Vedanta Aluminium Limited, Lanjigarh Work Instruction For Overhaul of Actuator.

Version No. Department:Power plant WI No. CPP/ ELEC / 43 Page No. Rev No.

Spanner, Screwdriver set, Plier, Multi meter(0-1000)v, Ladder (FRP), Safety belt, Scaffolding material if required Output Maintenance Report / Overhaul report. Responsibility For a. Operation / Recording : Electrician / Maintenance log book b. Monitoring / Recording : Elec. Engineer / Maintenance report/ Overhaul report. c. Supervision : Manager Electrical Activities


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Overhauling of Actuator Take PTW on the equipment. Remove the cable terminal box cover. Check the terminal voltage by multimeter and ensure terminals are potential free. Proper marking of the terminal before removing the cables. Remove the cable from connected terminals and cover with PVC tapes on the cable lugs. Remove the cable gland and remove the cables from the terminal box. Remove the nut & bolt of the actuator, which is fixing the actuator with the actuator base. Remove the nut & bolt of the actuator base, which is fixing the actuator base with the valves/dampers/gates. Remove the actuator from the valve /damper/gate and keep at a safe working place, if required. Remove the actuator base from the valve /damper/gate and keep at a safe working place, if required. Drain the lubricating oil from the actuator into a container. Inspect the actuator internally by opening the actuator. Do the required maintenance work as per requirement. Refill the lubricating oil up to the required level. Open the actuator base and wash the actuator base and thrust bearings. Inspect the thrust bearing & actuator base and replace the same if required. Reassemble the actuator by lubricating the bearings with new grease. Mount the actuator base on the valves/gates/dampers & fixed with nut and bolt. Mount the actuator on the base and match the proper mounting by rotating the hand wheel manually. Tight the removed nut and bolt. Check the manual operation of the actuator. Insert the removed cables in the terminal box and make the proper glanding of the removed cables. Remove the covered PVC tapes from the cable lugs & fix cables on the terminals of the terminal box as per marking made at the time of removal.

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