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Entrance Conference Edition 1st Edition

Rippleside Elementary 225 2nd Ave. SW 218-927-4838
Included in this Edition:
Welcome! Catch the WAVE!!! Fall Field Trips Homework Schedule Assignment Journals Book Orders Snack Time Spelling Sentences Parent Volunteers Class Party Money

September 3rd, 2013

Catch the W.A.V.E!!!

I hope that everyone had a fun and exciting summer with their families. Last year, we implemented a new school wide program called the W.A.V.E. Help us Catch the W.A.V.E.!!! Please help us in reminding our Rippleside kids how to Catch the Wave! Please ask them to recite and remember the four phrases that make up the work WAVE! They are listed to left for you to use.

We are respectful! Always responsible! Very safe! Excellent attitudes

Please help us to remind our students that we want to remember these expectations everywhere...including the hallway and lunchroom!

Scholastic Book Clubs

Just a reminder that you received the September book orders at Entrance Conferences. These book orders are due by Sept. 13th. You can order online or through me at school. If you return your order here, please send cash or make checks payable to Scholastic Book Club.

The class will have a short snack time at 10:45 each day. The students are responsible for bringing their own snack. If you would like to send a box of something instead of individual snacks, I will have a cupboard to store them in. Please no chips or junk food!

Upcoming Events: FIELD TRIP

Online Book Code: DV6NF

When: September 20th 9:30am2:45 pm Where: Gilbys Orchard and the Cranberry Farm

Assignment Books - A great new tool!

Each day, we will have the daily schedule displayed on the board for the students to fill out. As the day progresses, we will check off each item completed. At the end of the day, we will review these items and put HW behind any homework items for you to see. If your child completes their homework items that evening and checks it with you, please sign it. I will check them the following morning at school and they can earn tickets towards personal rewards! It is also a great way for you and I to communicate on a daily basis...dont hesitate to put notes or questions in the journal as this will be the easiest way to relay them to me!

We will be outside most of the day so please dress for the weather and dont forget to bring a sack lunch!

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The 306 Update

Whats New with us at School?

Mathematics: Math Counts
Everyday Mathematics is the main curriculum we use for daily math instruction. In addition to this series, your child will also be using the IXL Math program on a regular basis. This system is designed to break down the individual standards expected by the state for MCA testing.
Areas to review: telling time, mental math (addition, subtraction), counting coins, and measuring to the 1/2 inch.

Falling Into A Book
Our main curriculum here at Rippleside is the Treasures Reading Series. However, we will be using additional components such as Guided Reading, Literature Circles and Daily 5 Reading to supplement and complete your childs reading experience. My greatest goal is to create a love for reading in your child. Help me foster and build this love by working on Accelerated Reader books at home for 15 minutes each night!

Short Sounds Are Great
Our spelling curriculum is based off of the Treasures curriculum. There will be approximately 12 words per week, with one to two phonetic patterns focused upon each week. Lists will be passed out on the Friday of the previous week, so if you want to get a head-start on the sentences you have the weekend!

Monday: 8 sentences due by Wednesday. Tuesday: Spelling Pretest Thursday: Spelling Retest

Calling All Volunteers...come in and join us!

Gilbys Apple Orchard and the Cranberry Farm
Friday, Sept. 20th CHAPERONE NEEDED!!!
We will be heading out for the day on to visit the apple orchard and cranberry farm! We would love for you to come with us! Please contact me if you are able to join us.

Volunteering Opportunities:
Read Alouds Small Group Activities Field Trips Special Projects If you are interested in helping out, please see me to find something that fits your schedule! Individual Tutoring Math/Reading Support Classroom Stations

Classroom Party Money

We celebrate a variety of seasonal parties throughout the year, including our fall festival this week as we approach Halloween! To help pay for the expenses of these parties, we ask that each student bring in $5.00 for their classroom. This will help to pay for snacks and decorations/projects we may be doing. Please send $5 at your earliest convenience. These are separate from the marble and reading goal parties. These parties are my choice and I take care of these expenses myself.

Homework Expectations
Every teacher has a different view on homework, and how much is appropriate. My expectation for homework will be a total of 30 minutes per night. However, if your child is taking an hour or more each night, please see me so we can look and how to adjust this. Accel Reading: Nightly15 minutes Math Homelinks: Tuesdays, Thursdays Spelling Sentences: Mondaysdue by Thursday Social/Handwriting: Occasionally as needed