SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS  Dealt with emergency situations  Assisted nurses as a hospital volunteer for four years  Exceptional people skills  Completes tasks effectively and efficiently TECHNOLOGICAL SKILLS  Used Microsoft Word in order to create assignments  Proficient in Excel  Created PowerPoint presentations COMMUNICATION SKILLS  Transferred patients from one institution to another  Checked in patient visitors  Instructed a class of 25 first graders  Guided students in reading skills  Interacted with and followed the instructions of the nurses ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS  Filled out patient paperwork  Developed master handouts and scheduling forms  Organized weekly homework packets  Transferred and organized patient charts EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Freedom Medical Transportation Non-Emergency Medical 1195 Trinity Ave, Seaside CA 2012- present Teachers Aide Lakeside Union School District, Lemon Crest, Lakeside, CA 2007- 2010 Volunteer Dorothy’s Kitchen, Salinas, CA 2009- present Volunteer Sharp Rees-Stealy Hospital, Grossmont, CA 2007-2010

CA. Monterey Bay degree candidate May 2013 206 LOCUST STREET. PACIFIC GROVE.COM .823. Business Administration California State University.6185 * EMAIL ASH.STOCKTON@YAHOO. 93950 PHONE: 619.EDUCATION Bachelor of Science.

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