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Religious Studies 14 Introduction to Native American Religious Traditions Assignment 2: Analysis of 3 class readings PROMPT Pick three different

readings/movies you want to engage. For each resource, (1) find and summarize one or two main points the author/film maker makes. (2) Look for some evidence that the authors use to support these main points. (3) Critically consider these main points by asking these questions: What are the main contributions of the readings/films to our knowledge about Native American Religious Traditions? What new knowledge or analysis is generated from this reading/film? Does the evidence actually support the main points? What examples or evidence might contradict this authors main points? What might make these points stronger or more convincing? (4) After you figure this out for each resource (reading/movie), it would be a good idea to put the readings in conversation with each other. You might think about the following questions: How do the readings/films support and/or contradict each other? How are the readings/films related? How might one reading be used to argue for a similar main point, or to complicate another readings main point?

Some Logistic Tips: Feel free to pick readings you are thinking of using for your final paper, if doing that helps you think about your final paper. Please make sure your name and section are on each page of your paper. Papers should be typed, double spaced, 12-font, 1 margins all around. Remember to fully cite all your sources. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.