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00 01 Frml dcsn-mkg process 130909 final.docx

00 01 Frml dcsn-mkg process 130909 final.docx

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00 01 Formal decision-making process
00 01 Formal decision-making process

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Published by: Ashley Elizabeth Ball on Sep 10, 2013
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00 01 Constitution: formal decision-making process Timescales:  Potential formal decisions should be notified as early as possible, and ideally

with six months notice.  For more urgent items. The minimum legal notice for a key decision to appear in the Forward Plan is 28 clear days before the decision is planned to be taken.  Published deadlines for cabinet/committees are here: http://www.lambeth.gov.uk/moderngov/mgListCommittees.aspx?bcr=1 Guidance:  Info here on new decision-making site (in the expectation this map will be emailed to key officers as well as appear on that site).  Advice on the consultation process is here: http://intranet.lambeth.gov.uk/StaffServices/PolicyPerformanceConsultation/Consulta tion/  The Council’s Procurement guide is here: http://sharepoint.lambeth.gov.uk/sites/lts/corporateprocurement/Public%20document s/The%20Lambeth%20Procurement%20Guide/The%20Lambeth%20Procurement% 20Guide%20CURRENT%20VERSION.pdf Glossary CCOs: Committee Continuity Officers CLT: Commissioning Leadership Team CMB: Cabinet Member Briefing meeting CP: Corporate Procurement D: Director: Commissioning, Delivery or Enabling DLT: Departmental Leadership Team OB: Operations Board ODD: Officer delegated decision PB: Procurement Board SD: Strategic Director

Stage 1: report commission – consultation with Cabinet Member Step Produce draft CMB pro-forma, having regarded to decision-making requirements and submit to CCO Who Report authors Tools Corporate and departmental procurement lists of forthcoming contracts 01 05 CMB Pro forma 01 06 CCOs Published cycle of meetings 01 05 CMB Pro forma

Cabinet Member Briefing meetings (CMBs)

Lists of potential forthcoming decisions submitted for discussion at CMBs on a monthly basis. Prior discussion at DLTs. CCO to either:  attend both DLT and CMB; or  be responsible for the production of the pro forma, and action this on receipt of CMB minutes . Advises: CCOs  Report author  Leader’s Office  Democratic Services on outcome (CMB pro forma amended as necessary and circulated) Add issue to Corporate Report List and/or the CCOs Forward Plan, as necessary.

DSS: Leader’s Office CCOs

01 05 CMB Pro forma 01 07 Cabinet Members and Leader’s Office staff 01 08 CMB schedule Modern.gov: on-line pro forma

Stage 2: report preparation (CMB pro forma will set out decision-making process to be followed) Step Plan report production (procurement gateway process commences) Who Report author Tools  Published deadlines  02 04 Report guidance  02 03 Single report template  02 02 Officer report pro forma cover sheet  Procurement Guide

Read relevant advice on report writing as report is developed External consultation and coproduction process Consultation with ward councillors Internal consideration at (and date(s)) (all governance meetings must be included here to enable proper timetable planning):         DLT/CLTs Governance/programme board OB Strategic Board CMB (progress report, as required; will include Gateway 2 for procurement reports) Cabinet advisory panels (will work up specific items/issues) Informal Cabinet (as required) Labour Group (as required)

Report author Report author Report author Report author with support from CCO

Consultation toolkit

Note: report may need to be considered at OB, SB and IC more than once. If issue is to be abandoned, refer first to CMB for agreement Internal consultation on draft report:  Cabinet Member (c.c. Head of Leader’s Office and policy officer concerned) (for CM Children & Families, send instead to Victor Ruskin for weekly CMB (report author may be required to attend) Finance Business Partners Legal Services Democratic Services (see also separate Procurement advice) Scrutiny Lead Officer (if to be

CCOs and/or report author

   

submitted to scrutiny committee)  Others Five working days is allowed. Step Produce final cleared version of report For procurement items, issue completes consideration by relevant procurement board, is amended as necessary and signed by Chair of PB concerned. Final version is sent to CCO (word version, and version with PB Chair signature)

Who Report author PBAs


Procurement Guide

Stage 3: report submission (final cleared version) Step Who Tools

For Cabinet Member and Officer Delegated Decision reports: Pre-decision notification: publish on relevant database to give 5 clear days notice Day before planned decision day: check with report author no representations received, or if received have been responded to and the report does not require any amendment On decision day: EITHER: Submit final version for CM signature OR: Submit final version for CM signature CCOs CCOs or report writer

CCOs or report writer

For Cabinet and Council/committee reports: Send to Democratic Services by deadline date Publish (internally) Cabinet Planning agenda (Cabinet reports only) Advise report authors and CCOs of any changes required (or by Cabinet Planning (Cabinet reports only)) Send revised report to Democratic Services by deadline date (Cabinet reports only) Pre-decision notification: publish on cttee, Cabinet etc agenda by statutory date CCOs or report writer Democratic Services Democratic Services CCOs or report writer Democratic Services

Stage 4: report approval and implementation Step Report approval: For Cabinet Member and Officer Delegated Decision reports: EITHER: Obtain CM signature(s) on decision day, scan and return to CCOs OR: Obtain SD/D signature(s) on decision day and scan Scan and send final signed version to report author; file copy. Remind as necessary on need to await expiry of call-in period before implementation (five clear days) Notify report author and CCO if key decision called-in For Cabinet and Council/committee reports: Produce and publish minutes within 5 clear days (3 for Cabinet). Minutes include expiry date of call-in period (five clear days) Issue required action notified to responsible officers Notify report author and CCO if key decision called-in Democratic Services Democratic Services Democratic Services Leader’s Office CCOs or report writer CCOs or report writer Who Tools

Democratic Services

Step Implementation: For key decisions: Await expiry date of call-in period (further 5 clear days) For non-key decisions Implement immediately on receipt of final signed CM/ODD report or minutes



Report authors

Report authors

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