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Math 1288 - Linear Programming and Applications Assignment 1 - Due on 16th August 2013 1.

. A list of review problems is available on blackboard. You can find the number of the problem assigned to you by summing the digits of your student number, finding the equivalent of the sum in mod 8 and adding 38, ie, if your student number is 1234567, problem (1+2+3+4+5+6+7) mod 8 + 38 = 28 mod 8 + 38 = 4 + 38 = 42 is assigned to you. As a part of this assignment, you are expected to define your decision variables, explain your objective function and constraints, and solve the problem using Excel Solver, and discuss the results in terms of their meaning, ie, used resources, binding constraints, etc. A report consisting of at most 3 A4 pages, and an Excel file including your model, are expected to be emailed to ( before the due date.