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Cardiac Screenings
St. Margaret's Episcopal School Saturday, September 21st Have Your Family Screened
A Young Athlete Dies from SCA Every 3 Days SCA is the #1 Killer of Women SCA Kills 450,000 Annually

Ryan’s Story
Ryan, a 14 year old student athlete, was identi ed with a heart condition during a Heartfelt screening.  "We cannot stress enough what we learned from this experience and how strongly we feel that every responsible parent and spouse should have their children and loved ones screened as was done by so many St. Margaret’s families under the Heartfelt Project this past August." Mark & Rita - Ryan's parents
The echocardiogram (ECHO) & electrocardiogram (EKG) are the best tools for detection of the risks of sudden cardiac death. These tests typically cost $1,500 and are usually not covered by insurance. Heartfelt Cardiac Projects is teaming up with St. Margaret’s Episcopal School to o er cardiac screenings for a tax deductible donation of $85 per person, ages 5 & up.

Early Detection Can Save Your Loved Ones

Zack’s Story

Cardiac Screening Saturday, September 21st

Screenings are painless, quick & easy, takes only 15 minutes.

St. Margret’s Episcopal School
From 8AM-4PM Pasternack Field House

Schedule Screening Appointments

31641 La Novia Avenue, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675
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Zack participated in the Heartfelt cardiac screening program this past fall at St. Margaret's, which turned up a heart problem in this otherwise healthy, active, athletic, 14 year old.  Zack's family is grateful for the program knowing that it can actually prevent a horrible tragedy from occurring.

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