other person's name. Be sure to add something about each person so they will know why they are being introduced and will have some information with which to start a conversation

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8. Know who the more important person is.? The client or the business prospect is more important than your boss.? Just hope your boss agrees. 9. Pay attention to names when you meet people.? It is all too common to be thinking about what you are going to say next and not focus on the other person. If you concentrate and repeat the name as soon as you hear it, you stand a better chance of remembering it later 10. Use first names of people whom you have just met only after they give you permission.? Not everyone wants to be addressed informally on the initial encounter. It is better to err on the side of formality than to offend the other person right off the bat.

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In India we too shake hands-both ladies and gents or ……. Just a piece of advice- let the lady proffer her hand out first before you make a grab for it. You will always be right if stand up to greet-especially while meeting someone for the first time.

I, hereby declare that if I in any way have got any country’s custom wrong please do not hold me liable for my ignorance. Please do not curse me or any of my descendants if you get slapped or hugged or approached in a more amorous wayif greeted some one the incorrect way. Just being a good CiteHrian.

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