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Latin 50 2013-2014 Magistra Ciotti e-mail: sciotti@packer.

edu office: MS141

Salvte, omns! I am thrilled to welcome you to the glorious land of Latin! Not many people get to visit it, so I am super excited to show you around. This year we are going to be listening to and reading as lot of Latin to really get the language into our brains. My job as your teacher is to provide your eyes and ears with as much Latin as possible and to give you techniques to understand what that Latin means. Your job as a student is to make sure that everyone is able to give their full attention to the Latin in front of their eyes and ears.

Here are some other things you should know Class Materials
Bring to class everyday: a writing utensil your Latin notebook your computer (charged)

35% homework 35% daily classroom engagement 30% assessments (quizzes & tests)

About Computers
We will use our computers occasionally in class, but definitely not everyday. You will very frequently be using your computer to complete your Latin homework. You may not use your computer in class unless I ask you to.

email policy
Please email me any time you have a concern about Latin, but do know that if your email is sent after 5PM you may not receive a reply until the next day.

Daily Engagement Assessment

35% of your grade is based on you being engaged in what is happening in class. Being an engaged member of the class is not difficult. Heres how to do it: 1. Be at your desk on time. 2. Make eye contact and sit with shoulders square. 3. Use our hand signals to communicate. 4. Respond (both with the group and by yourself). 5. Keep your desk, lap, and hands clear. 6. Take notes only when told. 7. No English during Latin time. 8. No shouting out in any language. 9. Have a good will attitude.

If you are late to class, you must have a note excusing your lateness. I will keep track of any unexcused lates and if I notice a trend it will be addressed with your dean or your parents. If you are ill or need to visit the tech center you absolutely must come to class first (except for a medical emergency).

If you have an anticipated absence, you should notify me at least one day in advance (sports included). If you are absent due to illness, it is your responsibility to find out what assignments and assessments you missed and arrange to make them up. You have as many days as the length of your absence to make up missed work.

extra time
If you have an accommodation for extra time on assessments, you need to inform me the day prior to the assessment if you will be taking your extra time. Most often extra time will be taken during F band lunch in my office, unless you make other arrangements with me.

Remember: We All Get there Together!

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