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Freedom - Performance - Passion

Welcome to the world of Velozzi.

Give me freedom Give me performance Give me passion Give me Velozzi

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Our Market

Premium Sports Car Owners

About Velozzi

By the Numbers
0-100 kph in 3.0 seconds 200 miles per gallon 950 km with 1 tank of any fuel Top speed: 320 kph

More than meets the eye

Feature Performance Freedom Safety Ef ciency Proof Point 0-100 kph in 3 seconds Weismann Seamless Shifting 950 km of driving, 1 tank of fuel Plug-in or Any Fuel Space age material with F1 body design to better absorb impact Electric hybrid engine with microturbine generator, 200 mpg Benet Fun to drive in worlds fastest production car Drive from Waterloo to Boston non-stop Safety features for F1 drivers in your car Save the planet for your children

Current Competitors

The Velozzi Team

Founder: Roberto Jerez

Automotive Design Michelin Challenge Winner, 2006 Fuel Cell Components - NASA

Founder: Thomas Valdes

Expert in Batteries / Alternative Power JPL NASA Member of Team X at JPL

Founder: Jeff Spira

Mechanical Engineer Space Shuttle Program Consultant KMS President Aeronautical Patents

Founder: Robert Santoro

Builder-Fabricator Engineer Ford Exp. Division - Methanol Program Indy Racing Teams

Partners of Velozzi
Weismann R&D F1 Transmission Expert 12 Formula 1 Championships 5 Le Mans 24 Hour Wins 12 Daytona 24 Hour Wins Saminco Inc. Propulsion Controllers and Systems for Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Vehicles Builder of worlds fastest EV

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Freedom - Performance - Passion