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Code No: ME411


IV B.Tech(ccc)Regular Examinations, December 2007 INSTRUMENTATION (Mechanical Engineering) Time: 3 hours Max Marks: Answer any FIVE Questions All Questions carry equal marks 1. (a) A pricise instrument need not be accurate explain.


(b) Draw a block diagram of generalized measurement system. Explain it with a suitable example. [20] 2. (a) State the importance of a transducer in instrumentation. (b) Describe the principle and working of i. L. V. D. T ii. Ionization transducer. 3. Explain the following with neat sketches: (a) Optical pyrometer (b) Thermopile (c) Liquid lled pressure Thermometer.

4. (a) Explain how sensitivity can be increased by using inclined tube manometer. Describe its construction, theory, advantages and limitations. (b) Describe dierent sources of errors in U-tube manometer and how corrections can be applied to minimize these errors. [20] 5. (a) Give details of the magnetic ow meter and Ultrasonic ow meter. (b) With a neat sketch describe the principle and working of Mizhender ow meter. [20] 6. (a) Discuss the importance of level measurements in industrial processes. (b) Write the principle of operation of a bubbler purge and oat leased level indicator. [20] 7. (a) Draw the schematic for an accelerometer and discuss how acceleration is measured. (b) Compare the working of a servo and digital accelerometers. [20] 8. (a) Name the dierent types of strain gauges used in practice and explain how the selection of a strain gauge aect the measurement of strain. (b) Derive an equation for gauge factor for a metallic strain gauge. 1 of 1 [20]